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Screen Recorder with Webcam Overlay: We’ve Ranked 7 Best Apps Record your entire screen or a specific areas with our tested tools




Are you looking for a screen recorder with a webcam overlay? You’re lucky because today we’re going to show you the best apps for this task.

There are many applications that can record your screen, but not all screen recorder applications support webcam overlays.

If you’re recording video tutorials or gameplay sessions, these applications will be perfect for you.

You can find as well free screen recorder software in this documented list with efficient tools. 

Sometimes you need to record your screen if you’re making a video tutorial or you just want to record your gameplay session.

But what if you want to add your webcam video to the screen recording as well? There are several ways to do it, but the simplest one is by using a screen recorder with a webcam overlay feature.

In today’s guide, we’re going to show you the best screen recording software that can record your webcam as well, so let’s get started, shall we?

How can I record my screen and webcam at the same time?

The answer to this problem is a walk in the park because you can perform this from your own browser using a screen recorder like Loom:

That being said, it is intuitive to start your recording while displaying your webcam only performing a few simple steps. Plus, there are multiple software in the following list to help you with this task.

What is the best screen recorder that supports webcam overlay?

The Loom Screen Recorder software with camera overlay support is an excellent tool for your digital workplace and classrooms, allowing you to transmit high-quality recordings.

Loom’s Business, Enterprise, and Education services have limitless storage. However, the free subscription is restricted to 25 videos or screenshots.

The software free plan on desktop software has a 5-minute recording time per video restriction, whereas the student plan has a 45-minute recording time limit.

Loom Business and Enterprise allows you to record a single video for up to 6 hours and save recordings and find them later for follow-ups.

Whether you have a one-person or a thousand-person audience, sharing updates via a Loom video lets individuals watch them at their leisure so the flexibility goes a long way.

If you are recording both a screen and a camera, you may select which camera source you want your camera to be captured from. 

Recording Countdown before starting your recording so it doesn’t throw you off guard and starts on time. Camera flip is useful if you have text behind you and don’t want to show a mirror image.

The nicest aspect about Loom is that the recordings are instantly available through a link and ready to share with people who missed a meeting.

Loom Screen Recorder

For business teams and clients who interact with one another and seek to use screen recording with webcam overlay support.

Free Visit website

Movavi Screen Recorder software is a simple-to-use method to capture your screen and record a clear sound while having the webcam overlay aside.

This comprehensive screen recorder will help you record your desktop for multiple needs, including recording webinars, creating an instructional guide, or just capturing your gameplay.

You have countless useful tools which can provide valuable screen recordings such as scheduling with the time and date, showing keystrokes and mouse on your display, drawing, and editing, etc.

There are many screencasting options to help you record any actions on your device, using the screen recording with audio and the webcam or separately.

More so, you have keyboard shortcuts to help you start de video, pause or stop, and even take a screenshot of your desktop.

It’s worth knowing that you can utilize different video frames for better quality, webcam settings, and helpful effects to change the mouse cursor or the keystrokes.

Movavi Screen Recorder

Capture your screen with crystal clear sound and quality webcam overlay for any type of recording.

Check price Visit website

NCH Debut is a powerful video recording software that can capture videos from all types of sources, including webcams, IP cameras, or video input devices.

Of course, the software can record your screen, a single window, or a specific portion of a screen. The software is perfect for recording tutorials because it has a mouse highlighting feature, and it can even highlight keystrokes.

As previously mentioned, the software supports webcam recording, but it also supports webcam overlay, so you can add your camera video on top of your screen recording with ease.

The software supports audio recording, but it can record audio that is being played on your PC, which is perfect if you want to record a conference or a stream.

The green screen tool is also available, so you can easily remove the background and replace it with a video, image, or solid color.

The software also supports captions and video adjustments, and it works with popular video formats such as AVI, WMV, FLV, MP4, MPG, MOV, and others.

Overall, NCH Debut is a great application, and if you need a screen recorder with a webcam overlay, this is the best tool for the job.

NCH Debut

This tool from NCH is the simplest screen recorder that can also record your webcam at the same time.

Free trial Visit website

Another great screen recorder with a webcam overlay is Bandicam. This is a lightweight screen recording software, and it can record your screen in both MP4 and AVI formats.

The application allows you to draw while recording your screen, which is perfect for presentations, or video tutorials. As for video tutorials, we also have to mention that Bandicam supports webcam overlays.

This means that you can record your webcam while recording your screen with ease. This feature also works with a green screen, so you can easily remove your background if need be.

We also have to mention that Bandicam has several recording modes, and you can record your entire screen or just a certain section of the screen.

Another feature that might come in handy is the ability to record the selected area around your mouse, which means that you can record the selected area while following your mouse around.

Bandicam also supports audio recording, so you can record your microphone or you can record audio that is being played from your speakers.

Features such as image and text overlays are also supported, allowing you to easily add watermarks to your recordings.

Overall, Bandicam is a simple but incredibly powerful screen recorder with a face cam, so be sure to try it out.


Bandicam is a well-known and easy-to-use screen recorder that comes with a webcam recording feature.

Free trial Visit website

If you’re looking for screen recorder software, you might want to consider Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. The software support full-screen recording, but you can also record a part of the screen if you choose to do so.

It’s worth mentioning that the application supports window recording, so it can only focus on a specific application window.

The mouse recording feature is also available, and by using this feature, you can record the selected area around your mouse while following it at all times.

Webcam overlay is available as well, so you can record your webcam and screen simultaneously. The same applies to audio, allowing you to easily record audio overlays, which is perfect for video tutorials.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is optimized for game recording, and with GPU acceleration technology, you can record intensive gaming sessions without any lag.

It’s important to mention that the software supports snapshots, and you can create screenshots in several popular formats. You can also annotate screenshots if needed, so you won’t need to use snipping software.

Video editing is present, and you can add arrows, and text, or trim the videos and only save the most important parts.

Expert tip:

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Looking for easy to use screen recorder that supports webcam overlay? If so, try Aiseesoft Screen Recorder.

Free trial Visit website

Another great screen recorder with a webcam overlay is RecMaster. The application is simple to use, so it’s perfect for first-time users.

The software has five recording modes, and you can choose to record the entire screen, a part of a screen, your webcam, or only audio.

Of course, the software supports picture-in-picture mode, thus allowing you to record your screen and webcam simultaneously, which makes it perfect for tutorials.

Regarding video recording, RecMaster supports 1080p and 4K videos at 60 FPS, so it’s perfect if you want to record high-intensive gameplay sessions.

Annotations are available as well, so you can easily add captions, lines, arrows, and other elements and highlight certain parts with ease.

Moreover, the software supports adding watermarks, and you can add both text and image watermarks to your recordings.

RecMaster is available on both Windows and Mac platforms, and if you’re looking for a reliable and simple-to-use screen recorder, you might want to give RecMaster a try.

⇒ Get RecMaster

If you need a simple but powerful screen recorder with a face cam, you might want to try liteCam HD. The software supports full HD video recording and it comes with four different recording modes.

The available recording modes include a full-screen recording mode as well as an area recording mode. The software also has a window recording mode and a program recording mode, so you can record only a specific application or a window.

We also have to mention that the software supports picture-in-picture recording, allowing you to record both your screen and your webcam at the same time.

Thanks to the RSCC codec, the recording takes less toll on your system resources, and it gives you improved encoding speed. In addition, this codec will make editing and converting/exporting files faster than before.

According to the developers, you can expect to see up to 30% faster speeds compared to other codecs. liteCam HD also has various mouse effects and you can also change the mouse appearance, which is perfect for making video tutorials.

Speaking of tutorials, the software supports drawing, allowing you to draw, and add highlights or text to your recordings, which will surely come in handy.

Overall, liteCam HD offers some interesting features, and if you need simple-to-use screen recording software, you might want to give it a try.

⇒ Get liteCam HD

Can I use any webcam with screen recording software?

As long as your software supports webcam recording, you can use any type of webcam with it. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a USB webcam or a built-in laptop webcam.

If you have the necessary drivers and your webcam is detected in other software, you can use it with your screen recording software.

How do we choose the best screen recorder with a webcam overlay?

Our team of experts, with a combined experience of more than 15 years, has created this list with a variety of elements in mind.

These elements are the staples for choosing a good screen recorder software to suit your needs.

Here are some of the most important elements considered when creating this list.

Ease of use

How hard it is to use the software will ultimately influence how much time you will be comfortable using it, thus if the UI is built properly, you can access the options efficiently.

Beyond the efficiency of access, having software that’s easy to understand and control ensures that you will be able to access all the customization options and get the best results possible.

Webcam overlay support

As this guide will cover only software options that have the webcam overlay support feature, you don’t need to worry about this topic.

The quality of the feature itself comes into play as well, but we made sure to choose only the best options, so you can easily scroll through the list and make an informed decision.

Number of useful features

The number of customization options and other features was also taken into consideration when deciding if software should be included in the list.

This element ensures that your needs will be met, but we want to ensure that the results are also high quality, and don’t cause any issues for the overall customization of the process.

System resource impact

Using software that doesn’t impact your system’s resources too much is also an extremely important element to consider.

If the software affects your system considerably, this not only will cause it not to work properly, but will most likely result in you searching for another viable option.

When it comes to screen recorder software, there is a wide array of applications to choose from, and we hope that we helped you find the best screen recorder with a face cam with this guide.

Which one is better: an online screen recorder or a desktop application?

In our opinion, a desktop application offers more versatility and features. If you’re on a slow network, a desktop application is a better choice since it doesn’t require you to upload or download your videos.

Online screen recorders are usually free, and if you want to record a short video they might come in handy, but if you want to create professional-looking screen recordings, a desktop application is a better choice.

Are there any free screen recorder applications?

There are many great free screen recorders, and in fact, Windows 10 has its screen recorder called the Game Bar that you can use without any restrictions.

Third-party applications might offer more features to their users, so they are usually a better choice. However, most free screen recorders do have certain limitations, such as a watermark or time limit for recordings.

This is our list of the best screen recorder with webcam overlays available on the market this year.

As you already noticed, the options we chose tick all the boxes when it comes to compatibility, usability, performance, and ease of access.

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Best Screen Recording Apps For Android Devices

Best Screen Recording Apps For Android Devices

Surely, this addition is going to benefit millions of Android users who wish to share their screen recording. But the final version is yet to be released. Therefore, till that time we will need to use best screen recording apps for Android.

Here we have a round up of 3 best Screen Recording Apps for Android. 1. AZ Screen Recorder

The ‘AZ Android Screen Recorder’ is one of the best screen recording apps for Android purely built for recording screen without any time limits or watermarks. It’s a user-friendly App and doesn’t require any stringent setup.

How To Use AZ Screen Recorder App

Step 1. Simply download the App from ‘Play Store’ and install it on your device by following onscreen instructions.

Step 2. Once the setup is complete, launch the Application to set up the App. It will display a series of circles on your screen, with recording options, capturing screenshots, live streaming, and many more.

Step 3. Tap on the ‘Record’ option, and confirm the screen recording.

Step 4. Perform whatever you want to record and once you are done, you need to swipe down to get to the ‘Control Center’ and you can stop the recording by tapping on the ‘Stop’ button in your notification.

Note: You can configure the settings by tapping on the App and selecting the gear-shaped icon. This will open a menu to adjust multiple features of video quality to save video file space.

This App also offers you some accessibility editing tools and allows you to draw on the screen while recording, which is a great option for working professionals for presentations. You can also cut, edit the video, replace the recorded audio with any narration or music, crop the screen as required, and convert any sections to a GIF if needed.

Also Read: Best Apps to Remotely Control Your Android Phone

2. Screen Recorder App

‘Screen Recorder’ is next on our countdown for the best screen recording apps for Android. This is a free screen recording App available on ‘Play Store’ to record and capture your Android phone’s screen in video formats.


You can easily Livestream Games, live shows and way more to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

You can use the front camera to record your own video along with the screen recording for tutorials of any App or presentation. This is a very useful feature for App developers to record tutorials of their App.

Whiteboard Screen – Screen recording of whiteboards for presentation or Tutorial.

High-Quality Screen Recording for Android Devices – Customizable options to configure the quality of the recording.

Inbuilt Video Editor – Draw text on the screen and trim with its inbuilt video editor feature.

No Data Network Required – It saves all the recordings on your local device memory hence there is no Data or Network required for recording a screen.

Game Screen Recorder – Gamers can record their gameplay for sharing or posting on YouTube.

Record With / Without Audio – You can record long videos with or without audio and directly save them on external storage.

3. Mobizen Screen Recorder – Record, Capture, Edit

Mobizen is the last but one of the most used screen recording Apps for Android devices. It is one of the most user-friendly and appropriate App for screen recordings, Capturing Screenshots, and editing photos and videos.


Full HD screen capture and video recording

Highest Quality supplied – Offers 1080p Resolution with 12.0Mbps Quality and 60 FPS

Game Screen Recorder – Screen recording with facetime capture with game sound and your voice

Unlimited Video Recording – Record screen capture and save directly to SD Card

Video Edits – Offers a variety of Video Editing Features including cut, trim, image edits, etc.

User-Friendly – Anyone can use it without rooting starting from Android OS 4.4

Free of Cost – Use Screen Recording, Capture and Editing for Free of cost

Remove Watermarks for Free from any image or video

Wrapping Up

There are numerous screen recording Apps however we have rounded up Top 3 screen recording Apps for Android in this section. You may try any of these wonderful Apps for screen recording purposes or may also try Android Q Beta version for screen recording purposes. Screen recording on Android was never so easy without these awesome Apps. So record your screen or gameplay with these best game screen recorders, edit them up to the tune and directly upload them using these screen recording Apps for Android.

If this article turned out to be helpful to you, Please like and share this with your colleagues.

For more such tips, tricks and tech related updates subscribe to Tweak Library and if you are more into tech-related videos do watch and subscribe to our YouTube channel. You could also reach us on Facebook and Pinterest.

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Raj Soni

15 Best Anime Cats (Ranked)

Cats are heart-stealers in real life and hold a special place in the hearts of anime fans as well. Even if you are not really a pet lover, chances are high that these feline creatures can instantly make you fall in love with their kawaii character, unique abilities, and personalities. There have been a lot of cat characters in many popular animes like Dragon Ball, One Piece, etc. These characters come in the form of supporting characters or even the main character, captivating anime fans worldwide. So today, we have compiled a list of the best anime cats and what makes them memorable.

Most Popular Anime Cats (2023)

Just kidding! All cats are good and unique in their own way, and there is no way to rank them. So, read on and learn about the 15 best feline characters in the anime world.

1. Korin – Dragon Ball

A fun fact about this anime cat is that the author Akira Toriyama used his own cat for Korin’s character design. He drew him when his cat was sleeping, and that’s the reason Korin’s eyes are always closed. It is such a cute little fact that brings soul to Korin’s character. He also served as a vital supporting character, training our warrior Goku from the beginning.

2. Luna and Artemis – Sailor Moon

3. Kyo Sohma – Fruits Basket

Kyo Sohma isn’t actually a cat, but he is a human cursed by the cat spirit in the Fruits Basket anime. This anime deals with fantasy themes and is based on Chinese zodiac signs. In the story, when a human of the opposite sex hugs the cursed human, they transform into their spirit animal. That is how Kyo gets transformed into an orange cat numerous times in the anime. In his human form, Kyo sure has some distinct characteristics (mainly his orange hair color) and the attributes of a cat.

Fruits Basket is a wonderful wholesome anime overflowing with beautiful emotions, but fair warning, it can break your heart instantly too. Don’t worry, though, as they patch the broken heart with wholesome moments back again. Kyo is a highly popular character in the fandom, and we can’t miss out on him in our list of best anime cats.

4. Doraemon – Doraemon

The only cat who has his name as the title of the anime show and has been ruling the hearts of millions of fans for years is Doraemon. Even though Doraemon is a kid’s anime, it gained massive popularity from the start. But even adults nowadays tend to rewatch this anime to feel the nostalgia. Furthermore, its popularity skyrocketed when it was dubbed and released in global regions like India, Bangladesh, etc. Thus, Doraemon is an irreplaceable legendary figure in the history of anime.

5. Nekomamushi – One Piece

Nekomamushi is running riots all over the raid on Onigashima in the recent episodes of One Piece. He is a feline-type character from the Minks race, much like Carrot, who is one of the best female characters in One Piece. Master Nekomamushi is widely known as the “Ruler of Night,” as he ruled over the Mokomo Dukedom at night. He is one of the Nine Red Scabbards, who are the retainers of the Kozuki family.

Nekomamushi is a giant yellow feline who mainly resembles a wild cat with the characteristics of a lion, especially in his face. He has sharp claws and teeth and laughs in a special tone. He’s one of the popular characters in One Piece right now, as he can be seen helping the Straw Hat Pirates in the important raid against Kaido and Big Mom. Nekomamushi is not a normal cat like some others on this list. He can talk and fight on a great level, making him the perfect example of a main supporting character.

6. Kuro – Blue Exorcist

The Ao no Exorcist anime series, popularly known as Blue Exorcist, deals with concepts like demons and exorcisms like Jujutsu Kaisen, so you can pretty much guess the type of cat we have here. In this anime, the cat named Kuro is a Cat Sídhe (cats possessed by demons). He is a black cat with a little bit of white on his chest and chocolate-esque brown accents on his face. Kuro also has two tails, unlike any other cat on our list, and that two tails design is considered sacred by the Japanese.

Kuro is a vibrant cat who is always seen with the lead Rin Okumura and likes to sleep on his back. As he is a Cat Sídhe, he can transform into a nekomata (giant Demon cat), which immensely boosts his strength and the powers he possesses. He is one of the most unique cat characters on our list.

7. Arthur – Code Geass

Arthur is a black stray cat who was adopted by the Third Princess Euphemia. Later, she was seen on the school grounds as she moved here. She is more of a comic relief character, as she can be seen carrying Lelouch’s mask, biting Suzaku randomly, and so on. Unlike many of the other cats on this list, he doesn’t have any power or magical abilities, he is just a cute Neko.

8. Kuroneko – Trigun

Trigun is one of the OG classic animes, which will forever live in the hearts of anime fans. Recently, it has received a massive overhaul in the form of a remake called Trigun Stampede. Now, coming to the topic at hand, Kuroneko is a black cat that randomly appears in almost every episode of the anime. She is called Kuroneko-sama, which literally means Mr. Black Cat, by the characters in the show.

Kuroneko is similar to Sakamoto in our list (read about them below), but he has a mouth. Although most of the time, he merely appears in the background, he played a major role in the plot at times, such as when he stopped Wolfwood from cheating in a game of chess.

9. Jiji, Lily, Baron, and Nekobasu – Ghibli Cats

Ghibli Studios’ projects have always been special when it comes to the art style, characters, and story. So, who would not love to learn about the best anime cats from one of the genius studios in Japan? Here are four cats from the Ghibli movies:

Jiji and Lily from Kiki’s Delivery Service: Jiji is the protagonist Kiki’s cat. He helps Kiki in her hard training to become a witch. He has a girlfriend as well, named Lily, who he meets in the anime. It was revealed later in the credits that they both had lots of kittens together.

Baron from Whisper of the Heart and The Cat Returns: Baron Humbert von Gikkingen, better known as “The Baron,” is the main character in both of these Ghibli movies. He is a cat but possesses the characteristics and attributes of a human, making him an anthropomorphic cat. He is a statue by day and comes to life at night.

Nekobasu from My Neighbour Totoro: Neko means Cat, and basu means Bus in Japanese slang. Thus, nekobasu together means “Cat Bus.” This gigantic cat was seen in the form of a bus helping Mei and Satsuki. The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland is said to be remarkably similar to this character.

10. Meowth – Pokémon

In fact, he is considered the only talking Pokemon who can speak to his owners in their own language. That’s what makes his character so unique. Further, if you didn’t already know, Meowth resembles the maneki-neko (a famous cat figurine in Japan). He’s the brain behind Team Rocket and has captivated fans all over the world.

11. Sakamoto – Nichijou

Nichijou (My Ordinary Life) is one of the most highly-rated slice-of-life anime and is celebrated by fans worldwide. And a black cat named Sakamoto appears in this anime. Due to his previous owner’s bad behavior, Sakamoto escaped and was found on the streets by Hakase (one of the main characters). Soon, he was adopted by Nano and Hakase and got his deserving home.

Sakamoto is said to be older than both of his current owners. Hakase made him a red scarf and tied it around his neck, which somehow gave him a superpower that enabled him to talk. He is another one of the best-talking anime cats on our list.

Sakamoto may look like an innocent and quiet kitty, but he is more than that. Since he can talk, he considers himself superior and acts like one around Hakase and Nano. He likes to be called “Sakamoto-san,” which further proves his superiority over others. But he can also be seen playing with toys like a normal cat, which he hides from his owners.

12. Chachamaru – Demon Slayer

Chachamru is well-trained to carry out his medical duties. It is a tricolored cat, and thus, it belongs to the calico cat family. We have seen Chachamru helping Tamayo and Tanjiro collect demon blood to help Nezuko turn into a human. There is not much information available about its family, past, or gender. But most calico cats are considered to be females, so there is a high chance that Chachamaru is a female cat.

13. Nyanko-sensei – Natsume’s Book of Friends

We all remember the terrifying Madara from the Uchiha clan in Naruto, but here is a cute cat named Madara (aka Nyanko-sensei) from the anime Natsume’s Book of Friends. As calm and peaceful as he looks, he is a strong white wolf youkai who can fly as well. He regularly takes the form of a maneki-neko. This youkai form can’t be seen by people who don’t have any spiritual energy. So in the eyes of many, he is a simple round cat.

Madara is a chonky kawaii anime cat that resembles the design of maneki-neko, and he is considered to bring good fortune. He is also scarily powerful in his original youkai form, having many powers such as flying, superhuman strength, and more. Currently, he is working as Natsume’s bodyguard in the hope of getting the Book of Friends back.

14. Chi Yamada – Chi’s Sweet Home

While the other anime on this list had cats as more of a supporting character, Chi’s Sweet Home breaks all the rules by keeping the cat as the lead protagonist. Chi Yamada is our beloved lead here, a stray kitten who lost her mom. But luckily, she got a new family as she was taken in by the Yamada family. The apartment where they lived had a strict “no pets allowed” rule, but the Yamada family still took her in, which shows how much they loved her.

15. Sorata – Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (aka World’s Greatest First Love) is one of the best BL anime to release in the last decade. In the anime, there is a cute little double-colored cat known as Sorata. Sorata was abandoned by his family and left in an alley inside a small box. On a rainy day, our protagonist Masamune Takano rescued this poor little Nekowhile he was in high school and started raising him. Finally, this cute cat got the love he deserved and was full-grown in the next 10 years. He was also raised by Takafumi Yokozawa, Takano’s ex-lover.

Yokozowa offered Sorata to Hiyori Kirishima because she had long desired a cat, but as his workload increased, he had to do so. Sorata is currently having his finest life and has always been in good hands. In an anniversary interview, it was discovered that Sorata can read – just like the rest of us – and that non-fiction is his preferred genre.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is anime obsessed with cats?

Cats are often regarded as a lucky sign and known to bring good fortune in Japanese folklore. They are also thought to have some powers. Because of this, cats are highly valued in Japan and thus appear in many anime.

There are many animes in which the cat has the ability to fly, but the most popular cat among them is Happy from the famous anime Fairy Tail.

Who is the best cat in anime?

Every cat character we have seen in anime is lovely and distinctive in its own style, so it’s difficult to choose the best cat in anime. So, in the end, everything boils down to personal choice. But we can’t forget Doraemon, Kuro (Blue Exorcist), and Kyo (Fruits Basket), to name a few.

Greatest Cats in Anime Shows

7 Best Apps To Open Jar Files On Windows

You’ve probably encountered archive files before. A common type of archive file is a ZIP file. Another type of archive file you might come across is a JAR file. We’ll take a look at what this file is and the best apps to open JAR files on Windows.

Archive files like ZIP files and JAR files provide a way to package multiple files as a single file, decreasing the amount of space needed to store them. JAR stands for Java Archive. It’s a package file format used to combine multiple Java class files and their associated resources like text and images into a single file. 

Table of Contents

Indeed, JAR files were originally developed so end users could download Java applets and their components in a single HTTP request.

If you try to open a JAR file without having a compatible program installed that can open that file type, you might see an error saying, “Unable to access JAR file.” In that case, try one of the apps below to open a JAR file on your Windows computer.

JAR files can be opened in two ways:

Open and browse the file contents

Run the JAR file in Java (execute)

We will take a look at apps to help you browse and examine the contents of JAR files.

Apps to Open JAR Files on Windows

There are several programs you can use to browse and view JAR file contents on a Windows computer. We’ll run through a few of them. You might even find you already have an app capable of opening JAR files on your computer.

1. WinRar

WinRar is shareware that you can download and run for free, but it will persistently remind you to buy a license. In any case, download WinRar, install it, and use it to open a JAR file. Once you’ve opened the JAR file with WinRar, you can extract its contents.

2. 7-Zip

If you don’t see the option to open the file with 7-Zip File Manager, select the Choose another app option, and choose 7-Zip File Manager from the list:

Select the Always use this app to open .jar files option to make 7-Zip the default JAR file viewer.

Apps to Open a JAR File Online

When all else fails, you can always use an online tool to open a JAR file. There are several to choose from. All of the online tools listed below allow you to drop a JAR file into the website and download the contents. This is a good option if you don’t encounter these archives often and don’t want to install new software.

The Online Archive Extractor is a browser-based tool you can use to extract several kinds of archive files, including JAR files. The site is secure, and, since the tool works locally inside the browser (i.e., not server-side), you can rest assured that your files won’t be sent over the internet. You’ll also find that extracting JAR files using the Online Archive Extractor is speedier than some other archive extractors since virtually no data is being transferred online.

The JAR File Opener from AppsCMS works a little differently than the Online Archive Extractor. It does transfer your file to its servers. They do, however, assure users, “We store your Jar files only for a very short duration for extracting content and then delete the files. We do not store any of your JAR or contents of your JARs.” Since it’s online too, this option will also work for opening JAR files on Mac, Linux, Ubuntu, and all flavors of Windows.

The Online Java Decompiler is made available by Leonardo Santos of Brazil. His tool decompiles .jar and .class files online. It’s a simple tool that does exactly what it says it does. Most of the files you extract from a JAR file will be text files, but some may be other types of files that require additional apps to view them.

EzyZip’s Extract Jar File Tool has a few more bells and whistles than the other online JAR file openers. Some files extracted with the tool can be previewed within the browser, and you also have the option to save multiple files and folders into a target folder of your choosing all at once.

Running JAR Files with the Java Runtime Environment

So far, we’ve discussed ways of viewing JAR files. If you want to run those files, you’ll need to use the Java Runtime Environment. Check out our article on how to run JAR files on Windows to learn how to install Java on your computer and run JAR files in the Java Runtime Environment.

Monetize Facebook Reels With Overlay Ads

Let’s dive into the specifics.

Overlay Ads In Reels, Explained

Depending on which format is chosen, the placement of the overlay will vary.

For banner ad placement, these will appear at the bottom of a Facebook reel.

Eligibility For Monetizing Facebook Reels With Overlay Ads

This new ad format test is not available to everyone yet.

If you are unsure of your eligibility for in-stream monetization, Facebook has a page to check for eligibility and to sign up.

How To Get Started With Overlay Ads

Advertiser targeting settings

Value of the ad for the viewers

Tap “Stickers” on the right-hand side of the menu panel (after adding your creative to the reel)

Tap “Ad” below the Stickers tab

Tap “Add Sticker Ad”

Move the positioning of the sticker ad frame to wherever fits best in your reel

While you can choose the positioning of the ad, you don’t pick the actual ad that will display. Facebook will choose an ad that is relevant to the individual user viewing your content.

Why Overlay Ads?

Creating content takes time and money. Being part of the ad monetization program gives back portions of ad revenue to you, allowing you to spend more time creating quality content for the Meta platform.

Source: Meta For Creators

Featured Image: rvlsoft/Shutterstock

Best Iphone Se Glass Screen Protectors

Almost all the features of the iPhone SE are similar to the iPhone 6s, apart from display size and 3D Touch. That means the screen on iPhone SE is strong enough to take the impacts of normal falls and bumps. But why would you take chances? Why not buy from one of the best glass screen protectors for it? To help you with the new purchase, we have listed some of the best glass screen protectors available in the market for iPhone SE. Just have a look and make your choice.

1. Maxboost

Maxboost claims to be the thinnest glass protector in the world, which is impressive. The thickness of the glass protector is merely 0.2mm, which is almost invisible.

The glass protector protects your screen from oil, dust, dirt, scratch, and also if the device is fallen from a standard height. Last but not the least; the protector is 99% touchscreen accurate.

2. iATO

iATO has precisely crafted this iPhone SE glass screen protector with laser-cut dimensions, which provide maximum protection for the entire touchscreen of your phone. You will appreciate its scratch protection and HD retina clarity.

Since iATO’s screen guard boasts 9H hardness, it can easily protect your phone from scratches. This completely transparent glass has an oleophobic coating to prevent smudges.

3. JETech

Ordinary screen protectors lose the capacity to respond. This is not the case with JETech glass screen protectors for your iPhone SE. This screen guard retains its responsiveness for a long time and gives you crystal clear view no matter where you are.

Even after continuous touches, JETech’s film doesn’t attract oil or sweat residue. The oleophobic coating removes fingerprints, smudges, and smears.


UPPERCASE glass screen protector has a hardness of 9H, which is little less than the hardness of the diamond at 10H. With that said, you can rest assured that your iPhone SE screen will remain untouched in case it falls from your hand.

In addition, the glass protector uses adhesive, which is bubble proof so that it will be an easy installation. The price is also quite budget friendly.

5. Tech Armor

Tech Armor is a popular name in screen protection of smartphones. For your iPhone SE, Tech Armor has crafted a robust screen guard from ballistic glass, which looks amazing and protects your phone’s screen from scratches and high impact drops.

The brand approves only the premium material, and expert design before the screen guard goes into manufacturing. And therefore, you get the best guard even if you randomly pick up any protector from an online or offline store.


The glass screen protector is three times stronger than ordinary film; it has 9H hardness and 99.99% HD clarity, which give you first touch experience. Hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings ensure that there is no oil and sweat residue on the screen.

That’s all folks!

Wrapping up!

A high-quality screen protector should be the first thing you should buy once you have your iPhone in your hands. If you love your iPhone as your body, you should treat your phone’s touchscreen as the most sensitive organ, which requires constant protection.

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