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What happened in the mobile game & app industry in the first half of 2023? As an answer to that, SocialPeta published its “H1 2023 Mobile Game & App Marketing White Paper”, providing global insights to help people working in the mobile game & app industry with the globalization of their products.

1. Overview of Global Advertising Market Data

2. Overview of global mobile app marketing in different countries/regions

2. Overview of global mobile app marketing in different countries/regions

The second part of the report focuses on the overview of mobile game&app marketing in popular countries/regions around the world.

Reading apps had an outstanding number of creatives; [TikTok] dominated the American market

For more data on different countries/regions, please download the full white paper.

3. Cost intelligence

Mobile app CPM increased by 64% MoM; 3 countries had a CPM of over $10

4. Trends of creatives

Casual gameplays were key to creatives.

Strategy mobile games: the creatives were designed with lightweight gameplay, making it seem easy to play so as to attract more audiences to download the games.

The creatives released in H1 2023 were usually designed with lightweight gameplays, trying to attract more gamers by featuring “less difficult to start” and “entertaining”.

As the global demands for pan entertainment rose, short video, live streaming, entertainment platforms suffered from serious involution

TikTok, Bigo Live, and other short video apps, and live streaming platforms have changed Meta-platforms’ dominant position, leading to fierce competition among thousands of live streaming platforms.

5. Mobile gaming&app Industry trends

High-budget/high-quality mobile games were growing, ushering in a new era of mobile phone games

In H1 2023, Activision announced that its “Call of Duty: Warzone” would be developed into a brand-new AAA mobile version. Apple chose the mobile game “Genshin Impact” for the demonstration of product performance during the new product launch event this spring, and the game was labeled as “AAA Game” in its slides. Perhaps there will be more big game companies announcing their plans of making AAA mobile games, moving the PC gaming experience to mobile.

ACGN  mobile games were more developed and mature, and may become a sensation worldwide

“Genshin Impact” continued to top among all global mobile games. On the first day after its release, the Japanese version of “Arknights” topped the App Store’s free game chart, and its in-game events were well-received. According to the Chinese version of TapTap, there are over 145 games that are labeled “ACGN” elements and are planned to be released.

To avoid fierce competition, app globalization should seek opportunities in the T3 market

T3 market has sped up the construction of its digital infrastructure after COVID-19. The financial technology, e-commerce, social interactions and entertainment, game, and other industries in many T3 markets are worth much attention. For example, thanks to the huge demand for financial technology services and the government’s strong support, Mexico’s financial technology business has grown rapidly to become one of the major financial technology systems in Latin America.

The combination of Metaverse and social apps

Since the metaverse concept became a sensation, there has been a new “metaverse” app released each day. From November 2023 to January 2023, there had been 552 apps labeled “metaverse”. But those apps were coarsely and quickly made, and there hasn’t been an official definition of metaverse apps. So metaverse social apps are still at a very early stage, and there is still a very big gap to fill before metaverse has a great profit potential or becomes a big hit.

This report’s data cover 72 countries/regions worldwide, with over 90 mobile marketing platforms across the world and totally over 1.2 billion mobile marketing creatives. You can download the full report to know more about the industry data and growth opportunities for mobile gaming & apps.

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Meet Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855: Ai Boosts, A Smarter Camera, Mobile Gaming—And Bye

A year ago, Qualcomm unveiled the Snapdragon 845, the brains behind flagship smartphones like the Google Pixel 3, the U.S. version of the Samsung Galaxy S9, OnePlus phones, and others. Now, Qualcomm’s next-generation Snapdragon 855 promises those platforms even more enhancements: dedicated logic blocks for digital assistants, revamped camera logic for computer vision, specific gaming boosts. It also gives the traditional JPEG file format the boot.

Qualcomm’s next-generation 855 is due to ship during the first half of 2023, meaning that phone makers will be able to design and announce their own Snapdragon 855-based phones for launch later in 2023.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips are truly systems-on-a-chip (SoC), with an improved Adreno GPU and Kryo CPU, a Hexagon DSP that’s being repurposed for AI, and an increasingly more intelligent Spectra camera signal processor—often a key feature for phone buyers. Though each of the 855’s subsystems has been improved in its own right, Qualcomm also made one significant, overall improvement: While the Snapdragon 845 was manufactured on a 10nm process, Qualcomm has made the leap to 7nm with the Snapdragon 855.

Travis Lanier, Qualcomm’s senior director of product management, put it simply: The Snapdragon 855 will deliver 45 percent more performance than the 845 in the Kryo GPU, and 20 percent more performance in the Adreno GPU.


Qualcomm hasn’t disclosed specifics such as the power consumption of the Snapdragon 855, but we know the chip is small.

Connectivity: Improvements beyond just 5G

Keith Kressin, senior vice president of product management at Qualcomm, suggested that every generation of wireless technology took a decade to develop. What’s 5G bringing? “Massive amounts of connectivity,” Kressin said, together with a new ecosystem of applications that no one quite understands quite yet.

“One question that comes up quite frequently: What is 5G going to do for me?” said Durga Malladi, the senior vice president for 4G and 5G for Qualcomm. For a network operator, it means that users will stream more high-bandwidth movies, with less latency. 5G also enables connected PCs, he said.

Mark Hachman / IDG

While 5G is revolutionary, you’ll probably see more benefit in the LTE enhancements.

But phones connect via Wi-Fi as well as cellular, and the Snapdragon 855 makes improvements here, too. Qualcomm is also characterizing the 855 as 802.11ax “ready,” also known as WiFi6. While today’s 802.11ac devices can push a maximum of 3Gbps, shared between several devices, 802.11ax will be able to support up to 14Gbps. It will also support 802.11ay, a 60GHz Wi-Fi solution, capable of 7Gbps, and believed to be most applicable for short-range, high-bandwidth apps like untethered VR. There’s Bluetooth 5.0, too.

Making cameras smarter with the Spectra ISP 

Traditional smartphones process color, white balance, exposure, and other optical characteristics to create an image. But as cameras have become smarter, they’ve begun recognizing objects, people, and other details of a scene. Until now, that’s required tapping into the CPU, GPU, and DSP for extra processing power. The result, has been features like portrait mode, which can intelligently recognize the subject of a picture and then blur the remaining background. Now, Snapdragon-equipped smartphone cameras will be able to do that for video, too.

What Qualcomm did was to recognize what portions of the CPU, GPU, and DSP the Snapdragon accessed, merged them with the color pipeline, and pulled the whole thing  into a separate logic core. In the 855, Qualcomm created what it calls the first ISP optimized for computer vision. 

That’s resulted in a “huge speed boost” in computer-vision applications as well as 4X reduction in power savings. Put another way, it will enable the 855 to perform all the traditional camera functions more quickly and at lower power, while enabling a new range of features.

Mark Hachman / IDG

In the Snapdragon 855, the Spectra ISP combines the color pipeline and the AI pipeline for features like dynamic background replacement.

Even better, the Spectra 850 can now perform depth sensing at 60Hz, meaning that Snapdragon 855-equipped cameras will now be able to take the “portrait mode” of still images and apply it to video. Likewise, since Snapdragon 855 cameras can now distinguish and identify multiple objects, phones will be able to “pull out” the subject of a video and replace it with another background, in real time. There are even cinematograph capabilities, where part of the scene can be in motion.

All this, unfortunately, means a big change in the way Qualcomm Snapdragon phones store photo—the company is moving to the HEIF image format. Though JPEG has been the preferred file format for the last 20 years, it can’t store the complexity of HDR, computer vision, and so forth. HEIF can, storing everything from burst-mode photos to alpha masks, and even video, all within one “image” format.

Mark Hachman / IDG

This is what HEIF will offer as a file format.

HEIF also acknowledges that more and more smartphones include multiple cameras—and with HEIF, you can store data from all of them. The goal? Shoot once, share everything.

Cinema Core: Saving power while playing back video

Mark Hachman / IDG

Compelling reasons for watching video on your smartphone.

Hiren Bhinde, a director of product management, drew a distinction between the typical desktop PC monitor (1080p with just 8-bit color depths) versus what a smartphone now offers: 2K resolution, HDR, and much deeper color depths.

Cinema Core also supports what Qualcomm calls the next generation of HDR video, specifically HDR10+ playback, offering more dynamic range per frame then before. It will also offer 120fps playback, as well as 8K video playback of HDR video. From an audio perspective, Qualcomm’s introducing Qualcomm aptX Adaptive, a low-latency audio technology, as well as what it calls True Wireless Stereo Plus, for completely wire-free stereo audio.

Snapdragon Elite Gaming Platform: Boosting mobile gaming

When most people think of mobile gaming, they think of timewasters like Candy Crush. In Asia, however, mobile games are increasingly thought of as mobile counterparts to desktop games like Fortnite. Qualcomm is introducing what it calls the Snapdragon Elite Gaming Platform to satisfy that market.

Qualcomm’s putting a number of different features in its Elite Gaming Platform basket, but it all centers around the Adreno 640 GPU found within the Snapdragon 855, offering a 30 percent boost in performance over the Snapdragon 845. The Snapdragon 835 added HDR video playback; the 845 added HDR video capture. With the 855, the company is adding true HDR rendering gaming capabilities, supporting 10-bit color depths and the Rec 2023 color gamut. All told, over a billion colors are supported.

Mark Hachman / IDG

All the benefits of Snapdragon’s Elite Gaming Platform.

Qualcomm’s also banking on what it calls physical-based rendering—though it’s the surface textures that are being modeled on physical objects, such as stone. Small imperfections and porosity are modeled, with the idea that rendered objects will have a more lifelike look. About 30 different surfaces will be modeled.

Hexagon DSP: Making AI smarter

Although the Kryo GPU, Adreno GPU, and Hexagon DSP are all capable of running the complex math libraries that power AI, Qualcomm executives said that the Hexagon 690 has been literally rebuilt for AI. In fact, AI performance will be three times more powerful than on the Snapdragon 845, Qualcomm executives said, processing 7 trillion AI operations per second.

Rajan Patel, senior director of engineering for Google Augmented Reality, said that the 855 would reduce latency by about three times. A high-bandwidth, low-latency 5G connection will make it easier to download large assets for augmented reality, he said.

The Hexagon is also used for real-time noise-reduction algorithms to cut background noise in video calls from airports or clubs, and for third-party apps that can even show you what you might look like with a different hairstyle.

Mark Hachman / IDG

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 chip, and its Hexagon DSP, can power apps like this that can interpolate extrra detail in an image, executives said.

The Hexagon DSP will also be used to power what Qualcomm is calling a “3D Sonic Sensor,” an ultrasonic biometric sensor that can be mounted underneath a display to log in users via their fingerprints. Most smartphones use capacitive sensors, which detect the electrical impulses given off by a fingertip. Qualcomm believes that the way in which an ultrasonic sensor “paints” your fingertip’s whorls and lines with ultrasonic sound is the future, in that it works while wet and through contaminants like oil.

A less powerful Kryo CPU?

Mark Hachman / IDG

A performance summary of the Kryo CPU and Adreno GPU.

In part, that’s why Qualcomm doesn’t usually talk much about its Kryo CPUs. But the new Kryo 485 core includes something unusual: a “prime core.” 

Typically, a Snapdragon chip includes four “performance” cores and four “efficiency” cores, the latter optimized for lower power. The Snapdragon 845 uses four ARM A75 cores at 2.8GHz and four A55 cores running at 1.8GHz. Qualcomm says the Kryo 485 within the Snapdragon 855 is 45 percent more powerful.

Mark Hachman / IDG

Here are the speeds of each of the Snapdragon 855’s Kryo cores.

But there are some interesting differences between the 845 and the 855. With the Snapdragon 855’s Kryo 485, there’s still the low-power “efficiency” cores, also running at 1.8GHz. But now there are three “performance” cores running at a slower 2.42GHz. But Qualcomm has added a new, even faster “prime” core running at a faster 2.84GHz. 

Mark Hachman / IDG

The Kryo core introduces a new “prime” CPU core.

Updated at 1:13 PM Hawaii time with additional details.

Note: Because Qualcomm would provide certain information only via an in-person briefing in Hawaii, with no alternative venue in the continental United States or by virtual means, we accepted the company’s offer to pay for my flight and hotel in order to get the story.

5 Best Gaming Desk Deals

5 Best Gaming Desk Deals [Black Friday & Cyber Monday] Gaming desks are extremely popular due to their practicality




We’ve ranked the top gaming desks available on the market.

If you’re looking for a high end desk, our no. 1 pick is a great choice.

Alternatively, if you’re on a tight budget, our top pick offers awesome features for its price.

As we all know, when using a PC or a laptop just for your work or school projects, a regular desktop or even the kitchen table will do. But when you’re an avid gamer and invest in your equipment, a gaming desktop is a must.

When choosing a gaming desktop, it’s important that not only it fits your room, but also that it has the proper dimensions and sturdiness to take all your peripherals and anything else you want to store on it.

So we’ve picked up five gaming desktops that you should look at if you’re in the market for a new acquisition. At least one of them is perfect for a more business-like home office, if you want to keep your gaming guilty pleasure under cover.

Note: All the prices and offers in this article are subject to change, so be sure to check the official product page to get the latest deal. If the product/offer you’re looking for is no longer available, you can try to find it on its official manufacturer page or get another one from our list.

What is the best gaming desk to buy?

AmazonBasics Gaming Computer Desk – best budget pick

Mr. IRONSTONE 31.5” gaming desk – made out of carbon fiber

TOOLF T-Shaped Large Gaming Desk – largest in this bunch

MOTPK 40″ gaming desk – large enough for 3 monitors

Teraves Reversible Computer Desk – high end option

If you want to learn more about each gaming desk, check out their pros an cons below.

Steel K-leg design

Multiple storage options

Carbon fiber laminated surface

The monitor stand doesn’t feel super secure

Check price

The first option is rather a no-name gaming desktop that could be easily listed as a budget choice.

It comes with modern K-shape sturdy legs, a 5-slot game storage shelf, an under-desk basket, and a generous charging station for smartphone or tablets, plus compartments for controllers, headphones, speakers and drink cup.

The extra monitor stand can fit a 32” display.

The extremely affordable price tag is another perk of this gaming desk.

Suitable for small spaces

Z-shaped legs

Cable management holes

Carbon fiber surface looks cheap

Check price

When it comes to gaming desks, Mr. Ironstone is an established brand in the domain and for our list, we chose a basic, compact desk that teenagers can conveniently use both as a study desk and as a gaming set.

Similar to the previous model, this one also comes with Z-shaped legs and a surface made of carbon fiber, yet is considerably smaller. The overall size is 31.5” (W) x 23.6” (D) x 29.9” (H), with a 0.59″ thick board. The desk can stand up to 110 lbs (approx. 50 kgs).

Expert tip:

Assembling takes only 15-20 minutes, while further maintenance is extremely easy.

Can take a weight of up to 170 lbs

Multifunctional and extremely large

Sturdy materials

Assembling issues might appear due to poor manufacturing

Check price

TOOLF’s gaming desk is the largest featured in this article and it is a truly multifunctional desk that you can use to store not only your gaming gear but also other writing or office tools.

Nice additions are the two cable management holes and hidden electric socket box, a desktop handle rack, a full size mouse pad for conveniently moving the mouse, and a headphone hook and cup holder.

Cup holder, headphone hook, monitor stand

40” wide

Can support up to 3 monitors

Assembling issues

Check price

This is a tall and steady gaming table that any gamer would love, especially since it is large enough to fit 3 monitors: two on the sides and one on the dedicated stander.

The table has an ergonomic design that prevents back bending if you’re only using the monitor placed on the stand; besides, the adjustable feet help with the same purpose.

Not to mention that for all it has to offer, it is cheaper that other items presented so far.

Elegant and modern

Reversible shelves

Quality material

Assembling issues

Check price

Our last pick isn’t necessarily a gaming desk, but can easily be turned into one.

It’s a more expensive option, but we’ve picked it for the good quality materials, elegant design and overall sturdy aspect, plus good size for most rooms.

The legs are interchangeable in case you need to move it around, and the shelves can be removed to fit a PC tower.

Still experiencing issues?

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Best Rtx 3070 Gaming Laptop

Best RTX 3070 gaming laptop

These laptops sporting an RTX 3070 are some of the most powerful gaming machines on the market

Camilo Delgado

The RTX 3070 is a formidable GPU known for its exceptional gaming capabilities and graphical prowess. If you’re in the market for a gaming laptop that can handle the latest games with ease, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll delve into the realm of the best RTX 3070 laptops, showcasing their features, performance, and value. Get ready to unleash the power of performance and immerse yourself in the world of cutting-edge gaming with these top-tier laptops.

Products at a Glance

Features and Considerations

When searching for the best RTX 3070 gaming laptop, there are several features and considerations to keep in mind. First and foremost, focus on the GPU performance. The RTX 3070 is known for its powerful gaming capabilities and support for ray-tracing technology. Look for laptops that can fully harness the potential of the RTX 3070, delivering smooth gaming performance and stunning visuals.

Another important aspect is the display quality. A high-quality display enhances your gaming experience by offering crisp visuals and vibrant colors. Consider factors such as resolution, refresh rate, and panel type to find a laptop that suits your gaming preferences.

The cooling system is also crucial for gaming laptops. Intensive gaming sessions generate a significant amount of heat, so ensure that the laptop you choose has an efficient cooling system with adequate heat dissipation. This will help prevent thermal throttling and maintain optimal performance.

Consider the build quality and portability of the laptop as well. Look for sturdy construction and a manageable weight if you plan to use the laptop for gaming on the go. Durability and portability are important factors to consider alongside performance.

Our Recommended

Best RTX 3070 gaming laptop



Powerful RTX 3070 GPU

Effective cooling system

High-refresh-rate display

Sleek design


Battery life may be relatively shorter

Price point may be too high

The ASUS ROG Strix Scar 15 G533QR earns its place as the Editor’s Choice for the best RTX 3070 gaming laptop. This laptop truly embodies top-notch gaming performance with its powerful RTX 3070 GPU. Whether you’re diving into graphically demanding AAA titles or engaging in competitive multiplayer games, this laptop delivers exceptional frame rates and stunning visuals.

The high-refresh-rate display further enhances the gaming experience, providing smooth and fluid visuals. With its rapid response time and vibrant colors, every gaming moment becomes immersive and engaging. The combination of the RTX 3070 GPU and the impressive display creates a truly captivating gaming experience.

In terms of design, the ROG Strix Scar 15 G533QR boasts a sleek and modern aesthetic that appeals to gamers. The keyboard features per-key RGB lighting, allowing for customizable lighting effects and a visually stunning setup. The laptop’s build quality is solid, ensuring durability while maintaining a relatively lightweight profile for easy portability.



Sleek and stylish design

Powerful RTX 3070 GPU

Vibrant and immersive display.

Comfortable keyboard


Can get warm during intensive gaming sessions

Price point may be higher compared to other options

The Razer Blade 15 Advanced earns its place as the best-designed RTX 3070 gaming laptop, combining style and performance in an impressive package. With its sleek aesthetics and premium build quality, this laptop stands out as a true head-turner.

The RTX 3070 GPU powers the Razer Blade 15 Advanced, delivering exceptional gaming performance. Whether you’re exploring vast open worlds or engaging in fast-paced multiplayer battles, the laptop provides smooth gameplay and stunning visuals, thanks to its powerful graphics processing capabilities.

One of the standout features of this laptop is its elegant design. The Razer Blade 15 Advanced sports a sleek and minimalistic aluminum chassis that exudes sophistication. The precision craftsmanship is apparent in every detail, from the smooth lines to the precise keyboard and touchpad placement.

The keyboard and trackpad on this laptop also deserve praise. The keyboard offers a comfortable typing experience, and the individually backlit keys can be customized to create a unique gaming atmosphere. The trackpad is precise and responsive, enhancing the overall user experience.



Stunning high-resolution display

Powerful RTX 3070 GPU for smooth gaming performance

Sleek design with premium build quality


Cooling system may not be as robust as some other options

Battery life could be improved during intensive gaming sessions

The Alienware m15 R5 takes the crown for the best screen among RTX 3070 gaming laptops. Its high-resolution display offers stunning visuals with excellent color accuracy and wide viewing angles.

The m15 R5’s RTX 3070 GPU ensures smooth gaming performance, allowing you to enjoy your favorite games with remarkable detail and clarity. The powerful graphics capabilities combined with the impressive screen make for an immersive gaming experience.

The laptop’s sleek design and premium build quality add to its appeal. The sturdy construction and attention to detail are evident, showcasing Alienware’s commitment to delivering a top-tier gaming experience. The keyboard is responsive and comfortable, enhancing your gaming and typing sessions.

How we picked the best RTX 3070 gaming laptop

Our selection process involved thorough research and consideration of several key factors. We conducted performance testing to benchmark the gaming laptops, assessing their gaming capabilities, frame rates, and overall performance with the RTX 3070 GPU.

We evaluated expert reviews and analyzed user feedback to gather insights into real-world experiences and user satisfaction. By examining the features and specifications of each laptop, including GPU performance, display quality, cooling system, build quality, and connectivity options, we were able to identify the top contenders.

Price and value were important considerations, as we aimed to include options that offer a balance of performance, features, and affordability. We also took into account the reputation and track record of the laptop brands in terms of build quality, customer support, and overall reliability.

Our Verdict

Editor’s choice

Best RTX 3070 gaming laptop

In conclusion, the best RTX 3070 laptops offer exceptional gaming performance and stunning visuals. From our selection, the ASUS ROG Strix Scar 15 G533QR stands out as the Editor’s Choice, delivering outstanding performance and efficient cooling. The Razer Blade 15 Advanced impresses with its sleek design and premium build quality. The MSI GE66 Raider offers excellent value, and the Alienware m15 R5 boasts a high-resolution screen.

Consider your priorities when selecting the best RTX 3070 laptop. Whether you prioritize performance, design, value, or display quality, our list has options to suit different needs.

Best Merax Gaming Chair 2023


The cost of gaming chairs can vary quite dramatically. the big-name companies are all going to be charging considerably more for their wares but there is a reason for that. generally, the materials used are of much higher quality, this is how the cheaper manufacturers can trim down their price so much. With this trimming down also comes a reduction in comfort. Extra support cushions aren’t included, the foam used in the seat and back sections won’t be as high quality and may lose its shape quicker than you would like. The seat itself might not recline or even feel as sturdy.

What we are saying, and we certainly don’t always suggest you go for the higher ticket items, but when it comes to gaming chairs you generally get what you pay for. It all depends on how happy you are to compromise.


The last couple of years have definitely seen a move away from the huge gamification of gaming chairs. No longer are we only different bright green chairs with orange lightning bolts emblazoned across them but you can now get high-quality gaming chairs that do not look out of place in any corner of your home. You need to decide whether you want one that’s more akin to a big padded ‘bosses’ office chair or stick with the racing-style so popular in years gone by. It’s also worth considering you may redecorate before your chair reaches the end of its life so that bright yellow racing chair may not fit in so well in the future.

Selection Criteria

Weight Limit

The weight limit on most of these gaming chairs is less of a concern than on a traditional office or computer chair. That’s because these chairs are already based on the floor, and therefore aren’t likely to collapse if they have a sturdy frame.

The only real exceptions to these rules are the Intex Inflatable Chair and the X Rocker Pedestal Chair. The Inflatable Chair is much more strict about its weight limit since it risks popping if you go over it, while the Pedestal in the other chair may give away if you stress it too much for too long.

Besides those chairs, though, you’re probably just fine being 350+ lbs and using these chairs on the floor. They should be reasonably comfortable, too, but you can also check the measurements on them if you’re particularly wide.

Get A Chair That Matches Your Size

Gaming chairs have a height and weight capacity like any other chair.

Most of them can only support up to 250 lbs while some can handle weights of up to 400 lbs. Similarly, some chairs are smaller and can only accommodate heights up to 5’5” while some have high backrests that can support over 6’ in height.

Choose a gaming chair that can at least support 20 lbs more than your current weight. And since it’s unlikely you’ll shoot up another foot anytime soon, just go with a chair that’s close to your height or a little slightly above.

Determine Your Desk Height And Width

One thing many people forget when buying a chair is that it needs to be small enough to fit close to their desk. This means you should have a good idea of just how tall and wide your chair is.


Features are another big thing, but the main one at play here is audio.

For whatever reason, most people expect gaming chairs to have built-in speakers for an immersive gaming audio experience. If this interests you and you don’t mind a few extra steps of setup, you should probably opt into it.

If this doesn’t interest you, though, don’t waste your money. Focus on buying a comfortable chair instead.

Best Tv Settings For Gaming

Modern day gaming consoles are highly optimized to help you play games on a TV. It is all possible because of the integrated gaming mode on the TV. This mode automatically enhances the TV’s display settings to facilitate your gameplay.

However, if your TV does not support gaming mode, you should adjust a few settings. You can start off by adjusting the picture, sound and power settings on your TV. After that, you should optimize the TV output settings on the gaming console.

Although it reduces the unwanted lags during the gameplay, the picture might not appear appealing and refined. For example, in games like Fortnite and Call Of Duty (COD), you need to make a decision in a split second. So, if response time matters in your gameplay, you can turn it on.

Now, let’s see how to enable the gaming mode. Here, we are using Samsung 4 series TV for demonstrating the steps.

Move down to General settings.

If your TV does not have a gaming mode, there are certain picture settings you need to adjust. The adjustments totally depend upon your preferences. However, we have discussed some of the adjustments that can provide you with optimal gaming performance.

Picture size represents the aspect ratio of the TV screen. It should always be set to standard. Most modern TVs have an aspect ratio of Standard 16:9. You can set it to the standard settings of your TV.

There are different picture modes available on a TV like Dynamic, Natural, Standard and Movie. For the best gameplay experience, you can try setting it to Standard.

Backlight intensity levels on a TV represent how intense the lights behind your display panel glow. It totally depends upon the lighting condition of your room. You can adjust it accordingly to best suit your viewing.

Brightness settings define how much luminance you want on the images. It should also be set according to the ambiance of your room. For optimized gameplay, you can set it to a 50% level.

Contrast is a ratio between the brightness of the brightest white shade to the brightness of the brightest black shade on an image. Higher contrast ratios are optimal for gaming. Consider setting it between 70-80%.

Contrast Enhancer settings can automatically adjust the contrast of your TV depending upon the viewing environment. It can affect your gameplay by changing the contrast on its own. So, it’s best to turn it off.

Sharpness level deals with the edge enhancement of text and images. A higher level of sharpness is responsible for causing pixelation. Meaning, with the increase in sharpness, the edge of the images and text appear fuzzy. You can set it to 0%.

The color settings are useful to adjust the color saturation levels. A higher color saturation level shows vivid and intensified colors. But, it can result in eye strain. You can set it to 50%.

Changing the Tint levels generally changes the saturation of green and red colors on images. Setting it to a lower or higher level can make images appear reddish or greenish. The optimal setting is a tint level of 0%.

Unlike its name, it does not help reduce background noise on audio. Rather, it reduces the distortion on the display signal. Noise reduction can be helpful while watching general content. But, consider turning it off while you are playing games on your TV. It adds extra processing to the TV and can lag your gameplay.

There are generally two types of color tones available in TVs – Cool and Warm. The warm color tone makes the picture on the screen appear a bit yellowish. It is good for your eyes but can make playing games difficult. Consider setting it to Cool.

The gamma function determines the brightness of a shadow. A lower gamma value results in a brighter shadow and a higher gamma value fades away the shadow. You should set it to an optimal value. A gamma value of 2.2 is considered best for an enhanced gaming experience.

Color space includes color combinations that a TV can display. TVs normally use an RGB color model to generate images on the screen. You can leave the color space settings to default.

Shadow detailing helps decrease the brightness of darker parts in an image so that you can see more details in them. Don’t make it too high or too low. You can set it to anything just above the zero level.

There are also power settings like motion lighting and ambient light detection that should be turned off while playing games. When enabled, these settings can change the luminance of images based on the light intensity of your room. Therefore, consider disabling these features.

Not only picture settings but there are also some sound settings you can adjust to improve your gaming experience. If your sound output device is set to TV speakers, you can change it to external speakers like a soundbar. Not only that, you can change the sound format to Dolby Atmos, if supported by your TV and speakers.

Launch Settings.

Now that you have optimized everything on your TV, you should now start adjusting the settings on your gaming console. Whether it be a Playstation, Xbox, or a Nintendo switch, you can easily find and adjust the TV output settings. Here, we will be referencing Nintendo Switch to elucidate the steps.

You can accordingly change other available settings.

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