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The Elder Scrolls: Blades Updates — The latest

The Elder Scrolls: Blades update 1.1 overview

The Elder Scrolls: Blades update 1.1 patch notes



A fearsome Ancient Dragon has been rampaging throughout a small kingdom. Team up with a self-proclaimed “dragonslayer” and work to defeat this terrible beast.

To get started on this quest, you’ll want to speak with Sorine in town after completing the quest, “The Treasure Hunter.”


Stand out from the townspeople a little more by adorning yourself in new jewelry you can craft at the Smithy or buy at the Enchanter’s Tower.

Like weapons and armors, jewelry comes in ten tiers.

Rings provide bonus ranks to Spells and abilities while necklaces provide bonus ranks to Perks.

Higher-tier jewelry can give ranks to more powerful skills, or even more ranks to less powerful ones.

Enchanted rings have the same primary enchantments as gauntlets.

Enchanted necklaces have brand new elemental Retaliation and Regeneration enchantments.

You can find a new Artifact, the Warlock’s Ring.

During the week of E3 2023, in addition to a new banner and Gems, you will be able to obtain the Crimson Kiss on iOS and Cascadia on Android.


New additions can be found to Jobs including some new scenery and new ways to test your skills in combat.

Take arms and fight NPC enemies one-on-one in Solo Arena Battle Jobs.

Get some fresh air with new Jobs that take place in the forest.

Some secrets have been added to select Jobs. Will you find them all?

Reward icons have been added to the Jobs Menu.

The average difficulty of Jobs at higher levels has been reduced.

The timing of the Elder Chest Job rewards has been randomized.

Materials to collect can now be picked up by tapping on the objective icon.

Food: Removed food from the very beginning of jobs.


Improvements and additions have been made to various audio around the world. If you thought you heard that townsperson speak you probably did!

New voice-over has been added to NPCs around town, during major quests, and in Solo Arena Battle Jobs.

You can now adjust any voice-over audio options in the Settings menu.

Dremora enemies now have unique audio.

New audio cues have been added when an enemy is stunned by a High Block and when a Wispmother blocks an attack.

Weapons that have poison applied to them now have new audio.

Walking audio has been added that changes depending on what armor you have equipped.

Music now continues where it left off once combat concludes.


Visual Effects: The Ebony Mail artifact now emits smoke.


Chests: Elder and Legendary Chests can no longer be lost. They are now still added to your chests if received while at full chest capacity.

Difficulty: We’ve improved the accuracy of Skull difficulty ratings. Now the difficulty rating will only depend on your currently equipped items.

Dev Note: The Skull ratings are now more accurate in more situations, and at all levels, but we’re keeping a close eye on them to identify any remaining cases that need improvement.

Leveling: The player level cap has been increased to 100! To complement this adjustment, we’ve also added new level up rewards and offers, as well as more challenging jobs.

Dev Note: In order to curb high-level power, level ups over 50 no longer award attribute increases or Skill Points.


Difficulty: The Abyss difficulty has been revised. We’ve also added messaging to identify the recommended starting floor.

Dev Note: The new balancing provides a more consistent degree of challenge for all players.

Display: Added a celebration when surpassing your current depth record.

Enemies: High-level Dremora can now drop Daedra Hearts and Daedroth Teeth in the Abyss.

Enemies: High-level Dragons can now drop Dragon Bones, Dragon Scales, and Dragon Claws in the Abyss.

Options: Added the option to return directly to town after an Abyss run.

Rewards Display: The next Abyss reward name now displays on screen.

Rewards: Increased how many enemies must be killed to earn the first bonus reward.


Attacks: Slowed down some Skeleton, Wight, Bear, and Giant Spider attacks.

Drops: Added possible item drops to Spiders, Skeletons, Goblin Wizards, Necromancers, Thalmor Agents, Warmasters, Trolls, Outcasts, and Nether Liches.

Shulkunaak: Updated Shulkunaak’s scales to a unique new color.


Effects: Standardized the prevention of negative effects inflicted by skills. The effects of Ice Spike, Blind, Paralyze, Guardbreaker, Harrying Bash, and Staggering Bash can now all be avoided with the Absorb spell, as well as by dodging all of the skill’s damage with a Dodging Strike.


Main Quest: Added dialogue and cutscenes to the last two quests of the main questline.

Five Stones Quest: Reduced the difficulty of the Undead Dragon in The Five Stones quest.

Mercenaries on the Run: Replaced the Leather reward for completing the Mercenaries on the Run quest with Pearls.

Quest Items: Assigned higher rarities to important quest items.


Construction: Revised building construction, upgrade and customization costs, as well as associated Prestige rewards.

Dev Note: The new balancing makes upgrading and customizing more important to growing your town, with greater Prestige rewards for doing so. Customizing to Stone style now requires Bronze, and customizing to Castle style requires Bronze and Marble, but both materials are now easier to find.

Decorations: Two unique decorations have been added to giveaway during E3, the Apple Pie (iOS) and Sweet Roll banners (Android).

Decorations: Added new decorations to craft in the Workshop.

Decorations: Added new decorations that will appear in the Store over time.

Materials: Increased Bronze and Marble drop rates in chests. Reduced drop rate of alchemy materials.

Materials: Added new collection jobs to find Bronze or Marble.

Prestige Rewards: Prestige rewards have been added when earning and purchasing decorations.


Display: Added buttons to clearly show when Gems can be spent to replace missing gold or materials.

Display: Added a button that appears when a challenge is completed to go directly to the Challenges Menu to claim your reward.

Inventory Menus: Improved filtering options and default sorting in shop and inventory menus.

Lists: Fixed a bug that would return a list to the top whenever an action was taken on an item in that list.

Loading Screen: Added loading screen tips about enemy damage types.

Menus: Updated the Tips Menu with new and revised content.

Notifications: Added a notification for players that stop playing without collecting the daily reward.

Settings: Increased maximum camera sensitivity.

Store: Fixed a bug that displayed two daily rewards in the Store.

Tutorials: Added tutorials for new players about quests, town building, and device orientation.



Description: Fixed a text bug that referred to “Quicksilver Armor” as “Blades Armor”.

Scrolls: Fixed a bug that made Scrolls of Revival take up inventory space.

Weapons: Fixed a bug that drastically lowered the power of the Onyx Cleaver and Onyx Saber’s regeneration reduction effects.

Collection: Fixed a bug that prevented you from collecting an item that was too close to you.


Animation: Fixed a visual bug that prevented enemies from reacting to the Thunderstorm spell’s bolts.

Animation: Fixed visual issues with the elves encountered at the start of The Five Stones quest.

Graphics: Fixed a visual bug that gave the Dwarven War Axe the same look as the Dwarven Battleaxe.

Graphics: Fixed a visual bug where the dragon on an Imperial banner would face the wrong direction.

Visual Effects: Fixed a visual bug that made the bolts emitted by the Lightning Bolt and Delayed Lightning Bolt spells look like they were interrupted when they were not.

Visual Effects: Fixed a visual bug that misplaced certain visual effects on enchanted weapons.


Health: Fixed an issue that would cause your Health to not restore fully upon reviving after death.

Combos: Fixed a bug where going from attack to block to attack would turn the second strike into a combo.


Abilities: Fixed a bug that prevented abilities from working correctly when used near the end of a Dodging Strike performed with a light weapon.

Enchantments: Fixed a bug that made the Fortify Elemental Condition, Elemental Adrenaline, and Elemental OPPOrtunist secondary enchantments too powerful when applied to damage over time.

Enchantments: Fixed a display bug where the value shown for a weapon’s primary enchantment was not increased by a Fortify Primary Enchantment effect.

Perks: Fixed an issue that stopped the Combat Focus perk from applying to Reckless Fury.

Perks: Fixed a bug that applied the Enchantment Synergy perk to shield and armor material bonuses.

Perks: Fixed a bug that prevented the Enchantment Synergy perk from working, when first learned, until a new area was loaded.

Resistances: Fixed an issue that drastically reduced the effectiveness of Fire Resistance against the Wall of Fire spell.


Display: Fixed a bug that made the Skill buttons unresponsive.

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Major Update To Moz Local In June 2023

Moz Local is unveiling an important update to its service in June 2023. I interviewed David Pierce, a software engineer for Moz about this update. He shares details on the improvements that promise to make Moz Local even more useful for managing online listings in local search.

Moz Local is adding new distribution partners, growing the features and analytics tools to help Moz Local users take charge of their organic listings.

Here are Moz’s details about the new update:

“The new Moz Local platform builds upon a strong foundation of duplicate detection and search-based approach, and will now incorporate:

Full location data management across the platforms that matter most, with real-time updates

Review management and social posting to engage directly with customers and push content across the local ecosystem

Deep integrations with Google and Facebook for reporting and management

Robust data cleansing process to ensure proper formatting for submission to third-party platforms

Automated duplicate detection and deletion to save time and ensure accuracy across the web

Store locator and location pages to provide search engines with a consistent source of data and content

Suggestion engine for customized recommendations for increased accuracy, completeness, and consistency”

Interview with David Pierce, Software Engineer at Moz

What does Full Location Data Management mean and how does that help a small business generate more inquiries and/or sales?

“With so much information available across the web, it’s critical to own your own data at the source. In terms of your business or brand’s location data, ownership and management of that data can make or break a customer’s ability to find you, whether you’re a small business or one of many locations with a large enterprise.

Providing accurate, complete, and consistent information about your business will allow for customers to get in touch, find your storefront, give you a call, and more — making this a critical piece for a small business’s growth of both general inquiries and sales.

The new Moz Local will bring improved location data management through active, continuous syncing to our expanded partner network, ensuring that customers can find you the moment they need you.”

Regarding review management, how does this integrate with Google and Facebook, and how does this affect lead generation?

“Review management integrates with both Google and Facebook, an improvement upon review monitoring in the existing Moz Local tool.

Management of your reviews and online reputation allows you to not only keep up with what customers are saying about you, but also respond to any feedback and engage with customer-generated content.

Reviews have significant impact on purchasing decisions and visits to local businesses. According to data from 3D Cart, 82% of buyers consider user-generated reviews to be “extremely valuable.” These types of findings make the management of your online reputation more important than ever.”

Data cleansing: What kinds of errors does this help spot?

“Data cleansing is a new, improved process to ensure data accuracy. The data cleansing service is both an automated and manual review process conducted by our team to confirm that your location data is accurate and properly formatted for successful submission to the data partner network.

Additionally, location data is formatted differently for some partners. For instance, some of our partners require parentheses around the area code of a phone number, while others do not. Our data quality teams will verify that data submitted to each distribution partner meets their particular formatting guidelines.”

What are store locator and location pages?

“For large enterprises or brands with many locations, the store locator is a widget that can be integrated into a website to help searchers find the locations nearest to them.

The location pages feature allows our users to build individual pages for each location, hosting location-specific information and locally relevant content. These are both new to the Moz Local feature set.”

“Three primary factors support an effective online presence and improve local search results for a business: accuracy, completeness and consistency.

The profile suggestion engine is a new feature designed to help our customers reach profile completeness. It will highlight data from other verifiable sources as suggestions to add to your location’s profile — meaning location descriptions, phone numbers, opening hours, and more are complete and consistent across the web.”

Moz Local Improves

Moz Local has been described to me by a successful real estate professional as a no-brainer for anyone in local search. He said it was something every small business should subscribe to by default. So it’s exciting to see Moz is taking the initiative to improve what already regarded as an indispensable service.

Update: Oneplus One Hands On And First Impressions

In just 4 months OnePlus have managed to build enough hype and excitement around their brand and first ever device to make even the likes of Xiaomi jealous! If you haven’t already read the full details of the OnePlus One and its amazing price you can see them here in our earlier post, if you are ready then keep reading for the first OnePlus One hands on and first impressions.

Keep in mind that the OnePlus One in these images is a pre-production sample and that some of the features of CM11S were not added yet.

Update: Added the OnePlus One video hands on below also so you don’t need to go from post to post.

OnePlus One Hands on

There are going to be obvious comparisons made between the OnePlus One and the Oppo Find 7a so let’s start with the similarities in design.

Picking the OPO up for the first time you can feel the difference in weight between it and the Oppo Find 7. The OnePlus One is lighter than the Find 7, weighing 162g compared to 170g, thanks to the magnesium frame but it is the distribution of the weight which is most notable. The OPO feels more balanced in your hands than the Find 7a and with slightly narrower edges and a flatter rear also feels a more comfortable in the hand too.

The white model shown in these photos has the Silk white rear panel. OnePlus tell us the finish is made from cashew nuts, the result is a soft to the touch finish that feels much better than the simple textured rear of the Find 7a.

Physical controls on the OPO are just a single power button and volume rocker, but these are on the opposite sides to the Find 7a. So the power button is on the right where as the volume rocker is on the left. This took a bit a re-learning, but once you remember it isn’t a problem and the actual location of each button seems to land beneath your fingers more accurately. Again a small detail but a nice one.

The stereo speakers are located in the base of the OnePlus One, either side of the USB. Sound was pretty good, but we were told that there will be some adjustments for the final production model.

This being an international version of the OPO the rear of the phone has a CyanogenMod logo (the Chinese version of the phone will ship with ColorOS). The camera and dual LED flash are surrounded by a metal place similar to that on the Oppo Find 5, and the OnePlus Logo is carved out of the shell material.

On to the front of the phone and you can see that we have a 5.5-inch 1920 x 1080 display from JDI, front facing 5 mega-pixel camera with 80 degree lens to the left of the receiver, an LED notification light between the two, and capacitive navigation buttons on the chin of the phone. Dimensions are 152.9 x 75.9 x 8.9mm, so slightly wider and longer than the Find 7 but not quite as thick.

The screen on the OnePlus One sits away from the body with the bezels a few mm below. This creates a metal lip around the phone which is said to help protect the display if the phone is dropped on its edges. It also adds a nice design flourish to the already good-looking chassis.

If you saw the words “capacitive buttons” and decided that the OPO isn’t the phone for you just hold on as you can easily turn on onscreen buttons if you prefer, but doing so will disable the capacitive controls.

OnePlus One hands on – CyanogenMod 11s

The Cyanogenmod 11S build on these pre-production phones isn’t the final one so the icons aren’t the final ones and some of the features were missing. The production phone will have the icons seen in the press images here, and additional features will be added in time.

What we did learn though was that CM11s will be able to support themes designed for other ROMs so if for example you had a favourite MIUI theme you wanted to use there should be no problem using it.

Other features in CM11S include enhanced security, the voice command feature which activates when hearing “OK, OnePlus” and a new CyanogenMod camera application. The camera app has Normal, HDR, Night, Sport modes along with filters. Switching between them is simply a matter of sliding up or down on the screen, much faster and nicer to use than the menu options in ColorOS.

We’ll wait for our review unit to arrive and for the final build of CM11S to launch to make a full review, but what we could see on the phones we tested was a nice base, with snappy performance and happily uncluttered.

OnePlus One video hands on

OnePlus One first impressions

I had a good long time to play with the OnePlus One flagship and overall came away with the impression that this is the phone Oppo could have had as the Find 7.

From just $299 the OnePlus One has a better looking design, better balance and weight and is slightly more comfortable to hold than the Find 7. What makes matters worse is the OPO gets a 2.5Ghz Snapdragon 801 CPU, 3GB RAM, the same camera specs, optional covers and a larger 3100mAh battery than the Find 7 too!

Sure the OPO misses a removable battery, VOOC fast charging, memory expansion and cool LED notification beam, but for the price it represents amazing value for money, even more so than Xiaomi phones (for international customers at least).

But there are some important questions;

Is it worth buying the OnePlus One if you already have the Find 7a?

Is the OnePlus One the Flagship killer it was promised to be?

So do you need a Find 7 and OPO? I would say no. If you already have the Find 7 it would seem pointless to buy the OnePlus One, unless of course you have plenty of extra cash for phones or if you feel like being a part the OnePlus phenomenon. On the other hand if you are choosing between the Find 7 and Oneplus One, the OPO would be my personal choice.

Is the OnePlus One really the flagship killer it was promised to be? This is a difficult one to answer as different users want different things from their devices. If you want amazing hardware, great usability, Cyanogenmod all at an amazing price then there is really nothing on the market to touch the OnePlus One yet. If you need the best of the best i.e a 2K display, f1.8 aperture etc then there are other options out there, but are they really worth the extra cost?

What do you think of the OnePlus One? Is this the phone you imagined? Are you impressed or did you wish for more?

[ OnePlus ]

[ OnePlus ]

The Best New Features In The Fall 2023 Windows Update

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UPDATE: Microsoft has currently paused the rollout of its most recent windows update due to reports of it deleting users’ files. You can read the official statement from Microsoft here.

Operating system updates have gotten a lot more exciting in recent years. Whether it’s Android, iOS or Windows, fresh features from an update can make your gadget feel new again. The current 2023 Fall Windows Update is rolling out now. Here’s what you can expect with your download.

The end of interrupting updates

Windows has a bad reputation for installing updates and requiring restarts when it’s inconvenient. Now, however, the new version of the OS uses machine learning to figure out when you’re working to prevent an interruption. Even if you’re not actively working on your machine, it will use AI to try and figure out if you just stepped away for a minute rather than calling it quits for the night.

An improved clipboard

Your computer’s clipboard has always been kind of mysterious. It’s easy to lose things to the digital aether by accidentally overwriting something you copied earlier or just wondering if it even copied in the first place. Windows now integrates the cloud into the copy and paste process. Pressing Window + V syncs your clipboard across all of your Windows devices and you can see your clipboard’s history on all gadgets.

It’s particularly handy if you’re working across several Windows computers (like one at work and one at home) and you want to make sure that you have access to the same stuff on both.

Improves screenshots

The process of taking and annotating a screenshot has been steadily improving over the years. Now, Windows has spun its Screen Sketch feature into its own stand-alone app instead of rolling it into Microsoft Ink.

When you take a screenshot, you can select a specific area of the display to capture, then write or draw on it to add messaging or highlight specific areas of the image. This eats the lunch of some third party screen capture apps, but it seems like an obvious inclusion for the Windows OS when so many of the Microsoft devices are Surfaces with an emphasis on the pen as an input.

Ray Tracing support

This is not a feature you’re going to use right now, but in the future, ray tracing tech could be an important development in the way people play PC games. Without going into the hardcore technical aspects of the process (here’s a good guide if you want to dive in), it changes how PC games render lighting effects on in-game objects. It requires a lot more processing power, but creates more realistic graphics.

It’s a nerdy development for now, but in the long run, it could make current games look to you like old Playstation games look right now.

Task Manager helps track your battery usage

Some apps drain more battery power than others, but it’s not always clear which program is acting like a vampire and sucking the life from your cells. The Task Manager—which lets you see what processes are running on your machine—now has a battery column so you can see how much actual power each app is soaking up along with stats about disk, memory, network, and processor usage.

The indicators are still kind of basic—most apps will just say “very low” so don’t expect a percentage or exact number. But, this kind of monitoring can give you insight to help squash unexpected battery sucks that could leave you powerless.

Dark Mode extends to File Explorer

We’re entering an era of darkness when it comes to operating systems and, frankly, it’s pretty great. A few weeks ago, the MacOS update enabled a new dark color scheme for its computers and now Windows offers the same dusky look on updated machines.

The new Windows update includes all the native apps, including Explorer. It does not, however, include Microsoft’s Edge browser, which you’ll have to turn on independently.

The Latest Update For Nothing Phone (2): Exciting Camera Improvements And More

Nothing Phone (2) Update Brings Camera Improvements

Indeed, the update appears to be significant, as indicated by its changelog. It brings a host of camera-related improvements, including:

1. Portrait mode now supports 2x zoom. This allows better compositions and focus on subjects.

2. There is support for motion capture in 50MP mode now. Users can now capture moving objects with better clarity.

3. HDR effectiveness has been optimized across the board, resulting in improved dynamic range and better-balanced exposures in photos.

4. Photo clarity at zoom rates between 4x and 10x gets enhancements. Zoomed-in shots will be clearer on the Nothing Phone (2) now.

6. The update also addresses certain video shooting improvements. They include reducing lag when capturing videos and introducing a better stabilization algorithm. This will make the device capture a smoother and steadier video footage.

Other Areas that Have Been Improved with the New Update for Nothing Phone (2)

In addition to the camera-related improvements, this update also brings enhancements in other areas:

Gizchina News of the week

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1. Battery and charging performance in extreme conditions gets improvements. This will ensure better reliability and longevity even in challenging environments.

2. Wireless charging and Battery Share (reverse wireless charging) more consistent now.

3. Face unlocking performance has been enhanced. The company has enhanced this feature to make it quicker and more accurate in recognizing the user’s face.

4. The fingerprint sensor’s performance has also been improved. The sensor will now be faster and more reliable.

These updates cater to various aspects of the phone’s functionality, aiming to provide users with a more refined and reliable overall experience when using the Nothing Phone (2).

Additional Improvements for the Nothing Phone (2)

With this update, the Nothing Phone (2) introduces several new features and improvements. You can now use Glyphs to track your incoming Uber ride’s progress. You can also add widgets to your lock screen and Always-on-Display easily now. Additionally, the update includes four new wallpapers. A one-handed mode for easier use, reworked Nothing Machine ringtones and notification sounds from Phone (1). Users also have the option to directly add most frequently used Quick Settings tiles to the home or lock screens.

How to Get the New Nothing Phone (2) Update 

Just like any other phone brand, the Nothing Phone (2) update will roll out over-the-air. One good thing about this update is the size of the file. With all these new improvements and enhancements, the whole update package is just 105MB in size. Those who are yet to receive their orders will see the update during the setup process. Else, they can navigate to the update screen in the System settings to install the update.


With this update, the Nothing Phone (2) brings several new features and improvements. You can now track your incoming Uber ride’s progress using Glyphs and add widgets to your lock screen and Always-on-Display. Additionally, you’ll receive four new wallpapers, a one-handed mode for easier use. A reworked Nothing Machine ringtones and notification sounds from Phone (1), and the ability to add your most frequently used Quick Settings tiles directly to your home or lock screens.

The 5 Best New Features In Windows 10’S 1809 Update

Every October Microsoft releases a major update to Windows that (hopefully) fixes the biggest bugs and gripes, while also bringing new features into this OS-as-a-service product.

While there were quite a few problems with the 2023 “1809” update that caused a two month delay, it should now be available through the regular update service.

Table of Contents

If you’re already running 1809 or are just looking forward to it, here are some feature highlights you can look forward to in the newest Windows version.

Finally, Dark Mode for Explorer!

Microsoft already provided a Dark theme in a previous update, but unfortunately Windows Explorer itself retained its white background.

Dark modes and themes are pretty much everywhere these days. Not only do they make screens easier to read in the dark, they reduce screen power consumption. Most importantly, they look pretty cool to boot.

Enabling Dark mode for Windows apps couldn’t be easier. First Go to Settings – Personalization – Colors. 

Now scroll down to the bottom of the window.

Under Default App Mode choose Dark. Now Windows Explorer will have a dark background and your eyes will thank you.

The Snip & Sketch Screenshot Tool

Windows 10 had much better support for screenshot editing out of the box than previous versions. However, the tools available were a little fragmented and with the 1809 update there is now one tool to rule (and replace) them all. The Snip and Sketch tool.

You can find this tool with all your other apps or by simply typing its name in the Start Menu search bar. With it you can easily capture and edit screenshots with ease.

Your Phone App for Android Users

Like it or not, smartphones are now a part of almost everyone’s daily life. So Microsoft has decided to integrate Android phones into the Windows Desktop using a new application known as Your Phone.

There is no indication when or if other phone OSes will ever be fully supported, but if you have an Android smartphone you can now send texts and view photos. There are also some limited iOS functions. Specifically sending web pages from your iPhone to Windows.

You can find the app among your other Windows apps. The fastest way to access is is by searching for “Your Phone” it in the Start Menu.

Now you just need to sign in with your Microsoft account to complete the link.

Now you’re ready to start sharing content between your phone and Windows desktop.

Start Menu Search Upgrades

The search functions in the Start Menu have been expanded substantially. Now when you search for something you’ll see several tabs to categorize the results. There are also more relevant web results, with shortcuts to download or install an app.

The search itself is also now much faster, coming up at the same time it takes for the Start Menu itself to appear.

The Supercharged, Cloud-powered Clipboard

The humble Clipboard has also received a major overhaul. Now when you copy something to the Clipboard there are more things you can do than just paste it somewhere.

For example,you can now stack your copied items by activating the Clipboard History. If you press Windows+V then you can see that history and pick the item you want to paste.

You can also choose to sync clipboard data to the cloud and then to you other devices.

Windows, Reloaded

The Windows 10 of today is already much more mature and refined than when it first launched. Despite a rough start, the 1809 update has brought some truly useful and welcome changes to the system. Enjoy!

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