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The Surface Dial is a peripheral for your Windows device. It offers a wide range of creative utility. For example, with simple turns, this accessory can bring up the most used shortcuts, adjust media controls to play your favorite music or skip tracks and scroll through documents in Microsoft Word.

You can pair the device to any Bluetooth-based PC. Normally, this process is straightforward, however, on a few occasions, you might experience hiccups. Here, we have suggested some troubleshooting steps that might help you solve the problem.

Surface Dial not working, connecting or pairing with Windows PC

Microsoft Dial mostly shows as a pair-able device.  However, while attempting to pair, one of two things happen:

The pairing process fails to start and breaks, displaying the following message: “That didn’t work, try again and make sure your input device is still discoverable.”  Or,

The pairing process begins (indicated by the progress bar, and then breaks midway giving “Driver Error“.

Here’s what you should try if your Surface Dial will not fail.

First, make sure you’ve followed the pairing steps. You can confirm this by turning on your PC, opening Start Windows logo, choosing Settings, moving to Devices and then selecting the Bluetooth option. Turn on the Bluetooth option.

Next, on your Surface Dial, pull the bottom to open the battery compartment. Make sure there are two AAA batteries inside.

Then, if the batteries are there, remove the battery tab from the underside of your Surface Dial.

Now, press and hold the button by the batteries until the Bluetooth pairing light flashes – it’s opposite the button on the other side of the batteries.

If you are stuck here and do not see the pairing light flashing, change/replace the batteries.  If the pairing light blinks three times and then stops, it means that Surface Dial is paired to another device that’s in range. Go to that device and remove it as a Bluetooth device.

Thereafter, go back to your Windows PC, select Surface Dial from the list on the Bluetooth screen in Settings, and then select Pair.

Reattach the bottom of the Surface Dial, and remove the protective film if you haven’t already.

If you find your dial is paired with your device but not working correctly, try this solution.

Remove the batteries in Surface Dial to reset it. You do not need to re-pair it.

Next, remove Surface Dial from Bluetooth settings and then re-add it.

When done, restart (not shutdown) your PC, uninstall drivers and reinstall them. Now, simply restart (not shutdown) your PC.

Please note that Before trying any of the options below, pull the bottom of Surface Dial to open the battery compartment. Hold down the pairing button for few seconds and make sure the LED pairing light blinks three times and then stops permanently. If this doesn’t happen, or the light keeps blinking more often, then walk through the steps for pairing Surface Dial. Once the LED pairing light blinks three times, you can try the solution listed above.

How do I pair my Surface Dial?

To pair your Surface Dial with Windows 11 and Windows 10, you need to turn on the Bluetooth first. For that, you can open the Windows Settings to get the job done. Following that, you need to press the Bluetooth pair button on the Surface Dial until it appears on your computer. Once done, you can choose the device from your PC to be paired.

Can you use the Surface Dial on other computers?

Yes, you can connect and use Surface Dial on other computers. If your computer has Bluetooth connectivity, you can use Surface Dial with a PC without any problem. Whether you have Windows 11 or Windows 10, you can use the device with your PC easily.

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Gta 5 Not Launching Or Working On Windows Pc

If GTA 5 is not launching, opening, running or working on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC, then this post is sure to help you fix the issue.

GTA 5 is an addition to the Grand Theft Auto game series published by Rockstar Games. It is quite a popular game amongst gaming enthusiasts and million of gamers love playing it. While it works smoothly for most users, some gamers have reported being unable to launch GTA 5 on their PC. This issue can be really frustrating as it prevents you from playing the game when you really want to. If you are one of those encountering the same problem, we got you covered. In this post, we are going to discuss all the working fixes to resolve GTA 5 launch issues.

What causes launch issues with GTA 5 on PC?

Here are the possible causes that make you unable to launch the GTA 5 game:

You are likely to experience the issue in case the game files associated with GTA 5 are corrupted or damaged.

Outdated or faulty GPU drivers are known to cause launch issues with games including GTA 5. So, make sure you have an up-to-date graphics driver.

If you are using an overprotective antivirus suite, it can prevent GTA 5 from launching. You can investigate this by disabling your antivirus temporarily.

The problem might also lie with the corrupted installation of game launchers. If the scenario is applicable, try reinstalling Rockstar Games Launcher and Social Club.

GTA 5 not launching or opening on PC

If GTA 5 failed to launch on your Windows PC, you can use the below methods to fix the issue:

Run the game as administrator.

Verify the integrity of GTA 5 game files.

Update GPU drivers.

Reinstall Visual C++.

Delete the cache files.

Disable your antivirus suite.

Disable your NVIDIA device.

Reinstall the Rockstar Games Launcher and Social Club applications.

1] Run the game as administrator

The first thing you should try to fix the problem is to launch GTA 5 with administrator rights. The problem might be caused if the game is missing the due administrator privileges to launch properly. So, running the game as an administrator should resolve the issue. This has proven to be successful for a lot of affected users and might just work for you as well.

If this fixes the problem for you, well and good. You will have to run the game with administrator access every time you relaunch it. Instead of that, you can make Steam and Rockstar Launcher always run as an administrator by following the below steps:

Now, select the Properties option and navigate to the Compatibility tab.

Next, turn on the checkbox associated with the Run this program as administrator option.

You need to use the same procedure for Rockstar Games Launcher if you use it to launch GTA 5.

In case this method doesn’t work for you, we got some more working fixes that will resolve the issue for you.

2] Verify the integrity of GTA 5 game files

In case you are dealing with damaged or broken GTA 5 game files, the game will not launch properly. If the scenario is applicable, the Steam users can fix the problem by using the Verify integrity of game files feature. This feature basically scans for the corrupted and missing game files and replaced them with good ones. So, try using it and see if it fixes the problem for you.

Here are the steps to repair the damaged or corrupted GTA 5 game files:

Next, go to the Local Files tab and press the Verify integrity of game files button. Let Steam proceed with the game verification process and wait until the process is done.

When done, try launching the game now and see if the issue is fixed.

3] Update GPU drivers

You can also use a free driver updater to automatically update all your drivers including GPU drivers. And as an alternative, you can also visit the official device manufacturer’s website and get the latest driver updates from there.

After updating your graphics drivers, reboot your system and try launching the GTA 5 game. See if the game can be launched now.

If you have updated GPU drivers and you still are unable to launch GTA 5, move on to the next potential fix.

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4] Reinstall Visual C++

All the games require Microsoft Visual C++ to execute properly. Try downloading and installing the latest version of Microsoft Visual C++ from Microsoft’s website. In case the above solutions didn’t work for you, you can give it a shot and see if this method works for you.

5] Delete the cache files

There are some temporary/ cache files associated with every game. In case you are dealing with corrupted game files associated with GTA 5, it can cause problems in launching the game. Hence, you can try clearing the cache file for GTA 5 and see if it resolves the problem. Here are the steps to do that:

First, open the Run dialog box using Win+R hotkey and enter %ProgramData% in it.

In the opened windows, locate and open the GTA 5 folder and delete only the cache files associated with the game.

Next, in the File Explorer’s address bar, enter %appdata% and then look for GTA 5 folder and delete the folder.

Now, restart your PC and check if you are able to launch GTA 5 correctly.

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6] Disable your antivirus suite

If GTA 5 still doesn’t launch on your PC, there are chances that your antivirus is preventing it from launching. In case you have installed an overprotective third-party antivirus, disable it and then check if you are able to launch the game. If yes, you can be sure that the problem was caused by your antivirus.

Now, turning off antivirus permanently or uninstalling it will invite viruses and malware to your system. Hence, what you can do is whitelist GTA 5 through your antivirus by adding the related executables to your antivirus. You can open the Exclusion/ Exception options in your antivirus settings and browse and add GTA 5 to it.

7] Disable your NVIDIA device

If you use NVIDIA devices or drivers on your system and you are dealing with launch issues with GTA 5, there might be some compatibility issues with NVIDIA cards. Some users have reportedly fixed the problem by disabling the NVIDIA card. So, you can also try disabling the NVIDIA card and see if fixes the problem for you.

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8] Reinstall the Rockstar Games Launcher and Social Club applications

In case none of the above solutions work for you, there are high chances that the installation files associated with the game launcher are corrupted. So, the last resort is to reinstall the Rockstar Games Launcher and Social Club applications.

C:Program Files (x86)Rockstar Games C:Program FilesRockstar Games

Next, reboot your PC and download the installer for Rockstar Games Launcher and Social Club and install the apps back on your PC. Once installation is complete, try launching the GTA 5 game and see if the problem is fixed.

Why is Rockstar Launcher not working?

If Rockstar Launcher is not working on your PC, there might issue with your outdated graphics drivers. Or, there might be some internet connectivity issues, software conflicts, antivirus interference, or you are dealing with the corrupted installation of Rockstar Games Launcher. You can try running the launcher with admin access, disabling your antivirus, updating GPU drivers, or reinstalling the launcher to fix the problem.

How do I uninstall Rockstar Launcher?

That’s it!

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Fix Steam Voice Chat Not Working On Windows Pc

In this article, we will be discussing what methods you can use to fix when voice chat is not working on Steam on Windows PC. Steam is a great gaming platform for millions of gaming enthusiasts. It has several powerful features that enhance gamers’ experience. Voice chat is one of its many good features. This feature enables users to interact and communicate with each other while gaming and otherwise also.

Now, some users have reportedly experience the issue of voice chat not working properly on Steam. This issue can be triggered if there is some glitch due to audio enhancements being used on your PC. Or, if the correct microphone device is not selected in your Sound settings. Another reason for the same can be the fact that Steam is not allowed to record your microphone. In any case, it can be crucial and frustrating at it keeps you away from talking to your friends and other gamers.

If you are also facing the same problem, we got you covered. Here, we will be showing you some solutions that will help you resolve Steam’s voice chat not working issue on your Windows PC. So, without further ado, let’s get straight to the fixes now.

How do I enable voice chat on Steam?

If you want to start a voice chat in a group, go to the group and press the Add Voice Channel button to make a new voice chat channel. Once created, you and other players can start talking and interacting in the group.

How do I use my Mic on Steam? Steam Voice Chat not working on PC

Here are the methods you can follow when voice chat is not working on Steam:

Ensure that you are using the correct microphone.

Log out of Steam from other computers.

Allow Steam to Record Microphone.

Disable audio enhancements.

Change Privacy Settings.

Let us discuss the above solutions in detail now!

1] Ensure that you are using the correct microphone

The first thing you should do when voice chat is not working on Steam is to make sure that you have selected the right microphone. If not, you won’t be able to do voice chatting. So, go to your sound setting and switch to the correct microphone device if not selected already.

To do that, you can follow the below steps:

Next, go to the Recording tab.

See if this fixes up the issue for you. If not, try setting default devices in the Steam app as well. For that, here are the steps to follow:

First, launch the Steam app and go to the Friends tab.

In the Friends list window, tap on the Cog Wheel.

Next, press on Voice and choose the Voice Input Device dropdown.

After that, select your microphone from the list and then exit the window.

Now, see if the issue is fixed or not.

2] Log out of Steam from other computers

If your Steam account is logged onto other computers as well, sign out from your account on all other PCs. Many users have reportedly fixed this issue by trying this method and it might also work for you. In case you don’t have access to other computers, changing your password will help you automatically disconnect other devices from your account.

If this scenario doesn’t apply to you and voice chat is still not working on your Steam account, try some other solution from this list.

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3] Allow Steam to Record Microphone

If none of the above solutions work for you, it may be the case that Steam is not allowed to record the microphone on your device. This can be due to the configuration in your Steam account. So, allowing Steam to record the microphone will fix the issue for you. Now, we will be discussing the steps to set up and allow Steam to record the microphone.

First, open the Step app and sign in with your account.

Now, tap on the Steam option present at the top of the interface.

After that, navigate to the Broadcasting tab.

Then, enable the Record my Microphone checkbox.

Lastly, press the OK button to apply changes.

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4] Disable audio enhancements

If this problem is occurring due to the built-in Audio Enhancement features of Windows, you can try turning off audio enhancements to fix this issue. This method has worked for a lot of users and might as well for you. Here are the steps you need to follow to turn off the audio enhancement feature:

Now, tap on the Sound Control Panel button to open up the Sound window.

Then, select the Properties option and then move to the Enhancements tab.

Check if you are now able to do voice chat on your Steam account.

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5] Change Privacy Settings

There are chances that this has been triggered because your privacy settings have changed due to an update or something else. In that case, you can tweak Privacy Settings and allow your microphone to communicate with the app. Here are the steps to that:

Firstly, open the Settings app using Windows + I hotkey.

Next, go to the Microphone tab.

After that, toggle the Allow Apps to Access Microphone option to enable it.

Additionally, make sure Steam and other necessary apps are enabled to communicate via microphone.

Hopefully, this will work for you.

That’s it!

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Apple Watch Not Connecting To Wi

We can’t deny the fact that the Apple Watch is an impeccable result of tech-perfection. However, it is always relied on numerous third-party-reasons to perform seamlessly. One such reason is ‘Connectivity.’ ‘Connecting to Wi-Fi’ error can be called one of the most common reasons hindering our gadget’s performance. Understanding that there can be different explanations behind it, finding the root cause can prove tedious. Let’s try to learn more about the error and explore possibilities to rectify them.

Why Won’t My Apple Watch Connect to the Wi-Fi?

It’s difficult to point out the exact reason behind the Wi-Fi network error on your Apple Watch. But such an issue may occur if,

Your Apple Watch isn’t updated to the latest watchOS.

The Wi-Fi network you’re trying to connect has poor connectivity strength.

There’s a problem with your Wi-Fi router or modem.

How to Fix Wi-Fi Issues on Apple Watch

Can you relate to any of these errors? If not, don’t worry, we would suggest you try the error-fixers mentioned below one after another. We are pretty sure that one of these will surely help you get over the Wi-Fi not working stage.

1. Compatible Wi-Fi for Apple Watch

It may sound weird, but your Apple Watch can only connect to an 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Network. If the network you’re trying to connect doesn’t match these standards, your watch might not connect and report an error.

2. Turn Off Mirror iPhone Feature

When Mirror iPhone is enabled, and both your Apple Watch and iPhone are in Bluetooth range, turning on Airplane Mode on one device will make another to follow the same. So if your iPhone is on Airplane Mode, your Apple Watch should have it enabled. And that might be the reason you’re not able to connect to Wi-Fi. To turn this feature off,

Launch the Watch app on your iPhone.

Go to the General section.

Select Airplane Mode.

Toggle off Mirror iPhone.

After disabling it, try connecting to the Wi-Fi network.

3. Turn Wi-Fi OFF/ON 

Switching Wi-Fi on and off is the quickest way to fix this issue. At some point, it may seem silly, but doing it actually removes minor issues in the Wi-Fi system and freshen your watch’s ability to perform wireless functions.

After turning it off, then on, try connecting to a network and check if it’s working.

4. Forget a Wi-Fi Network and reconnect

To do so on your Apple Watch,

Swipe up on the watch face.

Press and hold the Wi-Fi icon.

Tap on the Wi-Fi network you’re trying to connect.

Scroll down and tap Forget This Network.

Tap Forget to confirm.

Now, turn Wi-Fi off, then on again.

Tap on the same network to reconnect.

Enter the security password using your iPhone’s keyboard or gestures on your watch.

Check if you’re able to connect. If not, try another hack!

5. Restart Apple Watch and iPhone

Restarting both devices should fix the issue.

Press and hold the side button of your device screen.

Slide to power off the watch.

Hold down the side button again to switch on.

If still not working, move to another workaround.

6. Enable or Disable Airplane Mode

Turning on the Airplane mode is an effective way to troubleshoot minor software issues and network errors on your device. And it can also fix the Wi-Fi connection error.

Open the Settings app on your watch.

Tap Airplane Mode.

Toggle on Airplane Mode.

Now that it is on, restart your Apple Watch.

Visit the same Airplane Mode settings and toggle it off.

Press the Digital Crown to get back to the main screen.

Now, switch on Wi-Fi and connect to the Wi-Fi network. If not working, you should try your hands on another workaround.

7. Reset Your Apple Watch

If your watch still doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi after resetting your modem and trying all the workarounds, you can go ahead with this step. Before proceeding, make sure you’ve backed up all your watch data.

Open the Settings app on your watch.

Go to General.

Scroll down and tap Reset.

Tap Erase All Content and Settings.

Tap Erase All to confirm.

This can also be done from the Watch app on your iPhone. Launch the Watch app → My Watch → General → Reset settings → Tap Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings.

Let your Apple Watch complete the resetting process and restore the factory default settings. When it’s done, restart your Apple Watch and pair it with your iPhone. Once set up and paired, try connecting to Wi-Fi and check if it’s working.

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Skype Audio Or Microphone Not Working In Windows 11/10

While Windows 11/10 is one of the most loved operating systems today, there are some issues still bothering the users. The internal Skype Microphone issue is one of such common issues faced by Windows 11/10 users.

The microphone of your Windows can stop working due to many different reasons, and some of the very commonly reported reasons are incorrect settings, broken or obsolete drivers, or some hardware issues. If your built-in Microphone or Skype Audio is not working in Windows 11/10/8/7, then this post shows how to fix the Mic.

Skype Audio or Microphone not working

Check if Microphone is ON

Broken or outdated driver

Adjust the Microphone Setting

Restart Windows Audio Service.

1] Check if Microphone is ON

If your microphone is not working after upgrading to Windows 10, probably it is turned OFF.

Select Microphone from the left panel and turn it ON.

You can also choose the apps you want to use on your Microphone.

Also, make surer that Skype has access to the Microphone.

2] Broken or outdated driver

This is one of the most common reasons for any malfunctioning in a PC. Your Microphone won’t work properly if the drivers are broken or outdated. So you need to install or update your device driver.

Run Device Manager and go to “Sound, video and game controllers”.

3] Adjust the Microphone Setting

Select a microphone and double-tap to open the properties.

Here you can adjust the levels and adjustments like Noise Cancellation, DC Offset Cancellation, Echo Cancellation, and more.

Disabling all the sound effects also fixes the Microphone issues sometimes.

Under the Advanced tab, disable the checkbox Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device.

Some minor issues in your Windows Audio Service can also be the reason of microphone bugs and restarting it is the best possible fix. Follow the steps below to restart your Windows Audio Service.

Open Run command and type services.msc. 

This will open the entire list of Windows Services on your PC.

Skype Microphone problems are usually device-oriented. This means, one solution might not work for all. Try the fixes mentioned above and see if they help you, but if your microphone is still not working with Skype, try restarting the Skype app.

This post has some additional tips to fix Skype audio and video problems.

What to do when your mic is plugged in but not working?

If you have followed the above tutorial, and the mic still doesn’t work even though it is connected, then it’s a hardware issue i.e. you should get it to the service center, and get a replacement. If not, then get a new microphone, and set it up again.

Why did my mic suddenly stop working?

If you are using a Bluetooth microphone, then you need to check on the battery level. It is possible that you have been using it for too long, and the battery needs a recharge. If that’s not the case, check if the Bluetooth is not acting up dropping the connection.

Why does my mic cut in and out?

It is usually reported for microphones that use wire to connect to a PC. if your voice is sometimes heard and sometimes it doesn’t, then you need to change the cord. If that is not a problem, make sure to are close enough to the microphone and not moving your head too much that that causes the voice to cut in and out.

Windows 11/10 Photos App Not Working Or Crashing (Fix)

The Photos app is a useful feature in Windows 10 and Windows 11, but it’s not always reliable. Some users have reported issues with the app, such as it not working, not opening, or crashing randomly. Other problems include displaying blurry images even if they are of high quality.

In this article, we have outlined several solutions that you can use to fix issues with the Photos app in Windows 10 and Windows 11.

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How to fix Windows Photos App not working issue

Before diving into specific solutions, it’s important to ensure that your Windows operating system and the Photos app are both up to date. Check for updates through the Windows Update section in the Settings app and update the Photos app from the Microsoft Store. If you have already ensured that your system is updated and you’re still experiencing issues with the Photos app, try the following solutions to resolve the problem.

Sometimes, simply closing the Photos app is not enough to solve the issue. The app’s background process may still be active on your computer. To fully restart the Photos app, you will have to terminate its background process. Here’s how to do it:

In the Settings app, select Apps, then Apps & features from the left pane.

After terminating the process, retry opening the Photos app and see if it works.

If restarting the background process doesn’t resolve the Photos app not working problem, the next step is to reset the app. This should solve most issues regarding the Windows 10 and Windows 11 Photos app.

Restart your computer and try opening the Photos app again. Verify if your issue is resolved. If not, try the next solution.

If the above solutions don’t work, reinstalling the app may help solve the issue. There is no exe installer for the Photos app, so we’ll have to use Windows PowerShell by executing a few commands.

In the Windows PowerShell, enter the following command: Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.Windows.Photos

Look for and copy the entire line of PackageFullName. When you have it copied, enter the following command with the copied Package Full Name: remove-AppxPackage Microsoft.Windows.Photos_2024.18041.15530.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe

Note that the package full name shown here is just an example. You may have a different version of the Photos app’s package full name. Be sure to copy your version of it. Entering this command will uninstall the entire Windows 10 or Windows 11 Photos app.

Restart your computer and see if it resolves your issue with the Windows 10 or Windows 11 Photos app.

Performing a System File Check (SFC) is a built-in Windows utility that scans your system files for corruption and replaces them with a cached copy. The SFC utility helps to ensure the integrity and stability of the Windows operating system by repairing any corrupted or missing system files that may cause issues with applications like the Photos app.

Performing an SFC scan can help to fix issues with the Photos app that may be caused by corrupted system files. This may include issues such as the app not working or crashing. By repairing the corrupted files, the SFC utility may be able to restore the functionality of the Photos app and other Windows components that rely on those system files.

To perform an SFC scan, follow these steps:

In the Command Prompt, enter the following command: sfc /scannow

Wait for the scan to complete. This may take some time.

After the scan is complete, the SFC utility will display a message indicating whether it found any issues and whether it was able to repair them. If it was unable to repair some of the files, you may need to perform additional steps to repair them or consider reinstalling Windows.

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