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The Apple Watch’s arrival in stores Friday failed to draw the same crowds that greeted the launch of the iPhone 6—but this may be a sign that Apple fans are prepared to queue overnight to buy, but not just to try. Online, the smartwatch is already sold out until June.

They can also preorder the watch, which won’t go on sale until April 24, but since this is done via Apple’s online store, they could just as easily order at home, or through Apple’s mobile app.

It’s little wonder that Apple is encouraging people to buy online rather than hold inventory in store: With three models of Watch, each available in two sizes and two colors, and a variety of bracelet options, the company has created a stock-keeping nightmare for itself. It shows 38 models of the watch on its website, though even that doesn’t take into account all possible variations of case and strap color.

There are a few customers impatient to try before they buy: In central Sydney, two dozen people waited under a light drizzle for the Apple Store to open at 9 a.m.

First in line was William Prütz, 20, from Sweden, who has spent the last five months in Australia. He is already a fan of watches, and sported a US$1,000 Certina, a Swiss brand, on his left wrist. Acquiring an Apple Watch could pose a dilemma for him: “I don’t want to replace this one,” he said.

Prütz already has the iPhone needed to make calls via the Watch, which doesn’t have a cellular connection. He is most interested in the health-related applications, as he’s a cyclist and does other training.

Tim Hornyak

He said he’s been a fan of watches since he was six or seven years old, when his parents bought him one as a gift. He was crushed when he lost it.

The Watch attracted a similarly low-key gathering at an Apple store in Shenzhen, China.

“It’s very light, and has some pretty good features,” he said. “The price for sports model is okay, but I don’t think a lot of people will buy the gold one, because the features are all the same as the other models.”

Michael Kan

Xie, a venture capitalist, has been investing in smart hardware, and wanted to know more about Apple’s latest product. “A lot of other smartwatches use Android, but I want to pick Apple because of its App store,” he said.

In Japan, mobile carrier SoftBank will also sell the Apple Watch through its stores.

The large store had been remodeled to highlight the watch, with SoftBank’s Pepper robot, a prominent display until Friday, relegated to the downstairs level. Nobody paid any attention to the white humanoid as it gesticulated and spoke to no one in particular.

Customers, predominantly male, tried on the regular version of the Apple smartwatch and the sport model as attendants offered them bands in various colors and materials.

SoftBank staff and journalists seemed to outnumber the customers. Within 90 minutes of its opening, the lineup outside the SoftBank store had dwindled to nothing. The Apple fans who showed up, though, were enthusiastic about the new gizmo.

Tim Hornyak

A SoftBank shop attendant helps Tomoki Hasegawa, 38, choose an Apple Watch on Friday in Tokyo. The smartphone app developer said the smartwatch reminded him of cool wrist gadgets used by superheroes on TV shows he watched as a kid.

Hasegawa said he doesn’t know what the smartwatch does in detail, but was excited to have ordered one. He expects to receive it sometime after April 24.

Electrician Taiki Kamata, 45, plans to use the Sport version he ordered to view messages while in meetings or when talking to people, without having to whip out his iPhone 6 Plus.

“The Apple Watch seems like it works much better than my Sony SmartWatch 2, which is sluggish,” he said.

“I chose the 38 mm size because I’m used to the small screens on Japanese ‘garakei’ flip phones,” she said.

Susie Ochs

Beyond Australia, China and Japan, the Apple Watch is also appearing Friday in stores in Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, the U.K. and the U.S.

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Latest Scams To Watch Out For!

Latest Scams to Watch Out for!

In this article we will try to explain some of the latest scams.


It is the latest form of attack developed by attackers to target mobile phone users. What the hackers do is they trick the user into downloading a Trojan horse, virus or other malware onto his smartphone via SMS.

SMiShing is abbreviation for “SMS phishing”.

Hackers send a message to users stating there’s a problem with the bank account. If user responds to such message, scammer gets to know he has got a genuine contact number and then he starts using all the tactics to get more personal information of the user to hack into his account.


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Shimmers Generally, chip based cards are on target as they are now used mostly. Tech-support Fraud

It is not something new but the tactics used these days are new. Sometime or the other we all face problem with our PC – it freezes suddenly or displays pop up messages that annoy us. When we want to fix them, a small message with a phone number appears, mentioning they can help to fix the problem. What user does is he calls on the number in hope of getting the issue fixed, without realizing he is falling for a trap.

This scam is referred to as class of telephone fraud where scammer claims to be legitimate technical support, but in reality, he is scammer. It is a form of online scam that is gaining popularity and is on the rise. The scammer uses social engineering and anxiety strategies to trick the user and make money. If you fall prey to any of these tactics you should handle them intelligently. If you receive any tech call and they ask you to pay for a plan to get the things fixed, don’t share your card number with them. Tech support scams are rapidly increasing and one small error made by us can make us pay a huge amount. Therefore, being cautious is the best way to stay secure from such attacks.

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We hope you found this article helpful and it will help you to stay safe from such scams.

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The Six Steps Of Personal Selling

Personal selling is an age-old method in the marketing of products or services. It is an integral branch of the traditional marketing channel and is mixed today even with the digital marketing channels to have a blasting marketing mix. Personal selling is the process through which the sales representative of the company interacts with potential consumers in the market and tries to persuade them to purchase the product or services of the company. It also helps the company create brand awareness. It is effective for the company −

In converting the non-users into users of the product or service.

in maintaining good relationships with the existing consumers of the company.

It also aids the brand in converting competitors’ customers into company customers.

Hence, in this article, along with a basic understanding of personal selling, we will take a deep dive into the six-step process of personal selling and how companies can exploit the same for their benefit.

The crucial six steps of personal selling

Personal selling is a method of marketing at the moment. Though it can be classified into the following steps so that a newbie can understand it better and even companies can understand where they are lacking instead of just making a broad statement that it is not working out. The steps of personal selling are −

Companies also have to make important calls regarding their approach to communication. Are they going to pay a personal visit, make a phone call, send an email, or what? The more time the company invests in pre-approach and learning about its customers, the less time there is going to be for buying.

Presentation and demonstration of the product offering − this is the stage where the salesperson connects with the buyer and seller. At this point, the sales representative gives the customer a demo of their product, service, and company profile. Here, the salesperson should answer the major questions, like why should the company invest in the product if they do have to invest, and why they should invest in their company and not the myriad other companies out there. If they are trying to make the customers switch brands, then they should explain why their brand is better than the one they are using currently. Here, the customer will need direct facts but not too many facts.

Visual representation and colors will be great in this case. However, the salesperson cannot just memorize one speech and use it for all their pitches. They have to keep reading the room while demonstrating and adjusting to the needs of the customers. Every buyer has different pain points that the sales representative has to understand and address. Some buyers will only focus on the utilitarian benefits, while others will also want the hedonistic benefits.

Overcoming objections − It is not going to be a smooth journey. Consumers are going to have many psychological objections as well as monetary objections. Psychological objections include reasons like why to change, preference for the established source of the brand, unpleasant associations with the sales representative, resistance to change, unwanted documentation, dislike for making decisions, and others. This is where the salesperson must shine. He is suggested to ask the customer questions that are going to make them believe in the product of the company, help them in answering their own questions, or deny the validity of the objection.

The sales representative has to stand strong on their foot but make the audience feel like he is on their side. One mantra for the sales representative at this stage of personal selling could be that they have to “sell the price” rather than the “sell-through price”.

Sales representatives have to understand that this is not the chronology that they will face in every sale that they close. They might skip certain steps by jumping from one to another multiple times before closing the deal. It all depends on the industry, product type, and product range.

Drawbacks of personal selling as a method of the marketing mix

Personal selling is a costly proposition since the companies have to employ manpower and keep them motivated and trained to do the job.

For humans, there is a limit to the number of customers that they can reach on a particular day. Hence limited reach.

Not all customers are receptive and open-armed toward the salespeople. Consumers nowadays prefer knowing about things when they want to, not when they are forced to.

In spite of the negatives of personal selling mentioned above, personal selling is a very effective method to close deals. It requires a lot of effort, as discussed above, but is effective and impactful as well. It is very much preferred in the case of B2B companies, technological products, and others. Companies should include personal selling in their digital marketing mix.

How To Use The Apple Watch Side Button

Although the Digital Crown on the Apple Watch steals the spotlight, the Side button is equally—if not more—important. You can get a lot more out of a watchOS device if you know its capabilities.

Not only is the Side button convenient for everyday actions like switching among recent apps or making purchases over Apple Pay, but it’s also vital when troubleshooting the device or during emergencies. We’ll show you multiple ways to use the Apple Watch’s Side button.

Table of Contents

Open the Apple Watch’s Dock

Your Apple Watch (Amazon, Best Buy) comes with a Dock that displays a list of ten recently-opened apps. Just press the Side button once, and you can invoke it anywhere—from the watch face, the Home Screen, or while inside an app.

You can also customize the Dock by displaying a list of your favorite apps. To do that:

Open the Watch app on your iPhone and tap

My Watch







and add the apps you want.

Restart Your Apple Watch

Every now and again, Apple’s smartwatch will encounter technical glitches preventing it from working correctly. The best way to fix that is to restart the device. The Side button can help you with that.

Press and hold the


button until you see the power and emergency options screen.

Tap the


icon on the top right.

Drag the

Power Off

slider to the right.

Wait 30 seconds.

Hold the


button again until you see the Apple logo.

Note: If your Apple Watch runs watchOS 8 or older, you’ll see the Power Off slider immediately after holding down the Side button.

Force-Restart Your Apple Watch

A force-restart goes beyond a conventional restart by rebooting the Apple Watch at the hardware level. It’s useful when you encounter freezes and crashes preventing your watchOS device from working. Again, the Side button comes in handy, but you must also throw the Digital Crown into the mix.

Press and hold both the


button and the

Digital Crown


Wait until the screen turns off and the Apple logo appears. That could take 15-20 seconds.

Release both buttons.

Force-Quit Apple Watch Apps

Like on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, it’s common to run into instances where Apple Watch apps freeze as you interact with them. When that happens, you don’t always have to force-restart the device.

Instead, forcibly close the app, and it’ll likely work after you relaunch it. You must use the Side button in combination with the Digital Crown for that.

Press and hold the


button until you see your Apple Watch’s power and emergency options screen.

Press and hold the

Digital Crown

until you see the watch face.

Visit the Home Screen and relaunch the app.

Go to the watchOS Home Screen

If the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch fails to work, you can still get to the Home Screen using the Side button. But how?

Press the


button to open the Dock.

Scroll all the way to the bottom.


All apps


Make Purchases Using Apple Pay

Assuming you’ve taken the time to set up Apple Pay on your Apple Watch, you can use the Side button to pay for purchases in a store. Just:

Pick a card or use the default that’s on the screen.

Hold your wrist over the contactless reader.

To use Apple Pay while making a purchase within an app:

Choose the

Apple Pay


Review your billing and shipping information.

View the Time in Power Reserve Mode

If your Apple Watch runs watchOS 8 or earlier, a feature called Power Reserve helps conserve battery life. To invoke it:

Open the Control Center (swipe up from the bottom of the Apple Watch screen).

Tap the

Battery Percentage


Drag the


icon to the right.

Dial Emergency SOS

Emergency SOS is baked right into the Apple Watch in case of an emergency. Just press and hold the Side button until you get to the power and emergency options screen, and keep holding to begin a countdown and dial emergency services.

Emergency responders can also hold the Side button and use the Medical ID option to check your health profile.

By the way, did you know that your Apple Watch can automatically dial emergency services if you have a hard fall? Learn how Fall Detection in watchOS works.

Activate and Use Compass Backtrack

If you use an Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch SE, or Apple Watch Series 6 or later running watchOS 9, you can use a feature called Compass Backtrack to retrace your steps and stop yourself from getting lost.

Before you begin your route:

Press and hold the


button until you see the power and emergency options screen.

Drag the icon next to

Compass Backtrack


Tap the



When you’re ready to return to where you started, revisit the same screen, tap the Pause icon, and select Retrace Steps.

Another Way to Sound Off the Siren

On the Apple Watch Ultra, you don’t have to rely on only the Action button to activate the siren. Instead, press and hold the Side button, and then drag the slider next to Siren.

Take a Screenshot on Your Watch

You can take a screenshot on the Apple Watch whenever you want. Just press the Side button and the Digital Crown simultaneously, and the screenshot should appear within the iPhone’s Photos app. If that does not work:

Open the Watch app on the paired iOS device.




Turn on the switch next to




Resume Your Fitness Workouts

After pausing a workout in the Workout app or in Apple Fitness Plus, you don’t have to tap around the screen to resume it. Press the Digital Crown and the Side button at the same time instead.

Keep in mind that the button combo will also take a screenshot if screenshots are enabled on your watchOS device.

It’s Not Just a Sidekick

Apple Introduces Iphone 6 And Apple Watch

As rumored, Apple today took the wraps off two new iPhones during a streamed media presentation in Cupertino, Calif.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus boast a new Retina HD screens. “Not any display would do,” said Schiller. Compared to the 4-inch screen on the iPhone 5S, the iPhone 6 sports a 4.7-inch display with a resolution of 1334 pixels by 750 pixels.

The larger, phablet-sized iPhone 6 Plus has a 5.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels, which translates into over 2 million pixels, 185 percent more than the iPhone 5S, noted Schiller. Both models feature a glass front that curves slightly around the edge.

Highlights include iOS 8, an updated 8 megapixel iSight camera and a faster A8 64-bit processor with 2 billion transistors that is “50 times faster than the original iPhone,” said Schiller. Connectivity is enhanced with a 150 Mbps LTE and a Wi-Fi Calling feature that “seamlessly” hands off to cellular networks. In the U.S., T-Mobile will support Wi-Fi calling.

Eddie Cue, senior vice president of Internet Software and Services at Apple, later showed off the company’s mobile payments solution, Apple Wallet. A combination of near-field communication (NFC) technology, Touch ID, a Secure Element chip and specialized software, the Apple Wallet integrates with Passbook to enable secure payments with retailers and select e-commerce apps.

Cue assured that his company will respect the privacy of Apple Wallet users. “The transaction is between you, the merchant and your bank,” he said.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus go on sale on Sept. 19. iPhone 6 prices start at the $199 for the 16 GB model and top out at $399 for the 128 GB version. The 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus prices start at $299. Preorders for both models start on Sept. 12.

Apple Watch

The event’s “one more thing” was the long-rumored iWatch, or as the company is branding it, the Apple Watch. Available in two sizes, the wearable “works seamlessly with iPhone,” said Cook. It also serves as a “comprehensive health and fitness device,” he added.

Apple Watch pushed the company to explore new interface and device interaction models. “What we didn’t do is take the iPhone and shrink the user interface,” said Cook.

The touch-capable, sapphire-enhanced display is complemented with a “digital crown” that contains infrared LEDs. Users can press and twist the dial to zoom and otherwise navigate the Apple Watch UI. A rear sensor monitors a user’s heart rate. It also features integration with Apple Pay for mobile payments.

To get developers on board, Apple is making available a software development kit (SDK) called WatchKit to extend iPhone apps to the device. Apple watch requires the iPhone, said Cook, before revealing that the smartwatch is backward compatible with iPhone models stretching back to the iPhone 5.

Apple’s wearable will be available in three versions, the base Apple Watch, the Sport and the 18 karat gold Edition. A range of interchangeable watch bands, from leather to sweat-resistant plastic to an array of metals, add an additional touch of personalization.

Prices start at $349. Apple Watch is scheduled to ship in early 2023.

Pedro Hernandez is a contributing editor at InfoStor. Follow him on Twitter @ecoINSITE.

Apple Jab At Google Likely At Wwdc

Apple is expected to reveal its homegrown replacement for the Google Maps application, built into iOS 6, as a highlight of the Worldwide Developers Conference opening Monday.

Attendees are also likely to get a peek at that next-generation iOS, which will reportedly launch in the fall for select devices, including a brand new iPhone handset.

Apple’s anticipated break from Google Maps would be yet another sign of the growing battle between Apple and Google for domination in the mobile space.

Since the original iPhone was introduced in 2007, Google Maps has supplied the iPhone’s built-in mapping and location capabilities. But Apple is reportedly looking to control its own mapping functions as location-based services and features become baked into more mobile apps.

Location on the iPhone is big and promises to get bigger as people increasingly consult their smartphones for local restaurant reviews, finding the nearest car mechanic, tourism tips, and movie times.

Map Building

Apple is wary of leaving such a key component for the iPhone in the hands of one of its biggest rivals and is getting ready to dump Google Maps, The Wall Street Journal reports. Over the past three years Apple has purchased three mapping companies: Placebase, Poly9, and C3 Technologies.  Apple in 2010 also revealed in a letter to Congress that it was working on a traffic conditions service for the iPhone — something Google Maps already offers Android users.

Apple in fall 2011 replaced the iPhone’s Google-made geocoder — a piece of software that turns longitude and latitude into a point on a map — with its own technology, according to the Journal.

Then, in early 2012, the first fruits of Apple’s homegrown map effort turned up in iPhoto for iOS.

What Will Google Do?

As for Google, critics believe the company will suffer if its business relationship with Apple disintegrates. Many Apple watchers believe the iPhone maker is trying to wean its mobile users off other Google services in iOS. Apple’s digital voice assistant, Siri, for example could encourage more people to give up using Google search — the default search engine for the Safari browser on iOS. Siri can supply data from a variety of sources such as Yelp for local information and Wolfram Alpha for facts and figures.

The majority of Google’s mobile traffic comes from the iPhone, the Journal reports. So if fewer iPhone users turn to Google for information, that means the search giant will see less potential ad revenue and user data from mobile users, an ever-expanding user base hungry for online information.

One thing that Apple probably won’t, or at least can’t, replace is the iOS app for Google-owned YouTube. There simply isn’t a credible replacement for the most popular video site on the Web.

Will You Switch?

But will iPhone users accept Apple’s homegrown alternative? Google Maps is very popular thanks to features such as Place Pages with local business information and Street View’s immersive 360-degree photos of locations around the world.

And Google Maps promises to only get better. Google on Wednesday revealed new improvements to Google Maps including 3D flyovers and offline maps access. Google Maps will also be getting more Street View images using a special camera that can be carried by a person on foot, adding to Google’s existing Street View images taken by a fleet of cars and special tricycles.

If Apple does dump Google Maps, the company may also choose not to make a lot of noise about it. Apple may opt instead to discuss potential new features of the iOS Maps app or perhaps a new look, while avoiding issues surrounding its business relationship with Google.

Regardless, many critics and pundits will be waiting to see if Apple on Monday offers a glimpse of what the Maps application will look like in the next version of iOS.

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