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Yup, you read that right. Pinterest is now available for your Android. What does that really mean? Well, you can see all of your boards, likes and best of all, you can upload your own stuff a lot easier. Let’s take a look at this long awaited Android application.

How Pinterest for Android is the same as the website

Just like on the site, you can see the stream of pins from the people you follow and see all of the pins as they happen. Scroll down the never ending wall and find the perfect craft or recipe or logo design inspiration.

How Pinterest for Android is Different from the Website

The main difference available on the Android application is pretty obvious. You have the ability to take a picture with your phone camera and immediately upload it to Pinterest. This will save the steps of uploading it somewhere, waiting until you get home, then pinning it. Just point, shoot and upload.

Using Pinterest for Android

The operation is pretty much the same as the website. Once you download Pinterest for Android, you will need to sign in using your Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest account info. From there, it is business as usual.

Currently, the pins load somewhat slowly, even on a faster Wi-Fi or cellular connection. I’m hoping this will get faster in further upgrades of the Android app. However, they do not load so slow it is horrible to use. I think the images in the Pinterest app load faster than my Facebook for Android most days.

Much like the site, you can add new friends from your Facebook account and you can also email them an invite. The options to check Yahoo, Google and Twitter for people using Pinterest are missing from the options though.

When you have something you’d like to pin, Pinterest is now in your sharing menu as a place to upload the image. The option to upload an image as a pin is also available in the Pinterest app. When you are viewing the stream of pins from everyone you follow, there is the option to create pin at the top left corner of the window. Using either option will let you add your pin to the board of your choice along with a description and let your Facebook and Twitter followers see it.

Final thoughts

The most spectacular thing about the Pinterest app for Android is THERE IS A PINTEREST APP FOR ANDROID!!! The Pinterest application doesn’t really offer anything over going to the website other than it is much easier to use than Pinterest in a mobile browser. While this is just the first official release, I am sure there will be additional features and increased speed in the future revisions of the app.

What would you like the to see in future upgrades to the Pinterest app for Android?

Pinterest for Android

Trevor Dobrygoski

Trevor is a freelance writer covering topics ranging from the Android OS to free web and desktop applications. When he is not writing about mobile productivity, He is coaching and playing the world’s greatest game… Soccer.

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One Ui 3.0 (Android 11) Now Available For The Galaxy Note 10 Series

Samsung promises that the One UI 3.0 will greatly improve the performance of this series. For example, the new performance optimization grid helps applications to use less battery and run faster. In addition, One Ul 3.0 uses a new privacy control mechanism to give you full control. You can set one-time permissions, and enhance the digital health function.

However, users must update some apps separately after updating the operating system. These programs include calculator, voice recorder, Samsung browser, theme store game center, Samsung Health, Samsung Note, Samsung Pay, Galaxy Wearable, etc.

One UI 3.0 (Android 11) update changelog Visuals

The One UI 3.0 appearance takes a new look. This new version has more consistent icons, a smarter quick panel, and a notification structure. After optimizing the animation and tactile feedback in common operations, the action is smoother and more natural than before. Whether it is an ordinary mobile phone, a folding mobile phone, or a tablet, the interface will properly with respect to the screen size.

Optimize performance Gizchina News of the week

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Home screen and lock screen

Add widgets by tapping the application icon on the home screen for a long time.

On the lock screen, tap the clock area to see widgets such as calendar, weather, and music.

New image categories have been added to the dynamic lock screen settings, and you can select up to 5 categories at once.

When setting the wallpaper, you can use the interactive preview.

Editing “Reminder” and “Lock Screen” will become easier.

Phone and chat

You can view the conversation independently in the notification panel. You can also use the new bubble function to view information.

When making and receiving calls, you can add a picture or video call background.

Pictures and videos

Optimize autofocus and auto-exposure function to make taking pictures faster.

It is easier to view, edit and share pictures and videos from the album.

Users can restore images to their original state at any time even after saving

Set up

The setting will have a new and simpler look and feel. Your Samsung account will be at the top of the interface, making it easier to access the home screen settings.

Reduce the quick setting button, only provide the most frequently used functions. You can also create your own personalized shortcut panel by adding buttons.

Samsung keyboard

It is easier to paste the image and verification code copied from the text message.

When you enter a text-based emoji, the corresponding emoji and emoji label recommendations are now added.

Redesigns the keyboard settings to make it easier to access settings that you use frequently


Minimize repetitive and complex operations and manage the balance between work and life efficiently.

Bixby daily program has more options to help you complete automated life settings, including settings that can restore everything to its previous state.

New daily routines will be recommended based on your daily life and usage patterns.

New application icons and lock screen widgets will make it easier to find and control your daily programs.

In the browser, you can hide the status and navigation bar for a more immersive experience. In addition, you can also quickly translate web pages.

You will be prompted to block sites that send too many pop-up windows or notifications.

Browse and select files in the cloud disk on the file selection screen of “My Files” at your convenience.

You can delete cache files more conveniently in “My Files” to free up storage space.

In the month view and list view in the calendar, events with the same start time will display together

Simpler media and device management

By optimizing the notifications in the media panel, media and device management are easier. You can see the recently used media applications and quickly change the playback device.


One UI 3.0 will recommend useful auxiliary functions for you based on your usage. The optimized accessibility shortcuts will be easier to start and use. Even if the new auxiliary function TalkBack is off, you can still use the read-aloud keyboard input function to get voice feedback of your input.

Strong privacy protection

You can now set up an application to allow access to your microphone, camera, or location once. If the application does not use any permissions for a period of time, these permissions will be automatically revoked. Applications will no longer be allowed to always find your location.

Other optimization

In “Clock”, when the alarm sounds, you can hear the phone play the time and preset name of the alarm loudly.

In “Contacts”, you can more easily remove duplicate contacts in your account. The retention period for deleted contacts has been extended from 15 days to 30 days.

You can view and edit the entire list of linked contacts in the contact editing interface.

Add the recycle bin function in “Information” so that the recently deleted messages can be stored within 30 days.

Smart Manager

Optimize the battery power mode, all power-saving modes will be reset after upgrading.


Now has a quick sharing method. This is much easier

Expunge the free Wi-Fi quick connect function


Expunge the Android Beam file transfer method

Home screen settings

Swipe down to open the notification panel and rotate to landscape mode to automatically open it


The ROS system no longer supports Gear lconX (R150).

Facebook Home Available For All Android Devices

So Facebook finally released their much awaited (and much criticized?) Facebook Home launcher for Android devices yesterday, to put the Facebook experience front and center on your Android device. Initially, only the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, HTC One, One X, or One X+ are supported, but the omnipresent hacker community has already ported it to work on every Android device.

Facebook Home is a launcher that replaces your current homescreen with your Facebook feed, while also replacing the lockscreen with a slide show of all your pictures on Facebook. You can browse through all your posts on Facebook without ever having to open any app, and also open any of your installed apps via the integrated app drawer.

So if you’re looking to give Facebook Home a try but don’t have a device that qualifies in the officially supported list, you can instead download the ported version which works on all devices. Do keep in mind that Facebook Home isn’t a proper homescreen launcher replacement, as things like widgets, wallpapers, or any sort of customization are not allowed – your homescreen will strictly be a hub for all your Facebook content and nothing more.

Grab your Android device and follow the instructions below to install Facebook Home. Tablets aren’t supported yet, so you’ll only be able to install it on your phone for now.

NOTE: If you have the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, HTC One, One X, or One X+, you can directly install Facebook Home from the Play Store. This procedure is only for those on other devices than the ones mentioned. Also, tablets

How to Install Facebook Home

First, you’ll have to uninstall both Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps if they are already installed on your device, otherwise Facebook Home will fail to install. Do that by heading into Settings » Apps (or Settings » Applications » Manage Applications), then go to next step.

Download Facebook Home

Copy all three .APK files – com.facebook.katana.apk, com.facebook.home.apk, and com.facebook.orca.apk – to your device.

Enable “Unknown sources” under the Settings » Security (Settings » Applications on Gingerbread) menu on the device, so that you can manually install apps from the SD card.

You’ll need a file manager to browse through your device’s storage. You can install OI file manager or ES File Explorer or any other file manager app from the Play Store if needed.

Open file manager and navigate to where you transferred the APK files. First, tap on the chúng tôi file and install it to install the main Facebook app.

Once you’ve installed all three, open the Facebook app. Go into its Settings and enable Facebook Home. Once you do that, the phone will ask you to select your default launcher. Select Home here as default to start up Facebook Home.

Uninstalling/Disabling Facebook Home: If you want to uninstall or disable Facebook Home (I’m guessing most will want to after a while), simply go into the Facebook app’s settings and disable Facebook Home. Or you can also open the settings of the Home app itself, then select the “Turn Off Facebook Home” option to turn it off.

Facebook Home should now be installed on your device, and you should be able to see all your latest posts and stuff from your Facebook account right on the homescreen. Enjoy the new experience, and don’t forget to check the source link for updates to the Facebook Home app.

Source: XDA

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10572 Now Available For Download

Microsoft has just pushed Windows 10 Mobile build 10572 to the Fast ring of updates. The new preview for mobile devices includes a number of improvements and fixes over build 10549, which the company released only a week ago.

Head of the Windows Insider program, Gabriel Aul announced on October 20th that the team is ready to ship a new build of the operating system for phones. However, just like with previous releases, build 10572 includes a bug that blocks users on the current preview to install the next version. As such, users must roll back to Windows Phone 8.1 in order to install Windows 10 Mobile build 10572.

It’s important to note that Microsoft also said that it has fixed the upgrade bug, but it will be available on Windows 10 Mobile build 10575 and later — though, this doesn’t mean build 10575 is the next preview the company will release to Insiders.

Here’s what’s new in Windows 10 Mobile build 10549

Cortana: Starting build 10572, Cortana will send notifications to your PC “(needs to be running Build 10565 or higher) when you missed a call. When you miss a call, you can reply with a text to the person who called you right from your PC and Cortana will have your phone send it.”

If you want to send a text from your PC at any time (even when you haven’t missed a call), “type or speak “Text” and the name of a contact to Cortana on your PC in the same way you would on your phone and Cortana will take your message and send it from your phone.”

Remember that to make the new feature work, you need to be signed with your same Microsoft Account in your phone and on your PC. “If you have multiple PCs and don’t want to receive missed call notifications on one of those PCs, you can go to Cortana’s Notebook and then to Settings to toggle “Missed call notifications” to off on any PC on which you don’t want to receive these notifications.”

If you don’t want your phone to send any notifications, “go to Cortana’s Notebook and then to Settings to toggle “Missed call notifications” to off and the phone won’t send the notification to any of your PCs.”

Similar to Windows 10 build 10565 for PC, in build 10572 for mobile devices, “Cortana can help keep track of your leisure time, including movie and event reminders and will give you helpful information to know where to go and to get there on time, including an option to book and track an Uber ride directly from Cortana.” […] “You can book an Uber any time you want by saying ‘Book an Uber’”.

Skype messaging, calling and video experience: This build has the “Skype integration through the Messaging, Phone and Skype video universal Windows apps. Additionally, the Messaging app now supports animated GIFs and includes the ability to search your messages. And the Phone app has the ability to search for contacts from Call History.”

Offline maps: You can now save offline maps to a SD card.

Photo app: You can now mark local photos on your phone as favorites and have them shuffle on the Live Tile. Microsoft has also made some viewer improvements for zooming performance and file information, and added new launch points for rich editing. The company also is including new context menus (press and hold on a photo).

Storage settings: In build 10572, Insiders will see user-interface improvements to storage settings on your device that create a common experience across your PC and phone. Microsoft has enabled the storage settings page to allow users to install applications to expand storage such as and SD card or USB drive on BOTH your phone and PC.

Here are the new fixes in Windows 10 Mobile build 10549

Notifications, such as new messages, can be received without first unlocking the device.

Cortana’s background activity has been optimized for power usage.

Microsoft has fixed some of the issues that were causing the Start screen to not load. Additionally, it has made some performance improvements to the Start screen.

The company has made performance improvements to Acton Center, including swipe to expand and dismiss notifications. Swiping to expand or dismiss notifications should happen more quickly.

The alarm icon now appears on the Lock screen when an alarm is set in the Alarms & Clock app.

The proximity sensor during calls is now behaving as expected on devices that may have previously failed to turn the screen off.

The keyboard will switch languages less aggressively now.

Taping restart to apply an update will reboot the device immediately now.

The update is available immediately through the Fast ring of updates, and remember that you need to be running Windows Phone 8.1 to install the new build. Here are the known issues for this build.

Source Microsoft

12 Pinterest Seo Tips For High

Pinterest is a powerful yet highly underrated platform when it comes to generating traffic for bloggers and businesses alike.

While often associated with recipe articles, DIY how-tos, and travel blogs, Pinterest covers a wide range of topics and is a significant driver of organic traffic across many industries.

Boasting over 442 million active users per month, Pinterest presents an untapped opportunity for business owners and SEO professionals looking to boost their traffic numbers.

As a refreshing alternative to Google, Facebook, and Amazon, Pinterest provides ample room for creativity and storytelling while priding itself on being a unique platform where Pinners can discover new ideas, businesses, and blogs.

While it differs from Google or Bing, many time-honored SEO tactics still hold true.

In this guide, you’ll discover some tried-and-true Pinterest SEO tips, as well as some future-forward strategies to help you make the most of this dynamic platform.

What Is Pinterest SEO?

Pinterest SEO involves optimizing your Pinterest profile and website in order to generate more organic (and, if you wish, paid) traffic from Pinterest.

The main ways in which Pinterest SEO differs from Google SEO is how target “keywords” are identified and then utilized to optimize one’s profile.

Additionally, the ranking factors on Pinterest relate more to engagement metrics and social shares than backlinks and technical SEO.

However, these remaining elements are often natural byproducts of great content.

With that in mind, below are 12 tips for optimizing your Pinterest profile for SEO success.

1. Get Started with the Basics

Before we hop into the more exciting aspects of Pinterest SEO, first, some housekeeping.

You’ll need to ensure the following aspects are in place before you can start pinning:

Create a Business Account

Start by creating your Pinterest Business account.

(If you already have a personal account, you can simply convert your personal account into a business account.)

This will give you access to Pinterest Analytics and the Pinterest Ads Manager.

Choose an SEO-Friendly Username

Your username will be included in your profile’s URL, so it’s worth considering what your audience might be searching for.

Optimize Your Profile

Fill in the “about you” section with relevant details and include a high-resolution company logo.

This will make it easier for people to locate and save your Pins.

You will also want to optimize this section with relevant keywords (more on this later).

Create at Least One Board

To get started, you will need at least one “board.”

Consider the type of content you plan on posting when deciding what you want to name your board (for example: “Marketing Hacks” or “DIY SEO”).

2. Prepare Your Website

As with many other platforms, you can take data from your website to feed more targeted Pinterest campaigns.

You can also send people through to your website, so it’s essential to link these two assets together.

This requires a few simple but fundamental steps.

Get all of these in place if you want to report accurately on your Pinterest SEO efforts.

Add the Pinterest Tag

The Pinterest tag is a fundamental part of setting up an organic or paid campaign.

Essentially Pinterest’s equivalent of the Facebook pixel, this small piece of JavaScript will allow you to:

Set up conversion events on your website.

Segment your audience.

Report reliably on your profile’s performance.

A full guide can be found here and your Pinterest or agency team will be able to help you implement it.

Add the Save Button

This one requires just a short piece of HTML code and will allow you to increase the reach of your campaigns beyond Pinterest.

Once installed, users can save images on your site or app to their boards.

There are two options: The button can appear automatically or when users hover over the top-left section of an image.

Choose wisely.

There is also a Pinterest Chrome extension that will allow visitors on your site to convert your images into Pins.

Verify Your Site

A few easy steps will verify your website, which will add your profile picture to all of your Pins.

Again, this only requires the addition of a few lines of HTML code.

3. Set Traffic & Conversion Goals for Your Business

Keep in mind that lead times on Pinterest can be much longer than you’re used to on Google or Facebook.

However, Pinterest still proves itself to be an effective lead generation tool.

In order to see success on this platform, you first need to determine what Pinterest means for your business and set appropriate goals.

How does Pinterest fit into your wider marketing strategy?

Does your target audience actively use Pinterest to find content like yours?

Once you’ve determined that Pinterest is the place for you, you can use the Pinterest tag to set up a wide variety of conversion events on your site.

Pinterest has a pretty detailed guide on creating conversion campaigns to aid in your lead generation efforts.

I recommend starting with metrics like impressions, traffic, and re-Pins before layering conversion goals on top of these.

You can gather a significant amount of data by simply following your traffic numbers and seeing what’s already working for your profile.

I also recommend that you avoid pushing overtly commercial messages until you’ve earned the trust of both Pinterest and your audience.

With Pinterest, slow and steady often wins the race.

4. Conduct Keyword Research

While you may not be able to use your usual keyword research tools when it comes to Pinterest SEO, there is still a lot of validity in carrying out keyword research on Pinterest.

As a search engine, Pinterest curates their “feed” based on what a user is searching for and how those key terms are used in the Pins being shared by content creators.

These tips should help you uncover the right keywords for your Pins and boards.

Use Guided Search

Guided search on Pinterest helps users narrow their focus and find more relevant results.

After searching for your target term, Pinterest automatically suggests semantically related modifiers.

These are a pretty good indicator of the most popular search queries for each topic.

Test out Promoted Pins

The idea here is similar to how SEO professionals use AdWords to trial certain keywords to see how they perform before launching an entire SEO campaign.

Here, you can take your best-performing keywords on Google and use Promoted Pins to see if they’ll succeed on Pinterest.

Explore Niche Topics

Fortunately, Pinterest already categorizes and sub-categorizes topics to make it easy to find keywords for your particular niche.

Your goal should be to explore all topics relevant to your business to see how ideas are categorized, as well as how your competitors are targeting specific keywords.

5. Organize & Optimize Boards

Your keyword and consumer research for Pinterest should be a core consideration when you start to create boards.

Boards provide a great opportunity to tell Pinterest’s search engine how you categorize your products and/or organize your content, which will only aid visibility.

They are also the first thing users will see when they come to your profile, so you’ll want to make your board titles super clear and your images particularly eye-catching.

Below is an example of how I’ve organized my Pinterest boards based on the top search terms for my niche, including “Blogging 101,” “Work Online Jobs,” and “Blogs to Follow.”

I have also created custom board cover images to quickly identify what the boards are about.

While keyword optimization and board cover images are important parts of Pinterest SEO and engagement, boards need to be populated with high-quality Pins if you want to gain popularity.

You can’t skate by with poor content!

6. Know the Anatomy of a Pin

Creating the perfect Pin takes finesse and a keen eye for what’s trending on the platform and in your industry as a whole.

In fact, I see Pin structure, fonts, sizes, wording, and images change all the time, you’ll need to stay on top of your game.

That said, there are still some clear rules of thumb that we should all follow when it comes to creating SEO-friendly Pins.

Aim for Long Images

The optimal Pin size is 1,000px by 1,500px, or a ratio of 2:3.

Use Eye-Catching Colors

Don’t let your Pins fade into the background.

Use high-contrast colors to catch users’ attention and stand out from the sea of competition.

Include Enticing, Keyword-Rich Titles

Aim for “10 SEO Hacks for More Traffic,” not “SEO Tips” or something equally generic.

7. Be Descriptive

As with your titles, it’s important to get descriptions right for SEO on Pinterest.

Including detailed descriptions (ideally with your target keywords), helps Pinterest locate and show your images in relevant searches.

Tell your audience how the content will benefit them, what they will learn, or, if you’re posting a product, an interesting fact that sets your product apart from your competitors.

A couple of sentences of around 100 characters in total is sufficient to provide some good detail.

You might also consider adding hashtags to your description to increase your visibility for these search terms.

8. Schedule Pins with Tailwind

Tailwind is the #1 Pinterest scheduling app on the market and is a powerful (and affordable) tool when it comes to growing your Pinterest traffic.

With the desktop or mobile app, you can use Tailwind to your Pins to be re-Pinned on a regular basis to a variety of boards.

You can also select Pins from other creators to be shared to your boards in hopes of broadening your reach.

This app can save you hours of time compared to pinning manually.

Plus, the new addition of Tailwind Create allows you to transform your photos into personalized Pin designs so you can create, publish, and pin all in one place.

9. Aim for Engagement

User engagement is super important on Pinterest.

This is due to the fact that more engagement can increase your Pin’s (and your profile’s) visibility in search, increasing your traffic, and, inevitably, your website conversions.

Use the following tips to improve your engagement and increase your search visibility:

Link Your Pinterest Account to Your Other Social Media Accounts

This will increase awareness among your existing followers on other platforms.

Invite Relevant Pinterest Influencers to Collaborate on a Board to Grow Your Own Following

If an influencer re-Pins one of your Pins, your content will be shown to a wider audience.

Include Text as an Overlay on Your Images

As we can see for a search for “SEO,” Pins with a text overlay tend to rank well.

Use a Website Like Canva to Create Multiple Pin Images

You can design different templates and test performance for each of your designs.

Pin on a Consistent Basis

Buffer recommends pinning at least 5 times per day in order to see the widest reach.

Follow Relevant Boards

Doing so will help you grow your network and push your Pins to a larger audience.

Track Performance

Pinterest analytics will give you a lot of insight into how your profile is performing in organic search.

10. Join Group Boards

Group boards are boards hosted by other creators who allow Pinners like you to pin your own content, plus the content of other members on the board.

Each group board is likely to have its own unique set of rules, but the general idea is that each member shares Pins from the other creators in order to broaden everyone’s reach.

Group boards are easy to identify by the fact that they will have multiple users associated with each board:

Once you have joined a few group boards, you can use a scheduling app like Tailwind to Pin your own content and re-Pin members’ content automatically.

This is a great way to double your traffic (or more).

Tailwind published a complete guide on how to find and join group boards, so I highly recommend following this resource if you’re struggling to find group boards on your own.

11. Optimize for Visual Search

Pinterest’s Lens technology is a market leader in visual search.

By pointing a smartphone camera at a household item or piece of clothing, Pinterest can identify the object and suggest related Pins.

Lens is a fascinating piece of technology that’s skilled at understanding the components of an image in order to suggest other related posts.

With the ability to “read” an image, this technology encourages creators to think about aesthetics as well as keywords.

In creating your Pins, consider using high-quality images that are related to the content in your blog post or on your product page.

That way, you Pin could get shown to users who are searching for “Related Items,” even if you don’t include the actual search term in your text.

12. Try Your Hand at Pinterest Ads

For better or for worse, nearly every other Pin today is a “promoted” Pin, which proves that many creators are paying to play.

Pinterest offers a variety of ad formats to choose from.

The most popular ones include:

Standard (image).


Carousel: Users can scroll through multiple images.

Collections: Mix photos with product images.

Consider which ad format makes the most sense for your brand.

For example, if you’re an online clothing retailer, you’ll certainly want to have images and Shopping pins.

If you’re a YouTuber, promoting video clips may be the move.

Another idea is to create product demo videos and promote these on the platform.

In any case, you will want to test performance to determine what works best for your audience and brand.

Like Google SEO, Pinterest SEO shifts and changes all the time, so you’ll want to stay on top of current trends and monitor your analytics to fine-tune your personalized SEO strategy.

More Resources:

Image Credits

All screenshots taken by author, November 2023

Essential Root Apps For Your Rooted Android Device

If we talk about numbers, we get two major Operating Systems trying to snatch the crown from each other- Android and iOS. Apple’s iOS is definitely known for it’s closed approach when it comes to customizability. To state that bluntly, Apple dictates the terms of the user interface to its users. Android, on the other hand, is known for freedom to its users. And while it’s already enough customizable, users can go a step further by rooting their devices and unlocking even more hidden functionalities on their devices.


Here’s the picture — you’ve now dived-in deep into your Android smartphone and have just finished rooting it. If you have, you’re obviously smart enough and there’s absolutely no reason to explain that process to you all over again. But you must be looking to harness this new found feature of your device to the fullest by installing apps which specifically run only on devices which are rooted. No worries there though, as we have got you covered. Here’s a list of apps you must have on your rooted Android device:

Titanium Backup is one of the essential apps to get when you have finally finished rooting your device. Titanium Backup helps in backing up everything you need so as to restore them in case you change your device or restore your device to your factory settings after an update.

SuperSU, if we might say, is the holy-grail of root apps for your device. It maintains and manages the root permissions you give to every app that requires it.


If you have rooted your device, one thing you definitely want is access to those system files and folders in the root directories of your device. Well, Root Browser is a file explorer app which enables you to do exactly that

Rooting is not only about customizations or backup. There are numerous other little tweaks that can be applied to your system after you have entered the realm of rooting. And this app is an all-in-one solution for all those.

Greenify lets you freeze apps from running in background. Once you freeze an app with greenify it’ll no longer be able to drain your battery ever, unless you use it.

FolderMount is your go-to app for removing that internal memory restriction on Android. If you have limited internal storage, chances are that your internal memory might already be overflowing since most games these days are well over a gb in size! FolderMount creates a partition on your SD card to link app/game data.

So you’ve tried most root apps yet you felt like having a free hand in customizability. What do you do now? You install Xposed Framework. Yes, Xposed Framework is the easiest way to apply mods to your device in a comparitively safer way rather than installing them via recovery.

Hate to boot into recovery mode to flash zip file(s) on your device? Flashify takes that trouble away from you. Just select the files you want to flash and the app will then automatically boot into recovery mode to flash those files. Plus, it also lets you pre-configure important commands like “wipe data/cache” in case you’re flashing a new ROM.


Update the detailed information about Pinterest For Android Now Available For Your Pinning Pleasure on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!