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Twitter Shutting Down Tweet to Text Feature Tweet via Text Feature Shut Down by Twitter

Started in 2010, Twitter initiated the SMS feature service because of the internet not being a very big thing those days. Last year, the company has disabled the Compose text feature after the incident of CEO Jack Dorsey’s account hacking. 

We’re aware that @jack was compromised and investigating what happened.

The account is now secure, and there is no indication that Twitter’s systems have been compromised.

On April 27th, Twitter announced that the tweet-to-text-feature has been discarded due to some vulnerabilities that’s been found.

We want to continue to help keep your account safe. We’ve seen vulnerabilities with SMS, so we’ve turned off our Twitter via SMS service, except for a few countries.

Everyone will still have access to important SMS messages needed to log in to and manage their accounts.

— Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) April 27, 2023

The SMS-based delivery system found some vulnerability in the functionality that made the company take the decision of shutting it down once & for all.

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What All of This Means For Users?

The overall incident has made not using tweet via text feature anymore until further instructions. This means that now the users won’t be able to send or compose messages on Twitter by SMS sending service. It’s quite a shock because this was the base company that started in the first place. Additionally, users won’t be able to receive text notifications for the tweets so they will have to go to the profile & check it then & there only.

The company is also asking users to switch themselves from using text service to start getting the app itself.

Please find the app according to your device compatibility & download Twitter app.

Twitter on Google Play Store

Twitter on App Store

Please know that the percentage of users who are used to off-tweet a text feature aren’t that many, however, it’s not about that. The decision is about keeping the user’s account safe & secure without any vulnerability. 

Also, till now Twitter hasn’t given out the list of countries or regions the feature wouldn’t be working anymore. Because, it’s quite evident that the company won’t be disabling the feature all over the world. 

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What’s Your Take on This?

The most important question is that, if Twitter wouldn’t be deactivating Tweet via text feature in a few countries, what is the security layer it’s offering to those regions? Will that security layer be enough to take care of the vulnerability Twitter found with the feature in the first place? 

There are a lot of questions around this decision that are still unanswered & we look forward to getting more details from the company.

So don’t go anywhere & stay tuned to get more updates on this decision from Twitter about disabling tweet via text feature.

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How To Unfreeze Computer Without Shutting Down

In this post, we will show you how you can unfreeze your computer without shutting it down. This situation, when you are working, and the computer suddenly freezes or becomes unresponsive could be very frustrating – especially when you have to force shut down or restart your system which results in the loss of unsaved work. You can’t move the mouse cursor even a pixel to access the desktop, open File Explorer, any app, etc., and shutting down seems the only option. So, the next time you are stuck in such a situation, you can use some simple solutions that may help you unfreeze your Windows 11/10 computer or laptop without any need to shut it down.

How to unfreeze a computer without shutting down

If you want to unfreeze your computer without shutting it down, then try the following suggestions:

Wait for some time

Check the connected devices

Check if the computer is deadlocked

End the non-responding program(s)

Reset your Graphics Drivers.

Let’s see these options.

1] Wait for some time

Before you rush to press the power button when the computer freezes, you should wait for some time. It may look like the computer is deadlocked, but it might actually be too slow to respond or it hangs when some heavy usage program occupies all the available RAM and/or utilizes CPU resources for a short period. So, wait for a few minutes and see. It actually works.

2] Check the connected devices

Sometimes, the problem is with the connected device(s). The computer may freeze when the user connects a USB drive, external hard drive, or some other device (phone, keyboard, or mouse). So, in that case, you need to check the connected devices.

Disconnect the external devices one by one and see if the computer unfreezes. If yes, then it means the connected device is faulty. If it is a USB drive or external hard drive, connect it to some other computer and see if it works. If yes, format the drive or perform an antivirus scan. If the computer becomes unresponsive after you connect your phone using a data cable, then change the data cable.

3] Check if the computer is deadlocked

You should also check if your computer is deadlocked. Press the NumLock key or Caps Lock key and see if the LED light is turned on or not. If it turns on, that means the Windows is working and then you can use the options covered below.

If you don’t see a LED light, then the computer is deadlocked (Windows is not working, the mouse is not working already, and the keyboard is also not responsive). In that case, restarting or shutting down will be the only option.

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4] End the non-responding program(s)

Now, if Windows is working, then there would be some unresponsive program(s) because of which you face this trouble. So, you need to find and end those non-responding programs.

If the computer is not deadlocked and the keyboard can be used, press the Ctrl+Alt+Delete hotkey. Highlight the Task Manager (using the down arrow or Tab key if you can) in the resulting screen, and hit the Enter key. You can also try to open the Task Manager directly using the Ctrl+Shift+Esc hotkey.

5] Reset your Graphics Drivers

Again, this option works only if the computer responds and the keyboard can be used. All you need to do is press the Win+Ctrl+Shift+B hotkey to reset your graphics drivers. Your computer screen may go black one or two times in this process. Now you should be able to use your computer.

That’s all! Hope something will help.

How do you unfreeze a frozen screen?

If the computer freezes, then you should close the unresponsive programs using the task manager (if possible). Or else, you should wait for a few minutes, and then reboot your computer. On the other hand, if the Windows computer freezes or hangs randomly, then you should uninstall crapware, check Startup items and disable unwanted apps, and update your computer to the latest version. You should also disable the Windows indexing service, especially if you have a low-performance system. You might have to perform a system restore if you don’t see any improvement.

What do you do when your computer freezes and Ctrl Alt Del doesn’t work?

If the computer freezes and the Ctrl+Alt+Delete shortcut doesn’t work, then use the Ctrl+Shift+Esc hotkey and see if it works to open the Task Manager. You should also check the connected peripherals and disconnect them. If nothing works, then force restart your system. Press and hold the power button for 5 to 10 seconds and your computer should work as expected after the restart.

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How To Stop Your Windows 10 Computer Shutting Down When Gaming Or Watching Videos.

If you are trying to play games or watch videos on your computer but it keeps shutting down when doing so. This article will guide you through several different steps you can take to fix the issue and get your PC working normally again. 

How to Fix All System Fans & AIO Water Cooler Stopping After Signing into Windows 10. All System Fans & AIO Cooler Stopping Randomly on Windows 10.

Playing games and watching video content are two of the most common reasons you probably fire up your PC. Which is why this issue hits so close to home, causing immense frustration for all those who suffer. Thankfully, if your PC is shutting down when playing games or watching video content, it isn’t automatically a hardware issue, so nestle in as we go through several different things you can do to rule out any software, settings, or driver issues. 

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Update Graphics Drivers to Stop Your Computer Shutting Down When Watching Videos or Playing Games? Scan Your Entire System For Malware and Viruses to Stop Your Computer Shutting Down When Watching Videos or Playing Games?

If you haven’t already done it, make sure you have scanned your entire computer for malware and viruses. I suggest using Windows Defender, Malwarebytes, Avast or AVG. If a scan doesn’t find anything, continue with the steps shown below. 

Double-Check Your Hardware (GPU and CPU) isn’t Overheating. 

If you are seeing temps above your hardware specified safe zones, this is more than likely your issue. Now it’s simply a case of making sure that system fans are working and replacing the thermal paste on your CPU (if you have a desktop PC). If you are running an overclock you should also wind this back. 

Note: Just remember that if you are making hardware changes you need to be aware of your warranty situation. 

Check and/or Replace Your PSU (Power Supply Unit) and/or Ram.

If your GPU and CPU are working fine you’ll want to check your Ram and your PSU. Again as this is a hardware issue you’ll need to consider your warranty so don’t just strip things down. To check Ram, remove all your Ram sticks than insert them one at a time checking after each. If the error appears with a specific stick you’ve found the problem. 

What Is Alt Text And How To Add Alt Text To Images? – Webnots

Alt text is a HTML attribute that displays an alternative text when non-textual elements like images cannot be displayed on the browser. Real human users can see and understand images and text content. But search engine bots can crawl the text content easily but the media content like images are not easy for search engines to crawl and index in the database. In order to overcome this all image elements should have an alternative text associated with it so that search engines can understand more about the meaning of the element.

Use Alt Text in Webpages

There are three main use of adding alternative text to an image element:

To help visually impaired users

Displayed on incompatible browsers

Help search engine bots

For Visually Impaired Users

Generally users with visual problems use screen readers to translate the web page text to speech and listen to the content. Again images will become problem for the screen readers if they don’t have a text content associated with it. When alt text is used with images, screen readers will read this text as normal text content.

For Incompatible Browsers

When the browser cannot display an image due to any incompatible or momentary server issues the alt text attributed to that image will be displayed.

Alt Text in non-compatible Image

For Search Engine Bots

As search crawlers cannot understand images properly, alt text helps them to understand the meaning of an image and index in the database correctly. Search engines have separate crawlers for images and web crawling so that corresponding image or web search results can be effectively served to users. Adding alternative text to images is an essential part of optimizing images for search engines.

Syntax of Using Alt Text Adding Alt Text to an Image

Alt Text for Weebly Image

On self-hosted WordPress platform when you upload an image, there are options to add title, caption, description and alt text.

Adding Alt Text in WordPress

Guidelines for Using Alt Text

Alt text should provide an appropriate meaning of an image to make it meaningful for all the above-mentioned usages. Below are some basic guidelines for webmasters on how to add alt text to images:

Alt text is required only for the meaningful images to be understood by users and search engines. For example, a tick mark image used for a bulleted list in a web page really does not need an alt text as “tick mark”. Similarly decorative images can have caption without alt text.

Provide short, simple and meaningful text for images. Think what if the text to be entered in case the non-textual element cannot be used on that place.

If the images contain words, it is good idea to use the same words as alt text.

Ensure the alt text is inline with the main keywords of the entire article. Using irrelevant text for images will reduce the search ranking since crawlers think there is no relevancy between the images and the content of that page.

Points to Note:

The actual name of an image does not have any impact on SEO and user experience.

Alt text is different than title, caption and description of an image.

WordPress has high-end plugins like Yoast SEO which calculates the SEO score of the page by considering the alt text descriptions of the images on that page. This will help to adjust the alt text and improve the SEO score.

Honor 8 Feature Focus

More HUAWEI Coverage:

HONOR 8 review

HUAWEI P9 feature focus – Camera

As we highlighted in our comprehensive review, the HONOR 8 offers two factors that are often mutually exclusive: a high-end dual camera experience and an affordable price. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly the HONOR 8’s camera is packing with our HONOR 8 camera feature focus!

Technical Details

Before we jump into our image analysis, it’s worth reviewing the technical details of the HONOR 8’s cameras. The primary configuration is composed of two lenses with f/2.2 apertures. Thanks to HONOR’s unique technology, when you go to take a picture, the first lens captures a color image while the second lens captures a monochrome image.

This in itself may seem a bit futile, but when combined with some clever software processing, the HONOR 8 is able to produce better, more vivid 12 MP images with crispier details. This can be primarily attributed to a greater availability of light ― up to three times more than a single lens, according to HONOR.

This dual lens configuration, in addition to the fast aperture and larger 1.25 μm pixel size, are remarkably functional in lower-light conditions as well, which we’ll analyze below.

The cameras are accompanied by a dual-tone LED flash, which helps balance skin tones when using the flash. There’s also a laser module for laser autofocus, which is utilized in synchrony with contrast detection. HONOR says that this improves the HONOR 8’s autofocus speed, which is obviously very important when capturing time sensitive subjects.

Of course, we can’t forget about the 8 MP front-facing camera. It has an f/2.4 aperture, and you can view a couple sample images below.


Although there is an HDR mode which can be manually selected from the modes view, the normal auto mode often provides more than enough dynamic range, making many of the HDR photos virtually indistinguishable from the normal photos.

Taking a closer look at those “normal photos,” you can see just how well the HONOR 8 balances the highlights and shadows. In the left image, this can be seen especially when looking at the properly exposed sky and detailed darker areas. On the right, the sky is just a tad overexposed, but the statue in the center is surprisingly well detailed.

Contrast is quite good across the board, actually, as can be seen in the images above. The HONOR 8 also seems to do well with color saturation; images don’t come out oversaturated like they often do with the Samsung Galaxy S7, but they’re also still fairly punchy.

In low-light conditions, the HONOR 8’s camera offers surprisingly strong performance when compared to other affordable flagships. Granted, images do still appear noticeably noisy in dim conditions.

Colors also appear less punchy and more muted, although there’s still a good amount of contrast overall. Detail can be a mixed bag and primarily depends on how steady you hold the phone when taking the shot. In order to compensate for the lack of light, the HONOR 8 lowers the shutter speed, meaning that the sensor is exposed for a longer period of time.

If you have shaky hands, this can be problematic when trying to capture the details of a low-light scene. Once you minimize camera shake, you’ll get noticeably better results. While the HONOR 8’s camera isn’t as impressive in low-light when compared to phones like the Galaxy S7, it’s important to consider HONOR’s competitive pricing.

#Amazoncart Allows You To Shop From Twitter

Have you been browsing your Twitter feed and find an Amazon product you want to buy but don’t want to lose your place browsing your tweets? You won’t have to worry about that anymore thanks to #AmazonCart.

Just to make it even easier to spend our money, Twitter and Amazon have now entered into some type of partnership. Now when you see an Amazon link in your feed, you can just reply to it and type “#AmazonCart”. This will place it in the cart for you and allow you to keep browsing Twitter.

Of course, you need to link your Amazon and Twitter accounts to have this work properly. If you try to add something to your cart without the two being linked, it will remind you to do so.

Linking your Amazon and Twtter account

However, even after hitting Reply in your Twitter feed and typing “#AmazonCart”, you will still have to go to Amazon at one point to officially buy the item. You have only placed it in your cart and still need to go through all the steps of purchasing such as supplying your payment and shipping information. However, it’s saved in your cart for whenever you decide you want to buy it.

Image Credit: Szk7788

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