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A woman welcame me and asked me what I wanted. As usual, I was pretty clear that all I wanted was a good data plan for my iPhone as well as a few minutes of communication so we can call hotels, etc, in the country.

For about $8, I got a SIM card, 100,000 Dongs of talk time and an extra 50,000 Dongs of bonus time. To activate the data plan, she took my iPhone and sent “3G on” as a text message to the number 161. I immediately got a text message back saying that 3G was activated. Very good.

Now what I wanted to know was the cost of 3G. She was unable to tell me and after calling her own customer support, she came back to me saying they didn’t know but that I shouldn’t worry too much about that because 3G is very cheap in Vietnam. Ok, not really the answer I expected but there was nothing I could do.

On my way to the hotel, I tried to call Viettel customer service myself, only to be turned down several times in Vietnamese. Since my taxi driver spoke English, I asked him to tell them I wanted to know the cost of 3G and if there was any monthly plan I could sign up for. They didn’t know. Hmm, I started wondering if they knew anything at all. Anyways.

A big thank you to Thy for telling me about custom APN for Viettel and VinaPhone. Without him, I would have probably been incapable of tethering my iPhone while in Vietnam.

Those of you interested in downloading the custom APN settings to tether your iPhone in Vietnam on Viettel or VinaPhone should go to chúng tôi The site is very slow and all in Vietnamese but it clearly says “Internet Tethering” at the top. Then you just need to select your carrier and install the custom APN, then reboot (don’t forget to reboot).

While I can’t say I’m impressed in any way by Vietnam (no offense to my Vietnamese friends but many bad things happened to me there), I have to admit that their network seriously kicks ass! It is my far the best network I’ve seen so far in my travels. That’s mostly due to the fact that their network is so new that they pretty much have the latest and best technology available.

The only time I didn’t have signal was when I was 30 feet underground visiting the tunnels of Cu Chi. At all time I had coverage, with at least Edge and in most cases 3G. 3G is burning fast too, which was really handy when looking for hospitals… but that’s another story…

I had to recharge my SIM with 150,000 Dongs, which is about $8 and this last me forever. Definitely the best and cheapest data plan I had been on.

As a side note, it is very easy to find free Internet everywhere in Vietnam. 90% of hotels, bars or restaurants have free wifi available (not even password protected). Vietnam is the most “Internet friendly” country I have ever visited (except for the censorship of chúng tôi in North Vietnam).

I’m now back in Thailand and I am typing this post from the airport, tethering my iPhone thanks to the great (but slow) DTAC network. The network is not as good here as it is in Vietnam but I don’t mind it if I can get my health back. We’ll be in Thailand for about 3-4 weeks, then heading to Kuala Lumpur to catch a flight to Paris.

If you’re traveling with an iPhone in Vietnam, I hope this article will help you figure things out, especially for tethering your iPhone.

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Tips About Traveling Internationally With Your Iphone

This morning I received an email from one of our readers, asking me how the iPhone works when traveling internationally.

If I travel to Costa Rica can I use my iPhone there? Do I have to get a special SIM card – or is it like when you go to Europe and it just “works” without doing anything? Also, is it free to e-mail pics using Wi-fi if I am connected there? Gracias!

You don’t need a special SIM card to use your iPhone outside of the US. Straight off the plane, your iPhone will work anywhere there is coverage, since AT&T has partnerships with carriers in pretty much every country. Your iPhone will automatically pick up the local carrier and you will be able to receive/make calls, and send text messages. Same for data (Edge or 3G). It will work as well without you having to do anything, assuming that you have Edge or 3G service where you are.

The Costs Of Phone Calls And Text Messages Outside The US

Now be really careful because making calls from outside the US is very expensive. Even more expensive is the use of the data for Internet connection. Depending on where you are in the world, a one minute phone call can cost you between $1 and $5. Text messages are a little more affordable and it will only cost you $0.50 to send a text message. Received text messages are deducted from your monthly domestic data plan.

AT&T has a nice little tool that lets you see how much it will cost you to make calls depending on what countries you’re visiting. I suggest you have a look at it.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find pricing about international data roaming but I know for sure it is very expensive…

What To Do To Avoid Being Charged Extra

To make sure you don’t go over budget, you have several options:

First thing you can do is to put your iPhone in airplane mode. This is not the recommended option as it will pretty much turn your iPhone into an iPod Touch. You will not be able to make/receive calls and you will have no access to the internet whatsoever. This is a solution recommended for people who are paranoid about their iPhone usage abroad and want to make sure they will not spend a dime on extra charges.

If you don’t want to make calls from abroad and you just want to check your emails and update your Facebook status from time to time, the best thing to do is to look for wifi. Most hotels and airports offer wireless Internet and using your iPhone over wifi won’t cost you anything at all. If you have Skype or Fring installed on your iPhone, then use those apps over wifi to make international calls. This is clearly the best way to make cheap calls from abroad.

AT&T International Data And Voice Packages

I think we took everything into consideration. If in doubt, please call AT&T to talk to a rep and have a clear idea of what you’re getting into when using your iPhone abroad.

How To Track A Lost Or Stolen Iphone Or Ipad With Find My Iphone

This tutorial will show you how you can track your lost or stolen iPhone or iPad using Apple’s Find My service, play an alarm-like sound on it, see how far the lost device is, and get directions to it to hopefully recover your missing device.

In a previous post, we had a look at the first step in securing your iPhone or iPad by enabling Find My iPhone, a feature that lets you track, lock, and even remotely wipe the device in case it has been lost or stolen. Now that you have the feature turned on, we’re going to show you how to use Find My to track an iPhone or iPad that has been lost, stolen, or misplaced.

Tracking an iOS device with Find My iPhone requires that you either have the Find My app installed on another device (it could be your iPad, another iPhone, Mac, or someone else’s iPhone or iPad) or that you use Find My directly from chúng tôi Both methods work equally well, and the steps to track a device are pretty much identical regardless of what you use.

How to track an iPhone or iPad with Find My

1) Open Apple’s Find My app on your other iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac.

Tip: The app doesn’t have to be installed on your own device. For example, you could use a friend’s iPhone or iPad to track your lost iPhone or iPad. As mentioned above, you can also log in to chúng tôi from any computer and use Find My there.

You may not be asked to log in to the Find My app on your devices. But if you’re using your family member’s or friend’s iPhone, make sure to log in using your Apple ID that’s on your lost device.

2) Tap Devices in the Find My app, and it will display a split screen with a map at the top and a list of devices that are linked to your Apple ID at the bottom. Tap the device that has been lost or stolen to locate it. I’m selecting my iPad.

You will see the current location of the device under your iPhone or iPad’s name.

3) Play a sound on a lost device: Once located, tap Play Sound. This is great if you lost your phone around the house and it is on mute. Even if the device is on mute, it will play a sound so you can locate it if it’s nearby. If the device is stolen, playing the sound may deter the petty thief.

4) Get directions to a lost device: If your device is not nearby, you can get directions to its location. The Directions tile shows how far your lost iPhone is and how much time it will take you to get there. Once you tap the Directions button, it will open Apple Maps and give you driving directions to the device. Tap GO to start the navigation.

Note that if you believe your device was stolen (not just lost), we highly recommend putting it in Lost Mode.

Related tips:

Using the Find My app offers a handy way to get directions to the misplaced device. However, if you don’t have another iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, nor can you get one from a friend or family member, you can open chúng tôi in a computer web browser to know the whereabouts of your lost device.

1) Go to chúng tôi in a web browser on your computer and log in using your Apple ID. It should be the one that’s on your lost iPhone or iPad.

Youtube Improves Mobile Experience With 5 Updates

YouTube is improving the mobile viewing experience for users with the rollout of five new updates.

The updates to YouTube on mobile are designed around making better use of existing features and introducing a few new ones.

Updates include:

Better use of video chapters

A more streamlined player page

New gestures

Suggested actions

Bedtime reminders

“With a global community of two billion people on YouTube, we’re always looking for ways to make it easier to watch and interact with your favorite videos.

Check out some of our favorite tips and tricks to get the most out of YouTube, including new updates you can try out starting today.”

Here’s more about the updates that are now available to all users.

Video Chapters

In the new chapter list view users can see a complete list of all chapters in the video they’re currently watching.

Each chapter will have its own thumbnail previewing what’s included in it.

This is a welcome expansion to YouTube video chapters, which is a relatively new feature that was just introduced this past May.

Previously, chapters were only displayed in plain text in a video’s description section.

Now YouTube is taking the information about chapters from the description section and creating a more engaging way to interact with videos.

All creators can utilize YouTube video chapters simply by manually writing timestamps in the description section.

In order to make sure the feature works as shown, include at least three chapters per video with the first one starting at “0:00”.

Also make sure each chapter is at least 10 seconds in length.

Here’s an example of how a three-step how-to video might look when broken down into chapters:

10:15 – Conclusion

It’s worth noting that Google will also display video chapters in a similar fashion when surfacing YouTube videos in search results.

Changes to the YouTube Player

YouTube is streamlining the player page with a few key changes:

Closed Captions button moved to the top

Autoplay toggle switch moved to the top

Small improvements like rearranged buttons

More Gestures

YouTube is making it easier to enter and exit full screen mode. Now users can swipe up to enter full screen mode and swipe down to exit.

And users can quickly toggle between displaying elapsed time and time remaining in a video by tapping the timestamp.

Suggested Actions

YouTube is starting to roll out suggested actions, which prompt users to rotate their phones or play a video in VR.

These suggestions will only be displayed when YouTube thinks it will improve the experience.

This feature will be further expanded on in the future.

Bedtime Reminders

A new digital wellbeing tool will let users set reminders at specific times to stop watching videos and go to bed.

These features are available now on YouTube on mobile.

Source: YouTube Official Blog

Track Lost Iphone By Using Find My App

Track lost iPhone By Using Find My app

In this blog, we will see how to use find my app to locate a lost iPhone and recover it.

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How to Setup Find My iPhone:-

Open Settings

Tap on your name on the top

Make sure that Find My iPhone is toggled on. If it is not on, then turn it on

Note:- iOS 15 and later have the option of Find My network that enables users to find their phone even when the iPhone is offline

How to Share My Location with others:-

Tap on Share My Location.

Enable Share My Location if not enabled.

Now individually share the location with the people added in the Apple family.

When you see “Stop Sharing My Location” then it means that the location has been shared.

How to Share My Location With Contacts On iPhone:-

Apart from sharing the location with contacts of Apple Family, you can also share the location with contacts on your iPhone.

Open Find My App

Select People and tap on + sign

Tap on Share My Location and choose the contact you want to share location with or directly enter the number of contacts.

Note:- This location will be shared with only those contacts who operate iPhone.

To stop sharing the location, open Find My app and disable Share My Location.

If you want to stop sharing location with a particular person, then tap on the People tab in Find My app. Now choose the contact and tap on Stop Sharing My Location.

How To Track A Lost iPhone:-

If you have lost your iPhone and the Find My is activated then you can locate your phone very easily by operating Find My app on another Apple device like Mac, iPad.

Open Find My app

Tap on Devices. Now find the missing device and tap on it.

Once you tap on a missing device, you get options like turn off, lock the device, turn directions to the location, play a sound, add a message to a lost device, erase all the data.

Note:- If you do not have another device, then visit here and enter your Apple ID to locate lost device.

How to track lost iPhone by using someone else’s iPhone:-

If you do not have an alternate Apple device and website is not working due to some technical error, then you can locate the lost iPhone from the iPhone of your friend or a family member.

Open Find My app on another iPhone

Tap on me

Tap on Help a Friend

Follow the on-screen directions and track your lost device by tapping on either option from Play sound, Lost Mode, Activate low power mode, Erase iPhone.

How to trace an iPhone that is Offline:-

This is a wonderful feature to trace a lost iPhone but it is only available in iPhone 11 and later models with iOS 15 and later updates installed on the phone.

Steps to trace iPhone offline mode:-

Open Settings

Tap on your name on the top

Toggle on Find My network and Send Last Location.

Send Last Location will send you an email on the registered Apple ID when your iPhone’s battery is about to die.

After you toggle on these options, then you will be able to trace an iPhone that is offline from the methods suggested above that by Find My app and by browsing here.

Benefits of Activating Lost Mode:-

 In the blog, we have discussed how to activate Lost Mode. Now we will see what are the various benefits of activating Lost Mode.

You will get a confirmation email on your registered Apple ID about the changes you have made of activating lost mode.

When you will activate lost mode a custom message will be displayed on the screen of iPhone or iPad

When the lost mode is activated on iPhone then the phone will only e receive phone calls on FaceTime call and no other notification will be delivered.

Apple Pay will be disabled once the lost mode is activated so that nobody can misuse your account.

As soon as lost mode is activated the location of the lost device will be available on the iCloud map, Find My app on your alternate Apple device.

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In this blog, we have learnt how to activate and use find my app in case you misplace your iPhone. Find my app tells you the location of the iPhone and also gives you the option like ok play sound lost mode activate low power mode erase iPhone etc.

We have also learnt how to locate an iPhone that is offline and secure the data.

Activate the above mentioned features on your iPhone so that you can locate the iPhone if it is missing.

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Fix: Share My Location Not Working On Iphone

Fix: Share My Location Not Working on iPhone

So, before we go to the solutions/fixes to the problem, let us see the reasons causing this error.

Reasons Causing Share My Location Not Working On iPhone

A shared location may not function correctly on your device for several reasons. I’ve included a few typical causes here that you should be aware of.

You have the incorrect Date & Time on your iPhone.

You are using outdated Maps.

Maybe “Share My Location” is disabled.

Internet connection problem.

Not signed in with your Apple Id.

Location Services are off.

So, these are some common reasons you are facing this share my location on iPhone not working error. And with these out of the way, let’s jump on the possible fixes for this error.

How To Fix iPhone Share My Location Not Working

Follow these fixes step-by-step to get rid of the problem.

Fix 1: Enable The Location Services

Open “Settings” on your iPhone.

Now scroll down until you see the “Privacy” option and tap on it.

Under privacy settings, look for and tap on “Location Services.”

Look for the “Toggle” switch in front of the location services. Enable it by just tapping on it if it is disabled.

Fix 2: Ensure That Share My Location Is Enable

Open “Settings” on your iPhone.

Tap on your “Apple Id” from the top.

Tap on Find My.

Now look for “Share My Location” and tap on it.

Hit the toggle button in the right front of “Share My Location” to turn it on.

Fix 3: Change Content & Privacy Restrictions On Your iPhone.

Modifying certain Content & Privacy Restrictions is the next solution for the issue with iPhone Share Location not working. The steps listed below will help you determine what needs to change:

Open “Settings” on your iPhone.

Look for and tap the “Screen Time” option on the settings page.

You will need our Apple ID credentials and a 4-digit pin to open the screen time option.

On the screen time page, scroll down and tap on the “Content & Privacy Restrictions” option.

On the “Content & Privacy Restrictions” page, tap on Location Services to allow under the Privacy section.

Now enter your passcode to confirm.

After that, tap Share My Location and turn it on by hitting the toggle button.

Fix 4: Restart Your iPhone.

You may quickly fix any temporary issues and have a fully functional device by restarting it. So to restart your iPhone, follow the steps below:

Hold down the power button for a few seconds.

Select Restart Device by tapping it.

You can fix the iPhone share location not working error by restarting your phone.

Fix 5: Update Your Device

Last but not least, updating the iPhone OS is another straightforward method you can try to resolve the share my location not working problem. To do so, follow the steps below:

Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone.

Scroll down a bit and choose “General.”

On the general settings page, look and tap on “Software Update.”

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