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Lyft is getting autonomous Argo AI Ford cars for public rides this year

You may be able to summon an autonomous Ford via the Lyft app later this year, with the automaker and the ride-hailing app working to put self-driving Argo AI cars on the network. It’s the culmination of several years of work – and no small amount of investment – for Ford in Argo AI, with plans to deploy at least 1,000 autonomous vehicles for Lyft riders over the next five years.

Lyft has had its own driverless vehicle projects – including one which it sold to Toyota earlier this year – but the company has been upfront about its openness to others with their own autonomous vehicles. Actually delivering on that is tricky, mind, given there are no truly Level 4 or Level 4 self-driving cars on the market right now.

Ford and Argo AI will start small. The access agreement with Lyft covers passenger rides beginning in Miami, Florida, later this year. That will then spread to Austin, Texas, in 2023. Over the next five years, Ford says, it’s aiming to ink the agreements for at least a thousand such vehicles in multiple Lyft markets.

“This collaboration is special because we’re executing on a shared vision for improving the safety, access to and affordability of transportation in our cities,” Bryan Salesky, founder and CEO of Argo AI, said in a statement. “Beyond the link that Lyft provides to the customer, we’ll be able to work together to define where an autonomous service will benefit communities the most and ensure we’re deploying the technology safely.”

Of course, the reality is that these autonomous Lyft cabs won’t be free to roam wherever. Instead they’ll be designed to operate within defined service areas; at this point, nobody is saying exactly how large those areas will be, and would-be riders will presumably be filtered by their intended destination before they’re offered one of the self-driving cars.

As part of the agreement between the companies, Lyft will be giving Argo access to anonymized service and fleet data, to help figure out a roadmap to service expansion. Lyft, meanwhile, will get 2.5-percent of the common equity in Argo AI as part of the licensing and data access agreements.

Argo AI has already been building a database of public local collision data, and the Lyft data will be added to that. “Armed with this information, we’ll be able to measure the performance of the Argo self-driving system on specific streets, and to create what we call a “geonet,” or a network of streets, where we can safely operate driverlessly,” Salesky says.

Ford, which provides the actual vehicles themselves, will have commercial fleet support in Miami and Austin. That will be used for fueling, servicing, and cleaning the self-driving vehicles. Argo AI currently has test vehicles in operation in six US cities, with two further cities in Germany already on the roadmap.

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Autonomous Ai Research Platform “Data

An autonomous AI research platform called “Data-to-Paper” has recently been unveiled, showcasing the strong capabilities of ChatGPT in scientific analysis. Through a new approach, ChatGPT, a well-established language model, is utilized within this platform to autonomously generate research papers based on data analysis.

Credit: Metaverse Post ( Gaszcz

Edited and fact-checked

The process begins by feeding the ChatGPT model with a large CDC Health Survey dataset and allowing it to explore various research topics independently. After a brief period, the AI system selects several research areas, writes data analysis codes, interprets the obtained results, and ultimately produces five transparent and reproducible papers.

The feature of “data-to-paper” is its emphasis on reproducibility. The generated documents not only present the final outcomes but also include detailed technical steps and analysis codes employed by ChatGPT. This ensures that human scientists can review, follow, and reproduce the entire process accurately.

The platform operates through an intricate interaction between ChatGPT and algorithmic agents, each assuming different roles such as “scientist,” “reviewer,” “encoder,” and “illuminated reviewer.” These agents autonomously progress through the canonical sequence of research stages, from data analysis to the final paper.

To address potential challenges, such as hallucinated citations, the system has access to search engines. Additionally, auto-checks, cross-checks between multiple ChatGPT instances, and well-defined tasks are employed to minimize other instances of hallucination. Nonetheless, it is essential to acknowledge that the involvement of human judgment and assessment remains crucial for ensuring the quality of the resulting papers.

The “data-to-paper” platform is not a new language model but rather an orchestration of ChatGPT’s capabilities. Similar to other structured, automated approaches, such as AutoGPT and LangChain, it harnesses ChatGPT’s potential through a multi-step process focused on complex goals, specifically data analysis and paper writing.

One of the primary objectives of “data-to-paper” is to highlight the potential of ChatGPT in the scientific domain, traditionally considered a realm exclusive to human creativity and intellect. By provoking discussions around the strengths and societal impacts of current and future language models, the platform aims to stimulate new perspectives on the role of human scientists in this evolving era.

“Data-to-Paper” currently focuses on papers that involve statistical tests on datasets. However, expanding its capabilities to accommodate other types of data analysis studies remains a challenge, showing that the importance of human involvement and judgment in producing high-quality research papers cannot be understated.

The emergence of “data-to-paper” prompts us to consider how we can leverage interactive systems like a “scientist co-pilot.” Such systems can handle routine scientific tasks, enabling human scientists to engage in higher-level abstraction and tackle more complex questions and challenges. While there are areas for improvement, the platform undoubtedly opens up new avenues for exploration and collaboration in scientific research.

MIT researchers conducted an experiment to evaluate GPT-4’s capabilities in various fields, including engineering, law, and history. The results showed GPT-4 demonstrated exceptional competence in various fields, but the claim of flawless 100% accuracy was not entirely accurate. The researchers used multiple methods to aid GPT-4 in answering questions accurately, including Chain of Reasoning, Coding Approach, Critical Prompt, and Expert Prompting. GPT-4 demonstrated a 90% success rate in solving the reserved 10% of questions without the aid of additional techniques. However, when employing these techniques, the model achieved a flawless 100% accuracy, flawlessly answering every question.

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This Is What It’s Like To Use Nyc’s New Free Public Wi

The temperature hovered around freezing in New York City on Tuesday evening and my exposed hands were started to go numb, turning clumsy and slow in the cold. My phone’s battery was sluggish in the frigid air, and the screen was lagging. My internet connection, however, was flying.

Yesterday, LinkNYC blessed the streets of Manhattan with free public Wi-Fi, opening four hotspots on Third Avenue. The Wi-Fi kiosks are replacing public pay phones, and according to Link’s website, the company plans to install more than 7,500 hotspots throughout the city over the next few years.

To connect to Link’s public network, I just had to turn on my phone’s Wi-Fi and enter an email address when prompted. The website offers a vague promise of Wi-Fi “up to 100 times faster than average public Wi-Fi and your mobile device’s LTE network.”

My Speedtest on a Samsung Galaxy S5 showed upload speeds of about 115 Mbps and download speeds of 59 Mbps. That means that when I opened up Netflix and hit “resume play,” Don Draper immediately started striding through his office in crisp HD, without so much as a second of buffer time.

A Samsung Galaxy speedtest yielded these results while connected to LinkNYC.

Link’s Wi-Fi was certainly faster than what I have at work (upload speed of 33 Mbps and download speed of 45 Mbps according to a Speedtest on a Samsung Galaxy S5), but others trying Link throughout the day reported even faster speeds than what I experienced:

A few LinkNYC hotspots went live this morning, this is what gigabit WiFi looks like on an iPhone. Glorious chúng tôi Devindra Hardawar (@Devindra) January 19, 2023

Of course, I was also the only person in sight using Link Wi-Fi, and connection speeds could slow a bit if the network becomes more heavily populated. The kiosks also feature USB charging outlets, a 911 call button, and allegedly, a touch screen tablet for internet browsing, although the one I tried didn’t respond to repeated touches.

If the Wi-Fi doesn’t turn impossibly sluggish when many people use it at once, and if Link’s network covers the entire city eventually, it could have big implications on life in Manhattan. It would mean that most people would have access to faster Wi-Fi outside in the city than in their own apartments. Movie pausing to buffer too often? Skype call quality not top notch? Relocate outside.

The security of fast, free internet everywhere in the city could even lead to some people to abandoning mobile data plans all together and relying purely on Wi-Fi. Plus, making Wi-Fi enabled tablets widely available in the city means that more people than ever will have easy access to all the information and resources available online.

But for now, the public Wi-Fi remains contained to four kiosks on Third Avenue, plus the neighboring establishments close enough to mooch.

When I retreated to the Duane Reade across the street to thaw out, the Wi-Fi didn’t even stutter. Don Draper was right where I left him.

Nasa To Launch Robonaut This Year

Later this year, NASA’s R2 will become the first humanoid robot resident of the International Space Station. The launch of the handsome android, which until now had not been firmly scheduled, has now been fast-tracked to happen this September.

Before the bot goes up, it has to be tested in conditions of vacuum, low gravity, high radiation, and trained sensitivity to the unusual practices on board the ISS.

NASA has released a new video showing off R2’s impressive capabilities.

Introducing Robonaut2

R2: Asrtronauts’ New Coworker

Robonaut2 can use the same tools as humans, which allows it to work safely alongside humans on Earth and in space.

Additional Strength

R2 is able to lift, not just hold, this 20-pound weight (about four times heavier than what other dexterous robots can handle) both near and away from its body.

Gym Rat

R2 working on its curls, demonstrating its lifting power.


R2’s human-like shape was a product of the fact that it was built to work with people, assisting with dangerous work both on Earth and in space.


Chris Ihrke, senior project engineer for General Motors, works with Robonaut2 at Johnson Space Center.

And Agreeable

R2 works hand-in-hand with Chris Ihrke, senior project engineer for General Motors.


12 Times Nfts Changed Lives This Year

This holiday season, we’re thankful for NFTs. With the market having absolutely exploded since the beginning of the year, countless lives (including ours at nft now) have completely changed from the resurgence of this once incredibly niche space.

Through making life-changing money by trading crypto and NFTs, leaving IRL jobs to build the metaverse, and finding lifelong friends online, many of us within the non-fungible ecosystem have achieved things we never thought possible. So to celebrate being thankful for NFTs, we’re looking back at some of the NFTs that have changed lives in 2023.


Loopify is regarded by many as one of the most prominent and generous influencers in all of NFTs. Although he started out as an artist and NFT blogger, in just over a year, he has launched multiple projects, pushed the envelope in NFT gaming, and raked in millions from NFT sales and top-tier trades.

Claire Silver

Just put an offer in on a house for my mom. Was unemployed a year ago. Don’t let anyone tell you NFTs can’t change your life.

— Claire Silver🌸 (@ClaireSilver12) October 16, 2023

Silver is a well-known AI collaborative artist and NFT influencer. A true beacon of positivity in the community, after minting and trading NFTs for months, she was able to make enough profits to benefit her family in significant ways.


Thank you 100 times over to the @doodles team and @evankeast … life changing. chúng tôi KJ (@RetireByDoodles) October 19, 2023

Sometimes all it takes is being in the right place at the right time for NFTs to change your life — as was the case for KJ. After the initial Doodles mint, KJ purchased an unrevealed Doodle via secondary sale that turned out to be the 1/1 original Doodle. As this Doodle was used as the project’s logo, Doodles co-creator Even Keast personally put in a 100 ETH bid to buy back the NFT, and the rest is history.


This may be one of the most perfect “how it started” vs. “how it’s going” tweets in the NFT space. Twitter user Daggerhigh seems to have started collecting and trading NFTs toward the beginning of 2023. After a few short months of struggling to make more than $100,000 in returns, he flipped his way up to becoming a millionaire. Talk about life-changing money.


gm! Woke up and paid off my $20,653.15 student loan debt. Prolly gonna frame this! chúng tôi PROBCAUSE (@ProbCause) October 12, 2023

Multi-talented artist ProbCause has been making a name for himself as a rapper for years. Prob, who has worn many creative hats throughout his career, was able to completely pay off his student loans by selling NFTs, crediting his Skullies project for making it possible.


Before joining the NFT space 10 months ago I was working tirelessly on commissions. NFTs changed my life, now I have ownership over my creativity. I can vibe in the NFT world everyday and meet so many amazing people! I’m so grateful and want to do my best to help others! 🌟

— Timpers 👾 (@TimpersHD) November 21, 2023

Prominent pixel artist Timpers tells a story relatable to many artists within the NFT space. As he started out his NFT journey working endlessly on commissions, he quickly found a warm welcome into the community. He sold numerous NFTs and even gained enough popularity to be tapped for a piece featured in a limited edition Bored Ape x Rolling Stone collab zine.


GxngYxng is the creator of the prominent NFT project Ghxsts. He left his stable job in animation with absolutely no backup plan, and initially struggled to get his project off the ground. But as the current Ghxsts trading volume shows, GY is doing just fine, even making $2 million off a single NFT sale.

Jake Osmun

Jake Osmun, known in the NFT space as JakeTheDegen, landed one of the most impressive trades in the entirety of the 2023 NFT bullrun. After gaining popularity as a live-music photographer throughout the years, he was able to quit his job and go full steam ahead as a crypto artist by winning a Twitter shill contest in which he traded Punk4156 an impressive photo of Kanye West for CryptoPunk #5514.


I am a woman, raising 3 daughters under 6, still breastfeeding my youngest. I built and run a multi million dollar project & brand from my home, changing my life and my children’s lives. I am my own dreams come true and herein lies the power of NFTs.

— BΞTTY (@betty_nft) September 27, 2023

Aside from being married to crypto artist PSYCH, Betty had little experience in NFTs prior to her and her husband creating Deadfellaz. Yet as the matriarch and head of the now very popular zombie NFT project, she has seen her life forever changed by the NFT community.


Spancs’ life-changing sale is yet another example of Loopify’s far reach throughout the NFT community. The 19-year-old 3D artist made more than $40,000 and was able to pay off all of his student debt due to a single trade of an NFT from Loopify’s Timeless project.

Izzy Pollak

As was the case with many early Bored Ape Yacht Club supporters, Pollak was able to make a substantial amount of ETH by flipping an Ape. Not only was he able to cash in big time from his 71 ETH sale (nearly $302,000 at press time), but he even bought a house with the funds!

Stephy Fung

Ok, I did it. I handed in my resignation letter to my full time job. You don’t understand how #NFT has been helped me in order to make this decision. I can become a full time freelancer now! ✨😆

— Stephy Fung (@stephyfung) April 6, 2023

Early on in the year, Fung was able to achieve what a majority of those within the NFT community had been dreaming about: quitting her job and sustaining herself off of NFT money! Her story echoes that of many within the NFT community who have been able to make a few — or even one — large-scale trades and achieve financial freedom.

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Photo courtesy of Executium/Unsplash.

Skip Espn And Yahoo For Fantasy Football This Year: Go Dumpster Fire

Summer is almost halfway over, but don’t let that darker your spirits my friends. We still have plenty of sunshine, beaches, and great movies to come. And if you’re like me, the end of summer isn’t really disappointing because the fall has an abundant well of pleasures in and of itself.

In fact, I don’t think fall lasts long enough. That’s because the NFL season seems to start and end with the blink of an eye, and with it goes one of the most fun aspects of the year: fantasy football. We’ll see the Atlanta Falcons on Hard Knocks (although it should have been the Rams) and news coverage about how Peyton will redeem himself from last year’s super bowl, but most importantly we’ll draft a season winning fantasy team (after all, how many years can you lose in a row?).

Of course, everybody will run towards ESPN and Yahoo to start their league, but this year make sure to look before you leap. ESPN and Yahoo aren’t the only people in the fantasy football market anymore; Chris Rodriguez and Ryan Cormier co-founded Dumpster Fire because they wanted to give fantasy football lovers another option.

“We sport a simple design and interface with a modern, clean, and pleasing look,” says Cormier. “Clean design and lots of content don’t go hand in hand.”

It’s blatantly obvious to Cormier that he can’t compete with the likes of ESPN and Yahoo on the content side of things, so he’s focusing purely on gameplay. The UI is elegant, intuitive, and most importantly, functional.

“We didn’t take design inspiration from ESPN or Yahoo, but what we did do was take some functionality inspiration,” explains Cormier. “We really wanted to not re-invent the wheel here. Rather, we just looked at websites in general we thought were sexy, like social media sites.”

The question, though, is how you compete with these media giants. For starters, you could give new users the opportunity to win money every week. Any given week a Dumpster Fire user in a paid league with the highest score across the site is cut a $100 check.

The Dumpster Fire team has seen users in the $25 dollar league who got paid $300 in scores alone. Step two is letting the commissioners play completely for free regardless of if they’re playing for money or not.

“This helps eliminate people who tend to get down on themselves,” says Cormier. “Even if you’re 2 and 14, you still have a motivation to set a lineup because you can win that $100 – it keeps it way more competitive in the paid leagues”

When it comes to users switching platforms, Cormier is certain roll out the red carpet for his new Dumpster Fire users. You see, regardless of how big ESPN and Yahoo are, they’re not super great at making users feel like they’re really cared about.

Dumpster Fire goes the extra mile to make sure all their users are taken care of and enjoying the platform. Their initial development team, based out of India, were even transformed from from NFL-newbies to NFL-lovers because of Cormier, Rodriguez, and their passion for Dumpster Fire.

How did they accomplish that? It’s simple – they inspired fun via a personal, human touch.

“We cleave to one philosophy: let’s just have a fun time playing fantasy football,” says Cormier.

Personally, I’ll be in multiple fantasy football leagues this fall, but guaranteed one of them will be on Dumpster Fire.

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