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We all have multiple accounts on different websites, including net banking, social media, email accounts, cloud accounts, and many more. Based on their importance, we set different passwords with different alphanumeric combinations. Everything is fine if we use those accounts regularly. The chaos starts if we use them occasionally because that’s when we forget those strong passwords.

Thankfully, there’s an iOS app for that as well called Passwords Keeper. You may be skeptical of storing important account information with a third-party app, and that’s a reasonable concern. But Passwords Keeper has answers to your questions, and that’s precisely what we will discuss in this post.

Security and Encryption

None of the features will impress you if we start this review with things that matter the least when it comes to storing essential passwords with a third-party. Apple iOS is all about security and privacy, and that’s one of the primary reasons people buy an iPhone and iPad. Let me tell you that with Passwords Keeper, your privacy and security is enhanced, not compromised.

That’s because all the passwords and other information that you store on the app remains in the encrypted form right on your device. The Passwords Keeper never stores any information on the cloud. They can’t even read any of your passwords. Also, the app password that you set is stored on your device with secure encryption.

To test this claim, we tested it without any internet connection. The app worked flawlessly even when the iPhone was completely offline.

Using Passwords Keeper

Passwords Keeper is created to make your life a bit easier, and that is visible by quick and straightforward navigation throughout the app. When launched for the first time, you are asked to set up a PIN. You can also set up Touch ID or Face ID as well to unlock the app.

This is the master password to access all your app or website credentials. Once you are done with initial setup, you can proceed to add websites, their username, and passwords. There are 340 different icons available in the app to personalize the record. Next time when you wish to sign-in, tap the website name in the app, and it will automatically log you in. That’s pretty neat, in my opinion.

Backup, Restore, Break-in reports, and more

Like almost all other apps, the Passwords Keeper app also supports iCloud backup and restore. Just in case if you lose your device, you can get everything back using the iCloud restore feature. In addition to that, the app also features tracking Break-in attempts.

Miscellaneous features

Apart from the core functionality and secure encryption, the app has some handy features that make operating the app extremely easy. One of them is an integrated search option that allows you to search for a specific website or app credentials. This comes in super handy if you have hundreds of record stored on the app.

Besides that, some other features include one-tap sign in to any website, accessible only by you, autofill username and passwords to sites, and auto-locking to protect your credentials.

The App has an in-built tutorial under Help section in the App settings that guides you through the process with easy to understand screenshots.


The Passwords Keeper app solves a crucial issue of remembering long and complex passwords in a very secure way. Given the functionality it offers, the app isn’t free to use. However, there’s a 15-days free trial available and based on your experience you can decide to subscribe to it from a couple of the available options – 1 month/$1.99, and 12 months/$9.99


That’s all for now!

Signing off…

Having used the Passwords Keeper app for a while now, it has made things a lot easier while logging into any website. It is secure, safe, and convenient to use. On top of that, the subscription plan allows you to add unlimited websites, which make things a lot more exciting. I’ll strongly recommend to try the 15-days trial period and share your feedback with us.

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How To View Saved Passwords In Safari On Iphone, Ipad, And Mac

Like other web browsers, Safari lets you save your password when signing into a website. Safari also lets you view your saved passwords whenever you want. Here’s how to do it on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Along with viewing your saved passwords, you can search for one, edit your login credentials, and even see passwords that may have been compromised.

Table of Contents

View Safari Saved Passwords

You might be trying to sign into a website believing you have saved your password, but nothing is popping up. On the other hand, you may simply want to take a look at your stored passwords to do some updating and cleanup.

Accessing your saved passwords in Safari depends on your device.

View Saved Safari Passwords on iPhone and iPad

Open the


app on your iPhone or iPad and select



Verify your identity using your passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID.

You’ll then see a list of your passwords. You can use the


field at the top to find a specific website.

Select a website to view your login credentials. To see the masked password, simply tap it. You also have the option to copy the password when you tap it.

Note: In the images below, iOS does not display passwords, masked or otherwise, when taking screenshots.

View Saved Safari Passwords on macOS

Open Safari on your Mac.

Select the



Enter your macOS password or use your Apple Watch to unlock the tab.

You’ll see a list of your passwords on the left side. If you want to find one in particular, use the


box at the top.

Choose a website in the list, and you’ll see the login credentials on the right. Hover your cursor over the masked password to view it. To copy it, select the password and pick Copy Password.

Edit Saved Passwords

You can change a username and password in Safari in two different ways on your Apple devices. First, you can edit the current credentials if you’ve changed them outside Safari. Second, you can use the password manager in Safari to visit a website and change your password there.

Edit a Saved Safari Password on iPhone and iPad

Select a website with the saved password from your list. If you changed your credentials somewhere other than Safari, tap Edit to change them here.

Enter the new username or password in the corresponding fields and tap Done to save them.

To change your credentials, tap Change Password on Website. You’ll be taken to the website in a pop-up window. Log in as usual and then navigate to your profile to change your username or password, depending on the site.

Safari to update the saved username and password, select Save Password.

Edit a Saved Safari Password on macOS

If you want to change your credentials from this spot, select the Change Password on Website button. This opens Safari to that website, where you can log in and change your username or password, depending on the site.

When you select the second option above and make your changes, a Safari prompt asks if you’d like to update the existing username or password. Select Update Password to do so.

See Compromised Passwords in Safari

Once you enable the feature on your Apple device, you’ll see any passwords that need attention. From there, you can opt to change a password as described above.

Enable Detect Compromised Passwords on iPhone and iPad

You enable this feature in the same location where you view Safari passwords.


Security Recommendations


Turn on the toggle for

Detect Compromised Passwords


Directly below the toggle, you’ll see those passwords at risk. You may see messages like the password appeared in a data leak, you are reusing the password on other websites, or many people use that password, making it easy to guess.

You can then select a website and edit the password as described earlier or change it directly on the website using the link.

Enable Detect Compromised Passwords on macOS

On macOS, you’ll turn on this feature in the same spot where you view your Safari passwords.

Open the


tab and enter your macOS password.

Check the box at the bottom of the window for

Detect compromised passwords


You’ll see a triangle with an exclamation mark to the right of any non-secure passwords in the list. Select one to view more details on the right. You may see “compromised,” “reused,” or both. You may also see additional information, such as other websites where you’re using that password.

Keeping up with your passwords becomes more important all the time. You can search, update, or simply view your Safari saved passwords anytime on your Apple devices.

For more, take a look at ways to come up with strong passwords.

How To Develop And Launch Your Own Iphone/Ipad App

UpworkAdvice on how to design and build an app including develop options and costs

The amazing growth in mobile apps has been recently catalogued on Smart Insights, but if you’re thinking of going on this journey to develop your own App for your products, brand or company, it can feel like an uphill task with various elements to consider and various costing options attached to it.  I wish I could say it’s easy but there a little more to it to make this happen.  Ever since Apple introduced the ability to allow developers to build apps on their devices and the launch of the App store, individuals and companies have rushed through the gates to build all kinds of Apps which you now see available on the App store.

This post gives my recommended steps/tips to help you in starting the journey to developing and launching your own app on the App store based on my experience of following this path in 2010.

You have probably had the several conversations with your colleagues about how your ideas could become an iPhone App, it is an exciting challenge and can be very rewarding to see your own product/idea/brand take life on the App store.

Developing a successful app may be a group effort as there are different types of roles involved including designing, coding, marketing, finance and project management.   This post will refer to Apple mobile devices which include the iPhone, iTouch and the iPad.

What Makes a Successful App “€“ brainstorm your ideas?

The more successful Apps have a good idea, very easy to use, the graphics look good and are well marketed. There many categories now available on the App store from games, business, education, productivity and much more.  Here are some questions you can ask to start brainstorming this with your team.

Does your app idea solve a unique problem?

Does your app serve a specific niche?

What value will your App bring to your audience?

Will it make people laugh?

Are you building a better App than one that exists already in the App store?

Will the it be highly interactive?

How will your app present information to your audience?

Smart Insights also have these tips from publisher Kim Watson on ideas for app development.

Segment Your Audience and Research the App Market

In the early stages avoid trying to come up with an App for the wider market, the more accurately you can define your target audience, the better as it will allows you to focus on the design and functions of the App.  It is always worth scanning the Apple store to see the popular Apps and you can download the top ten Apps in each category to explore further.  If you have an Apple mobile device you can download an app called Position App which gives you a very useful insight into the top 300 Apps by different countries.

Start thinking about your target audience, what kind of users are they (beginner, intermediate, experienced), who they are (male or female, teenagers, business people….).  Think about how they use your application at the end of every day, every time they check their email, or whenever they have a few extra moments.  Spending time identifying your target audience will provide you with clarity when it comes to selecting the features and design for your App.

Development and Costing Options

With the release of new Apple devices like the iPad the interest from customers has kept growing at a rapid pace, but unfortunately in most cases so have development costs.  It”€™s no surprise that iPhone/iPad developers are short on supply and high on demand.  There are several options you can consider which can be put into two categories either to develop internally or externally.

External Development Options

Hire a Contractor; There are a number experienced contractors in the local market place that could work onsite to help develop your App.  The challenge is to build a well defined project brief and plan as this is very important due the hourly costs being high and planning time required for modifications and updates.

Using a Specialist Mobile App Company; You can now find boutique development companies that focus only on developing and launching mobile apps. Some companies that specifically work on the Apple iOS platforms can offer you a flat project rate which covers the full development of your App.

General checks for going external would be to review their portfoilio, find out what exactly their role was in the portfoilio of projects presented, ask for sample code, find out what their development schedule/back log of work is, possible start dates, testing process, how long it will take them to develop your App.

Internal Development Options

There are two possible options to look at here, if you have your own technical developers that can program in Objective C, you could write an iPhone App yourself.  If you go down this route you need to download and install the iPhone SDK after joining the Apple developer program which is also the channel where your apps can eventually be submitted and distributed to the App store.

A lot of companies have their own developers but not necessary skills in Objective C but there is now wave of open source tools such as Titanium which allows developers to code in HTML/Javascript and then compile the code to work on the iPhone/iPad and even better the output can also be for other platforms/devices like the Android and Blackberry.  If you go down this route it is important to choose the right tools as Apple can be strict on which tools they accept.

Create Your Account and Join the Developer Program

Apple have a dedicated website for developers which gives you access to the technical resources in the iPhone/iPad Development Center. This includes getting access to the SDK, developer tools, getting started videos, documentation, sample code, and more. Once you have joined, you”€™ll have access to the tools necessary for developing, debugging, and most importantly distributing your applications for Apple mobile devices.

There are three options for joining Individual ($99), Company account ($99) or the Enterprise program ($299).  If you choose an Individual account, all of these tools can only be accessed by one person.  With a Company account you can add team members who will be able to log in to the Developer Program Portal and gain access to the SDK and other related development tools. If there is a team working on your projects, a company account is definitely the better option.  The Enterprise program has the same features as the previous two accounts but is designed to allow large companies to create and distribute in-house applications within an organisation without going through the App Store.

If you are planning on selling your App, once you have signed up for the program, you will need to provide personal and banking information before you can submit paid applications to the App Store.

Designing for the iPhone and the iPad

Apples mobile devices have a certain style, navigation and user experience which is important to follow as users are accustomed to the look and behavior.   They have invested serious time and resources into creating simple and usable navigation as proved my two and half year old daughter who can pick up my iPad and use it without any instructions.  The standard user interface elements are there so follow their recommended uses as often as possible so your users will be able to pick up your App and feel comfortable with it quickly.

“€¢    Don”€™t treat the design for iPhone, the same as the iPad (see below)

Submitting and Getting Your App Approved

There are a huge number of Apps submitted every week and all Apps are either approved or rejected.  You will need to allow from one to three weeks for approval and if your App is rejected you will have to get to the back of the line and re-submit.  To avoid getting your App rejected make sure your App description is exactly what it does and developed in the official SDK or tool which Apple accepts.  The App will be tested so make sure you test and check it thoroughly so it doesn”€™t crash!

There are two categories you can choose when submitting, the Primary Category menu determines where your application appears in iTunes. Your app will appear as a new release and in some cases, the category is also displayed below the app icon and name. The Secondary Category is optional and only comes into play with the iTunes Power Search feature.

Apple will send you a very simple email saying your app is approved.  Once your app goes live you can start tracking sales, managing users, and sending out promo codes. All of this can be done through your developer account, which gives you access.

Setting relevant categories, good screen shots and attractive/interesting descriptions all contribute in getting approval as well as being very important when it comes to marketing. Tell the user exactly what they need to know before they hit the buy button.  Put your main features at the top and keep each item on the list simple and concise. Your customer should be able to skim this in seconds.

Marketing and Distribution Ideas for Your App

The days are gone where you could just throw your app on the app store and get noticed as there are now tens of thousands of apps and many competing with each other.  It is easy for your App to sit in the App store and not be visible to your potential audience so you need avoid this happening and start building the buzz before the launch through your online and offline channels “€“ let your customers and partners know of the upcoming release date.  The marketing principles have not changed; even the successful apps have done their marketing through some of the techniques below.

Using Social Media

Some of the best Apps have engaged a community to attract users and build up loyalty.  Incorporating social media has become a popular function within apps especially with gaming if users make the high score they can to post it to Facebook or Twitter. Think about how your App can incorporate social media and build that functionality into your app at a minimum you could set up a fan page for your app on Facebook and Twitter account to use them as platforms to communicate with your audience as well as getting valuable feedback.

Try Before You Buy

As you would physically walk into a store and try out your next gadget before your purchase, the same model for your App is helpful from a customers point of view.  Many individuals and companies have discovered success by providing a free version of their application. A potential customer can then try your App with no obligation and upgrade to the paid version if they find the App relevant and useful to them.

Incentives to Upgrade and in-App Advertising

Free Versions of Your App

To use this technique you will need to build two versions of your App. One is a “€œFree”€ or “€œLite”€ version, and the other is a “€œPremium”€ or “€œPro”€ version. You will need to make it clear to the potential customer that one version is a subset of the other.  It is part of the requirement form Apple that free demo versions are fully functional. You can”€™t have any features that get disabled over time. These free applications must also be useful in their own right and the customer should not feel forced to upgrade.

Sales and Trend Reports


This could be a very exciting venture if you are setting out to do this for the first time.  It is useful break up the whole process into small steps and keep the momentum going.  If you believe in your iPhone App idea passionately, there are many ways you can go about bringing it to life so explore all the options and talk to the developers, you may be surprised at the potential collaboration opportunities and the speed and costs it could happen at!

Are you thinking of developing you”€™re an iPhone/iPad App?

Is there an App you wished that existed?

Have you already developed and Launched your own App?

Share your experiences below!

Best Lidar Apps For Iphone And Ipad In 2023

Things you need to know:

Currently, the LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) sensor is only available on iPhone 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, iPad Pro 2023, and M1-powered iPad Pro 2023.

My top 3 apps are:

Snapchat – Create AR effects

Measure – Helps you measure objects and people’s height quickly

Microsoft’s Seeing AI – Helpful for the visually impaired to recognize nearby things

Apple has been adding the LiDAR sensor to its latest iPhone and iPad lineup since 2023. The LiDAR sensor scans objects and surroundings to create 3D data. Besides, it hints at Apple’s plan to expand on the AR front in the future! However, what if I said you aren’t using it to the fullest? I have discovered the best LiDAR apps for iPhone and iPad to help you unleash its full potential.

Note: If you want to know more about this cool sensor, check out our article on LiDAR and how it works.

1. Snapchat – Editor’s choice

Snapchat is a popular messaging app used around the world. The app is widely loved for its built-in camera filters and streaks. When Apple brought the LiDAR sensor to iPhones, Snapchat was one of the first apps to add filters using the sensor’s capabilities.

Snapchat uses LiDAR to scan the environment and load the filter in real-time. Some of these filters were demonstrated during the iPhone 12 event. To use these filters, type LiDAR in Search, and you are good to go! Moreover, a person can even develop filters of their own using Snap’s Lens Studio.


Lots of LiDAR filters to try

Easy navigation

Ability to share images or videos with friends

Popular social media platform


‘Discover’ section should have improved content quality

Price: Free


2. Measure – Measure objects and people

As the name suggests, the Measure app is used for measurements. Other than that, you can also set water levels using this app. One thing that I liked about it is that you can set two points anywhere and measure the distance between them both vertically and horizontally. The app also shows the middle point between two points.

Additionally, the app automatically measures a rectangle and even a person’s height. Not only that, you can take images of these measurements and share them with anyone you want.

Further, the integration of haptics in the app improves the experience. It also stores past measurements so that you can copy and paste them elsewhere. And lastly, all the features in the app are completely free to use and will work even offline!


Easy to use UI

Ability to store previous measurements

Great haptics

Works offline

Measure a person’s height


Could have added the option to choose different measurement units

Height measurement isn’t as accurate

Price: Free


3. Seeing AI – Best for visually impaired

Developed by Microsoft to help the blind and low vision community, Seeing AI uses the power of AI to recognize the objects around it and describes them to the user. Although this app supports older iPhone models like iPhone 6S, SE, and above, it can recognize objects much more easily with the power of LiDAR.

Seeing AI can recognize short text, documents, products, people, scenes, currency, color, handwriting, and even light intensity. Even though the app is doing pretty good with its current features, I think the devs can improve the app UI and AI in recognizing objects.


Simple UI

Recognizes lots of things

Frequent updates

AI works mostly well in recognition


AI recognition could have been better

Price: Free


4. Scaniverse – Scan the world

Scaniverse is a great app for 3D scans using an iPhone with LiDAR. The app can make highly detailed 3D scans that can be shared with others or viewed in 3D or AR. Moreover, the models are highly accurate, that you can export them to popular formats like FBX, OBJ, USDZ, and LAS for 3D modeling software.

Another feature that I liked in the app is its ability to measure between points after the scan. You can measure between any points in the scans, add filters, and make other required changes according to your preference.


Highly detailed scans

Easy to understand UI

No need to create an account to access features

Free to use

Export models into multiple formats


Detailed scans can be time consuming

Price: Free


5. LiDAR Pointer – Point and measure

LiDAR Pointer is another measurement app on our list. It can also measure angles other than the regular distance measurement. This app uses the LiDAR sensor to measure the distance between your phone and the object you are pointing at. It also works offline and is free to use.

However, unlike the Measure app, LiDAR Pointer can neither measure custom points nor have haptic feedback. Although people have given it a low rating on the App Store for some reason, it is indeed a good app and worth trying!


Easy and minimal UI

Can also measure angles

Works offline

Free to use


The double-tap to speak feature was not working

Price: Free


6. SiteScape – 3D scan from your pocket

Sitescape is mainly helpful in the architectural, engineering, and construction fields. The app can create 3D scans in real-time and can later be used to transfer to any CAD software. You can also measure the location after scanning.

Other than professional use, ordinary people can also use SiteScape to create 3D scans to keep the memory of their favorite place or just for fun. The only thing that annoyed me was the need to have an account to export the scans. However, it’s worth creating a SiteScape account as you also get cloud storage for scans.


Ability to control the intensity of scans

Can do 3D scans in real-time

The free version is good for most users

Fun to do 3D scans

Offer cloud storage for scans


Account required to export the files

Need improvements regarding the details captured

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts at $49.99)


7. RC Club – A super fun game

I put this app below in the list because the developers haven’t brought any updates to the app since 2023. Like some other apps in the list, RC Club will work on iPhones without LiDAR but works better on those with the sensor. You will have a great time with the game if you get past the initial learning curve.

The game comes with some great features even without any in-app purchases. The only issue I encountered was controlling myself from playing the game so that I could focus on this article!

Even if you are an adult or a kid, I’m pretty sure you will enjoy the time with this game. At least I enjoyed every minute of playing it. Another thing that I liked about this game is how well the haptics are integrated into it. You will only know how good it is when trying it in real.

I hope that the developers will soon develop a new update to improve the game’s overall experience.


Haptics are integrated well with the game

Great haptics

Enjoyable for both kids and adults

The game is enjoyable even without in-app purchases


Not been updated for a long time

Has a learning curve

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


8. Room Planner – Design your home

With Room Planner, you can design your home anytime or anywhere. You can either scan the room, use the predefined shapes, or set your own. There is also an option to edit the size of the room later. After creating the room, you can carry forward by adding furniture or see the floor plan to check how it looks.

If you run out of ideas, you can look for inspiration in its community section. The only thing that annoyed me was the full-screen banner asking to subscribe to the premium plan every time I opened the app.

Yes, the premium plan comes with its benefits, including more furniture and designs to choose from and the option to create multiple rooms. But for the most part, the free plan comes with enough features and options that you may not need to subscribe to premium unless you are using them for commercial purposes.


Ability to make room plans according to your choice

Make changes to the floor plan after creating it

Can add furniture of your choice

View rooms in 2D and 3D


You get an ad for the app’s premium plan every time you open the app

You have to pay for more furniture variety

Sometimes the content may not load even after having good internet

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $5.99)


9. Canvas for Homeowners – Scan anywhere

Canvas for Homeowners is a great app to plan and customize your home. While there are some useful features with the basic free version, most of the app’s main features, including the ability to process scans to CAD, are placed behind the in-app purchase wall.

Canvas is good for those who want to see the site without visiting it. I like its ability to do highly detailed scans of any surroundings you throw at it. If your use case is only for once or twice, the price of the premium plan may sound expensive.


Detailed scans

Ability to view the scans through different perspectives

Can view the scans in AR


In-app purchases are expensive

Price: Free (File format conversion starts at $0.10 per sqft)


FAQs related to LiDAR on iPhone

Since you have come all the way here, these are also worth a read:

Author Profile


Anoop loves to find solutions for all your doubts on Tech. When he’s not on his quest, you can find him on Twitter talking about what’s in his mind.

Best Qibla Apps For Iphone And Ipad In 2023

You won’t have any difficulty finding the Qibla direction with these best qibla apps for iPhone and iPad. Besides, they also show the exact prayer timings of any city or place. You can keep a tab on your prayer timing, check out the remaining time for the prayer, and use a reminder to never forget to carry out important things. There is also a Hijri calendar to notify you about the upcoming holy events. Let’s swim across to find more about these Qibla Apps for iPhone.

1. Muslim Pro

“Muslim Pro” is one of the most adorable Muslim apps. It features animated qibla compass and map which show the direction of Mecca.

The complete Muslim Hijri calendar displays holy dates. You can quickly find out the Halal restaurants and mosque locations near you. There are some nice Islamic greeting cards which you can use to wish your friends and loved ones.

The app and Quran have been translated into several languages including Bahasa Indonesia, English, Bahasa Melayu. Moreover, you will find all the 99 names of Allah.

2. iSalam: Qibla Compass

iSalam is claimed to be the world’s first qibla compass with accessibility support for the visually impaired people. The app lets you easily find Qibla direction from any place. It points precisely towards Kaaba so that you are able to offer prayer accurately. The impressive design coupled with the handy features boosts the user-experience.

3. Athan

Athan is a complete Qibla app that takes care of all of your essentials. Apart from providing the exact prayer timings for any locations, it lets you track your performance. The app features the Holy Quran with translations and transliteration.

With Athan, you can find out the nearby mosques, organizations, schools with their contact information and directions. The Today widget allows you to monitor your prayers right from the Lock screen of your device. The Islamic calendar informs you about every upcoming holy event.

4. Muslim Assistant

Finding Qibla direction and viewing the precise prayer times of any location is a breeze with “Muslim Assistant.” It points out the direction of Kaaba with an arrow to let you comfortably adjust your direction before starting the prayer.

The app automatically adjusts the timing of the prayer as per your location and shows the remaining time of the azan. There is a dhikr counter feature to allow you to make daily dhikrs without any hassle. You can also save your dhikrs and share them with your friends.

5. Qibla Compass

With “Qibla Compass,” you can discover the direction of Qibla (Kaaba) from anywhere. Rotate it first to left and then to the right to face towards Kaabah.

The app supports HD graphics and sharing options that make it a delightful app to have. If simplicity is what you are after, this Qibla app can be a good option to have.

6. Qibla App

What makes “Qibla App” a top choice for users is the easy-to-use interface. The other important quality of this app is that even blind people can use it with the help of VoiceOver.

7. iPray

iPray is equipped to let you discover Qibla direction with utmost ease from any location of the world. You can fully trust it to show the correct prayer timings.

Today widget makes it ultra-convenient to keep track of your prayer timings. Check out moon phases and its current status. Depending on your need, you can set it to get notifications for your specific prayers.

8. Qibla & Prayer Times

With the use of built-in compass and GPS, “Qibla & Prayer Times” shows exact Qibla directions. Using seven different methods, the app provides accurate prayer times.

The app shows data according to the Hijri calendar. You can check out the current status of the moon and switch between True North and Magnetic North. Select from different background images for the compass to make it look nice.

That’s all, folks!

Signing Off

Hopefully, finding the accurate direction of Qibla direction will no longer be a tough task for you. Use these useful apps to perform your salat with desired peace. Is there any of these apps which have won your heart?

You may also want to check out best Azan apps for iPhone and iPad.

Author Profile


Jignesh Padhiyar is the co-founder of chúng tôi who has a keen eye for news, rumors, and all the unusual stuff around Apple products. During his tight schedule, Jignesh finds some moments of respite to share side-splitting content on social media.

Best Pregnancy Apps For Iphone And Ipad In 2023

Our heartiest congratulations to you on entering the most beautiful phase of life – Motherhood! Being pregnant is more than just carrying a baby in your womb. Emotional shifts, physical changes, and constant concern about the baby stress the mother quite often. Keeping track of everything can be quite a hassle, so why not seek help from iPhone apps? 

The Internet has a diverse collection of pregnancy apps that can make your nine-month journey easier. So, like a good pal, I have created this list featuring the 10 best pregnancy apps for iPhone and iPad.

1. Pregnancy+ – Editor’s choice

The baby size app lets you visualize the size of your baby in fruits, sweets, or animals. Unique, right? Get all your queries on breastfeeding, food, twins, exercise, etc., answered in the articles available on the app. The Pregnancy+ app offers week-by-week 2D and 3D scans of the baby, so you can see their development at your convenience.  

You can upload your pictures in the My Bump app to curate a personalized journal and pen down all the beautiful memories you create daily. Other features offered by the app are the pregnancy due date calculator, pregnancy calendar, hospital bag planner, to-do and shopping list, birth plan, etc. Also, Pregnancy+ lets you find a perfect name for your child from the suggestions on the app and share your favorites.  


3D models to view detailed child growth 

Multiple pregnancy-supportive tools include birth plans, calendars, hospital bag lists, etc.  

Easy-to-use size guide  



Few reported glitches 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 


2. BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker – Best free pregnancy app

Designed by one of the biggest online parenting communities, the BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker app offers an extensive range of offerings. You get access to a weekly pregnancy tracker, a contraction timer, a kick counter, and comprehensive reading content to feed on. Also, you can create a time-lapse of your baby bump pictures, search for baby names, and view multiple videos explaining the various levels of pregnancy.  


Weekly updates about pregnancy stages 

Detailed information about high-risk pregnancies 

Allows you to create a time-lapse of your bump 


Lags in navigation 

No moderation on message boards

Price: Free  


3. WebMD – Free pregnancy tracker and health guide

WebMD is one of the most trusted healthcare and well-being information publishers. The app gives valuable health information to the expecting couple that eventually guides them through all the stages of pregnancy. The content library in the app includes over 900 doctor-approved articles, videos, quizzes, tips, and checklists for all your needs.  

Tracking your vitals gets easier with WebMD’s weight and blood pressure tracker, kick counter, and contraction timer. The Symptom tracker lets you log the frequency and intensity of your symptoms so you can easily note the triggers and consequences of each symptom for future occurrences. In addition, you can scroll through the Ask My Doctor section and understand the important questions you must ask your doctor on the next visit.  

With WebMD’s pregnancy tracker, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of your appointments. This amazing app records your data and lets you set reminders for doctor visits, yoga classes, baby showers, etc. You can also pen down all your experiences, memories, or baby names on the digital journal accessible within the app. Also, you can use the app to monitor your body changes and your baby’s growth weekly through intuitive illustrations. 


Clear visuals of the baby in the womb 

Detailed information about products, activities, and foods 

Suggests questions to ask your gynecologist 


More visuals and less text in weekly reports 

Price: Free


4. Glow Nurture – Customizable iOS app for moms-to-be

The app provides detailed charts and an intuitive symptoms tracker, so you have all the information about the growth and health of your baby. You can combine your medical data, such as pregnancy symptoms, medication, weight, etc, and email it to yourself as a PDF.  The trimester-cantered pregnancy tracker helps you record changes and prepare well for upcoming stages. Moreover, the app offers postpartum and miscarriage support to users.  

You get a comprehensive Baby Registry tool that helps you add products from any store or link your other registries all in one place. Also, with Glow Nurture, you can set reminders for your doctor appointments and prescriptions.  


Integrated with Apple’s Health app and MyFitnessPal 

Baby kick counter and contract tracking available 

Charts of baby’s growth for better understanding


No trying-to-conceive support

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 


5. Flo – First certified period and ovulation tracker

Flo is the first app for period and ovulation tracking to get ISO 27001 certification. It is curated by medical experts in collaboration with globally acclaimed medical institutions. The app offers complete tracking of your period start date, total length, fertile window, most productive ovulation days, flow intensity, PMS symptoms, birth control, and more. Also, you can log 70+ period symptoms and activities to get accurate AI-created predictions about your body, period cycle, and hormones. 

Want to get pregnant but confused about the best time to conceive? If such is the case, then Flo is your go-to friend. The platform lets you identify your most fertile days and sends personalized information to achieve the goal. Once pregnant, you can use Flo’s pregnancy mode and enjoy more features. The list includes weekly updates about your child’s growth, tracking of your due date, a countdown, and articles on newborn care.  

One of the best features of Flo is secret chats that let you discuss intimate topics with the huge female community while being anonymous. Furthermore, you get detailed health reports monthly, so you can reach out for medical help at the earliest.  


Helps in pregnancy planning 

Monthly health reports 

Guidance on period management 


Constant notifications

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 


6. Expectful – Meditation and Wellness

You must have heard about pregnancy jitters and how they can affect your mental health. But you don’t have to worry about all this because the Expectful app is here to help you. Categorized in the list of best pregnancy apps for iPhone, Expectful focuses on your mental well-being alongside being a pregnancy tracker. The app gives you holistic support right from the conceiving stage through pregnancy and during the first year of your child’s birth.  

As mentioned earlier, the Expectful nourishes you with week-by-week meditations customized to suit different stages of pre and post-pregnancy. You can find plenty of on-demand and easy-to-download guides on fertility, Hypnobirthing, breastfeeding, mom duties, etc.

In addition, you can view the interviews or read stories shared by other women. So, why believe in myths and stick to taboos when you can get real solutions to all your queries with the Expectful pregnancy tracking app?  


Emphasis on meditation and mental wellness  

5-20 minutes long meditation tracks 

Integration with Mindfulness Minutes 

Exhaustive reading content 


Frequent lags during the meditation sessions 

Service issues in free trials

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $8.99) 


7. The Bump – Best free baby growth tracker

The Bump is undoubtedly one of the best pregnancy apps for iPhone and iPad. This app helps you keep track of your child’s growth with each passing week. You get to view the baby’s body growth in the shape of a vegetable or fruit. With each week, you get information about the symptoms you might experience in the forthcoming weeks of your pregnancy.  

Watch videos or read articles answering the most frequent questions of would-be mothers and myths surrounding pregnancy. Also, there are plenty of tips and suggestions on topics ranging from your baby’s nursery design to maternity wear and more. Take pictures of your belly growth over the nine months and store them as memories.  

In addition, The Bump app eases your burden of remembering your daily tasks. You can use the to-do calendar option to track all the important activities you need to do in a day. The app lets you connect to a community of other moms-to-be so you can always feel a companion in times of stress or confusion.  


Diverse content library 

Fun fonts and appealing images for better engagement 

Baby growth comparison to vegetable or fruit


Weekly information might not be substantial always 

Price: Free  


HiDaddy is a robust app designed for would-be fathers. Yes, you read it right. Pregnancy is a beautiful phase that is shared by a couple together, so it is only right for the male to be able to enjoy all the experiences (platonically, though). With the HiDaddy app, you can actively participate in this journey with your partner and keep yourself updated about your unborn child. It also has a contraction counter to help you when labor starts.  

The app lets you track the child’s growth in your partner’s womb. It helps you understand the constantly changing mood of your significant other so you easily cater to all their whims. You receive weekly messages, updates, and tips from your child to help you know about their wellbeing. In addition, HiDaddy gives information about the baby’s size and weight.  


Weekly updates on your child’s growth 


Limited features 

Some topics can be weird

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $4.99) 


9. What to Expect Pregnancy+Baby – Best to track baby’s growth

What to Expect shines as one of the most coveted pregnancy and parenting brands in the world. So, you can rest assured that the pregnancy tracker app offered by the company is bound to give you some amazing services. Inside the app, you get access to thousands of articles that offer step-by-step guidance at each level of your pregnancy. With this app, you can seek help right from the stage of conception to the toddler years of your newborn.  

If you plan to get pregnant, you can use the ovulation calculator on What to Expect’s Pregnancy app. This calculator uses data from your last period to find the most fertile days, increasing your chances of getting pregnant. Also, you can find multiple videos on breastfeeding, sleep, baby growth, etc., so you never find it difficult to understand the concepts, especially if it is your first pregnancy.  


Interactive social community 

Ovulation calculator 

Diverse audio and video content 


Price: Free 


10. Ovia Pregnancy & Baby Tracker – Growth calculator

The Ovia Pregnancy & Baby Tracker adopts a personalized approach to give you complete information about your baby’s growth. This unique app houses an exciting ‘In the Womb’ feature that lets you view realistic illustrations of your baby every week. Apart from this, you can compare the size of your little one by comparing it to objects like fruits, vegetables, pastries, and more.  

Learning about the different stages of pregnancy becomes easier with the content library available on the app. You can find over 2000 articles, tips, and tools to answer all your pregnancy queries. Further, you can check the food safety, medications, and symptoms using the lookup tools in Ovia’s pregnancy and baby tracker.  

The app lets you enjoy customized tracking of your routine and progress throughout pregnancy. This includes keeping a record of your weight, 100+ common symptoms, sleep, mental health, medications, nutrition, and fitness. Also, you can connect to a community of other pregnant ladies living nearby, experiencing similar symptoms, or in the same trimester as you. This can help you share your questions with them and get some cool tips.


Gives emphasis on mental health 

Community forums 

Easy to sync with a Google Fit tool 


Complicated navigation 

Difficulty in feeding medications not stored in the app’s system 

Price: Free 



Why are pregnancy apps important? 

Pregnancy apps help to keep track of the health and well-being of your baby all through the nine months period.  

What are the benefits of using pregnancy apps for iPhones?

Pregnancy apps help to track data regarding the health of the mother and child, the baby’s growth inside the mother’s womb, the physical and mental activities of the mother, and their impact on the child.

What features should I look for in a pregnancy app? 

A good pregnancy app will come packed with multiple trackers for fetal growth, mother’s contractions, physical activities, stress level, food habits, etc.  

Wrapping up

Like any other woman, you must be excited and nervous about your pregnancy. While it is good to keep the excitement alive, nervousness can surely be dodged with the help of the best pregnancy apps for iPhone and iPad, included here. Each app gives you access to plenty of useful features that make your journey, right from conceiving to the early years of your child, a cakewalk.

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