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Live tweeting aficionados and tweet storm lovers may welcome Tweetbot’s latest update for iOS, and coming soon to the Mac. The app has introduced ‘Topics’, an intuitive way to link tweets together with an optional hashtag without having to reply to each one of your previous tweets. A very small, but welcome feature for those who find themselves easily surpassing Twitter’s 140-character limit.

Jack Dorsey already confirmed that Twitter isn’t increasing its social network’s character limits past 140 anytime soon, but that hasn’t stopped others from attempting to find ways around these limits. The most widely used method is in creating “tweet storms” where tweets are organized numerically (ex: 2/6 or 2/?). This sets the idea that a tweet may have previous or more incoming tweets related to the same message. Users could take this a step forward by replying to the previously numerically marked tweet, creating a simple to follow stream of all the tweets. Say you load Twitter and see someone tweeting and they’ve appended “6/?” at the end of the tweet, you could easily catch up by moving into your Twitter client’s conversation view and see all the previous tweets “chained” together.

So the title Battlefield 1 is official at least… #Battlefield

— Greg Barbosa (@gregbarbosa) May 6, 2023

An example of tweets linked together using the new Tweetbot Topics feature. It’s indistinguishable from normal tweet chaining methods, and works beautifully alongside Twitter’s own embeds.

The use of tweet storms is contested for a multitude of reasons, but its simplicity and effectiveness within a limited platform can’t be understated. Tweetbot’s 4.3 update today introduces a new methodology making the creation of tweet storms and live-stream tweeting significantly easier. When creating a tweet, or replying to a previous one, users can set a tweet “topic” that Tweetbot will automatically link to the previous tweet and add an optional hashtag. No longer having to numerically catalog each tweet, or even manually replying to a previous tweet, a user could easily continue a slew of tweets all revolving around a single topic.

Personally, I know I’ll be using this feature with the optional hashtag, especially during live keynote streaming events. Tweetbot allows users to not only mute users, but also tweets with specific hashtags. I like to imagine that some of my followers appreciate the live tweets that I do during these big events, but I’d still like to give them the ability to quickly mute these topical tweets if desired. Adding the optional Topic hashtag within Tweetbot when going on these live stream tweet storms should help ease any potential headaches for them.

Topics are all stored in iCloud as well, meaning you can start the tweet storm on your Mac, and then switch over to an iOS device if and when desired. The current Tweetbot for Mac application has yet to receive the Topic support, but a release is expected to hit the Mac App Store soon. Users of Tweetbot 4 on the iPad now also have the ability to hide the extra side column if they so desire. The full release notes for Tweetbot 4.3, with its controversial GIF pronunciation, can be seen below.

What’s New in Version 4.3

This release introduces Topics. A Topic is a way to let you quickly Tweet a group of related Tweets without having to manually reply to yourself and/or manually add the same hashtags over and over again. They are really great for rapid fire live Tweeting events.

You can access Topics by tapping the gear menu in the Compose screen. They are also stored in iCloud, so you can start a topic on your iPhone and easily continue it on your iPad and soon Mac.

Other cool stuff

– Improved support for uploading video to Twitter

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Overhauled Google Earth Experience Launches On The Web, Ios Support Coming Soon

Google today unveiled a brand new Google Earth experience at chúng tôi Being a web app that runs in the Chrome browser, it no longer requires a dedicated (and rarely updated) desktop app. The new experience includes interactive guided tours, Street View, Knowledge Cards, impressive 3D views with virtual postcards and more.

The gorgeously done web app is stunning, really.

“The whole world is now in your browser,” teases Google.

Feature highlights and video tour

“The whole world is now in your browser,” teases Google.

Here’s a quick recap of the features key provided of the new Google Earth:

Discover new places with Knowledge Cards—Flip through cards and learn about local landmarks.

Orbit the world in 3D—Use the new 3D button to tilt the map.

Snap and share a Postcard—Capture snapshots of locations and share them with your friends.

Feeling Lucky?—Roll the dice and see where the world takes you.

Now watch the official promo clip for a video showcase of the new experience.

Aside from beautiful visuals, the new Google Earth is all about discovering new places and piquing your interest in the world around you. For example, you can learn history and facts about a place and see more pictures of it by opening a Knowledge Card. Then, flip through the stack of virtual cards to discover related places.

3D and Street View

Much like the desktop Earth app, its web counterpart supports gorgeous 3D views and street-level photography with Street View. For a web app, it’s pretty remarkable that it lets you fly through landmarks and cities like London, Tokyo and Rome in 3D, then dive in to experience them first hand with Street View.

Postcards See the world from a new point of view with Voyager

A new feature called Voyager brings you relevant stories about famous places and landmarks from the likes of BBC, NASA, Sesame Street and more. Some of the interactive guided tours that help bring the planet to life include the following:

Natural Treasures from BBC Earth—Journey to six habitats, from islands to mountains to jungles, and learn about the unique and thrilling wildlife in each.

Gombe National Park in Tanzania—Hear from Jane Goodall about her team’s chimpanzee research and conservation efforts.

Mexico with Lola—Check out the little monsters featured in Sesame Street’s Girl Muppets Around the World, and learn about modern Mayan cultures.

There are 50+ immersive stories available in Voyager, and more are added weekly.

A good place to start is a special Voyager story, called This is Home.

This section takes you on a journey into traditional homes from cultures around the world. For example, you may be invited to step inside a Peruvian chuclla, a Bedouin tent and a Greenlandic IIoq, and meet the people who live there.

More homes will be added to this section in the coming months.

Feeling lucky?

You can currently experience the new Google Earth on the web through the Google Chrome browser on desktop and Google Chrome for Android. Browsers such as Apple’s Safari are currently unsupported, but Google says that the new Earth experience will be available via other browsers in the near future along with official iOS support.

Of course, you can still access and download the Google Earth 7 desktop app.

If you have Chrome installed on your Mac, go to chúng tôi test-drive the new Earth web app and play with the aforementioned features.

Source: Google

Making The Grade: Apple Configurator 1.0 Set The Groundwork For Modern Ios Management

When the iPad was released in 2010, we were already using iPod touches in the classroom along with the old MacBooks. The entire management process around Apple’s devices was less straightforward. With the iPod touches, we would buy Apple directly from the iTunes store, and then sync them using a case similar to this one. It was slow, cumbersome, and prone to error as I had to often force quit iTunes and restart the process.

Everything changed in 2012 when Apple released Apple Configurator 1.0.

Apple Configurator for OS X Lion makes it easy for anyone to deploy iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in their school or business. Apple Configurator can be used to quickly configure large numbers of iOS devices with the settings, apps and data you specify for your students, employees or customers. You can prepare a set of new iOS devices that are configured only once and then deployed to users. Update devices to the latest version of iOS, install configuration profiles and apps, and enroll them with your organization’s Mobile Device Management solution, then hand them out. Preparing devices is a great deployment option for enterprises and schools where provide iOS devices to employees or students for their day-to-day professional or educational use. You can supervise a set of iOS devices that you want to control and configure on an ongoing basis. Apply a configuration to each device, and then reapply it after each use simply by reconnecting the device back to Apple Configurator. Supervision is an ideal option for loaning iOS devices to customers (for example, hotels, restaurants, and hospitals), sharing devices among students in a classroom or a lab, or deploying devices for dedicated tasks (for example, retail, field service, or medical). You can assign supervised devices to specific users in your organization. Check out a device to a user and restore the user’s backup (including all their data) to that device; then check the device back in and back up the user’s data for later use, possibly on a completely different device. This works well in educational settings where students need to be able to work with the same data and documents over a prolonged period of time, regardless of which device they are given.

As you can see, a lot of the terminology still used by Apple today dates back to the introduction of Apple Configurator 1.0. This app was released with support for Apple’s newly announced Volume Purchase Program to support licensing apps in bulk. The process wasn’t as streamlined as it is now, though.

After getting the apps installed, you could also configure additional options like Wi-Fi password and customize iOS restrictions. Knowing what we have now, it seems like an elementary product, but at the time, it was light years ahead of anything that was accessible to schools. Apple was still building out its MDM APIs, and this app was a free way to manage devices. It brought some new concepts (Supervision) to iPad management that we still use today.

Apple Configurator is now on version 2, and its roughly still the same core app that it has always been. The workflows are a lot different. Personally, I only use it to kickstart some of my deployment stuff, but otherwise, I use Jamf for everything iPad management wise.

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How To Follow And Unfollow Topics On Twitter From Iphone And Ipad

Twitter caters to a huge audience. You can follow people from different walks of life and know what they’re up to. However, it gets difficult to track down every person tweeting on a certain genre, or maybe you don’t want to follow many users but just certain topics. For the same reason, Twitter introduced “Topics” back in 2023.

But how to use this feature to your benefit? In this article, I will guide you on how to follow and even unfollow Topics on Twitter using iPhone or iPad. Let’s get started!

There are four methods to follow Topics on Twitter. We have listed all the methods, and you can decide which suits the best to your needs.

How to follow Topics on Twitter from iPhone or iPad

1. From your Home timeline

When browsing through your Twitter Home timeline, you might encounter topics aligning with your interests. In such a case, simply tap the Follow button next to the topic’s name.

2. From the ‘For You’ tab

Tap the Search icon (second icon) next to your Home Screen.

Select the For you tab and scroll down.

Note: There is a possibility that Twitter might have no recommendations for you here.

3. From the ‘Topics’ Tab

Tap your Profile Picture and select Topics.

Now, head to Suggested.

4. Follow Topics from other users’ profile

Visit other users’ profiles.

Tap the three dots (…) at the top right.

Hence, if you followed something by mistake and wish to unfollow, read on!

💡 Tip: It is also annoying when you tweet something, and people worldwide keep coming at you. If you are tired of people trolling in your replies tweet section, learn how to make your Twitter account private.

There are multiple ways to unfollow all recommendations on Twitter! Here’s how.

How to unfollow Topics on Twitter from iPhone or iPad

1. From Twitter Home

When browsing through your Twitter Home timeline, you might come across tweets under the Topics you’ve followed or Twitter recommending these topics.

Tap the Topic name → Following.

2. From the Topics option

Open Twitter.

Tap your Profile Picture.

Select Topics.

Unfortunately, you can’t unfollow all topics in one go. So, you’ll have to repeat steps for every topic you wish to unfollow in the list.

Moreover, if you come across topic suggestions in your feed and don’t want those recommendations either, tap See More → Stop Recommending.

You will no longer see this topic in your feed. Follow the same every time you see Recommended Topics in your feed.

However, this only turns off recommendations for topics based on your likes or categories. You’ll still see notifications for interest-based recommendations. To disable those, read along.

Bonus: Get rid of “Recommended for you” notifications

The below method works on both: the mobile app and web browser. However, ignore the first step for web browsers.

Tap your Profile Picture.

Select Settings and Privacy.

Tap Push Notifications.

Next, scroll down to the From Twitter section.

That’s it!

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Twitter Shutting Down Tweet To Text Feature

Twitter Shutting Down Tweet to Text Feature Tweet via Text Feature Shut Down by Twitter

Started in 2010, Twitter initiated the SMS feature service because of the internet not being a very big thing those days. Last year, the company has disabled the Compose text feature after the incident of CEO Jack Dorsey’s account hacking. 

We’re aware that @jack was compromised and investigating what happened.

The account is now secure, and there is no indication that Twitter’s systems have been compromised.

On April 27th, Twitter announced that the tweet-to-text-feature has been discarded due to some vulnerabilities that’s been found.

We want to continue to help keep your account safe. We’ve seen vulnerabilities with SMS, so we’ve turned off our Twitter via SMS service, except for a few countries.

Everyone will still have access to important SMS messages needed to log in to and manage their accounts.

— Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) April 27, 2023

The SMS-based delivery system found some vulnerability in the functionality that made the company take the decision of shutting it down once & for all.

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What All of This Means For Users?

The overall incident has made not using tweet via text feature anymore until further instructions. This means that now the users won’t be able to send or compose messages on Twitter by SMS sending service. It’s quite a shock because this was the base company that started in the first place. Additionally, users won’t be able to receive text notifications for the tweets so they will have to go to the profile & check it then & there only.

The company is also asking users to switch themselves from using text service to start getting the app itself.

Please find the app according to your device compatibility & download Twitter app.

Twitter on Google Play Store

Twitter on App Store

Please know that the percentage of users who are used to off-tweet a text feature aren’t that many, however, it’s not about that. The decision is about keeping the user’s account safe & secure without any vulnerability. 

Also, till now Twitter hasn’t given out the list of countries or regions the feature wouldn’t be working anymore. Because, it’s quite evident that the company won’t be disabling the feature all over the world. 

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What’s Your Take on This?

The most important question is that, if Twitter wouldn’t be deactivating Tweet via text feature in a few countries, what is the security layer it’s offering to those regions? Will that security layer be enough to take care of the vulnerability Twitter found with the feature in the first place? 

There are a lot of questions around this decision that are still unanswered & we look forward to getting more details from the company.

So don’t go anywhere & stay tuned to get more updates on this decision from Twitter about disabling tweet via text feature.

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Ios (Old School): A Retro Ios 14 Icon Set Review

Changing iOS 14 Home Screen app icons has been in trend for the past few months. There is no denying that once you spend thirty minutes or so, the result is worth the patience. While there are multiple app icon designs, in this review, let us go back to the 80s – the old Apple era.

The app icons in question by Ben Vessey, a freelance designer with an obsession for simplicity, are inspired by Mac OS from 1984. According to him,

Each bespoke icon has been lovingly handcrafted using old school techniques – Steve Jobs would be proud!

But would he be proud? Let us see if these are worthy of adoring your iPhone Home Screen!

Highlights of the Old School app icon set

These iOS app icons derive their inspiration from Apple computers’ typography of the 1980s. This ensures that your modern iPhone operating system meets the old Mac aesthetics, and you get a beautiful fusion. If you are looking to go retro, this is one of the finest app icon sets.

The pixelated black and white app icons are a happy deviation from the standard colorful ones we have on our iPhones since inception. If you like a clean look that is not flashy, the Old School icon set will fit your taste.

You get over a hundred app icons. These include almost all popular in-built (App Store, Music, Camera, etc.) and third-party apps you may have installed on your iPhone like Amazon, Airbnb, Disney+, eBay, Facebook, Gmail, Hulu, Teams, Netflix, and many more!

You might have these frequently used apps on the first or second Home Screen. These retro icons will change the appearance and make things interesting. Now that you know the primary details, let me tell you what you get and how to use them.

What do you get?

After you purchase this icon set, you get the following:

After purchasing, all you have to do is have those app icons (.png images) in the iPhone Photos app and follow the steps below.

How to use these app icons on iPhone

It is effortless to use these app icons to create a beautiful iOS Home Screen. Once you get the hang, for each app, it takes few seconds.

We have a complete guide that explains with screenshots how to change app icons on iPhone. But here is a quick recap.

Repeat the above steps for all apps you like. The above steps may look a lot. But once you follow them the first time, you will realize that it is a quick process. Though, overall (for say, 20 apps), it may take a few minutes.

Once you have the new app icons, take a minute to use one of the six provided wallpapers or use one that you like to achieve the perfect look. You may also play with iOS 14 Home Screen widgets to make your iPhone one of a kind!

Would Old School make Steve Jobs proud? Our verdict

A resounding yes! Minimalist was what Steve Jobs always aspired for, and Old School boasts a clean, minimalistic look that is appealing and easy on the eyes.

However, design is a personal choice. What I like, you may not fancy much, and what you adore may be ok for me. But I found them exciting. Although I would not use these forever, given the low price, I would undoubtedly invest and use them for a few months.

Price: £3.99 or approx $5.5


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