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The demand for blockchain talent is high, and among the ICO craze of late 2023, led to lucrative salary offerings for developers well-versed in the art of smart contract builds and implementing open-source frameworks like Hyperledger.

The market for blockchain talent has shifted since then, however. With ICO funding declining, talent is gravitating towards more established firms, like IBM. In addition, companies like Facebook and Circle are making the plunge into cryptocurrencies, with their looming impacts set to unfold over the next several years.

However, one project has quietly, and consistently, been pulling talent away from even the tech giants – Algorand.

Attracting Top Talent

A pure proof-of-stake [PoS] blockchain network, Algorand grabbed headlines in 2023 when MIT professor and cryptography pioneer, Silvio Micali, announced the permission-less blockchain platform.

Algorand focuses on providing the blockchain-based infrastructure for the “border-less economy,” and has integrated some innovative cryptographic primitives to reconcile the blockchain trilemma problem of permission-less networks. Micali made waves in April 2023 at the Financial Cryptography and Data Security conference in Malta when he sparked debate about the role of incentives in a public blockchain’s consensus – raising speculative interest in the launch of Algorand.

Algorand went on to open its public test-net roughly 2 years later, after netting a reported $66 million in funding throughout 2023 and quietly accumulating high-profile talent in computer science, distributed systems, game theory, and more.

For example, lead development talent on IBM’s Blockchain team – which filed 89 blockchain patents in 2023 – recently jumped ship to Algorand. Similarly, Algorand just announced the on-boarding of Greg Golvin, colloquially known as the “Gandalf of Ethereum” for his contributions to the optimization of the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Algorand in their announcement post, detailed,

“Greg brings to Algorand over three decades of experience in all phases of computer software research and development. As a veteran scientist and engineer, Colvin will play an integral role in the creation of our atomic swaps, smart contracts, and virtual machines.”

The recent moves add to an already impressive ensemble of entrepreneurs, researchers, developers, and computer scientists working on making Algorand a reality. Besides Micali, who is a recipient of the Turing Award and Goedel Prizes in computer science, the Algorand CEO, Steve Kokinos, is the founder of both Fuze and BladeLogic Inc – two established enterprise-focused software firms with immense success. Add in the prominent entrepreneur and cryptography expert Naval Ravikant and Shafi Goldwasser, respectively, and the vision of Algorand’s potential is manifested.

The key additions for the Boston-based company are part of its preparation for the eventual roll-out of the Algorand public network, which will follow some core road map developments such as the Vault compression technology and Pixel digital signature scheme.

A More Conventional Business Dynamic

In an industry where prominent Bitcoin core developers have historically faced a rash of criticism from community observers and critics, and many open-source developers choose to remain anonymous, the growing role of public figures in a traditional company setting seems surprising, yet inevitable.

Gartner recently estimated that the value-added impact of blockchain technology is expected to hit more than $176 billion by 2025, and that product managers should prepare for the rapid evolution of a shifting competitive landscape.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the enterprise blockchain team structure needs to be overlooked. Permission-less networks don’t need to undergo a wholesale transition from their community-driven “rough consensus” model either.

However, projects like Cardano and Cosmos reveal that endeavors innovating at the edge of an esoteric market are increasingly taking the expert-driven development approach akin to the conventional startup arrangement.

It’s simply too challenging and time-consuming to bootstrap the organic community-contribution approach that anchor Bitcoin and Ethereum following years of expanding network effects.

Algorand seems presciently aware of this pending trajectory, and have been accumulating the leading talent behind the scenes to prove it.

The article was written by Ryan Evans.

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8 Best Crypto Presales Of 2023 – The Definitive In

Crypto presales can be a great opportunity to learn about and potentially buy exciting new tokens before they are released on the market. In this article we will explore the best crypto presales to invest in this year 2023.

This all-encompassing article, carefully curated and expertly composed, utilizes information from industry analysts and official documentation from the respective crypto presales in this list.

List of the 8 Best Crypto Presales:


Big Eyes


Pepe Coin

Love Hate Inu





ApeMax is a fun and exciting new crypto coin available for purchase at presale. ApeMax distinguishes itself thanks to its revolutionary tokenomics, allowing stakers to earn big rewards. ApeMax staking is in a league of its own, and this new system is referred to as boost-to-earn staking.

ApeMax staking allows token holders to boost or stake on entities they like, which can range from their favorite creators, celebrities, or even crypto and defi projects that they are fans of.

During the ApeMax presale phase, the presale price of ApeMax coins increases every day, which creates a fun sense of excitement. Early buyers can buy and save big by opting for the limited early bird loot boxes through which they can get their tokens at discounted prices of up to 50%.

ApeMax shines as a top new contender in the ranks of best crypto presales worth exploring in 2023.

Big Eyes

BigEyes is another top crypto presale coin and has achieved over $27 million in sales to date. This  lovable meme coin which uses cuteness as its currency, contrasts when compared to the predominant canine-themed tokens in the cryptocurrency world.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the Big Eyes Coin platform enables users to create and distribute NFT content using BIG tokens. Additionally, Big Eyes aims to allocate 5% of its total supply to environmental causes, including ocean sanctuaries.


Dogetti aims to establish itself as a leading player in the meme coin market. Led by Don Eloni, this doge-inspired cryptocurrency has been building its community through its successful coin presale.

Notably, Dogetti implements distinctive tokenomics, with taxes imposed on every transaction. These taxes are allocated to various purposes, including redistribution to holders.

Pepe Coin

Pepe Coin, a new meme cryptocurrency, created a frenzy in the crypto world with a market cap exceeding $1.6 billion in early May, but has since cooled and now stands below $350 million.

Love Hate Inu

Love Hate Inu’s crypto presale achieved impressive success, exceeding $10 million in sales and solidifying its position as a top crypto presale.

Led by Carl Dawkins, Love Hate Inu implements staking tokenomics, rewarding users with $LHINU tokens for participating in surveys and polls.


Ecoterra is actively promoting its objective of combating climate change through its crypto presale, encouraging users to participate in recycling activities with the Recycle to Earn token and a user-friendly app.


Tamadoge, a relatively new play-to-earn meme token, offers holders the chance to win weekly rewards and engage in various games available within their ecosystem’s arcade.

The token has garnered considerable attention in the media, being featured in respected publications such as Benzinga amongst others.


RenQ coin has garnered significant support from the crypto community and conducted one of the most successful presales, raising $19 million.

RenQ aims to bridge the gap between various blockchain networks, facilitating seamless asset exchange across chains.

8 Best Crypto Presales – Conclusion

Summing it up, this comprehensive handbook provides an intricate analysis and list of the 6 top crypto presales that are currently captivating the attention of the Web3 media, investors, and crypto buyers.

Crypto presales may not be for everyone, and it is important to understand that all cryptocurrencies can come with a certain degree of risks and volatility.

The exclusive ApeMax presale, available for a limited period, offers an excellent opportunity to explore the unique aspects of ApeMax coin in detail.

What is a Crypto Presale?

A crypto presale is an early phase of a cryptocurrency project where tokens are available for sale before the token is available on centralized and decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap.

Where can I find the best Crypto Presales?

Finding the best crypto presales can be challenging. That’s why it’s important to do a lot of independent research and due diligence by reading information from the press, from the coins’ official websites and whitepapers, and from helpful online resources.

How to buy crypto coins in a presale?

Crypto Daily Roundup: Larry Fink Says ‘Crypto Is Digitizing Gold’

This crypto daily roundup will keep you updated with latest updates and market trends

Cryptocurrencies have come a long way in gaining acceptance and recognition as a legitimate form of currency and investment. The global cryptocurrency market cap was trading lower, falling to $1.19 trillion as it lost as much as 2 percent in the last 24 hours. Binance will be ceasing support for deposits and withdrawals of the following Multichain-bridged tokens via the networks stipulated from 2023-07-07 until further notice. With this crypto daily roundup, you can jumpstart your day with the latest updates on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

Cryptocurrency Prices Witness Downtrend  Larry Fink says ‘crypto is digitizing gold’

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink said Bitcoin is an “international asset” in an interview that comes just weeks after the world’s largest asset manager applied to offer a spot in Bitcoin ETF.

In an interview with Fox Business, Fink added that instead of putting money into gold to hedge against inflation, investors could buy Bitcoin.

According to Larry, “The role of crypto is digitizing gold in many ways,” he further added, “What we’re trying to do with crypto is make it more democratized, and make it much cheaper for investors.”

Suspension of deposits a withdrawals for Multichain-bridged tokens

Binance will be ceasing support for deposits and withdrawals of the following Multichain-bridged tokens via the networks stipulated from 2023-07-07 until further notice. Deposits for multiple Multichain-bridged tokens were previously suspended on 2023-05-24 following the recent situation with the Multichain (MULTI) protocol.

In a July 5 update, Binance stated that its users would be unable to deposit or withdraw digital assets, including Travala, Alchemy Pay, Harvest Finance, Polkastarter, and others, across blockchain networks like Fantom (FTM), BNB Smart Chain, Ethereum (ETH), and Avalanche (AVAX).

Investigators at the CFTC have concluded that crypto lender Celsius Network

Investigators at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission have concluded that bankrupt crypto lender Celsius Network and its former chief executive officer broke US rules before the firm’s implosion, according to people familiar with the matter.

According to Bloomberg’s report, If a majority of the CFTC’s commissioners agree with that conclusion, the agency could file a case in federal court as soon as this month, said the people, who asked not to be identified discussing the confidential determination. Attorneys in the enforcement unit determined that Celsius misled investors and should have registered with the regulator and that former CEO Alex Mashinsky also broke regulations, said one of the people. 

Danish regulator orders Saxo Bank to stop own trading in crypto

Danish bank Saxo has been ordered by Denmark’s financial regulator to shed its crypto holdings, the authority announced on Wednesday.

Denmark’s financial watchdog ordered Saxo Bank to dispose of its holdings of crypto assets, saying banks aren’t allowed to conduct proprietary trading under current regulations.

“Saxo Bank A/S’ trading in crypto assets for its account has taken place to cover risks in connection with the offering of other financial products,” the statement said. “However, this does not change the fact that the activity, in itself, is not permitted for Danish financial institutions …”

Justin Bieber is deep in the red ever since joining the NFT world

Caged Beasts Coin: The Best Passive Income Option In Crypto

How does Caged Beasts Coin, a meme coin in presale, become the best passive income in the crypto market?

The world of crypto offers many pathways to riches, with the most prominent ones being active trading and staking. However, Caged Beasts Coin (BEASTS), a project in presale, has introduced a novel referral scheme that can upend the dynamics of the passive income space with its promise of high earnings. Read on to find out more about the project that has caught the eye of the market.

The Revolutionary Take on Passive Income

Caged Beasts Coin, the new meme coin currently in presale, has caught the fancy of the market within a short time. The project offers its holders an effortless and lucrative passive income stream with its novel referral scheme. The project’s unique referral program allows users to create referral codes when they link their wallets with the network. The referral codes can then be used to refer friends and family to the network.

When someone makes a deposit using a referral code, the owner of that code receives a handsome 20% of the deposit in ETH, USDT, or BNB. Meanwhile, the new investor also gets a reward with a 20% bonus in $BEASTS. The rewards are credited instantly to the code owner, making it the most seamless experience in passive income options.

The Best Passive Income Option

What sets Caged Beasts Coin apart is its high reward rate of 20%, making it the best passive income option available in the market. Compared to other options in staking, which has a typical yield of 6 to 9%, the Caged Beasts Coin’s yield makes it an investor’s delight instantly. The earning potential with the referral program is also unlimited, with no caps on the number of times a person can refer to the network.

A Clear Vision for the Future

It is not often that a meme coin project with a clear vision comes along. The Caged Beasts Coin did just that when it made its liquidity policy public. The project devotes 75% of tokens for the presale, and the rest will go towards marketing efforts. The liquidity policy’s clear breakdown ensures fair distribution and ensures enough liquidity for the project.

The open liquidity policy not only underlines Caged Beasts Coin’s clear sense of direction but also its emphasis on transparency. With the liquidity policy, the project has acquired a layer of credibility that makes it stand apart from projects of disrepute.

The Final Word

In a market that is accustomed to seeing passive income returns of 6 to 9%, the Caged Beasts Coin’s offer of a 20% yield through its referral program is revolutionary. The project becomes even more of an investor’s favourite with its promise of instant reward deposits and unlimited earning potential. To add the cherry on top, the project’s transparent policies have given it credibility and gained the confidence of investors. The project’s solid credentials have given it a leg up in the presale market, with the project grabbing the attention of the investors.

To Know More About Caged Beasts Coin:

The Best Upcoming Phones In The Uk This Year

We’ve already seen launches from the Samsung Galaxy S23, OnePlus 11, and Xiaomi 13 series, with more set to come in the next couple of months including big names like the iPhone 15 and Pixel 8 – not to mention key software upgrades in Android 14 and iOS 17.

We also know about the chipsets that power most of those flagship phones: the MediaTek Dimensity 9200 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Both have now been revealed, with features including hardware-enabled ray-tracing for gaming and Wi-Fi 7 connectivity, and we’ve seen the first phones already, with plenty more to come throughout 2023 (though of course, it’s never too early for rumours about this year’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and Dimensity 9300 launches).

Read on to ensure your next smartphone purchase is not immediately followed by regret, tying you into an unnecessarily lengthy contract. (Remember that there is a chance you could upgrade your contract early.)

Pro tip: As these new phones edge closer, the outgoing models will fall in price and you’ll be able to scoop up some great deals. If you’re not bothered about having the very latest tech, check out our take on the best phones you can buy today.

Best new phones coming out in 2023 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 & Z Flip 5 – UK launch expected on 26 July

Samsung has formed a habit of releasing its Z Flip foldables in August each year, but this year we’re getting the pair a fraction earlier, with official confirmation of a launch on 26 July.

The Flip 5 is expected to see some big changes, with the above leaked design suggesting a much larger external display is on the way.

By contrast, the Fold 5 will likely be more of the same, though both phones should benefit from improved hinges and the latest Snapdragon silicon.

Read more about the latest Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 rumours

Asus Zenfone 10 – On sale in the UK from 1 August

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

Asus has now revealed the diminutive Zenfone 10, which looks like a compact and capable follow-up to last year’s excellent Zenfone 9.

The phone is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, and like last year’s model does its best to fit the best of a flagship phone into a substantially smaller (and tougher) body – this time boosted by the worthwhile addition of wireless charging.

Battery life isn’t as good as on bigger devices (that’s physics I’m afraid), but it’s good enough – as is the dual rear camera.

If you can afford a flagship but want something a little smaller, this is likely the best option out there.

Read more about the Zenfone 10

iPhone 15 – UK launch expected in September

The iPhone 14 Pro

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

Apple hasn’t confirmed anything about the iPhone 15 yet, but based on the company’s track record we’ll almost certainly see it in September.

Early rumours suggest we’ll see the new Dynamic Island design extended to the regular models this time around, while the Pro Max may be re-branded the iPhone 15 Ultra and come with some extra upgrades including a revamped telephoto camera.

Both Pro/Ultra models may also get a new customisable ‘action’ button, though the long-rumoured move to haptic volume buttons has reportedly been scrapped.

Get the latest on the iPhone 15

Honor Magic V2 – UK launch expected in Q3 2023


Honor revealed the Honor Magic V2 – its third foldable, despite the name – on 12 July, though for now it’s only available in the Chinese market.

Still, the Magic Vs was given a UK launch earlier this year, so we’re optimistic that the V2 may join it eventually.

Upgrades include the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, improved triple camera, and stylus support, though the real highlight is the slim, lightweight design – this is both the thinnest and lightest large foldable phone yet.

Read more about the Honor Magic V2

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE – Expected Q3 2023

Samsung never released an S22 FE, but the company is rumoured to be returning its ‘Fan Edition’ flagship this year for the S23 line.

Leaks point to a design that’s surprisingly similar to the mid-range Galaxy A54, and a phone powered by Samsung’s own Exynos 2200 chipset. The highlight is likely to be the camera, with all signs pointing to the S23’s main camera re-appearing here in a more affordable form.

Read the latest on the Galaxy S23 FE

Solana Saga – Expected Q3 2023


The Solana Saga is the phone once known as the Osom OV1. It had been intended to launch as the debut phone from new start-up Osom, but re-branded after a partnership with blockchain company Solana to serve as a web3 handset.

Specs are high-end, with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, 6.67in OLED screen, 12GB RAM, and 512GB storage. Plus it has an additional ‘secure element’ to help keep financial information safe and secure during crypto transactions and when minting NFTs.

Read more about the Solana Saga.

OnePlus foldable – Q3 2023


Rumour has it that OnePlus is working on its debut foldable phone, and the company has now teased that we should see it revealed in Q3 2023, with some rumours pointing to August specifically.

Leakers think this will be a large foldable, based closely on either the Oppo Find N2 or its Find N3 successor – the two companies now share R&D, so that’s no real surprise. That means we can expect something like a 7.1in folding display, flagship Snapdragon chip, and triple rear camera including an ultrawide and telephotol.

As for names, right now people point to ‘OnePlus V Fold’, but of course it’s all speculation for now.

Read our round-up of the OnePlus foldable rumours for the latest hints.

Google Pixel 8 – October 2023

OnLeaks / Smartprix

Solid rumours about the next Pixel flagship phones are thin on the ground right now, but it’s a pretty safe bet that we’ll see them arrive in October 2023 – after all, every Pixel flagship so far has launched in October.

Google’s next Tensor chip should power the phone, and otherwise expect new camera features and reportedly an infrared temperature sensor in the Pro model. And maybe finally some faster charging?

Get the latest on the Pixel 8

Microsoft Surface Duo 3 – 2023/24

The Surface Duo 2


Microsoft has so far released two iterations of its unusual dual-screen foldable device, and we’re expecting the Duo 3 to follow them up some time either in late 2023 or early 2024.

It’s too early to say exactly what to expect, beyond the obvious: better specs, a refined design, and more polished software. Rumours have pointed to an end to the dual-screen design and a shift to a classic foldable form factor, but that would be a first for Microsoft.

The Duo 2 has come on leaps and bounds since its launch though, so we’re optimistic that Microsoft can pull off something special here.

Read the latest on the Surface Duo 3.

Xiaomi 14 – Expected in Q1 2024

Dominic Preston / Foundry

Xiaomi traditionally unveils its numbered flagship phones in China each December, with a global launch following early the next year, so that’s what we expect from the Xiaomi 14 line.

Specific specs are unknown for now, though an upgrade to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 is almost certain.

Leaks so far have also pointed to faster charging and bigger batteries, while we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Pro and Ultra’s 1in main camera sensor trickle down to the regular model.

Read more about the Xiaomi 14

OnePlus 12 – Expected in Q1 2024

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

It’s too soon to say much with confidence about the OnePlus 12, but the next generation flagship is likely to arrive in early 2024.

The first leaks point to a 6.7in QHD+ OLED display, the inevitable jump to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, and a potentially exciting upgrade to a periscope zoom camera – which would be a first for OnePlus.

There’s a lot more that we still don’t know yet, but we expect to find out plenty more soon.

Read more about the OnePlus 12

Oppo Find N3 Flip – Expected in Q1 2024

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

Oppo’s Find N2 Flip was given an end-of-year debut in China then launched worldwide a few months later, so we reckon we’ll see similar this year – and just like then, we think it’s likely we’ll see the Flip go international, but not the larger Find N3.

So far we don’t know what to expect from the next Oppo flip phone, though since it’ll only be the company’s second (despite the name) we think it’s likely we’ll see more evolution than revolution, so expect something fairly similar to the first gen.

Read more about the Find N3 Flip

Samsung Galaxy S24 – Expected in February 2024

The Galaxy S23 series

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

Samsung updates its flagship S-series like clockwork every February (or thereabouts) so we think we’ll see the Galaxy S24 turn up in February 2024.

It’s too early to say what’s coming, though an upgrade to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 is likely. Rumours point to a faster refresh rate in the Ultra model too, and maybe tweaks to the telephoto.

Get the latest Galaxy S24 rumours

iPhone SE 4 – 2024

The iPhone SE (2023)

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

Apple seems to be on a biannual release schedule for its budget-friendly iPhone SE, so after 2023 and 2023 models we’re not expecting to see the next iteration until early 2024.

The biggest question mark is around whether Apple will finally jump to a full-screen design for the phone, ditching the Home Button for good – and in turn if that will mean including FaceID in the SE for the first time.

It’s worth noting that some rumours have said the SE 4 has in fact been cancelled, so there’s a risk we won’t see it at all.

Read more about the iPhone SE 4.

Foldable iPhone/iPad – 2024/25

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

A folding iPhone has been rumoured ever since the first foldable display tech existed pretty much, but thanks to leaks and rumours we have pretty good reason to believe Apple is at least working on a foldable iPhone – or iPad, which has begun to look more likely.

Various analysts have predicted that we’ll see the tech appear first some time in 2024, though the year after remains a possibility. While many had hoped for a bendy iPhone, more recent reports suggest Apple may test the water with a larger folding iPad, with longer to wait for an actual phone – though if it can perfect the tech in that time it may well be worth the wait.

Check out all the foldable iPhone rumours so far.

This Might Be A Pivotal Week For Crypto And Digital Currencies

This week might turn out to be one of the most important points in the development of cryptocurrencies and digital payments.

While the UK launched the “Central Bank Digital Currency Taskforce” to explore the use of a national digital currency, the Turkish government has banned the use of cryptocurrencies for payments entirely. The differing reactions to potential digital payments show just how carefully countries, companies, and — most importantly — individual people need to tread when it comes to investing in digital currencies.

The decisions by the different governments are both revealing of their priorities and positions in the world, but also of the viability of cryptocurrencies going forward.

Turkey Bans Bitcoin

The Turkish Central Bank announced last Friday that it would be banning the use of cryptocurrencies for any transactions within the country.

The short statement read:

“Crypto assets entail significant risks to the relevant parties due to the following reasons:

they are neither subject to any regulation and supervision mechanisms nor a central regulatory authority,

their market values can be excessively volatile,

they may be used in illegal actions due to their anonymous structures,

wallets can be stolen or used unlawfully without the authorization of their holders, and

transactions are irrevocable.”

The new regulation introduced by the Turkish government went after payment service providers, rather than individual businesses.

“Payment service providers cannot develop business models in a way that crypto assets are used directly or indirectly in the provision of payment services and electronic money issuance, and cannot provide any services related to such business models,” read the regulation.

Accordingly, Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two largest cryptocurrencies, fell in value by 4% and 3.9% in value as a result of the announcement — perhaps confirming the country’s fears about volatility.

However, Turkey might have some other reasons for banning cryptocurrency use beyond its concerns about longevity.

“The Turkish lira has lost significant value in the last 12 months,” according to chúng tôi “It plunged about 16% in one day on March 2 after former central bank governor Naci Agbal was fired and replaced by Sahap Kavcioglu, the fourth central banker chief in two years.”

In fact, the Lira’s slumping value has created more interest in alternative payment methods in Turkey. “Cryptocurrency trading volumes between the beginning of February and March 24 hit 218 billion Lira ($26 billion) with a spike on the weekend of Agbal’s departure.”

However, volatile currencies are rarely the basis for effective and organized states which help protect their populations. While it seems Machiavellian of the Turkish government to ban cryptocurrencies as its central currency slumps, preserving stability is more important.

Britain Tests the Water

Over in London, however, the British government and the semi-independent Bank of England have announced a new taskforce to examine the benefits and pitfalls of issuing a new digital currency that could be used alongside cash.

The Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Taskforce has four main points of interest:

Coordinate exploration of the objectives, use cases, opportunities and risks of a potential UK CBDC.

Guide evaluation of the design features a CBDC must display to achieve our goals.

Support a rigorous, coherent and comprehensive assessment of the overall case for a UK CBDC.

Monitor international CBDC developments to ensure the UK remains at the forefront of global innovation.

China and Japan have also announced similar investigations into digital currencies.

Having a centralized digital currency seems like a more soft-touch way of introducing cryptocurrencies into society. However, the CBDC is likely to be eye-balling a cashless society, rather than building a techno-libertarian utopia of decentralized money and markets.

However, Britain already has a largely cash-free economy — within the major cities at least. A centralized digital alternative would certainly make sense in this context.

There are 10,000 fewer cash machines available in Britain today compared to just three years ago. However, 17% of the British population, more than eight million adults, have said they would struggle to adapt to a cashless society.

Britain needs to mindful of rushing in head-first into a digital-only world.

Crypto and Digital Currencies: What do they mean for you?

If you’re a regular consumer, the chance to invest in cryptocurrencies looks pretty inviting. The promise of big gains and profits, stoked by social media, is pretty enticing.

However, the uncertainty around cryptocurrencies is unlikely to see them take off in any major way for quite a while — don’t go cashing in your dollars for Dogecoin just yet.

The prospect of centrally backed digital currencies creates big opportunities for businesses. Small companies will almost certainly have to retool and get ready for cashless customs with new point of sale software and hardware solutions.

These changes could have serious ramifications for how our society functions in the future. But, in the meantime, we’d recommend caution before going all-in on digital payments.

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