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We all love listening to songs on Spotify. But with 422 million active monthly Spotify users, sometimes Spotify has song-playing issues. As frustrating as it may be, depending on the cause, this issue is mostly solvable.

In this article, we will troubleshoot any issues that your device may encounter that prevent you from playing music.

Why You Can’t Play Songs on Spotify

You cannot play songs on Spotify if there’s a bug from the developer’s side or an error on your device. Some of these causes are listed below:

Issue on Your Device

Check the following features to find out if there is an issue with your device.

Unstable Internet Connection

No Storage Device

Outdated Spotify Application

Issue on Spotify App

Issue With the App

If your devices are up to date but still can’t play songs on Spotify, there can be a problem in the app itself.

How to Fix Spotify Song-playing Issues

You can fix song-playing issues in Spotify by restarting the app or logging out and logging back in. If it does not work, manage your storage. Try updating your app and turning off-high quality streaming to fix it. 

Restart the Spotify App

Sometimes, Spotify can’t play songs due to random glitches. The easiest and fastest way to fix the issue is to Restart the Spotify app. You can close the app and open it back to solve this issue.

On Mac

On Windows

On Mobile

If you are using Spotify on the mobile app, close the app and reopen it.

Logout and Log Back In

Logout out of your Spotify account and log back in if restarting the app does not work. It will refresh your Spotify account and remove the temporary glitches within the app.

On Desktop

To log out of Spotify on the desktop,

Open Spotify app

See on the top right of your screen and tap on your profile

Select Log out option

Log In back to check if it works 

On Mobile

The steps to logout Spotify on a mobile phone, 

Check Your Storage device

You can not play songs on Spotify if the memory is full. Check whether your storage device has run out of space or not. Spotify suggests having at least 1 GB of available memory. If the storage is full, you can manage the memory on your device and mobile by following methods: 

Clear Cache

A cache is a specific storage space used to temporarily store data and files. It improves the performance of a device, browser, or app. You can manage your storage space by clearing the cache. 

On Windows

If you are a desktop Spotify user, follow the given steps to clear the cache,

On Mac

On Mobile

On Desktop

Open the Spotify app and log in to your Spotify account if you haven’t. 

Go to “Your Library”

Select the playlist or album you want to delete

On Mobile

Open the Spotify app and log in to your Spotify account if you haven’t

On the bottom right corner of your device tap on “Your Library”

Select the playlist or album you want to delete

Delete Some Apps 

This is the final step if following all of the above steps still does not free up your memory space. Delete some apps to have at least 1 GB of free space for Spotify. 

Update Your Spotify

Spotify is constantly updating its app with newer versions. So, check whether your Spotify app is up to date to avoid glitches. If the app is updated, it does not show an update option. Turn automatic updates on for the newer versions. 

On Desktop

Open Spotify

Go to the top-right corner

Tap on Updates available 

On Android 

On iOS 

Go to the App Store

Search Spotify

Tap Update

Turn Off High-quality Streaming

Premium users of Spotify get the best quality music playback. You will have trouble playing songs when you do not change the streaming quality. So, note this while switching from Premium to a free membership account. Simply turn off high-quality streaming to solve this issue.

On Desktop

Follow the steps to turn off high-quality streaming on the desktop:

On Mobile

To turn off high-quality streaming on mobile, 

Reinstall Spotify

Uninstall the Spotify app and reinstall it if all of the mentioned ways do not solve the song-playing issue. Delete the Spotify app on your desktop or your computer. To reinstall it follow the given steps,

On Desktop

On iOS

Go to App Store

Search Spotify

Tap Download button

On Android

Go to Google Play Store

Search Spotify

Tap Download button

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3 Ways To Fix Spotify Not Showing As Status On Discord

Is Spotify not showing as your status on Discord?

If you’ve properly linked Spotify to Discord, your status will show that you’re listening to Spotify.

However, a common issue that Discord users face is that the “Listening to Spotify” status is not showing even though they linked their Spotify.

There are a couple of reasons for this.

Firstly, it might be because the user has recently changed their password on Spotify.

If they changed their Spotify password recently, they have to relink it to Discord in order for the status to work again.

Secondly, the user might not have disabled the “Display currently running game as a status message” option.

When the “Display currently running game as a status message” option is enabled, it might be in conflict with the Spotify status.

In this guide, you’ll learn 3 ways to fix your Spotify status on Discord (based on the couple of reasons above).

How to fix Spotify not showing as status on Discord

Firstly, to fix Spotify not showing as status on Discord, you need to make sure that Spotify is linked to Discord via the connection settings.

If it’s not linked properly, the “Listening to Spotify” status will not show on your profile.

If you’ve already linked Spotify to Discord but the Spotify status is still not showing, then you can try relinking it.

Many Discord users managed to fix the issue by relinking Spotify to Discord.

It’s also the most common solution to fix the issue.

If all else fails, you can try disabling the “Display currently running game as a status message” via the Game Activity Settings.

Keep in mind that the Spotify status will only show if you’re using Spotify on your desktop.

If you play a song on the Spotify app on a mobile device, it will not be displayed on your profile.

Below are the three methods that you can use to fix the Spotify status on Discord.

Method #1: Link Spotify to Discord

The first method to fix Spotify not showing as a status on Discord is to make sure that Spotify is linked to Discord.

Discord has multiple integrations, and Spotify is one of them.

Your Spotify status will only be shown on your profile if you’ve integrated it with Discord.

If you already integrated it with Discord, you can skip this method and proceed to the next one.

If you haven’t integrated it with Discord, here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can do it:

1. In order to link Spotify with Discord, you need to open Discord on a desktop.

2. Next, find your profile at the bottom of the left navigation bar.

3. Tap on the gear icon to proceed to your User Settings.

4. On the User Settings page, tap on “Connections” to view special Discord integrations.

7. Log in to your Spotify account, agree to the terms, and it’ll be linked to Discord.

After you’ve integrated Spotify with Discord, open Spotify and play a song.

Then, go back to Discord and if there’s a “Listening to Spotify” status on your profile.

If the status is shown, then you’ve successfully fixed the issue.

However, if the Spotify status is still not showing on your profile, you can try the next couple of methods instead.

Method #2: Unlink and relink Spotify from Discord

The second method to fix Spotify not showing as a status on Discord is to unlink and relink it via the Connections Setting.

If you’ve recently changed your password on Spotify, you need to relink it to Discord in order for the “Listening to Spotify” status to show on your profile.

This is because the Spotify integration with Discord will be break if you’ve changed your Spotify password.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can unlink and relink Spotify from Discord:

1. Open Discord on a desktop.

2. Next, find your profile at the bottom of the left navigation bar.

3. Tap on the gear icon to proceed to your User Settings.

4. On the User Settings page, tap on “Connections” to view special Discord integrations.

5. Navigate to the Spotify integration and tap on the “X” icon to unlink it from Discord.

8. Log in to your Spotify account, agree to the terms, and it’ll be re-linked to Discord.

After you’ve re-linked Spotify to Discord, try playing a song on Spotify and check your profile.

If it works, the “Listening to Spotify” status will show on your profile.

Otherwise, you can try using the final method below.

Method #3: Disable “Display currently running game as a status message”

The final method to get the Spotify status to show on your profile is to disable the “Display currently running game as a status message” setting.

This is because the “Display currently running game as a status message” setting might conflict with the Spotify status.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can disable the setting:

1. Open Discord on a desktop.

2. Next, find your profile at the bottom of the left navigation bar.

3. Tap on the gear icon to proceed to your User Settings.

5. Once you’re on your Game Activity settings, you’ll see the “Display currently running game as a status message” setting.

6. Turn off the switch for “Display currently running game as a status message” to disable it.

After you’ve disabled the setting, try playing a song on Spotify.

Then, check your profile for the “Listening to Spotify” status.

This concludes the three methods that you can use to fix the Spotify status on Discord.

These three methods have helped thousands of Discord users to fix the integration issue.

Hopefully, they’ve helped you to fix yours as well.

How do I get Spotify to show on Discord?

To get Spotify to show on Discord, you have to integrate Spotify with Discord via the Connections Setting.

Firstly, open Discord on a desktop and navigate to your profile tab on the left navigation bar.

Lastly, log in to your Spotify account, agree to the terms, and it’ll show that you’re listening to Spotify whenever you play a song on it.

Does Spotify mobile show on Discord?

No, Spotify mobile does not show on Discord.

In order for the “Listening to Spotify” status to show on Discord, you have to use Spotify on a desktop.

This is because Discord can only be integrated with Spotify on a desktop and not on a mobile device.


Discord has a ton of integrations—Twitch, YouTube, Spotify, and more.

These integrations allow you to display another platform on your profile.

Unfortunately, some integrations on Discord does not work as intended.

For instance, many Discord users have issues with the Discord-Spotify Integration as the Spotify status wouldn’t show up.

In this guide, you’ve learned 3 ways to get the Spotify status to show as your status.

If it still doesn’t work—keep in mind that your Spotify status will only show if you’re using Spotify on a desktop.

If you’re playing a song on Spotify mobile, the “Listening to Spotify” status will not show on your profile.

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How to Get The “Bot” Tag on Discord (8 Easy Steps)

How to Add Member Count on Discord (With Pictures)

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Expressvpn Stuck On Connecting: 6 Ways To Fix

ExpressVPN Stuck On Connecting: 6 Ways To Fix ExpressVPN not connecting is caused by minor misconfigurations






To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

ExpressVPN is one of the leaders in the expanding niche of VPN solutions. However, as the case has shown so many times, programs that are dependent on too many various factors, often bump into a problem.

One of the repeating issues that plagued numerous users is the inability to connect to a remote VPN server of your choice. The connection bar just stops in the middle of the process and it gets stuck.

Different online use cases necessitate varying internet speeds and bandwidths. In general, web browsing and email require only 5 to 10 Mbps.

Why won’t ExpressVPN connect?

Failure to immediately search the internet, thus after some time, you are unable to browse the internet while connected to ExpressVPN is a result of interference with certain VPN protocols by ISP.

If you can browse the internet again after connecting to a different VPN server location, there may have been a temporary problem with the previous VPN server location.

Keep in mind that ExpressVPN works in China but there are a few things to consider before using the Hong Kong route through ExpressVPN.

Insufficient connectivity at the chosen VPN server location results in outgoing packet transmission interference from your antivirus or online security application.

Also, check whether you are using the latest version of the ExpressVPN app, it’s important to have the latest updates with your trusted VPN provider for your designated device.

In order to fix this, we offer a few possible solutions below. So, if ExpressVPN gets stuck with every new try, make sure to check them out.

How can I fix ExpressVPN stuck while connecting? 1. Check the Internet connection

First things first. Probably the most obvious thing you’ll need to check in order to unstuck ExpressVPN is the connection.

ExpressVPN cannot detect internet connection because there’s a bridge broken between your device and the network itself.

Make sure that your PC is able to connect to the Internet without ExpressVPN. If you’re unable to do so, follow the above instructions in order to repair the connection.

On the other hand, if you’re able to connect to the Internet but the problem solely applies to ExpressVPN, make sure to continue with the steps below.

2. Switch to another VPN with stable connections

The tool recommended below is not only one of the oldest virtual private network providers on the market but also one of the best choices when it comes to connection stability.

This solution offers client applications for mainstream operating systems. It’s up to you to grab any of these apps since you’ll want to protect as many devices as you’re allowed on a single account.

No less important, this Kape Technologies VPN solution is also remarkably inexpensive when compared to other VPN providers around. It’s only up to you to try it out.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is your top alternative when ExpressVPN is stuck on connecting. Enjoy the best deal right away!

Check price Visit website

3. Run application as admin

In order to avoid possible limitations imposed by Windows, you should run the ExpressVPN desktop client with administrative permissions.

This should bypass the blockage and enable you to connect to the dedicated servers you’ve chosen.

This seems to be the case with various third-party programs that are fairly limited or even blocked by Windows due to quite strict UAC (User Account Control) settings.

If you’re not sure how to run ExpressVPN as an admin in Windows 10, make sure to check the instructions above.

4. Change the protocol and server

There are various protocols ExpressVPN utilizes in order to connect to a VPN server. These protocols are basically different methods and they differ in speed and security traits.

By default, ExpressVPN selects active protocol automatically, but that’s not always the most reliable way. When ExpressVPN still trying to connect automatically and it’s not responding try setting up the connection manually.

So, in order to fix the halt while connecting to a remote VPN server, make sure to switch between protocols manually. One of them might just work.

In addition, you’ll probably want to shift between the available servers until you reach the one that works. Due to heavy load, certain servers might be down or a lot slower than intended.

5. Disable antivirus and firewall temporarily

If there’s one thing that keeps messing up various VPN and proxy solutions, that’s the third-party antivirus. Moreover, besides the antivirus, we can’t overlook the Windows Firewall.

Both security assets are strict towards the VPN solutions and can cause a halt within the program. So, you have two options here:

To temporarily disable antivirus and firewall.

To manually add exceptions for ExpressVPN.

Either way, that should eliminate stalls and you should be able to continue with the seamless use. If you decide to disable antivirus and firewall temporarily, follow these steps:

On the other hand, you can create an exception within the antivirus and Windows Firewall, respectively. That way, security software won’t suppress ExpressVPN.

6. Contact the support team

Finally, if none of the aforementioned solutions worked for you, make sure to contact the support team that’s available 24/7 through live chat.

When encountering ExpressVPN stuck or not connecting issue there could be more than one reason for it.

The protocol that you currently using, the antivirus, and the Internet connection itself may all affect the way ExpressVPN connects.

Is ExpressVPN legal?

Yes, ExpressVPN is legal. However, do keep in mind that P2P torrenting itself is illegal in a few countries, so make sure you know the laws in your country before employing in these activities.

While ExpressVPN is perfectly legal, using it for illegal activity will only cause problems in the long run.

It’s a valid point that they’re not sending the links or storing anything on a server. Nonetheless, they appear to be constant targets for legal threats and accusations, and many of them are short-lived.

Regardless of how you feel about the software you use and what you do online, it is better to stay legal than to risk anything that could be perceived as illegal.

To make sure the VPN is working as it should, don’t hesitate to connect to ExpressVPN and check your IP address. You have no reason to worry about it if it is secured.

Moreover, take a closer look at some of the most common VPN errors and their solutions for quick tips like the ones above.

Your connection is not secure – websites you visit can find out your details:

Use a VPN to protect your privacy and secure your connection.

We recommend Visit Private Internet Access

We recommend Private Internet Access , a VPN with a no-log policy, open source code, ad blocking and much more; now 79% off.

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4 Simple Ways To Fix Doom Eternal Can’t Connect To Bethesda

4 Simple Ways to Fix Doom Eternal Can’t Connect to Bethesda Fix your connection and make sure your Doom Eternal app is updated




Doom Eternal not connecting to Bethesda prevents you from playing the game online.

The issue is linked to problems with your connection, so it’s essential to check that first.

To improve network speed and get unlimited bandwidth for gaming, you can use a VPN.

You should also make sure that the game is up-to-date and the Bethesda servers are up.

Are you having trouble connecting Doom Eternal to Bethesda? It is a common issue for Doom Eternal players once in a while. 

Bethesda Softworks is the publisher of Doom Eternal and as such, you have to sign in to chúng tôi before you can access the game and its extra features. 

But the problem starts when you cannot connect to chúng tôi and this would mean a no-gaming session for you.

Some players even have trouble creating an account on chúng tôi or linking an existent account to steam.

We understood how infuriating this could be and we decided to put together this simple guide for you.

In this article, you will be exposed to more than one way to fix Doom Eternal not connecting to Bethesda.

Why can’t I connect Doom Eternal to Bethesda servers?

There are a couple of reasons why this happens and internet connection is the most common factor.

So, you can’t connect Doom Eternal to Bethesda servers because of,

➡️ Internet connection: When you experience a poor internet connection, it will be difficult to connect to a Bethesda server. This is because Bethesda servers do not run offline.

➡️ Servers Downtime: If Bethesda Softworks is working on their servers at any point in time, then you just have to be patient until the maintenance process is completed.

➡️ Old Game Versions: When a new version of Doom Eternal is released, and you are still playing an old version without updating it. Bugs that exist in an old version will interfere with your gaming sessions.

➡️ Wrong Login Credentials: Double-check your login details as this could be the cause of your predicament.

You should know that you are not alone in this situation because every day one or two gamers face the same issue. It can be frustrating, but it is not impossible to fix.

How to fix Doom Eternal Can’t Connect to Bethesda? 1. Improve your internet connection

Since network connection is the first suspect when you cannot access the Bethesda server, it is only wise that you confirm the strength of your connection.

If you are using Windows OS:

On the start menu, type settings and open the Settings panel.

Select the Network & Internet category.

You will see your Network status at the top of the window.

If it says Connected and you have access to the Internet, open your web browser. If not, contact your ISP because your network isn’t working at all.

Head to an online speed test such as Speedtest by Ookla and let it scan your connection.

⚡ According to user experience, for gaming, it’s recommended you have an Internet speed that’s at least 20 Mbps.

If it is not as strong as you want, then you may want to move to a different area of your house with stronger reception.

Rebooting your network devices can also help.

Unplug your router/ modem.

Turn them off.

Wait for 30 seconds to 1 hour.

Plug them back and turn them on.

Turn on your device and reconnect to your router.

Even though it’s very intuitive, performing a reboot can get rid of bugs and errors as well as unnecessary processes that run in the background for no reason.

2. Use a gaming-optimized VPN

Decide on a good VPN. For Doom Eternal, ExpressVPN is a great choice thanks to its gaming-optimized servers and a huge network.

Get an ExpressVPN subscription plan and download the app to your device.

Follow the installation wizard to install the VPN on your device.

Launch and log in with the correct credentials.

Connect to a server close to you.

Launch Doom Eternal, connect to Bethesda server and play.

Expert tip:

A reliable and good VPN for Doom Eternal will automatically assign you the best and fastest server for your configuration.

The VPN can stop your ISP from throttling bandwidth. It assigns you a virtual IP address and encrypts all your traffic information, so you can’t be monitored and/or restricted.

In addition to this, it can help you access geo-restricted games and gaming servers from all around the world and prevent DDoS attacks, which are common in the gaming industry.


Connect to ExpressVPN’s trustworthy servers to get rid of connectivity issues and enjoy Doom Eternal to the fullest.

Free trial Visit website

Launch Steam.

Go to Steam Library.

Find the Doom Eternal steam page.

Select it and select Manage.

Pick Properties.

Go to Updates. Install the updates, if any are available.

Enable the Auto-Updates option to make sure the game is always running its latest version without you having to manually install it.


Doom Eternal is available on multiple devices. Not only that, but you can get it from different places, including Steam or Microsoft store. In this guide, we show you how to update the game on a PC, using Steam, but the process is pretty similar across all devices and platforms.

If you are using an older version of an operating system, this could be the reason for the Bethesda connection problem.

4. Check the Bethesda server’s status

Bethesda has a live status page where it shows the latest updates about its games and informs users if any of them have problems.

You can head there and see if Doom Eternal has recently been listed to have issues. If that’s the case, your only option is to just wait it out.

You can also confirm if this is true by going to the @BethesdaSupport page on Twitter. This Twitter handle updates users on server downtime and maintenance periods. 

All these may contribute to having a server timeout on Bethesda. So to avoid that, try to eliminate any possible cause by following the recommendations in this guide.

How do I link my Bethesda account to Doom Eternal?

To link your Bethesda account to Doom Eternal,

Log in to your chúng tôi account.

It is successful when the platform you have chosen displays on your linked accounts. Play Doom Eternal from the platform.

Why is the Bethesda website not working?

The Bethesda website may not be working or you may have Doom Eternal login issues from your end due to a built-up cache and cookies or a slow internet connection.

So clear up your browser’s cache and cookies or try accessing the website from a different browser.

It also could be that the website is under maintenance, so you can just try again or reach out to @BethesdaSupport on Twitter if it still doesn’t work.

Does Doom Eternal still require a Bethesda account?

If you are playing the single-player campaign (offline), then you don’t need a Bethesda account.

You only need a Bethesda account to access the multiplayer and all the benefits that come with it.

A Bethesda account also allows you to download updates and patches.

How to play Doom Eternal without a Bethesda account

Long story short, you can’t play Doom Eternal if you don’t create a Bethesda account. Through Bethesda, you get access to the gaming servers that host Doom Eternal.

That being said, there is a trick you can do to skip the Bethesda authentication. However, it only works if you are okay with playing the game offline.

To play Doom Eternal offline without the Bethesda account,

The Block Connection option stops Doom Eternal from connecting to the Internet. This means that you’ll automatically be in offline mode and the game won’t be able to connect to the Bethesda servers.

A Bethesda account is needed to attain extra milestones and features on Doom Eternal but it can be pretty annoying when you can’t connect to its servers.

However, with a good internet connection and a stable VPN, you can get over this situation as soon as possible.

Still experiencing issues?

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6 Ways To Fix Windows Powershell Keeps Popping Up

Some apps are set to run on startup, making them launch as soon as Windows boots up. But if it’s the Windows Powershell popping up, then you have a problem. As it turns out, this is a known issue affecting a fair share of Windows users. Fortunately, there are ways to fix it, as detailed in this guide.

Tip: you can use Powershell to hide annoying Windows updates. We show you how.

General Fixes

Before applying problem-specific fixes, these general tips could help you solve the problem if it was caused by a virus or a bug in the system.

Scan PC with malware removal tool: if you have a third-party antivirus or anti-malware program, you can search the computer for any malicious software. But if you don’t, you can have Windows Defender run a full scan on your computer.

Perform Chkdsk, DISM, and SFC scans: Windows has a few valuable utilities to check system files and ensure they are intact and that no corrupted files exist in your system folder. By typing the associated commands, you can run these utilities in the Windows Terminal or PowerShell.

Update Windows: go to settings and check for any available updates in the Windows Update tab.

Run the System Maintenance troubleshooter: Open the Run window by pressing Win + R, then type in %systemroot%system32msdt.exe -id MaintenanceDiagnostic and hit Enter to open the System Maintenance utility.

1. Check Whether a Task or Script Is Running in the Background

Your Windows system relies on PowerShell to launch background processes or authorize applications to access security files. If Windows PowerShell keeps popping up, there is a good chance that your system is running update processes or vital background tasks. You can check whether that’s the case by following these steps:

Review the list to see which process uses the abnormal amount of CPU. If it’s an unknown process, search the name in Google to see if it’s okay to end the task.

Alternatively, if it’s a process named “wsappx” or any service using too much CPU, it means Windows is updating an app or itself.

Note: if you notice PowerShell in Task Manager, then ending the task would not help, and you should move on to the next fixes.

2. Boot in Clean Mode

Launch the Run box by pressing the Windows + R keys simultaneously. Type in msconfig and press Enter.

In the “General” tab, select “Selective Startup” and uncheck “Load startup items.”

Good to know: learn how to run a Java program in Command Prompt.

3. Disable Windows Powershell Temporarily

You can use the Command Prompt to disable Windows PowerShell temporarily. If you use PowerShell to disable itself, it may end up crashing and causing issues. Note that this method works on Windows 10 1803 and requires admin privileges.

Type the following commands and press Enter after each one. Remember to re-enable the PowerShell later. To disable it, type:









FeatureName: MicrosoftWindowsPowerShellV2Root

To re-enable it, type:









FeatureName: MicrosoftWindowsPowerShellV2Root 4. Delete Powershell Shortcut from Startup Folder

The Startup folder contains all the Startup application shortcuts so that Windows can run them as soon as it boots up. The Windows “PowerShell.exe” shortcut can also be found in this folder, as, most of the time, this app is set to launch on startup. Thus, if Windows PowerShell keeps popping up, you should locate and delete this app’s shortcut from the Startup folder.

Launch the Run box by pressing the Windows + R keys. Type in %ProgramData%MicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartUp and hit Enter.

Tip: check out all of the options available to open Task Manager in Windows.

5. Delete the Powershell Startup Status on the Task Manager

You can also disable the PowerShell startup status via Task Manager to prevent it from launching on startup.

6. Use the Microsoft Autoruns Program

Microsoft offers a powerful tool to stop apps that are set to run automatically on your Windows.

Download Autoruns.

Open the app, and In the “Logon” tab, locate “PowerShell” and uncheck its box.

Tip: Is Microsoft Store not functioning as it should? We show you how to fix it.

Frequently Asked Questions Is it OK to disable PowerShell indefinitely?

Although we don’t encourage you to do so, sometimes your only choice is to disable this console indefinitely. Windows should be fine without PowerShell since it can use Command Prompt, but PowerShell is an upgraded version of Command Prompt that can do much more than cmd.

What can PowerShell do that Command Prompt can’t?

While PowerShell is built on the .NET platform, it can communicate with Windows objects even at the core level, unlike Command Prompt, which can’t.

Can I update Windows PowerShell?

Windows updates system-related apps with each Windows update, so there is no need to update PowerShell separately. Still, you can update PowerShell manually without waiting for Windows to do it for you with the next update. To get PowerShell updates from the Microsoft Store app, search Windows PowerShell in the Microsoft Store Windows application, and the first app displayed is the one you are looking for.

Image credit: Pexels. All screenshots by Farhad Pashaei.

Farhad Pashaei

As a technophile, Farhad has spent the last decade getting hands-on experience with a variety of electronic devices, including smartphones, laptops, accessories, wearables, printers, and so on. When he isn’t writing, you can bet he’s devouring information on products making their market foray, demonstrating his unquenchable thirst for technology.

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Can’t Initialize Disk: 4 Ways To Fix Or Force Your Drive

Can’t Initialize Disk: 4 Ways to Fix or Force Your Drive Check all the information in this article before proceding




If you

can’t initialize

the disk, there might be a wrong setting or the drive has bad sectors.

A new empty disk won’t initialize, you can simply format it, and then you can use it.

Make sure to check the disk status if you can’t initialize the hard drive by reconnecting it.

If no solution works and you cannot initialize the disk, it might be a serious hardware issue.



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readers this month.

Issues with initializing a brand-new hard drive are easy to overcome by simply formatting it in GPT or MBR partition.

However, what to do if a once-fully-functional disk won’t initialize? Well, hardly anything. But, before surrendering and formatting the drive, there are some things we can try.

First of all, make sure you plugged out all the memory cards and USB sticks from your PC or laptop.

If you can’t initialize the disk in Windows 10, try the steps below to solve the problem.

Why can’t I initialize my external hard drive?

Well, you should definitely know that the disk, not being initialized issue usually occurs unexpectedly in all the Windows versions out there, so you aren’t the only one experiencing it.

When it happens, your external hard drive may show unallocated space or nothing about the disk capacity in Disk Management.

As a result, you cannot open and access the data on this disk. We’re also about to show you the main causes that can lead to this unfortunate situation.

How do I fix a disk that won’t initialize? 1. Make sure the disk is online

Note: The first thing you need to do is confirm that the disk is online. Flash drives do not need to be set online while configuring, but that’s not the case for standard HDD drives. So, before doing something drastic, enable the drive using the steps above.

2. Run Disk test

If the disk still won’t initialize, consider running a disk test. You can use the system resources, but we prefer downloading and using a third-party diagnostic tool in this scenario. What we need to do is find out the drive is fully functional and without corruption.

Also, along with the software inspection, make sure that your cables are properly connected. In case this is an external drive with the portable case, take it out and reconnect it. After that, give it another try.

Software-wise, try with one of these programs to check for errors. The important thing is not to manually initialize the drive as this requires wiping all data. And if you have anything of value on that drive, wiping it probably not what you want.

3. Try fixing the drive

Note: If the drive is visible in Disk Management, you can try and repair it with the Error Checking tool. This might or might not work, as the drive might appear as Unknown.

4. Initialize the drive

Note: Finally, if you’re unable to initialize the drive, the only thing you can do is format the drive and start from scratch.

Of course, before doing this, try some of the free or paid recovery software to get your data out of it. You can try one of these programs to do so but have in mind that you’ll hardly manage to get the 100% of the data.

What to do if I can’t initialize disk on Windows 11?

If you’ve upgraded to Windows 11, you probably discovered that apart from some new features and an improved design, the new OS is not much different from the old Windows 10.

Expert tip:

Fortunately, having the same main core, all the solutions we presented above for Windows 10 will work on Windows 11 with small changes on the design part.

After fixing the problem with the disk in Windows 11, we also recommend opening the File Explorer app and performing a Disk Cleanup, as shown in our screenshot above.

That procedure not only will free some space on your drive but also get rid of some of the junk accumulated over time.

The above solutions will help you whenever you can’t initialize the hard drive in Windows 10 and 11 and we hope that now, the situation has been restored.

Should I initialize disk as MBR or GPT?

Before you decide which partition style to choose, you should first know what is the volume of your hard disk.

So, if it is smaller than 2TB, you might as well initialize it to MBR, as MBR disk supports at most 2TB per partition.

That being said, if it proves to be bigger than 2TB, you must initialize to GPT to ensure all of the disk space is usable, but you can’t always do it.

For that to happen, you must also ensure your motherboard with UEFI and your operating system support GPT.

Furthermore, Microsoft officially declared that Windows 11 system only supports UEFI if you use the Check for update feature to upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10, users will have to choose a GPT disk for the Win 11 upgrade.

Know that this error message can come in many forms, as we are about to show you right now:

Can’t initialize disk Access Denied

Can’t initialize disk Device not Ready

Can’t initialize disk in Disk Management

Can’t initialize disk I/O Device Error

Can’t initialize disk Incorrect Function

Can’t initialize disk Fatal Device Hardware error

Can’t initialize Disk Cyclic Redundancy

How do I initialize a hard drive without losing data?

For you to successfully do this you must use some specialized hard drive recovery software that can not only perform common deleted file recovery, formatted data recovery, and RAW drive recovery but also recover data from inaccessible disks, like in this case.

If you’re still unable to initialize the disk, consider replacing it. The most likely reason for this is the hardware malfunction and it’s hard to fix it.

You might also be interested in our guide on what to do if the hard drive is missing after a Windows 10/11 update because it’s also a pretty common occurrence.

This is all you need to know in case you want to check the initialized disk without losing data, or if you can’t access it due to the disk being unknown, not initialized, or unallocated.

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