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The iPhone SE (hands-on), which is quickly approaching its third anniversary, was an amazing phone when it was released. It gave us a device with the timeless design of the iPhone 5s, with modern specs borrowed from the iPhone 6s.

With the news that Apple recently sold out of a clearance allotment of the iPhone SE, it got me really thinking about the device again. Are people crazy for buying a nearly three-year-old budget-minded iPhone in 2023? Watch our hands-on video as I revisit the iPhone SE, breaking down its current strengths and weaknesses.

iPhone SE features that still stand out today Timeless design

In my opinion, the iPhone 5-era design, with squared-off, instead of rounded sides, and refined chamfered edges, represents the pinnacle of Apple design for its phones.

The iPhone SE also lacks a camera bump, which became an iPhone design staple beginning with the iPhone 6. The lack of a camera bump allows for a completely smooth and cohesive back cover, lending to the device’s overall beauty.

It’s such a timeless design that the iPad Pro adopted a similar look, albeit with a camera bump, for its latest refresh. Needless to say, I’d love to see a modern take on this design for the iPhone.

Video walkthrough

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In an era of unwieldy phones, Apple bucked trends with the iPhone SE, jamming modern (at the time) features into a small, easy-to-handle form-factor. Apple realized in 2023, what it seems to have forgotten in the years that followed: not everyone needs or even likes huge phones like the iPhone XS Max.

Featuring a mere 4-inch display, the iPhone SE easily fits in the hand or inside of a pocket or purse. In other words, this phone is super low key, which is something I can definitely appreciate as a current iPhone XS Max user.


With the release of iOS 12, performance on Apple hardware improved across the board, making older phones like the iPhone SE feel faster than before. The iPhone SE, with its Apple A9 system on a chip and 2GB of RAM, still works well today. Remember, this is basically an iPhone 6s crammed into the body of an iPhone 5s.

Touch ID

The iPhone SE comes bundled with Touch ID, which quite a few people still have an affinity for. In 2023, all of Apple’s new iPhone releases featured Face ID instead of Touch ID. Even though the iPhone SE comes with a first-generation Touch ID sensor, I find that it’s still good enough to provide a seamless experience.

Headphone jack

The iPhone SE was released in the spring of 2023, a few months before the iPhone 7 was released without a headphone jack. The iPhone SE was the last iPhone that Apple released with a headphone jack in tow, which by itself puts it on hallowed ground for some.

12-megapixel rear-facing camera

Using the same 12-megapixel camera with f/2.2 aperture from the iPhone 6s, the rear-facing camera inside the iPhone SE is surprisingly good, and still holds up relatively well to this day. Not only does it take great photos, but it can also take Live Photos like the iPhone 6s and newer devices.

Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that the camera found in the iPhone SE can take 4K video at 30 frames per second. Entry-level SE models only came with 16GB of storage, and because 4K video takes up so much space, this feature is often overlooked.

Battery life

Looking at the specs, battery life for the iPhone SE is surprisingly decent when compared to modern iPhones. The iPhone SE boasts 13 hours of internet usage on LTE, and 13 hours of video playback. To put that into perspective, the iPhone XS, feature 12 hours of internet use and 14 hours of video playback. Granted, when considering other factors, like talk time (14 hours vs 20 hours), the iPhone XS begins fares better.


Should you have paid $249 in order to purchase an iPhone SE during Apple clearance sale? Nostalgia may have tempted you, but you’d be wise to consider some of the more inferior aspects about the iPhone SE prior to taking the plunge.

As an iPhone XS Max user, going back to the iPhone SE for the last week has been very interesting. It’s been a great experience as far as portability and hand comfort is concerned, two huge factors to be sure, but this phone leaves a lot to be desired in 2023.

Watch our original iPhone SE hands-on from 2023

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The iPhone SE was great, but let’s be honest, modern iPhones have… Better, larger displays

It’s not just that the displays on recent iPhone are so much bigger when compared to the 4-inch display on the iPhone SE, it’s that modern iPhone displays are so much better. The massive 6.5-inch display on the iPhone XS Max definitely stands out, but it’s the quality of said display — the resolution, contrast ratio, viewing angles, and wide color support — that makes it really special.

Screen real estate is obviously a huge differentiating factor as well – the iPhone XR and XS Max for instance, provide massive upgrades in space on screen. As a result, users have access to more rows of icons on the Home screen, larger videos, and more text on screen when reading the web, books, and messages.

Better cameras

Apple’s latest iPhones also feature 12MP wide angle rear cameras, but with significantly faster f/1.8 apertures, and faster sensors.

Although the iPhone XR lacks the dual rear camera array, all of Apple’s recent smartphone releases have excellent cameras with features simply not available on the iPhone SE. Even the budget-minded iPhone XR, with its single rear camera lens, has larger pixels, and features like Portrait mode for depth control on the fly or in post. There are also niceties like 4K60 video, and 1080p 240 fps slow motion.

The front-facing camera, which was downright laughable on the iPhone SE, is also a huge improvement on modern iPhones. Not only is the TrueDepth front-facing camera on recent iPhones capable of Face ID biometric authentication, but it’s also a 7-megapixel shooter capable of capturing 1080p video up to 60fps. That’s a noteworthy upgrade over the paltry 1.2 megapixel camera migrated from 2013’s iPhone 5s to the iPhone SE.

Better speakers

iPhone SE speaker output pales in comparison to newer iPhones

Gesture controls

3D Touch

3D Touch debuted on the iPhone 6s, which is sort of ironic when you consider that the iPhone SE is essentially an iPhone 6s in an iPhone 5s body. At any rate, 3D Touch, which relies on special pressure-sensitive components, wasn’t included with the iPhone SE.

Unfortunately, 3D Touch wasn’t included on Apple’s so-called budget flagship, the iPhone XR, which has no-doubt lead to rumors suggesting that Apple may be looking to abandon the feature in the future.

Face ID

I was skeptical at first about Face ID, but after having it for a year with the iPhone X, and after enjoying the upgraded version on the iPhone XS Max, I’m firmly convinced that it’s a better biometric solution than Touch ID. Touch ID had its time and place, but it feels a bit old when compared to Face ID, which doesn’t require the user to do anything other than look at their phone for it to unlock and authenticate within apps.

More charging options

After going without wireless charging for numerous iPhone generations, Apple finally jumped on board with the Qi wireless charging standard with the release of the iPhone X. The iPhone also gained access to faster USB-PD charging at the same time. During my revisit with the iPhone SE, this was one of the most glaring differences, as I’m used to sitting my iPhone on various wireless chargers around the house and in the car.

No wireless charging on iPhone SE

Tap to wake

One of the features that I ended up missing most during my time with the iPhone SE was tap to wake. The feature, which debuted with Apple’s first OLED phone, the iPhone X, is a convenient way to wake up your iPhone by simply tapping the screen. The iPhone SE, on the other hand, requires that the user press the physical Home button or Sleep button to wake up the phone.

No tap-to-wake on iPhone SE, only raise-to-wake

Powerful hardware

The iPhone XS, with its 6-core Apple A12 Bionic chip is in a whole different league as far as performance is concerned. But for someone who is okay with using an iPhone SE in 2023, it’s likely that performance isn’t as big of a priority as other factors on this list.

As you might expect, graphics are much improved as well, with a 4-core Apple-designed GPU with Metal 2 support. There’s also the 8-core Neural Engine for on-device machine learning, and an an enhanced image signal processor that allows for things like Portrait mode and Smart HDR for increased dynamic range in photos.

Should Apple make a modern iPhone SE?

With everything that we’ve discussed in this post, it brings about one obvious question: Should Apple release a modern take on the iPhone SE? Personally, I think all of its future phones should adopt design language similar to the SE, but I also think it’s a good idea to release a smaller budget iPhone inspired by the highly-adored iPhone SE.

Imagine an all-screen nearly bezel-free design with iPhone 5s-era design cues. That alone would allow a new iPhone SE to have far greater on screen real estate, while retaining a similar physical footprint.

Now imagine for a second, a camera similar to the iPhone XR, a faster A12 Bionic chip, an OLED display, and features like Face ID and tap to wake. That sounds like an iPhone that would be insanely popular to those who dislike large phones.

The original iPhone SE was a great phone, no doubt, but it’s a phone that’s lacking a lot in 2023. If form-factor trumps everything else, then its an obvious choice, but if other factors weigh in on your opinion, I think it would be hard to justify purchase an iPhone SE in 2023, even at $249.

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Best Iphone Se And Iphone 5S Cases In 2023

Apple always produces killer products. Though this practice has damaged its business (people have now lengthened the upgrade time of iPhone), Apple continues to manufacture high-quality software and hardware. One of its first successes came with the iPhone 5s; it is hard to believe that many loyal consumers still use the iPhone 5s. For such users, accessory makers keep launching protective cases and other essential accessories. If you own an iPhone 5s, 5, or iPhone SE, you can use one of the cases listed below.


SHIELDON’ iPhone cases are known for their signature simplicity. Without adding any glitter to its products, SHIELDON crafts amazing accessories for your iPhone. This leather wallet case is a quintessence of SHIELDON’s craftsmanship, which is evident from stitches and SHIELDON’ logo embossed on the front.

Magnetic closure does not lose its strength for a long time and protects your iPhone months after months. The soft TPU is undetachable; this makes your phone’s installation easy. Though you might feel discomfort when you have to take photos and shoot videos with your iPhone.

2. Spigen

There are large cut-outs on the case for quick access to your phone’s features and ports. A 0.8mm raised lip protects your phone’s screen.

3. OtterBox

OtterBox cases are synonymous with strength. Even as the case flaunts some style, OtterBox never fails to add sturdiness to its case. This case is taken from OtterBox’s famous Symmetry series, which includes elegant and pocket-friendly cases that can endure drops and dents. OtterBox has used dual-material construction, which can absorb shocks.

One of the glaring features of Symmetry series OtterBox case is an easy installation, which allows you to use your device immediately after you unpack the case. For your peace of mind, OtterBox has performed more than 24 tests on this case for over 238 hours.

4. CellEver

While making a case for an iPhone, it is quite difficult to strike a perfect balance between style and protection. For engineers, it is a challenge to pay equal attention to both the features. CellEver, however, has done it without any effort. This iPhone 5s/SE case is the best example of a successful blend of style and strength.

Polycarbonate and TPU form two layers of protection for your iPhone. Lip of this case is raised to guard the touch screen. CellEver offers you a single case in seven vibrant colors: black, pink, purple, red, navy blue, slate, and mint.


FOGEEK has used environmentally friendly durable material; its PC and TPU form a solid inner shell and soft outer cover. This case can sustain multiple injuries like accidental drops and shocks. Moreover, it protects your device against dust.

6. Trianium

God is in the details! Trianium believes in this adage and therefore, it has created a meticulous design of an iPhone case. Trianium pays utmost attention to your iPhone’s touchscreen. It adds a slightly raised rim around the screen to protect your phone screen from scratches and debris.

Trianium’s two-toned color design elevates style element of this case, which is available in gold, grey, and silver colors. When you drop your phone, back and corners are more likely to get damaged. For this reason, Trianium adds metal back plates to protect your device.

7. JETech

Before buying a transparent case for their iPhones, customers are wary of yellowing of the case. JETech knows this and hence, it has used high-quality PC and TPU materials. This ultra-transparent case can resist UV and prevents the case from turning yellow.

Look at the thickened corners, which effectively absorb shocks and protects your iPhone from scratches. Raised bezels safeguard your phone’s screen and camera. You can quickly access all the features and controls on your iPhone.


Flowers, fragrance, and festoon! This is LUOLNH’s case for your iPhone. This slim case boasts a floral pattern on a flexible TPU back cover. This ultra-clear bumper case not only protects your device but also showcases the original color and beauty of your iPhone.

LUOLNH’s TPU frame is sturdy enough to protect your phone against shocks, scratches, bumps, and dings. Enjoy quick access to speakers, camera, and other ports as this case is precisely cut out.

9. ESR

ESR has created a case that excels in bling effect, beauty element, and body physics. While TPU and PC layers are part of body physics, ESR’s color make-up layer adds beauty and bling to the case. When you are busy in showing off your style with sparkles, the case will protect your precious iPhone.

Glamorous style of this case is elevated by its slim and lightweight profile, which doesn’t add any bulk to your iPhone. For camera and screen protection, ESR offers raised camera and screen lips.

10. FYY

FYY’s iPhone cases are packed with an element of surprise. This case is made for your small-sized iPhone. The material, style, and design of FYY case highlight feminine grace. Needless to say that FYY cases are exclusively for women and girls. This rose gold folio case is equipped with dedicated card slots to store your credit/debit cards.

Under the card slots, FYY provides a pocket to put currency notes. This case can smartly replace your stylish clutch, which may not carry your iPhone. Adjust the upper fold of this case and you can convert this wallet case into a kickstand. Next, watch your favorite videos, movies, and photos.

That’s all!

Signing off…

Hope you have got enough reasons here to protect and stylize your iPhone 5s or iPhone SE. This list is a potpourri of iPhone cases to select the best one for your device.

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Is It Still Worth Placing A Bet On Sushiswap ?

Born out of the food farming mania that was part and parcel of the DeFi summer in 2023, SushiSwap was initially seen as merely a “generic, tokenized fork” of Uniswap. Within months, however, the former was giving the latter a run for its money, with SushiSwap’s growing volumes contributing to its market share hiking with every passing week.

Consider this – In December, Sushiswap was processing an average of 25% of Uniswap’s weekly volume. By late January, however, the protocol was averaging 48%. At the time, Bankless analyst Lucas Campbell had noted,

“It’s nearly impossible to deny the trend: it’s up and to the right.”

With volumes and market cap and market share climbing through the roof, there was good reason to believe so too. However, fast-forward to April 2023, and it would seem that a lot of momentum that was previously associated with SushiSwap has dissipated. While Uniswap remains healthy, other protocols such as PancakeSwap have emerged in the tightly-contested space.

What’s more, over the past few months, SushiSwap’s 24-hour volumes and the daily number of user addresses have fallen way short too, with the same to be said for the Daily Volume/User metric.

Perhaps, the simplest representation of its situation was the fact that at press time, SUSHI had fallen below other DeFi coins such as Terra, Avalanche, and Aave on CoinMarketCap. Further, while the likes of UNI have risen by 69% since the 1st of March, SUSHI was trading well below its price level on that date, at press time.

What does this mean? Is there any cause for concern?

At the moment, the wider crypto-market is in the middle of a bearish phase, with alts correcting left, right, and center. Since this is expected to be temporary, one can predict that sooner or later, SUSHI will climb up the charts too. This, despite the fact that it didn’t rally when the rest of the altcoin market did so in early April. A few observations and metrics can be used to back up this assertion.

For starters, the Network Profit Loss metric is worth looking at. It “computes the average profit or loss of all coins that change addresses daily.” According to Santiment, NPL for SUSHI recently noted its biggest loss on the charts since November. This is worth highlighting, especially since the same was what flagged off the SUSHI rally towards the end of 2023 and the start of 2023.

Corresponding to the same, SUSHI’s active addresses are also holding steady, with the same observed to be at levels much higher than those seen in the month of March. Finally, the total balance of addresses holding between 100K to 1M SUSHI has risen sharply on the charts too.

What these findings indicate is that despite its lukewarm price performance on the charts, SUSHI remains a healthy altcoin. In fact, it can also be argued that while the prevailing market narrative is one favoring the bears, there’s good reason to expect an upside for SUSHI in the near term thanks to a series of organic developments in its ecosystem.

The introduction of Kashi lending and Margin Trading on SushiSwap’s BentoBox is one such reason. Kashi Lending is the first DApp built on top of the latter, with the same powered by isolated lending pairs similar to liquidity pools, but with “one side used purely as collateral for the other side, which is lent out.” Here, according to Messari’s Ryan Selkis,

“…. the riskiness of an asset as a collateral is completely contained within that pair.”

“…. we imagine Sushi providing infrastructure for new projects to come market quick.”

What these new features and plans and updates reveal is that real development is happening behind the scenes for SUSHI. Backed by strong fundamentals, one can expect the altcoin to recover and rally soon. With Uniswap recently introducing a “business source license” with an eye on SushiSwap, it would seem that the competition hasn’t died down yet.

Is It Still Worth Getting A Digital Marketing Degree?

So you want to be a digital marketer.

Whether you have aspirations to start a career in digital marketing or want to switch up your current career trajectory, your new career path requires education and experience.

What level of education is necessary to get a leg up in the marketing industry?

And is it worth investing in a digital marketing degree to catapult your career forward?

Understanding what employers are looking for now and how to plot the best path from where you’re starting out are key.

In this column, we’ll explore the pros and cons of getting a formal digital marketing degree.

The Case For A Digital Marketing Degree

Since 1960, the college enrollment rate among high school graduates has increased by a substantial 46.8%.

Additionally, 19.1% of Bachelor’s degrees and 11.6% of Associate’s degrees are in business (the field digital marketing degrees tend to be associated with).

It’s clear undergraduate degrees are continuing to grow in popularity, and business degrees are one of the most sought after by college students.

Increases Your Career Opportunities

An undergraduate degree in marketing remains the traditional approach to launching a college student’s career.

It serves as the groundwork for building a strong educational foundation while having the credentials to back it up.

Your degree also serves as a notable addition to your resume to back up your previous work experience.

In fact, in today’s job market and job interviews, some employers require you have a degree to even apply for a role.

Expands Your Skillset

Having a four-year digital marketing degree opens the door to more potential job opportunities for those employers that require a formal degree.

Employers also recognize that although your degree may be specialized in digital marketing, you likely also have a breadth of business knowledge in different functional areas such as finance, accounting, search engine optimization, social media, and public relations.

Whereas having only a digital marketing certificate shows that you’re specialized in one area.

Develops Communication And Analytical Skills

Your digital marketing educational experience will lead you to develop skills for understanding consumer behavior and tools to attract, convert, and retain customers.

It will also teach you to think critically about what motivates and drives customers to take action.

These demonstratable skills will be attractive to employers and can substitute equivalent formal marketing work experience.

Boosts Your Earning Potential

A bachelor’s degree holder earns a median income of $2.8 million – 75% more than if they had only a high school diploma.

A master’s degree gives you even more of a competitive edge, earning a median of $3.2 million over their lifetimes, while those with doctoral degrees earn $4 million and professional degree holders earn $4.7 million.

Additionally, according to Bureau for Labor Statistics, the average expected weekly earnings for an employee with a bachelor’s degree on their resume are $1,173, significantly improving the average earnings of associate degree holders.

Their unemployment rate is also significantly lower, at 2.5%.

Based on these findings, the correlation between education and average salary earning potential is evident.

The Case Against A Digital Marketing Degree

The pandemic shifted many economic and operational factors for many business verticals, including education.

Accelerated digital adoption and required virtual learning taught students that they could and would have to learn online.

A recent survey of high school students found that the likelihood of attending a four-year college dropped nearly 20% in less than a year – down to 53%, from 71%.

One-third of the same survey’s respondents said the pandemic’s financial impact made them less likely to attend a four-year college, and they are focusing more on career training and post-college employment.

Access To Online Education Has Increased

While degrees were once a requirement for aspiring digital marketers, the pandemic derailed this way of thinking.

Digital marketing courses and receiving a digital marketing certification are quite literally within our fingertips.

Additionally, certificate courses offer a convenient learning program option for students who don’t have the time to attend in-person classes.

Digital marketing professionals in the making are now seeking out online options to reduce costs and save time while still receiving an education.

Four-Year Degrees Aren’t Required For Entrepreneurs

When considering whether a university degree is worthwhile, think about your long-term plan.

Breaking into the digital marketing industry as an entrepreneur wouldn’t require a college degree.

Instead, self-taught digital marketing training, mentorship, or other online digital marketing programs could be enough to build your own business.

Running your own digital marketing business can be lucrative, too.

In search, for example, founders are most likely to make over $200,000 per year, according to Search Engine Journal’s most recent State of SEO report.

However, if your dreams are to work 9-5 for a larger company, many require a formal marketing degree.

Without a degree, digital marketing talent recruiters at larger companies may not even look at your resume.

Whether you’d rather go the online digital marketing certificate route or the college degree route, neither is wrong.

It’s More Affordable

Compared with attending graduate school, learning digital marketing with unaccredited digital marketing courses and starting a website is 10 times more profitable, with a return on investment of 521% three years after starting your digital marketing career compared to a return of 53% from a digital marketing degree.

Additionally, programs such as the Google Digital Marketing Certification are free of charge.

When looking for credible marketing and SEO certification programs, look for:

Industry-recognized digital marketing certification (ex: HubSpot Content Marketing Certification).

Help with placement with potential employers after the course.

Hands-on experience with platforms and technology you’d use in a marketing role.

Sets You Apart From Other Non-Degree Holders

When competing for a job in the marketing field, having a certification enables you to stand out against others applying for the same job.

This designation will appear prominently on your resume and shows you’ve gone an extra step toward achieving your career aspirations.

On the other hand, a certified Marketing Manager earns approximately $116,500. The difference in earnings between the two is $43,000 per year.

So, What Is Better? Marketing Degree Or No Marketing Degree?

There are cases to be made for pursuing a formal education at a college instead of exploring certification options.

It boils down to your own preferences, the learning format that works best for you, cost, and goals.

If you excel with in-person learning and a more structured academic environment, pursuing a marketing bachelor’s degree may be your best option.

Alternately, if you prefer to go at your own pace and have more hands-on experience in marketing, pursuing a certificate may be in your best interest.

You can then build your portfolio with this hands-on experience to prove yourself a strong candidate.

Whether you prefer to sharpen your digital marketing skills through a four-year university or want to begin your career in marketing without a formal education, it is contingent on your personality and what works best for you personally.

There is no right or wrong way to approach getting a digital marketing job and what works best for one person may not work for another.

Stay true to the education style you prefer and gain the necessary skills. You’ll be on your way to becoming a successful marketer on your own time.

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Featured Image: fizkes/Shutterstock

Razer Phone 2 Review: Still The Best Gaming Phone

The Razer Phone 2 is a gaming powerhouse. Under the hood it’s running the latest hardware, features a giant battery, and offers a viewing/listening experience that is unmatched—on top of a near-stock version of Android. But in Razer’s efforts to add flagship features like wireless charging and RGB, it feels like the company lost some of what made the first gaming phone’s design so unique—and such a good fit within the Razer ecosystem.

Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

Razer Phone 2 and the Razer Blade

Upgraded and redesigned internals

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 (2.8GHz)

System memory: 8GB (LPDDR4X)

Storage: Internal 64GB V4 UFS / External SIM + micro SD slot (up to 2TB)

Display: 5.72-inch IGZO LCD 1440×2560

120Hz, Wide Color Gamut

UltraMotion Technology

Corning Gorilla Glass 5

645 nits (typ.) 470 nits (min.)

Power: 4000 mAh Li-Po battery

Qualcomm QuickCharge 4.0+

Wireless Qi inductive fast charging

Size: 158.5 x 78.99 x 8.5 mm

When it launched last year, the Razer Phone was the first ‘gaming phone’ with impressive features like a 120Hz screen, loud-ass front firing speakers, and custom cooling. This year’s phone refines all those features—amazing considering Razer is still very new to the phone business—and keeps the price locked at $800.

Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

The Razer Phone 2 offers upgrades in almost every department over the previous version.

Even though the size of the battery remains the same, there is a considerable hit to how long it lasts on the new phone due to a key feature: RGB. For the first few days of using the Razer Phone 2, I kept the RGB logo on at all times with a static green color (branding!). I saw as much as a 30-percent extra hit to the battery by the end of the day. I was down in single digits right before bed, and that’s a bummer for me. I like giant phones that have giant batteries so I can tax it all day and never have to worry about losing steam. Having the RGB on 24/7 elevated my battery anxiety, so luckily it’s a feature I can fine-tune to my needs.

Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

In both gaming and daily use the Razer Phone 2 is a smooth experience.

Razer has also continued to keep a clean version of Android, modifiying upon stock only in smart ways. Its game software organizer, Cortex, has been refined, so it’s easier than ever to fine-tune performance per game. Razer’s Chroma app has shrunken and is a fun and simple way to control lighting. The Theme Store continues to get new and unique themes from both Razer and its users. All in all using the phone is still a great experience, and fans of stock Android will feel right at home. As of right now, however, it’s stuck on 8.1 Oreo and the October security patch, so it’d better get updated soon.

While the camera in the Razer Phone 2 has also been upgraded, it’s still very basic in its functionality and results. This year Razer went with Sony image sensors (the industry-standard provider), replacing the Samsung ones from last year. Add the improvements to the Snapdragon 845’s image signal processor, optical image stabilization on the main lens, and a new camera app, and you have a potentially winning formula. Unfortunately the captured images still lack the high-level processing that we find in other flagship phones. So much of what makes a smartphone camera good is processing—Razer has a long way to catch up in this area.

Adam Patrick Murray/IDG Adam Patrick Murray/IDG Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

Glass back woes

Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the glass back clean enough for this photo…

Reason number one is very much personal preference: I don’t like glass-backed phones. The brushed black aluminum skin on the first Razer Phone made it look tough and yet beautiful. I want to show off a phone design like that, rather than hide it under the extra bulk of a case.

Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

I do prefer the look and feel of the Razer Phone 1 with it’s solid piece of aluminum.

Where is the headphone jack?

And then there is the lack of the headphone jack. I know it’s a tired topic, but in a device like this that goes above and beyond to push amazing visuals, killer speaker quality, and a custom cooling solution, I’m baffled by the omission of a headphone jack. In my mind it’s a pro option in a pro phone, and it should be there.

Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

Razer’s Hammerhead USB-C ANC headphones can’t make up for the loss of the headphone jack.


Despite the lack of headphone jack and a switch to the glass back I can still say that the Razer Phone 2 is the best ‘gaming phone’ out there. It couples hardcore specs with gamer-focused features and a super-clean version of Android—a combination that isn’t matched by competitors like Asus’s ROG Phone. If you must have the ultimate gaming experience in your pocket, the Razer Phone 2 is the best option. 

Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

The Razer Phone 2 is the best gaming phone of 2023.

10 Best Iphone Se 2023 Car Chargers

A travel kit without a car charger seems incomplete, especially when you are dealing with a long drive and badly need your iPhone to not only entertain you with music but also show you the way using navigation apps like Google Maps. Whether you are a frequent traveler or go for a long-drive only once in a while, you need to have a car charger. Just in case you aren’t familiar with modern car chargers, you have both wired and wireless options. Some of them even double up as a super handy car mount. That means, you can use them to not only power up your smartphone wirelessly but also hold your device steadily for a much-improved hands-free usage on the drive. If these features appeal to your needs, head over the jump to explore the best iPhone SE 2023 car chargers.

Best iPhone SE 2 Car Chargers

Wondering which car charger can be right for your needs? Well, if you prefer to have an ultra-portable charger with fast charging speed (24W / 4.8A output), go for the traditional car chargers. But if you have already embraced a life beyond a wired connection, pick out a Qi wireless car charger for your new iPhone SE. Thanks to the smart clamping design and 360° rotation, a wireless car charger can also work pretty well as a car mount for your smartphone. It’s worth noting that these chargers also support all Lightning-equipped/Qi wireless charging compatible iPhones including iPhone 11 Series. So, you can get them for other devices as well. Now that you know what’s coming, let’s get started!

1. Anker PowerDrive 2

When it comes to producing top-notch charging accessories for smartphones, Anker is among the best in the business. So, its PowerDrive deserves a shot right at the top of this lineup. The combination of PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology enables this car charger to deliver an optimized charging solution. And the ability to charge devices with up to 4.8 amps or 2.4 amps per port makes it a trusted bet for on-the-drive charging. That’s not all, this 24W dual USB iPhone SE 2023 car charger also comes with a MultiProtect safety system to prevent hazards like overcharging and shortcircuit from damaging your iPhone.

2. RAVPower

If there is a car charger that can safely take away the crown of being the best of both worlds: top-quality and cheapest price ($6.99), it has to be none other than RAVPower. The ultra-compact design coupled with a dual USB port (2.4a output each port) makes it a fairly good companion for on-the-go charging. Apart from charging the iPhone at a good speed, RAVPower is also up to the mark in putting dangers like overheating at bay. And when you take the aircraft-grade aluminum alloy body with a scratch-resistant finish into account, it seems to be really hard to beat.

Buy from Amazon: $6.99

3. AmazonBasics

Buy from Amazon: $15.49

4. iOttie Easy One Touch

Just in case you are looking for a life beyond wired charging, iOttie’s wireless charger-cum-mount could be a better pick for you. It comes with a super easy one-touch lock and release mechanism that lets you install and remove the iPhone with ease. With the Qi wireless charging support, it can securely power up your iPhone. As for the car mount functionality, it features a strong suction cup and the telescopic arm that extends from 4.9″ to 8.3″. Since it also pivots on 225° arc, you will get multiple viewing angles. Considering these specs, iOttie is one of the best wireless car chargers for iPhone SE 2023.

5. Maxboost

Sporting an incredibly small form-factor, Maxboost can easily appeal to those who prefer to have a minimalist design. But just in case you think that this car charger may not be competent enough in terms of charging, let me tell you that it delivers 24W / 4.8A output which is sufficient for charging your iPhone SE efficiently. Moreover, the double-injected frame fortified by the use of a rugged PC inner layer and shock-resistant TPU exterior strengthens the casing. Even better, it also comes with an intelligent circuit design to fight out overheating and overcurrent.

Buy from Amazon: $7.99


Another wireless car charger that has caught my attention is from CTYBB. It has rugged construction and features one-button auto clamping technology which allows pretty comfortable one-hand operation. Thanks to the secure locking mechanism, it keeps the smartphone perfectly in place. As for wireless charging, it works as expected. But unlike most wireless car chargers, it works even with rugged cases (up to 0.27-inch) to ensure there is no need to remove the case before charging the device. Better still, the 360° ball joint offers multiple viewing angles so that you have much-improved viewing angles.

Buy from Amazon: $29.99

7. Czznn

For a fast and secure charging solution on the drive, you can’t go wrong with Czznn. The car charger features a compact yet durable construction so that you can comfortably carry it anywhere. The strong Lightning cable coupled with two USB ports ensure you can power up (24W/5V 4.8A) multiple devices at one go. Furthermore, Czznn also features the essential built-in safeguards to keep threats like overcharging and overheating away. Priced at $11, it’s also among the cheap car chargers for iPhone SE 2.

Buy from Amazon: $10.99

8. Syncwire

 Buy from Amazon: $17.49


Should you wish to get a reasonably good yet cheap wireless car charger (10W) for your new iPhone SE, give serious consideration to this offering from Powlaken. One of the highlights of this car charger-cum-phone holder is the smart automatic sensor design. That means, installing and removing your iPhone will be a breeze. Being case-friendly, it also allows your iPhone SE 2023 to charge even with a case on (except rugged covers). Add to that the robust suction cup and the 360° rotation and it becomes a fully-featured on-the-go charger for your smartphone.

Buy from Amazon: $26.99


Buy from Amazon: $12.97

Choose the Top Car Chargers for New iPhone SE 2023

Having explored the highly-rated car chargers including the ones that support Qi wireless charging and also double up as car mounts, I hope your needs have found the right charger. But before you go, don’t forget to check out our articles on best iPhone SE 2 cases and screen protectors. And yes, also let me know the names of the car chargers that deserve to get a mention in this roundup.

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