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Although a social media marketing strategy can help your business’ campaign, it can also go wild and damage your brand’s online reputation. It can be due to miscommunication, bad decisions or just your message ending up with the wrong crowd. Although you’re able to work it around, traces of the mishap will be forever present on the Internet.

Even if your social media marketing campaign has good intentions, it can cause you a headache if it deviated from your plans. Thus, there are simple steps that you can follow to avoid the social PR nightmare.

Secure Your Account

Oftentimes, a single social media account needs multiple administrators. This strategy guarantees that you’ll have constant social media campaign throughout the day. However, this can also result to inconsistent voice or the way your online presence convey message to your followers. That’s why it’s important that you consider who and how many should access your account. This will help you reduce the risk of encountering online PR nightmares.

Draw the Line for Your Employees

When you need multiple admin for your social media account, you have to be clear about your guidelines. State what is and isn’t acceptable to discourage any potential off-brand communications. This will lessen the possibility that one of your staff will ruin your brand’s online reputation.

Optimized Positive Publicity over Negative Ones

When your social PR nightmare is already said and done, don’t delete it. Doing so will mean that you’re not responsible enough to face the consequences of your action. Instead, be proactive in distributing and optimizing positive press releases about your brand. That way, affirming accounts about you will outdo your negative publicity on the search engine.

Know who’s talking about Your Brand

Another way to prevent a social PR nightmare is by monitoring who’s talking about your brand. Just like in any businesses, have a standard operating procedure when rewarding a compliment or making up for a complaint.

The good thing about social media is that you have time to think before sending your message. Instead of replying to all complaints during the heat of the moment, it’s better to keep your cool first. Compose your message afterwards, and take its future implications into consideration before you send it.

Pick Up the Phone

If it takes you more than one email or SMS to clarify your message, it’s best to take the face-to-face route. Pick up the phone and call directly to your contact to convey your message. Phone conversation is safer and more efficient than email or SMS.

Promoting your business through social media is a serious business. Today’s digital word-of-mouth can make or break your brand. That’s why it’s important that you know how to use it to protect your business’ online reputation.

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Changing Lanes: From Pr To The Doghouse

Changing Lanes: From PR to the Doghouse New career rescues BU alum

Watch this video on YouTube

Pet adoption counselor Stephen Oakes makes the rounds at Northeast Animal Shelter. Photos by Cydney Scott

How many careers does the average American worker have in a lifetime? The Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t keep track, but we know that millions change careers at least twice. From what to what? You’d be surprised. This week, in “Changing Lanes,” BU Today takes a five-part look at BU alums who studied for one career, but are now doing something radically different.

Several years ago Stephen Oakes left a high-level public relations position at a top international computer hardware company, bid farewell to the house he owned in Austin, Tex., returned to his hometown of Reading, Mass., moved in with his father and stepmother, and adjusted to life on a fraction of his six-figure corporate income.

He couldn’t be happier.

With its cheerful primary color scheme and plush indoor cat playground, the private nonprofit shelter could easily be mistaken for a day-care center. At the edge of a room arranged with consultation tables and literature about pet owning and pet health is a set of Dog Visiting Rooms with shuttered windows like children’s playhouses. “I’d heard of people who love going to work every day, but I didn’t think that was possible,” says Oakes as he offers a tour of the shelter, which moved to its present location two and a half years ago. “But that’s how I feel.”A dog lover all his life, Oakes (COM’93, CAS’93) now works full-time as a pet adoption counselor at Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, Mass., where he began as a volunteer and lobbied relentlessly for a job that pays a pittance compared to his former salary. He had worked long and hard to scale the corporate ladder, rising to vice president at a top-10 firm when he was just 29. “It was a great experience, but by the time I was 36, I became interested in pursuing something more meaningful,” says the blue-eyed, auburn-haired Oakes (right), who walks the kennels and consultation rooms of the sprawling shelter wearing the kind of smile no one could fake.

Although at first moving back with mom and dad “was a bit of a blow” to the former homeowner’s ego, it enabled Oakes to pursue a career that rewards the soul, if not the wallet. With a former client list that included Goldman Sachs, RadioShack, and Shell Oil, he is now applying his public relations smarts to find loving homes for animals like Joani, a squat, silken-coated mongrel rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico. “I am a friendly girl who only wants to be adopted and loved forever,” says the description outside Joani’s kennel. “I promise not to ask too much and I promise to be loving and loyal. Please be patient with me.”

One of the largest no-kill shelters in the country, Northeast has a long waiting list for volunteers and fairly rigorous requirements for adoptions, which aren’t cheap—they can run up to $500.

It’s Oakes’ responsibility to educate adopters and pair the right person or family with companions like Vinny, a cat found taped inside a cardboard box by the side of the road in Boston’s North End. “Can I come home with you and be your loving furry companion?” Vinny’s bio beseeches. For the four months Oakes has been on the job, his days are consumed with providing safe, loving futures to the shelter’s Joanis, Vinnys, Finns, Stevies, Caesars, Lillies, and many more. The animals just keep coming, and he admits he falls a little in love with each of them.

He counts many mentors in his corporate career development, but attributes his most dramatic life choice to an influence of the canine variety. “I got my first dog at 32, and he really did change my life,” he says of Max, his Border Collie–Chow mix, adopted from an Austin shelter when he was just three months old. In his seven years living in Austin, Oakes gained a wife, a house, and a dog: “I came back with just the dog, which was fine with me.”

When he graduated from BU with degrees in journalism and international relations, Oakes had aspirations of being a political press secretary, but ended up in public relations. Most important to him at the time was settling in a big city and starting on a path to professional success, with all its traditional trappings. “I had always wanted to live in New York, but wanted to wait until I was far enough in my career so I
 wouldn’t have to live in an apartment where the shower’s in the kitchen,” says the man now residing in his teenage bedroom. “It was the beginning of the dot-com boom, so I was fortunate to have interest from several of the large firms.” He took a job working for GCI Group, a global communications company. “We essentially rode the Internet wave from boom to bust,” recalls Oakes. He was laid off two weeks after the September 11 attacks.

He was then rehired by GCI, which later merged with Cohn & Wolfe. At first, when GCI proposed that he move to Austin to work on its Dell Computer account, Oakes, who’d spent his whole life in either New England or Washington, D.C., admits he “literally pictured tumbleweeds and horses.” But after visiting the Texas city, he accepted the offer, eventually moving from GCI to Advanced Micro Devices, the world’s second largest semiconductor chip manufacturer. “It was an in-house PR position rather than client work, and I didn’t like the internal politics,” he says. “It seemed I spent too much time with my own marketing people and hardly any time with reporters,” which was the best use of his talents and experience. “I began thinking about leaving about six months before I actually did.”

The move surprised his friends, because as Oakes puts it, “work had always been such a big and defining part of my life.” His family was happy that he was coming home and more than willing to put him up while he took his time finding a job that would be a good fit.

In the short time since joining the animal shelter, which takes animals from around the United States and Puerto Rico, Oakes has become indispensable. With a sadly steady supply of relinquished or abandoned local dogs and cats, and dogs shipped by reliable truckers from states with lax spay-neuter laws, the shelter handles between 350 and 450 adoptions a month. A stroll through the dog and cat areas reveals a succession of roomy cages outfitted with blankets and toys and the occasional volunteer keeping the animals company or retrieving them for a walk in one of the shelter’s three dog runs. For every adoption he guides people through, Oakes says, he’s rewarded with that moment when he emerges from the kennels with an animal who, if all goes well, will never live in a cage again.

“My best adoption so far was last Christmas Eve,” Oakes recalls. “Snow was falling, and this family had driven two hours from New Hampshire. We were about to close, but stayed open for them, so they could get the dog they wanted. The little girl hugged me, and that was the best.”

Talk about a job that lets you go home with a clear conscience.

Susan Seligson can be reached at [email protected]. Robin Berghaus can be reached at [email protected].

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The Nightmare Cooperative Is A Roguelike And Puzzle Game Combined

There is this type of puzzle game that requires players to move characters around on the board in unison in order to get everyone to the correct end point. PAC-MAN Friends uses this type of puzzle movement. It’s fairly complex and interesting, to say the least.

The Nightmare Cooperative is a roguelike game that uses that puzzle movement aspect to keep your party on their toes. You can use your mage to pick up that potion, but watch where your warrior is going or he may fall into the lava pit at the same time. We’ve got a full game review of The Nightmare Cooperative for you today.


On the surface, this game looks like a typical top-down roguelike. However, it is much more creative than just a series of pixels on the screen. Each character is crafted with a unique and stylistic look. It’s like playing a piece of art you’d see in Juxtapose or something. The graphics are fantasy, but minimalistic all at once.

Each level of the dungeon consists of a number of chests, potions, health points, and monsters. The dungeons are randomly generated and you’ll never enter the same one twice in a game.

There are plenty of obstacles to keep you from easily sweeping through a room including pillars, fire-shooting towers, and slippery ice blocks. Plus, monsters keep popping up all over the place and pits of lava or acid will open up suddenly. It’s a pretty perilous dungeon.


The roguelike design of this game has players looting every possible nook of each level of the dungeon. On any given level there may be three or more chests. As soon as you open a chest, you unleash a monster or flame tower. So, the more chests you loot, the more monsters you bring forth.

Monsters don’t only appear after you’ve looted a chest. They will appear at random location in the dungeon after a certain number of movements. So, if you think you’re being sneaky by not opening a chest in order to avoid monsters, you’re out of luck.

Parts of the floor also open up to reveal lava or acid. You won’t die just by walking into a pit, but you will lose a health point. Your party each has four health points. They also have three slots for potion, which are used to trigger attacks from a distance.

The game is perma-death, which means that when you die, you lose everything and have to start over. All of the gold you’ve looted and characters you’ve unlocked are gone and you must start from scratch. Fans of roguelike games will appreciate this aspect as it is one of the key features of the genre.

The Good

I love the way this game looks. It takes place in a fantasy fiction dungeon with monsters and magicians. However, it has a highly stylized art design that gives it a hip feel.

The game plays smoothly and offers a rich challenge without being too hard. I managed to make it to the fourth world, but never past the first dungeon in it.

I also love that the developers combined a dungeon crawl with a movement puzzle game. Very unique for the genre.

The Bad


The Nightmare Cooperative costs $3.99. Frankly, I was a bit surprised at the price. The game is very simple, even though it is a lot of fun. It seems better suited to be priced at $1.99. I completely love every aspect of the game though, and think the price is worth it. The replay value is incredibly high since no to games are ever alike and you will want to play it again and again to try to achieve the highest score.


Fans of roguelike games will flock to this fun little title. It looks great, plays great, and has a unique twist that others in the genre don’t have. If you’ve never played a roguelike title before, this one is appealing for its puzzle movement mechanics. However, the four-dollar price tag might make some shy away. The game is available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Download it in the App Store today.

Related Apps

This reminds me a bit of Sword of Fargoal. Another fun roguelike game I enjoy is Dungelot 2.

The Secret Superpower Behind Great Pr – A Business Communication Strategy

Why a Communication Strategy is Important to Supercharge Your Business

Ensures Your Message is Fearlessly Distinct:

In the vast ocean of information and content, a communication strategy acts as your trusty compass, guiding your PR efforts in the right direction. It helps you cut through the noise and grab the attention of your target audience. By crafting a clear and compelling value proposition, your messaging will stand out like a beacon in a sea of bland and forgettable content.

Aligns Your Efforts for Maximum Impact:

A communication strategy serves as a guiding light, ensuring all your PR efforts align harmoniously. It is a unifying force, combining various communication channels, platforms, and tactics. Whether it’s press releases, social media campaigns, or influencer partnerships, clearly defined messaging helps create a cohesive and impactful PR ecosystem that resonates with your audience at every buying cycle stage.

Shapes Your Brand’s Narrative:

Your brand’s story is a powerful tool; a communication strategy helps you shape and tell that story with finesse. It allows you to define your brand’s voice, values, and key messages, ensuring consistency across all PR initiatives. With a well-crafted narrative rooted in your positioning statement, you can captivate your audience, forge an emotional connection, and establish your brand as a unique and compelling entity in the market.

Builds Trust and Credibility:

Trust and credibility are the currency of PR success; a communication strategy is your passport to earning them. By consistently delivering accurate and valuable information to your audience, you establish yourself as a reliable source of knowledge and expertise. This trust and credibility not only attract customers but also creates a positive perception of your brand among stakeholders, influencers, and the media. Your communication strategy ensures your comms are focused and purposeful.

Helps Navigate Crisis like a PR Ninja:

In the unpredictable world of business, crises are bound to happen. But fear not! A well-crafted communication strategy acts as your armor, allowing you to navigate stormy waters with grace and agility. It outlines protocols, key messages, and channels for crisis communication, enabling you to respond swiftly and effectively. With a strategic approach, you can mitigate damage, protect your brand’s reputation, and emerge from the storm stronger than ever.

Helps Measure, Adapt, and Conquer:

A communication strategy enables you to measure the effectiveness of your PR efforts, gather valuable data, and make informed decisions for future campaigns. With a keen eye on analytics and feedback, you can adapt your campaign execution, refine your messaging, and achieve evolving ambitions.

The Best Communication Strategies Equal PR Success

A mighty communication strategy can amplify your PR efforts. A well-crafted plan is your secret weapon, from cutting through the noise to shaping your brand’s narrative, building trust, navigating crises, and adapting to the ever-changing landscape.

So, don’t leave your PR success to chance. Embrace the power of strategic communication and unlock your brand’s full potential. Craft a communication strategy that reflects your brand’s personality, resonates with your audience, and sets the stage for brand distinction.

With a well-executed communication strategy, you’ll captivate your audience, establish lasting relationships, and watch your distinct brand reputation amplify. Unleash the secret superpower behind successful PR and propel your business forward ahead of the hoard.

The Convergence Of Social & Search

In this session at PubCon Las Vegas, I speak about how one can impact their overall search visibility utilizing social media. The two are becoming more inter-twinned each and every day. While search marketing used to consist of good on-page SEO (title tags, meta data, etc.), now there are links and social signals that are also needed for one to experience good organic search visibility.

So, where are we currently at with regard to effective search/social media marketing strategies?

On-Page SEO + Link Building + Content Marketing = Success

On-Page Optimization (SEO) and Link Building are still essential ingredients, however, they alone are often not enough.

Google moving away from PageRank and focusing on social signals makes Content Marketing via Social Media another essential ingredient.

– Infographics

Looking at infographics as a content marketing strategy, keep in mind that while a relatively new term to Internet marketing, infographics have been used throughout history, even dating back to the cavemen.

Here are some key points to consider in your infographic marketing strategy.

1. It All Starts With a Great Idea

Every great piece of content has to have its origin in the quality of an idea! These can be time-sensitive such as current trends, top news and the like, resourceful, entertaining, and even historical.

2. Back It Up With Research

Once you have a great idea in place, it’s time to gather the research. Depending on the nature of the piece, your research may contain historical facts, current data/trends, and creative ideas. Make sure you list citations as it will give credence to your infographic.

3. Make Sure It’s Pretty

4. Promoting Infographics – How and Where?

Here are some general tips to keep in mind, many of which can apply to any piece of content marketing.

The general nature of the piece will determine which social networks it will do best on.

Share on Facebook and Twitter; consider utilizing Facebook Ads and Sponsored Tweets.

Use StumbleUpon Paid Discovery to draw more attention to your infographic.

If content is interesting, time-sensitive, or controversial, it should do well on Reddit.

Set up and post to Pinterest, Tumblr and chúng tôi accounts.

Send an optimized press release via online PR sites such as MarketWire and PRWeb.

Having a large network of followers (influential status) will help promotion efforts.

If you lack influence, it might be wise to hire someone who does to share content.

Infographics Archives/Directories

5. Measure For Success

Measure three to four weeks after publishing

Use Google Analytics or similar to see how many people visited the infographic, learn where they came from, and even discover what they did after landing on the page.

Utilize backlink checkers such as Raven Tools’ Backlink Explorer and SEOmoz’s Open Site Explorer to discover who has linked back to the piece.

Finally, you’ll want to see how the content did on the most popular social networks. How many Stumbles did it earn? How many retweets or Facebook shares? How many times was it “re-pinned?”

Galaxy Buds+ Leaked As Airpods’ Nightmare At $149

Galaxy Buds+ leaked as AirPods’ nightmare at $149

Today we’re taking a peek at the latest leak of the Samsung Galaxy Buds+, a pair of wireless earphones (or earbuds, if you prefer) that challenge Apple AirPods in the spring of 2023. The Samsung offensive with their second-generation Galaxy Buds could be considered an extension of the family. The features of the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ are extremely similar to those of the original Samsung Galaxy Buds (no + mark), but they cost just a TINY bit more for a decent boost to battery power – and an extra microphone.

You’ve got the Samsung Galaxy Buds on the market already here in early February of 2023. These are the most high-profile, visible, big-brand wireless earbuds on the market playing against the Apple AirPods. Galaxy Buds cost $129, have 6 hours of playtime (or 13 hours with the battery power provided by the recharging case), and they work with Bluetooth 5. How’s that compare to AirPods, AirPods with Wireless Charging Case, or AirPods Pro?

• AirPods Pro cost $250• AirPods with Wireless Charging Case cost $200• AirPods with (non-wireless) Charging Case cost $160• Galaxy Buds+ with Wireless Charging Case cost $150*• Galaxy Buds with Wireless Charging Case cost $130**

*The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ price and details are not yet confirmed as of press time for this article. We’ll know these details for certain on February 11, 2023, at Samsung’s big event. We’ll return to this article at that time to make sure the rumors we’ve gathered for info here were as market-ready accurate as possible. Until then, note that we’re working with leaks like this little drop from early 2023.

**Also note: I’ve rounded up all the prices by $1 (one dollar) because they all ended in 9 – now they’re easier to read and analyze. The Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds+ work with wireless charging cases right out the gate, there is no non-wireless charging case with a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds wireless earbuds.

The big difference between devices for battery time is in quotes for listening time: AirPods Pro 4.5-hours, AirPods: 5-hours, Galaxy Buds: 6-hours, Galaxy Buds+: 11-hours.

The amount of battery life each different charging case can carry is also worthy of some consideration. Each device has a quote that includes time given by the battery in the earbuds PLUS the extra provided by the charging case. Galaxy Buds: 13-hours, Galaxy Buds+: 22-hours, AirPods/AirPods Pro: “More than 24 hours of listening time (with Charging Case).” That’s regardless of non-wireless or wireless case for the AirPods, according to Apple.

The difference between Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds+ is mainly in the aforementioned battery life, but also in the addition of “multi-device connectivity” in the Buds+, and in 2 microphones on the exterior of the Buds+ instead of just 1 (in the Buds). That’s mostly helpful for accuracy in earbud-based phone calls and smart assistant commands.

If you’re an iPhone user, it would appear that you’ll get all the features listed by Samsung for the Galaxy Buds, regardless of Buds or Buds+. If you’re an Android user, I suggest you take a peek at our AirPods Pro Review to get a handle on the differences in feature availability for your device.

Two major things to consider for the AirPods Pro: Active Noise Cancellation and Adaptive EQ. Those do not appear in any other buds in this article.

The lesser of the two AirPods models are not rated for water resistance, while the AirPods Pro are IPX4 rated resistant to water and sweat: “Resistant to water splashes from any direction.” Both the Galaxy Buds and Buds+ are rated IPX2: “Resistant to that hits the product at a 15° angle or less.”

Could the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ create chaos for Apple’s AirPods empire? Or do these earbuds just provide a convenient block for Samsung Galaxy smartphone users that’d otherwise strongly consider giving Apple a couple hundred dollars for a pair of pods?

Update the detailed information about Overcoming The Social Pr Nightmare on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!