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By virtue of its popularity, more are the chances that a weak python program is a reason for a security breach

Coding is more than developing a program. What if the code you generate is vulnerable to thefts and unauthorized intrusions? Protecting sensitive data is as important as developing the application of choice, for data once stolen is as dangerous as malware. Python, the most adopted language for app development, though is a high-level language is not immune to external threats, unless certain coding practices are followed. Python comes with a wide array of libraries and frameworks, the very reason why Python language is fast at computing and off-late has become platform-agnostic and hence more are the chances that a weak python program is a reason for the security breaches. Here are the top 10 Python security programming practices, developers should practice ensuring the least vulnerability.  

Be cautious while sharing

When a developer pulls a project from the community resource Python Package Index (PyPI), there is a chance that it is carrying vulnerabilities and bugs. PyPI gives package maintainers the option of signing their submissions so that adopters can validate the download’s integrity. However, the fact that packages in PyPI do not go through security review should raise a few red flags.

Ensure the inputs are sanitized

In the case of interactive software, user inputs might cause the software to behave in a certain way. The very useful inputs at times can turn dangerous, leading to possible injection attacks. SQL attacks are most commonly found attacks that infect software by turning an authorization check into administrative access to a web portal.

Use prepared statements

Databases that support using prepared statements can protect the software from external threats like SQL injection, and with databases like MySQL, and MS SQL, it can result in improved performances if the prepared SQL statements are repeated. In the case of Python, these statements can be used even if it doesn’t support them. Using prepared queries helps differentiate between user-provided data and SQL queries and thereby preventing unauthorized modification of SQL queries.

Go virtual for Python programming

Going virtual for programming has benefits beyond keeping your software safe. Python programming needs access to a variety of files including configuration files, libraries, text documents, images, and music files – whose organization can become rather cumbersome when you work offline. In a virtual environment, the projects can be kept isolated from one another so that access to one doesn’t affect the other or the project.

Do not share your secrets

The hard rule here is not to let the internet store any of the important information, you encode into your file, intentionally or unintentionally. Usually, developers encode the passwords, and URLs, with authentication for ease of testing. But at some later point in time, it can get into the hands of malicious actors giving way to the code.

Let users see only what they need

Throughout the trial-and-error cycle, a lot of debugging information is generated, which is quite harmful to the production cycle. Therefore, it is highly important to separate the development cycle from the production cycle to prevent the critical debugging information from falling into the hands of the wrong players.

Let pycryptodome do the cryptography

Using pycrypto for cryptography is passe. Ever since it was found vulnerable, and no security update is released to fix the problem, it has been suggested to abandon the tool. Instead, go for pip install pycryptodome for cryptography.

Bandit scans best

Use the Bandit package for each Python project to get reports in an abstract syntax tree.  It is the best for scanning vulnerabilities such as common issues with YAML, ranking security risks from low to high highlighting the problem lines in the code.

Many times, it is the server and not the code which needs the update. Apart from checking for an updated version of the software, ie., including its compatibility with Python code, ensure an updated security management system is in place.

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Top 10 Important Security Tips For Web Developers In 2023

The top important security tips for web developers in 2023 ensure network security as well as operating system security

Intro: With increasing demand and changing requirements, web developers are facing challenges that are frequently overlooked. Security is a major offender, an important component of development, with the basic security rules being not followed, security flaws emerge in apps. To keep the website secure, major security tips for web developers have to be adhered to.

With the growing popularity of web-based applications, there is more emphasis on network security and operating system security. Web apps transmit sensitive data which are obliged to be protected and secured. Since web security is critical, businesses risk the spread and escalation of malware, and attacks on other websites, networks, and IT infrastructures, if they do not implement a proactive security strategy. Regardless of industry, having a quality enterprise security plan ensures the safety of both your business and web app. Avoid the risk of web security attacks and implement these top 10 security tips for web developers in 2023:

Use Encryption for Confidential User Data

Implement Logging

Applications are an easy target for malicious actors immediately after launch. Initially, trials must be made public. After which, all security-related events have to be logged to trace the malicious actor’s actions. To allow for forensic analysis, those logs must be kept securely for a set period. Logs should be protected against unauthorized access, especially from tampering.

Maintain Software and System Updates

To reduce the possibility of hacking, the website’s software should be updated and upgraded to the recent version since hackers seek the path of least resistance. To reduce risks associated, software must be thoroughly patched and updated. Further, uninstall any software that is no longer used.

Validation for Input Data from Both Sides

Cyber attackers create special data to send through channels used for application interaction. Users may execute code on the server side or in the browsers of the clients causing a data breach. To prevent web application threats and attacks, web application software development implements input data validation. It should be performed on both the client and server sides.

Prepare a Backup and Recovery Plan

Backups become important, especially in case of data corruption. Running backup recovery tests regularly is important to ensure that the data is usable. Making data accessible to users is part of the General Data Protection Regulation requirement.

Implement a Strict Passcode Strategy for User Authentication

To protect users’ data, the implementation of multi-factor authentication is important. Password protection is the first consideration for secure website development. Hackers may employ sophisticated software to brute force passwords. To prevent attacks, complex passwords are required. There must be numbers, special symbols, and capital letters. This is the first step towards improving the security of your website or online service, as well as web development security.

Monitor for Anomalies

Alerting mechanism is employed in every operating IT system to detect potential breaches and to notify application maintenance. This means if an alert is sent, the company can investigate and modify security rules to protect against the newly discovered threat.

Use a Reputable VPN

A dependable and reputable VPN help customer protect their data by also ensuring web application security. Hackers hack or plant malware by obtaining IP addresses. Web developers use a VPN along with protecting other assets. Further, using a VPN to mask IP addresses reduces risks faced by users’ data.

Malware or External Attacks

Users are given the right they require in IT systems or web applications, rather than giving all users the same level of access. Because inexperienced users make security mistakes. This ensures the system’s security by avoiding external threats to the data.

Employ a Web Development Firm

Nginx Webserver Best Security Practices

NGINX is a free, open-source, high-performance HTTP server and a reverse proxy, also known as IMAP/POP3 proxy server. NGINX is famous for its high performance, stability, rich feature set, simple configuration, and low resource consumption. In this article, we will explain about ” Nginx WebServer Best Security Practices”.

sysctl.conf is a simple file containing sysctl values to be read in and set by sysctl. To open sysctl.conf, use the following command –

$ sudo vim /etc/sysctl.conf

The sample output should be like this –

## chúng tôi - Configuration file for setting system variables # See /etc/sysctl.d/ for additional system variables. # See chúng tôi (5) for information. # #kernel.printk = 3 4 1 3 ##############################################################3 # Functions previously found in netbase # # Turn on Source Address Verification in all interfaces to # prevent some spoofing attacks #net.ipv4.conf.default.rp_filter=1 ..........................................

To prevent a smurf attack, add the following line to sysctl.conf file.

net.ipv4.icmp_echo_ignore_broadcasts = 1

To turn on protection for bad icmp error messages, add the following line to sysctl.conf file.

net.ipv4.icmp_ignore_bogus_error_responses = 1

To turn on syncookies for SYN flood attack protection,add the following line to sysctl.conf file.

net.ipv4.tcp_syncookies = 1

To turn on and log spoofed, source routed, and redirect packets,add the following lines to sysctl.conf file.

net.ipv4.conf.all.log_martians = 1 net.ipv4.conf.default.log_martians = 1

To un-source routed packets,add the following line to sysctl.conf file.

net.ipv4.conf.all.accept_source_route = 0 net.ipv4.conf.default.accept_source_route = 0

To turn on reverse path filtering,add the following line to sysctl.conf file.

net.ipv4.conf.all.rp_filter = 1 net.ipv4.conf.default.rp_filter = 1

To identify alter the routing tables, add the following line to sysctl.conf file.

net.ipv4.conf.all.accept_redirects = 0 net.ipv4.conf.default.accept_redirects = 0 net.ipv4.conf.all.secure_redirects = 0 net.ipv4.conf.default.secure_redirects = 0

To turn on execshild, add the following line to sysctl.conf file.

kernel.exec-shield = 1 kernel.randomize_va_space = 1

To tune IPv6,add the following lines to sysctl.conf file.

net.ipv6.conf.default.router_solicitations = 0 net.ipv6.conf.default.accept_ra_rtr_pref = 0 net.ipv6.conf.default.accept_ra_pinfo = 0 net.ipv6.conf.default.accept_ra_defrtr = 0 net.ipv6.conf.default.autoconf = 0 net.ipv6.conf.default.dad_transmits = 0 net.ipv6.conf.default.max_addresses = 1

To optimize a port, use LBs and add the following line to sysctl.conf file.

fs.file-max = 65535

To allow more PIDs, add the following line to sysctl.conf file.

kernel.pid_max = 65536

To increase system IP port limits, add the following line to sysctl.conf file.

net.ipv4.ip_local_port_range = 2000 65000

To increase TCP max buffer size, set the table by using setsockopt(), and add the following line to sysctl.conf file.

net.ipv4.tcp_rmem = 4096 87380 8388608 net.ipv4.tcp_wmem = 4096 87380 8388608

To save and reload the above file, use the below command –

# sysctl -p

To turn off nginx version number displayed, add the following line to /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf file.

server_tokens off

To control the Buffer overflow attacks, add the following command to /etc/nginx/nginx.conf file.

## Start: Size Limits & Buffer Overflows ## client_body_buffer_size 1K; client_header_buffer_size 1k; client_max_body_size 1k; large_client_header_buffers 2 1k; ## END: Size Limits & Buffer Overflows ##

client_body_buffer_size 1k − This directive specifies the client request body buffer size.

client_header_buffer_size 1k − This Directive sets the headerbuffer size for the request header from client.

client_max_body_size 1k − It indicates by the line Content-Length in the header request.

large_client_header_buffers 2 1k − This directive assigns the maximum number and size of buffers for large headers to read from client request.

Nginx and PHP Security Tips

To add security tips in php, it should require a file called chúng tôi The sample of chúng tôi file should be like this –

[PHP] ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; About chúng tôi ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; PHP's initialization file, generally called chúng tôi is responsible for ; configuring many of the aspects of PHP's behavior. ; PHP attempts to find and load this configuration from a number of locations. ; The following is a summary of its search order: ; 1. SAPI module specific location. ; 2. The PHPRC environment variable. (As of PHP 5.2.0) ; 3. A number of predefined registry keys on Windows (As of PHP 5.2.0) ; 4. Current working directory (except CLI) ; 5. The web server's directory (for SAPI modules), or directory of PHP ; (otherwise in Windows) ; 6. The directory from the --with-config-file-path compile time option, or the ; Windows directory (C:windows or C:winnt) ; See the PHP docs for more specific information.

To disallow dangerous functions in PHP, add the following command to chúng tôi file.

disable_functions = phpinfo, system, mail, exec

To set the maximum execution time of each script, add the following command to chúng tôi file.

max_execution_time = 30

To set the maximum amount of time, each script may spend parsing request data. Add the following command to chúng tôi file.

max_input_time = 60

To set maximum amount of memory for a script to be consumed, add the following command to chúng tôi file.

memory_limit = 8M

To set the maximum size of POST data that PHP will accept, add the following command to chúng tôi file.

post_max_size = 8M

To set maximum allowed size for uploaded files,add the following command to chúng tôi file.

upload_max_filesize = 2M

Do not expose PHP error messages to external users,add the following command to chúng tôi file.

display_errors = Off

To turn on safe mode,add the following command to chúng tôi file.

safe_mode = On

To set limit external access to PHP environment,add the following command to chúng tôi file.

safe_mode_allowed_env_vars = PHP_

To see all log errors,add the following command to chúng tôi file.

log_errors = On

To set minimize allowable PHP post size,add the following command to chúng tôi file.

post_max_size = 1K

To enable SQL safe mode,add the following command to chúng tôi file.

sql.safe_mode = On

To avoid Opening remote files,add the following command to chúng tôi file.

allow_url_fopen = Off

To upgrade Nginx, use the following command –

$ sudo apt-get upgrade nginx

The sample output should be like this –

Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done Calculating upgrade... Done The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required: libhdb9-heimdal libkdc2-heimdal libntdb1 python-ntdb Use 'apt-get autoremove' to remove them. The following NEW packages will be installed: nginx nginx-common nginx-core 0 upgraded, 3 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded. Need to get 349 kB of archives. After this operation, 1,297 kB of additional disk space will be used. Do you want to continue? [Y/n] y .....................................................................

After this article, you will be able to understand what is Nginx WebServer and how to secure Nginx WebServer. In our next articles, we will come up with more Linux based tricks and tips. Keep reading!

Top 10 Bootstrap Books (Updated 2023) For Aspiring Developers

Best Books to Learn Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a web framework responsible for making fast-paced, responsive, mobile-first websites. They are included with features such as a defined navigation layout, grid system, and carousel specially made for images, amplifying its popularity. Equipped with its easy-to-use framework and browser compatibility, it becomes essential for people to learn it if they are aspiring developers.

Start Your Free Software Development Course

Web development, programming languages, Software testing & others

Key Features

Books will delve into the various components provided by Bootstrap, explaining how to customize them, add interactivity, and use them effectively in your web projects.

The books will cover creating responsive layouts using Bootstrap’s grid system and responsive utilities.

Guide building websites that adapt gracefully to different screen sizes and devices.

Most Recommended Bootstrap Books

Here’s a list of the top 10 Books to get yourself face first in this bootstrap universe.

Sr No. Books Author Published


1. Bootstrap in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself Jennifer Kyrnin 2024

2. Step by Step Bootstrap 3: A Quick Guide to Responsive Web Development Using Bootstrap 3 Riwanto Megosinarso 2014

3. Bootstrap Site Blueprints Volume II: Maximize the potential of Bootstrap for faster and more responsive web applications Matt Lambert 2024

4. Mastering Bootstrap 4 – Second Edition: Master the latest version of Bootstrap 4 to build highly customized responsive web apps Benjamin Jakobus, Jason Marah 2024

5. Unraveling Bootstrap 3.3 (With Over 100 Complete Samples) István Novák 2014

6. Bootstrap: Responsive Web Development Jake Spurlock 2013

7. The Joy of Bootstrap: A Smarter Way to Learn the World’s Most Popular Web Framework Alan Forbes 2024

8. Learning Bootstrap 4 Matt Lambert 2024

9. Learning Web Development with Bootstrap and AngularJS Stephen Radford 2024

10. Bootstrap 4 Quick Start: Responsive Web Design and Development Basics for Beginners Jacob Lett 2024

Let us discuss the reviews and takeaways of the Bootstrap Books:-

Book#1: Bootstrap in 24 Hours

Author- Jennifer Kyrnin

Book Review

Do you want to be up and running for the next day without wanting to waste any more time than necessary, then this short and clear-cut book is just for you. The chapters given in this book are sure to be completed within 24 hours and leave you with a remarkable bootstrap learning experience.

Key Takeaways from that Book

Curate navigation and buttons, create with CSS, Less, and Sass while building responsive site layouts.

Fundamental knowledge of installing Bootstrap and navigating, such as grids, styling tables, glyph icons, etc., is discussed in detail.

They are recommended for technological novices who get their mindful reading from great exemplary exercise sources.

Book#2: Step By Step Bootstrap 3

Author- Riwanto Megosinarso

Get this Book Here

Book Review

Compiled with the basics of CSS, jQuery, and Bootstrap, which adds a delicious service to the responsive web development the book offers. Give a quick fix to your website design with the help of efficient bootstrap components and easily navigable web portals, as portrayed here.

Key Takeaways from that Book

Use Bootstrap’s features like light customization, scroll spy, tooltip, form validation, and many more.

Ideal for budding web developers with no prior knowledge of web designing and layout.

Book#3: Bootstrap Site Blueprints Volume II

Author- Matt Lambert

Get this Book Here

Book Review

This book is the amalgamation of real-world site projects to thoroughly understand the inside of web development. Kickstart your journey for learning Google learning material design tools, CSS3 techniques, and Javascript chart libraries to accommodate Bootstrap.

Key Takeaways from that Book

Solve and build real-life project examples on building a restaurant website and bootstrap news magazine to imbibe the outputs of website implementation.

Key features in chúng tôi configuring LESS, mobile-first Bootstrap, bootstrap wiki, etc.

Book#4: Mastering Bootstrap 4 – Second Edition

Author- Benjamin Jakobus, Jason Marah

Get this Book Here 

Book Review

Brandished as an easy-to-follow, handy and helpful guide to discovering Bootstrap’s responsive utilities and fundamental features. Preferred for anyone wanting to change their work environment from its previous versions to Bootstrap 4.

Key Takeaways from that Book

It lays down the primary aspects of making a style statement, responsive utilities, creating sections, etc.

Navigate Bootstrap 4 by speeding up development using third-party plugins, fixating the navbar, progress indicators, etc.

Book#5: Unraveling Bootstrap 3.3

Author- István Novák

Book Review

A marvelous take on learning Bootstrap with all its arduous technicalities simplified into simple terms that anyone can follow with little effort. It includes various code blocks and example screenshots to get the CSS concepts inside your brain.

Key Takeaways from that Book

It helps recap the fundamentals with styles related to HTML, navigation and page structure components, etc.

Contains a Bootstrap layout model, customizing Bootstrap and tables in a crisp and concise methodology.

Book#6: Bootstrap: Responsive Web Development

Author- Jake Spurlock

Get this Book Here

Book Review

This book presents much information revolving around Bootstrap, focusing more on theoretical applications. It is meant for people from a beginner background who are accustomed to grabbing knowledge from online documentation.

Key Takeaways from that Book

Discover bootstrap scaffolding, bootstrap plugins for javascript, and layout components.

Engage with Bootstrap’s file structure, HTML elements for typography, and jQuery plugins for an immersive experience.

Book#7: The Joy of Bootstrap

Author – Alan Forbes

Get this Book Here

Book Review

Forbes has done a tremendous job compiling Bootstrap concepts in a book that is easily digestible, logically accurate, and comparatively easier for beginners. The fun and engaging way the book’s contents are conveyed will make you lose track of time while gobbling up these crisp lessons.

Key Takeaways from that Book

Further your knowledge by grasping content on making a page responsive, pagination, progress bars, etc.

Overview media objects, panels, wells, jQuery tooltips with suitable screenshots, and laymen’s terms.

It can be a starting point for beginners and a reference point for industry-skilled experts. 

Book#8: Learning Bootstrap 4

Author- Matt Lambert

Get this Book Here

Book Review

The author presents his 17 years of knowledge to the masses as a much-needed reference guide throwing light on added subdivisions such as Harps, Sass, etc. Get ready to develop robust web designs which can be displayed on mobile screens with much better ease.

Key Takeaways from that Book

Learn more about bootstrap build tools, setting up JSON files, diving into Flexbox, etc., with much-needed conciseness.

It suits IT front-end software developers and programmers with medium HTML, CSS, and Javascript knowledge.

Book#9: Learning Web Development with Bootstrap and Angular

Author- Stephen Radford

Get this Book Here

Book Review

Bring together the best of both Bootstrap and Angular JS worlds in this enthralling read. Explore angular JS’s router and plugins and get familiar with your app’s filters and routing with some cool tips.

Key Takeaways from that Book

Know the topics of the fallback route, populating the add contact view, and the groundwork behind CRUD.

Book#10: Bootstrap 4 Quick Start

Author- Jacob Lett

Get this Book Here

Book Review

It is a great book to learn about CSS and Bootstrap if you want to know more about being a tech-savvy developer with handy technical tooltips in your work bag. Have the insides of the web design process and CSS3 flexbox at the expanse of your hand.

Key Takeaways from that Book

Craft creative webpages with examples demonstrating a hands-on approach, e.g., a responsive marketing homepage and bootstrap admin dashboard.

More aligned with showcasing clear workflow paths that are more beneficial for enhancing your understanding.

Recommended Articles

We hope that this EDUCBA information on “Bootstrap Books” was beneficial to you. You can view EDUCBA’s recommended articles for more information.

Tips You Should Follow When Playing Escape From Tarkov

Escape from tarkov is a game that requires hours of grind. This game is a serious addiction because once you start playing it and learn everything about the game, you won’t be able to stop yourself from playing this game.

However, this game is a bit difficult to understand due to many things. It’s not a battle royale and it’s very different from all the battle royale games.

Yes, there are some aspects of battle royale in it but it’s a very different game. The features this game has are very unique from other games so, this game can not be compared with other games due to different aspects and features.

However, people have stopped playing this game due to a lot of hackers ruining the game. This game requires some serious skills and when people come with hacks, it just ruins the experience for other people.

Devs should take serious action against it and ban them permanently. Everyone is using tarkov cheat by lavicheats which is proven to be safe to use.

It will bypass the anti-cheat system of the game and will work perfectly fine without anyone noticing.

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Collecting loot and weapons requires a lot of grinds and when a hacker steals your things for free, the fun experience of the game just goes away forcing you to switch to another game.

So, devs should look into this matter if they want their player base to increase because, with hackers, it will only go down leading to a decrease in the player base of the game.

This thing happens with every game and every game dev should look into it. There will be a time when no one will want to play this game thus, the franchise will end.

Now let’s talk about what’s in the game, there are many things in eft that you’ll have to learn first before jumping into a lobby with real players.

There are scav runs, raids and, etc. You’ll have to play and grind every day for hours just to learn one map. EFT maps are huge and can a lot of time to learn.

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Here are some tips you should follow when playing escape from tarkov: Learn and master only one map

Knowing that all eft maps are huge, it can take you ages to learn all of them. So what you should do is learn and master only map and do scav runs and raid on it.

Doing these on other maps will only raise your chances of getting killed as won’t know anything about the map.

Don’t make the mistake of learning all the maps at once because you won’t know what to do when you get into the game.

So, choose a map that you like the most and just grind on it and master it. Once, you know everything about the map, you can start doing scav runs, raids and, etc for guns and ammo.

Play more scav runs than raid

When doing scav runs, your money will be safe but your loot won’t be. So, don’t bring everything into the game with you as you’ll have a chance of losing it all when you get killed.

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Get insurance for your gear

Before you do any scav runs, get insurance for the gear you will take in with you. So, even if you lose the gear, you’ll be able to get it back without losing anything. Insurance of the gear is also very cheap so even a beginner can afford it.

Top 10 Reasons Why Python Is Never Going To Disappear

The top 10 reasons why Python programming language will not disappear and will rule

One of the languages that are experiencing phenomenal development and popularity each year is Python. Python has become the world’s fastest-growing programming language, and Stackoverflow predicted in 2023 that it would surpass all the other programming languages. Python will not disappear any sooner than a few of them have expected.

It is also regarded as one of the top programming languages for artificial intelligence. The following article will outline the different reasons why Python will not disappear. Python programming language also has been universally adopted in every sector. Python’s popularity has led to the availability of more fresh libraries and tools, and as we have seen with machine learning, the most cutting-edge technology is more likely to be created in the hottest language. Here we discuss the top reasons why Python won’t disappear and due to the frequent requirement for programmers to find quick solutions, languages like Python were developed.

Here are the top 10 reasons why Python will not disappear– 1.Simple to Use and Learn

The Python programming language is relatively simple for new users to learn and utilize. Python is one of the most user-friendly programming languages since it has a simple syntax and isn’t overly complex, putting more of an emphasis on natural language. Python is one of the easiest programming languages to learn and use, making it possible to write and execute scripts quickly compared to other programming languages.

2.Mature and Encouraging Community for Python 3.Support from Renowned Corporate Sponsors 4.Numerous Python Frameworks and Libraries

Python includes fantastic libraries that you may use to pick and save your time and work on the initial cycle of development thanks to its corporate backing and large supportive community. Additionally, a large number of cloud media services provide cross-platform support via library-like tools, which can be quite helpful.

5.Flexibility, Effectiveness, Dependability, and Quickness

Any developer who uses Python will concur that it is more effective, dependable, and quick than the majority of contemporary languages. Regardless of the platform one is working on, Python can be used in almost any situation without experiencing any performance degradation.

6.Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, and Big Data

The three biggest topics in computer science today—Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, and Big Data—help many firms adapt and enhance their processes and workflows.

7.A Top Choice Language

Because of python’s great demand in the development business, it is the language of choice for many programmers and students. A language that is in high demand is always something that students and developers look forward to studying. Without a question, Python is the current market’s hottest product.

8.Python’s Flexibility as a Language

The flexibility of the Python language allows developers to experiment with novel ideas. An expert in the Python programming language is not only able to create similar objects but may also attempt to create things anew.

9.Python’s Use in Academics

Python is now regarded as the primary programming language in schools and colleges because of all the applications it has in fields like artificial intelligence, deep learning, data science, etc. Schools and universities cannot afford to stop teaching Python since it has now integrated so deeply into the development community.

By attracting more Python programmers and developers, it is accelerating the language’s development and expansion.


The availability of several tools and modules in the Python programming language makes the automation of activities much easier. It is astounding to learn that with only the essential Python programs, one may easily achieve a high level of automation.

Update the detailed information about Top 10 Python Security Practices Developers Should Follow on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!