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Retro-gaming has exploded in popularity recently. A lot of this has to do with the availability of single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi that makes video game emulation easy. However, if you’re a retro-gaming purist, you probably want to avoid emulation. But how do you get your hands on old, authentic game cartridges and discs? Fortunately, there are a number of online retailers that can help you start or continue your collection.


DKOldies is a family-run shop based in Pennsylvania that specializes in Nintendo games and consoles from the 80s and 90s. That being said, they also carry Sega, Playstation and Xbox titles. The best thing about DKOldies is the robust quality-control measures that they have put in place.

Unfortunately, with game ROMs being easy to find online, there are many fake cartridges being produced and passed off as the real deal. DKOldies recognizes that retro-gaming enthusiasts want genuine, authentic products. To that end, the team at DKOldies inspects each and every game that comes their way before reselling to ensure that it is not a fake or reproduction.

In addition to inspecting and cleaning each game, DKOldies backs up their products with an impressive 120-day warranty. If your game isn’t working properly, you can rest assured that DKOldies will make it right. As well as selling old games, they also professionally clean and repair them. Customers can mail their games to DKOldies, and the refurbishment team can clean old cartridge contacts and resurface scratched discs. Furthermore, they even replace the batteries that allow gamers to save their progress. Thanks to DKOldies you won’t have to play through The Legend of Zelda in one sitting ever again.

Old School Game Vault

Like DKOldies, the Old School Game Vault has a large selection of games for sale online, with their stock ranging from the early 80s to today. While they tend to focus on the heavy hitters, like Nintendo and Sega, you will also find titles from other consoles that weren’t as popular in North America, such as the NeoGeo and the Turbo Grafx-16.

In addition to selling retro games, Old School Game Vault specializes in buying your old video games. The site features an extensive database that catalogs games and displays how much Old School Game Vault pays for them. This makes it incredibly easy to see the trade-in value of any retro games you’re thinking about selling. Furthermore, they offer payment in three different ways. Sellers can opt for a traditional check or instant payment via PayPal or Amazon gift cards.

Game Over Videogames

The banner image on Game Over Videogames‘ website proudly proclaims, “Everything from Atari to Xbox.” They’re not joking. Game Over Videogames has everything you would normally expect and so much more. They have one of the most extensive retro game selections available, including some that are really obscure. In the market for one of the 65 titles available for the Nokia N-Gage? Game Over Videogames has you covered.

In addition to games, Game Over Videogames has tons of gamer merchandise available. You can find everything from T-shirts to plush dolls to videogame soundtracks on vinyl. Furthermore, Game Over Videogames also has a buy-back program where collectors can sell their unwanted games. Like Old School Game Vault, simply search their game database to get a quote and simply ship your games to them.


JJGames has an impressive selection of retro games and consoles available through their website. All of the usual suspects are here, from Nintendo to Sega to Sony. However, there are some glaring omissions. JJGames doesn’t seem to stock much before the 8-bit era of video games. So if you’re looking for Atari 2600 or Commodore 64 games, you won’t find much here. Furthermore, if you are looking for titles from more obscure consoles, such as the Turbo Grafx-16 or the Philips CD-i, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

In addition to games, JJGames has a section of their website devoted to toys and collectibles, as well as digital copies of Retro Magazine for sale. Furthermore, like Old School Game Vault, JJGames buys old games. The process at JJGames is a bit clunkier, as they do not offer a searchable database of titles. That being said, if you are interested in selling some of your collection, inquiries are conducted via email.

Lukie Games

Looking for a wide range of retro games? Look no further than Lukie Games. Consoles and games from all of the big names in gaming can be found at Lukie Games, including Nintendo, Sega, Sony and Microsoft. Additionally, you’ll find titles from more obscure systems like the NeoGeo, Vectrex, Atari Jaguar and ColecoVision. Lukie Games inspects and tests every game that they sell and backs them up with a 90-day warranty.

In addition to selling games, they also sell various gaming accessories. You’ll even find old strategy guides and instruction manuals to replace the ones you misplaced years ago. Furthermore, Lukie Games has a page dedicated to highly collectible games. This makes finding that super-rare copy of Earthbound or Star Fox Super Weekend a breeze, provided you have some deep pockets.

With these sites, you can truly amass an impressive retro game collection. Now that you have your favorite classic titles in hand, it’s time to connect that ancient game console to your modern TV and start playing!

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Where To Buy Old Games And Consoles In The Uk

retro games in the UK? The likes of CEX and  Cash Converters sometimes stock old consoles or games, but they’re not totally reliable – especially if you’re looking for slightly more niche consoles rather than just the Mega Drive or N64.

The huge demand for the NES Classic and SNES Classic consoles proves that people are keen to play old games again, but there are still plenty of classic consoles that haven’t had modern updates yet. If you don’t mind skirting into a legal grey area you can always track down emulators or third-party retro consoles, but for the really authentic experience you’ll want to buy the originals.

So whether your idea of retro means the Gamecube and PS2, or goes way back to the Atari or Commodore 64, we showcase a number of websites and shops that provide an easy, simple way to buy retro games in the UK.


Started way back in 1995, Retrogames is a great resource that started life as a gaming magazine for UK-based retro gaming fans to purchase old-school games and consoles. The site, which looks pretty retro itself, allows users to sign up and over time suggestions of games and consoles to buy based on your interests will be served up.

Not sure if you want to purchase a certain game or console? The site provides prospective buyers with reviews from previous customers complete with star ratings, and stocks games and consoles from Atari and Sinclair right up to the PS3.

The site also has an eBay shop where they stock “slightly more tatty examples” of games not nice enough to appear on the Retrogames site at a discount.


It’s takes retro pretty broadly – even including recent consoles like the Wii U and 3DS – but also goes way back to the NES, Saturn, Atari, etc.

The site also publishes a monthly blog post detailing any new additions to the site, allowing you to check quickly and easily if a game you’re looking for has been added to the collection.


OK, we’ll admit, it’s a little bit of an obvious one, but eBay is still a great place to pick up retro games and consoles if you know where to look. It’s obviously best for when you’re hunting down a specific game you can search for, but you can also browse one of the dedicated video game stores like the high-rated Retro Game City.

eBay even has its own guide to buying retro games, though it is a few years old, so read it with a pinch of salt. All the usual eBay caveats apply – check for ratings and customer feedback, use a secure payment method like PayPal, and watch out for popular eBay scams.

While you’re at it, you should also check out other second-hand sites like Preloved and Gumtree – after all, you might find someone who doesn’t know the value of what they’re selling and pick up a real bargain.

Console Passion

Established in 2001, Console Passion claims to supply retro gaming fans with games and consoles not only from the ’90s but also the ’80s and even ’70s, featuring products from the likes of Atari, Amstrad, N64 and Sega Saturn amongst others. The site also offers a dedicated modification section, allowing gamers to buy modified consoles that, for example, run properly on a 60Hz TV or import your own mods.

As a bonus, the site also employs technicians that can perform console repairs and modifications (legal, of course) that provide users with the ability to play imported games without the need for an adapter.


While it may not boast a particularly wide selection of retro games and consoles, GAME is known for featuring old-school consoles on its site once in a blue moon.

At the moment it stocks games dating back as far as the Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, and Xbox, and modern consoles that are designed to play old game cartridges.

Warp Zone

Warp Zone is a fairly cool website that sells retro games and consoles – but that’s not all. Along with a selection of games and consoles to choose from, the website also offers a number of custom-built and usually one-off consoles to buy (at a premium of course!) along with the option to commission your own personal design.

Along with custom-built consoles, the site offers a number of retro gaming-themed t-shirts for fans to purchase.

Funstock Retro

Funstock Retro doesn’t sell any true retro games or consoles, but what it does stock is a huge range of modern retro consoles, from ones designed to play original cartridges to devices like Nintendo’s NES Classic, which comes pre-loaded with a selection of games.

In addition to these consoles, it also stocks a range of movies, music, books, and merchandise, all in some way linked to retro gaming.

Retro Style Games In 2023: The Best Pixel Games For Android

Those most of the 80s kids out there, the earliest memories of gaming go back to the days of Nintendo and Atari. It is on these retro consoles where the pixelated characters such as Super Mario and Double Dragon brought tremendous joy and excitement to us.

Over the years, the gaming industry has experienced a rocketing progress and we’ve come a long way from playing humble pixel games to high-graphic titles in all the genres. However, there is still something truly special about the old times, which is why despite owning high-powered mobile devices that are capable of explosive performance, we still come back to Pixel-style games.

8 Best offline multiplayer games for Android

The idea of bringing back 8-Bit and 16-Bit retro style gaming may have been started by games like Minecraft, but the craze has definitely caught on. Thanks to their sheer popularity, here are some of the best Pixel games available on the Google Play Store that have been tried and tested to be insanely addictive.

Best Pixel games for Android

In a post PlayStation era when retro games seemed like a dying concept, this open-world RPG changed the way games were played altogether. Now that Minecraft has been made available to mobile devices, it qualified easily as one of the best pixel style games out there.

The game gives you the ability to go about in a massively infinite world surviving, exploring, and building things from scratch. From playing alone to joining up with your crew across different platforms, Minecraft does not have a particular mission line for you, and that’s what makes it so relaxingly enjoyable.

There’s a lot more that goes into professional track racing, and with Grand Prix Story 2, you become the guiding hand of the man behind the wheel. This RPG simulation game puts you in control of your very own race team, and it’s your life’s work to become number one.

Start off by building your own vehicles from the ground up and customizing/upgrading each and every part bit by bit as you progress. With different tracks, you need to employ different strategies and make sure that you hit that nitro boost at the right time to race ahead of the competition and leave them in the dust.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground or PUBG as you may know it has already conquered the mobile world with its intriguing gameplay and multiplayer capabilities. Now you get the same enthralling action but with less battery-hogging graphics in the pixelated world of Pixel Gun 3D.

Far from a retro game, this modern shooter game puts you on the face of a block world where everyone is out to get you and become the lone survivor. With the ability to play with up to 8 friends in a single game, break into buildings to find high-powered weapons from rifles to lightsabres, all while chatting with your team in real time.

10 Most popular PC games you can play on Android today

With 60 Million+ subscribers, Felix Kjellberg is probably the most famous YouTuber out there, and most of us know him by PewDiePie. With this particular game, you get to live out as the YouTube himself and play this awkwardly amazing platformer that is designed completely in retro style.

Your goal is to run through the different platformer scenarios collecting BROCOINS (coins for bros, get it?) which allow you to unlock different characters like other YouTubers such as JackSepticEye, Marzia, Markiplier and more, along with real voice acting and epic boss fights that keep the repetitive game refreshing each time you play it.

The very foundation of the success that SQUARE ENIX Studios enjoys today is based on the FINAL FANTASY series, and thanks to popular demand, the entire lineup has been brought to the Android platform. With a bunch of main characters to select from that you play as the protagonist, the FINAL FANTASY series is a collection of drama, fantastic storyline and more.

Designed to be a detailed saga of a mystic land far away, you get a mix of magic, pixelated style action and plenty of brawls, all packed into one. This RPG (role-playing game) has defined the genre for decades, and now you get to enjoy it on the go with your Android device.

Answering the age-old question of why the chicken crossed the road, Crossy Road is an epic take at what makes endless platformers so addictive. Packed with a simple gameplay where the goal is to literally just cross the street and get over to the other end, the seamless user interface is what makes it so much fun.

As you cross the streets carefully while keeping an eye out for incoming traffic, unlock and collect over 150 different retro-style characters. The game is among the few good ones available on the big screen with Android TV and is surely worth a try.

The entire Tycoon genre of games goes a long way back, and the RollerCoaster Tycoon® Classic can be easily credited as Atari’s best post-retro era games. Putting you in the seat of power to create your very own theme park, this simulation game is like no other, especially if you’re in the mood for some nostalgia.

Combining the elements of the classic ones for the mobile version, RollerCoaster Tycoon® Classic comes with a highly customizable landscape where you can build up massive rollercoasters, make sure your guests have amenities such as food stalls and restrooms to keep them chirped up, and so much more to run a successful virtual amusement park.

Paying homage to the 8-Bit and 16-Bit games that most of us grew up enjoying, Super Phantom Cat is another jewel in the crown of endless platformer games. You’re put in the role of Chemist White as you make your way through the perilous Phantom World jumping over obstacles and making your way through.

Not just one, but multiple generations of gamers have grown up enjoying the lighting speed running ability and joyfulness of Sonic the Hedgehog. SEGA is back to take you down the memory lane with the all-time classic game that was one of the founding pillars of the platformer game genre.

Despite being decades old, Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic still stands neck to neck with the best Android games, offering an intuitive control system with a crisp 60FPS for unmatched smoothness. From the vermin’ ability to boost forward, jump and climb across the levels, unlock Sonic’s friends such as Knuckles, Tails, and others and use their unique abilities.

The entire reason why Pokémon Go became such as viral sensation is the fact that nostalgic gamers remembered how much they enjoy catching all those mystic creatures on their Game Boy. With the release of Pokémon Quest, Nintendo is taking it one step further with the same old fun of entertainment of RPG’s but with a twist.

Taking shape in the form of modern pixelated style games, Pokémon Quest drops you off on the Tumblecube island packed with your favorite Pokémon, all of which are in cuboid form. It’s time to go around the island with your companions, find wild creatures and recruit them into your crew while keeping an eye out for dangers that lurk in the shadows.

While the Google Play Store has been able to encompass most genres of gaming, there are only a handful of sandbox simulation games, and this one is among the coolest pixel-style offerings out there. Play God and bring your very own creations to life in a massive simulation where you control everything from the environment to the creatures.

With more than 170 different elements to play around with, you can build massive worlds by simply selecting elements such as dinosaurs, volcanic mountains, massive Megalodon sharks and so much more. You can even create your very own games within the Sandbox Evolution and built your very own civilization of pop culture characters.

Remember the old days of Farmville where you distant Facebook friends kept sending you unwanted livestock and harvested your fields for you? Tiny Pixel Farm is based on a similar concept of giving you the control of your very own farm, but this time around, your world is pixelated and does not require you to be on a social media website.

You inherited a patch of land from your grandfather which has not been irrigational in a long time, but it is up to you to change that. From turning things around for the resident cattle to looking after your property and the guests who come over for a country trip, the simplicity of an otherwise complicated game style makes Tiny Pixel Farm so good.

Play for your very own team among the 32 participants who made it to the Brazil World Cup in 2023. Gather around the best of your squad and gear them up for the Pixel World Cup to hold your head high with different weather conditions and even stadiums that you can pick yourself.

You start off as Dan, but can later unlock more characters like Josie and Barry Steakfries as you push through Story Modes, Endless Survival, and the Battle Mode. As you walk through the game fighting epic bosses, unlock special costumes to power up your character and keep up with the Daily Events for more specials.

Where To Buy Pixel 2 And Pixel 2 Xl

Google announced the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL along with a lot of new smart devices at a press conference yesterday in San Francisco. The company will be launching the new Pixel phones in Australia, Canada, Germany, India, UK and US initially, and will start shipping the device as soon as October 17 in some regions.

The Google Pixel 2 is the highest rated smartphone camera currently available on the market. This is not just because of great camera hardware on the device, but also because Google has put tremendous effort in improving the camera quality on Pixel with the use of AI. Yes, the Pixel phones use Google’s proprietary algorithms to improve the quality of images you take using the device’s camera.

Despite the fact that Pixel 2 is manufactured by HTC and Pixel 2 XL by LG, you still get the same performance and hardware on both the devices, except for the display. The Pixel 2 features a 5.0-inch AMOLED display with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080, while the Pixel 2 XL uses Fullscreen 6.0-inch pOLED display with a resolution of 2880 x 1440. On the performance side of things, both Pixel phones feature Snapdragon 835 processor and 4GB RAM.

Also read: Is Google Pixel 2 waterproof?

Where to buy Pixel 2?

Currently, the unlocked variants of Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are available to order from the official Google Store in Canada, Germany, UK and US. If you’re a Verizon (US) customer, you can also get the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL from Verizon’s retail channel across the country. In other countries, the Pixel phones will be available through both online and offline retail channels like the original Pixel phones did.

Google is even giving the newly launched Google Home Mini device free with the new Pixel phones for the early shipments. If you buy the Pixel phone now, you may have a chance to get the smart speaker with Google Assistant built-in for free. This offer is valid for all six countries the Pixel 2 is launching in, except for India where Google Home hasn’t been launched yet.

Below is a list of stores for all countries where the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are available to buy right now or in the coming weeks.

Buy Pixel 2 in USA

The Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are Verizon exclusive devices in the US. But you can also get it unlocked directly from Google through official Google store and various other retail stores in the country. Below is where you can buy Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL right now in the US.

Google Store

Pixel 2 (unlocked): 

└ Ships by October 17 in Just black color and within 5 – 6 weeks in Clearly White color.

└ Ships by October 17 in Just black color and within 3 – 4 weeks in Clearly White color.

Pixel 2 XL (unlocked):

└ Ships in 2 – 3 weeks in Just black color. Black & White is already out of stock.

└ Ships in 2 – 3 weeks in Just black color. Black & White is already out of stock.

Pixel 2 (Verizon): 

└ Includes SIM. Ships in 6 – 7 weeks in Just black and Kinda Blue colors and 4 – 5 weeks in Clearly White color.

└ Includes SIM. Ships in 4 – 5 weeks in both Just black and Clearly White color options.

Pixel 2 XL (Verizon):

└ Ships in 6 – 7 weeks in Just black color. Black & White is already out of stock.

└ Ships in 2 – 3 weeks in Just black color. Black & White is already out of stock.

→ Buy from Google Store

Best Buy

Pixel 2 (Verizon): Save $100 on 24-month contract. And free Google Home Mini.

└ Purchase link

└ Purchase link

Pixel 2 XL (Verizon): Save $25 on 24-month contract. And free Google Home Mini.

└ Purchase link

└ Purchase link


Pixel 2 (Verizon): Free Google Home Mini.

└ Purchase link

└ Purchase link

Pixel 2 XL (Verizon): Free Google Home Mini.

└ Purchase link

└ Purchase link

Project Fi

The Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are available for purchase through Project Fi as well for the same monthly prices as the Google Store. Additionally, when you purchase the new Pixel phones from Fi, you don’t have to get a SIM separately as the embedded eSIM on Pixel 2 would get your phone activated just signing in.

→ Buy from Project Fi

Buy Pixel 2 in Canada

In Canada, the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are available as both unlocked (from Google) and through Rogers, Telus, Bell, Fido and Koodo on two-year contracts. Check out the pricing and availability below:

Google Store

Pixel 2 (unlocked): Free Google Home Mini to early orders.

└ Ships by October 17 in Just black color and within 5 – 6 weeks in Clearly White color. Kinda Blue is out of stock.

└ Ships by October 17 in both Just black and Clearly White colors.

Pixel 2 XL (unlocked):Free Google Home Mini to early orders.

└ Ships in 5 – 6 weeks in Just black color. Black & White color is available to order but will ship in December 2023.

└ Ships in 5 – 6 weeks in Just black color. Black & White is already out of stock.

→ Buy from Google Store

Best Buy

The carrier variants of Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are currently available to pre-order from Best Buy in Canada. However, there’s no word on availability for either of the devices. Also, Best Buy is giving Google Home Mini for free to those who pre-order the devices.

→ Buy from Best Buy

Buy Pixel 2 in UK

In UK, Google Pixel 2 is available for purchase right now through the Google Store and EE with the free Google Home Mini offer.

Google Store

Pixel 2 (unlocked): Free Google Home Mini to early orders.

└ Ships by October 17 in Just black color, within 5 – 6 weeks in Clearly White color and within 6 – 7 weeks in Kinda Blue color.

└ Ships by October 17 in both Just black and within 5 – 6 weeks in Clearly White color.

Pixel 2 XL (unlocked): Free Google Home Mini to early orders.

└ Ships in 5 – 6 weeks in Just black color. Black & White color is available to order but will ship in December 2023.

└ Ships in 5 – 6 weeks in Just black color. Black & White is already out of stock.

→ Buy from Google Store


EE has the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL available for pre-order with the same free Google Home Mini offer. The Pixel 2 starts at £47.99 a month on a 24-months contract, while the Pixel 2 XL starts at £57.99 a month. Check out the pricing and availability of the new Pixel phones from EE at the link below.

→ Buy from EE

Buy Pixel 2 in Germany

The Google Pixel 2 is available to order in Germany right now through the official Google Store. Check out the pricing and availability details below:

Pixel 2 (unlocked): Free Google Home Mini to early orders.

└ Ships by October 17 in Just black and Clearly White color, Kinda Blue color ships in 2 – 3 weeks.

└ Ships by October 17 in Just black color and within 4 – 5 weeks in Clearly White color.

Pixel 2 XL (unlocked): Free Google Home Mini to early orders.

└ Ships in 5 – 6 weeks in Just black color. Black & White color is available to order but will ship in December 2023.

└ Ships in 5 – 6 weeks in Just black color. Black & White is already out of stock.

→ Buy from Google Store

Buy Pixel 2 in India

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL aren’t available to order in India at the moment, but will go on pre-order in the country from October 26th on Flipkart. Below is pricing info for the new Pixel phones in India.

Pixel 2 64GB: INR 61,000

Pixel 2 128GB: INR 70,000

Pixel 2 XL 64GB: INR 73,000

Pixel 2 XL 128GB: INR 82,000

Buy Pixel 2 in Australia

Google Pixel 2 isn’t yet available to order in Australia. However, as per a recent report, both Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will go on sale in the country on October 31 at JB Hi-Fi. Also, if you’re a Telstra customer, you can register your interest in the Pixel phones over here.

We’ll be sure to update this when the Pixel 2 goes on sale in Australia. Stay tuned..

25+ Hours Of Video, Online Certification

This ServiceNow Training in Bangalore includes 2 comprehensive ServiceNow Training , Projects with 28+ hours of video tutorials and Lifetime Access. You can learn about Microsoft Azure Essentials, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, Microsoft Azure PAAS, Developing application using Azure, Migration of Websites and Databases to Azure.

In the emerging technological world, which offers many services in the industry where the organizations focus on growing by adapting various services offered. The Giant organization are structured their service management using ServiceNow tools. The ServiceNow offers the industry to help them structure their IT services management (ITSM), IT operations management (ITOM) and also with the IT business management (ITBM). ServiceNow tools provide the organization to plan their operations accordingly to leverage their operating standards. The core ideology of the ServiceNow tools is to provide the service frameworks that improve the organization’s quality and its performance in the service provided. The course training helps the user to have a core understanding of the concepts & techniques covered. The training providing deep knowledge & understanding of the ServiceNow tools to excel in it.

Further details are provided below.

About ServiceNow Training in Bangalore

Course Name ServiceNow Training in Bangalore

Deal You get access to all 2 courses, Projects bundle. You do not need to purchase each course separately.

Hours 28+ Video Hours

Core Coverage Microsoft Azure Essentials, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, Microsoft Azure PAAS, Developing application using Azure, Migration of Websites, and Databases to Azure.

Course Validity Lifetime Access

Eligibility Anyone serious about learning Azure and wants to make a career in Cloud computing/Data & Analytics

Pre-Requisites Basis Cloud computing concepts

What do you get? Certificate of Completion for each of the 2 courses, Projects

Certification Type Course Completion Certificates

Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each2 course, Projects with a unique link. These link can be included in your resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced skills

Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning

Software Required None

System Requirement 1 GB RAM or higher

Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

ServiceNow Training in Bangalore Curriculum

From the courses covered, you will have a better knowledge of why and what makes the ServiceNow being the specialist in the Service providers tool. The training unveils the concepts related to ServiceNow management tools which provide a better view on how the tool is developed and used in the Industry based on the Organization service needs. To provide a better understanding the course offers additional hands-on service which helps the user to unlock the ServiceNow management tool skills in a better way.

ServiceNow Training – Certificate of Completion

What is ServiceNow?

A software platform that supports IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Business Management (ITBM) is popularly known as ServiceNow. ServiceNow helps to automate the services provided to an organization like (ITBM, ITOM, ITSM). The core technology of the ServiceNow will be a cloud-based platform that offers cloud-based services.

ServiceNow focuses majorly on the services provided towards performing the activities, processes, and tasks. It also helps to leverage the data and workflow with the underlying methodology of machine learning. With the algorithm used, ServiceNow becomes faster, reliable, and more scalable.

ServiceNow offers flexibility, dependability, and endurance to solve the problems related to management. With the machine learning algorithm in place, it provides the solution in a faster manner. It allows the user to select their services based on their needs. When the user running into an issue, the incident will be looked into the technician who provides a solution for the tools.

Which Skills will you learn in this Course



In many digitalized online courses, there will be a set of prerequisites that have to be covered in-order to unlock the main concepts of the contents. To obtain a complete knowledge of the ServiceNow, we have cloud computing as a prerequisite. In many applications in recent days are based on cloud computing as a cloud provides more security & integrity to the data. As to pursue the course the person must have a basic understanding of cloud computing. The course offers interactive training on information regarding the client & server-side architecture, it gives knowledge on the IT service management tool and IT organization management tool. You will be trained in a way to have better understanding and exposure of ServiceNow tools which helps the organization to plan and optimize their service structure. At the end of successful course completion, this ServiceNow Training in Bangalore offers you to improve the knowledge of ServiceNow tools.

Target Audience

ServiceNow Training in Bangalore – FAQ’s Why should you take up the ServiceNow training in Bangalore?

In the dynamic world evolving with the major technological growth, the Service provider organization must acquire the ServiceNow tools knowledge. The tool helps them to plan their organization structure and service provided effectively and efficiently. It would provide the customers to have a better understanding of the problems and the solutions being offered by the tool.

What is the ServiceNow market trend in Bangalore?

In countries like India, there is a bloom that the number of service provider organizations is growing rapidly. With the technological growth and the trends in the market which arises many job opportunities in the Service provider domain. As the organization planning to move its services in an automated way, it is better to know the ServiceNow tools. As Banglore being the central hub for the many MNC’s, it is recommended to acquire the service skills to excel in their respective careers. The trend will be overfitting which creates more opportunities in the future.

Sample Preview

Career Benefits

The course is designed in a way to unlock the modules that were required and being used effectively in the Industry by many organizations. It will help them to improve their techniques and skills which makes them understand the core & in-depth concepts of ServiceNow tools. In specific, most of the organizations are moving towards the change by adapting the way they provide services. In the current spectrum, ServiceNow Training in Bangalore provides learning and implementations of concepts learned in-depth in-order to have a vast understanding and can have a stronghold on the topics unveiled. When the learner completes the course successfully, they will be provided with opportunities where it links them with the ServiceNow tool. It indeed provides better opportunities in the person who wants to grow their careers in the service domain. Let’s adapt to change & provide better services effectively and innovatively.


Intro into ServiceNow

This is a great course to get a foothold into ServiceNow. This covers the basics of Forms and Lists. This course gets you involved with making Tables and various changes (like Add fields). This will provide enough familiarity to be able to have a deeper course into ServiceNow as well as be able to have a technical conversation and know what is being discussed.

It’s also a fair bit of information for the video library. So, be patient and take in what you can and review back on new areas. The modules are broken up well.

Lee Gill

Very Fruitful Experience

This ServiceNow training course is one of the best courses ever recommended because of its simplicity and crystal clear explanation in the course contents in the form of videos, hands-on training and standard concepts with specifications and the processes of the IT Services or Business Operations that would easily benefit in any organization to understand by any learner simply.


ServiceNow Course

This ServiceNow certification is the best-recommended one that contains real-time hands-on level videos for the Service Now tool in detail about every step for every operation that would enhance the learner’s experience.


The 8 Best New Altcoins For Online Gamers To Buy

Blockchain-based gaming, also known as GameFi, has the potential to revolutionize the entire industry as it currently stands. New titles being developed offer integrated financial rewards alongside some of the most engaging gameplay that can be found anywhere online.

For gamers looking to invest in some of these new titles, here is a compiled list of the best new altcoins to buy:

Metacade (MCADE)

My Neighbour Alice (ALICE)

The Sandbox (SAND)

Illuvium (ILV)

Axie Infinity (AXS)

Alien Worlds (TLM)

Star Atlas (ATLAS)

Decentraland (MANA)

1. Metacade (MCADE)

The project aims to become a social hub for the growing GameFi community. Players can discover exclusive alpha, trending titles, and the latest tips and tricks for how to maximize the blockchain gaming experience. Metacade will also reward users with MCADE tokens for sharing information on the platform through its Create2Earn mechanic.

Metacade is helping users find jobs in Web3 with its Work2Earn feature. Gamers and crypto enthusiasts will be able to access a jobs board with paid roles at Web3 companies. There will also be game testing roles on Metacade where users can trial brand-new arcade games before they are launched on the platform.

Why buy MCADE?

Metacade stands to support the development of the entire blockchain gaming industry. Not only does the platform offer many different P2E games to both casual and competitive gamers, but it will also connect users to job opportunities and support game developers with early-stage funding through its Metagrants program.

2. My Neighbour Alice (ALICE)

My Neighbour Alice features virtual real estate that can be bought, sold, and built upon. The world is filled with stories and places for players to explore. My Neighbour Alice allows users to create and play their way through a rich narrative while utilizing several key decentralized finance (DeFi) services.

The platform features an integrated borrowing and lending service that allows its users to deposit digital assets and borrow against their collateral. Alongside this, My Neighbour Alice allows users to stake tokens to earn a passive yield on their cryptocurrency and has tradeable in-game items with real-world financial value.

Why buy ALICE?

3. The Sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox comes third on the list of best new altcoins to buy. Often referred to as SAND, The Sandbox is a public virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences. The platform combines three essential components – gaming, the marketplace and the SAND utility token.

User-generated content (UGC) is at the foundation of the gameplay experience in The Sandbox. The metaverse allows users to create their own games with customizable rulesets, as well as build an accompanying 3D world using The Sandbox’s creation tools.

Users can also trade game assets securely on the blockchain in the platform’s integrated marketplace. The Sandbox leverages non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to monetize created content, as items, games, and other creations can be minted as NFTs, to be freely traded by players.

Why buy SAND?

The goal of The Sandbox is to give players full control over their creations while still being part of a larger online community, and the platform has great long-term potential. This makes it one of the best new altcoins to buy now.

4. Illuvium (ILV)

Another project to make the list of best new altcoins to buy is Illuvium (ILV) – a game that combines the benefits of blockchain with a AAA game-quality experience. The goal of Illuvium is to create a platform that promotes seamless interaction between players from around the world in an immersive virtual landscape.

Illuvium offers a complex storyline and photorealistic graphics alongside its blockchain integration. Users can battle against other players, complete quests, and earn cryptocurrency rewards while making progress in the game.

As well as this, Illuvium offers digital assets that have an innate monetary value. Players can collect in-game items as NFTs, which can be bought and sold in a peer-to-peer marketplace for profit, or collected to expand their arsenal of customizable items that can be used in battle.

Why buy ILV?

5. Axie Infinity (AXS)

Axie Infinity (AXS) is number five on the list of the best new altcoins to buy for online gamers. It’s a blockchain-based game that allows users to collect creatures called Axies and take them into battle against other players. Axies can be bought, sold, or even bred, as each creature is a unique NFT with inherent monetary value.

Players can explore the immersive virtual world and upgrade their Axies with unique items to be found, won, or traded in-game. As Axie Infinity is an Ethereum-based platform, the game offers integrated cryptocurrency rewards to players using the AXS token.

AXS can be earned for winning battles, completing quests, and also by trading Axies and other in-game items. Users can trade their Axies or items associated with Axies on the in-game marketplace.

Why buy AXS?

Axie Infinity is one of the best new altcoins to buy now as it has been one of the most widely-used blockchain games in recent times. In the first year since it was launched, the game attracted over 2 million active users on a daily basis.

6. Alien Worlds (TLM)

Alien Worlds is sixth on the list of the best new altcoins to buy. The game allows players to explore an immersive virtual universe in which they compete for scarce resources that are denominated in the TLM cryptocurrency.

While exploring the galaxy and mining Trilium (TLM), players can collect unique items that are dropped as randomized loot. These items are all also tokenized in the form of NFTs and can be sold or collected.

Collected items have in-game utility. They can improve the efficiency with which players can mine Trilium, or add a personal flavor to the character if they are customizable. There are over 300 NFT collectibles that can be found while players mine cryptocurrency in the Alien Worlds universe.

Why buy TLM?

Alien Worlds is one of the best new altcoins to buy because it currently ranks number 1 in DappRadar’s list of top blockchain games. After launching just over 18 months ago, the platform now has over 200,000 active wallet addresses that interact with the platform on a daily basis.

7. Star Atlas (ATLAS)

Number seven on the list of best new altcoins to buy now is Star Atlas (ATLAS). It is an innovative game that allows users to explore a sprawling open-world map set in outer space. Players can discover new galaxies from the comfort of their own homes, and earn an income through integrated cryptocurrency rewards while they do it.

The game has a well-developed plotline where several major alien factions are at war within the universe. Players need to strategize in order to safely navigate the world and can raid enemy ships after joining a faction of their choice.

Why buy ATLAS?

8. Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland is another project to make the list of the best new altcoins to buy now. It is a combination of a virtual reality game and a metaverse real estate economy that is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Decentraland’s native cryptocurrency, MANA, allows users to purchase land, goods, and services within the Decentraland platform.

Players can live a virtual life while exploring areas of the metaverse world that have been created by other users, as well as build anything they like on purchased real estate in the virtual world.

Why buy MANA?

Decentraland is one of the best new altcoins to buy now because it has grown to become one of the largest metaverse-based projects in a short space of time. The platform serves gamers and content creators alike and can provide a central virtual location for businesses to launch monetizable events.

Metacade: The best new altcoin for online gamers to buy

The MCADE token presale is a major investment opportunity. The token was recently launched at just $0.008 per token, with over $3.5 million invested in the first nine weeks. Metacade is the newest altcoin on this list and has arguably the highest long-term potential out of all the projects on the list due to its broad functionality.

Metacade is number one on the list of best new altcoins to buy now as it could attract a massive user base over the coming years and skyrocket in value when the presale is complete. For now, MCADE is worth just $0.012 per token, and investors need to be quick to buy MCADE at the best possible price as it will rise in value to $0.02 by the end of the presale.

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