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Wondershare UniConverter: Multimedia converting done easily




Wondershare UniConverter is a top-of-the-line multimedia converter ready to unleash your creativity.

It helps you convert more than 1,000 video and audio formats and lets you enjoy an automatic subtitle generation feature that works like a charm.

Among other features, the software comes with a video editor, a compression tool, and an intuitive interface.

Multimedia entertainment is one of the most popular pastimes of the modern age, with movies and songs taking up a substantial part of any user’s digital library.

However, being on the same page isn’t always possible, so converting and editing audio and video to meet your criteria is one of the reasons why audio and video tools have become so popular. Wondershare UniConverter is a great example to take into consideration.

This article comes as a detailed review of Wondershare UniConverter. We’ll take a closer look at its features, what it can do, and whether or not it is worth using.

What is Wondershare UniConverter?

Labeling Wondershare UniConverter as just a convertor would be an understatement since this tool acts as multiple programs packed into a single one. However, if we were to mention the primary features that it has, they would be the following:

Audio & video compressor

Audio & video converter

Audio & video editor

CD & DVD burner

Screen recorder, and more…

The software is available for download, and all of the tools are available from within a single menu, acting as a standalone product and not an entire software suite with separate included tools.

Speaking of which, UniConverter’s interface just received a facelift, and it looks more modern and compact than ever before, allowing users of all experience levels to enjoy it to its full potential, and maybe even enjoy using it.

What are Wondershare UniConverter’s features? Convert to and from thousands of formats easily

Wondershare UniConverter started off as a simplistic audio and video converter and has been enriched beyond measure during the past few months.

This was possible by expanding the range of supported audio and video formats, making video conversion faster via GPU acceleration, introducing bulk conversion, support for multiple device formats, and not only.

Keep in mind that it enables you to convert more than 1,000 video and audio formats and supports a wide range of video conversions such as WEBM to MP4, TS to MP4, MP4 to MPEG, AVI to MOV.

UniConverter also supports several VR devices and 4K video formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, etc. with new formats being constantly added with each new update.

Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about the quality loss when it comes to video conversion since it is powered by the industry-leading APEXTRANS technology which converts videos with zero quality loss or video compression.

A very handy video editor

Once you’ve converted the videos, you can also tweak them, even more, to suit your needs by using UniConverter’s video editor.

While not as fully equipped as professional video editors, it has all the basic tools that you may ever need to tweak a video to make it better, including video cutting, cropping, resizing, changing playback speeds, trimming, and more.

If you’re planning to edit commercial movies or making movies for foreigners, you can use UniConverter to add subtitles to them as well.

You can even use the tool to merge multiple short clips to create elaborated video collages, making it great when you want to spend quality time with your loved ones.

A reliable video compression tool

You can compress the videos using customizable settings so that they take up less storage space, which is especially useful when you’re converting and editing videos meant for mobile devices.

Compressing entire batches of videos is easy by using a single command, and you won’t have to wait too much either, since the speeds are lightning-fast.

In fact, UniConverter is so powerful that you can even use it to compress 8K videos, so turning something that would go well on a wall-sized TV into something iPhone compatible will be easy.

Record your entire screen easily

Streamers and those of you who love making online tutorials will enjoy UniConverter’s built-in screen recorder, especially since it can record full screen, custom screens, games, webcams, video calls, system audio, and microphones.

You can customize the recording frames to capture just small sections of your screen, or simply record everything and edit it afterward.

The framerate and image quality can also be changed, making this feature adjustable depending on what your hardware can deliver.

If you’re not interested in screen capturing and only in recording your webcam, you can do that as well, and use UniConverter to overlay it over custom backgrounds to make the video more engaging.

An efficient video tool to save videos

It’s hard to edit and convert videos if you don’t have them in the first place, and that is why UniConverter allows you to download free videos from over 10000 websites.

Up next, you can automatically convert them to compatible formats for playback on TVs, smartphones, or other devices, or you can save them to perform some editing first.

Keep your data stored on CDs and DVDs easily

Once you’ve downloaded, edited, and converted a video, the next natural step is to store it on some form of media, and many users still like keeping their audio and video files on CDs, DVDs, or even Blu-ray disks.

Of course, this is a feature that UniConverter fully supports, and it also lets you handle disks that already have data on them as well, allowing you to convert DVDs to any format, copy DVDs to other DVD disks, or burn audio files to CDs.

How do I use Wondershare UniConverter?

As with all Wondershare tools, the main focus of UniConverter’s is for the interface to be as intuitive and simplistic as possible, allowing anyone to get started right away with using it.

That being the case, here’s what you need to do in order to use Wondershare UniConverter:

Download and install Wondershare UniConverter.

Log into your Wondershare ID.

Choose the tool that you want to use on the left-hand side of the screen.

Follow the on-screen instructions to perform whatever task you are interested in.

Very affordable pricing plans

With so many features and tools under its belt, you’d expect to pay a premium price to use Wondershare UniConverter, but that isn’t the case at all.

In fact, here are Wondershare UniConverter’s price plans:


Quarterly plan – $9.99/month

Annual plan – $39.95/year

Perpetual plan – $79.95

Business Plan and exclusive discount for students & teachers are available!

Wondershare UniConverter

This excellent software is a real multimedia complete video toolbox for all your editing needs.

Check priceVisit website

The new version of UniConverter brings a lot of new and exciting features that we definitely need to mention below.

Intuitive Interface – The redesigned interface makes UniConverter 13 more intuitive, and users can quickly find the functions with Favorites

Enhanced Video Converter – UniConverter 13 supports more types of GPU acceleration and enhances the batch conversion speed by 200%, hence saving much valuable time

Improved Compressed Video Quality – Users can quickly get smaller and better-quality compressed video through the enhanced video compressor with variable bitrate

Smart Trim – Quickly editing silent clips through intelligent analysis video volume, this feature helps users save several hours to cut video

Automatic Subtitle Editor – With the automatic subtitle generation feature, users eliminate the need for manual transcription. It will also reduce the chances of human errors to the minimum

Integrated 8K Video Player – The built-in video player supports media files of up to 8K resolution. As a result, users will no longer need third-party programs to watch videos

Closing thoughts Pros Affordable Simplistic UI A wide variety of tools Very resource-efficient Easy to learn and master Reliable video editing features Supports +10.000 for video download Cons Video editor could use some extra features

We tried going full cycle in terms of using Wondershare UniConverter, from downloading a video off of mainstream media to editing it, converting it to a different format, compressing it, and then finally burning it on a DVD, and we have to admit that it went smoothly every step of the way.

The interface was welcoming, the controls were intuitive, and the conversion/compression and burning speeds were as fast as they could be.

All in all, if you’re a music or video lover, streamer, teacher who creates online tutorials, and pretty much any other type of user that works with multimedia, we recommend that you give Wondershare UniConverter a shot since it is more than worth it.

No less important, chúng tôi converts MP4, MP3, WAV, MOV, and more to any format online, and it is user-friendly with online solutions.

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How Insert Done In T

Introduction to T-SQL INSERT

T-SQL is a Transact SQL. It is an extension of the SQL language. Similar to SQL, we have data types, functions, indexes, and procedure concepts in the T-SQL. It is a Microsoft product. SQL stands for structured query language. SQL (structured query language) is common for all RDBMS.

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Hadoop, Data Science, Statistics & others

Structured query language (SQL) stands as an intermediate interaction to the databases. We use commands by which we get data from the database. It has INSERT, SELECT, DELETE, DROP, TRUNCATE, and many other commands related to the actions to be done with the data.


Let us consider the Insert command syntax in T-SQL; – As T-SQL insert is an extension of SQL language, the syntax is similar to SQL.

There are two ways we can determine they are stated below:


INSERT INTO TABLE_NAME [(column_name1, column_name2, column_name3,...column_nameN)] VALUES (col1_value, col2_value, col3_value,...colN_value);

Above, we determine the column list as well. If we don’t specify the column and insert it takes the value to ‘NULL’


INSERT INTO TABLE_NAME VALUES (col1_value, col2_value, col3_value,...colN_value);

Above syntax, all the column data should match, not an error will be thrown.

How Insert done in T-SQL?

Now let us consider the above two syntaxes and try to insert them into the table.

INSERT INTO TABLE_NAME [(column_name1, column_name2, column_name3,...column_nameN)] VALUES (col1_value, col2_value, col3_value,...colN_value);

Let us create a table and use the above syntax format and insert data into the table: –

create table Test_insert_command ( shop_id int, product_id int, brand_id int, Shop_name varchar(20), quantity int, price int );

Now let us insert data into the table:

insert into Test_insert_command(shop_id,product_id,brand_id,Shop_name,quantity,price) values (1,1,1,'Kellogs',45,45); insert into Test_insert_command(shop_id,product_id,brand_id,Shop_name,quantity,price) values (2,7,5,'Fantasy Store',75,145); insert into Test_insert_command(shop_id,product_id,brand_id,Shop_name,quantity,price) values (3,3,2,'Laxshmi store',65,85); insert into Test_insert_command(shop_id,product_id,brand_id,Shop_name,quantity,price) values (4,4,7,'General store',25,65); insert into Test_insert_command(shop_id,product_id,brand_id,Shop_name,quantity,price) values (5,5,8,'Corn store',35,75); select * from Test_insert_command;

In the above insert statement’s we have given all the values and inserted them into the table. The result will be as below:

insert into Test_insert_command(shop_id,product_id,brand_id,Shop_name) values (6,1,1,'Kels Store'); insert into Test_insert_command(shop_id,product_id,brand_id,Shop_name) values (4,7,5,'Paradise Store'); insert into Test_insert_command(shop_id,product_id,brand_id,Shop_name) values (6,3,2,'Luxury store'); insert into Test_insert_command(shop_id,product_id,brand_id,Shop_name) values (1,4,7,'General store'); select * from test_insert_command;


As no data is inserted in the column quantity, price the values are inserted as NULL.

Now let us change the order and insert the data.

insert into Test_insert_command(shop_id,brand_id,Shop_name,product_id) values (6,1,'Kels Store',9); insert into Test_insert_command(shop_id,product_id,brand_id, quantity) values (4,7,5,340); insert into Test_insert_command(shop_id,product_id,brand_id, price) values (6,3,2,12); select * from test_insert_command;


Now let us insert in the below format:


INSERT INTO TABLE_NAME VALUES (col1_value, col2_value, col3_value,...colN_value); insert into test_insert_command values(3, 7, 5,'Posaman store', 67, 900); insert into test_insert_command values(9, 3, 7,'man store', 17, 670); insert into test_insert_command values(4, 10, 2,'saman store', 77, 560); select * from test_insert_command;



Now let us see another example for the insert command:

create table test_insert ( stud_id int, stud_mark int, stud_subject varchar(10) );

1. Insert data into the table:

insert into test_insert(stud_id,stud_mark,stud_subject)values (1, 89,'English'); insert into test_insert(stud_id,stud_subject,stud_mark)values (6,'English', 78); insert into test_insert(stud_subject,stud_id,stud_mark)values ('English', 4, 89); insert into test_insert values (8, 69,'English'); insert into test_insert values (9, 49,'English'); insert into test_insert values (5, 79,'English');

Let us insert few more rows and perform Select statement for the above table:

insert into test_insert(stud_id,stud_subject)values (16,'English'); insert into test_insert(stud_subject,stud_id)values ('English', 67); select * from test_insert;



Similar to SQL, we have data types, functions, index, and procedure concepts in the T-SQL. It is a Microsoft product. SQL stands for structured query language. SQL (structured query language) is common for all RDBMS.

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Converting Url To String And Back Again In Swift

In Swift, you can convert a URL to a String using the absoluteString property of the URL. To convert a string to a URL, you can use the URL(string:) initializer. In this article, you will see many different examples of how to convert an URL to a string and vice versa.

Example 1: Converting URLs to Strings and Vice Versa

for converting a URL to a string using the absoluteString property and a string to a URL, you can use the URL(string:) initializer. It also mentions that the URL(string:) initializer returns an optional URL value that should be checked for nil.

import Foundation let urlString = url?.absoluteString print("URL String: (String(describing: urlString))") Output And this is how to convert a string to a URL import Foundation if let url = URL(string: urlString) { print("URL Object: (url)") } else { print("Invalid URL") } Output Example 2 import Foundation let urlString = url?.absoluteString print("URL String: (String(describing: urlString))") Output Example 3: Handling Special Characters in URL Strings

If the URL string you’re trying to convert contains characters that aren’t valid in a URL (such as spaces), you’ll need to percent-encode them first using the addingPercentEncoding(withAllowedCharacters:) method. For example −

import Foundation if let encodedString = urlString.addingPercentEncoding(withAllowedCharacters: .urlQueryAllowed), let url = URL(string: encodedString) { print("URL Object: (url)") } else { print("Invalid URL") } Output Example 4

If you’re working with URLs that include non-ASCII characters (such as accented letters), you should use the URL(string:addingPercentEncodingWithAllowedCharacters:) initializer instead. This will automatically percent-encode any non-ASCII characters in the URL. For example −

import Foundation if let url = URL(string: urlString.addingPercentEncoding(withAllowedCharacters: .urlFragmentAllowed)!, relativeTo: nil) { print("URL Object: (url)") } else { print("Invalid URL") } Output Example 5: Getting the Base URL From a URL String

To get just the base URL (i.e. without the scheme or any query parameters or fragments), you can use the host property of the URL. For example −

import Foundation let baseUrlString = url?.host print("Base URL: (String(describing: baseUrlString))") Output Example 6: Modifying URLs with URLComponents

To modify a URL, you can create a copy of the original URL using the URLComponents struct, modify the desired components (such as the query parameters), and then create a new URL from the modified components. For example −

import Foundation urlComponents.queryItems = [ URLQueryItem(name: "q", value: "swift"), URLQueryItem(name: "limit", value: "10") ] if let url = chúng tôi { print("URL String: (url.absoluteString)") } else { print("Something is wrong with URL.") } Output Example 7: Handling URLs with non-standard Schemes

If you need to handle URLs with non-standard schemes (such as “tel:” for phone numbers or “mailto:” for email addresses), you can use the canOpenURL(_:) method of the UIApplication class to check whether the device can handle the specified URL scheme, and then use the open(_:) method to open the URL. For example −

import UIKit let phoneNumber = "+1234567890" if let url = URL(string: "tel:(phoneNumber)"), UIApplication.shared.canOpenURL(url) { } else { print("Invalid phone number or unsupported URL scheme") } Output Invalid phone number or unsupported URL scheme Conclusion

In conclusion, Swift offers a variety of ways to interact with various URL components and to convert between strings and URLs. While the String class has methods for percent-encoding and decoding texts for use in URLs, the URL and URLComponents classes provide a range of attributes and methods that may be used to parse, edit, and construct URLs. Swift’s handling of URLs allows you to create strong applications that can interact with online services, show web content, and handle a variety of URL-based functions.

Servicescape: Find Your Perfect Freelancer To Get Things Done

I personally believe that we are living in an age where remote employment is becoming the norm especially when it comes to the creative services industry. Today’s generation prefers working on their own terms and thankfully there are a lot of online services which allow them to do so. It’s also beneficial from a client’s perspective as they get to choose from a global pool of talent rather than depending on the talent in their locality. This helps them in keeping the prices down while getting quality work done on time.

Key Features

Every website which provides freelancing services has to strike a balance between the clients and professionals. If the website fails to do so, it will never succeed in the long run. In my short time that I spent on ServiceScape, I feel like it’s one of the few websites which has got the balance exactly right. To support my statement, I would like to list down ServiceScape’s key features which make it stand out from the crowd:

ServiceScape Focuses on Limited Services

What I instantly loved about ServiceScape when I visited its website was that the folks there understand the value of quality. While other freelancing websites focus on every possible professional service ever created, ServiceScape offer only four core service professionals; Editors, Translators, Graphic Designers, and Writers. This allows them to maintain the quality of professionals which otherwise would not have been possible.

Verified Professionals

Detailed Professional Profile

I also love the fact that ServiceScape allows professionals to create their own detailed profiles. It’s just like visiting someone’s LinkedIn profile where you can learn about their work, education and all the other qualities. In addition, you can also check a professional’s pricing, availability, ratings, number of successful projects, and more. Basically, the profile is enough to help you make an educated decision while hiring someone. Conversely, the profile also allows professionals to showcase their strengths and set their pricing which they deem fit.

No Bidding War

By far my favorite feature of ServiceScape is that there is no bidding war. This eradicates the only problem that I have with the online freelancing community. The bidding feature just takes the fun out of freelancing for both professionals and clients. Hiring freelancers is supposed to save you time and money while getting quality work, and bidding hampers every aspect of it.

With ServiceScape, you have no such problem. You just search for the service you are looking for and the website will show you all the professionals available for that service. Then you, visit their profiles and choose the one which meets your quality and pricing criteria. It’s also beneficial for professionals as the only thing they need to do is maintain a good profile and deliver work on time so that their ratings improve.

User Interface

ServiceScape offers a very minimalistic and elegant interface for both professionals and clients. When a client signs up for the service he gets a home dashboard where he/she can see an overview of his profile including the projects created, messages received, connected professionals, and more. There’s a button at the top which allows clients to browse for professionals. A client can browse the professionals by four core services, viz. writing, translation, editing, and graphic designing.

Of course, these four core services have their own sub-services which a client can choose to find exactly what he is looking for. Once he finds the right service, he can check out the profiles of professionals and hire the one who meets his criteria.

Similarly, professionals get their own dashboard where they can see and update their information. Each professional can create a profile where he/she has the freedom to include as much information as he/she likes. Here professionals can also determine their prices and create multiple projects and price category for their services. All in all, the user interface is very easy to get around and makes it easier for both professionals and clients to get things done.

Ease of Use

As mentioned above, the website is very user-friendly for both clients and professionals. The UI is very clean which makes it easier to navigate and find things one is looking for. I especially love the professional profile page which is a great way to showcase once work and establish credibility. Clients also don’t have to look through a profile of hundreds of professionals as there is no bidding involved. They can check out the profiles of a select few professionals and select the one which meets their needs.

Pricing and Availability

Both the professionals and clients can create an account for free. That said, a professional’s credentials is verified before their account can go live. Anyone who wants to create an account can visit ServiceScape website and sign up there.

When it comes to pricing, professionals are free to charge any amount for their services. However, ServiceScape charges 50% commission percentage on every project, so essentially they are getting half of what they have priced their services at. A client needs to pay the full amount at which a professional has been hired at.

ServiceScape maintains quality by Focusing on limited services

All the professionals have verified credentials

No bidding involved

Detailed professional profiles


Nothing, really.

Get Things Done With ServiceScape

If you are looking for an online freelancing service provider which removes the pain of hiring a freelance professional while providing verified professionals, ServiceScape is the one to visit. Professionals also have a higher chance of receiving quality work as they don’t have to bid against hundreds of unverified freelancers. ServiceScape has created a freelancing environment which is healthy for both clients and professionals.

Check out ServiceScape here

How To Easily Reset Windows Logon Password

This is a sponsored article and was made possible by iSeePassword. The actual contents and opinions are the sole views of the author who maintains editorial independence, even when a post is sponsored.

Most of us use some sort of strong password to protect our Windows systems from unauthorized access. Just like any other password, we may forget our system password due to any number of reasons like not using the password too long, the password being too complicated to remember, etc. In those situations, you have no other choice but to recover or reset your system password. Of course, you can always reinstall Windows, but that is not usually an option.

Features of iSeePassword

Supports Resetting Passwords for All Windows User Accounts: iSeePassword can recover or reset passwords for all Windows user account types. Those accounts include but are not limited to the Administrator user account, standard user account, guest user account, domain administrator password, etc. If you want to, you can also create an administrator account using iSeePassword. However, this feature is only available in the Advanced version of iSeePassword.

Support All Major Windows Versions: iSeePassword supports all major Windows versions like Windows XP, 2000, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and Windows server versions 2003, 2008, 2012, etc.

Installation and Usage

You can recover or reset your Windows password in just three steps using the iSeePassword tool. To start, download and install iSeePassword like any other Windows software.

Note: The trial version of iSeePassword lets you create and boot into the password recovery mode, but it will not let you reset the password.

The above action will start the bootable password reset disk creation process. Once completed, you will receive the confirmation message letting you know the same.

To reset your Windows password, plug in the USB drive and restart your system. You should be booted into the USB drive. If you are not able to boot into the USB drive, then try changing the boot priority in your BIOS/UEFI settings.

Note: if you have multiple Windows installations, you may have to select the right installation to see and reset the target user account password.

Wrapping Up

Forgetting your Windows password may not happen every time, but tools like iSeePassword are really helpful in emergency situations. This is especially true if you don’t have a password reset disk. Moreover, iSeePassword makes resetting a windows password very easy and without any restrictions that come with the regular Windows password reset disk.

Vamsi Krishna

Vamsi is a tech and WordPress geek who enjoys writing how-to guides and messing with his computer and software in general. When not writing for MTE, he writes for he shares tips, tricks, and lifehacks on his own blog Stugon.

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How To Easily Record Voice Memos On Mac

We all have ideas that come to us in the spur of the moment and then they are gone. If you want to keep them, you could write it down, but then, you either have to go through the annoyance of getting out a pen and paper to write it down, or you will have to open a new program, stop what you are doing and create a file for this one simple idea. Neither one of those options is exactly an elegant solution. As a matter of fact, they are both pretty clumsy when you compare them to the zen simplicity of being able to record an audio note whenever you want to. No fuss, no muss, just your voice and your mac.

Setting Up The Recording Capability

4. Close and re-open Automator. Choose “Open existing workflow”, then navigate to and open your file. You should see the same elements in your workflow as before.

6. When a recording window appears, begin speaking. When you are done, tap on the space bar to end and save the recording of the file. The file will be saved with the name Audio

Now that you can record whenever you want, let’s attach your memos to a keyboard shortcut. That way you can make a new memo on the fly.

Adding a Keyboard Shortcut to Record Anytime

1. Open your System Preferences, and choose the Keyboard preferences.


Katie Gatto

Katie Gatto is a technology writer with seven years of experience, and a native Mac user. She has previously written for Apple related site such as Appletell and Mac Apper.

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