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Are you a beginner at Warzone? Not sure how exactly the game is played? Well, this is the best place for you as we are there with some of the most extraordinary tips and tricks that will allow you to master Warzone within a very short span of time.

So, let us have a look at some warzone hacks and understand how you can improve your gaming skills at Call of Duty Warzone.

Move to the battlefield really quickly:

You must make your way to the battlefield extremely quickly. This can be done by taking the help of the parachute. You can keep your parachute in the deployment mode before you move to the free fall state.

However, keeping your parachute deployed at all times may make you a little show but if you are the first to land on the battlefield, it will save you from enemies who might be open firing at you while you land. You will also be able to get access to better equipment.

Start to eliminate your enemies even before you land:

It is a very good idea for you to start killing your enemies before you make a landing. The Battle Royale game can accommodate only 150 players and with each player you eliminate, you go one step closer to victory.

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Make use of the ping:

One of the best things that you can do for yourself while you are playing Warzone is to make use of the ping. By taking the help of the ping option, you will be able to make your team aware of what exactly is happening around them.

Share the loot with all your teammates:

Well, if you wish to be really good at your game, then you should not be mean. Instead, you should play unitedly with your teammates.

There are different ways by which you can finance your teammates. This can be really useful because in case you get killed in the game, your teammates will be able to buy you back by purchasing the required items from the Buy Station.

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Make good use of weapons:

You should try to use your weapons properly while you are on the battlefield. You should also fix your weapon to a base.

This will help you to reduce the gun recoil while you are shooting. This is also going to increase your actual accuracy in the game.

Keep yourself shielded at all times:

Unlike other Battle Royale games, you will not be able to shield yourself using protective gears and helmets. Here, you will have to use armour plates inside your uniform to save yourself from your enemies.

A single player can use up to three armour plates at once. This will help the player to increase his health pool. The players will also be able to store up to five armour plates at once. This will allow them to share their armour plates with their teammates who have low health pools.

Finish off your contract task:

It is a very good way to earn money by finishing off your contracts. Contracts are a completely new addition to the game. Contracts may vary from killing a particular enemy to collecting loot.

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Check your map before dropping:

You must carefully observe the map before you actually decide to make a landing. If you land at a crowded place, then you may immediately be killed before you can even become an active part of the game.

And these are some of the tips and tricks that will allow you to master Warzone. You can also try to learn some easy warzone hacks to gain victory in the game and stay above your competitors.

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Midjourney Tips For Beginners

With the launch of the latest version of Midjourney, we wanted to share some of the best Midjourney tips we have used to create some awesome images.

These tips and tricks are aimed at helping you get the most out of Midjourney.

We hope you can benefit from the countless hours we have spent tinkering in the Midjourney Discord.

Our first Midjourney tip might be obvious, but we feel it’s the most important.

But in order to get some truly amazing outputs, you really need to focus on being specific.

Start with a few simple words.

Then add or remove terms to adjust your prompt.

You really need to experiment with the model to understand how it interprets certain keywords.

Midjourney artist at work (Generated by Midjourney)

It’s impossible to know what terms impact your prompt if you start with too many.

If you’re really serious about leveling up your Midjourney skills, some users have suggested keeping a journal or notes document to track your progress.

This way, you’re not retrying the same prompts over and over again. There is an image generation credit limit in Midjourney, after all.

Let’s face it. Sometimes our vocabulary or descriptive abilities can be lacking.

This is where a prompt generator is perfect for helping you get started.

In another post, we covered the best Midjourney prompt generators.

Be sure to check these out if you’re interested in having AI spruce up your vision.

So far, we have found that ChatGPT and various prompt builder tools can really kickstart the creative process and help you discover new ways to use Midjourney.

By adding the –creative tag to your prompt, you can guide Midjourney toward outputting more unique or unusual images.

For example, you might notice a more vivid color palette or abstract design.

This is great for brainstorming new ideas or breaking away from that typical Midjourney “look”.

In order to use the –creative tag, you must also add –test of –testp.

The test tags offer variations for both digital art (–test) and photographs (–testp).

Midjourney creative test

Example: /imagine man playing soccer --test --creative

The –stylize, or –s, tag will encourage Midjourney to take additional creative liberty with your prompt.

The –stylize value ranges from 0 to 60,000. You will notice that the outputs blend landscape and human or animal faces together.

The higher the stylize value the more abstract your images will become.

Example: /imagine sea turtle --stylize 20000

Negative keywords are terms you do not want to appear in your image.

Negative keywords are also great for finetuning your image outputs.

For example, you can add –no trees to create a more open feel for a landscape image.

Example: /imagine woman posing for a portrai --no ugly asymmetrical

By adding a double colon (::) you can tell MidJourney to consider each term separately.

This is great for prompts that feature terms that can be mistakenly associated or separated like dragon fly, cup cake, or hot dog.

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By separating these terms into a multiprompt, hot dog becomes hot:: dog which is not a hot looking dog, rather than a tasty meal.

Keep in mind that commas are conceptual soft breaks, while double colons (::) are hard breaks.

Use both depending on how strictly you would like to separate certain concepts.

Using this double-colon (::) method again, we can place more or less importance on certain terms in your prompt.

For example, if you want to generate an image of a snowy mountain, maybe MidJourney will add just too much snow.

In this case, you can adjust the weight for the mountain to be higher than the snow or other features you have in mind, like ‘rocks’.

Example: /imagine mountain::5 snow::1 rocks::2

To take this a step further, you can also use negative prompts.

Say your output image is too ‘red’. Simply add the term red::-0.5 and you will notice the blues and yellows pop more.

By adding the –ar tag at the end of your prompt, you can tell MidJourney which image size your outputs should appear in.

We have found that –ar 16:9 is great for widescreen views of most content.

You can also use 2:3 for a more vertical view.

In the latest version of Midjourney, there is no longer a constraint as to which ratios you can use.

This is perfect for creative projects or tiling various images together.

You may have noticed hundreds of other users in the MidJourney Discord.

Everyone is spamming their prompt as you look in horror trying to find your own output.

The good news is that you can save yourself a lot of scrolling and eyestrain by sending a private DM to the MidJourney bot.

This makes it much easier to organize your image generations.

Another option is to invite the Midjourney Bot to a private Discord server.

This has the added bonus of allowing you to create separate channels to organize your image categories.

Remember, these images are still visible on Midjourney’s website, but you will definitely appreciate the less chaotic workspace.

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If you type /settings into Midjourney, you will open the screen below.

Midjourney /settings command

This prevents you from having to add various tags to every prompt.

Instead of adding –v 5 every time, you can simply select it from the settings options.

The same goes for adjusting the quality or speed of your image generations.

Want to dig deeper into Midjourney?

If you’re in the mood for some further reading, check out their full user guide.

We hope you enjoyed these Midjourney tips and look forward to adding more as we continue our Midjourney… journey.

Top 9 Tips And Tricks For Customizing Inoreader For Web

Feedly is nice and all, but it’s basic. It’s great if you’re looking for a well-designed, minimal reading environment. But when you ask for pro functionality, Feedly quickly falls apart.

Inoreader, on the other hand, welcomes you with open arms. Want to create smart filters? Go ahead. Geek out over keyboard shortcuts? Why not. Customize every single detail of the web UI. Of course.

It seems simple, but there’s a lot of stuff Inoreader can do. And trust me, even with this article, we’re only just starting to dig in.

1. Import OPML File From Feedly

In Inoreader, go to “Preferences” and select “Import/Export.” Here, upload the file and choose “Import.”

2. Enable Dark Mode

3. Disable Images and Customize Article View

If you’re trying to save bandwidth or you like a minimal reading environment, you might want to switch to a text-only mode in Inoreader by disabling images.

4. Learn the Most Important Keyboard Shortcuts

There are keyboard shortcuts to send the current article to other services as well. “Y” for Pocket, “I” for Instapaper and “E” for Evernote.

5. Load Readability View

6. Use Tags

Now that article will always be available in that tag across all your devices. You can also generate an RSS feed for each of your tags.

Tags basically help you take the favorite or read-later feature found in most RSS readers to a whole new level.

Using the same menu from “Preferences,” you can create a new folder and add your existing subscriptions to it.

7. Create a Rule

Create a new rule, and you’ll see the following screen.

Here I’ve created a rule to send me a notification on my Android phone whenever a new article containing “Reddit” in its title shows up.

But you can do much more. A rule can match text in the title, URL, content, author and more.

And once a match is found, you can assign actions like automatically filing it to a tag, sending to a service like Evernote or sending a notification.

8. Check Out Bundles

As you might already know, Inoreader tries to bring in the discovery element to RSS. When you first sign up, you need to select categories and sites you’re interested in.

“Bundles” is its natural progression. This is where you just tell Inoreader that you’re interested in X. Inoreader will then create a folder in Inoreader with all the relevant articles from relevant feeds. This stuff only stays in that particular folder and doesn’t mess up your normal feeds. Bundles are a community project. You can subscribe to bundles created by others or submit your own.

9. Use the Inoreader Companion Extension

Check out the Inoreader Companion extension for Chrome and Firefox.

Most features in Inoreader are free. You even get a taste of the pro features. But if you’re looking for features like unlimited rules and search, you’ll have to sign up for a paid account that starts at as little as $1.25 a month.

Khamosh Pathak

Khamosh Pathak is a freelance technology writer. He’s always trying out new apps, tools and services. He is platform agnostic. You’ll find an iPhone 5 and a OnePlus One on him at (almost) all times.

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Moving Tips And Tricks For Using A Moving Company

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Get easy moving tips and tricks for using a moving company.

We used a moving company to move to Florida from Maryland and we learned a lot during the move.

There are a lot of things that we would do differently. Learn from our mistakes.

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This post contains affiliate links. By purchasing an item through an affiliate link, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

I wish that I would say that everything arrived in perfect condition, but unfortunately, that’s not the case.

We have items that are damaged or missing. We also received items that were not ours. (Our stuff was stored in a warehouse in between moving and closing on our new house.)

It’s mostly okay though because we chose a moving company with insurance. Most of the items can be replaced.

Bottom line: if you are super attached to something, move it yourself. That’s the only way to guarantee that it doesn’t get damaged or go missing.

Overall, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. With the high amount of moves lately, mistakes are bound to happen and we’re lucky that nothing super irreplaceable is missing or broken.

Easy Moving Tips and Tricks

The first step in getting ready to move was decluttering.

It saved us money by having less stuff to move and saved us time by not having to unpack stuff that we didn’t want in our new home.

Start by getting rid of the things that moving companies can’t move.

Things A Moving Company Cannot Move

There are items that a moving company is not allowed to move. They will provide you with a list, but here are some of the items that our moving company gave to us.

If you want to keep these items, you will need to move them yourselves.

Otherwise, you will need to dispose of them before the move. Have a plan for getting rid of these items ahead of time to save time on moving day.

For instance, I have a very large supply of professional artist paints. It would have cost thousands of dollars to replace my art supplies, so I put them in a plastic bin and moved them in my car.

If you have a large number of items that you want to keep, you might want to rent a small trailer to haul behind your car. Another option is shipping the items to your new home.

Please note that some of these items cannot be shipped.


Aerosol cans

Gas and oil

Lawnmowers and gas-powered weed eaters

Matches and lighters

Cleaning supplies




Anything liquid (Our movers wouldn’t take shampoo, perfume, etc.)


Things You Should Pack in Your Car

Important documents*


Items that the movers cannot take

An “open first” box

*Important documents can vary. We obviously took family documents and such. However, we didn’t bother to take a box of sentimental letters with us.

Somewhere out there is a very embarrassing box of old love letters between my husband and myself.

Photos are another thing you might consider bringing with you.

What to Pack in Your Open First Box

Packing an “open first” box can save you time and more importantly money. We ended up having to re-purchase a lot of these items.

Basic cooking supplies (pots and pans)

Cleaning towels

Bath towels

Toilet paper

Toiletries (if not in your suitcase)


Pet supplies

Basic tools for furniture assembly

Scissors and box cutters

Trash bags


Painting supplies if you’re into DIY

Packing Tips

Our moving company was a full-service company. This meant that they were supposed to disassemble furniture and pack everything for us.

That sounds great, but the reality is that they are young kids who don’t care about your stuff.

Here are a few things that we wish we had done before the movers showed up.

Disassemble your own furniture. Then you know where all of the pieces are to each piece of furniture. (We only had a tiny mishap with our furniture, but we received someone else’s box that contained sofa legs. Can you imagine getting your sofa without the legs?)

Place small parts like screws in ziplock baggies and attach it to the furniture. (Packing tape can damage furniture, so be careful when you attach it.)

If you’re packing your own belongings, save money with used cardboard boxes. We ordered from this company and received our boxes within 2 days. I highly recommend them!

If you have items with small pieces, be sure to wrap each container with stretch wrap. Our movers placed a giant bin of screws in a box that then got opened upside down. What a mess!

IKEA furniture took the most damage. It scratches easily and the hinges on cabinets break easily. Be ready for damage.

If you own furniture dollies, ladders, and stepladders, make sure that you write your name on each piece so that they don’t confuse your items with their own. None of our furniture dollies or ladders showed up…

Same goes for large trash cans. They also didn’t make the move.

Label each box on the side, not the top. It’s really hard to tell what is in each box from the top when you have a huge stack of boxes. And it’s even harder when the boxes get placed upside down. (Most of our boxes weren’t labeled at all or were labeled incorrectly.)

If it matters what side goes up, label it clearly on all sides.

Breakable items can be cushioned with bubble wrap. Be generous with it! If you have a surplus of throw pillows, I also recommend using the throw pillows for extra cushioning.

When the movers are finishing up, walk from room to room and check to make sure that they haven’t missed anything. Check all closets and cabinets.

Recommended Packing Supplies Inventory Tips

Our moving company provided an inventory list, but it was far from complete.

Most lines said “medium packing box.” A lot of the larger items were not even listed and are missing. My guess is that these items were never tagged or written down.

I got lucky because as a blogger, I photograph everything. So I just happen to have a photo of the 7 skateboards that are missing. And photos of our tool collection to use as an inventory list as we unpack.

At a minimum, photograph your expensive items. Photographing each room can also be a good idea. I was able to use my photos and see at a glance which pieces of furniture were missing.

If you’re super organized, make a list of what is in every single box. (For most of us, that just isn’t going to happen.)

When you’re unpacking, make notes of items that appear to be missing. They might show up in a random box and then you can cross it off of the list. (This list is also helpful for rebuying those missing items – looking at you missing xbox power cord.)

We also made notes of damage. Once everything is unpacked, the house will feel chaotic. It can be hard to remember everything if you don’t take notes as you see it.

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15 Best Watchos 8 Tips And Tricks

watchOS 8 doesn’t make any radical changes to how the Apple Watch works. That’s a good thing. You don’t fix what’s not broken, right? But Apple’s latest update to watchOS still offers a handful of exciting features that you shouldn’t miss out on.

If you just upgraded to watchOS 8 or bought yourself a new Apple Watch, the tips and tricks below will help ramp up your user experience.

Table of Contents

1. Add Portraits as Watch Faces

With watchOS 8, you get to create amazing-looking watch faces with portrait photos. Your Apple Watch intelligently uses image depth data to make the digital clock float above and beyond the subject and even lets you zoom in using the Digital Crown.

To set up a portrait as a watch face, open the Watch app on your iPhone and tap Portraits under Face Gallery. You can then pick up to 24 portraits (which you can cycle through by tapping the screen later on), select a style (Classic, Modern, or Rounded), and add complications to spice things up.

2. Move Cursor with Digital Crown

watchOS 8 has unified the typing experience on Apple Watch with the ability to switch seamlessly between Scribble and Dictation. Also, if you make a mistake, you can quickly rotate the Digital Crown to move the cursor around.

3. Send GIFs in Messages

Want to send a GIF to someone? You don’t have to reach out for your iPhone anymore. With watchOS 8, you can add GIFs to messages right from the Apple Watch itself. 

Just tap the App Store icon to the left of the Create Message field in the Messages app and select the red-colored Search icon to access the GIF library.

4. Find Devices, Items, and People

Your Apple Watch can quickly help you locate a misplaced iPhone by pinging it. But with watchOS 8, the smartwatch expands its capabilities by adding a dedicated Find Devices app that helps you locate any Apple device you own. 

Additionally, you’ll find apps labeled Find Items and Find People. Consider that the iPhone’s Find My app is split into three distinct parts. Good stuff from Apple.

5. Set Up Separation Alerts

Open the Find Devices app, select a device, tap Notify When Left Behind, and turn on the switch next to Notify When Left Behind. You’ll then receive an alert the next time you stray away from the device. You can also set up safe areas (such as your home or workplace) by adding locations under Except At.

6. Use Focus Mode

Apple significantly enhanced Do Not Disturb with Focus across its complete lineup of products. As its name suggests, Focus keeps you focused on specific activities while still letting in notifications from select apps and contacts. 

Open the Control Center and tap the Do Not Disturb icon to switch between the four defaults—Personal, Work, Driving, and Sleep. 

7. Check Respiratory Rate 8. Add Home Keys

The Apple Watch has doubled up as a digital car key for a while. With watchOS 8, it also supports home keys. You can add them using the iPhone’s Home app and pick between two options—Express Mode and Require Authentication. 

9. Try a Reflect Session

If you loved the Breath app, you’re going to love Reflect mode in watchOS 8. Open the Mindfulness app (which now also houses Breath), and tap Reflect to focus on the stuff that matters. The default duration is set at one minute, but you can extend that by tapping the More icon (three dots) and selecting Duration.

10. Share Songs

You don’t have to hop over to your iPhone if you want to share songs in Apple Music. Just tap the More icon (three-dots) while playing a track and tap Share. You can then share it via Messages or Mail.

11. Share Photos

The same goes for photos. Tap the Share button while viewing an image in the Photos app, and you get to send it using Messages or Mail.

12. Pilates and Tai Chi

With watchOS 8, the Apple Watch supports two new workout types—Pilates and Tai Chi. Don’t forget to pick them up from the Workout app the next time you hit the gym.

13. Add Multiple Timers

Have you ever wished you could use the Apple Watch’s Timer app to keep track of multiple activities at the same time? watchOS 8 finally makes that possible. If you use Siri, you can even name them.

14. Use AssistiveTouch

Double-clench: Activate AssistiveTouch and Action Menu.

Clench: Confirm selection.

Pinch: Move forward.

Double-pinch: Move backward.

15. Search for Contacts

watchOS 8 sorts out a major pain point for the Apple Watch by introducing the Contacts app. The next time you want to call, message, or email a person, you can tap the contact within the Contacts app and pick the action you want to perform.

Improved and Less Reliant on the iPhone

Ipad Typing Tips And Tricks For Faster Typing On Your Tablet

Tapping away at the keyboard on a smartphone or tablet isn’t all that different from the physical keyboard these days. Interestingly though, because there are a few limitations like the number of keys displayed, lack of a Character Map-like interface from where you can copy-paste special characters and some more, it takes some tips and a lot of experience to master typing on the iPad.

The iPad’s onscreen keypad is designed to help you type faster, better and easier. However, using a few tips might save you considerable typing time (and the number of strokes) – and it will undoubtedly help you become a pro at typing faster on the iPad.

Handy Keyboard Tips and Tricks for iPad to Enhance your Typing Experience

Customize The Keyboard Settings:

To begin with, let’s get familiar with the keyboard settings. The reason why I’ve mentioned this tip right at the top is that it offers you some neat customization. So, based on your personal taste, you can fine-tune the setting.

To get it done, head over to Settings → General → Keyboard. (You can also touch and hold the emoji icon on the keyboard and then choose Keyboard Settings.)

On the next screen, you get many options like Text Replacement, Auto-Capitalization, Shortcuts and more. Customize the entire settings to as per your convenience.

Essential iPad Keyboard Shortcuts Tip

Let’s begin with a couple of keyboard shortcuts that you might be very useful if you type a lot on the iPad:

#1. There’s a caps-lock shortcut on the iPad for those all-caps words (like abbreviated names, USA, etc.). All you do is double-tap the Shift key. Tap the Shift key again to get back to the normal mode.

#2. Thanks to the smart trackpad, moving a cursor or selecting text while editing text is pretty simple. All you have to do is just press and hold the space to activate the space bar (Or use two fingers to press anywhere on the keyboard to activate the trackpad). Then, you can drag your finger on the trackpad to swiftly move the cursor. To find out more about it, head over to this post.

Getting a Little Further

Pressing and holding certain keys offers a lot of options. You probably know this already but it is often hard to find which keys offer those quotes or the degree symbol etc.

And having to shift to the numeric keypad occasionally is a definite turn-off sometimes. Here are some more tips that can make typing easier.

#3. Automatic Apostrophes: The iOS dictionary is smart. If enabled (which is the default state), you don’t have to worry about having to type those single quotes in “I’m”, “don’t”, “can’t” etc. Just type “Im”, “don’t” or “cant” and the iPad keypad will automatically correct it.

Of course, when enabled, the auto-correct is a very bad guy occasionally: it changes certain unrecognized words into something totally unrelated that makes for those awful (or insanely funny, depending on the situation, auto-correct fails).

#4. Begin and End Quotes: Tap and hold the quote key on the numeric pad, and you get begin and end quotes that you can use while typing. These make the message look better.

#5. Double/Single Quotes: If you’re looking for double and single quotes, you’ll need to remember this combination:

Double Quotes: Tap and hold the ? key for double quotes

Single Quotes: Tap and hold the ! for single quotes

#6. Typing numbers/punctuation faster: I hate having to switch to the numeric keypad just to type an exclamation. It’s a little uncomfortable especially when you type fast. However, there’s an easy way out if you’re in need of those punctuation marks occasionally amidst a lot of alphabets.

Tap and hold the .?123 key and when the keypad switches to the numeric, slide over to the number or the key that you want to use. Then, just remove your finger. The iPad will type the key you chose and then the keypad will switch back to the alphabets. There! You got it!

#7. Degree: In many countries, people use the metric system which gives the “degree” sign for use in temperature and elsewhere. Where do you get the degree symbol on the iPad? It’s buried in 0 (zero). Hold on 0(zero) for a while and out of the options, you get the degree sign.

Tap and hold on “?” in Safari and you get many options to choose from. Saves you four strokes.

#11. Quickly Switch Between Languages: The QuickType keyboard makes it pretty easy to switch between languages. All you have to do is touch and hold the globe icon and swipe to the keyboard language you wish to use.

Keep this little but pivotal hack for the times when you wish to express your views in multiple lingoes!

Split The Keyboard For Comfortable One-Handed Typing…

There are times when you wish to type with just one hand instead of engaging both your hands. And that’s when this feature comes into the play. Just touch and hold the tiny keyboard icon and choose Split.

Now, the keyboard will be split, allowing you to type comfortably with one hand. And when you want to merge the keyboard, touch and hold the keyboard icon and choose Merge or Dock and Merge.

More Hacks For Boosting Your Productivity…

We’ve lined up 18 smart keyboard tips and tricks for getting the most out of the iOS keyboard. If you wish to get more such cool hacks, head over here.

Stay Tuned In For More…

Now that you’ve got the tricks, you know how you can make typing more convenient and faster on your iPad. Of course, it’s gonna take some time before you will be able to master them. However, once you’ve got a good hold on them, typing will definitely become hassle-free.

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