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If you’ve been following along with all the latest jailbreak hubbub, then you undoubtedly witnessed Linus Henze releasing his highly anticipated Fugu14 untether last Sunday. Shortly after that happened, hacker and jailbreak developer Pwn20wnd updated the unc0ver jailbreak tool to version 7.0.0 with preliminary support for Fugu14.

This Thursday evening, both Henze and Pwn20wnd are out with some important updates for both Fugu14 and unc0ver that are likely to blow your mind, especially if you’ve been holding out for more stability.

First to the table was Henze, who took to Twitter to share that he had updated the Fugu14 untether to resolve a sleep/wake bug that had been reported by those who’ve been testing it ahead of full integration with unc0ver. Henze also said that Fugu14 would be installed automatically alongside the unc0ver jailbreak app when side-loading it via the newly released AltStore v1.4.8.

Pwn20wnd reaffirmed those changes in a separate Tweet of his own, adding that the unc0ver jailbreak had been updated to version 7.0.1 with major stability and reliability improvements for all devices including those supporting Fugu14, and that Fugu14 support was now built-in to unc0ver when using it with AltStore v1.4.8.

Interestingly enough, the Tweets were hardly a minute apart from one another, echoing similar circumstances that struck last Sunday when Pwn20wnd updated unc0ver to v7.0.0 just a few minutes after the Fugu14 untether had been officially released.

Today’s news means that the untether is now bundled with the unc0ver jailbreak for supported devices, which eliminates the tedious step of the end user installing the Fugu14 untether manually before side-loading and installing the unc0ver jailbreak. Thanks to this, the process should be much more user-friendly than before.

Like before, the Fugu14 untether is only officially intended for arm64e devices at this time, which include the iPhone XS and newer. Further, those supported devices must be running iOS or iPadOS 14.3-14.5.1.

Both arm64 and arm64e devices running older iOS or iPadOS versions including 14.3 and below can still be jailbroken via unc0ver, however the jailbreak would then be semi-untethered instead of untethered. Non-arm64e devices running iOS 14.4-14.5.1 unfortunately can’t use unc0ver or Fugu14 to jailbreak at this time.

Fugu14 will require additional updating to support arm64 devices such as the iPhone X and older, as well as to support additional versions of iOS and iPadOS. Unfortunately, this won’t include anything above iOS or iPadOS 14.5.1. Given that the untether has been available for less than one full week, we fully expect to see development continue as jailbreak developers go hands-on with the untether.

Its worth noting that this update doesn’t make the unc0ver jailbreak itself an untethered jailbreak, at least not yet. It’s still a semi-untethered jailbreak in its current state as the unc0ver jailbreak app still needs to be deployed after each reboot. The Fugu14 untether is currently used to permanently sign the unc0ver jailbreak app, which reduces the user’s dependence on a computer and AltServer. Support for a full untethered jailbreak could come in the future.

It remains to be seen just how much progress the checkra1n and Odyssey teams have made in implementing Fugu14 into their jailbreaks, however we know from previous Tweets that the Odyssey team is actively looking into it.

As always, the latest version of unc0ver can be downloaded from the official chúng tôi website. Details about Fugu14 and the latest changes are available on Linus Henze’s GitHub page.

You're reading Linus Henze Updates Fugu14 Untether For Reliability As Pwn20Wnd Updates Unc0Ver Jailbreak To V7.0.1

Bu Updates Its Covid Data Dashboard, As Employee Vaccination Deadline Looms

BU Updates Its COVID Data Dashboard, as Employee Vaccination Deadline Looms

Triage nurse specialist Victoria Cunningham at the Moderna vaccine clinic at FitRec May 4. Photo by Cydney Scott

University News

BU Updates Its COVID Data Dashboard, as Employee Vaccination Deadline Looms Faculty, staff urged to get their shots and upload documentation by September 2

As Boston University transitions from summer to fall and the campus repopulates with thousands of students, faculty, and staff, BU’s COVID-19 Data Dashboard was updated Tuesday, August 17, with numbers showing a sharp increase in the community’s vaccination percentages.

The new numbers also reflect the progression over the past few months, from a time when the coronavirus pandemic had forced the vast majority of employees to work remotely to now, with more people returning to work on campus. (All employees have until September 2 to comply with BU’s vaccination mandate.) 

The revised dashboard shows 92 percent of faculty and 84 percent of staff vaccinated as of August 16, up from the low 70 percent range for both groups previously. 

Why did the percentages jump? Previously the dashboard reflected all faculty and staff, including those working remotely and who may not yet have been vaccinated or may have failed to upload proof of vaccination. But on Tuesday, the revised dashboard began to include only those who are coming to campus and “are a part of our testing protocol,” says Gloria Waters, BU vice president and associate provost for research. 

Even though the new employee numbers are encouraging, Waters says, they are likely to bounce slightly up and down in the coming weeks for several reasons. Many employees who have worked remotely during the pandemic will return in person for the fall, and those high vaccination percentages could drop as “additional people come back to campus if they are not yet fully vaccinated, or have not yet uploaded their information or asked for an exemption,” she says. 

“It is to be expected that the numbers will fluctuate over the next few weeks,” as the September 2 deadline bears down, Waters says.

As the campus repopulates for fall, watching BU’s COVID-19 Data Dashboard could put a crick in your neck, with vaccination rates expected to fluctuate with updates to the information.

Another complicating factor is that BU’s regular faculty aren’t the only employees who’ll need to be accounted for on the dashboard. “Visiting faculty and scholars are required to be compliant,” the associate provost says. “We need to be sure that departments update the data to exclude those who may have been here last year and left and those who are incoming.”

As more employees return to campus in the coming weeks and are placed into the testing Categories 1, 2, or 3 per the University’s COVID-19 safety protocols, she says, they will enter the population reported on the dashboard.

Meanwhile, with the reappearance of the giant yellow rolling bins used by incoming students as fall’s students start to arrive on campus this week, the dashboard’s student numbers also changed Tuesday. The new figures show 88 percent were vaccinated, up from 76 percent. 

“Up until now, the dashboard has reflected the vaccination status for students who were in Summer Term II,” Waters says. “However, the vaccination requirement for students was not in effect until August 1, and so the summer data are not a reflection of the rates we will see in the fall. We now know which students will be on campus in the fall, and they have been required to be compliant with the vaccination requirement. The dashboard has been refreshed with the data for the students who will be on campus in the fall and so reflects a much higher rate.”

Waters adds that the old student data also included many groups that have left BU or are leaving campus—Class of 2023 graduates, for example.

The return to campus and updated numbers come as the United States grapples with COVID-19’s Delta variant, the most contagious strain so far and one that’s proven more likely to infect younger people in their 20s and 30s.

In coming weeks, Waters says, University leaders, department managers, and academic leaders will work to ensure that employees upload vaccination documentation at Healthway, comply with BU’s weekly testing requirement, and are included in the latest dashboard figures.

“As new staff are hired, they will be required to be a part of our testing program and compliant with the vaccination requirement,” Waters says. “Compliance with the vaccination requirement, as well as with weekly testing, will be monitored by managers, who will get weekly lists of people in their units who are not compliant.”

Judy Platt, director of Student Health Services and chair of the University’s Medical Advisory Group, says student numbers are expected to continue to rise as the start of the fall semester nears.

“With such a large population, we may have some students who are included in this mix, but will not actually be on campus,” Platt says. “BU was intentionally inclusive with our populations to ensure that we have consistent vaccination compliance.


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How To Install The Sileo Package Manager On The Unc0Ver Jailbreak

If you haven’t already heard, those rocking Pwn20wnd’s unc0ver jailbreak for iOS 11.0-11.4 beta 3 can now install the Sileo package manager alongside Cydia on their pwned handset.

The choice to install the Sileo package manager on your unc0ver jailbreak is entirely up to you, but if you’d like to move forward with the install, then you’ll find all the steps you need to follow to do so in this tutorial.

Before you get started

Please note that Sileo package manager is still in its beta stages, and this port is not officially supported by the Sileo Team. That said, you install Sileo with this method at your own risk. If you should have any problems with this installation, do not reach out to the Sileo Team for help. Instead, reach out to /u/Samg_is_a_Ninja on /r/jailbreak, as he is responsible for this port.

Also, do not uninstall Cydia after installing Sileo on your device. Cydia is still the primary package manager on the unc0ver jailbreak, and this port is designed in such a way that Sileo will work alongside Cydia instead of outright replacing it. You may also want to keep Cydia as a backup in case anything goes horribly wrong with Sileo.

Install MTerminal by iOS developer lordscotland from Cydia before getting started. This app was recently updated with support for the unc0ver jailbreak, so install version 1.4-6 (don’t download the one with the version number 1.4-5). This app is necessary because you will need to run some terminal commands mid-installation.

If you accept all the above notes, you can move forward with the installation by following the steps outlined below:

How to install Sileo on the unc0ver jailbreak

1) Launch the Cydia app from your Home screen and open the Sources tab.

2) Begin to add a new repository by tapping the blue Edit button and then the blue Add button:

3) In the add repository text field, enter the following URL:

4) Tap the Add Source button in the text field pop-up.

Note: Cydia will now add the repository and refresh your sources. This could take a few moments. When it is finished, move on to the next step.

5) Visit the Changes tab and find the package named “Sileo for unc0ver.” Install it:

6) Tap the blue Confirm button.

Note: Cydia will now install the Sileo compatibility layer. You will see scrolling white text on a black background for a few moments. When it finishes, move on to the next step.

7) Tap the black and white Restart SpringBoard button.

Note: Your device will now respring. This could take a few moments. When finished, move on the next step.

8) Launch the MTerminal app from your Home screen.

9) Type “su” without the quotes and tap the Return key on your keyboard:

10) You will now be prompted for your password. Enter “alpine” without the quotes and then tap the Return key on your keyboard. If you changed your root password previously, enter that instead of “alpine.”

11) Next, type “sillyo” without the quotes and tap the Return key on your keyboard.

Note: MTerminal will now initiate the Sileo installation process. Do not touch your device until it is complete. You will see a line that says “[devicetype]:/var/mobile root#” at the bottom of MTerminal when the installation is complete.

12) Visit your Home screen, and you should see the Sileo app. Launch it to initialize your repositories:

And that’s all there is to it! You’ve successfully installed the Sileo beta preview alongside your unc0ver jailbreak. Keep in mind that you may need to repeat the installation process starting with step 5 whenever there is an update for the Sileo package manager.

Google Updates Video Seo Best Practices

Google’s video SEO best practices document has been updated with a section on how to optimize mature content for SafeSearch.

SafeSearch is a setting that Google users can apply to their account which specifies whether to show or block explicit images, videos, and websites in search results.

Google requests that site owners assist the search engine with understanding the nature of their site’s content. This ensures SafeSearch settings can be applied when appropriate.

Here are the guidelines that have been added to Google’s document.

Group Adult-Only Videos in Common Location Add Metadata to Adult Pages

One of the strongest signals Google uses to determine whether a page contains a content that should be filtered by SafeSearch is metadata.

Adult videos that have been marked up with the correct metadata can help Google understand whether a whole page or a select video should be filtered when SafeSearch is turned on.

In the absence of metadata, Google looks for signals generated using machine learning, as well as simpler signals such as where the video was used previously and the context in which the video was used.

Rather than relying on Google to figure things out on its own, it recommends site owners use metadata which looks like:

Google adds:

“Many users prefer not to have adult content included in their search results (especially if kids use the same device). When you provide one of these meta tags, it helps to provide a better user experience because users don’t see results which they don’t want to or expect to see.”

Credit for the discovery of these changes to Google’s best practices document goes to Brodie Clark:

Google just added a new section to their ‘video best practices’ doc. Not an industry I work with, but maybe of interest to some.

Optimising for SafeSearch:

— Brodie Clark (@brodieseo) June 5, 2023

Other Notes About Adult Content

This guidance on optimizing content for SafeSearch can assist Google with identifying adult videos from videos that are safe for all audiences.

While that is helpful, it’s worth noting that having any amount of adult content on a website will likely cause the entire site to get filtered by SafeSearch.

This was stated by Google’s John Mueller several months ago during a discussion about adult content and rich results.

When an entire site is filtered by SafeSearch then it is ineligible to serve rich results. Even a small amount of adult content can cause that to happen even if the majority of the site’s content is safe for all audiences.

To prevent an entire site from getting filtered by SafeSearch, Mueller recommends confining the adult content to a subdomain.

“It also happens the other way around where some sites might have classified sections which are for adults, and then if that section is embedded within the main website in a way that is hard to separate out, then we might say well we don’t know how much of this site should be filtered by safe search.

Maybe we’ll filter too much, maybe we won’t filter enough. On the other hand if you move that to a subdomain then it’s a lot easier to say oh this subdomain should be treated like this, and the other other subdomain should be treated differently.”

Youtube Improves Mobile Experience With 5 Updates

YouTube is improving the mobile viewing experience for users with the rollout of five new updates.

The updates to YouTube on mobile are designed around making better use of existing features and introducing a few new ones.

Updates include:

Better use of video chapters

A more streamlined player page

New gestures

Suggested actions

Bedtime reminders

“With a global community of two billion people on YouTube, we’re always looking for ways to make it easier to watch and interact with your favorite videos.

Check out some of our favorite tips and tricks to get the most out of YouTube, including new updates you can try out starting today.”

Here’s more about the updates that are now available to all users.

Video Chapters

In the new chapter list view users can see a complete list of all chapters in the video they’re currently watching.

Each chapter will have its own thumbnail previewing what’s included in it.

This is a welcome expansion to YouTube video chapters, which is a relatively new feature that was just introduced this past May.

Previously, chapters were only displayed in plain text in a video’s description section.

Now YouTube is taking the information about chapters from the description section and creating a more engaging way to interact with videos.

All creators can utilize YouTube video chapters simply by manually writing timestamps in the description section.

In order to make sure the feature works as shown, include at least three chapters per video with the first one starting at “0:00”.

Also make sure each chapter is at least 10 seconds in length.

Here’s an example of how a three-step how-to video might look when broken down into chapters:

10:15 – Conclusion

It’s worth noting that Google will also display video chapters in a similar fashion when surfacing YouTube videos in search results.

Changes to the YouTube Player

YouTube is streamlining the player page with a few key changes:

Closed Captions button moved to the top

Autoplay toggle switch moved to the top

Small improvements like rearranged buttons

More Gestures

YouTube is making it easier to enter and exit full screen mode. Now users can swipe up to enter full screen mode and swipe down to exit.

And users can quickly toggle between displaying elapsed time and time remaining in a video by tapping the timestamp.

Suggested Actions

YouTube is starting to roll out suggested actions, which prompt users to rotate their phones or play a video in VR.

These suggestions will only be displayed when YouTube thinks it will improve the experience.

This feature will be further expanded on in the future.

Bedtime Reminders

A new digital wellbeing tool will let users set reminders at specific times to stop watching videos and go to bed.

These features are available now on YouTube on mobile.

Source: YouTube Official Blog

Aurora Fs New Website Updates Go Live!

AuroraFS P2P cloud storage and distribution network has released their newly designed website, highlighting the decentralized content network. The new AuroraFS website gives users an enhanced experience in more than one way. The structure of the newly configured interface was based on the idea of increasing the organic flow of the page. For that reason, a much more intuitive design was implemented in developing the attractive new website.

The information presented on the AuroraFS website is expanded and further clarified when compared to the previous version. As another element that enhances the intuitive design, there are clear expectations that this progression will have positive impacts on UX. Specifically, information on the AuroraFS network is laid out in more pages, with expanded insight, presented in a concise and clear format.

AuroraFS new Website simplifies Information for Users

Ultimately the new AuroraFS website design offers users an easier time of engaging with the information related to the decentralized project and platform. The reason for the greater amount of technology-related information on the AuroraFS webpage is due to the inner-working components of its vast ecosystem.

It can be stated that the technology in operation for the proper functioning of AuroraFS can be difficult to comprehend for non-blockchain aligned individuals and even those who are familiar with the decentralized finance and crypto industry. Because of this, it was important for the decentralized content distribution network to make the information as digestible as possible for the average browser who may be interested in the opportunities presented on the AuroraFS network, to grasp them as easily as possible.

More Pages Added to the AuroraFS New Website Design

Specifically, more pages related to the technology which powers the AuroraFS network were added to the newly existing website. Pages dedicated to the explanation of ant colony optimization, cloud storage, data distribution, metaverse storage, and industry data storage were added in order to explain these important points which are active and relevant within the AuroraFS network.

Direct links to specific AuroraFS developments were also included in the structuring of the new site. Now users will be able to obtain applicable files needed to access broadband mining and other rewarding activities on the network. These links make things much simpler for users who would need to download the latest version of AuroraFS in order to partake and benefit from any one or more network validation or other related activities.

Direct Download for Web3Tube on new site design

The pre-release of the AuroraFS development – Web3Tube also has a newly placed direct link present on the website for users to download the commercial-grade video content storage and sharing network. Recent activities on Web3Tube were motivated by contests that saw content creators and platform engagers on the AuroraFS network compete for the most likes and subscribers to the new Web3Tube release, which will be released in full, to the public in the very near future.

There were over 1,000 users rewarded with 1-30 AUFS future airdropped tokens, in each of 7 designated rounds that measured the most video likes for users who shared content on the network over the course of the live contest. As another part of the activity-related contests, the top 300 users were rewarded with 5-100 future AUFS airdropped tokens in multiple rounds for their placement in the rankings for the most subscribers to content creator channels.

The new website enables web browsers to download Web3Tube without having to navigate away to find links to do so. Browsers can do so and download real-time, as they read about the first fully decentralized commercial-grade video storage and sharing platform.

More notable Developments for AuroraFS

With the launch of the new AuroraFS website, the decentralized content network moves toward the next stage in preparation for the launch of the network publicly. Members of the public can expect the launch of the AuroraFS network and associated AUFS token in Q3, according to the most recently released information.

Additionally, AuroraFS has expressed the intention to launch the full Web3Tube platform publicly prior to the cryptocurrency deployment. The decentralized video network is a fully developed tool that exposes the capability inherent in the AuroraFS network.

It is a tool that expresses elements of the functionality made possible by the expansive AuroraFS network global data pool, which provides the foundation whereby Web3Tube operates. This is something that can be very helpful for Blockchain and DApps Developers who are looking for networks to host decentralized applications on, with the massive bandwidth, speed, security, and low cost of an alternative such as AuroraFS.

Next steps and Future updates on AuroraFS

As always, news and information is expected to continue to be released to the public as the network grows closer to its launch, and future developments. Twitter and other popular social media channels are regularly updated to inform members of the growing AuroraFS community of all updates in real-time.

The most accurate and rapid information channel for the AuroraFS network would be the community Telegram channel. There, holders and individuals looking into the network are able to often get answers to questions with ease. For any information that may not be made clear to anyone on the newly designed and structured AuroraFS website, those questions, as well as any other questions or concerns can be answered there.

Media Contact

Brendan Brown

[email protected]

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