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The first practice of the F1 Australian Grand Prix is due to commence at Albert Park, Melbourne, on Friday, March 31st. Practice makes perfect as Red Bull aims to win their first Albert Park victory since 2011. Race time will occur on Sunday, April 2nd, and all eyes will be on the Qualifying at 6 am BST on the big day.

The Australian Grand Prix is under contract to host Formula 1 until 2035, so if Max Verstappen or Sergio Perez fails to get a result, there is still time. This article will discuss the various F1 odds on offer worldwide and how the new online betting platform ONWIN aims to develop the betting industry.

Red Bull Fueled For Victory

Red Bull claimed its place as the rightful successor to Mercedes, as they aim to continue their charge towards a third championship in a row. Sergio Perez is also feeling the Red Bull momentum, as the team hopes to win for the first time since Sebastian Vettel claimed victory at Albert Park in 2011.

Bet365 has Max Verstappen at 18/1 odds to win, giving him an implied 75% chance of victory, which means if you bet  $20, you’ll get a potential return of $26.60. Sergio Perez, however, has been given a 20% chance of victory with odds of 4/1. If you bet $20, you could get a return of $100.

Get Leclerc a Car!

So far, this year hasn’t gone to plan for Ferrari as they have yet to get any podiums in the first two races; as Leclerc retired from one race and received a post-grid-penalty to seventh place in another, he currently sits 38 points behind Verstappen. Some suggest that last year’s Championship bid started to sour in Melbourne; this could be the race when it sweetens.

Betfair has given Charles Leclerc 19/1 odds of victory, with a tiny 5% chance of success. If you bet $20, you might get a return of $400. Charles Leclerc is an F1 favorite, not just with Ferrari fans; Ferrari spotted his talent early on, and many suggest he needs the right car to show his abilities.

Hamilton and Alonso Take Two

Toto Wolff is trying to push through a concept change for the Mercedes car to improve another lackluster start to their season, which is excellent news for the seven times World Drivers’ Champion, Lewis Hamilton. Having two podiums, Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin have had an incredible and surprising start to the season. If Alonso is going to complete an impressive return, he’ll have to make sure not to get another grid box penalty.

Sky Bet has given Lewis Hamilton 25/1 odds of victory with a 3.8% chance of getting pole position. This means if you bet $20, you’ll be in to win $520. BetVictor has given Fernando Alonso 9/1 odds of winning with an implied 10% chance of victory. If you bet $20, you’ll get a return of $200.

ONWIN Making Crypto Moves

As you navigate the sea of odds during the build-up to the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Australia, why not take a break and head down to the new Online Casino ONWIN? You can choose from a series of fantastic tabletop games, with live sports betting, Casino betting, and eSports betting. ONWIN has also seen the importance of innovating the betting industry with crypto.

Not only this, but they offer odds on a wide array of sports betting, such as the English Premier League, La Liga, NBA, Brazilian Volleyball, and more. ONWIN prides itself on industry-leading odds and will offer the best chances of making serious money from bets.

Final Thoughts

This year is heating up to be an eventful F1 season, and the re-emergence of Fernando Alonso is delighting and shocking the F1 scene. Lewis Hamilton’s continued struggle is seen as a change of fortunes between the two veterans, and Max Verstappen hopes to end Red Bulls Melbourne draught. After all this F1 excitement, head down to ONWIN and make a few relaxing Casino bets.

For more info about ONWIN, follow these links below:

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Difference Between Green Eyes And Hazel Eyes

Eyes are the most expressive feature of the human face, and the color of the eyes plays an important role in the personality of an individual. There are different shades of eye color, but two of the most intriguing colors are green and hazel. Both green and hazel eyes are captivating, and many people get confused between the two. However, there are some differences between green and hazel eyes that distinguish them from each other. This essay will explore the difference between green and hazel eyes.

Green Eyes

The major pigmentation in green eyes is pheomelanin, which is reddish-yellow, and the quantity of melanin (group of natural pigments that makes the eyes look darker) is closer to that of blue eyes but less than that of brown eyes. A poll of more than 60,000 people found that most people think green is the most alluring shade of eye colour. There is a less probability of it being passed down from generation to generation, which may contribute to its allure (it is most closely associated with the recessive gene).

Green eyes are extremely rare; just around 2% of people have them. Green eyes are rather common in various nations of Northern and Central Europe, where their prevalence is greatest. Examples include the fact that nearly all Icelandic men and women have azure or blue eyes. The percentage of people in Edinburgh, Scotland who have green eyes is close to 30 percent.

Green eyes, which contain less melanin than brown eyes, may be more susceptible to the damaging effects of UV light. Consequently, persons with green eyes may have increased chances for ocular melanoma. Katie Holmes, Bruce Willis, Channing Tatum, Lindsay Lohan, and Adele are just few of the famous people who also happen to have green eyes.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes have a higher concentration of the pigments eumelanin (brownish black) and pheomelanin (blue-green) than green eyes do (reddish-yellow). Just around 5% of people have hazel eyes, making it a somewhat uncommon eye colour. People of North African, Spanish, Brazilian, and Middle Eastern descent tend to have skin of this shade.

More than 60,000 people were polled on the topic of the most aesthetically pleasing eye colour, and hazel came in third place, behind only green and light blue. Due to lower melanin levels, those with hazel eyes are more susceptible to the harmful effects of the sun compared to those with brown eyes. Thus, they should use sunglasses as necessary. Some famous people, including Tyra Banks, Kevin Jonas, Ashley Greene, Emma Roberts, and Jared Padalecki, have hazel eyes.

Differences: Green and Hazel Eyes

One of the most significant differences between green and hazel eyes is the presence of flecks or spots. Green eyes do not usually have flecks or spots, while hazel eyes are known for their speckled appearance. The flecks or spots in hazel eyes can be any color, but they are usually brown or gold. The presence of flecks or spots in hazel eyes adds to their unique appearance and makes them stand out from other eye colors.

Another difference between green and hazel eyes is the intensity of the color. Green eyes are known for their intense and vivid color, while hazel eyes have a softer and more subtle appearance. The intensity of green eyes can vary depending on the amount of melanin in the iris, and they can appear to be more or less vivid depending on the lighting. Hazel eyes, on the other hand, have a softer appearance that is often described as warm and welcoming.

The following table highlights the major differences between Green Eyes and Hazel Eyes −


Green Eyes

Hazel Eyes

Melanin Amount

The melanin amount in green eyes is less than that of hazel eyes.

The melanin amount in hazel eyes is more than that of green eyes. It is closer to the color brown.

Dominant Pigmentation

The dominant pigmentation in green eyes is called pheomelanin which is giving off a reddish- yellow hue.

In comparison, there are two dominant pigmentations in hazel eyes; these are pheomelanin, like that of green eyes, and eumelanin which is brownish black.


As compared to hazel, green is generally viewed as more attractive as an eye color.

A survey concluded that green eyes was ranked as the most appealing, this was followed by light blue, and the third most attractive was hazel. The list was followed by dark blue, gray, honey, amethyst, and brown.


Having green eyes is rarer as compared to having hazel eyes. Around only two percent of the global population has green eyes while around five percent has hazel eyes. This uniqueness may also be a reason why green eyes are mostly viewed as more attractive than hazel eyes.

Hazel eyes are common as compared to green eyes.


The famous actors and actresses with green eyes include Scarlet Johansson, Kristen Stewart, Emma Stone, Charlize Theron, Bruce Willis, and Adrien Brody.

The famous actors and actresses with hazel eyes include Jared Padalecki, Tyra Banks, Emma Roberts, Jason Stathman, and Zachary Levi.

Regarding singers and musicians, those with green eyes include Adele, Rihanna, and Amanda Seyfried while those with hazel include Joe Jonas, Adam Levine, and John Mayer

Health Concerns

Those with green irises, they have higher tolerance for pain, are at lower risk to experience anxiety and depression, and have a higher risk of eye melanoma.

According to a survey, those with hazel irises are more likely to have low pain tolerance and are more prone to anxiety.

Number of Colors

Green eyes are generally characterized by a single solid hue.

Hazel eyes are a combination of brown, green, and/or gold. This is the reason why people with hazel eyes may seem like they have green eyes sometimes, depending on the lighting. This is also explained by the single dominant pigmentation, pheomelanin, in green eyes and the two dominant pigmentations, pheomelanin and eumelanin, in hazel eyes.


In conclusion, green and hazel eyes are two of the most captivating eye colors in the world. While they may appear similar at first glance, there are some key differences that distinguish them from each other.

Green eyes are rare and have a distinct shade of green that is caused by the amount of melanin in the iris, while hazel eyes are a combination of brown and green eyes with a speckled appearance. The intensity of green eyes is more vivid than hazel eyes, which have a softer and more subtle appearance.

Regardless of the differences between the two, both green and hazel eyes are beautiful and

These Australian Twins Are The Second ‘Semi

When an ultrasound shows that a pregnancy contains two babies within the same placenta, it’s usually a good sign that the twins are identical. But in a case study reported this week in the New England Journal of Medicine, that observation was quickly followed by the realization that one baby was male, and one was female. That’s impossible in identical twins.

The Australian twins, now four years old, are, indeed, not identical. But they’re not fraternal, either. They’re what the medical community calls semi-identical, doctors concluded after a variety of tests—only the second ever case of semi-identical, or sesquizygotic, twins ever reported.

“I think it’s remarkable that the genetic techniques we have today allows us to find these kind of twinings,” says Megan Dennis, who studies human genetics at the University of California, Davis.

In identical twins, one sperm fertilizes a single egg, and the resulting cells split into two groups, forming two genetically identical embryos sharing 100 percent of the same DNA. Fraternal twins occur when two eggs are released, and two different sperm fertilize each. Like different-aged siblings, these twins share 50 percent of of their genetic material.

These semi-identical twins, however, share 100 percent of maternal genetic material and 78 percent of paternal genetic material. During conception, researchers believe that two sperm simultaneously fertilized one egg. The genetic material then split into three groups of cells: one containing chromosomes from both sperm, one containing chromosomes from the first sperm and the egg, and the third containing chromosomes from the second sperm and the egg. The set of cells with chromosomes from both sperm die, as chromosomes from both sperm and egg are needed for survival. The remaining cells combine together again (giving them that weird 78 percent paternal gene similarity) and continue to grow before splitting to form two embryos—the two twins, one male and one female.

“For the most part, one paternal set of cells went to one, and one to the other,” Dennis says. “But there was a little mixture.” So, the twins are also chimeric—they have cells with different genes. Scientists are starting to think that chimerism in humans is more common than previously realized, but this is a particularly rare way for that to arise, Dennis says.

The research team who identified the twins, questioning if semi-identical pairs are more common than was previously thought, also screened almost 1,000 fraternal twins—and found no other cases. The only other known set of semi-identical twins were born in the United States in 2007.

Although eggs have controls in place to prevent fertilization from more than one sperm, it’s not uncommon for a single egg to be fertilized by multiple sperm, either during natural conception or during in-vitro fertilization. However, those embryos are usually not viable, lead to early pregnancy loss, or lead to the development of a non-viable pregnancy, wrote Amanda Kallen, an assistant professor in the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility at Yale Medicine, in an email. “This unusual case clearly expands our understanding of ‘what’s possible’ and will allow us further insight into the intricacies of fertilization and early embryo development,” she said.

Cases like these, UC Davis’ Dennis says, help demonstrate the complexity of genetics—and how the simple principles of gene inheritance might not apply in all cases. “Generally, the rules stand, and we should be confident in Mendelian genetics,” she says. “But the genome and development are complicated.”

Australian Soldiers Are Testing Out Stealthy E

In the scrubgrass of Queensland, the cavalry speeds silently through the woods. Wearing combat fatigues, motocross helmets, and goggles, two scouts from the Light Horse Regiment with Queensland Mounted Infantry roll through light brush and narrow paths, beneath the canopy of trees. But they’re not riding horses—they’re on e-bikes. The scouts (seen in a video, at bottom) are demonstrating a new answer to an ancient military question: how can soldiers move without being detected?

For a unit moving by armored transports, scouting can be tricky. The armored vehicles are large and loud, giving away their position through noise as much as size. Motorcycles, which have a long history in war, are nimble and fast, but their engines scream, and exhaust too can reveal a position. In the trial, the bikes also scout paths for armored vehicles, like checking to see if a stream could be cleared by larger troop transports.

“The footprint [with e-bikes] is minimised due to less power, less noise, and you’re not kicking up much dust that could be seen by enemy forces,” corporal Thomas Ovey of the Queensland Mounted Infantry said in a release. “It’s much more effective than a standard motorbike.”

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The e-bikes used have a top speed of 55 mph and a range of 62 miles. For a scouting run, that means the bikes can cover 30 miles in just over half an hour, and then return back to the unit before the bikes run out of charge. Even then, the fact that it is a bike means soldiers could still pedal it to its destination.

With that range, and with the quieter profile provided by electric motors, the bikes could also work as battlefield couriers.

The bikes have a top speed of 55 mph. CPL Nicole Dorrett / Australian Department of Defence

“It allows us to do safe-handing of information, whether that’s information people have found on the battlefield, or even if one of the troops takes photos on their phone and wants to send it back to headquarters,” Ovey said. “They’ll call us up, we’ll get the stealth bikes out, head down there and grab the information. It’s a lot quicker. We cover more ground much faster, and it saves time instead of waiting for troops to come to us when they’ve found something.”

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In a 2014 program seeking to build a silent motorcycle, DARPA set a threshold for the bikes at 55 decibels when running on electric power. That’s louder than a conversation in a house but quieter than an air conditioner 100 feet away, so not exactly quiet, but quite enough.

The Australian Department of Defence did not name the model of e-bike used, nor give a decibel read for the engine. Without that, it’s hard to say how quiet the bikes are in the abstract, but it’s safe to say they are quieter than gas-powered vehicles. More importantly, they are quieter than the sounds around them in the field, especially in rough terrain and with some ambient natural noise.

It remains to be seen if Australia will adopt e-bikes into their forces. As the country continues a process of modernization for possible Pacific warfare, past experience shows that bikes provided a valuable edge to militaries that could use them en masse in the eastern Pacific. 

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Much of war has changed since the 1940s. Yet the utility of lightweight, fast, and flexible transportation, carrying everything from scouts to confidential information, remains valuable. Ebikes might offer the outward appearance of a more sustainable approach to war, but at heart they’re a new approach to an old kind of stealth.

Watch a promotional video about the bikes below:

Fix: Grand Theft Auto 5 Has Stopped Working

FIX: Grand Theft Auto 5 has stopped working




Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the highest grossing Windows games that has broken industry records.

However, the game doesn’t always run flawlessly and has one error message that states, “Grand Theft Auto 5 has stopped working.”

That error message pops up for some GTA fanatics when they start the game. Consequently, GTA 5 doesn’t run for them. There are, however, various ways that you can fix this issue.

Fix GTA 5 crashes on PC

Learn everything there is to know about GTA 5 from our article!

1. Check GTA 5’s System Requirements

First, double-check that your laptop or desktop meets GTA 5’s minimum system requirements. Below is a snapshot of Grand Theft Auto 5’s system requirements.

Note that the game requires NVIDIA and AMD video cards, so it isn’t going to run on desktops or laptops with Intel integrated graphics.

You can also check that GTA 5 will run on your PC at the Can You RUN it website. This website matches games’ system requirements with your system specifications to tell you if they will run.

Enter ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ in the website’s search box, and press the Can You Run It button. T

hen a new page will open showing you how your hardware specifications match up to the game’s system requirements.

If your PC doesn’t meet GTA’s minimum system requirements, you can get a refund from Steam providing you downloaded the game less than two weeks ago.

Your Steam account will list games you can still get refunded. This Steam page provides further details on how to request a refund.

2. Install the Latest Visual C++ Redistributable Pack

The Visual C++ 2008 redistributable pack is also an essential requirement for Grand Theft Auto 5, which should have installed with the rest of the game. However, Visual C++ might not have installed correctly; and there’s also a more update version.

Press the Download button on this website page to update Visual C++ if you don’t have the latest version.

3. Run Grand Theft Auto 5 in Compatibility Mode

Grand Theft Auto 5 is not an outdated game, but it still predates Windows 10. As such, running the game in compatibility mode as an administrator might resolve the GTA 5 stopped working error.

You can select compatibility mode settings as follows.

Open GTA 5’s folder in File Explorer.

Select the Run this program in compatibility mode option.

Press the Apply and OK buttons on the Compatibility tab.

You can also open the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter from the Compatibility tab, which might come in handy for fixing the GTA 5 stopped working error. Press the Run compatibility troubleshooter button to open the window shown below.

4. Disable non-Windows Services

Expert tip:

Open Run by pressing its Win key + R keyboard shortcut.

Enter ‘msconfig’ in Run, and select the OK option.

Select the Services tab shown in the shot directly below.

Now you can select Disable all to quickly switch the third-party services off.

Deselect the Load startup items check box on the General tab.

5. Switch off Anti-Virus Software

Third-party anti-virus software and their firewalls can stop the game running. The quick way to find out if that’s the case is to temporarily switch off third-party anti-virus software.

Then you can probably select to temporarily switch the software off before launching GTA 5.

Alternatively, install a new antivirus. Make the wisest decision by choosing one of these tools!

6. Verify the Steam Game Cache

It’s worth verifying the Steam cache for any game that’s not starting. That might detect and repair corrupted game files. This is how you can verify GTA 5’s game cache.

First, open and log in to Steam.

Select the Properties option on the menu.

Select the Local Files tab, which includes a Verify Integrity of Game Files option.

Press the Verify Integrity of Game Files button to verify the cache. Steam will replace corrupted GTA 5 files.

7. Update Your Graphics Card Driver

This GTA stopped working error could be due to an outdated graphics card driver. NVIDIA released GeForce Game Ready 350.12 WHQL drivers more specifically for GTA 5.

So it’s worth checking if there is an up-to-date driver for your video card. This is how you can update an NVIDIA graphics card driver manually or automatically.

Press the Win key + X hotkey to open the Win + X menu.

Select Device Manager on the Win + X menu to open the window directly below.

Select the Search automatically for updated drivers option to automatically install and update the driver.

If no new device driver is detected, there might still be a better driver available on the manufacturer’s website. Open this website page to update NVIDIA graphics card drivers.

Select your graphics card and Windows platform from the drop-down menus.

Restart Windows after installing the driver.

Updating your drivers automatically with these tools is as easy as breathing!

8. Reinstall Social Club 9. Uninstall Identity Cloaker

Some Grand Theft Auto 5 players have found that the GTA 5 has stopped working error is due to the Identity Cloaker software.

If you happen to have Identity Cloaker on your hard drive, uninstalling it will probably fix the game. You can uninstall Identity Cloaker via the Programs and Features tab much the same as Social Club.

Uninstall software like a pro with one of these perfect tools!

Those resolutions will probably fix GTA 5 so that the game runs without a stopped working error. Aside from that, you can also try reinstalling the game.

If you have a further fix for the GTA 5 stopped working error, please share the additional tip below.


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x Launches Public Testnet: Decentralized Sports Betting Marketplace

The chúng tôi team has announced the testnet launch of its decentralized betting exchange on Feb. 2, 2023. This launch coincides with an invite program for community members to preview the technology and help with the testing phase. 

What is is the first truly multi-chain decentralized peer-to-peer betting sports exchange built on the Ethereum-polygon and other EMV-compatible blockchains, allowing users full transparency in making and taking bets on 1000’s of sporting and e-sporting events.

Betswap allows participants to be either a bettor or a bookmaker. Due to its decentralized nature and use of blockchain technology, many of the fees associated with sports betting are greatly reduced and the process is that much more transparent. 

Unlike traditional sports betting where bets are placed against the house, at Betswap, it’s a peer-to-peer system, where users bet against each other, and the exchange acts as an intermediary marketplace for their bets. offers users the opportunity to take part in back-and-lay betting; to act as bettor or bookie.

The platform provides multi-chain integration as well as truly decentralized governance through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). 

The BSGG token provides holders with a wide variety of functionality, including governance, staking, reduced fees, and much more.

BSGG is an ERC-20 token and acts as the centerpiece of the sports betting platform. As a multi-chain token, BSGG resides on the Ethereum, Fantom and Avalanche blockchains.

Testnet launch

Betswap’s testnet launch allows interested individuals to use the platform using test USDT’s that have no monetary value, and provide feedback to the team. 

The testnet version 1.0 will initially have limited capability and will feature three key sports: football, basketball and cricket. Each week, additional sports like NFL, eSports, tennis, etc.. and additional features such as multi-betting, order book, automated liquidity bookie pool, amongst others will be added to the platform to maintain a smooth rollout. Once the mainnet version is released, the Betswap team plans on making the platform code open-source and offering b2b integration with multiple providers.

The Betswap team has built and improved on their blockchain platform and will be granted access to their social channel followers starting Wednesday, February 2nd 22:22 Eastern time (10.22 pm Eastern Time). The team is actively looking to receive feedback to continuously improve the platform.

Feedback provided by community members brings valuable insight and may be incorporated into the final product. Once the platform has been fine-tuned, chúng tôi will officially launch on the mainnet and allow users to bet using cryptocurrency.

The Betswap team’s founders and developers are verified via Certik KYC where they underwent a rigorous process of KYC and video certifications.

Betswap founding team has experience in blockchain, sports betting, igaming industry, and financing background. 

These include

Hubertus Thornhauser: Tech- and Web3 Investor, Founding Partner Enabling Future VC, Tezos Foundation Chairman, co-founder Babil Games (acquired by Stillfront Group), +20 years Board roles and C-level in the gaming industry”

Manoj Narender Madnani: Founder and CEO of DSA Investments, a global impact investment partner with various portfolio companies that provide solutions for humanity with a backbone of technology;

Floris Weisz: experienced Sports Management Professional, having worked at IMG and Essel Sports Management, representing commercial rights for various celebrities and international football players.

Shima Capital: an early-stage global venture capital firm that acted as a seed investor for 1Inch, Terra, and Chingari, as well as numerous other startups, producing some of the most impressive returns to its investors through active engagement with its companies and teams;

Momentum 6: a venture capital and marketing firm created specifically to support and grow blockchain startups;

DSA Investment: investment company that provides funding for high-potential startups, with active involvement in supporting its investments through its global network.

Additionally, the project also received an investment from Wonderland DAO in exchange for the distribution of BSGG tokens to the DAO’s 300,000 wallet holders. 

Final thoughts

With this testnet launch, beginning bettors and bookmakers can have a first look to get a feel for how the platform works before the launch of the mainet, in order to test it out with test cryptocurrency tokens that carry no monetary value.

The testnet launch will only be available for a limited time before the platform’s mainnet launch. 

Media Contact


[email protected].

PR Contact 


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