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SEOs are a unique breed. The wheels are always turning – trying to come up with the best way to optimize things most of us take for granted. Unlike most of us, every SEO is essentially working around the clock. They’re passionate, devoted, creative, a tad bit on the geeky side and tend to be difficult to shop for.

You could always give a SEO something that would help their profession, such as content writers, web design, ad space, or seminar passes. You could even wrap up the latest gadget, espresso machine, motivational book, or shiny new office chair. But what’s the fun in that? Why not help your favorite SEO relive their childhood with these classic toys from yesteryear? They could definitely use the lightheartedness and trip down memory lane. Besides, what respected geek doesn’t appreciate owning a piece of their childhood?

Chia Pet


Chia Pet? Really? Yeah. We’re serious. See, SEOs like to watch something grow organically over time – plus they could use a little bit of nature in that office of theirs – which makes the Chia Pet a great gift. Not to mention, there are so many versions available, you can find a Chia Pet that is appealing to anyone. For example, if your particular SEO is a huge Simpsons fan, you would obviously get them a Chia Homer.

Rubik’s Cube


It’s been said that Ernő Rubik intended his Rubik’s Cube to solve the structural problem of moving the parts independently without the entire mechanism falling apart. Instead, he created a combination puzzle. Just like restoring a Rubik’s Cube, SEOs are always scrambling trying to solve a complicated puzzle with only a few options.

Bozo the Clown Bop Bag


We all need to relieve stress, especially SEOs. And, what better way to relieve stress than by punching a clown in the face?

GI Joe


Just like these iconic ‘real American Heroes’, SEOs must do battle in land, sea, and air – if you want an elite site. Most importantly, however, GI Joe left us all with one vital piece of information: Now you know, and knowing is half the battle. For SEOs, truer words have never been spoken. Yo Joe!

Magic 8 Ball




We’re sure that most of you are old enough to remember the Furby frenzy during the holiday season of 1998. Everyone wanted one of those odd animal-looking robots that spoke “Furbish”. What made this robot so appealing? Probably because it had a unique look and children had to teach the toy how to speak English, or whatever language they spoke. Just like the process of teaching a Furby a real language over time, SEO’s embark on the process of taking an idea, product and/or business model and gradually convert into a site that we can all understand – what your business is offering. If not, customers will only see  a site full of”Furbish”.

Barrel of Monkeys


The directions for this game are simple. “Dump monkeys onto table. Pick up one monkey by an arm. Hook other arm through a second monkey’s arm. Continue making a chain. Your turn is over when a monkey is dropped.” Just like successfully linking the pieces in this game, SEOs have to link together several factors (content, responsive design, media, localization) to make a site successful.



A yo-yo is one of the simplest toys to enjoy. Almost anyone can make it go up and down. The reason that it’s survived since Ancient Greece is because of all the tricks that people can figure out. Just like playing with a yo-yo, anyone can purchase a domain name and launch a website. But, would anyone visit? That’s when a SEO comes in and dazzles everyone with some of their famous “tricks”: mainly unique, interesting content in a great layout.



Video games have come a long way since Pong. While there are different platforms and genres for video games, there’s something refreshing about the simplicity and basic game-play of Pong. The same can be said for SEO. While there are apps, gadgets and all sorts of social media platforms to assist in the ever-changing world of online marketing, there remain a basic set of examples that every SEO should remember.

Hoppity Hop


Being a busy SEO doesn’t leave a whole lot of exercise, so why not get them a present where they can get some blood flowing while in the office? They can probably even use a hoppity hop (aka space hooper, moon hopper, skippyball, kangaroo ball, bouncer), or a yoga/exercise ball, as a new office chair. They say it’s better for your back, along with some other benefits.

Erector Set


Besides being a whole lot of fun, picking up an Erector set – or even Legos – would mean a whole lot to a SEO. Why’s that? Just like a kid with construction toys and a big imagination, SEOs like to build things from scratch.

Easy-Bake Oven


Who can forget this favorite childhood toy? After-all, it was a toy that actually made cookies and other treats that you could bake yourself. How awesome was that for kids? Just like an Easy Bake Oven took various ingredients to create something edible as a child, your SEO combines numerous tasks to make a functional and awesome website for your career to rise.

Star Trek: U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701


Inspired by electric stove coils, series art director Matt Jefferies’ design first appeared in the Star Trek pilot episode “The Cage” in 1965. Despite having some alterations throughout the years, the U.S.S. Enterprise remains one of the most recognizable vehicles in pop culture history. You can find replicas of this iconic spaceship on Amazon. Or, you can search for vintage Star Trek toys on eBay if you really want to go old school. Regardless, your SEO will definitely enjoy the gift of the Enterprise. Just like it did with Captain James T. Kirk and company, an SEO will boldly take your online business “Where no man has gone before”.

Vintage Star Wars Figures

Brian’s Toys

When Star Wars was released in 1977, it changed everything. Whether it was how it inspired how movies were made, how it sparked a new kind of fandom to how toys would be released from then on,pop culture would never be the same. The original Kenner Star Wars figures made smaller augmented figures the norm and proved that even a child’s toy could become a collectible in-demand item that adults would pay hundreds of dollars for. Much like Star Wars, SEO changed how the world conducts business. Focusing on an internet presence that is international, as opposed the local shops found in every small town. Besides, we could always use the force to guide us through a galaxy far, far away.

What was your favorite toy as a child? And, can you apply it to the world of SEO? We’d love to hear all about it. And, most importantly, Happy Holidays!

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Zac’s Holiday Gift Guide – The Best Gadgets And Accessories For Apple Lovers

13″ MacBook Pro with Retina display

Apple’s MacBook line ranges in size from 11″ to 15″ and offers Retina and non-Retina displays as well as significant weight and thickness differences, but the 13″ MacBook Pro with Retina display seems to best represent the lineup. It starts at $1299 compared to its 15″ alternative at $1999 and still offers the super high-resolution display which remains absent from the MacBook Air models…

Weight-wise its a good citizen as well. The non-Retina MacBook Pro is a hefty 4.5 lbs while the 13″ MacBook Pro weighs just 3.46 lbs. The MacBook Air is still the lightest at 2.96 lbs, but for something which you use primarily on a surface, I recommend the eye candy of the Retina display over the appeal of the half-pound weight difference.

Of course edge cases will exist that make one alternative better than another, but for now I believe the 13″ MacBook Pro with Retina display serves the masses exceptionally well.


MagSafe adapter

There are few things less exciting then spending $80 on a spare or replacement MagSafe charger for your MacBook, but it’s almost guaranteed to make for an appreciated gift.

I’ve lost a couple this year due to hungry cats, and from my experience they typically don’t last as long as the MacBook it charges, so having one for home and one for the backpack can be really convenient and safe.

These come in a few variants so I’ll try to offer a few tips for buying the right one. MacBook Air models use the smaller 45 watt adapter, while Retina display MacBooks rely on 85 watts to be powered properly. The non-Retina 13″ MacBook Pro works off the 65 watt adapter. (MagSafe 2, which is a thinner, wider adapter, shipped in 2012 and is probably what you need unless your MacBook is older than that.)

[$79, currently on sale]

Backup drive

Talk about the least sexy gift idea… I know… but hear me out: It’s seriously important to back up your data. It’s one of the most sinking feelings to have when something happens and your iPhoto library is zapped. It’s even less fun trying to find out what your options are to recover lost files. In most cases, you’re options are slim, expensive, or really inconvenient.

OS X has an intelligent backup system called Time Machine included; all you need is a spare hard drive big enough for your files and some repetition. Not only does it mirror your file system, it intelligently remembers versions and time stamps each snapshot so it’s really easy to jump back in time and recover a file.

Alternative solutions like Dropbox and Backblaze exist, but such services should be approached as complimentary to regular local storage backups. You can pick up a 1TB external hard drive for a reasonable price; the one I have listed has a very attractive price tag today.

[$119, on sale $69]

Lightning cables

Just like the MagSafe adapter, Lightning cables make for one appreciated gift. You can almost never have too many, and they’re relatively inexpensive. Lightning cables charge and sync iPhone 5’s and new, iPad 4’s and newer, iPod touch 5th-gen’s, and iPad minis.

Apple’s Lightning cables run $19, but you can find them on sale for $17.99 on Amazon for now.

Amazon also sells certified Lightning cables (meaning iOS 7 won’t warn you that they’re dangerous every time you plug up), and they’re always cheaper at $13.99, but the connection that plugs into your device is a bit wider than Apple’s cable so it may not be compatible with certain cases.

On the other hand, Amazon does offer a 6 foot version of its Lightning cable for $14.99 (standard length is typically half that) which is perfect for use with an iPad especially (think gaming or reading in bed).

You can pick up an Amazon-branded Lightning cable for $12.99, but those are only 4 inches and typically not practical in most uses.

Amazon’s Lightning cables also come in color choices of black or white, while Apple only offers its accessories in white.


Apple TV

Apple TV is constantly picking up new channels like Bloomberg, ABC, ESPN, Disney, iTunes Radio, and more so expect this gift to keep on giving.

[$99, current on sale $89]

HDMI cable

What Apple doesn’t include in the box but is required is an HDMI cable.

This connects the device to your TV and also comes in handy for Xbox and PlayStation as well as Blu-Ray players.

Brick-and-morter retailers typically mark these up for increasing profit margins, but Amazon has various lengths for reasonable prices and Prime eligible.

[From $5.09]


Google’s Chromecast is an HDMI media streaming stick that plugs directly into your HDTV and offers similar functionality to an Apple TV but without the Apple TV price tag.

Chromecasts usually cost $35, a fraction of the Apple TV cost, so they’re especially useful on HDTVs that you don’t watch all the time but still want to use for Netflix or YouTube or similar services.

Chromecast recently picked up support for Plex’s media library and works with a number of iPhone and iPad apps as well as with the Google Chrome web browser on Mac.

[$35, on sale $29.99]

HDMI switcher

It’s easier than it should be to run out of room for devices on your TV with even high end HDTVs shipping just 2-3 HDMI ports at most these days.

Managing whether the Apple TV or XBOX or PlayStation or cable box or Blu-Ray player or whatever you have is connected is as much of a nightmare as reading this sentence must have been, so earlier this year I purchased a cheap HDMI switcher.

The one I purchased turns one HDMI port into two and includes a remote for easy switching. The trick to this is to connect it to your least used device so switching doesn’t become a hassle, but it’s a really fast experience that can solve the problem.

For me, it came down to my cable box, Apple TV, and the XBOX that I use once in a blue moon. My HDTV only has 2 HDMI ports, so using the XBOX meant shuffling the connections.

It’s not an obvious gift but in most cases a useful one, especially for someone with a gaming console or two.

[$17, on sale $9.59]

Pebble smartwatch

The Pebble smartwatch has had mixed reviews since its debut: some people really love it and for others it makes no sense. I fall into the former category myself. When Best Buy picked up the Pebble I decided to jump in and try it out with every intention of returning it if it was as underwhelming as some had described.

After a few days I thought its appeal would wear but, but 5 months later I still wouldn’t give it up. As a watch it’s highly customizable with a growing library of watch faces available and being waterproof and easy to read in the sun adds to its utility.

It catches any notifications from your iPhone that appear in Notification Center which is especially useful when driving. It works over bluetooth and supports the low energy standard so it’s not a hog on your battery (I believe Pebble says it takes a 10% toll on your battery life through a normal day’s use).

The trick to having the best experience with the Pebble is toggling off notifications when it’s easier to read them on your iPhone and enabling that aspect of the watch when it’s necessary (driving or exercising make the most sense to me).

While it might be a big decision to spend $150 on a smartwatch this early in their existence, it’s probably not something someone would turn down as a gift. It also helps that Amazon knocks off $30 as it currently lists the Pebble for $119. Best Buy is offering the smartwatch for $90 for customers with .edu email addresses as 9to5Toys reports.

[$150, on sale $119.99]

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How To Not Work With Seos: The Top Tips For A Successful Relationship

SEO specialists and managers have the job of helping businesses rise through the organic search rankings, increasing traffic and conversions.

It’s an important job.

But it’s a job that’s greatly misunderstood, which means that there can be a few teething problems when adding one to your team.

To help build a successful relationship, we’ve compiled this useful list of how not to work with your SEO.

Ready? Let’s jump in.

1. Don’t Ask for More Than You Pay For

If your list of job requests for an SEO looks like this:

“Do an SEO audit. Implement technical SEO strategies. Then, when that’s done, write 30 pieces of high-quality content for a brand new blog that you are going to design and run yourself.”

You’re asking far too much of your SEO.

It’s a fundamental lack of understanding about what an SEO actually does and what it is humanly possible to deliver.

This list of demands is like calling a plumber up to help you install a new sink, then sneakily asking if they wouldn’t mind also building a few cabinets, tiling your walls, and painting a mural on the wall.

Know what your SEO’s job role and specialty is.

If you ask too much of them, they won’t do it.

The same way that your plumber just isn’t going to finish your entire kitchen off for you.

No matter how much you pay them.

2. Don’t Set Unrealistic Goals

“Let’s get to the top of the SERPs, ASAP!”

Don’t expect immediate results from your SEO.

As much as you might want to ranking first ASAP, it’s just not going to happen.

It can take at least 4-6 months before you see any real results from SEO work.

And even then, it might not be as good as you expect.

SEO is very slow.

If you need fast results, you should look to PPC managers.

Now, don’t get me wrong on this one.

This isn’t a get out of jail free card for SEOs to sit back and do no work under the guide that “SEO just takes time!”

It’s about being realistic.

You’re never going to instantly top the SERPs for a particular keyword.

But if they’re doing their jobs right, you should be climbing through the rankings nevertheless.

3. Don’t Ask Them to Use Black Hat Tactics

Black hat SEO is using risky tactics to raise a website’s rankings.

They go against search engine guidelines and include tactics like keyword stuffing, bulk buying links, link farming, or sneaky redirects.

It’s also called “spamdexing”, which is defined as a deliberate manipulation of search engine indexes. Personally, I’m rather fond of that word.

Black hat tactics may work in the short term.

But they will damage your website’s reputation and make future SEO work much harder.

Especially if you get a manual action from Google.

4. Don’t Focus on the Number of Backlinks

Backlinks are great for building your website authority and one of the most important ranking factors.

Link quantity doesn’t matter.

Link quality is what matters.

A good SEO isn’t going to buy links from low-ranking sites – or beg “easy” placements on websites where you can feel the manual penalty slinking its way through the screen.

When it comes to link building, you need to trust your SEO to get you quality links.

(Note: some SEOs don’t offer link building. Again, check their actual job role before you assign tasks).

This seems like a good place to remind you of our first point: link building will be a part of their job, but PR isn’t.

If PR isn’t part of their job, then don’t ask them to write your press releases for you.

5. Don’t Ask Them If They’re Hungry When They Want to E-A-T

There’s one thing that search engines value above all else: quality.

Now, quality is a bit of a pesky word to define, particularly from Google’s crawlers. Which is why Google came up with the concept of E-A-T.

This is what it stands for:

Expertise. This is all about showing that you have the credentials, experience, and knowledge in your industry to be talking about your subject. Basically, it’s proving that you know what you’re talking about.

Authoritativeness. This is similar to the first point, but more about how others perceive your business and how well recognized your brand name is.

Trustworthiness. Search engines do not take lightly to you lying to your users. All the information you present needs to be factual, honest and trustworthy.

If your SEO is talking about E-A-T, don’t ask if they’re hungry. I’m sure they’re fine and don’t need a second helping of a terrible joke.

6. Don’t Expect a Straightforward Answer

SEO is a notoriously complicated beast.


Because search engines like Google play their cards exceptionally close to their chest, not revealing much information about their algorithm to prevent people from cheating the system.

To top it off, they also push around 500-600 updates live each year.

Imagine keeping on top of all that.

Most of these will be small changes, but every now and again you get a core update that can rock the very foundations a company is built on.

If you ask your SEO a question, be prepared for them to give you the annoyingly, politician-esque answer of “it depends.”

In fairness, sometimes it does depend.

Sometimes they have no idea.

This is so common it’s practically become a meme.

It’s something that Stephen Kenwright has also poked fun at in this tweet:

— Ste at Home (@stekenwright) February 21, 2023

It’s an enjoyable table. Only, I can make this point without using comic sans.

On a Serious Note…

Be kind to your SEOs.

We’ve poked fun at common SEO situations and problems here.

But in our particular climate, it’s important that we also find time to be kind and acknowledge the real-life struggles that people are facing.

Over half (52%) of all the workers in the UK technology industry have suffered from anxiety or depression.

In addition, people working in this industry are “just as stressed as health service workers and are up to five times more depressed than the UK average.”

This isn’t something that’s out in the open.

At Adzooma, we did our own research and found that 67.9% of people have stayed silent on mental health in the workplace. But even more shockingly, 83.3% of people plan to never tell their employer.

It just goes to show that you never really know what’s going on.

So, respect others and trust that they know their discipline.

Be kind and listen to your SEOs.

That’s how you’ll develop a beautiful and prosperous relationship built to last.

More Resources:

Image Credits

Infographic created by author, February 2023

Best Robots & Robotic Toys

Because these robots let your first coding attempts make something happen in the physical world, they’re an even better learning tool than block-style coding apps which have become popular. Plus, robots are fun, plain and simple.

You don’t need any coding knowledge to play with the robots in our round-up, but with a little know-how you can make them do specific things. We also have a guide to the best coding games for kids if you’re looking for more ways to introduce coding to your children.

So whether you’re keen to get your kids into coding or just want to get them a great gift, here’s our guide to the best robot toys around.

Sphero R2-D2 – Best for Star Wars fans

Sphero may be known for its spherical robots, but its best creation yet instead focuses on the company’s other great success: the Star Wars-inspired BB-8 droid. The result: a decidedly non-spherical, but very brilliant, R2-D2.

Controlled using a smartphone app, this diminutive droid boasts a host of animations drawn directly from the films, including authentic sound effects and LED flashes. You can control him directly from the app, set him to patrol, or even leave him to react autonomously as you watch one of the Star Wars films with R2 at your side. There’s also an AR mini-game to enjoy.

Sure, he’s more remote-control toy than robot in the strictest sense, but R2 is one of cinema’s most famous robots, and this is the most authentic R2 toy we’ve seen. You can also use him to learn how to code with the free Sphero Edu app.

Sphero Bolt – Best for learning coding

Best Prices Today:

This is the next step on from the SPRK+ – which you’ll find further down this list – and pairs the traditional Sphero tech with new features like an LED light panel, an ambient light sensor, and infrared communication between multiple Bolts.

While the Sphero Play app comes loaded with a few games and driving options, the real focus here is the Edu app. This is designed both for individual learners and for school groups, and will run users through block-based coding (with the option of full JavaScript too) to develop programs that make the most of the Bolt’s array of sensors, lights, and speakers.

From programming animations and games to making multiple Bolts act out little scenarios, there’s a massive amount of potential here. And thanks to an array of graphs providing live feedback from the various sensors, there’s the chance to learn as much about physics and engineering as there is coding.

Read our Sphero Bolt review.

Read our full

Sphero Mini – Best budget robot

Best Prices Today:

If you don’t want to pay for the full Sphero experience of the SPRK+ or one of the Star Wars droids, you might want to consider the Sphero Mini.

As the name suggests this is a smaller version of the company’s spherical robots, fortunately with a lower price point to match.

As with other Sphero droids you control it using your phone, and there are a few options: you can use standard touchscreen joystick controls; a ‘slingshot’ mode in which you pull back and release to send the robot flying forwards; a gyroscopic mode where you tilt the phone to steer; and even a facial recognition mode where you can smile to move forward and frown to reverse (fun, but it doesn’t work as smoothly as the other modes).

The Mini is available in a few different colours, and you can also customise the colour of the internal LED, which glows through the translucent plastic shell. It charges over Micro-USB (cable included) and comes with a set of mini plastic bowling pins and traffic cones to set up obstacle courses.

Beyond driving around the Sphero there’s also a set of games that use the internal gyroscope, so you rotate the Sphero itself to move around objects on your phone screen within the game. It takes some getting used to the controls, but it’s fun once you get the hang of it – if little more than a novelty.

You even get the more complex programming features of the bigger Spheros through the Sphero Edu app, so for very little money you’re really getting the full Sphero package in the palm of your hand.

Sphero SPRK+ – Best waterproof robot

Best Prices Today:

Another robot that’s widely available is the Sphero SPRK+. This is an evolution of the original Sphero, and is designed to be fun to play with and to inspire kids to learn to code.

At its simplest you can use the Sphero app to control where the ball rolls, just a like a remote-controlled car.

But you can also program it to travel a certain route, and you can hold it and use it as a controller for other apps and games.

Read our full Sphero SPRK+ review.

Read our full

LittleBits Gizmos & Gadgets – Most versatile

LittleBits also sells a kit where kids (ages 8 and up) can create their own crazy contraptions, including a Bitbot robot that you can wirelessly drive around a room.

This is all about children learning to invent using electronic building blocks that snap together with magnets. It’s simple to use, and comes with a 60-page invention guidebook. The kit includes all you need for 16 set inventions, and then you can create your own and share them online.

There are 13 ‘Bits’ and 56 accessories, including a buzzer, DC motor, fan light sensor, slide dimmer and ball caster, as well as mounting boards, wires, splits, mechanical arms and so on.

The company rather cruelly suggests you can use Bitbot to “prank your pets”, and maybe more humanely turn your room into a race track.

Cozmo 2.0 – Most life-like

The Cozmo is hands-down one of the smartest robots we’ve seen. Unfortunately, Anki went out of business in 2023, but the good news is that the assets were bought by startup Digital Dream Labs.

The Cozmo 2.0 has been a long time coming but is finally available – at a much higher price than the original. We haven’t seen this revamped version, but it has various improvements to battery life, replaceable parts and more.

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, Cozmo packs an impressively big brain, and is capable of recognising people’s faces, playing games, and learning as he goes.

Cozmo comes with three LED cubes, which are used in games that test reaction time and colour matching. He learns how you play and adjusts his own skill level – and reactions – appropriately: beat him and he’ll throw a tantrum, screwing up the eyes on his LED screen.

The built-in camera can learn, recognise and then associate faces with a given name, which he will say out loud when he sees them. You can program Cozmo to say other phrases, too.

You can even remotely control Cozmo while watching the view from his camera on your phone- or tablet screen. There’s also a host of coding mini-games to teach kids basic programming.

Above all, though, Cozmo is packed with personality. He’s lively, vibrant and fun, telling you what games he wants to play at any given time, reacting to you and expressing his emotions. It sounds silly, but you really will find yourself caring about Cozmo and what he wants, which is a huge accomplishment.

If you want to find out more, you can see the original in action in our video.

Site Migrations And Planning For Holiday Site Code Freezes

Your browser does not support the audio element.

We are already in Q3, which means the holiday shopping season is just around the corner. Are you prepared for the season’s code freezes with site migrations?  

Being a part of the conversation before a migration happens is great… until you get an email saying, “Hey, we’ve made a change, but why is traffic dropping?”. Is migration PTSD setting in?

Senior Technical SEO Specialist, Nik Ranger of Studio Hawk talks with Search Engine Journal Founder Loren Baker on the Search Engine Journal Show about potential issues to look out for in site migrations and why it’s important to prioritize SEO fixes, especially before and after holiday season. No one has time to deal with end of year code freezes.

“If the client’s goal is to do a successful migration, you can forensically find everything from an SEO standpoint with the given tools that you’ve got.” ~ Nik Ranger

[0:00] – Get to know Nik Ranger 

[3:47] – Different forms of site migrations

[6:34] – How the best kind of campaigns happen and the rule of thumb

[7:36] – Why clients get upset when site migrations happen

[8:41] – What’s detrimental to migration

[9:39] – Example of a website migration fail

[13:32] – What people should realize about dev teams

[15:11] – The misinformation site developers say about Google in figuring things out

[16:20] – What you need first and foremost in pre migration

[17:14] – The simplest thing to have in a project

[20:38] – Important questions to ask

[23:55] – Why is it called migration PTSD and how to avoid it

[29:13] – How Nik pushes through to make sure nothing is missed

[30:48] – Key elements to test

[33:20] – List of things to monitor

[37:19] – An observation on migrations

[43:47] – Nik’s hobbies outside SEO and how it still relates to SEO

[52:32] – How to evaluate the success of a website migration

[54.23] – What to look out for

“That’s one of the things I appreciate about SEO, it can be exceptionally technical but you can also be exceptionally creative because none of what we do is successful without being able to communicate it clearly to someone else.” ~ Nik Ranger

Resources mentioned:

Connect with Nik Ranger:  

Nik Ranger is the Senior Technical SEO Specialist at Studio Hawk, Australia’s largest specialised SEO agency. She is also a member of SEO Collective, a group of SEO professionals who arrange monthly events, help people, and make sure everyone knows what’s going on.

Connect with Loren Baker:

Best Iphone Apps For Christmas Gift Ideas In 2023

It’s certainly beginning to feel like Christmas. So, you may have made your gifting list and completed Christmas shopping. No? Still, struggling with gift ideas or organizing everything? Let me introduce the best Christmas gift apps for your iPhone.

Using a Christmas list app for iPhone allows you to stay organized and on schedule for shopping. Besides, you can create a list of potential gifts, arrange it by the recipient, and keep tabs on your spending and transactions. Let’s get started.

1. Elfster – Editor’s choice

Elfster works as a cool Secret Santa name generator that can bring a lot of fun to the festive times of Christmas. It has the best tools for simple wishlist creation, planning gift exchanges, and Secret Santa lists. Besides, your family and friends can create wishlists to make gift buying convenient and efficient. Also, it shows buying trends so you can get the latest thing for your loved ones. 

Worried about gift ideas? Elfster even curates gift recommendations. Additionally, you can add presents from your favorite websites or make picture wishes. The best part is even if your family doesn’t have Elfster, you can still share your wishlists with them. Besides, you can even add requests to others’ wishlists to ensure you get the ideal present.


Free gift exchange planner

Curated gift guides

View trending gifts


Difficult to paste gift links in the wishlist form

Price: Free


2. The Christmas List app – Best for your kids

The Christmas List App allows you to make Christmas gift lists, share them with loved ones and claim things for purchases. Besides, you will get notified when there’s a new gift on the wishlist, so you can be the first to claim them. The receiver won’t be shown its claimed or reserved. Also, you can establish a spending limit, mark items as purchased, review your expenditure plan, and track how much budget you have left.

This Christmas list app for iPhone lets you add gifts from any online retailer or take a photo of a gift on the shelf in-store and post it. You will get discount notifications and curated gift list suggestions. Besides making shopping lists for yourself, you can create lists for your kids and share them with your family. Therefore, install the app, sign in with Apple, and enjoy your holidays.


Add items from any online store

Track your spending budget

Create a list for your kids


Can’t see who claimed a gift

Price: Free


3. GiftList – Best gift tracking app

GiftList is the most comprehensive Christmas gift list tracker app for iPhone. You can create and share wishlists and make gift suggestions while browsing 300+ companies on the app. Its gift tracker has a chat feature for organizing gift-giving with other recipients. You can easily view everything you’ve ordered or purchased, keeping track of the gifts and the Christmas shopping you need to complete.

Also, avoid duplicate gifts by secretly communicating with friends, proposing fresh Christmas ideas, and reserving products on wishlists. Besides, its Christmas shopping list organizer lets you quickly search and add products from leading brands. Easily add links, descriptions, and images to your items to ensure everyone knows what you want. I liked the automated addition of Christmas gift suggestion extensions.


Share the list with people who don’t have the app

Chat with mutual friends

300+ brands to browse


Extension needed to import website products automatically

Price: Free


4. Wishlist – Receive deal alerts

You can check the app’s newest trends and Christmas gift theme ideas when struggling to get fresh ideas. I love this app as it sends alerts from my favorite companies with genuine coupon codes, price changes, and deal notifications. Along with Christmas, establish a gift registry for birthdays, weddings, and other occasions. Additionally, it has a web version to view your profile.


Personalized deals and promo codes

Easy-to-use GiftBuster browser extension 

Receive birthday reminders


Can’t sort lists according to category

Price: Free


5. GiftPlanner – Send gift cards

So, when you browse the web on your devices, you can import products directly to your list. Additionally, you may scan barcodes using the camera to swiftly enter product details. It offers to sort your wish list according to the occasion, date, retailer, recipient, price, or status. Besides, keep track of your gift using convenient gift buying, shipping, and wrapping status indicators.  

Using the app’s email or text messaging features, you can directly import contacts from your address book and send gift cards. Also, protect your private gift info with a Touch ID or a password. I liked this app because I can export and print gift list reports and keep tabs on spending. You may check the Notification Center to see countdowns to your events.


Lock your secret gift details

 Convenient progress indicators


App crashing and gifts not saving issues

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $0.99)


6. The Christmas List – Get your shopping overview

Christmas List, one of the best Christmas gift apps for iPhone, is America’s top shopping app. It helps you manage your Christmas lists and spending to shop efficiently. The quick progress monitoring shows the status by wrapped, bought, shipped, and received. When updating a list, you may modify the status of many presents at once. 

Also, you can get quick views of your purchasing history, including your budget. The app lets you type or dictate your gift list. Besides, it supports sharing lists using AirDrop, email, iCloud Drive, or Messages. The Christmas List remembers the store you choose for a present and automatically creates a shopping list. Additionally, you may duplicate gifts to other recipients on your list without having to retype the information.


Sync gift lists by AirDrop

Dictate your lists

Visit past Christmas gift


Can’t rename a group

Price: $2.99


7. Christmas Gift List Tracker – Visualize your spending

The Christmas gift list tracker app for iPhone keeps track of all your holiday gift suggestions and purchases for friends and family. You can create gift lists for each person on your list quickly. Also, allocate separate budgets to each recipient while setting a total budget. The best part is it offers different graphs to monitor your expenditure. 

The app automatically syncs devices and protects your wish list with a passcode. Also, you can view the previous year’s gift lists and create an iCloud backup for your lists. The AirPrint support helps to print your list. I have used its beautiful Christmas Countdown widget on the home screen. Besides, you may monitor your gift status on your Apple Watch.


Can mark items “private” on shared lists

Christmas Countdown Home Screen widget

Track your progress with Apple Watch


UI looks a bit outdated

Price: Free


8. Christmas Photo Frames – Make personalized Christmas cards 

Planning to decorate your photos and give them the feel of Christmas? This app offers 500+ fantastic picture effects, filters, and frames perfect for creating unique Christmas cards. Select a template from the enormous collection, choose photos from your gallery, add your own content, and share that.

You may dress up as Santa by donning a red or blue Santa hat. Or try out a hilarious antlers headband, elf hat, or snow maiden hat. Besides, you may add Christmas garlands, ornaments, and fireworks to your images. I liked its attractive snow effects and personalized calendar templates.

It lets you remove the background of your images and snowflakes or frozen patterns. You can save results to your device or share them on social media apps. Additionally, you may get a shareable link or text message with the e-card you created. Also, I’d recommend checking out our mesmerizing collection of Christmas wallpapers for your iPhone.


500+ wonderful photo frames

Charming snow effects

Replace your image’s background


No significant cons

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $3.99)


9. Gift Guru App – Choose the perfect gifts

Gift Guru is a gift calendar and discovery app among iPhone apps for Christmas gifts. You can create a personalized giving calendar, keep track of gifts and the people who get them, get reminders for upcoming events, and see gift histories and ideas.

Besides, gift status monitoring assists you in getting ready for each occasion. Also, it helps you locate personalized gift suggestions for each recipient based on their interests and activities. So, Gift Guru ensures all your gifts are on time and for every occasion.


Get gift ideas based on your recipients

Set up your gifting calendar

Plan events


No significant cons

Price: Free


10. Gifted: Gift List Manager – Backup your gifting data

Gifted is straightforward gift management to organize your budget, people, events, and presents all year. You may import people from Contacts with their anniversaries and birthdays. The best part is you can create profiles for each recipient to record their likes, dislikes, clothing size, and gift history. Besides, save gift details, including price, website, remarks, images, and shop.

The wishlist can be sorted by cost, brand, recipient, occasion, and status. You can set a budget per participant and event and select which gifts are included in the budget totals. Using its Gift Closet feature, create an inventory of your spare gifts.


Make an inventory of your spare gifts

 Custom notifications for upcoming events

 Set budget per person per event


UI is not good

Navigating within the app is cumbersome

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $2.99)


So, that’s all for today, friends!

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