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What does being an Indian meant to me till now? I think it has been assimilating various cultures in my personal value systems and being better than all of them.. the sum of all is greater than cultures added together.

OpenXML is the same. It provides a culture new us that promises efficiencies in the future. It is up to us to take up all that is there and make a story better than each of them put together, different cultures, different standards have been always beneficial for the world-leading to choice & ensuring the survival of the fittest… if TCP/IP was not given a chance in the world dominated by Novell Netware’s XNS stack, would the Internet ever be around?

OpenXML is the “opening” up of Microsoft Office. The earlier binary format of MS Office is now available for viewing & working upon by anyone. This has been a long way for Microsoft when in 2004 EU recommended that MS opens its Office formats. there may have been licenses granted to 3rd party developers for building products but OpenXML makes it available to all the developers of the Microsoft Technology ecosystem.

Next, when it was put forward to be ratified as a standard from ISO, India decided to vote against the same.

This I think is primarily against Indian values of giving everyone a fair chance! here are some of the reasons that India should reconsider their stand on OpenXML:

Microsoft technologies are an ecosystem like any other technology. Killing a standard here amounts to killing an ecosystem! does india want its IT story to turn sour? Not only Microsoft ecosystem but also Java ecosystems as OpenXML can be leveraged from Java as well.

OpenXML provides an opportunity to convert numerous Office documents of yesteryears to be converted to open format so that it be maintained and acted upon now and in future? OpenXML ensures long term preservation of content.

OpenXML is technically superior to competing formats given it has support for custom schemas i.e. for any document format that your company devises. Not only this, it has great accessibility support and focuses on maintaining fidelity in the office documents.

Does Govt. of India want to be seen as a closed economy or be seen as a cultivator of open economy encouraging better products and services?

The OpenXML standard is available for FREE and there is no IP issues around the same. Given the freedom that OpenXML provides, what could be so wrong with OpenXML?

Microsoft as a company has given many good products and technologies to the world (including the now famous AJAX)… why should a company with such wide penetration and technical depth be not supported in opening up its technologies to the world?

One does wonder though if OpenXML was developed by Microsoft to serve it “secret” purpose? In fact, the standard was developed in consultation with a lot of companies and many others have already implemented support in their products e.g. Apple, Corel, Novell, IBM (Websphere Portal, DB2 Content Manager V8.4, Lotus Quickr, Lotus Symphony & DB2 9 pureXML) & Google (use filetype:docx, filetype:xlsx, filetype:pptx in your search terms).. Now doesn’t it seem ironic that many of these companies are at forefront of opposing OpenXML standard?

There are primarily 2 reasons for this contradiction:

Some companies want to use the standardization process as a barrier to trade.. getting a standard disapproved shields them from ever facing competitive threats in the Govt. procurement. this should never be allowed to happen!

Given the widespread adoption of MS Office technologies, these vendors don’t want to be cut off from the opportunity OpenXML brings about in the market… we should welcome the move as it encourages competition.. what can be more exciting than an IBM product that does a better job handling Office formats than Microsoft does?

So what is the current situation and do we have a second chance to correct our mistakes?

I hope when the time comes to finally vote, we stand true to our character of being Indians & embrace all the variety that the world has to offer to us.

Office Open XML Formats

Microsoft Senior Vice President Chris Capossela has just released a public statement, relative to the Open XML standards process. In this message, Capossela offers perspective on the rationale behind standardization for Open XML, the benefits afforded to the broader industry that is actively implementing the current Ecma specification, and Microsoft’s commitment to supporting the enhancements made to the current ISO specification under review.

There are now just two weeks remaining before the final collective decision from ISO/IEC’s 87 participating National Body members regarding the DIS 29500 ballot (Office Open XML file formats). Midnight CET (Geneva) is the official deadline for National Body members to communicate (in writing) any changes to their formal position.

Microsoft relinquished the formal ownership of the formats, in Nov 15th, 2005, to Ecma International. The Co-sponsors have been Apple, Barclays Capital, BP, British Library, Essilor, Intel Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, NextPage Inc., Statoil ASA, Toshiba.

This standards process is both highly nuanced and political! While Microsoft has been accused of influencing NGOs and Govt officials on their stand; readers may also want to check up this letter from Ashish Gautam, Open Standards Specialist – India, IBM India sent to govt officials and others, which states:

“Please start influencing our national body – BIS, the press, STQC and state IT bodies. Also start asking BIS and MCIT to post all the documentation on their website and make it available to the public…This way you can point people to the documentation and they can become familiar with all of the information as we commence the balloting process…”

The Govt now needs to take a stand! And act in the best interest of the end-user! It should encourage multiple platforms and multiple standards so that benefits of innovation, may ultimately accrue to the end customer.

Authored By: Abhishek Kant.

You're reading Microsoft Openxml Format: Microsoft Gets It Right This Time

Microsoft Photos Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It

Microsoft Photos is one of the most used photo viewing applications in Windows. It is very easy to use, and many Windows users use it as their default application for viewing images.

However, even this simple app can run into errors and stop working. This error was first reported on Windows 10, but it can also affect other Windows versions. Sometimes, your photos may not load, an error message may show up, or the screen stays blank when MS Photos is not working.

It can happen due to issues like outdated software or app version, corrupted application files, or unsupported file formats. If you are also facing this type of issue, worry not, as we have compiled just the right fixes for you to solve this issue.

There are several methods you can use to fix your Microsoft Photos malfunctioning, depending on the cause of the issue. Before you begin, make sure to restart your computer and reopen MS Photos to see if it works.

If a normal application restart doesn’t fix the issue, you can try fully closing the application. Even if you normally close an application, it may still have some of its background processes or related services running.

However, you can fully close an application from Task Manager and restart it to see if it fixes your issue. Here’s how you can do so:

Press Alt + Ctrl + Del hotkey and select Task Manager.

Re-open the application.

Windows provides an in-built method to troubleshoot a store application or preinstalled application if it stops working or malfunctions, also known as the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter.

As Microsoft Photos is a store application and a preinstalled one, you can run the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter to check and fix it.

Follow the steps to do so

Use the Windows key + I hotkey to open Settings.

Follow the on-screen instructions.

Another thing that could cause your photos application to stop working is if the app is outdated. It is always recommended to update any software to the latest version, as outdated software is prone to bugs, errors, and security risks.

Furthermore, newer software builds are designed to be more compatible with the latest application versions. You can update your application from the Microsoft Store to see if it fixes your issue.

Open Microsoft Store.

Select Get Updates in the upper-right corner.

All your available updates will automatically start downloading.

Similar to updating Microsoft Photos, it is also essential to update your Windows OS to the latest version for the same reason. Newer Windows updates usually carry bug fixes and other extra features in them.

If MS Photos malfunctions due to a bug in your OS, a Windows update will help solve it. Here’s how to do so

Launch Settings from the start menu.

Select Download and Install if there are any.

If the above methods don’t fix your issue, you can try repairing the MS Photos app from Windows in-built settings. When you use this feature, Windows will try to repair the selected application that isn’t working correctly. Furthermore, repairing an application will not cause any loss of data.

Follow the steps below to repair your MS Photos application:

Launch Settings by pressing the Windows key + I key.

Select Advanced options.

If repairing the application doesn’t fix your issue, you can try resetting it. Doing so will clear all the application’s data and return its configuration to its default setting. If you have misconfigured or corrupted application data, it will help fix the issue.

While resetting the MS Photos will clear its application data, your locally saved photos will be unharmed.

Open Settings from the method above.

When you reset the Microsoft Store cache, it clears all your installed store applications cache data, including MS Photos. If this issue was caused by MS Photos’s corrupted cache, resetting your MS store will fix your problem.

Here’s how you can do so:

Press the Windows key + R key to launch the Run dialog box.

It will reset your Microsoft Store.

Lastly, you can try reinstalling Microsoft Photos to see if it fixes your issue. Reinstalling MS Photos will clear all application files and install a new working copy of the app. 

However, MS Photos is a preinstalled Windows application, and it cannot be uninstalled normally. You can use the Powershell tool to uninstall MS Photos and reinstall it back again from the Store.

Here’s how you can do so:

Launch the Run dialog box by pressing Windows + R shortcut key.

Type powershell and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open PowerShell as an administrator.

Exit PowerShell.

Reinstall Microsoft Photos from the Microsoft Store.

How To Find Leaked Passwords On Microsoft Edge And Change Them Right Away

Microsoft has been doing its best to take Edge mainstream. It has been pushing new features almost every month, and the latest batch could go a long way in establishing it as a worthy alternative to Google Chrome. The features are primarily related to passwords, about letting you keep them safe with the help of Microsoft Edge.

Today, we’ll check them out, in length, and tell you how you can use the newly-added tools — Password Health and Leaked Password — to make your passwords airtight. So, without further ado, let’s check out Edge’s password protection suite.

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What does Password Health Mean?

When we sign up for a new service through a website or create an account, we are generally asked to put down our email ID and password. And while many websites urge us to put down a strong password — a combination of capitalization, numbers, special characters — many are reluctant to impose such a bottleneck. This makes the password “weaker,” leaving our account vulnerable to a sneak attack in the future. 

A password that isn’t long, can be easily guessed and doesn’t include special characters, numbers, and capitalization is dubbed as a weak password. A strong password uses a combination of the aforementioned elements, which safeguards our accounts from threats. The whole ordeal of judging a password’s strength is done through Password Health. A healthy password is much difficult to crack than a standard weak/unhealthy password. 

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How to check password health in Microsoft Edge

You’ll see multiple sections on this screen. Scroll down until you see the ‘Saved password’ banner. On the right of the ‘Saved password’ banner, you’ll see a little toggle: ‘Show health.’ Make sure the toggle is turned on. 

If a password is deemed healthy, Edge will give it three bars.

A weak password, on the other hand, would get a single bar.

Passwords with moderate health get two bars. 

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How to find if your passwords have leaked

Now, select the ‘Profiles’ tab on your left and select ‘Passwords’ on the right.

Finally, scroll down until you see the ‘Saved passwords’ section. Here, you’ll see all the passwords you have saved in Microsoft Edge so far. Now, look closely, and check if any password has a red exclamation mark on the right of it.

If it does, hover your mouse cursor over it and Edge would be quick to tell you that the password has been compromised

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How to change leaked passwords

Seeing your password be compromised is pretty bad. However, rest assured that it’s completely fixable, especially if it doesn’t contain sensitive data. You can simply reset the password on the main website and go about your day. And most importantly, Microsoft Edge assists you on that front as well. It gives you access to the main website right next to the passwords, which makes it super easy to change them whenever you feel like it. 

It will take you to the website whose password has been compromised. Find the option to change your profile password and then change it as suitable. 

However, it is to be noted that Microsoft Edge might not always lead you to the appropriate website, especially when if it’s changed or removed. So, if the website migrates, you’ll need to look it up manually. 

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What to do if you can’t see the Password Health option?

If it’s already on the latest version, it’ll show you the current version of the browser instead. 


What Is Microsoft Power Pages And How Can You Use It?

What is Microsoft Power Pages and How Can You Use it?




Microsoft Power Pages was released recently as an option for low coders to design their websites.

Power Pages integrates with other services such as Azure DevOps, among others, to automate workflows.

To start designing your website, you get a free 30-day trial period and can use templates for your design.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Microsoft launched Power Pages as a standalone product within their Power Platform portfolio. This is made to enhance the creation of websites.

They are trying to address the need for businesses to get a low or no-code solution when developing their websites. Power Pages has existed for a couple of years. It was, however, a component of Power Apps known as Power Apps Portal. 

It has, however, been launched as a product on its own. This has seen Microsoft add new enhancements and has promised a unique experience for its users. Microsoft pledges to power every person, even those with a limited technical background.

What makes Microsoft Power Pages stand out from other development platforms? First, Microsoft is riding on the fact that Power Pages can integrate with other services.

This means that they can leverage Continuous Integration and Continous Delivery (CD/CD) practices and easily download and upload projects. This is also important for collaboration and avoiding some problems with Power Apps.

What is Microsoft Power Pages?

Microsoft Power Pages is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. It promises to be low-code, enterprise-grade, and secure when it comes to creating, administering, and hosting services and websites.

When writing this article, you can create a trial account with Power Apps to explore its capabilities. Unfortunately, this means that its pricing has not yet been released. However, using the old Power Apps pricing, you can run one app or portal per user for $5. You can also get a per-user plan for $20 per month. 

Businesses can get a monthly plan for $10 per user. It is based on the number of unique apps or portals a user runs each month. This is a better option, according to Microsoft Power Pages reviews.

How does Microsoft Power Pages work?

Power Pages allows users to create websites even when they are not professional developers. Once you create an account, you can decide to use a custom template or start with the default design template.

Some websites might require a database for adding, updating, or reading business information. For instance, you might have a page that collects information from customers. Fortunately, Power Pages comes with a data service known as Dataverse that works like a database. It stores information just like a normal database. It also comes with Microsoft Power automation, analysis, and security features.

How to sign up for Microsoft Power Pages price?

Microsoft Power Pages is going to be a game-changer in web development. This is a platform that small to large business owners can rely on for their web development features.

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Is Microsoft Planning Its First

With the economy in the tank and other major firms planning massive cutbacks, rumors have been swirling for several weeks that Microsoft plans big layoffs of its own to be announced on or about Jan. 15.

How big? As much as 10 to 17 percent of the company’s employees, if you believe the buzz.

If true, the cuts would be the first “official” layoffs in Microsoft’s history — blunting a point that the company has always pointed to as a matter of pride.

Despite one Web site’s claims that the layoffs are now “fact,” however, no one seems to be able to substantiate the rumors. That may make for a lot of Microsoft employees lying awake at night after tonight’s champagne wears off.

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) officials were mum on the rumors.

Yet this week, blog site Fudzilla proclaimed that the rumors are true.

“The rumor that Microsoft was set to lay off people on January 15th, 2009 is no longer a rumor but a fact,” a Fudzilla post said on Dec. 30. “Staff at Microsoft have been informed that the company is readying major layoffs to its worldwide operations and it’s not a small cut, either,” the post continued.

One problem is that, at this point, there is no way to verify whether layoffs will be announced or not. Neither does anyone seem to have any support so far for the rumors that cuts at Microsoft could range between 10 percent and 17 percent of the software titan’s titanic work force, which currently is slightly more than 91,000 people worldwide, according to Microsoft’s site. Fudzilla said there will be as many as 15,000 pink slips handed out, but didn’t quote anyone — not even anonymously — providing any verification.

And, if staff had been informed on a companywide basis as the blog suggests, securities laws would typically require Microsoft to publicly disclose that information within 24 hours as a material fact that could affect the company’s stock price.

For that reason, Rob Enderle, an industry analyst with the Enderle Group, doubts that layoffs have been communicated to employees en masse — at least, not yet.

Layoffs “wouldn’t surprise me,” Enderle told chúng tôi “But I haven’t heard anything about it.”

Good timing?

To some observers, the week of Jan. 15 might seem like a good time to announce layoffs. The date falls between next week’s Consumer Electronics Show, where CEO Steve Ballmer is expected to announce the beginning of the Windows 7 public beta, and Microsoft’s quarterly earnings call with analysts on Jan. 22.

The worldwide economic slowdown — and its effect on customer spending — has IT vendors scrambling. While some are persevering and sussing out new areas of business, others are bearing the full brunt of the downturn.

“Around the time of the earnings [call] is when you want to make an announcement like that,” Enderle told chúng tôi He added that Microsoft would not be smart to reveal worker cuts before the Windows 7 public beta starts, because that would take some of the shine off the pending replacement for Windows Vista.

Two former senior Microsoft development managers, who are still well plugged-in at the firm, said they had not heard anything from inside the company that might point to massive layoffs, but could not rule it out either.

They both suggested, though, that Microsoft is likely to not call whatever it does a “layoff.”

Instead, such an announcement might be couched in euphemisms framing the story as the year-end period when Microsoft managers traditionally evaluate their employees for raises and retention, as well as plan what have become nearly annual company reorganizations.

Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts – Webnots

Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

The keyboard shortcuts are tested and works in most versions of the Microsoft Excel in Windows based computers. The shortcuts are categorized as below and use the search box to filter the results in the below table.


AltActivate access keys (then press further keys to go to the required menu item)Menu

Alt + =Apply automatic summation when used down the cells with numbers. Apply sum function when used on empty cell.Function

Alt + AGo to Data menuMenu

Alt + A, MOpen Remove Duplicate dialog boxDialog box

Alt + EnterCreate a new line within a cellData processing

Alt + FOpen File menuMenu

Alt + F1Insert chart on the active sheetData processing

Alt + F2Save as workbookMenu

Alt + F4Close workbookMenu

Alt + F8Open Macro popup boxDialog box

Alt + F10Show or hide selection paneGeneral

Alt + F11Open Microsoft Visual Basic editor for ExcelData processing

Alt + HHighlight menu and go to Home menuMenu

Alt + H, 0Increase one decimal place of the numberMenu

Alt + H, 3, DDouble underline the selected contentMenu

Alt + H, 5Reduce indentMenu

Alt + H, 6Increase indentMenu

Alt + H, 9Reduce one decimal place of the numberMenu

Alt + H, A, BAlign content in bottom of the cellMenu

Alt + H, A, CAlign centerMenu

Alt + H, A, LLeft alignmentMenu

Alt + H, A, MAlign content in middle of the cellMenu

Alt + H, A, NApply accounting format from the listMenu

Alt + H, A, RRight alignmentMenu

Alt + H, A, TAlign content in top of the cellMenu

Alt + H, BOpen border dropdownMenu

Alt + H, CAlign centerFormatting

Alt + H, C, POpen Copy Picture dialog boxDialog box

Alt + H, D, CDelete the column of the active cellData processing

Alt + H, E, AClear the selected cell dataData processing

Alt + H, E, RRemove hyperlinks from the selected cellsData processing

Alt + H, F, I, JJustify the selected cell contentFormatting

Alt + H, F, I, LCopy the content on the right cell to the current active cellData processing

Alt + H, F, I, RCopy the content on the left cell to the current active cellData processing

Alt + H, F, I, UCopy the content on the below cell to the current active cellData processing

Alt + H, F, OOpen clipboard paneData processing

Alt + H, HChoose the color to fillMenu

Alt + H, O, IAutofit the width of the selected columnGeneral

Alt + H, U, AAverage number functionFunction

Alt + H, U, CCount numbersFunction

Alt + H, U, IMinimum number functionFunction

Alt + H, U, MMaximum number functionFunction

Alt + H, V, EPaste content with source values and formatting (you should have copied the content before)Data processing

Alt + H, V, IPaste the copied content as a linked picture or imageData processing

Alt + H, V, UPaste the copied content as a picture or imageData processing

Alt + MGo to Formulas menuMenu

Alt + NHighlight menu and go to insert menuMenu

Alt + N, BGo to insert bar chart menuMenu

Alt + N, CGo to insert column chart menuMenu

Alt + N, NGo to insert line chart menuMenu

Alt + N, QGo to insert pie chart menuMenu

Alt + N, ROpen Insert Chart dialog and go to Recommended Chart sectionDialog box

Alt + N, S, DGo to insert custom combo chart menuMenu

Alt + PPage Layout menuMenu

Alt + Page DownMove one screen rightWorkbook

Alt + Page UpMove one screen leftWorkbook

Alt + ROpen Review tabMenu

Alt + Shift + F2Save as workbookWorkbook

Alt + Shift + F4Close workbookWorkbook

Alt + SpacebarOpen control menuMenu

Alt + T, OOpen Excel Options dialogDialog box

Alt + WGo to View menuMenu

Alt + W, F, FFree panes, you should have selected columns or rows beforeMenu

Alt + W, IView the sheet in a page break preview modeMenu

Alt + W, LView the sheet in a normal modeMenu

Alt + W, QOpen zoom dialog boxDialog box

Alt + W, V, GToggle gridlines on or offMenu

Context KeyOpen context menuMenu

Ctrl + 0Hide columnsData processing

Ctrl + 1Open format cells popup boxDialog box

Ctrl + 2Apply boldFormatting

Ctrl + 3Apply italicFormatting

Ctrl + 4Apply underlineFormatting

Ctrl + 5Apply strikethroughFormatting

Ctrl + 6Toggle object displayMenu

Ctrl + 7Show / hide toolbarMenu

Ctrl + 8Show / hide outline symbolsGeneral

Ctrl + 9Hide rowsData processing

Ctrl + -Delete cells or rowsData processing

Ctrl + :Insert current timeData processing

Ctrl + ;Insert system dateData processing

Ctrl + ‘Copy the formula from upper cell to lower cellData processing

Ctrl + “Copy the content from the upper cell to lower cellData processing

Ctrl + ASelect all cells in a sheetWorkbook

Ctrl + Alt + VOpen paste special dialog box when you have copied the content in clipboardDialog box

Ctrl + BBold selected contentFormatting

Ctrl + CCopy selected contentData processing

Ctrl + DCopy the content from the upper cell to lower cellData processing

Ctrl + Down ArrowMove to lower end of the selected rangeNavigation

Ctrl + EUse flash fillData processing

Ctrl + EndGo to the lowest used cell in right corner of a workbookGeneral

Ctrl + FFind content on the sheetData processing

Ctrl + F1Show or hide ribbonMenu

Ctrl + F2Open print preview optionsMenu

Ctrl + F3Open name managerDialog box

Ctrl + F4Close sheetMenu

Ctrl + F5Restore window sizeWorkbook

Ctrl + F6Go to next workbookWorkbook

Ctrl + F7Move the windowWorkbook

Ctrl + F8Resize windowWorkbook

Ctrl + F9Minimize windowWorkbook

Ctrl + F10Maximize windowWorkbook

Ctrl + F11Insert a new macro sheetWorkbook

Ctrl + F12Open fileMenu

Ctrl + GGo to the named cellDialog box

Ctrl + HFind text and replace with another textDialog box

Ctrl + HomeGo to start of the sheetWorkbook

Ctrl + IMake the selected text italicFormatting

Ctrl + KInsert hyperlink on the selected cellData processing

Ctrl + LOpen create table boxDialog box

Ctrl + Left ArrowMove to left end of the selected rangeNavigation

Ctrl + NOpen new Excel workbookWorkbook

Ctrl + OGo to open menuMenu

Ctrl + PPrint optionsMenu

Ctrl + Page DownGo to next sheet in a workbookWorkbook

Ctrl + Page UpGo to previous sheet in a workbookWorkbook

Ctrl + QOpen Quick Analysis toolDialog box

Ctrl + RCopy the content from left cell to the right side cellData processing

Ctrl + Right ArrowMove to right end of the selected rangeNavigation

Ctrl + SSave the workbookMenu

Ctrl + Shift + !Format cell in number formatFormatting

Ctrl + Shift + “Copy the content from the upper cell to lower cellData processing

Ctrl + Shift + #Format cell in date formatFormatting

Ctrl + Shift + $Format cell in $ currency formatFormatting

Ctrl + Shift + %Format cell in % formatFormatting

Ctrl + Shift + &Apply border around the cellFormatting

Ctrl + Shift + (Unhide rowsData processing

Ctrl + Shift + )Unhide columnsData processing

Ctrl + Shift + *Select the region nearer to active cellData processing

Ctrl + Shift + +Insert cells or rowsData processing

Ctrl + Shift + :Insert current timeData processing

Ctrl + Shift + @Format cell in time formatFormatting

Ctrl + Shift + ^Format cell in exponential formatFormatting

Ctrl + Shift + _Remove border around the cellFormatting

Ctrl + Shift + ArrowsSelect till the nonblank cell in the arrow directionNavigation

Ctrl + Shift + EndSelect the range from the current cell to the lowest used right corner cell of a workbookNavigation

Ctrl + Shift + FOpen format cell dialog box with font tab openFormatting

Ctrl + Shift + F1Maximize window by hiding menus and ribbonWorkbook

Ctrl + Shift + F3Open create name for selection popup boxDialog box

Ctrl + Shift + F6Go to previous workbook windowWorkbook

Ctrl + Shift + F6Go to previous workbookWorkbook

Ctrl + Shift + F12Open print optionsMenu

Ctrl + Shift + LToggle autofilterGeneral

Ctrl + Shift + Page DownSelect current and next sheets (you should have next available sheet for selection)Workbook

Ctrl + Shift + Page UpSelect current and previous sheets (you should have previous available sheet for selection)Workbook

Ctrl + Shift + SpacebarSelect the workbook contentData processing

Ctrl + Shift + TabGo to previous workbookWorkbook

Ctrl + Shift + UExpand / collapse formula barMenu

Ctrl + Shift + ~Format cell as generalFormatting

Ctrl + TOpen create table boxDialog box

Ctrl + TabGo to next workbookWorkbook

Ctrl + UUnderline the textFormatting

Ctrl + Up ArrowMove to upper end of the selected rangeNavigation

Ctrl + VPaste contentData processing

Ctrl + WClose active sheetGeneral

Ctrl + XCut the selected contentData processing

Ctrl + YRedo previous actionData processing

Ctrl + ZUndo previous actionData processing

Down ArrowMove one cell downNavigation

EscCancel the selected or current operationData processing

F1Open Excel helpGeneral

F2Edit active cellData processing

F3Show paste name popup when the names are defined in the workbookDialog box

F4Repeat the last action (like pasting)Data processing

F5Open Go To popup boxDialog box

F6Toggle between menu, ribbon and task pane.Menu

F7Do spell checkData processing

F9Calculate in all sheets in all opened workbooksWorkbook

F10Activate access keysMenu

F11Insert new chart sheetWorkbook

F12Save as the workbookWorkbook

HomeGo to first cell in a rowNavigation

Left ArrowMove one cell leftNavigation

Page DownMove one screen downNavigation

Page UpMove one screen upNavigation

Right ArrowMove one cell rightNavigation

Scroll Lock + HomeGo to upper left corner cell (first cell)Navigation

Shift + F3Insert functionData processing

Shift + F4Find next when finding the textDialog box

Shift + F5Find and replaceDialog box

Shift + F6Activate menuMenu

Shift + F7Open thesaurus to find synonymsGeneral

Shift + F8Add to selectionGeneral

Shift + F11Create new sheetWorkbook

Shift + F12Save as the workbookMenu

Shift + SpacebarSelect the rowGeneral

Shift + TabMove to previous cell or ribbon item or cellNavigation

TabMove to next cell or ribbon item or cellNavigation

Up ArrowMove one cell upNavigation

Windows KeyOpen context menuMenu

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