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Welcome back to another week for the geeks.

It was fairly quiet out there as far as Google search patents go, but I did see a couple worth sharing over the last few weeks.

So, let’s get into it.

Latest Google Patents of Interest

Filed: March 13, 2013

Awarded: October 20, 2023


“Implementations include systems and methods for querying a data graph. An example method includes receiving a machine learning module trained to produce a model with multiple features for a query, each feature representing a path in a data graph. The method also includes receiving a search query that includes a first search term, mapping the search query to the query, and mapping the first search term to a first entity in the data graph. The method may also include identifying a second entity in the data graph using the first entity and at least one of the multiple weighted features, and providing information relating to the second entity in a response to the search query. Some implementations may also include training the machine learning module by, for example, generating positive and negative training examples from an answer to a query.”

Dave’s Notes

It’s interesting that this was filed back in 2013.


Because it deals with semantic elements, graphs, and entities.

A lot of SEO pros back then had no clue what that stuff was as it was rarely talked about.

In fact, to this day a lot of SEO folks don’t really “get” how Google deals with semantics.

Hell, recently I still see them talking about archaic approaches such as LSI.

To say a lot of the organic search profession is well and truly behind when it comes to how search actually works these days.

The core of this patent is discussing how in the past a lot of entity relations and graph data were actually cobbled together manually (Can you imagine?) and they were seeking to more automate this with machine learning.

Again, this is 2013, my friends.

It shouldn’t be a talking point over the last few years… but it has been.

Anyway, let’s look at some points of interest.


“(…) in a data graph, entities, such as people, places, things, concepts, etc., may be stored as nodes and the edges between nodes may indicate the relationship between the nodes. In such a data graph, the nodes “Maryland” and “United States” may be linked by the edges of “in country” and/or “has state.” “

“The knowledge extracted from the text and the data graph is used as input to train a machine learning algorithm to predict tuples for the data graph. The trained machine learning algorithm may produce multiple weighted features for a given relationship, each feature representing an inference about how two entities might be related. “

“Some implementations allow natural language queries to be answered from the data graph. In such implementations, the machine learning module can be trained to map features to queries, and the features being used to provide possible query results. The training may involve using positive examples from search records or from query results obtained from a document-based search engine. The trained machine learning module may produce multiple weighted features, where each feature represents one possible query answer, represented by a path in the data graph. ”

Filed: October 26, 2023

Awarded: November 3, 2023


“Methods, systems, apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage medium, to facilitate identification of additional trigger-terms for a structured information card. In one aspect, the method includes actions of accessing data associated with a template for presenting structured information, wherein the accessed data references (i) a label term and (ii) a value. Other actions may include obtaining a candidate label term, identifying one or more entities that are associated with the label term, identifying one or more of the entities that are associated with the candidate label term, and for each particular entity of the one or more entities that are associated with the candidate label term, associating, with the candidate label term, (i) a label term that is associated with the particular entity, and (ii) the value associated with the label term.”

Dave’s Notes

Nothing really earth-shattering here, but does give us a sense of how information cards, entities, knowledge bases, and structured data can play together.

For me, it’s one more example of how SEO has changed over the years and is far more than what seemingly meets-the-eye with practitioners and publishers in the biz.


“(…) a card trigger-term identification unit is provided that can identify additional trigger-terms for a structured information card. The card trigger-term identification unit allows the grammar of one or more structured information cards to be tuned, over time, by evaluating candidate terms for potential inclusion in the grammar of a structured information card.”

“For example, assume the grammar for a “Movie” structured information card includes the terms “movie time,” “movie ticket confirmation,” and “ticket confirmation number.” The card trigger-term identification unit may analyze the terms associated with the grammar of the “Movie” structured information card and one or candidate queries, and identify an additional trigger-term for the “Movie” structured information card such as the trigger-term “movie ticket.” Accordingly, subsequent queries that are received that include the terms such as “movie time”, “movie ticket,” or both will trigger the display of a “Movie” structured information card in response to such queries.”

That’s about it for this week folks.

As always, never forget the depth of how search engines work and constantly keep pushing the boundaries with your learning and strategies.

See you next week!

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The Google Pixel 6 Is Android Authority’S Pick For Best Phone Of 2023

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Smartphone seasons come and go and there are always a handful of standout devices. Regardless, only one can be crowned the best phone of the year, whether it’s the best Android phone or the best smartphone generally.

In this article, we share Android Authority’s Editor’s Choice winner for the best phone of 2023, alongside those devices that placed in the top five. We’ve now also crowned our Reader’s Choice best phone of 2023 winner and awarded our full list of the best products of 2023.

We review a lot of tech but phones have always been our bread and butter.

We review a lot of tech here at Android Authority but phones have always been our bread and butter. Hundreds of hours go into reviewing, testing, and comparing the best of the best from all segments of the mobile market. Our team of seasoned reviewers and writers know the tech we write about better than anyone. But as the year draws to a close our team crowns our pick for the best phone of the year, based on not just performance but also value for money and other intangibles like long-term support.

First, we create a shortlist based on the most important and well-rated phones we’ve tested throughout the year. Then we ensure our list has devices from all major brands and price points. We include devices sold in the US only as well as globally. Finally, we submit the list to a vote. Our most experienced reviewers assign points based on their picks and the phone with the most points overall wins. Simple.

Android Authority‘s Editor’s Choice phone of the year: Google Pixel 6

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

When the dust settled on voting this year it wasn’t even close. We had a very clear winner on our hands. The Pixel 6 offers a feature set almost as full as its more expensive stablemate but with a price tag that cannot be ignored. The Google Pixel 6 is Android Authority’s Editor’s Choice phone of the year for 2023.

The Pixel 6 has a price tag that cannot be ignored for what it delivers.

At just $599, we called the Pixel 6 one of the easiest-to-recommend phones of the year in our review. Google is finally taking making smartphones seriously and the Pixel 6 is a breath of fresh air. It packs much of the flagship experience of the Pixel 6 Pro but shaves off just the right parts to get the price down. We think the Pixel 6 is the best phone for most people in 2023.

Don’t miss: Pixel 6 series buyer’s guide

Google Pixel 6

The more affordable Pixel

The Google Pixel 6 features a 6.4-inch FHD+ display and runs on the all-new Google Tensor SoC. It has an upgraded camera system, exclusive software features, and offers some of the best hardware Google has ever produced.

See price at Amazon



Reinforcing just how great both Samsung’s and Google’s product lines were this year, we had a tie for third place: the Pixel 6 Pro and Galaxy Z Fold 3. Google’s more expensive phone and Samsung’s fancier foldable both scored highly with our team. Both devices add a telephoto lens that the base model Pixel 6 and Samsung’s other 2023 foldable, the Galaxy Z Flip 3, miss out on.

You certainly can’t say we’re biased against Apple when two iPhones tied for fifth spot. (In case you think our math is off, we consider the Pixel 6 Pro and Z Fold 3 to have taken places three and four). While there wasn’t anything mind-blowing in this year’s iPhones, they iterated well on the already-excellent iPhone 12 series. iPhones have gotten really good in the last couple of years and are great options for a lot of people.

Recap: Check out our 2023 Editor’s Choice winner and 2023 Reader’s Choice winner.

Range Of Iphone 6 Cases From Otterbox In 2023

Apple iPhone users almost always find it a matter of confusion to choose the right case for their beloved smartphone. Despite the fiercely competitive battle to win over the iPhone 6 users, there are some companies that have ensured the prominence & visibility of their cases by offering exciting variety, quality, and value.

OtterBox is one such brand that’s certainly well-known in the iPhone universe. They have a strong history of meeting the safeguarding needs of the different iPhone versions while adding to the fascination and beauty of the device. With the arrival of iPhone 6, OtterBox have once again stepped up their game with the following range of the best, robust iPhone 6 cases.

1. Defender Series

This series of cases from OtterBox is specifically made to safeguard your phone from any unforeseen knocks. The defender series cases offer an all-around 3-layer robust fortification. This is because they are made with innovative engineering, consisting of three durable materials, and an accurate design that helps to secure your device from all sorts of drops, bumps, and shocks.

Each case consists of an integrated transparent membrane that guards the phone’s screen against scratches. The defender case covers the phone’s ports by sealing them, thereby preventing blockages of jacks and inputs due to dust and dirt. It comes with a holster that you can clip to your belt or strap. It also serves as a kickstand.

Check out on Amazon

2. Symmetry Series

The symmetry series of cases are designed to lend your phone protection as well as style. This case has a drop protection build that consists of over molded substances functioning together to absorb and repel shock away from your phone. It provides protection to the touchscreen against scratches with the help of an elevated beveled edge. It perfectly wraps your phone and secures the entire back and sides.

It is a sleek, pocket-friendly case that comes with wraparound colors and graphics for attraction.

Check out on Amazon

3. Commuter Wallet

This is an all in one protective case with a wallet from OtterBox. Made of 2-layer protection, the commuter wallet consists of a self-adhesive screen guard to shield touchscreen from scrapes. The dual layer of the case functions to absorb and avert shock from the phone, hence safeguarding it from bumps and drops. As the name suggests, the commuter wallet case has a front-facing wallet drawer for storing and accessing cards and cash.

Check out on Amazon

4. Commuter Series

The Commuter series of cases are designed particularly for people who travel a lot with their iPhone 6. It can offer unrelenting protection to your phone. This is a dual layer case comprising of a self-adhesive screen guard that is anti-scratch. The 2-layer protection consists of two materials working together to absorb and ward off shocks away from your device.

This case is also dustproof as it covers the ports to stop the dust and dirt from congesting the inputs. Though it is a slim case, it potentially offers a steady fortification by covering the back and sides of the phone accurately. You can easily slide your device in and out of your pockets with the Commuter case installed.

Check out on Amazon

That’s all folks!

Author Profile


The founder of iGeeksBlog, Dhvanesh, is an Apple aficionado, who cannot stand even a slight innuendo about Apple products. He dons the cap of editor-in-chief to make sure that articles match the quality standard before they are published.

Unlock More Facebook Audience Interest Suggestions

Did you know that Facebook Ads Manager only shows you 10% of potential audience suggestions based on your interest keyword searches?

An overview of what we’ll cover:

Let’s dive in!

View Limited Interests on the Ad Set Level

In Facebook Ads Manager, you can search for audiences that you want to target based on their interests. At the ad set level, you would do this under Detailed Targeting.

You can type in any keyword that you think may relate to the interests of your targeted audience.

For example, we can search for fitness and get some recommendations auto-filled for me—but the list is still pretty short. There are only 25 suggestions, which is really not a lot.

Obviously, there are way more Facebook interests that we’d like to target, but they don’t show up in the native user interface that Facebook offers when you’re creating your ad.

Clearly, Facebook knows that these exist and has them in its platform, but it doesn’t show them to you because of the limited interface. However, you can still access these “hidden interests” by using the Facebook API.

I’m going to show you exactly how you can access all the different interests related to your keyword that are hidden in the Facebook platform using its API.

Build a FB Interest Query App with the FB API

It’s possible that you’re not going to see any apps, which is completely normal if you’ve never been here before.

You have a few options for selecting your app type. Because we’re using Ads Manager, the Business app type makes sense here for me.

And with that, you’ve just created an app on Facebook!

Find More Interests with the FB Graph API Explorer

Next, we’ll use our app in the Facebook Graph API Explorer to find interests—way more than we could get through the Ad Set level in Facebook Ads Manager.

To do this, go to Tools → Graph API Explorer in the Facebook App Dashboard.

The Graph API Explorer can exchange information (both send and receive) with the Facebook platform.

You can learn more details about how it works on the Facebook Developers Graph API guide, but the important thing to know is that this interface is your portal to all of the interests data that you could want.

After a quick security check, you should get back a long code called an Access Token. This code is how we’ll access data through our app.

In the Facebook Graph API Explorer, you can make any of three different requests: Get, Post, or Delete.

We’ll only be making a Get request because we’re retrieving data from the Facebook API (and not giving it anything).

If you have access to a Business Manager account, Ads account, or a Facebook page, you can retrieve this data using the API.

For this example, let’s retrieve all interests that could be tied to the keyword “fitness.” In the query field, copy and paste the following code:


With this code, we’re telling the API that the interest is “fitness,” and we’re giving it an absurdly high return limit just to make sure that we get every available result. 

Then on the right, we’ll see all the different interests that could be tied with the keyword “fitness.” Tons more than the 25 results in the Ads Manager interface!

Pull Interest Data from the FB API

The next step is to extract all this data from the Facebook Graph API Explorer so that it can be viewed independently in your browser just as JavaScript.

To do this, you’ll need two things. 

The first is the exact subdomain that Facebook provides to developers to pull information from the API, and the second is a new version of your app Access Token that you can use for an extended period of time. 

So in this example, we’d start with the following (excluding the token, which we’ll grab in a moment):

But wait! Before you hit Enter, remember that you still need to add your token. It’s something that you always need to include when you’re making a Get request.

We shouldn’t add the token we used earlier because it’s a short token. This means that it will expire soon, which would restrict our use of the tool in the future.

In your browser, paste the extended access token at the end of the URL you copied earlier and hit Enter. This should pull up all the information you saw in the Graph API Explorer, but now you can get it as JavaScript in this tab. 

Now, here’s where the magic happens—what you need to do is copy this exact Google Sheet here. 

Why this Sheet instead of just writing up your own? Because we’ve added an extra Google Apps Script function to this sheet that lets you import JSON data.

In other words, this Sheet will grab and organize all the Facebook interests data that you pulled into your browser from the Graph API Explorer.

The script has a bunch of instructions and helpful info, but you’ll find that special function we added in lines 67 and 68. This is the code that will let you import JSON data directly into this Google Sheet.

Since our Facebook interests data is just JavaScript on a web page, it’s easy to import as a JSON file.

On your own copy of the Google Sheet, navigate to the sheet called Creds. In cell A1, you’ll find an equals sign followed by the search query URL with one key difference—we’ve added a variable in the middle that references a cell on Sheet1. You’ll see why this is important in a moment.

For now, just copy and paste your extended access token after &access_token= and before the final quotation mark.

For example, let’s try the keyword food. (Note that you may need to give the sheet a few seconds, especially if there is a lot of data!)

Now we’re accessing the Facebook API with a different keyword.

Let’s see the suggestions for the keyword sport.

Here are the results again.

You can replicate this process with any keyword or even strings of multiple keywords separated by a space.

To use this tool to its fullest potential, it helps to have a brief understanding of how it works.

The Creds sheet has a dynamic function (thanks to the equals sign) that returns data from the URL inside the quotes.

What we’ve added in the URL is something that is a little bit special.

In the middle of the function, we’ve replaced the keyword to query with the variable Sheet1!D2. This variable pulls whatever text is in cell D2 on Sheet1 and uses it as the keyword to query the Facebook API.

Whenever you change the value or keyword in cell D2 of Sheet1, it automatically updates the URL function on the Creds sheet to include that new keyword.

The new URL, which appears in Creds cell A1, comes with a new batch of data. This data is populated on Sheet1 by the function in Sheet1 cell B2, which is =Creds!A1.

Remember the Google Apps Script we mentioned earlier? That script added a new function to our sheet called =ImportJSON. This function imports the JSON data from any URL called by the function.

Sheet1 cell B4 uses that function to call the URL with all our Facebook interests data for the selected keyword.

That’s how we’re able to grab tons of raw data from the Facebook API and import it into Google Sheets, where the data is easier to read and analyze. 

💡 Top Tip: You can do even more analysis with the interests data in this Sheet! Check out our guide on Data Analysis with Google Sheets to learn some of Google Sheets’ built-in functionalities.

FAQ How can I access hidden interests using the Facebook API?

To access hidden interests, you need to create a Facebook app through the Facebook Developer platform. Once you have an app, you can use the Facebook Graph API Explorer to retrieve a comprehensive list of interests related to a keyword.

How do I extract interest data from the Facebook Graph API Explorer?

You need to use the Facebook Graph API Explorer to generate an Access Token for your app. Then, you can make a Get request using the API and retrieve the interest data. To extract the data, you’ll need to follow the instructions mentioned in the blog post.

Why are there only limited suggestions visible in Facebook Ads Manager?

Facebook Ads Manager only shows a small percentage (around 10%) of potential audience interest suggestions based on your keyword searches. It’s a limited interface that doesn’t display all the available interests.


Find interest groups that no one else has seen and build audiences that are even more targeted! Tools that bring you extra data give you a competitive edge as a digital marketer.

Hodlnaut: Earn Consistent Interest Rates On Bitcoin!

2023 was an extremely important year for the world of digital assets and Bitcoin surged towards its new-all time in December 2023. Several other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum also appreciated above $1000, indicating a return of the 2023 bull-run. While 2023 was laden with risk and uncertainty, there was a sense of trust around the current bull-run as the crypto market rallied amidst major economic turmoil across the globe.

Unlike 2023, crypto investors were more inclined towards holding their assets at their moment than cashing out after making a quick profit. HODLing became a common thing among crypto users as people were starting to identify Bitcoin, Ethereum from a perspective of long-term investments.

In line with that sentiment, Hodlnaut offers its customer base to earn attractive interest on their cryptocurrencies by depositing them on the platform and lending them to margin traders.

Hodlnaut is a Singapore-based organization that allows its user base to earn compounding interest on their digital assets on the platform, while its value appreciates in the real-market. As individual investors are continuously looking forward to growing their capital associated with digital assets, hodlnaut caters to such demands at a relative convenience.

The platform is ruled under the Singapore Law, which introduced the Payment Services Act on 28th January, and classified cryptocurrencies as ‘digital payment tokens.’ The organization is currently in a reviewing process for a license under Singapore’s central bank, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

From a security perspective, the platform is established on Amazon Web Services(AWS) cloud infrastructure and it is completely SSL encrypted. For user transactions, the platform also offers and promotes the utilization of two-factor authentication.

How to get started 

The signing up process with Hodlnaut is extremely simple. First, the user needs to create an account and undergo a simple KYC verification process.

The entire registration process takes less than 5 minutes and there are no deposit fees. Once the customer has deposited their asset on the platform, they can start earning interest based on the time period chosen, and it is directly deposited into the account.

Hodlnaut will credit the accrued interest to the user’s account every Monday. By switching to weekly payouts, users will earn more interest from the compounding effect. Previously, the interest is credited to the user’s account at the end of every month.

The platform does not have separate charges other than a small withdrawal fee(0.0005 BTC) to cover network maintenance. 

Hodlnaut Interest Rates on Crypto Assets 

Initially, Hodlnaut was offering interest rates for the deposits of only three cryptocurrency assets which included Bitcoin, USDC, and USDT. However, according to a recent announcement by the platform, they have now added Ethereum and DAI stablecoin as well. 

The current annual interest rates according to the website are listed below:

Bitcoin: 6.2%

DAI: 8.3%

Ethereum: 6.7%

USDC: 8.3%

USDT: 8.3%

It is also important to note that all the deposits on hodlnaut automatically receive the best interest rate, depending on the market demand and previous months’ earnings. 

Now, while the interest rate is an attractive feature, many users might be reluctant to lend their assets, assuming something might go wrong when it comes to taking those assets back. 

In order to dismiss such concerns, Hodlnaut’s risk-management policy states that the platform will only lend their user funds to corporate traders “that have a mandate to borrow less than 1x their Net Asset Value”. In addition to that security, Hodlnaut’s website also states that in an event of loss of funds for its user base, the platform will be covering and paying the users from their equity funds.

As an extra layer of security, Hodlnaut also stores their user funds with BitGo until they have lent them to their margin traders or partners. 

At the moment, Hodlnaut has over $100 million in assets under their management and over 1000+ users earning consistent interest rates on their deposits. 


The services provided by Hodlnaut are extremely valuable for an investor or individual looking to consistently appreciate their value in crypto. Digital assets are a volatile form of asset and many users usually end up selling their assets when the market is facing a bearish period. 

The fact that Hodlnaut allows its clients to end interest on their deposits throughout the year is an added benefit. 

The platform is easy to use, there are no hidden fees and the security standards maintained by the organization are on an industrial level. The downside and drawbacks are minimal when it comes to using the platform, considering the users are always in control of their lending account and their digital assets. 

For more information, please visit their official website. 

72 November Social Media Holidays & Ideas

No surprise, but November is packed with holidays and observances. You’ve got Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday, and so much more to celebrate (hello, World Television Day!). So to help you stuff your social media calendar fuller than your turkey will be stuffed this Thanksgiving, we’re sharing:

Tips for your November social media plan

November social media holidays you can create posts for

More November social media ideas to try

PS: Download our 2023 marketing planning guide packed with social media ideas for every month of the year. 

Tips for your November social media calendar

Before we dive into November social media holidays, here are some general tips and ideas that can help you plan your calendar this month.

Research the right hashtags for your posts

Hashtags can give your social media posts a big boost. In fact, Instagram posts with hashtags get an average of 12% more engagement than those without hashtags. Do a little research to identify the right hashtags to use in your social media posts. You can choose hashtags related to your business, your location, trending topics, or your industry.

Related: Get 335+ hashtag ideas to get started.

Engage with other local businesses on social

Show businesses in your area some love by following their pages and engaging with them this month. This not only shows that you care about and support other local businesses in your community but might also give you some good ideas for your own pages!

Schedule social media posts for the rest of the year

Using these ideas and tips, you can schedule social media posts through November and get started in December so that when the last month of the year hits, you’re not rushing to get posts on your calendar. You can use a free social media scheduling tool like Later, Hootsuite, or Buffer.

Here are more resources you can use to fill your social media calendar:

We made customizable Canva templates you can use with our winter Instagram captions!

November social media holidays with ideas (and examples)

Here are the top November social media holidays to help you fill your calendar—with ideas and examples for each.

National Gratitude Month

With Thanksgiving coming up, people are already starting to think about what they’re thankful for, which makes National Gratitude Month an excellent observance to celebrate on social media. Here are some ways you can incorporate National Gratitude Month into your November social media calendar:

Ask your employees what they’re grateful for and share their quote with a picture or a short video of them answering the question.

Ask your customers what they’re grateful for and put the answers into a word cloud generator you can share on your social media pages.

Create a gratitude wall in your location and promote it on social media. Then share pictures of people adding to the wall along with their answers.

Start a #thankfulthursday series and post something you or your business is grateful for each Thursday.

Run a Facebook contest or Instagram giveaway and have your followers nominate someone they’re grateful for either by tagging the person or sharing their own post featuring the person and tagging your business. Randomly select a winner and post it on your social sites.


Movember and No Shave November

November is also Movember, which is an observance focused on raising awareness for men’s health issues including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and awareness. You may have heard of No Shave November, which is another way people raise awareness for men’s health in November. Here are some ways you can incorporate Movember or No Shave November into your social media calendar:

If your employees are willing to participate in No Shave November, feature pictures of their progress throughout the month. (Then on December 1, you can share a video of them shaving!)

Share facts and stats about men’s health throughout the month—this could be a good fit for healthcare businesses or businesses with primarily male clientele like a barbershop.

Run a best mustache contest on social media. Ask your followers to share a picture of their mustache and tag your business. Choose a winner at random to win a prize.


Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month, also known as American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month. This month is dedicated to educating people about the important contributions made by Native Americans as well as raising awareness about the challenges this group faces. Here are some ideas for highlighting this observance on social media:

Share information about the contributions made by Native Americans. You could share an article from a reputable source or share a trivia question with your audience. For example, have you heard about Native American Code Talkers?

Reshare content from resource groups, organizations, or the Library of Congress in honor of Native American Heritage Month.

Highlight important Native American figures throughout history–or even in your own community.


Healthy Lifestyles Month

Challenge your followers to a month-long health challenge on social media and post about your own journey on your social media pages. This could be a short walking challenge, a challenge to eat more veggies, or a challenge to try a new workout routine. Share resources throughout the month as well.

Share healthy recipes or healthy Thanksgiving recipes to your social media pages.

Share your favorite local walking trails or areas to get out and exercise. Tag the location in your post on Instagram and Facebook.

Ask your followers to share their favorite healthy lifestyle tips or recipes.


Nov 1: National Authors Day

National Authors Day happens on November 1 and is a great social media holiday for businesses. There are a lot of ways to highlight National Authors Day on social media. Here are some ideas:

Share a quote or quotes from your favorite author.

Crowdsource favorite authors or books from your customers and employees and share in a social post or to your blog that you can promote on social media.

Bookstores and libraries: Share pictures of your author displays, favorite books, or people enjoying reading at your location.


Nov 11: Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a federal holiday observed on November 11 to honor military veterans. This is a great day for your business to support those who have served by sharing on social media.

If you offer any military or veterans discounts or are running a promotion for veterans, make sure to share about it on social media.

Share a simple post thanking veterans for their service.

Highlight any employees you have who have served and thank them for their service.


Nov 13: World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day is a day to share and celebrate kindness. This fun November social media holiday also presents a number of ideas you can use to make your customers and followers smile:

Share an image created for World Kindness Day created by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.

Share ideas for how to celebrate World Kindness Day, like smiling at a stranger, sending a nice text to a friend or family member, or paying for a stranger’s coffee.

Randomly choose a few social media followers to win a small gift card or discount as a random act of kindness and share about it on social media.


Nov 15: National Entrepreneurs Day

As a business owner, this day is for you! And not to toot your own horn, but there are some great ways you can celebrate this special November social media holiday:

Share your story on social media. Why did your start your business and how? People love to connect with businesses that have a story, and this is a great day to tell yours!

Shout out your other favorite local entrepreneurs by highlighting their businesses on your social media pages.


Nov 24: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one November social media holiday you can’t miss, and it presents its own set of social media ideas. Here are a few to get you started:

Share a simple post thanking your customers and supporters.

Share a nice image wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Post about your updated hours of operation if you’re closed for Thanksgiving.

Ask your followers to share their favorite Thanksgiving traditions or recipes.

Share a post showing how thankful you are for your employees.

If you’re holding a Thanksgiving event for employees, make sure to share pictures on social media.

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Nov 25: Black Friday

If you’re in retail, you know Black Friday is a big deal, and even if you’re not, you can get in on the action on social media.

Round up the best local Black Friday sales and promotions and share them on your social media pages.

Share funny images or gifs highlighting Black Friday.

Ask your fans and followers what they’re shopping for on Black Friday.

Tease your Black Friday specials on social media.


Nov 26: Small Business Saturday

Use the custom image creator from American Express to create and share social media posts about your involvement in Small Business Saturday.

Promote any deals, promotions, or events you’re holding in honor of Small Business Saturday.

Tease a special promotion code that you’ll announce on social media on Small Business Saturday and then post it that morning for people to use all weekend.

Related: Get more Small Business Saturday marketing and social media ideas here.

Additional social media holidays

Here are some more holidays and observances you can incorporate into your November social media planning:

Gluten-Free Diet Awareness Month

Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month

Nov 2: National Stress Awareness Day

Nov 3: National Sandwich Day

Nov 4: National Candy Day

Nov 5: National Donut Day

Nov 6: National Healthy Eating Day

Nov 8: National Cappuccino Day

Nov 9: World Adoption Day

Nov 14: World Diabetes Day

Nov 15: America Recycles Day

Nov 16: National Fast Food Day

Nov 16: National Day for Tolerance

Nov 17: National Take a Hike Day

Nov 18: World Philosophy Day

Nov 19: International Men’s Day

Nov 20: Family Volunteer Day

Nov 20: International Children’s Day

Nov 20: Transgender Day of Remembrance

Nov 21: World Television Day

Nov 21: Pumpkin Pie Day

Nov 24: National Jukebox Day

Nov 26: National Cake Day

Nov 29: National Greeting Card Day

Nov 28: Cyber Monday

Nov 29: Giving Tuesday


Want a full list of social media holidays for every month of the year? We’ve got you covered!

Even more November social media ideas to try

You don’t have to rely on holidays and observances alone for your November social media. Here are some additional ideas to test this month.

Share your holiday décor

Whether you’ve already decked out your store for the winter holidays or are adding some Thanksgiving flair, you can get your social media audience in the holiday spirit by showing off your location.

Share pictures of your location decorated for the holidays, any November holiday-related store signage you have, and any related items people can grab when they stop by.


Show the lighter side of your business

Social media is meant to be fun, and people like to engage with social posts that make them smile. You can use social media to show the lighter side of your business by sharing something fun or funny or by giving a behind-the-scenes look at your day-to-day.

Showing your lighter side might even include highlighting one of the social media holidays we shared like National Donut Day or National Greeting Card Day.


Get in on Instagram Reels

Videos are the future of Instagram, so if you haven’t jumped on the Instagram Reel bandwagon, now is the time to start! Here are some ideas for an Instagram Reel for your business:

Create a fun video highlighting any promotions or specials you’re running.

Get in on the latest Reel trend and tailor it to your business.

Create a quick Q&A.

Get more ideas for your first Instagram Reel here.


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Be thankful for November social media holidays

A packed holiday calendar means ample opportunity for your social media calendar. By building your social media marketing strategy around November social media holidays and observances, you can engage your audience in a timely way and stay top-of-mind into the busy winter holiday season.

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