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How to make artificially wise glass that can perceive pictures AI Glass

Things being what they are, you needn’t bother with a computer to make an artificial intelligence. Truth be told, you don’t require electricity.

In an unprecedented piece of left-field look into, researchers from the University of Wisconsin–Madison have figured out how to make artificially wise glass that can perceive pictures with no requirement for sensors, circuits, or even a power source — and it would one be able to day spare your phone’s battery life.

“We’re continually contemplating how we provide vision for machines later on, and envisioning application explicit, mission-driven technologies,” scientist Zongfu Yu said in an official statement. “This progressions nearly everything about how we configuration machine vision.”

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Numbers Game

In a proof-of-idea concentrate published on Monday in the diary Photonics Research, the analysts portray how they made a sheet of “savvy” glass that could distinguish manually written digits.

To accomplish that accomplishment, they begun by setting various sizes and states of air rises at explicit spots inside the glass. At that point they included bits of deliberately set light-engrossing materials, including graphene.

At the point when the group at that point recorded a number, the light reflecting off the digit would enter one side of the glass. The air pockets and pollutions would dissipate the lightwaves in specific ways relying upon the number until they achieved one of 10 assigned spots — each relating to an alternate digit — on the contrary side of the glass.

The glass could basically tell the specialist what number it saw — at the speed of light and without the requirement for any conventional figuring power source.

“We’re familiar with digital figuring, however this has widened our view,” Yu said. “The wave elements of light proliferation provide another approach to perform simple artificial neural figuring.”

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Face Time

Teaching machines to precise “see” will be vital to accomplishing our objectives for artificial intelligence — machine vision assumes a job in everything from self-sufficient vehicles to conveyance robots.

This “savvy” glass probably won’t almost certainly complete estimations complex enough for those utilizations, however the group has one conceivable application for it as a top priority: smartphone security.

Currently, when you endeavor to open a phone utilizing face ID, an AI inside the gadget needs to run a calculation, depleting battery power simultaneously. Attach a prepared sheet of this keen glass to the front of the gadget, and it’ll have the option to assume control over the errand without pulling any power from the phone’s battery.

“We could conceivably utilize the glass as a biometric lock, tuned to perceive just one individual’s face,” Yu said. “When manufactured, it would keep going forever without requiring power or web, which means it could protect something for you even following a great many years.”

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Create A Brand From Scratch : Branding & Search

I have a little something to say about this topic, because I have built 3 of my own successful e-tail brands from the ground up. Each one of these brands were built solely via the Internet. Today, 1/4 of our daily traffic to these sites comes from searches looking for our actual brand name in search. So, this brand creating topic is a big deal and can equate to huge money for those building brand correctly!

It’s a given that powerful brands like Coke will automatically have large numbers of people searching for the company brand name. But, since the executives of Coke are probably not reading this post, the question becomes at what point can you expect to start getting traffic from your brand name? This can be quite a trick, and not necessarily an easy one. You must follow a process that takes time and often times makes the “get rich quick” groupies want to give up rather (no pun intended) quickly!

Trademark and Copyright your own brand

Because web shoppers can easily compare sites selling the same product, you can easily be price shopped right out of business if you happen to be selling a product that 1000s of other people are also selling. One way you can overcome this unfortunate phenomenon is to find a supplier offering a product that you can self brand (or private label) and then trademark. If you are willing and able to actually spend the time, money, and effort to do a custom photo shoot of this product in a unique setting, featuring your trademarked brand name, people will no longer be able to price shop you as easily. Why? Because, they will never find someone else selling your same brand or using the same images.

Scenario 1 – Let’s say you are selling jewelry. Like many others, you found a supplier with a huge selection and their prices seem ok. They are willing to provide you access to their product descriptions and images. You put them on your website with high hopes of making big money. The problem with your strategy is that you are using the exact same images and product descriptions that dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of other hopefuls used before you.

Not to mention, the huge duplicate content issues that will arise by using this strategy, and thereby not ranking well on Google. This strategy makes your site very easy to price shop. Guess what? The price shopper will almost always go with the lowest price! The person with the lowest price will generally be the person that has been using this supplier the longest, with the most success (and corresponding leverage to demand better prices) and for those reasons they will get the sale.

Scenario 2 – Let’s say you spend the time, money, and injury to get all of your inventory, take new pictures in new settings, hire a professional writer to come up with new product descriptions, create a new name for your product line that can’t be price-shopped. You will now be brand compared, and not price-shopped out of business. This is where your images, your product descriptions, your website (trust – look – feel) will all come into play. You will have created a brand name that cannot be price shopped. You can be brand shopped, but that is a different story.

In Conclusion:

(Keeping with the example) Now people will be looking for your jewelry brand name and comparing it to Jared, The Shane Co. and other big jewelers online. Rather than comparing you to the thousands of other “Brand X” resellers. Scenario 2 really gives you the ability to create some separation online. If done properly, people will begin searching for your brand name. And now you have the ability to rank and be found for something that you created.

How long does all of this take? It depends on what market you are trying to penetrate, what type of budget you have, and how good you are at what you do! Remember, you can still (and should) be pursuing all of the general keywords related to your industry, but the real money comes when you are able to self brand. You will find that eventually people will be searching for your brand online – and this is where the highest percentage of converting traffic can be found.

Can Chatgpt Create An App?

Last Updated on June 7, 2023

As a prominent example of a sophisticated artificial intelligence-powered language model, it’s often asked whether ChatGPT can create an app. Developed by OpenAI, this AI chatbot can help generate content and even programming codes with only a short prompt needed to get it going. As ChatGPT’s capabilities evolve and develop, questions arise about how much it can be leveraged and what tasks it can successfully perform.

While ChatGPT can create lines of code, can it make a complete app? Let’s find out what sort of role ChatGPT can play in the mobile app development process.

How to Use ChatGPT for Creating an App

ChatGPT can be used across three parts of a software development roadmap. We will go through all three of these implementation instances.

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Planning the App

The user interface plays a vital role in an app’s success. It has to be simple enough that users can navigate it easily, but it also has to be engaging enough to keep users coming back.

ChatGPT can help you plan the user interface of the app. You can ask it for tips on how to get started. The tool will give you information and tips like understanding your target audience, compatibility requirements for different platforms such as ios or Android, defining goals, creating a user template, and much more.

Building the Code

ChatGPT is a language model powered by natural language processing and is therefore optimized to generate human-like text. However, you can use it to write code for you instead of having it answer questions. Moreover, ChatGPT’s machine learning engine is also trained on large datasets in multiple programming languages. So you can get your code in JavaScript, Python, Ruby on Rails, and many more.

Remember that while ChatGPT will try to be as accurate as possible, it’s not specialized for generating code, so you may find some errors in your output. So it is always best to make your chatGPT prompts as specific as possible and always be sure to check the code, ask the engine about any code you have queries with, and fix any errors if they arise.

Deploying Your App

Once the code is ready, you can copy and paste it into your coding software or platform. Based on your chosen coding environment, you might have to make some fundamental changes to your code.

For instance, you must create a repository and initiate the coding commands to build an app on GitHub. Next, you will have to fetch the libraries you want. On the other hand, if you select a pre-built Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the libraries might be auto-fetched.

Can ChatGPT Create an Entire App?

While ChatGPT can write code in different programming languages, it would be far-stretched to say that you can build a complete application. The best you can do with ChatGPT is create small individual modules of an application. Once they are ready, you can combine them in the coding environment to make them function together. This makes it one of many invaluable resources that you can utilize as part of your mobile application design process.

Using Chatgpt To Create Prompts For Ai Art

There are so many great resources available on the internet about creating prompts, some even try to sell you their prompts – don’t fall into that trap. You don’t need to buy prompts when there is so much freely available information out there.

I saw this amazing technique for Nick who documented his whole process in his twitter thread. He also plans to share more on his Youtube channel so make sure you follow and subscribe to him on his socials. This post would not be possible without his great work.

What do you need?

In order to be able to follow the below and create your own series of prompts you need to have access to:

Midjourney – AI Art creation tool run via Discord. You can subscribe to their service but if you are new you’ll get some free credits. If you need to know how to get started here check out this blog “Midjourney – start your journey”

Discord – you need a free account to be able to use Midjourney

ChatGPT – of course you need access to ChatGPT for this.

Note: By the time this post was published Midjourney released its v5 model for AI image creation. Below Images are all generated using v4 model but the prompts will work on v5 as well.

Nick’s Process

Firstly he uses ChatGPT and asks it to create:

Nick explains that Additive Prompting is dynamic & modular by design, so it works well in the table format. If you’re after something specific, let ChatGPT know at the end of your prompt. For example… …10 rows of data where: Composition = “Editorial Style Photo” Room Type = “Living Room”

You can simply copy the rows or ask ChatGPT will to go a step further, Nick explains: You can copy & paste any row into Midjourney and it’ll work great. Or, you can send a follow-up request and ask: “Please write each row as a comma-separated sentence. Append each sentence with –ar 16:9”

There you go, infinite images with a good Additive Prompt structure and ChatGPT hack. If you want new data, just ask for “10 more rows of data” Now that you have a strong foundation to build off, you can tweak and edit the outputs to whatever you’d like.

Follow @nickfloats on Twitter and also on YouTube he will releasing content there as well. Prompt credit goes to Nick for sharing this in his Twitter thread.

Prompt: Editorial Style photo, Eye Level, Traditional, Library/Study, Bookshelves, Wood, Leather, Desk Decor, Artwork, Dark Tones, Pottery Barn, Table Lamp, London Townhouse, Morning, Sophisticated –ar 16:9

Editorial Style Photo, Eye Level, Modern, Living Room, Fireplace, Leather and Wood, Built-in Shelves, Neutral with pops of blue, West Elm, Natural Light, New York City, Afternoon, Cozy, Art Deco:: Additive::0 –ar 16:9

Editorial Style Photo, Off-Center, Mid-Century Modern, Living Room, Eames Lounge Chair, Wood, Leather, Steel, Graphic Wall Art, Bold Colors, Geometric Shapes, Design Within Reach, Track Lighting, Condo, Morning, Playful, Mid-Century Modern, Iconic, 4k –ar 16:9

Editorial Style Photo, Eye Level, Modern, Living Room, Fireplace, Leather and Wood, Built-in Shelves, Neutral with pops of blue, West Elm, Natural Light, New York City, Afternoon, Cozy, Art Deco:: Additive::0 –ar 16:9

Editorial Style photo, Eye Level, Traditional, Library/Study, Bookshelves, Wood, Leather, Desk Decor, Artwork, Dark Tones, Pottery Barn, Table Lamp, London Townhouse, Morning, Sophisticated –ar 16:9

How To Create Unlimited Images With Ai Free

In a world where visual content is king, finding unique images can be a daunting task, especially if you lack the time, resources, or skills to create them yourself. But what if I told you that there’s a new midjourney that allows you to create an unlimited number of free images with AI? Yes, you heard that right! AI is the new artist on the block, and it’s here to save the day for bloggers, SEO experts, stock photo enthusiasts, and wallpaper creators.

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Artificial Intelligence has come a long way since its inception. Today, it’s making a significant impact in various industries, including graphic design and content creation. With AI, you can generate unlimited images that are unique, engaging, and tailored to your specific needs. Here are a few applications where AI-generated images can prove beneficial:

Stock Photos: No need to scroll through hundreds of photos to find the perfect shot anymore. With AI, you can create your own stock images that fit your brand aesthetic and theme.

Blog & SEO: A picture is worth a thousand words. Enhance your blog posts and improve your SEO with custom-made images that captivate your audience’s attention.

Wallpapers: Want a wallpaper that’s truly one-of-a-kind? AI’s got your back! Generate unlimited wallpapers tailored to your taste and preference.

So, where do you start on this exciting journey? The answer is chúng tôi chúng tôi is an AI-based platform that allows you to generate images with or without code.

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll need to get your Leap API key. This key is a unique identifier that links your account to the images you generate. To find it, navigate to your account settings, and copy the API key.

For those with coding experience, chúng tôi gives you the chance to put your skills to good use. You can generate images using code, which allows for more customization and control over the final output. Detailed documentation is available on the website to guide you through the process.

Now that we know how to create images, let’s look at how we can apply them in different contexts.

Images can significantly enhance your blog posts and SEO efforts. They make your content more engaging, break up large chunks of text, and help explain complex ideas in a simple, visually appealing manner.

Personalizing your digital space with unique wallpapers is now easier than ever with AI. You can create wallpapers to suit your mood, match your aesthetic, or even promote your brand.

Stand out in the social media crowd with custom-made images. Whether it’s for your Instagram feed, Facebook cover photo, or LinkedIn post, AI-generated images can help boost your online presence and engagement.

AI-generated images are reliable as long as you use them responsibly. They’re a great tool for creating unique and personalized visuals. However, it’s important to check the generated images for any inappropriate or unwanted content.

Typically, images generated by AI are free to use for both personal and commercial purposes. However, it’s always a good idea to check the terms of service of the specific AI tool you’re using.

You can use AI-generated images directly if they meet your needs. However, you also have the flexibility to modify and customize them as required.

AI has opened up an exciting new world of possibilities when it comes to image creation. With chúng tôi anyone can now generate an unlimited number of customized, high-quality images for free. Whether you need stunning visuals for your blog, captivating wallpapers, or unique stock photos, AI has got you covered.

The opportunities are truly endless. All it takes is a dash of creativity and the power of AI. So let your originality run wild, and bring your content to the next level with AI-generated images tailored precisely to your needs. The world of unlimited images awaits – it’s time to take the leap!

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How To Create An Anonymous Email Id??

There may be times when you don’t want the recipients to know who sent them an anonymous email. It could be anything – reporting, investigations, or simply information you want to send to someone without the other side knowing who sent it. This post focuses on how to create an anonymous email ID and protect your identity.

Anonymity vs Encryption

Before we explore our options, please be informed that “anonymity” and “encryption” are different. People often confuse the two.

Encryption means using algorithms that keep your data safe using different methods. That way, even if anyone triggers a Man in Middle Attack or something similar, they can’t make out anything of the encrypted data. Anonymity, on the other hand, means that the person(s) receiving the email or any hacker in between can’t figure out who is the sender of the emails and messages s/he is monitoring.

How to create an Anonymous Email ID?

There are many entities that provide let you create an anonymous email ID tweaking the service so that the emails cannot be tracked to their origin. The main players in the field of anonymous email service providers are ProtonMail and Guerrilla Mail.

1] ProtonMail

ProtonMail is one of the real anonymous email service providers. You need not enter any details about yourself. You create an anonymous email ID and password. They don’t ask for your name, age, etc. You may as well skip those security questions used for password recovery.

2] Guerilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail lets you create a scrambled email ID. They don’t ask you for identifiable information. You open the page and start sending emails to intended recipients. The incoming mails are kept only for an hour irrespective of whether or not you’ve read it.  Take a look at our list of disposable email ID providers.

Note: There are many others in the field like Hushmail, but not all are free to use so I did not include them here.

3] TOR Browser

TOR (The Onion Router) is a good bet for sending an anonymous email because of its architecture. The TOR Browser sends data through plenty of nodes (relays) thereby eliminating the origin address of the data packets. The number of nodes, that relay TOR data, are so many in number that anyone keeping an eye on data packets, cannot understand the order; in other words, the TOR system is almost unbreakable.

TOR had its own email service named TOR Mail that enabled users to create an email ID and send untraceable emails, but the FBI somehow tracked down an email in the year 2013. That makes it “almost” unbreakable. If someone has the know-how and required tools, they may trace the emails’ origin. That is to say that TOR is the best but still, it is not 100% dependable all the time.

4] Use popular email with VPN to send anonymous mail

If the above doesn’t feel satisfactory, you can use a VPN to create a new email account and send an email anonymously. In this case, you can use standard email providers like Gmail, Outlook, etc.

But first, determine what you are going to tell the email service provider because you will not be entering true data when creating a new anonymous email ID.

You need to turn on the VPN and set your country to something other than where you reside. Then fire up the browser. Go to the service providers’ website to create a new email ID. Put in fake information for everything, from name to phone number and other details – whatever the procedure asks you.

The only thing you need to consider is that you should open the VPN and set the country to the one you entered while signing up (when creating the ID). Then proceed to the email service providers’ website and access your email. Don’t quit VPN without closing the browser that you used to open your email.

Some may suggest proxies, but they don’t work anymore. Online entities can identify the real country of residence even though you may connect to those entities using a proxy.

TIP: It is the best of both worlds when you combine VPN with the TOR browser. It will take a while longer to load websites but then, you are truly anonymous!

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