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A reliable core rank tracker is crucial for the SEO business growth of your agency.

Many factors define that reliability, including:

Accurate, complete data sets.

Data update frequencies.

Accessibility, customization, and collaboration features.

User experience.

Customer support.

Plus, it’s important to take into account how the tool and the internal processes of your business tie in together.

That’s why, after looking at all the fundamental agency needs that our SEO tool can solve and talking with our users, we’ve changed to the core.

“We believe that if you can’t see it and understand it, you should not trust it. That’s why we doubled down on the transparency of our data and metrics. So users can see what’s under the hood and decide for themselves,” says Cosmin Negrescu, SEOmonitor’s founder and CEO.

But with this complete redesign, we wanted to create the best customer experience our rank tracker could provide: making it a lot faster, more intuitive, and easy to work with through a new, simplified interface.

On top of that, we’ve released long-awaited features our users requested over time. We also improved on every aspect that our customers loved about our rank tracker:

Data-rich and error-proof,

Daily granularity on both devices as standard, now with better SLA,

Proactive in responding to an agency’s rank tracking needs.

Let’s dive straight into the main optimized features and see how they solve particular agency tasks and goals.

Fresh & Fast Data When You Need It

You can analyze, strategize and understand the competitive landscape with different views.

Every navigation mode lets you focus on the relevant data while leaving redundant information out.

For example, in the Strategy view, you get to focus only on your SEO campaigns’ keywords and groups with all their attributes and their visibility performance.

In the Analysis view, on the other hand, the keywords and groups are enriched with organic traffic data, so you can check and report your performance.

Our ranks are updated daily, for both mobile and desktop – so you can trust the data and the timing.

Know What Changed in Your Keyword Groups

You can set keyword groups up and focus on the details that matter with search data, SERP data, and ranking data. You’ll connect all the necessary dots: monthly searches, SERP features, and ranking performance.

Think about the following extreme example: you search for “weather” or “currency converter” and Google answers straight away with its designated SERP feature. It would be absurd to think about optimizing for such a query.

With our average CTR value for the top 10 positions research and the new calculus mentioned above, you get to know the answer:

Our tool further helps you analyze the quantity and quality of your keywords while having performance data right next to them – so you have the rank changes and specific warnings about the associated landing pages that you probably need to fix.

Is it your desired landing page associated with that keyword?

Are there any cannibalization issues?

Choose the Right Next Opportunity

It’s hard to analyze all the attributes of a keyword when trying to figure out which ones could generate the biggest impact in an SEO strategy.

So we’ve upgraded our Opportunity metric and support you to decide quicker and more efficiently. You get a score from 0 to 10 that comprises the search, SERP, and ranking data, together with the tracked website’s difficulty to rank on those keywords.

You can spot low-hanging fruit and the next steps for your campaign. The opportunity metric is dynamic and lets you quickly identify the best keyword to optimize at any given time – like sorting all the “10” keywords which mean the opportunity is up for the taking:

You can always use it as a way to add more relevant keywords to your campaign, as well.

Know How to Explain All the Visibility Changes

Rank changes are easy to understand and trust. Group-level metrics are not.

Our Visibility metric solves that problem by its method of calculation: an impression share in the organic results that takes into account the rankings and monthly search volumes for every keyword in your list.

So, if you have a keyword ranking in Position 1 with a monthly search volume of 22,000 and another keyword ranking in the 24th position with a monthly search volume of 4,400, then we’ll estimate the number of impressions as 22,000 (100%) and 0 (0%), so your visibility would be 83.3%.

Having a concrete value helps you understand the performance of a keyword group, how your client fares against competitors, and what needs to be done there.

But another problem arises – how do you know what happened in a group that lost 5% visibility?

You also get a breakdown of trends and Visibility changes, on both desktop and mobile.

Don’t Get Distracted By Misleading Keywords

With our smart group feature, you can organize everything to make sense of your campaign and we’ll sort it for you by ranking data, keyword attributes, automatic labels, traffic data, etc.

Basically, you filter the group and we save it and dynamically update it. More than 20 options are available here.

In our optimized rank tracker, you also get filters inside those smart groups, if you need to look at data at a more granular level.

Pro tip: We’ve introduced the Edit mode for power users. This is a simplified way for quick and easy keyword and group operations: adding, archiving, organizing them. You’ll manage 10x more lists without the extra lag.

The rank tracking core is the basis of our solutions that help agencies acquire, manage, and retain more clients.

Discover our agency-focused SEO platform

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Alexa Rank Tracker Built In Google Sheets With Formulas And Apps Script

Update May 2023:

Sadly, the Alexa service, on which this post is based, has been discontinued, so the techniques shown below no longer work. However, the Apps Script to save the data on a daily basis is still a valid technique, and so I leave this post up for that reason.

Original Post:

This tutorial will show you how to create an Alexa Rank tracker in Google Sheets, using a couple of formulas and a few lines of code.

Alexa Rank is a third-party tool that measures how popular a website is. The lower your ranking, the higher your site traffic is.

For example, Google is ranked #1 and Facebook and Wikipedia also have very low rankings (and giant traffic). The full tool has a host of useful features, but I’ll show you how you can get a website’s Alexa Rank number and build an archive in your Google Sheet.

Here’s my website Alexa Rank over time:

I’ve been running this Sheet since December 2024, about 1 year after my website was created. In that period, my Alexa global ranking has dropped from 320,000 to 30,000, and my Alexa US ranking has dropped from 160,000 to 15,000.

Alexa Rank Tracker Import Formulas

The first step is to setup a small settings Sheet with the formulas to import the Alexa Rank tracking data.

There are two columns: one for the global ranking figure and one for the US ranking figure.

Import Formulas

In cell B3, enter this formula to import the global rank:

In cell C3, enter this formula to import the US rank:

These formulas work by importing the content of the Alexa site info for the given website, and them parsing it with a Google Sheets REGEX formula to extract the relevant numbers.

For more information on these formulas, and an alternative Alexa formula, have a look at this post: How to import social media statistics into Google Sheets: The Import Cookbook

Error Handling

On row 4, in cells B4 and C4 are two manually typed values for the ranking, which are just used as backup values in case the import formula fails (which has happened only a handful of times in the past few years).

Periodically, I’ll paste in the latest formula values as text on row 4, to keep the backup as current as possible.

On row 5, use the IFERROR function in Google Sheets to catch errors and use the backup values instead:












That’s it for the settings Sheet.

Archive Sheet

Add another blank Sheet to your Alexa Rank tracker Sheet, with 3 columns: date, global rank and US rank.

Call it alexa_rank.

Apps Script Code To Save Alexa Rank Data

And add the following code:

function saveAlexaData() { const dataSheet = ss.getSheetByName('alexa_rank'); const settingsSheet = ss.getSheetByName('settings'); const d = new Date(); const global_count = settingsSheet.getRange(5,2).getValue(); const us_count = settingsSheet.getRange(5,3).getValue(); dataSheet.appendRow([d,global_count,us_count]); dataSheet.getRange(dataSheet.getLastRow(),1).setNumberFormat('MMM-YY'); }

Save and Run this script.

(You’ll be prompted to grant the script permission to access your Sheet files the first time you run it.)

It adds a row of data with the date and ranking data to your Sheet.

Run again if you want to see it add new data (but you’ll want to delete this row to avoid duplication).

Trigger To Run Code Automatically

Now let’s set it up to run on a daily basis.

Under the Triggers option in the left hand sidebar menu, create a new trigger.

Set it to time-driven and run it once a day.

The formulas reflect the value of the Alexa Rank at the current time. The script saves a copy of those ranking values at that point in time. Once the script has been running for a while, you’ll have an archive of historic data.

Chart To Display Ranking Trend

Format it as you wish.

Voilà! You can now see your Alexa Rank over time.

Further Reading

Using Google Sheets as a basic web scraper

How to import social media statistics into Google Sheets: The Import Cookbook

Download Spending Tracker App On Windows 10, 8

Download Spending Tracker App on Windows 10, 8






Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Spending Tracker is a very useful Windows 10, 8 app to help you track your expenses. Now, it has received a new update that takes care of some bugs and improves the overall app performance.

Expenses can be tracked easy and smart in Windows 10, 8 with the right app, and in this case we’re talking about Spending Tracker, one of the most used and positively rated expense tracking apps from the Windows Store. Now, the Windows 10, 8.1 app has received a new update in the Windows Store that we’re going to talk about.

Spending Tracker is the easiest and most user friendly Personal Finance App in the store. And best of all, it’s free! The simple fact is, by tracking your spending you will be able to stick to a budget and therefore SAVE MONEY. So give it a try and have instant control over your spending!

Track your expenses with Windows 10, 8

Spending Tracker for Windows 10, 8 and Windows 8.1 has been improved with bug fixes that have been reported by users in the Windows Store. The user interface is great looking and comes flexible time periods. Here are some other great features that it comes with. Some of these features can be unlocked in the Pro version.

— RELATED: 8 best personal finance and accounting Software

Spending Tracker key features:

Overview of your current spending progress

Log Expense and Income quickly and easily

Budget Mode allows you to set a fixed budget amount

Repeat transactions daily, weekly or monthly (Pro Upgrade required)

Editable spending and income categories

Reports give you easy visualisation of where your money goes

Live Tiles keep you up to date with your latest balance

Keep your data safe with Dropbox Backups (Pro Upgrade required)

Export transactions to CSV (Pro Upgrade required)

Sync your data between devices with Dropbox Sync (Pro Upgrade required)

Download Spending Tracker for Windows 10, 8

Overall, Spending Tracker has a very simple and easy to use UI that will speed up the learning process considerably. You’ll quickly get the hang of this app after only a few minutes of use. So, if you’re looking for a simple and reliable personal finance app, then this is the right choice for you, as this user confirms:

It does everything I want and more. I don’t really like the budget apps that require your bank info. Yes they track your spending a lot better, but they do not count the cash you have in hand. Or in your change jar at home. This app lets me customize titles and accounts perfectly.

If you want to better organize your budget and keep track of your expenses, here are a few additional tools that you can use:

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15 Best Online Casinos New Zealand – Nz High Payouts Data

Unlike before, Kiwi gamblers in New Zealand have more options when it comes to placing bets online. It is interesting because it has also made finding the best online casino tricky. There are just so many of them! And therefore, we have put together a list of the best New Zealand online gambling sites to help you make a choice. Of course, we will not cover all of them, but just the best 15. Our ranking is based on game selection, bonuses and other data, including site statistics.

The 15 Best NZ Casino Sites for Kiwi Players Let’s dive straight into it the top ones:

Lucky Nugget

High quality games powered by Microgaming 

Reasonable winning chance

150% Match bonus up to NZ$200

Fully Licensed Online Casino

Play on any Smartphone, Tablet, or Desktop

98,1% payouts

Lucky Nugget online casino has been operating since 1998. For any online casino to last that long, it means they have been doing a great job. This includes treating customers well. If Lucky Nugget was doing less than that, there is no way they would be operating till now.

Game selection

Lucky Nugget casino has partnered with Evolution Gaming and Microgaming, both of which provide the casino with some great casino games. Players who enter Lucky Nugget casino can see various table and card games, various slots, and live casino selection.

Slots or Pokies: The majority of Lucky Nugget’s 450+ casino games are Pokies. Players will find slots of every type thanks to Microgaming. There is even a separate tab for slots with progressive jackpots, where the top prize can reach NZ$ 7,000,000.

Live Games: Players can also go to the live casino section, where they can compete with other players at their preferred card and table games. Whichever route users take, Lucky Nugget Casino has offered top-notch games.

As you would expect, Evolution Gaming provides you with the live section, where you may play a selection of Blackjack, Live Dealer, Roulette tables, and Baccarat.

Other Games: On top of other games, players can also take part in slots. Numerous game titles, including blackjack, baccarat, several poker variations, and roulette, can be found in the typical table game section. The distinction, in this case, is that the games are powered by RNG software rather than a live dealer.


Lucky Nugget has a fantastic welcome bonus ready for all new players who register and verify an account. Once they have made their initial deposit at the casino, players can receive the bonus.

Players can get the welcome bonus and a 150 percent deposit match up to NZ$200 with a minimum deposit of NZ$10. You can claim the bonus by following these steps:

Visit the official Lucky Nugget website

Fill in the required information

Once your account is registered, you will receive a notification offering the bonus perk

Make the minimum deposit of NZ$10 to get the bonus.

The bonus terms and conditions are one important thing that players need to pay attention to. They will see that the bonus’s playthrough requirement is a whopping 70x there.

As a Lucky Nugget player, you get to enjoy a lot of exciting games and welcome bonuses we’ve mentioned, the casino knows what gamblers want and is committed to providing that. No wonder they have an impressive track record! This casino has been reviewed as top 2023 by professional players and critics in equal measure. The same cannot be said about the newly launched casinos without track records.

Digimedia Ltd owns Lucky Nugget and the casino is also licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta. This shows that it is safe and secure for new players from New Zealand. What most Kiwis like about Lucky Nugget is, it features high-quality games with a reasonable winning chance.

The casino is powered by Microgaming, and Netent software, and gets frequent software updates. Visit Them Here

Vegas Paradise

100% welcome bonus up to NZ $200 for first deposit

Play on any smartphone, tablet and desktop device

Huge variety of games, from all the top game providers

98,1% payouts

Safe & Fully Licensed

This casino has been around since 2012, this also means they know how to run an online casino business properly. 

Game selection

You can enjoy hundreds of the best games in this casino including top titles, live dealer games, scratch games, table games, and all the best pokies and jackpots. Vegas Paradise is regulated and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and Malta and it guarantees NZ players a secure and trustworthy safe experience.


The casino is best known for its huge game variety and frequent promotions. New players can enjoy a 100% bonus of Up to NZ$200 for players who make their first deposit at the Vegas Paradise casino. There are also many weekly bonuses offers, a player favorite Visit Vegas Paradise Here

Gaming Club casino

A huge selection of games

Progressive jackpots

Worlds first online casino from 1994

Fully Licensed & Safe

97,7% payouts

100% match bonus upto NZ$200 on first deposit

If selection of games at other casinos disappoints you, then you may want to take a look at what Gaming Club has to offer. They have so many varieties of games. You may have a hard time finding a game to play because of the many choices available. 

Game selection

The best thing about Gaming Club casinos is, that boredom is not an option. It has a huge collection of slots, so it is up to you to decide what to do. From fruit machines to classic 3 reels, you can treat yourself to un-ending thrills and excitement.

You will also come across some familiar favorite games like Hellboy, Tomb Raider, and Dark knight. Every time Microgaming comes with a new release, Gaming Club is among the casinos that get early access. If you are not satisfied with playing one game, you can always try your luck at the online slots which allow you to play multiple games at once.

You can also play a progressive jackpot game. Gaming Club casino takes part in the shared Microgaming multi-casino progressive Jackpot network that offers life-changing top prizes.

The casino offers more than just slots, you can also play your other favorite games and video poker. Over 30 types of Blackjack are available to play, this includes high stakes and multi-hand Blackjack. You can also play European roulette with better odds instead of American roulette with double zero.


With its years of experience, Gaming Club Casino has created amazing bonus and promotion packages that appeal to players. You are qualified for  2 different deposit bonuses of a combined NZ$350 upon registration. You’ll get a 100 % match bonus on your first deposit, up to NZ$200. Finally, you can get a 150 % bonus match up to NZ$150 on your second deposit.

These prizes, however, come with limits and conditions. First of all, in order to qualify for the welcome bonus, you must make a deposit of at least NZ$10.  you must also wager the bonus 70 times before you may withdraw any winnings. And finally, the gift is only valid for a week. As a result, you should use the bonus before it expires. Visit Gaming Club Here

Jackpot Casino Paradise

Safe and Secure 

Games from over 50 software creators!

Play on your mobile device, Tablet or Desktop

Fully Licensed & Trusted

97,8% payouts

Great selection of online pokies

This casino site has some very exciting games and safe banking options that players can use to make deposits. Jackpot Paradise is fully licensed and certified by UK Gambling Certification and Malta Gambling Commission, and is a top New Zealand Casino.

Game selection

Since it is an online casino that was launched in 2014, it has some exciting categories of Roulette and Blackjack. It is also home to different categories of Baccarat, Video Poker, and Scratchcards and gets the best games from more than 50 software creators.


If you are a beginner, you can benefit from fantastic opportunities like demo playing tables with minimal betting limits. A strong welcome bonus offer of up to NZ$200 that players are given on their initial deposit is another fantastic perk for new players. You are given a sizable sum of money absolutely free to ensure a fantastic beginning to your gaming experience.

In addition, there are numerous jackpot Paradise Casino online promotions that happen frequently, particularly as holidays like Christmas approaches. Simply make your initial contribution and hope for the best. Additionally, you should be aware that a no-deposit bonus or free spins included in the welcome package are not available. Try Them Here

River Belle

Great customer service

Over 400 high-quality games from Evolution Gaming and Microgaming

Daily and regular bonuses

High limits & perfect place for whales to play

97,5% payouts

Fully Licensed & safe

This southern riverboat-themed online casino uses Microgaming software, which enables it to provide players with an extensive line of online casino gaming. River Belle has been in operation  since 1997 and has maintained quality standards. Most casinos have come and gone because they didn’t offer anything meaningful to their customers. 

Game selection

 River Belle is an online casino that accepts New Zealand players. It has more than 400 games, great customer service, and robust licensing. The games you can play at this casino are great in quality having been created by Evolution Gaming and Microgaming. You can enjoy a wide range of table games, video poker, live dealer games, and slots.


For new customers, there is an exciting welcome bonus and daily regular bonuses. For every first deposit, new players will get a 100% deposit match up to NZ$200. Another 100% deposit match up to NZ$ 300 is offered for the second deposit.

To get your welcome bonus, you must:

Go to the official website

Create an account by entering the required information

Make a minimum deposit of NZ$10

             Try Them Here

Leo Vegas 

Over 1700 exciting games

Great mobile play experience

Fully Licensed & Safe

97,3% payouts

Listed on the Stock Exchange

Leo Vegas Casino is one of the award-winning online casinos. They have always worked towards becoming the best and today, they are among the best. In addition, the casino is known to provide a great mobile casino experience. They target mobile users with Android or iOS. Mac and Windows 10 users can also access the casino on the web version.

You can find over 1700 best casino games on Leo Vegas, and if you need to play a specific pokie game, you can easily find it on the gaming section. Now I wonder why most people like playing games there.

LeoVegas casino continues to provide players with the ultimate gambling experience. They feature games from top software providers like Playtech, NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution, and Play’N Go. In online gambling, safety always comes first for most players. The good thing is this is an area that LeoVegas excels in.  The casino is regulated by some of the most respected gambling authorities including the UK Gambling Commission. They all ensure that LeoVegas operates safely and fair for New Zealand players.

They also offer an amazing welcome bonus package for new customers who make their first deposit. 

Game selection

Among the over 1700 available games available at Leo Vegas casino are poker games, bingo, online slots, and table games. The casino is also known to offer some of the best live dealer games you’ve never seen.


The maximum bonus amount at LeoVegas for casino games is NZ$1000. New customers can receive up to NZ$1000 and 150 Free spins as part of the welcome offer at LeoVegas’ Live Casino. Both welcome bonuses are intended for people who have finished the registration process and made their first account payment. 18+

You cannot go wrong choosing LeoVegas casino!

Try Them Here

Jackpot City

Considered the best by many NZ players

Fully Licensed and Safe

97,3% payouts

Over 500 best games from Microgaming

Game selection

This casino is well established and is one of the best you can access in New Zealand. The casino has grown to over 500 best games from Microgaming, Netent, and Evolution. The over 3 million clients it has can tell you something about its popularity. Jackpot City is well known for being one of the top places to go if you want some of the best online slots, video poker games, and progressive jackpots. They also have a great collection of poker games, roulette, and table games that you can play.


One of the best things about gambling at Jackpot City is they have great promotions, bonuses, and comps that you can collect. Their match bonus runs nearly every day, and you can spin the bonus wheel every 2 hours and win free spins and rewards.

If you are just joining Jackpot City, you can get over NZ$1600 free bonus through a welcome bonus offer. Even more, they have the Ultimate NZ VIP loyalty program that is possibly the best ever. Visit Jackpot City Here

Royal Vegas Casino

Up to NZ$1200 welcome bonus

Over 100 free spins

Progressive Jackpots

97,0% payouts

Fully Licensed and Safe

Royal Vegas Casino is designed with a layout that offers its customer a modern feel while playing. You can play their games using an app or through their website. The apps support Windows, iOS, Blackberry, and Android. Games found in the casino are from Evolution Gaming and Microgaming.

Game selection

There are over 700 real money games you can play. If you want you can also play free games for practice. The games are neatly organized, making it effortless to find something to play. What’s more, signing up for Royal Vegas casino is easy and you don’t need a deposit to play games. As long as you are a member of the casino, you can play virtual games for free!


If you want to make a deposit, to play games, you can get an exclusive bonus of up to $1200 and over 100 free spins. Whether you deposit or play free games, you can access classic slots, Progressive Jackpot Game, Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, keno, Baccarat, 3 Card Poker, Dream Catcher, Texas Hold’em, Keno, Reg Dog, and the Caribbean.

If you enjoy tournaments, Royal Vegas Casino has a great flow of Blackjack and Slots tournaments you can take part in and win prizes and free spins. All virtual games in this casino are created by Microgaming. The Live Dealer Suite action is provided by Evolution Gaming.

Royal Vegas Casino is approved by eCOGRa and licensed by Malta Authority. You can therefore be sure that your money will be safe and handled responsibly! Try Royal Vegas Here

Spin Casino

Offers over 1700 high-quality games

Quality graphics and gameplay

96,9% payouts

Fully Licensed & Safe

Game selection

With over 1700 high-quality games, Spin Casino is always ready to provide players with unforgettable experiences. Every game is developed by the industry’s top providers so you can rest assured that the games meet quality standards.

The categories of games found at Spin include jackpots, table games, slots, and live casino games. You can choose to play blackjack, roulette, poker or baccarat, video slots or classic slots. The gameplay quality of these games and graphics are guaranteed since they are developed by top providers. Try Them Here


There are many bonuses at Spin Casino that might provide you extra money for your free spins on brand-new games. This website is special since it often changes some of its online casino deals. The casino welcome bonus for new players is the only offer that never changes.

With the Spin Casino welcome offer, you can receive up to NZ$1,000 in welcome bonuses over the course of your first three deposits. You should aim to make your first three deposits during the first week since this offer is only accessible for the first seven days after you open an account.

Your first three deposits will each receive a portion of the welcome bonus. On each deposit, a 100% deposit match is provided. On your initial deposit, you can receive up to NZ$400, and on your next two deposits, you can receive NZ$300. Therefore, you would need to make a NZ$1,000 deposit in order to receive the whole NZ$1,000 incentive.

Luxury Casino

Over 500 games

Elegant interface

Fully Licensed & Safe

Luxury Casino is one of the longstanding casino brands that accommodate players from most parts of the world including New Zealand. The casino is operated by Apollo Entertainment, which is a company that is regulated by UK Gambling Authority. The services offered by Luxury Casino are also protected by Malta Gaming Authority. You can play games instantly or download them from the casino.

Game selection

The black and gray interface reflects the elegance of Luxury Casino. However, the site may not be as modern looking as other sites. But the casino still has over 500 exciting games offered by leading providers.

Microgaming is one of the game providers with impressive slots collections in the industry and if you are a player at Luxury Casino, you can easily play them. Tomb Raider, Bridesmaids, and Galactica are some of the most sought-after games you can play. If you are into something classic, you can play Captain Cash, Cherry Red, and Joker 8000. Try Them Here


In addition to the benefits listed above, Luxury Casino also offers a tempting bonus package. You can get a welcome bonus of up to NZ$1000 hereYou can receive the incentive throughout the first five deposits you make. This means that for your first and fifth deposits, you will earn a 100% match bonus up to NZ$150, and for your second and fourth deposits, you will get a 50% match up to NZ$200.

Additionally, you will get access to a 25 % match bonus up to NZ$300 on your third deposit!

 Golden Tiger

Upto  NZ$1500 welcome bonus

Over 550 games

Additional weekly bonus giveaways

96,9% payouts

Fully Licensed & Safe

Golden Tiger was launched in 2002, since then, it has received numerous awards and gathered over 550 games through Quickfire and Microgaming delivery system. What most people like about the casino is, that the site is neatly laid out. You can easily access the games you want in the gaming section. 

Game selection

Video Poker, Progressive, Blackjack, Roulette, 3 Reel Slots, and 5 Reel Slots are some of the games you can play in the gaming section of the casino. Other great games at the casino include Red Dog, Pai Gow, Baccarat, Craps, Rummy, Hold’em, SicBo, Bingo, and multi-player tournaments.


Golden Tiger Casino always has additional bonus giveaways that are dropped in daily, weekly and monthly. If you join the casino you can check out for extra deals and bonuses that are offered on special occasions.

You can download their app on laptops, Windows desktops, Android, and iOS devices. Another good thing about this casino is that it is trustworthy having been licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and approved by eCOGRA.

If you play regularly at the Golden Tiger Casino you will accumulate loyalty points that can be turned into cash and increase your loyalty status, earning you more points and gifts. See the bonus here

888 Casino

Over 500 games from top providers

Safe deposits

100% welcome bonus

96,8% payouts

Fully Licensed & Safe

On the stock exchange

888 Casino was introduced to online real money gambling in 1997. The casino has come a long way and today, you can play fun and free games. You can also play real money games on iPhones, iPods, MACs, Windows PC, and Android devices. 

Game selection 

Over 10 gaming providers have contributed to over 500 games. Some of these providers include NetEnt, NextGen, Blueprint, Gamesos, Evolution Gaming, and Playtech. Party Gaming provides real money games that can be found in the 888 Casino gaming area.

If you like slots, you can select from the over 200 available options, and a collection of Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, and Baccarat. There are also over 300 virtual sports games you can download and play. The games are easy to access because the casino uses the modern 888 HTML5 Coding. 


The casino offers new customers a 100%  welcome bonus for first deposits. It is safe to deposit and play games at 888 Casino since it is licensed and regulated by the strict UK Gambling Commission. See site here


Over 2000 games

Reliable and trustworthy

96,8% payouts

Fully Licensed

Most people think this casino is new, but it has been in operation since 2012. Even though this Casino is Malta-based, players in New Zealand can easily access it and play their favorite games. The casino has grown with time and is among the best casinos that have won regular awards. Casumo is jointly regulated by UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. The casino has proved to be trustworthy and reliable, as it offers a safe and secure gambling space for its users.

Game selection

 There are over 2000 games you can enjoy at Casumo Casino. The games are spread across Instant win games, Live dealer suite of games, and table games. Microgaming, Play’N Go, and NetEnt are some of the top providers of the slots found at this casino.


The first step in the new user’s journey is a substantial Welcome Bonus of 20 super spins on the slot machine 9 Masks of Fire, which can be used right now or saved for later. 

Free-spin wins have a wagering requirement of up to 30 times, and if you choose to cash out before meeting this requirement, your profits will be lost. On top of that, a 100% deposit bonus up to NZ$1200 is available on the initial deposit. For example, if you deposit NZ$100, you’ll earn an extra NZ$100 to play with right away. The minimum wagering requirement is NZ$10, and there are 30X  wagering requirements for this. See NZ Bonus Here

WOW Casino

Make deposits in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency

Play over 700 variety of games

Play games on a computer or smartphone

If you are looking for a premier cryptocurrency online casino, the WOW Casino is the place to be. The casino was launched in 2023 and is already popular in the online gambling industry. Most players who wish to use cryptocurrency for online gaming purposes prefer this casino. You can deposit funds using popular digital coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

WOW Casino has a nicely crafted site that meets almost all needs of the modern-day gamblers. Everything is perfectly placed and you won’t have trouble finding your way through different sections, including the payment and gaming sections. You can play games on your computer or smartphone or tablet.

Game selection

Most players are usually astonished by the number of games available at the WOW Casino. There are over 700 varieties of games from top software providers in the industry. The games library is filled with table games, online slots, scratchcards, and crypto games. You can also find live casino games to play courtesy of developers like Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and NetEnt.


 Platinum Play

100% welcome bonus for first and second deposits

Fair games and random payouts

Over 600 games

Platinum Play is one of the oldest pure  Microgaming casinos. However, times have changed now and it is hard to find pure Microgaming online casinos. There are more software providers in the industry now.

Platinum Play has a long tradition in the online gambling industry and has been confirmed to be safe and secure to play at by gambling regulatory authorities like Malta Gaming Authority. eCOGRA has also confirmed their games to be fair and random in the payout. This is enough assurance that Platinum Play is a great online casino that won’t give you problems if you decide to play real money games.

Game selection

There are more than 600 games to choose from at Platinum Play Casino. This online casino features nearly all casino classics you expect including poker, roulette, and blackjack. In the progressive slots sections, you’ll find plenty of new releases to play.

If you like slot games you can find hundreds of them at Platinum Play. You’ll find arcades, video slots, and reels with a huge range of themes.


To attract more players, Platinum Play offers up to a 100% bonus for the first deposit (up to NZ$400), you are also offered a 100% bonus for your second deposit but only up to NZ$200. If you prove your loyalty to the casino, you’ll get more generous offers on your account, this includes enticing freebies. Visit the Casino and See the Bonus here

How We Ranked the Best New Zealand Online Casinos

Game selection – To make the top casino list above, we looked at the game library, after all, most Kiwis go to casinos with the goal of playing games. We checked if there were enough quality games that can appeal to different players.

Banking and safety:

Banking and a good reputation are two things that go hand in hand. We wanted to ensure that our top online casinos not only provide enough deposit and payout options for Kiwis, but are also fully licensed and follow regulations to ensure your money is safe and secure.

All About the Top New Zealand Casinos What are the Safest New Zealand Online Casinos?

Based on our research, the safest New Zealand online casino you wager on right now is the Lucky Nugget and VegasParadise. They are both fully licensed by KGC, MGA, UKGC. They also follow through with player protection programs and tools to offer a secure gambling environment.

Are New Zealand Online Casinos Rigged?

All licensed online casinos in New Zealand are not rigged and they can’t rip you off your money even if they wanted to. To keep their license, online casinos in New Zealand must play by the tuff laid down rules and regulations. Not doing that will cost them their license. It is always important to stick to accredited casinos such as the ones we have listed in this article.

Can I Play for Free at the New Zealand Casinos Online?

Yes, nearly all the above New Zealand online casino sites allow players to try or play games for free before playing real money games. One of the best on free games is Vegas Paradise Casino as it simply has so many game providers – but all above NZ casinos are good places to play free also.

What Online Casino Games Can I Play in New Zealand?

You can play all casino games including blackjack, Pokies, poker, baccarat, craps, roulette, and other unique games like Space XY and Bomb Squad.

How long can it take for New Zealand Casinos to Payout?

Payout time depends on the payment methods used by the casino and the casino itself. Bank transfers are the slowest since they can take up to 7 days to clear into your account. E-wallets are quicker compared to banks since your winnings can reach your account in between 1 to 3 days.

The fastest payment method is a cryptocurrency, as it typically takes 1 to 24 hours before you get your money. WOW Casino will process your payout requests within 10 minutes or less.

The Best New Zealand Online Casino on Our List 

Lucky Nugget:  This casino is our overall pick in this list. The casino has built a reputation, as it offers reasonable winning chances to players. It is also safe and secure. Their game selection is full of high-quality titles. Their games can be played comfortably on all devices including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. For new players, there is a 150% Match bonus up to NZ$200.

Play at the Best New Zealand Casinos Online

Since Lucky Nugget topped our list, we’ll use them as an example to show you how to register an account and play

Step 1: Create an Account

Step 2: Verification

Step 3: Deposit

Are You Still Looking for the Best Canadian Casino Site?

Even though there are great New Zealand online casinos to choose from, it all depends on what you specifically looking for.

We picked Lucky Nugget as our first because of their great offers, safety, and a great collection of games. We also still stand by other casinos on our list and believe they would be great to check out.

Remember to gamble responsibility when you find a casino to play on.

DISCLAIMER: We wish to emphasize that gambling can be risky and you should not use it as a solution to your financial problems. Remember the house always wins!

Please don’t forget that gambling websites are only intended for persons of 18 years and above.

Also, remember that some casinos we have listed above may not be available in your location. Check with your local regulations to see if online gambling is allowed in your area. What we share with you in this article is unbiased reader-supported views. We may get commissions for casinos that we feature on our site guides, and that does not affect our ranking approach. We regularly endorse sites that we think offer the best gaming experience to players. The above online casinos are some of the most trusted brands in the world endorsed by gambling experts, you can see other countries like Canada here.

Visit the following New Zealand organizations to get free gambling addiction help:


+64 9 368 1520


Level 2, 109 Anglesea Street, Hamilton 3204

+64 7 834 0014


Level 3, 5-7 Vivian Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011

+64 4 473 4360


+64 3 379 2824

How To Make Your Ps4 Download Faster

PlayStation 4 is one of the fastest-selling game consoles of all time, but many first-generation consoles have a problem with their Wi-Fi card. The connection speed is typically slower than it should be, which is a problem when many games have download sizes of hundreds of gigabytes.

There are steps you can take to make games download faster on PlayStation 4. If you’re planning on downloading something like Red Dead Redemption 2, you will need the fastest speed possible. 

Table of Contents

How to Make Your PS4 Download Faster

Here’s how you can increase your PS4 download speed.

Use an Ethernet Cable

An Ethernet cable is typically several times faster than Wi-Fi. A hardwired connection is more stable and circumvents the faulty Wi-Fi card in many of the earliest models of the PlayStation 4. 

Move Your PlayStation Closer to The Router

Distance and interference greatly diminish the PlayStation’s Wi-Fi speed. If your PlayStation and router are in different rooms with multiple walls between them, you’ll see low speeds, sometimes less than a megabit per second. 

Place the PlayStation 4 and the router in the same room with a direct line of sight for better results. Even placing the PlayStation 4 inside a cabinet can block the connection, and its download speeds will suffer. 

Don’t Play Games While Downloading

When the PlayStation is downloading a new game or file, avoid playing anything on the console. Both single-player and multiplayer games can slow down the connection. 

Anything involving a connection to the internet or sending large amounts of data will prioritize the download, and your gaming experience might suffer too. 

Update Your PlayStation

Make sure you have the latest version of the PlayStation operating system. Sony routinely releases updates that address problems within the console. The newest version of the operating system will patch any security flaws and can also improve download speeds.

Open your PlayStation 4’s menu and navigate to Settings.

Scroll down and select System Software Update.

If an update is available, you can start it from this screen. It will also tell you if your system is already up to date.

Use Rest Mode to Download While You Aren’t Playing

Use PlayStation 4’s rest mode to download games when you aren’t actively using the console. It’s the best way to keep content up to date without sacrificing playtime. Although this setting is on by default, you might need to re-enable your PlayStation to remain connected to the Internet while in rest mode so it can continue downloading games.

Open your PlayStation 4’s menu and navigate to Settings.

Scroll down to Power Save Settings.

Select Set Features Available in Rest Mode.

Select Stay Connected to the Internet.

Doing this will allow you to continue downloading applications while PlayStation 4 is in rest mode. 

Change Your DNS Settings

DNS stands for Domain Name System. Simply, this is a collection of servers. Your PlayStation connects to your DNS automatically, but you can set specific DNS network addresses if your default connection doesn’t work. Many users have reported an increase in their download speeds when swapping to an alternate DNS.

Open your PlayStation 4’s menu and navigate to Settings.

Select Network.

Select Set Up Internet Connection.

Choose Use Wi-Fi or Use a LAN Cable. 

Select Custom.

If you choose Wi-Fi, select the Wi-Fi network you want to use, then select Automatic.

Select Do Not Specify for DHCP Host Name.

Select Manual for DNS Settings.

Enter for Primary DNS and for Secondary DNS.

Select Automatic for MTU settings.

Select Do Not Use for Proxy Server.

After entering these settings, restart your PlayStation 4 and perform an Internet speed test. It should be faster than before, as the primary and secondary DNS listed above are some of the most-used and most-recommended options for PlayStation 4 connections.

If you are downloading only a single title at a time and the download begins to slow down or stutter, you can pause the download and then resume it. If your connection weakens or drops, the PlayStation will throttle the download. Even if your connection resumes, your console may continue to use the lower speed. 

Select a download and then select Pause. 

Select the paused download and then select Resume, which forces the PlayStation to reconnect to the download server and increase the speed of that specific download. 

Is It Possible To Create A New Data Type In Javascript?

The task we are going to perform in this article is it possible to create a new data type in JavaScript. For instance, let’s consider we have variable student −

var student = "username" console.log(typeof student)

Now, I want to declare the type of that variable and print that in the output, and it will look like this −


Let’s dive into the article to learn more about creating a new data type in JavaScript.

Yes, it is possible to create a new data type in JavaScript, you can use the concept of Class. If you want to check the actual data type, then you can use instanceof operator.

Classes in JavaScript serve as a model for building things. Code is used to encapsulate and manipulate data. Classes in JS are based on prototypes, but they also include some syntax and semantics that are distinct from those of ES5 classes.

The instanceof operator tells about the data type. Here is the sample JavaScript code which will give a brief description about how to create a new data type and how to check the data type. Here, I will give the custom implementation to check the data type.

For getting a better understanding on creating a new data type in JavaScript, let’s look into the following examples.


In the following example, we are running the script using the instanceof operator to check the type of function.

class car { constructor(color, old) { this.color = color; chúng tôi = old; } } const value = new car(“value”, 400); function checkType(data) { if (data instanceof car) return “car”; return typeof data; }

When the script gets executed, it will generate an output consisting of the type of function displayed on the webpage that was triggered by the event that got triggered on executing the script.


Consider the following example, here we are using the Object type to create a new data type and also detect the type of data in JavaScript.

function Student() {} const student = new Student() document.write(getObjTag(new Set([])))

On running the above script, the output window will pop up, displaying the data type on the webpage obtained by an event that gets triggered on running the script.


Let’s look into the following script, where we are running the script to get the data type in JavaScript.

class Car { constructor(color, model, price) { this._color = color; this._model = model; this._price = price; } info() { return `The color of the car is ${this._color} and, its model is ${this._model}. It costs arround ${this._price}` }; }; const car = new Car(“black”, 2023, “4cr”); document.write(“Type of the object: “, typeof car)

When the script gets executed, the event gets triggered and displays a text along with a data type on the webpage.


Execute the below to observe how to create a new data type in JavaScript.

class Game { constructor(gameName) { this.gameName = gameName; } } const ticTacToe = new Game(“TicTacToe”); function dataTypeBelongsTo(object) { if (object instanceof Game) return “Game”; return typeof object; } document.write(“The data Type Candy Cash is: ” + dataTypeBelongsTo(“Cady Cash”))

On running the above script, the output window will pop up, triggering the event and displaying a data type on the webpage.

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