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Power Management Tab is Missing: How to Get it Back




When the Power Management tab is missing in Device Manager, it’s likely misconfigured settings or a problem with the driver behind it.

First, update Windows and check if that fixes the problem.

If not, you can update the driver individually, change the BIOS settings, modify the Registry, or try the other methods here.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

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readers this month.

Device Manager is the utility in Windows where all the connected devices are listed. Also, here you can identify and troubleshoot problematic hardware, and even change the power settings. But, for some users, the Power Management tab is missing in Device Manager.

This could happen due to a bunch of reasons and is likely to affect your experience due to the inability to make changes. In this case, you wouldn’t be able to configure how the system controls the device’s power and whether the device can wake up the PC.

So, read the following section to find out what to do if the Power Management tab is missing in Device Manager in Windows 11.

What do I do if the Power Management tab is missing in Device Manager?

One of the first things you should do when the Power Management tab is missing in Device Manager is to update the OS. Oftentimes, a bug with the current version of Windows could be behind the problem.

If the problem persists after making the changes, head to the next method.

2. Change BIOS settings

The USB Wake Fit feature in Windows helps wake the computer from sleep using USB devices, such as the mouse and the keyboard. If the feature is disabled, the Power Management tab may be missing in Device Manager in Windows 11, so try enabling it.

3. Reinstall the driver

If the currently installed driver is corrupt, reinstalling it should do the trick. A corrupt driver can easily be identified by the warning sign right at the corner of the device icon.

Once done, check if the Power Management tab reappears in Device Manager.

Drivers play a critical role in the way the OS interacts with the device and the relay of commands between the two. However, if the installed driver doesn’t support the option, the Power Management tab may be missing in Device Manager.

In this case, the best option is to update the driver. Also, if the method listed here doesn’t work, as is the case with a few, try the other ways to manually install the latest driver version.

Do this for all such devices where the Power Management tab is missing and once done, restart the computer for the changes to come into effect.

You can perform this time-consuming operation manually, yet there is an automated driver software capable to install or update any device drivers on your PC.

⇒ Get Outbyte Driver Updater

5. Access the Power Management tab via Control Panel 6. Modify the Registry

Since the method involves making changes to the Registry, we recommend you to stick to the steps listed here and remain careful while executing these since a minor lapse on your end could considerably damage the PC.

Also, start using an effective Registry cleaner tool to boost the system performance.

7. Perform a system restore

If none of the methods listed here have worked, you are left with no option but to perform a system restore.

System Restore

When you perform a restore, the system is basically taken back in time to a state where the error did not exist. This is achieved by reconfiguring the settings and removing applications, among other changes, but the process does not affect the stored files.

Also, you can undo a system restore if the process does not yield the desired results.

These are all the ways you fix issues that lead to the Power Management tab missing in the Device Manager issue in Windows.

In case biometric devices are not showing in the Device Manager, here’s how you can fix the problem.

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Chrome Toolbar Missing: 5 Tested Ways To Get It Back

Chrome Toolbar Missing: 5 Tested Ways to Get It Back Check easy fixes for a quick resolution




A common workaround to get rid of the problem is to reset the graphics driver.

Many also fixed things by updating Chrome or resetting it to the default settings.

Try Opera One, a browser with various functionalities already built-in!

A flawless browser like Opera has most functions already under the hood.

Here’s what’s included by default:

Easy and intuitive workspace management

Ad-blocker mode integrated to load pages faster

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

Customizable Ul and AI-friendly

⇒ Get Opera One

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers currently available. It is fast, efficient, and has extensive add-on support. But like any software, it, too, has a fair share of issues, with some reporting that the Chrome toolbar is missing.

Why is my toolbar not showing in Chrome?

Here are some reasons why the Chrome toolbar is missing:

Quick Tip:

It’s not unreasonable to expect the toolbar shown in your browser. When this fails to happen on Google Chrome, make sure to try out Opera One instead.

You can further customize Opera One’s functionality with sidebar integrations. Take a peek at the weather forecast right from the browser’s toolbar if you’d like or enjoy automatic page translation.

Opera One

If the toolbar is not showing in Google Chrome, consider using this web app.

Free Visit website

How do I get the toolbar back in Google Chrome?

Before heading to the slightly complex solutions, first, try these quick ones:

Press the F11 key (used to enable/disable full-screen mode) twice and check whether the toolbar reappears in Chrome.

If you have a dual-monitor assembly, unplug the secondary monitor for a while or turn it off and on. This workaround seemed to do the trick for many.

Press Ctrl + Shift + Windows + B to restart the graphics driver, wait for the beep sound, and the Chrome toolbar should not be missing anymore.

Check whether any updates are available for the OS, and install the latest version of Windows.

If these don’t work, head to the fixes listed next.

1. Change the Chrome theme

If the missing toolbar problem is limited to Chrome and the others app works fine, it could be a broken theme to blame. And in this case, adding a new theme to the browser should do the trick.


This and the next method work only if you have the address bar visible. In case that, too, is missing, head to the last solution.

3. Reset Chrome

If it’s a conflicting extension, corrupt data, or misconfigured settings behind the missing toolbar in Chrome, resetting the browser would fix the problem in no time.

4. Reinstall Google Chrome

If none of the solutions so far have worked, reinstalling the browser would help fix things when the Chrome toolbar is missing.

5. Try another browser

It’s not unreasonable to expect the toolbar shown in your browser. When this fails to happen on Google Chrome, make sure to try out Opera One instead.

Just install it with the help of the link below, and you will automatically be prompted to import all your data from the previous browser.

You can further customize Opera One’s functionality with extensions. Take a peek at the weather forecast right from the browser’s toolbar if you’d like, or enjoy automatic page translation.

Besides all these, keep in mind that Opera One puts your privacy first – its free VPN reduces online tracking, and the tracker blocker keeps you safe from analytic scripts and other new methods of data collection.


When all else fails, we recommend you switch to a single monitor until either Windows or Chrome releases a patch for the problem.

Before you leave, do check some great tips and tricks to make Windows faster than ever.

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What Is Instagram Reels And How To Get It?

In a bid to fill the gap left by TikTok, while countries decide on its fate, Facebook-owned Instagram is launching a new feature called ‘Instagram Reels’. The feature will be available within the Instagram app itself. Instagram is banking on its millions of users, plus those that have converted from TikTok, to make the new feature an instant hit.

What is Instagram Reels?

Well, there’s no two ways about it. TikTok is in trouble, and its users are defecting to other apps. In the wake of this turmoil, Instagram is stepping up its game to bring users a place to create short videos, in a TikTok like fashion.

Instagram Reels will be added as a function within the Instagram app itself, so users will not need to download any other app. The function will be available on the camera page of the app. Users will be able to create short videos up to 15 seconds in length. Reels also lets you choose the length of the video beforehand, eliminating the need to trim it down later.

Like other apps in its genre, Reels comes loaded with a music library and customization in the way of stickers and filters.

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How to access Instagram Reels

Instagram is adding this new feature to the camera page in the app. It will be in line with other previous features like Boomerang, Live, and Superzoom. To access Reels, simply launch the Instagram app and swipe right. This is will bring you to the camera tab.

Now, using the bottom panel, scroll to ‘Reels’. It should be between ‘Create’ and ‘Normal’.

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How to create Instagram Reels

To create a Reel, open the Instagram app, and then tap the camera button in the top right. Now, tap REELS at the bottom of the screen.

Now, you can record a 15-second video of your Reel. You can also upload a video from your device’s storage (gallery/camera roll), and it could be multiple separate clips adding up to maximum 15 seconds. Tap the arrow button when done with adding effects, text, and other stuff. You also use the timer feature.

Add the hashtags and caption, and then tap the Share button to share the Reel to both in Explore and your feed. To disable sharing in feed, unselect the ‘Also Share to Feed’ checkbox.

You can also share a Reel as a DM or story.

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How to watch Reels

It’s simple. Open the Instagram app and then tap the Explore button in the bottom row — it’s a search icon, second from the left. Now, you have a collection of photos and all, including Reels, as selected for you by the app’s AI. On the Reels posts, you will see a video icon.

Tap on the Reels post to view it. Now, just swipe up to check out next Reel, and so one. Swiping down will get you the previous Reel. It’s TikTok-like, yes.

Where do your Reels go?

Instagram will be adding a new tab to your profile page, to better display your Reel videos. When you create and post a video using Instagram Reels, your video will be accessible from your profile page.

The new tab will be added between your Feed and Tagged images. This shows how confident Instagram is that the new feature will take off. This is the first major redesign of the app in quite a long time. To view all your Reels, go to your profile and tap on the new ‘Reels’ tab.

Instagram Reels vs. TikTok

Let’s talk about some of the similarities and differences when it comes to these two apps. One of the biggest similarities is the fact that both these apps allow you to create short videos. They have a time restriction on the length of the videos that you can post. While TikTok had two preset options (15 seconds and 60 seconds), Instagram Reels lets you adjust a timer to stop your video anywhere within 15 seconds.

While editing a video, both TikTok and Reels do not let you delete individual clips within a video. So if you want to delete a certain clip in the middle of your video, you will have to delete all clips that were added after it.

When it comes to effects and filters, few apps can rival TikTok and Instagram is not one of those. TikTok’s huge gallery of effects easily dwarfs that of Instagram. But if Instagram plans on opening its doors to user-created effects (like it did with Stories), it should be able to bridge that gap.

One big difference is the way you can edit the videos once they are shot. While TikTok allows you to add filters to any part of the video, Reels only lets you add a single filter to the whole video.

Another difference is actually based on how the two apps operate. While Instagram has a few ways to post content (Feed, Stories, DM), TikTok had but one. So when you go to post a Reels video, you can choose where you want to post it; your Instagram Feed, Explore tab, Story, or DM. Unsurprisingly, TikTok only posts the video to your account.


Here’s How To Get Back Your Old Facebook Layout Easily

Here’s How to Get Back Your Old Facebook Layout Easily

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Here’s How to Get Your Old Facebook Layout Back

However, we all know there is a word called “Workaround” that can tweak things for you which isn’t possible normally. This simply means that you can surely go back to the old Facebook layout & all you need to do is, just follow below steps:

All you need to do is, visit the Old Layout extension webpage & follow the instructions as mentioned to get the old Facebook layout back. Since the Old Layout extension doesn’t have any heavy programming, it doesn’t take much time to let you experience the old layout.

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How Does The Old Facebook Layout Works?

Yeah, there will be many questions around how you can access old Facebook design if Facebook itself has banned it. Or, how long will it sustain & how does it actually work that you can go back to the old Facebook design? The answer is,

1. You just need to visit the official page of Old Layout & install the extension for your currently running browser (tap on Install from Google in this case).

2. Once installed, you need to visit Facebook page & you will see the difference we are talking about. Yeah, after installing the Old Layout extension, you will see the old Facebook design back you were waiting for.

3. Additionally, if you were already signed in to the Facebook webpage while installing the Old Layout extension, you need to go back to the Facebook webpage & reload the page. This way, you will see that you are able to use the old Facebook design easily.

4. If you wish to experience both the Facebook layouts in one go, sign in to your Facebook account on two different browsers (Firefox & Chrome). On Chrome, you have added the Old Layout extension & on the Firefox, keep it disabled so that you can see the experience.

After going through both the Facebook layouts, you will realize that the change isn’t that bad as well. What makes the difference is that you are quite used to the old Facebook design & you don’t want things to change. Another reason is that maybe once you are logged in to Facebook webpage, you already know where all the functions are & with the new design, it will take you some time to get a hang of it. Or else, the latest Facebook layout isn’t as bad as the response it is getting from users all over the world.

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Wrapping Up

But don’t forget to access & explore the Old Layout extension on your internet browsers & see if it’s working properly for you.

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What Is Microsoft Power Pages And How Can You Use It?

What is Microsoft Power Pages and How Can You Use it?




Microsoft Power Pages was released recently as an option for low coders to design their websites.

Power Pages integrates with other services such as Azure DevOps, among others, to automate workflows.

To start designing your website, you get a free 30-day trial period and can use templates for your design.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Microsoft launched Power Pages as a standalone product within their Power Platform portfolio. This is made to enhance the creation of websites.

They are trying to address the need for businesses to get a low or no-code solution when developing their websites. Power Pages has existed for a couple of years. It was, however, a component of Power Apps known as Power Apps Portal. 

It has, however, been launched as a product on its own. This has seen Microsoft add new enhancements and has promised a unique experience for its users. Microsoft pledges to power every person, even those with a limited technical background.

What makes Microsoft Power Pages stand out from other development platforms? First, Microsoft is riding on the fact that Power Pages can integrate with other services.

This means that they can leverage Continuous Integration and Continous Delivery (CD/CD) practices and easily download and upload projects. This is also important for collaboration and avoiding some problems with Power Apps.

What is Microsoft Power Pages?

Microsoft Power Pages is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. It promises to be low-code, enterprise-grade, and secure when it comes to creating, administering, and hosting services and websites.

When writing this article, you can create a trial account with Power Apps to explore its capabilities. Unfortunately, this means that its pricing has not yet been released. However, using the old Power Apps pricing, you can run one app or portal per user for $5. You can also get a per-user plan for $20 per month. 

Businesses can get a monthly plan for $10 per user. It is based on the number of unique apps or portals a user runs each month. This is a better option, according to Microsoft Power Pages reviews.

How does Microsoft Power Pages work?

Power Pages allows users to create websites even when they are not professional developers. Once you create an account, you can decide to use a custom template or start with the default design template.

Some websites might require a database for adding, updating, or reading business information. For instance, you might have a page that collects information from customers. Fortunately, Power Pages comes with a data service known as Dataverse that works like a database. It stores information just like a normal database. It also comes with Microsoft Power automation, analysis, and security features.

How to sign up for Microsoft Power Pages price?

Microsoft Power Pages is going to be a game-changer in web development. This is a platform that small to large business owners can rely on for their web development features.

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How Is Digitalization Helping Cash Management?

The Financial Sector has to be meticulous in its cash management as there are a daily inflow and outflow of cash in large volumes. Organizing the flow of cash is essential to have liquidity for business operations and grow better, especially when the world is becoming much smaller. As an important financial activity, cash management is now assuming a new form to meet the requirements of the modern world. This digitalization of cash management is required to store and transfer cash in the form of ‘e-cash’. A digital ecosystem allows for ease of connectivity and communication of important information. A bank can benefit significantly by making the shift from in-house employees to hiring a cash management service provider. This provider can optimize your cash distribution network, provide

Digitalization and Cash Management Automation

Traditional cash management is proving to be no longer viable. The digitalization of cash management helps in automation. As numerous, monotonous transactions are constantly taking place, digital cash management can make this entire process faster and efficient. Errors by employees in the course of their employment is avoided to a considerable extent. Therefore, the institution or business can eliminate the possibility of human error. With a variety of tools and smart functionalities, the whole cash management process is enlivened by technology.  

Customer Service

With modern-day cash management services, there is an increase in customer satisfaction. There is an active engagement with the customer. Customers of today, millennials, in particular, are very tech-savvy and expect the banking services to be in alignment with and support their fast-paced living. Customers expect quick, timely responses. Digital money helps in making very quick, long-distance transactions. Customers can be served to their maximum satisfaction through digital cash management as it uses databases. Using these services is a great way to retain customers, encourage customer loyalty and increase the customer base.  

Preventing Fraud

There is a real-time record for every transaction that takes place. The digital cash management system is empowered with analytics and monitoring capacities to check for discrepancies, fraud, and illegal activities. It can keep a check on the behavioral activity and detect any suspicious deviation from the norm. With the rise in theft and loss, it is essential to optimize banks and businesses’ cash management system. With secured gateways, there is a greater sense of trust that can prevail with these systems. Integration of cash management solutions with financial institutions is an absolute necessity keeping in mind all the numerous cyber threats, cyber-attacks and the possibility of other illegal crimes that can threaten a financial institution’s service and reputation. With a modern cash management platform system, a user-friendly interface paves the way for a better overall customer experience.  

Reduction of costs

A good digital cash management system can help avoid all the unnecessary, time-consuming infrastructural needs and the burden of hiring employees and having ongoing obligations and formalities as an employer. Digitalization of cash management has proven to be very cost-effective in this regard. However, the existing employees themselves will find that much of their redundant, monotonous and repetitious work is eliminated because of the automation that a digital cash management system offers. And so, they have more time on their hands to meet the important needs and for the business’s core functions. With the reduction of operation costs and other organizational costs, a business can have more room for investment. Having all the business processes automated and inviting new technology such as cloud-based banking is an excellent way to reduce the costs that come with traditional cash management. A business can expect more profits this way.  

Financial Planning

Opting for digitalized cash management services has the benefit of giving you a very clear-cut, accurate picture of the cash flowing in and out of your business. This allows the finance department in your business in making better, healthy plans for investment, growth, development and expansion of the business. Digitalization of cash management services has, therefore, resulted in better forecasting ability. The digital software and products available can show you where your business stands when it comes to balances, income, expenses and other important information. It will provide you with the most accurate, best financial reports regularly.

Avoiding downtime

A financial institution or a business can experience cash shortages and downtime. Digital cash management systems can reduce the possibility of these unfortunate occurrences by using accurate predictions and performing diagnostic functions. Businesses will not have to rely on a technician to come to the site for regular maintenance and to fix these issues. With remote monitoring and 24×7 superior service, digital cash management services stand unparalleled. They can even solve these problems in the system even before they occur.  

Digital Services Are Customizable

A good cash management service provider offers you a wide range of products and services, from a-la-carte services to package services to customizable services. Incorporating these tailor-made-services into your business structure can optimize all your cash management processes.  

Streamlining of Cash Management Processes

The digitalization of cash management solutions has proven to be more effective in cash-handling processes than hiring and training employees to perform these functions. These cash solutions provide troubleshooting and perform other diagnostic functions. There is undoubtedly more transparency as there is quick access to reports that effectively increase the scale of operations and business performance.  

In Conclusion

Due to their smart functionality and high utility, Digital Cash Management Solutions has led to increased liquidity and cash management. With a sound cash management policy, a business can strategize better and make informed decisions.  It helps a business safely collect, organize and distribute the cash smoothly. Many banks, because of their diversified and complex functions, now choose to outsource many of their services.

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