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Difference Between Spin off vs Split off

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What is Spin off?

In the case of a spin off, the parent company chooses to distribute the equity stocks of the subsidiary to its existing shareholders on a pro rata basis, mostly in the form of dividend payout. In this type of deal, no cash transaction is involved between the parent company and the subsidiary. Essentially, the shareholders of the parent company are now offered shareholding in the new entity and so effectively they now become shareholders of two separate companies instead of one. Usually, the spun-off entities have their own management as they are recognized as a distinctly separate entity. Spin off is also known as spin out, but it is less frequently used.

In the year 2024, Baxter International Inc. decided to spin off its biopharmaceuticals business, Baxalta Inc. The announcement of the separation came in the month of March and was finally completed in the month of July. As per the definitive agreement, the shareholders in the parent company were offered 1 Baxalta share for each Baxter share they held. Post spin off, Baxter retained a 19.5% stake in Baxalta, while the remaining 80.5% stake was distributed through a special dividend.

What is Split off?

Split off is quite similar to spin off but with a catch. In the case of a split off, the shareholders of the parent company are given the option of either becoming the shareholders in the newly formed subsidiary in exchange for that of the parent company or continue to remain the shareholders of the parent company only. Basically, they can’t have a shareholding in both the parent company and subsidiary. Given that all the shareholders of the parent company might not choose to participate in the split off, the distribution of the subsidiary shares, in this case, can’t be pro-rata as in the case of a spin off. However, in order to complete the split off successfully with the exchange offer is made more attractive so that shareholders participate. Usually, the exchange ratio is more favorable for the investors who choose to participate in the split off.

Head to Head Comparison Between Spin off and Split off (Infographics)

Below is the Top 4 Comparison between Spin off vs Split off.

Key Differences Between Spin off vs Split off

Some of the key differences between spin off and split off are as discussed below:

Allotment of Shares: In case of spin off, the shareholders in the parent company are offered the share of the spun off entity on pro rata basis, whereas in case of split off, the shareholders in the parent company are offered the shares of split off entity only in exchange of that of the parent company.

Business Objective: In the case of spin off, the parent company intends to create a separate identity for the spun off entity, whereas, in case of split off, the parent company seeks to separate its core business from that of the new subsidiary.

Spin off vs Split off Comparison Table

Basis of Comparison

Spin off

Split off

Concept The divestment is carried out in such a way that the parent company’s assets are used in the formation of the new subsidiary. The existing shareholders are allotted shares of the spun off entity on pro-rata basis. The divestment is carried out in such a way that the parent company’s assets are used in the formation of the new controlled entity. The existing shareholders of the parent company can opt for shares in the new entity in exchange for the shares in the parent company.

Objective The parent company intends to create a separate identity for the new entity through the mechanism of spin off. The parent company intends to make a clear demarcation between the core operation of the parent company and that of the new subsidiary.

Option for Shareholders The existing shareholders of the parent company are not offered any option. They are bound to accept the shares in spun off entity. The existing shareholders of the parent company are offered the option to either go for the split off or to continue to stay with the parent company.

Shareholding in One or Two Companies In spin off arrangement, the shareholders of the parent company end up with the ownership in two companies. In split off arrangement, the shareholders of the parent company can only have the ownership of one of the two entities – parent or subsidiary.


So, it can be seen that both spin off and split off are recognized as one of the best tools for corporate divestment. Both the arrangements help companies build a more efficient and effective corporate structure. Companies go for spin offs when they intend to create a separate identity for the spun off entity, while they go for split offs when they want separate their core business from the subsidiary.

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Alienware Shows Off Its All

If there’s one thing Dell has done right over the years, it’s been to let Alienware—the boutique gaming PC manufacturer Dell acquired in 2006—remain Alienware. Based on the new notebook lineup that Alienware unveiled tonight, that let-‘em-be strategy is still working.

As the annual gaming/marketing orgy known as the E3 Expo gets underway, the company announced three brand-new notebook models based on Intel’s fourth-generation Core processors. But Alienware General Manager Frank Azor dropped by PCWorld’s offices late last month to give us a hands-on sneak peek. The lineup has undergone a significant makeover while managing to remain unmistakably Alienware. Each of the new Alienware notebooks features a backlit keyboard and trackpad. We don’t share performance among components. Every part can run at its full TDP.

“It’ s a big departure from 2009,” said Azor. “The new models are 60 percent metal, including a 100-percent aluminum A panel [lid] and a magnesium alloy chassis.” The reduction in plastic composites is a welcome departure, but the most significant visual cues come in the form of LED light pipes gracing the lid and the front and sides of the body, and the backlit trackpad.

Between those, the alien-head logo, and the backlit keyboard, each notebook has 10 distinct lighting zones that can be lit in any combination of colors from a palette of 20. Games that support the AlienFX utility can change these color combos in response to in-game events, such as taking damage, healing, or completing a mission or quest.

Alienware General Manager Frank Azor says the company’s notebooks are as thick as they need to be to allow every component to run as fast as possible.

Each of the three models is available in a base configuration, but you can choose to upgrade each at time of purchase. The six-pound Alienware 14 ($1199) includes a 2.4GHz, quad-core Intel Core i7-4700Q processor with 8GB of DDR3L/1600 memory, a 750GB 7200 rpm SATA 3Gb/s mechanical hard drive (with room for two additional storage devices), a slot-feed DVD burner, a Killer NIC gigabit Ethernet interface, and a Killer NIC 802.11n Wi-Fi /Bluetooth 4.0 network adapter.

The Alienware 14 comes with an Nvidia GT 750M mobile GPU with 1GB of GDDR5 memory driving a 14-inch non-glare TN panel with native resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels. DDR3L memory, if you’re not familiar, is designed to operate at lower voltage in order to extend notebook battery life.

The $1499 Alienware 17 (12 pounds) comes with a 17.3-inch anti-glare TN display with native resolution of 1600 by 900 pixels, driven by an Nvidia GeForce GTX 765M with 2GB of GDDR5 memory. In its base configuration, it comes with the same CPU, memory, hard drive, optical drive, and network interface, but its wireless network adapter is an 802.11ac/Bluetooth 4.0 model from Broadcom and it will have room for three additional storage devices.

Each model is outfitted with LED light pipes that can shift between 20 different colors.

The 12-pound Alienware 18 ($2099) boasts an 18.4-inch PLS screen with a native resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. The balance of its specs are the same as the Alienware 17, but this model comes with two GeForce GTX 765M video cards operating in an SLI configuration. And like the 17-inch model, the Alienware 18 has room for three additional storage devices. The lid on each model is 100 percent aluminum (the Alienware 14 is shown here).

At our briefing, Azor said the Alienware 14 can be upgraded at time of purchase with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 765M. The Alienware 17 and Alienware 18 can be upgraded at time of purchase to Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 770 or GeForce GTX 780 GPU, according to Azor, and the CPU upgrades on those models go as high as Intel’s Core i7-4930MX Extreme Edition mobile processor. Slot-feed Blu-ray drives are an available option on all three models.

The Alienware 18 comes with two Nvidia GeForce GTX 765 cards operating in SLI mode driving an 18.4-inch PLS display.

Alienware allows its customers to open up and upgrade their notebook, and they can overclock the CPU—both without fear of violating the manufacturer’s warranty. The notebook’s GPUs, however, are overclocked at the factory and cannot be pushed further,  according to Azor.

Azor said that people often ask why Alienware’s notebooks are so thick. “It’s because we don’t share performance among components,” he said. “Every part can run at its full TDP (thermal design power). A lot of manufacturers will throttle down the GPU when the CPU ramps up, and vice versa, thinking only one component needs to run full out at once. Our notebooks can run everything full tilt without anything needing to back off.”

All three Alienware models have HDMI outputs, but the 17- and 18-inch notebooks also have an HDMI input, so you can connect a game console or a smartphone and use the notebook’s larger display. Alienware enlarged the keycaps on all three models, and added a metal backing plate beneath the keyboard to provide solid tactile feedback and to prevent bowing. Alienware’s engineers collaborated with Klipsch on the speaker design, and each of the three models ships with Dolby Home Theater Audio v 4.

All three models will also come with a new dynamic performance optimizer—dubbed Accelerator—that can turn off Windows services that aren’t essential to gameplay, freeing up system resources for the game. Once you exit the game, Accelerator automatically turns these services back on. A second utility, AlienAdrenaline, can record your gameplay in the background—perfect for instant replays of particularly gratifying kills, spectacular wipeouts, and other boast-worthy action sequences.

All three Alienware models are available now.

Oxford University Researchers Show Off Ipad

Forget Google’s self-driving cars, here’s something totally different and unique. Researchers at Oxford University have developed a new auto-drive technology drive by Apple’s iPad which allows drivers to hand control of the wheel to the robot system to drive itself. Unlike Google’s self-driving cars, this technology combines the best of both worlds: drivers can control their vehicle themselves, but the iPad can optionally take over when the system determines it knows a route.

They built the tablet into the dashboard of a Nissan Leaf and the driver can activate the autonomous driving mode with a single tap. Of course, this technology is still in its infancy and far from commercialization. Currently, the prototype navigation system costs a whopping £5,000, or about $7,500, but researches believe that over time it will work its way down to about just a £100, or approximately $150. I’ve included a bunch of interesting clips just past the break…

CleanTechnica quotes Professor Paul Newman of Oxford University’s Department of Engineering Science who said that “it’s easy to imagine that this kind of technology could be in a car you could buy.”

He also opines in an article published at The University of Oxford web site:

Instead of imagining some cars driving themselves all of the time we should imagine a time when all cars can drive themselves some of the time. The sort of very low cost, low footprint autonomy we are developing is what’s needed for everyday use.

Even though the car itself only moves in 2D, it senses in 3D, but it must learn what its environment looks like before it can take over from the driver.

The system relies on cameras and lasers built into the body of the car. 3D laser mapping enables the system to rapidly build up a detailed picture of its surroundings rather than use third-party maps that are often outdated.

Here’s another video.

AI is heavily involved in interpreting data from the lasers and onboard cameras, including the mathematics of probability and machine learning that retrieves additional data from aerial photos and on-the-fly web queries.

Mind you, they are not using GPS at all because it’s not always available and does not offer the accuracy required for robots to make decisions about how and when to move safely.

“Even if it did,” the project’s web page explains, “it would say nothing about what is around the robot, and that has a massive impact on autonomous decision-making.”

“Because our cities don’t change very quickly robotic vehicles will know and look out for familiar structures as they pass by so that they can ask a human driver ‘I know this route, do you want me to drive?’ and the driver can choose to let the technology take over’,” said Professor Newman.

The prototype system is currently being tested in Begbroke Science Park, near Oxford. There are plans to commercialize the technology, but that won’t happen until the system can be programmed to understand complex traffic flows and to decide the best routes to take.

More information is available at the project’s web site.

As a driver, would you some day trust an iPad with your life?

How To Turn Off Notifications On Iphone

Notifications can become an annoying distraction. If you feel like you’re constantly barraged with notifications on your iPhone, you can turn notifications off for any app you want—or turn them off entirely.

Typically, an app asks you for permission to send notifications the first time you open it. It’s easy just to say yes and start using the app. Maybe you aren’t sure if the notifications will be important.

Table of Contents

If you find that certain chats are blowing up your phone too often, you can turn notifications off for specific contacts as well. In this article, we’ll show you how to do all this and gain some peace of mind.

How to Turn Off Notifications for an App on Your iPhone

To turn off iPhone notifications, navigate to your Settings app. From there, follow these directions.




You can see every app that provides notifications. Tap an app for which you want to turn off notifications.

At the top, you can tap the

Allow Notifications

slider to turn it off.

As an alternative to turning off an app’s notifications entirely, you can also customize how they appear. In the Alerts section on this page, you can:

Choose whether notifications should appear on the lock screen, the notification center, or as banners.

If banners are enabled, choose whether they are temporary.

Have notifications make sounds.

Choose whether badges appear on the app’s icon to indicate the number of unread notifications.

At the bottom, you can choose the appearance of notifications on your lock screen. This includes whether previews are shown and whether notifications are grouped.

How to Turn Off Message or Call Notifications

If you want to turn iMessage or call notifications off, you can do this in a separate area of the Settings app.

To turn off notifications for iMessage:

In the Settings app, tap






On this screen, you can tap on the slider beside

Allow Notifications

to turn them off. Like other apps, you can choose what types of notifications show up as well.

If you scroll to the bottom and tap on

Customize Notifications

, you can choose whether you want notifications to repeat or not.

If you want to turn off or change Phone notifications, go back to the main Settings screen and tap on Phone, just above Messages.




Again, you can tap on the slider next to

Allow Notifications

to turn them off.

You can also change notification types as with Messages.

How to Turn Notifications Off For a Specific Person (Without Blocking)

If you don’t want to turn iMessage notifications off across the board, but for only one of your contacts, you can do this without having to block them. This isn’t done in Settings but directly in the Messages app.



, tap on the chat with the person you want to hide notifications from.

Tap on the person’s name at the top.

Tap on the slider next to

Hide Alerts

to turn off notifications from them.

This will mute the person until you go back and turn alerts back on. This is a good option if you don’t want to turn iMessage notifications off entirely but don’t want to block the person.

Turn Notifications Off Temporarily With Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb is a feature on iPhone that can temporarily turn off notifications either until you turn it back off or the scheduled time is over. To start using it, head to your Settings app.

Tap on the slider next to

Do Not Disturb

to turn it on.

You can alternatively skip going to settings and slide down from the top right to open Control Center, then tap on the



To turn Do Not Disturb off, go back to the page in Settings or tap the

Do Not Disturb

button in the Control Center.

Have Some Peace and Quiet With Notifications Off

Turning off non-important notifications can help with the stress that constant notifications can cause. It’s easy to turn them off through settings, or you can also turn off notifications from specific people.

Do Not Disturb is also helpful when you want a less permanent solution, perfect for times you need to focus and not get distracted.

How To Disable Or Turn Off Adblock (Step

AdBlock is a popular content filtering extension for major web browsers like Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

Looks familiar? Obviously, the CNN website can detect that I’m using an ad blocker. What a bummer.

I can easily whitelist those sites, but it’s going to be very time-consuming because I don’t know which sites are like CNN and which are not. Also, I want to ensure I never run into this problem again. So today, I am going to show you how to disable or remove AdBlock in commonly used browsers, step by step.

How to Disable AdBlock on Chrome

Note: The tutorial below is based on Chrome for macOS. If you are using Chrome on a Windows PC or an iOS or Android device, the interfaces will look slightly different but the processes should be similar.

Step 2: Toggle your AdBlock off. Depending on how many extensions you’ve added to Chrome, it may take you a while to locate “Adblock”. I’ve only installed five plugins, so it’s quite easy to spot the AdBlock icon.

How to Disable AdBlock on Safari

Note: I’m using Safari on an Apple MacBook Pro, thus the screenshots are taken on Safari for macOS. If you’re using the Safari browser on a PC or an iPhone/iPad, the interface will be different. However, the processes should be similar.

Step 2: Go to the Extensions tab on the new window that pops up, then simply uncheck AdBlock and it will be disabled.

How to Disable AdBlock on Firefox

Note: I’m using Firefox for Mac. If you use Firefox for Windows 10, iOS, or Android, the interface will look different but the processes should be quite similar.

Step 3: If you want to permanently remove AdBlock from Firefox, simply hit the Remove button (right next to Disable).

How to Disable AdBlock on Microsoft Edge

If you are using Microsoft Edge (or Internet Explorer) on a PC, you can also turn off AdBlock easily. Just follow the steps below. Note: Since I only have a Mac, I let my teammate JP finish this part. He uses an HP laptop (Windows 10) which has Adblock Plus installed.

Step 3: Toggle AdBlock from on to off. If you want to completely remove this ad blocker extension, hit the Uninstall button below.

How to Disable AdBlock on Opera

Note: I’m using Opera for Mac as an example. The screenshots below will look different if you use the Opera browser on a PC or mobile device, but the processes should be similar.

Step 2: You will be directed to a page that shows you all the extensions you’ve installed. Find the AdBlock plugin and hit Disable.

How about Other Internet Browsers?

That’s it! As you can see, the method is similar for each web browser. You just have to locate your browser’s extension page and then you can either disable or remove AdBlock.

That’s all there is regarding how to disable AdBlock from major browsers. I hope this article has been useful for you.

Ugc Net Result 2023(Out) –Cut Off Marks

The University Grants Commission has released the UGC NET Result 2023 on 13 April 2023 i:e Today. This exam was conducted in multiple shifts till 16th March 2023 and many candidates across the country have attended this exam to become eligible for Assistant Professor Post and Junior Research Fellowship. Now that the exam is over, all of them are excited to Download the UGC NET Scorecard 2023 in which exact marks and percentile are mentioned. Once you have got to know your marks in the exam, kindly compare the scores with UGC NET Cut Off Marks 2023 Subject Wise discussed below.

Moreover, applicants who manage to secure more than cut off will be informed through the UGC NET Merit List 2023. As soon as the results are declared on the official website, we will create the direct link for you using which you can directly land on the login page and then collect the Result 2023. You have to go through this post and follow as guided for brief information regarding the UGC National Eligibility Test Exam Result.

UGC NET Result 2023

As we know that UGC is responsible for conducting the NET Exam (National Eligibility Exam) in the country through which many candidates become eligible for the post of Junior Research Fellowship and Assistant Professor. Many Aspirants applied and then appeared in this exam from 21 February to 16 March 2023 in various Phases. It’s been two weeks since the exam is over and now candidates are waiting eagerly for the release of UGC NET Result 2023. So we are here to inform you that the answer key for the NET Exam is already out and objections were invited from the applicants.

Now the final NET Answer Key is going to be released along with Result 2023. You have to go through this post and follow as guided for brief information regarding the UGC and final scores of the applicants. Candidates are requested to ensure that they secure more than Cut Off Marks and Qualifying Marks as per their category to collect the Pass Certificate from UGC. For General Category of Applicants, Qualifying Marks are 40% whereas for SC/ST Category, Qualifying Marks are 35%. Once the result is declared, kindly use the Result 2023 link given below to check your marks. Result 2023 Date

Exam nameUGC National Eligibility Test 2023Supervising BodyUniversity Grants CommissionPosts offeredJRF and Assistant ProfessorExam Date21st Feb to 16th Mar 2023Total Candidates appeared8,34,000Total Subjects83 SubjectsUGC NET 2023 Qualifying Marks40% (General) and 35% (SC/ST)UGC NET Result Date 2023Out Now (13th April 2023)Main UGC NET 2023 Result LinkAlternate Result LinkArticle CategorySarkari ResultUGC NET Result 2023

UGC NET Result Date 2023

The UGC NET Exam is one of the important exams in India which is conducted at National Level for the post of JRF and Assistant professor.

This exam was conducted in various phases from 21 February to 16 March 2023.

After that, Answer Key was released by UGC and Objections were invited from the applicants.

Now Objection Dates are over and candidates are waiting for the final answer key.

You need to visit the Result 2023 Link in order to check the final answer key and scorecard.

All the candidates who have attempted the UGC NET Exam in any phase from 1st Phase to 5th Phase should give a look at this section above. We have mentioned the UGC NET Result Date 2023 above which is April 13, 2023 according to us. On this day, the final answer key of NET 2023 and Scorecards will be issued to the applicants using which they can get to know about the marks. Now you need to match these scores with the Cut Off marks discussed below and check your qualification status.

UGC NET Scorecard 2023

The University Grants Commission will issue the Scorecard after the Result 2023 is declared.

On the UGC NET Scorecard 2023, you can find the important details related to your marks and qualification status.

You can Download the Scorecard using Application Number and Password @

Using this scorecard, you can find out the marks in Paper 1 and Paper 2, Cut Off Marks and more.

Download the Scorecard and keep it with you to claim the post of Assistant Professor or JRF.

Guidelines to Check UGC NET Result 2023 @

First of all, we request the candidates to open

Second step is to tap on the Scorecard Link or chúng tôi Result 2023 Link.

Now enter the Application Number and Password on the login section and proceed further.

Here you will see the Scores and qualification status in the national eligibility exam.

Download the Scorecard and then check your subject wise marks in the exam.

Using these instructions, you can check UGC NET Result 2023 @

UGC NET Cut Off Marks 2023 Subject Wise

Subject NameGeneralSC/STEconomics70-75 Marks65-70 MarksPolitical Science75-80 Marks70-75 MarksPhilosophy65-70 Marks60-65 MarksPsychology65-70 Marks60-65 MarksSociology75-80 Marks70-75 MarksHistory60-65 Marks55-60 MarksAnthropology70-75 Marks65-70 MarksCommerce80-85 Marks75-80 MarksEducation70-75 Marks65-70 MarksSocial Work70-75 Marks65-70 MarksDefence and Strategic Studies75-80 Marks70-75 MarksHome Science65-70 Marks60-65 MarksPublic Administration75-80 Marks70-75 MarksPopulation Studies70-75 Marks65-70 MarksMusic75-80 Marks70-75 MarksManagement70-75 Marks65-70 MarksMaithili75-80 Marks70-75 MarksBengali70-75 Marks65-70 MarksHindi65-70 Marks60-65 MarksKannada70-75 Marks65-70 MarksMalayalam75-80 Marks70-75 MarksOdia60-65 Marks55-60 MarksPunjabi60-65 Marks55-60 MarksSanskrit60-65 Marks55-60 MarksTamil75-80 Marks70-75 MarksTelugu70-75 Marks65-70 MarksUrdu75-80 Marks70-75 MarksArabic65-70 Marks60-65 MarksEnglish70-75 Marks65-70 MarksLinguistics75-80 Marks70-75 MarksChinese70-75 Marks65-70 MarksDogri70-75 Marks65-70 MarksNepali65-70 Marks60-65 MarksManipuri80-85 Marks75-80 MarksAssamese70-75 Marks65-70 MarksGujarati80-85 Marks75-80 MarksMarathi75-80 Marks70-75 MarksFrench80-85 Marks75-80 MarksSpanish70-75 Marks65-70 MarksRussian70-75 Marks65-70 MarksPersian70-75 Marks65-70 MarksRajasthani80-85 Marks75-80 MarksGerman70-75 Marks65-70 MarksJapanese70-75 Marks65-70 MarksAdult Education/ Continuing Education/ Andragogy/ Non Formal Education75-80 Marks70-75 MarksPhysical Education70-75 Marks65-70 MarksArab Culture and Islamic Studies65-70 Marks60-65 MarksIndian Culture75-80 Marks70-75 MarksLabour Welfare/Personnel Management/Industrial Relations/ Labour and Social Welfare/Human Resource Management70-75 Marks65-70 MarksLaw75-80 Marks70-75 MarksLibrary and Information Science80-85 Marks75-80 MarksBuddhist, Jaina, Gandhian and Peace Studies65-70 Marks60-65 MarksComparative Study of Religions70-75 Marks65-70 MarksMass Communication and Journalism75-80 Marks70-75 MarksPerforming Arts Dance/Drama/Theatre75-80 Marks70-75 MarksMuseology & Conservation70-75 Marks65-70 MarksArchaeology75-80 Marks70-75 MarksCriminology70-75 Marks65-70 MarksTribal and Regional Language/Literature75-80 Marks70-75 MarksFolk Literature65-70 Marks60-65 MarksComparative Literature60-65 Marks55-60 MarksSocial Medicine & Community Health70-75 Marks65-70 MarksForensic Science60-65 Marks55-60 MarksPali60-65 Marks55-60 MarksKashmiri70-75 Marks65-70 MarksKonkani70-75 Marks65-70 MarksComputer Science and Applications60-65 Marks55-60 MarksElectronic Science70-75 Marks65-70 MarksEnvironmental Sciences75-80 Marks70-75 MarksInternational and Area Studies75-80 Marks70-75 MarksPrakrit70-75 Marks65-70 MarksHuman Rights and Duties75-80 Marks70-75 MarksTourism Administration and Management70-75 Marks65-70 MarksBodo75-80 Marks70-75 MarksSantali70-75 Marks65-70 Marks Result 2023 Direct Links

UGC NET Result 2023View HereUGC NET Final Answer Key 2023View Here

FAQs on UGC NET Result 2023 @

When is the Tentative Date of UGC NET Result 2023?

UGC NET Result 2023 may be declared on or before 13-04-2023.

What is the good score to qualify for the UGC NET Exam 2023?

Score above 45% Marks to qualify the UGC NET Exam.

How to Download UGC NET Scorecard 2023?

You can Download Scorecard using application number from

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