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Steam Library Folder is Not Writable: 5 Easy Fixes to Use You may start be removing read-only permissions from the steamapp folder




Some Steam users reported that the library folder is not writable, which happens most of the time after manually changing the library location.

The first thing to do is check if the SteamApp folder has some specific options turned on.

Steam Download Cache might be why the library folder is not writable on Steam, so you might need to clear it.

You’ll probably need to change the Steam library folder to solve this issue.



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readers this month.

By default, Steam stores all games and the data in a standard directory where the installation is available. This can change only if you choose a specific location when installing the software.

The default installation location will be in the C partition, in the Program Files folder, while the bulk of data will be stored in the Steam folder.

However, the user can change the library location for Steam games manually. This can sometimes create issues with the Steam app resulting in the library folder not being writable.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of practical solutions to fix this annoying problem.

What does it mean if a folder is not writable?

There are a few common causes, at the top of these are the following:

The SteamApp folder doesn’t have the necessary permissions – In this case, you should check if the folder has the Read-Only permission activated.

Hard drive issues – While we may be unable to pinpoint the specific problems, users with errors on the drive have also experienced this Steam problem.

Antivirus programs – Certain files are known to be blocked by your antivirus app even though they are perfectly safe. You should only use the best antivirus.

Temporary bugs in the game – These might determine the need to reinstall the Steam app. However, it would be best if you considered this as the last solution to try.

Users have also encountered the following errors.

Steam failed to add new library – This error can be problematic, and it can prevent you from playing your favorite games. Fortunately, we have the perfect solutions you can try to fix it.

Failed to load library chúng tôi in Dead Cells – This is a pretty popular error but can be easily solved by following our recommended steps.

Steam game doesn’t show up in the library – No matter what the exact circumstances are in your case, not being able to find your game in the Steam Library is incredibly infuriating for all users. So, if you face it, it is essential to have some options to help you fix it.

Regardless of your specific issue, it would be best to try the solutions below.

How do I fix the Steam library folder if it’s not writable? 1. Check if steamapps folder has Read-Only permission

Expert tip:

2. Repair the Library folder using Steam

Your Steam app comes with a built-in library folder repair option that can be used to repair the game folder causing the error. Here is how to do it.

3. Clean Download Cache

The download cache in steam helps with a faster connection. However, the bad cache can create problems with the game starting and downloading. Try clearing the download cache and see if that resolves the error.

4. Change Steam Library Folder

If you haven’t changed the default Steam library folder yet, it might be time to do so. Some users have reported that changing the Steam library folder from default to custom has fixed the issue. Here is how to do it.

5. Reinstall the Game

If the error occurs while trying to play the game or during the update, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the game to fix the issue.

Uninstalling the game will not delete your game data as it is synced with your Steam account, but you will have to download the game files from scratch.

These were the best solutions you can try to make your library folder writable on Steam.

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Fix Failed To Add New Steam Library Folder

While changing the installation drive on Steam, many users have reported coming across Failed to add new Steam library folder error. The problem mainly occurs during the game’s installation on a different drive. For instance, if you have two drives installed on your system – SSD and a regular Hard Drive. And Hard Drive is set as the default game installation place. So, when you try to install the game on any other drive (SSD), you will face the mentioned error message. Worry not if you are also struggling with the same problem. Try the solutions below to get rid of the issue.

Failed to add new Steam library folder

Below is a list of all the effective solutions to try if you come across Failed to add new Steam library folder error.

Run as administrator

Pause the ongoing download

Clear Steam download cache

Repair the Steam library folder

Add a folder to the main directory

Now, let’s look at all the effective solutions in detail.

1] Run as administrator

The first thing you can try is to run Steam as an administrator. Sometimes, not having administrative privileges can be the primary reason you cannot add a new Steam library folder. You will have to run the Steam with administrative rights to eliminate the issue. Here’s how to do it.

Switch to the Compatibility tab.

Checkmark Run this program as an administrator.

Launch Steam and check if you are still facing the problem. If yes, try the next solution on the list.

2] Pause the ongoing download

The next thing you can try to remove the issue is to pause the ongoing download. This method has helped many users get rid of the problem in the question. So, pause the ongoing download and try to create a new Steam library folder. Check if you still face the error message.

See: How to download, install, and use Steam on Windows 11/10 PC

3] Clear Steam download cache

You can clear the Steam download cache to get rid of the problem. As it turns, Steam stores cache data of all the downloaded games. But if these data gets corrupted, you are most likely to deal with the problem. So, below are the steps to clear the download cache on Steam.

Open Steam on your Windows PC.

In the following window, select Settings.

Restart Steam, and check if the problem continues. If yes, continue with the guide.

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4] Repair the Steam library folder

Steam comes with a built-in feature of repairing the Library folder. It is the best way to eliminate any issue revolving around the Steam Library folder. Here are the steps you need to follow.

Go to Settings and select Download from the left panel of the screen.

In the following window, select the Repair Library Folder option.

That’s it. Wait until the process is complete. Once done, launch Steam and check for the problem.

5] Add a folder to the main directory

Another solution that has helped many users get rid of the problem is adding a folder in the main directory. Below are the exact steps you need to follow.

Open the C drive on your Windows PC, and create a folder named SteamLibrary.

Now, move the folder to C: Program Files (x86).

Give the permission if asked for administrative permissions.

Launch Steam, and go to Settings.

Add the newly created folder – SteamLibrary.

That’s it. You’ll see that you are no longer facing the problem.

How do I fix Steam needs to be online to update error?

It’s very easy to fix Steam needs to be online to update errors on Windows PC. You can try these solutions to fix the problem:

Temporarily disable the Windows Firewall.

Add -tcp parameters to Steam.

Run Steam with administrative rights.

Clear the DNS cache.

If none of the steps were helpful, you could try changing the DNS server.

How do I get Steam to recognize already installed games?

It’s very common that sometimes Steam fails to recognize the installed game. You can solve the problem by manually adding the game to the list. Here’s how to do it.

Tap on the + button and select the folder where the game is installed.

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How To Solve Steam Folder Access Denied Issue?

Steam being one of the most popular gaming distribution platforms on PC provides you an excellent gaming experience.

But sometimes this platform may also confront some malware or bugs and you get Steam access denied messages.

Often you face trouble validating the Steam files and get a game crash.

Sometimes when you restart the app or simply refresh the page, the issue may get addressed.

Sometimes your antivirus program may also interfere and generate such issues.

You may try changing the DNS or checking the integrity of the files to get a proper solution. Now here in this article, I am going to discuss some viable solutions to address the issue.

Sometimes Steam may prevent access temporarily from some IP addresses and some users have reported that they found their ISP somehow blocks the website they wish to reach.

This can lead to a great problem and to resolve the issue, I suggest you try a VPN.

This way you will be able to hide the IP address from your ISP and easily access the site.

It will be also beneficial for any Geoblocked content. This way hiding your identity online will provide you some additional privacy also.

You can search for a suitable VPN for you and get it as soon as possible to provide safety to your data and maintain your privacy as well.

After that launch Steam and check if the problem has got an answer.

It is especially important to flush DNS as they keep the IP addresses of the servers that you have recently visited.

So, flushing the DNS cache is an effective solution as these files may be somewhat corrupted and cause problems with your internet connection.

The cache build-ups may give you headaches and after you clear them it will help you flush out these types of problems.

Follow the steps mentioned below to accomplish the task:

Step 1: Go to your Windows Start option and enter CMD there to open Command Prompt.

Step 2: When you get into the Command prompt window, enter:

ipconfig /flushdns in the given window.

Step 3: Then hit the enter key Press Enter. Now you will get a message that the flushing procedure has been completed as I have shown in the picture below.

After you have done so, run the following commands one at a time:

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew

netsh int ip reset

Remember to press the Enter key after you enter each command.

After you have finished the procedure check whether this has solved the Steam folder access denied issue for you.

You may get to meet this Steam access denied 0x5 as your third-party antivirus firewalls may cause the problem.

You must use a proper firewall. In this case, you can check your antivirus and make a few alterations to the settings.

Sometimes, to get a steady recovery to maintain the utility of the firewalls, you may need to disable it.

If this does not solve the problem, you may need to uninstall your firewall protection and then install it afresh. You can also choose to install a completely new one instead. 

Sometimes your limited DNS server may create problems with your Steam. So, you may choose a DNS alternative apart from your assigned ISP.

A variety of DNS servers are available and here is the way to configure that properly:

Step 1: Go to the Start Menu and type Control to open your Control Panel.

Step 2: Now choose the Network and Internet section from the provided options.

Step 5: Now find out the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) option and get into its Properties option.

Step 6: Make sure you choose the below-mentioned DNS server addresses.

Enter these values in proper fields:

Preferred DNS server:

Alternate DNS server:

Hit the OK button for saving the changes. 

You may face Computer that says not connected to the internet, but I am issue if your antivirus is somehow creating a problem with the operating system. This restricts the features and apps to work properly.

The antivirus may interfere with your internet connection and generate the issue. Because of this, I recommend you check the configuration of your antivirus and turn of the problematic feature.

But in some cases, if this still doesn’t solve your problem, you may need to disable the antivirus and choose another one.

If the issue still persists, you might have to uninstall your antivirus and switch to a different antivirus solution.

In case you are encountering a can’t end steam process access denied error message when trying to access a particular game, check whether they have been properly installed by verifying their integrity. Here is a built-in fix to do it. Follow the steps:

Step 1: Launch your Steam client and log in with your credentials.

Step 2: Now go to the Library and from here to the Games section. Now open its Properties.

Step 3: Choose the particular game creating problems and then go to its properties.

Step 4: Now open the Local Files tab and hit the Verify Integrity of Game Files button.

Step 5: Validate the Steam Files and wait till the process gets finished.

Step 6: Now Steam is going to scan the files and validate the same.

When you receive the success message, check that the problem is solved.

Also refer to: What To Do When Steam Says Files Failed To Validate And Will Be Reacquired? 

Hope this article has helped you to seek the best solution when you encounter the Steam access denied issue.

If you have any more ideas or suggestions related to this topic, please feel free to use the dedicated section below.

You can also shoot us a mail if you have any further queries. We always look forward to hearing from you.

How To Use App Library On Iphone

iOS 14 boasts many new features, and the App Library is among the most significant. As the name suggests, it is a form of organizing your iPhone apps into categories to prevent a cluttered Home Screen. No need to swipe through a lot of pages to find the app you’re looking for. You can do a lot with this new way of organizing your apps; let’s learn how to use the App Library to organize your iPhone Home Screen.

What is App Library on iPhone?

The App Library is the new feature of iOS 14 to organize all your iPhone’s apps in one place. They are automatically grouped in categories such as social, productivity, utilities, etc.

There is currently no way to rename the categories or move apps from one to another. You can scroll to see the apps or use the handy search feature.

The App Library displays all your apps in little four-square boxes. At the top-right, you’ll see the Recently Added apps.

At the top left, you will see Siri Suggestions. These are four apps intelligently recommended by Siri depending on the time of day, location, etc. The suggestions get more relevant the more you use your phone. Moreover, they are determined only by on-device data, and information about your app usage, location, habits, is not sent anywhere.

How to access App Library on iPhone

To access the App Library, you have to swipe left on your Home Screen until last page of apps, then swipe one more time.

You can open an app by tapping on its full-size app icon. To see all the apps in a category, tap on the small app icons.

Use the App Library to find your apps 

From the App Library, swipe down from anywhere or tap on the search bar.

Start typing the name of the app you want to access and then tap on it when it appears. Or, scroll down the alphabetical list and tap on the app you want. You may also tap on the alphabets (A, B, C, D…) at the right edge of the screen to quickly find the desired app.

How to add an app to the App Library

By default, all of your iPhone apps are already in the App Library.  So, you do not need to do anything to add an app to the Library.

If you wish to remove an app from the App Library, it will be deleted from your iPhone altogether.

Delete an app from the App Library

Go to App Library and Long–press on any blank area to enter jiggle mode. Then tap on the small ‘x‘ on an app icon to delete it.

To delete an app from a folder, open the respective folder by tapping on the App Library’s small app icons. Next, long-press anywhere within the folder to enter jiggle mode. Then, tap on the “x” icon to delete an app.

To move an app from a folder back to the home screen, you can manually drag and drop it to the home screen. Or, long-press the app icon and select Add to Home Screen. Once you do this, you’ll be able to view and open the app from your home screen.

Too many apps on the Home Screen can give a cluttered look. Or, you might want to keep certain apps out of sight for whatever reason. The App Library can help you with this. If you want to remove an app from your iPhone Home Screen, here’s is how you can do it.

How to use the App Library to hide apps from iPhone home screen

Long-press on an app icon on the iPhone Home Screen.

Tap on Remove App.

Tap Remove from Home Screen.

The app will now only be visible in the App Library and Siri Search.

Whenever you download new apps, you can choose to have them added to the App Library only and not appear on the Home screen. Here’s how:

Download apps to the App Library

Go to Settings

→ Home Screen.

Notification badges are the red indicators that show you there’s something new waiting for you in an app. You can choose to show or hide these badges in the App Library.

How to show or hide notification badges in App Library

Go to Settings → Home Screen.

Depending on your preference, toggle on or off the option for Show in App Library.

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How To Use Retrofit Library In Android?


Retrofit is one of the famous HTTP libraries which is used to parse the data from the internet using APIS. We can use this library to fetch the data from API in the form of JSON and display that JSON within our application. In this article we will take a look at How to use Retrofit Library in Android.


We will be creating a simple application in which we will be creating a text view for displaying the heading of our application. After that we are creating one more text view in which we will be displaying the response from the API call using Retrofit library.

Step 1 : Creating a new project in Android Studio

Inside this screen we have to simply specify the project name. Then the package name will be generated automatically.

Note : Make sure to select the Language as Java.

Once our project has been created we will get to see 2 files which are open i.e activity_main.xml and chúng tôi file.

Step 2 : Working with activity_main.xml

android:layout_width=”match_parent” android:layout_height=”match_parent” android:orientation=”vertical”

<TextView android:id=”@+id/idTVHeading” android:layout_width=”match_parent” android:layout_height=”wrap_content” android:layout_centerInParent=”true” android:layout_margin=”5dp” android:padding=”4dp” android:text=”Retrofit in Android” android:textAlignment=”center” android:textColor=”@color/black” android:textSize=”20sp”

<TextView android:id=”@+id/idTVMsg” android:layout_width=”match_parent” android:layout_height=”wrap_content” android:layout_below=”@id/idTVHeading” android:layout_margin=”5dp” android:padding=”4dp” android:text=”Message” android:textAlignment=”center” android:textColor=”@color/black”

Explanation : In the above code we are creating a root layout as a Relative Layout. Inside this layout we are creating a text view which is used to display the heading of our application. After that we are creating one more text view which we are using to display the response from our API call.

Step 3 : Adding permissions in chúng tôi file Step 4 : Adding dependency for using Retrofit library in build.gradle file implementation 'com.squareup.retrofit2:retrofit:2.9.0' implementation 'com.squareup.retrofit2:converter-gson:2.5.0'

After adding the above dependencies in the dependencies section. Simply sync your project to install all the dependencies.

Step 5 : Creating a new java class for Response Object package com.example.java_test_application; public class ResponseObject { private String message; public String getMessage() { return message; } public void setMessage(String message) { this.message = message; } public ResponseObject(String message) { this.message = message; } } Step 6 : Creating an interface class for making a retrofit API call package com.example.java_test_application; import retrofit2.Call; public interface RetrofitAPICall { @GET("43d590f03930") } Step 7 : Working with chúng tôi file package com.example.java_test_application; import android.os.Bundle; import android.widget.TextView; import android.widget.Toast; import; import retrofit2.Call; import retrofit2.Callback; import retrofit2.Response; import retrofit2.Retrofit; import retrofit2.converter.gson.GsonConverterFactory; public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity { private TextView msgTV; @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout.activity_main); msgTV = findViewById(; .addConverterFactory(GsonConverterFactory.create()) .build(); RetrofitAPICall retrofitAPI = retrofit.create(RetrofitAPICall.class); @Override msgTV.setText(response.body().getMessage()); } @Override Toast.makeText(MainActivity.this, "Fail to get the data..", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show(); } }); } }

Explanation : In the above code firstly we are creating variable for our text view. Now we will get to see the onCreate method. This is the default method of every android application. This method is called when the application view is created. Inside this method we are setting the content view i.e the layout file named activity_main.xml to set the UI from that file. Inside the onCreate method we are initializing the variables for the text view. Then we are creating and initializing the variable for Retrofit. Inside this we are also specifying the base url and adding a gson converter factory to it. After that we are making a retrofit api call by using call.enqueue method. Inside this method we are creating two methods on response and on failure. Inside the response method we are setting the text message to our text view and on the error method we are displaying a toast message.

Note : Make sure you are connected to your real device or emulator.

Output Conclusion

In the above article we have taken a look at How to use Retrofit library in Android and how we can use this library to load the data from the internet.

How To Level Up On Steam Quick And Easy

Steam has created a great platform for showcasing players’ profiles. Leveling up allows you to personalize your account with various customization such as backdrops, a larger friend list, showcasing rare items, and many more.

Collect trading cards and craft them into badges or take part in Steam community events that will give you XP to level up your profile. If you want to level up fast, you also need to learn the tools of transactions.

What item to buy and what item to sell. Learning such tips will lead you ahead in leveling fast. 

How to Level Up on Steam? What Should I Do to Level Up?

You should craft badges a lot. Crafting badges will give you 100XP, and now you are 1 level up. 

You will require 1000 XP to reach level 10, which means ten badges to reach level 10. After that, the requirement of each level changes to 200 XP. 

Level XPBadges1 – 1010001010 -2024002024 -3030003030 – 4040004040 -50500050

How Do I Craft Badges?

To craft badges, you need trading cards. Trading cards are the game cards that are dropped by games. There are a total of five trading cards you need to collect in order to craft a single badge. Follow these guidelines to craft your trading cards. 

Use Trading Cards to Level Up.

There are two cards to craft: Regular and Foil. Don’t buy foil cards. They are expensive and can be identified by their silver background frame. Foil cards can only be crafted once, giving you 100 XP, whereas regular cards can be crafted up to five times. Giving you a total of 500 XP. So always keep regular duplicate cards.

How to Level Up Without Playing Games?

What If I don’t have any cards and don’t want to spend hours playing games. There are other alternatives to level up. After all, grinding on games to level up is a slow process, so Steam has made other options for you to level up without playing any games.

Here are some tools of transaction for you to trade, buy and sell items on Steam.

Steam Marketplace

You can buy and sell cards at Steam Marketplace. Search for any cards you want to buy but remember that you need to buy five of the same game cards to craft them into badges for 100 XP.  

If you don’t want to hassle much and want to go straight up buying bundles, is your solution. You can sort cards by their price and buy the cheapest of them all. 

How to Efficiently Buy and Sell. 

Below are the tips and tricks to keep in mind before buying and selling. Following these guidelines will effectively level up your steam profile. 

If you got any foil cards, you can sell them at a higher price and buy a bundle of regular cards.

Selling unwanted cards on the steam marketplace is also easy. You can mark your price and put them on the marketplace for people to view and buy them. 

You will receive three random items every time you craft a badge. You can sell those items and buy more cards to craft more badges from that money.

What Are Booster Packs?

Booster packs are like mystery chests which, upon opening them, will give you three random cards. Booster packs can be bought on Steam Marketplace or with gems. 

You can also turn unwanted and unsellable items into gems and use them to buy booster packs. However, it is a long process to collect gems and sometimes not worth it. According to the game’s popularity, booster packs may cost you from 400 to 1200 gems. 

Are there other Alternatives to Level up?

In fact, there are many ways you can level up your steam account. Below are the things you can do to level up fast.

Steam Community to earn XP.

Complete various tasks and achievements to earn a total of 500 XP.

Tasks such as buying the first game, crafting badges for the first time, Converting items into gems, and many more.

Collecting Games.

Steam also gives XP badges in the form of the number of games you have on your account. You can now earn XP by achieving a certain milestone set by Steam. Just having a game on your account will give you XP rewards. Collect as many free games as you can to collect XP. 

NameNumber of gamesXPOne-Stop shopper1 to 4100Selected Collector5 to 9125Adept Accumulator 10 to 24150Sharp-Eyed Stockpiler25 to 49200Collection Agent50 to 99250Power Play100 to 249325

Participating in Events.  

Events are held with game updates, tournaments, and many more. Participating in such events will give you event badges. Different event badges have different XP, with the lowest of 100XP. Steam sale events will be displayed on the front page of the Steam store. 

Years of Service.

Steam will also reward you with 50XP per year. There is a total of 14 badges you can earn. Every next year, you will earn an additional 50 XP.

Years of serviceXPYear 150Year 2100Year 3150Year 4200Year 5250Year 6300Year 7350Year 8400Year 9450

The Steam Sales.

Sales such as summer and winter sales, Halloween events, and Black Friday. Some last two days, such as Black Friday, whereas Summer and winter sales last up to two weeks. You can view steam sales on the Steam store page. There are five different badges, with each giving you 100XP. Complete each required task, and you will receive a total of 500 XP.

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