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Harman today has announced the JBL Legend CP100 in-car infotainment system. The JBL Legend CP100 marks the company’s first in-car solution that is compatible with Apple’s CarPlay system, joining the growing number of aftermarket solutions for obtaining Apple’s car infotainment system in older vehicles.

The JBL Legend CP100 features a 6.75-inch capacitive touchscreen, as opposed to a resistive touchscreen offered by other head unit manufacturers. Capacitive touchscreens are often easier to use as they require a lighter touch to navigate. Furthermore, the Legend CP100 features an AM/FC tuner, rear USB input, rear camera input, and carries support for steering wheel controls. The rear camera input would allow for users to connect a backup camera to the display.

The head unit also offers a “push to talk” button, which JBL says provides instant access to Siri. There’s also support for Bluetooth 3.0. The JBL Legend does not appear, however, to support wireless CarPlay, which was introduced last year but has yet to really catch on in any significant fashion.

As far as the look of the head unit goes, it features an all black design with white illumination buttons, and the aforementioned “push to talk button.” There’s also a volume button and a power button.

Pricing and availability for the JBL Legend CP100 is unclear at this point. The full press release can be read below:

HARMAN Launches JBL Legend CP100 In-Dash Smart Phone Receiver A CEA Innovations award winning connected infotainment system packed with easy to use in-car entertainment capabilities.

CES 2024, LAS VEGAS – Today, HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated (NYSE:HAR), the premier connected technologies company for automotive, consumer and enterprise markets, has announced the JBL Legend CP100 connected car solution. The JBL Legend CP100 provides drivers a simple and easy way to experience their Smartphone capabilities while driving safer, smarter and connected.

The JBL Legend CP100 supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and is built on the same platform that Harman offers OEM customers, The JBL Legend CP100 incorporates a 6.75” capacitive touch screen and leading edge iMX6 processor which  provides one of the fastest responding interfaces on the market.  Making calls, sending messages, finding directions, playing music and navigating all become easier, safer and more intuitive using the JBL Legend CP100.

Using Bluetooth, the JBL Legend CP100 connects wirelessly to easily control the audio and Smartphone from the large touch screen allowing for easy and safe operating of the system while driving.   The JBL Legend CP100 is the least expensive display upgrade available to date which upgrades the customer’s vehicle to today’s technology. To complete the connected car experience, JBL’s Legend CP100 is steering wheel interface ready, so all the features and functions can be used in a safe and convenient manner. A rear camera input let’s drivers easily connect a back-up camera to aid in parking. Furthermore, drivers can utilize the “push to talk” button for Siri or Google Voice allowing for a smarter and safer way to stay connected behind the wheel.

Features and Pricing:

6.75” Touch Capacitive Screen

AM/FM Tuner with station identification and song name

Rear USB input

Rear Camera Input (composite)

Steering Wheel Interface Ready (ASWC Ready)

Bluetooth 3.0 HFP, AVRCP, A2DP, SPP, SSP

Works with Apple Car Play

Android Auto

White Illumination Buttons

2 Pre-Amp Outputs (Full Range F + R)

“Push to talk” button Siri, Google Voice,

iMX6 Processor

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Virtualbox Updated With Support For Multi

VirtualBox, a free software package that allows you to run a whole range of virtual machines on your Mac, has been updated to provide support for multi-touch platforms, support for the latest CPUs and other notable additions. The upgrade comes on the same day that Microsoft launched Windows 8.1, and ahead of the expected launch of Mavericks around the end of October … 

Virtual machines allow you to run multiple operating systems on your Mac, and VirtualBox is a workable approach for occasional use. However, if you intend to run both OS X and Windows on your Mac on a regular basis you’ll likely find it easier to use the chargeable but friendlier and more powerful Parallels or VMWare.

In addition to multi-touch support, VirtualBox 4.3 adds a virtual USB webcam device, allowing virtual machines to run software like Skype and Google Hangouts. It also introduces video capture of virtual machine sessions and a host of other new stuff (PDF)

Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.3 Now Available Latest Release Provides New Multi-Touch Support and Enhanced Networking Capabilities

Redwood Shores, Calif. – October 15, 2013

News Summary

Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.3 introduces a virtual multi-touch user interface, supports additional devices and platforms, and provides enhanced networking capabilities enabling developers to virtualize modern post-PC era operating system features while maintaining compatibility with legacy operating systems.

News Facts

Generally available today, Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.3 delivers the latest enhancements to the world’s most popular, free and open source, cross-platform virtualization software.

Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.3 adds a unique virtual multi-touch interface to support touch-based operating systems, and other new virtual devices and utilities, including webcam devices and a session recording facility.

This release builds on previous releases with support for the latest Microsoft, Apple, Linux and Oracle Solaris operating systems, new virtual devices, and improved networking functionality.

Multi-touch Interface Supports Latest Touch-based Windows Operating Systems

Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.3 provides support to run the most modern guest and host platforms. Enhancements include:

New operating system platform support: Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.3 supports the input device features, of the latest platforms such as Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2 and Mac OS X 10.9 in a virtual environment. For Windows 8.1, the new release can also simulate a 10 point multi-touch device. Additionally, improved 3D acceleration accommodates the translucent effects in the latest Linux distributions from Ubuntu and Fedora, and enhanced multi-monitor support allows users with multiple screens to use them from within the virtual environment.

New devices and management utilities: A new virtual USB webcam device enables video conferencing applications such as Skype or Google Hangouts to run in virtual machines. New recording session capabilities allow users to record part, or all, of a virtual machine session using a new video-capture facility. For easy playback, movies are created in WebM format by a range of movie-players.

Networking improvements: A new Network Address Translation (NAT) option allows virtual machines to talk to each other on the same host, and communicate with the outside world. IPv6 is now offered across Bridged, Host-only, Internal and the new NAT networking modes. In addition, the remote display server built-in to Oracle VM VirtualBox can accommodate RDP connections over IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

Supporting Quote

“Building and testing modern applications requires developers to run everything from legacy environments to the latest Linux and Windows desktop and tablet operating systems with 3D effects and multi-touch interfaces,” said Wim Coekaerts, Oracle senior vice president of Linux and Virtualization Engineering. “Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.3 adds an innovative way to operate multi-touch interfaces on a desktop PC, making it easier for users to operate their virtual machines.”

Supporting Resources



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These Are The Best Carplay Apps For Ev Owners

As the adoption of electric vehicles has grown, so has the availability of EV-specific apps for CarPlay. There are a number of excellent CarPlay apps that help take your EV experience to the next level, including planning trips, finding chargers, and more. Read on for the growing list of CarPlay apps that every EV owner should check out.

EVs that support CarPlay

Most every EV on the market offers support for Apple’s CarPlay platform, including the Ford Mustang Mach-E, The Volkswagen ID.4, the Kia EV6, the Chevy Bolt, and plenty of others. Two of the major exceptions here are Tesla and Rivian, neither of which support CarPlay and neither of which have shown any indication they plan to add CarPlay support.

CarPlay, for those unfamiliar, is Apple’s platform that basically mirrors your iPhone to your car’s infotainment system. You can access specific apps designed for CarPlay, including first-party apps from Apple, third-party apps in a handful of different categories, and interact with Siri.

For a breakdown of the best CarPlay apps across all App Store categories, be sure to check out our in-depth roundup right here.

Apple is also planning a major revamp for CarPlay that will start hitting the first supported cars sometime in late 2023. This “next generation of CarPlay” provides content for all of the driver’s screens in a car, including the instrument cluster. It will also add support for vehicle-specific features like climate controls and drive modes.

The best EV apps for CarPlay Apple Maps

Edit: EV routing in Apple Maps is currently only supported on the Ford Mustang Mach-E. I did not know this, and I hope Apple is working swiftly to expand the feature to other cars.

If you’re an Apple Maps user who wants to stick with Apple’s platform for navigation, the company has done an excellent job of adopting some EV-specific features over the last several years. As you’d expect, these EV-specific features are also supported via CarPlay. This also includes support for multi-stop navigation routes, which is a feature added in iOS 16 this year at long last.

The headlining feature here is support for electric vehicle routing, which means the Maps app can help you plan trips that include support for charging stops for your EV. Apple Maps, when your iPhone is connected to CarPlay, can track your car’s charge level. In some cases, you might also need to download your car manufacturer’s app from the App Store.

Apple Maps takes into account a number of different factors to determine when and how often you need to charge. This includes the availability of chargers, the speed of those chargers, elevation levels, your driving speed, and more. It will then automatically insert charging stops along your route. Additionally, if you drive until your charge gets too low, Apple Maps will present an alternative route to the nearest charging station.

To make sure you’re using all of the available EV features in Apple Maps, update your iPhone to iOS 16, which is available as a free download.

Google Maps

Google Maps offers a handful of features for EV drivers, but not to the level of Apple Maps or some of the other apps on the market. For instance, Google Maps on CarPlay doesn’t offer support for electric vehicle routing. The app doesn’t have access to your car’s battery data and won’t route you to EV chargers on a long drive.

Google Maps does offer a feature that picks the most efficient routes for EVs. The app will ask you to select your car’s “engine type,” and you can choose “electric” from the list of options. Google Maps will then pick routes that are the most energy-efficient, while also still factoring in traffic and other data points.

Google Maps also includes support for manually finding EV charging stations. It will show a few helpful details for these chargers, as well, including connector types and charging speeds. Some stations in Google Maps will also show whether a charger is available or if all of the spots are full.

App Store: Google Maps


Like Google Maps, Waze has a pretty lackluster selection of features for electric cars and this is true for the Waze app via CarPlay as well. The only thing Waze offers for EV owners is the ability to find nearby charging locations and chargers along your current route.

My belief is that Waze is best used alongside another navigation app. But as Apple Maps has continued to add Waze-style features, I’ve found myself relying on it less and less. The lackluster support for EV features doesn’t help the situation, either.

A Better Route Planner

If you’re an EV driver and haven’t tried out A Better Route Planner, commonly referred to as ABRP, you’re missing out. It’s a powerful routing app and service for EV owners that offers more granularity and control over your route than any other option on the market. I’ve yet to find any app that creates plans as accurately as ABRP, nor one that offers the level of control as ABRP.

ABRP allows you to select your vehicle model, enter a destination, and get a full trip plan, including charging stops, total charging time, total trip time, and much more. You can use the app as your main navigation interface via CarPlay, allowing you to see your plan in real-time. This can factor in changes, traffic, and other things that might affect your route and charging plan.

If you don’t want to use ABRP for navigation, you can create your plan in ABRP, then use a different app for navigation to each of the ABRP stops, like Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze. Having all of this information accessible via CarPlay is a huge help while driving. You can also view a report after your trip that breaks down the drive time, charging time, and how they compare to the planned estimates.

ABRP is a free download with a $4.99 per month subscription ($49.99 per year) to unlock full functionality. If you’re an EV driver, this is the easiest $5 a month you can spend, in my opinion.

Interestingly, Rivian just recently announced that it has acquired A Better Route Planner. It remains to be seen what this means for the future of the app.

App Store: A Better Route Planner

Electrify America

Electrify America is the largest alternative to Tesla’s Supercharger network, offering nearly 800 charging stations across the United States. The company offers a CarPlay app that makes it easy to find Electrify America charging stations nearby; the app can also route you directly to those charging stations.

In addition to helping you locate charging stations, the Electrify America app also presents some information about those stations. This includes things like the number of chargers available, charging speeds, the available connector types, pricing, idle fees, and more. There are also filtering options available for most of these things as well. For instance, you can filter nearby charging stations to show only chargers that have charging speeds of a certain threshold.

Additionally, you can use the Electrify America app via CarPlay to pick a specific stall at the charging location and initiate charging. This unlocks more of a “plug-and-play” style charging experience and means you don’t have to use your iPhone to do it.

Unfortunately, as of now, the Electrify America app for CarPlay doesn’t show any information while your car is charging. You’ll have to jump to your car’s native charging interface to do this or use the Electrify America app on your iPhone. The CarPlay app will, however, tell you when your car is done charging.

App Store: Electrify America


ChargePoint is similar to Electrify America in that its app is focused on its own network of chargers. Therefore, many of the same features that are available in Electrify America app for its chargers are also available in ChargePoint for its network: finding nearby chargers, filtering those locations, favoriting chargers, and more.

ChargePoint also offers a similar “Start Charging” button for its network of chargers via CarPlay. The app will contact the charger, start the session, then prompt you to plug in your car. Charging will then start without any further interaction from you.

App Store: ChargePoint


PlugShare s a popular third-party service that aggregates electric vehicle charging stations across all networks and types. It’s by far the most powerful platform for locating charging stations of all types, ranging from 120V outlets in random locations to Electrify America and Tesla Supercharger information.

The CarPlay app for PlugShare offers many of the same features as the PlugShare app for iPhone. You can view nearby chargers with in-depth details on things like the number of stalls, plug types, and more. PlugShare will also show the average review score from other PlugShare users for a charging location, which can help you weed out locations that aren’t currently working.

App Store: PlugShare


If you’re an EV driver, you’re likely familiar with the process of trying to find a parking spot at your final destination that offers EV charging. This is especially useful if you know you have a long drive after you finish doing whatever you’re doing at that location, as you can return to a car that’s fully charged.

SpotHero is a CarPlay app that include the ability to filter parking locations based on the availability of EV chargers. Using this, you can ensure that your parking garage or parking location will have EV chargers available.

App Store: SpotHero

And more

These are just a handful of the EV apps that are available via Apple’s CarPlay platform. Here are some of the others:

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Peoplesoft Secure With Its Strategy

Internet business software maker PeopleSoft looked to inject some new life into its sales with the release of new homeland security products and an international mid-market sales program.

The Pleasanton, Calif.-based firm Monday took the wraps off its PeopleSoft PASS (Patriot Act SEVIS Solution). The software lets colleges and universities comply with the U.S. Justice Department’s new Internet-based Student and Exchange Visitor Information System. Starting this January, schools are required to collect information on foreign students and report it to the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service.

“Approximately 10 percent of our enrolled students are foreign nationals,” said Dr. Paul W. Barrows, vice chancellor of Student Affairs at University of Wisconsin, Madison. “Reporting to the INS under the terms of SEVIS would be an extremely time-consuming and expensive task if we were only able to use the INS’s web interface. With PeopleSoft PASS, we will be able to link all student status information and related databases.”

In addition, PeopleSoft’s new Guardian solution, based on its human resource platform, is designed to help governments hire, track and provide online education.

On the home front, PeopleSoft unveiled its Project Portfolio Management and ESA Warehouse, two new solutions in its Enterprise Service Automation (ESA) suite. With Project Portfolio Management, organizations can evaluate, monitor and compare information on new and existing projects. ESA Warehouse consolidates data from multiple sources for accurate reporting, analysis and insight into operating costs.

The company also announced the expansion of its mid-market offering, PeopleSoft Accelerated Solutions. The solutions will be available in France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

The fixed-price solutions include PeopleSoft’s pure Internet applications, technical and end-user training and implementation services. The Accelerated Solutions have been localized for the language, currency and regulatory requirements of each country.

Meantime, PeopleSoft’s new Supplier Rating System will let customers create a consistent, repeatable methodology for business managers and executives to manage and measure supplier performance. With the new software, PeopleSoft said organizations will be able to capture data from across the enterprise and choose from more than eighty key performance indicators to set parameters, weight criteria and create supplier scorecards to measure performance in areas such as product quality, invoice accuracy, delivery reliability and price.

PeopleSoft also announced an expanded relationship with IBM Corp. to offer customers pre-configured eServer infrastructure solutions that include the highly scalable DB2 database software, and a eServer xSeries or pSeries.

IBM Global Services and its network of business partners will deliver fixed-scope, fixed-price implementation services for PeopleSoft applications. The first solution to be delivered will be PeopleSoft Accelerated CRM for the financial services, discrete manufacturing and wholesale

“Creating cost-effective, low risk, integrated solutions is the key to success for mid-market organizations around the world,” said Barry Wilderman, senior vice president and service director, Application Delivery Strategies, Meta Group, Inc. “Alliances like PeopleSoft’s mid-market initiative with IBM helps reduce risk since IBM can simultaneously play the roles of hardware, database and systems integration vendors.”

The new tools and contracts are designed to help gain market share against PeopleSoft rivals Oracle and Siebel Systems .

Women’s Ice Hockey Terriers Head To Ncaas

Women’s Ice Hockey Terriers Head to NCAAs Hoping for momentum from third consecutive Hockey East championship

The BU women’s ice hockey team claimed its third consecutive Hockey East championship with a 3-2 victory over Boston College last Sunday. Photos by Michael Silverwood

The women’s ice hockey Terriers have a shot at redemption tomorrow when they take on the Minnesota Golden Gophers in the quarterfinals of the NCAA tournament. Nearly a year ago, the BU women fell just short of a national title when the Gophers took the championship game 6-3.

After dropping three of their five final regular season games, the Terriers pulled off a trio of one-goal victories—over Providence, Northeastern, and Boston College—last weekend in Hyannis to claim a third consecutive Hockey East title and earn their fifth consecutive NCAA berth. Finishing the year with a 24-12-1 overall record, the Terriers come into the NCAA tournament as the lowest seed and will face the top-seeded Gophers on their home ice in Minneapolis tomorrow.

“We were a little bit up and down in the final months of the season,” says Terrier head coach Brian Durocher. “So getting on a roll with three wins in a row and hanging another banner in the arena should really help us regain some momentum in time for the national tournament.”

“We know what the crowd’s going to be like,” says Hockey East Player of the Year Sarah Lefort (CGS’14). “We know they’re going to bring a lot of intensity and that we’re going to be the underdogs, but for everybody except the freshmen to have been there and skated on that ice with even more on the line last year, it should take a little bit of the nerves away and let us play our game.”

For goaltender Kerrin Sperry (CAS’13, GRS’16), tomorrow’s game marks her fourth consecutive year starting in an NCAA tournament contest. Sperry was named the Hockey East Tournament Most Valuable Player for the second straight year after stopping 119 of 125 shots during BU’s three wins last weekend. She stopped all 18 Boston College shots in the fourth quarter of the championship game and helped the Terriers defeat their archrival for the first time in this season’s five meetings.

“Three straight Hockey East titles is an amazing accomplishment. It’s great to be part of a team that is so skilled and so determined,” Sperry says. “We know that we have a lot to get done before we can even consider what it would mean to win a national championship, and we’re just going to take it one minute at a time, one play at a time, and in my case, one puck at a time.”

If the Terriers get past Minnesota, they will earn a trip to the Frozen Four in Hamden, Conn., next weekend. Win or lose, Durocher counts the season as a success. “We’ve earned a Hockey East championship, won 24 games, and seen the evolution of a lot of young players that have shown that they can play here at a high level,” he says.

With 13 underclassmen playing pivotal roles, Durocher believes the program has a promising future. He credits the team for refusing to concede this season as a rebuilding year.

For Sperry, there are no thoughts about next year—only the next opponent. “For the seniors, it comes down to the fact that we win or go home,” she says. “If that means that you have to swallow whatever nervousness you have and just go out and play, then we’ll have to do it. Some people said this will be a rebuilding year, but we’ve really turned that on its head. We’ve been underdogs all year and it’s really motivated us, so it shouldn’t be much different when we go to Minnesota as underdogs again.”

Nate Weitzer can be reached at [email protected].

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Google Announces Home Activities Rich Results

Google has announced a new Rich Result that corresponds to home activity events. Home Activities rich results correspond to online events. Google will show Home Activities rich results when an appropriate search query triggers it.

Home Activities Rich Results

The new rich results are currently limited to fitness related searches. It’s only available on mobile devices at this time.

In order to be eligible for home activities, websites must add either Event or Video structured data.

Event structured data is appropriate for online events that are going to happen. Video structured data is appropriate for published videos.

According to the announcement:

Events must be virtual events, not physical events. In the Event structured data, make sure to:

Set eventAttendanceMode to OnlineEventAttendanceMode.

Use the VirtualLocation type for the location property.

Add the chúng tôi property.

Specify the correct timezone. Because there’s no physical location to verify the correct time, setting the right timezone is critical for online events.

For videos, focus on adding the description and duration properties, as these help Google understand what the video is about.

If your video is an upcoming live stream you can add both types of markup (Video and Event), but you don’t have to.

However, if you use Video markup for the live stream, we recommended adding the BroadcastEvent properties and following the LIVE badge guidelines.

Mark Events as Online Only

The events structured data is relevant to actual in-person events as well as virtual events. Because of Covid-19 and how users are consuming more video events from home, there are additional properties and types that need to be used.

Event organizers have to use the VirtualLocation type and also set the eventAttendanceMode property to OnlineEventAttendanceMode.

LIVE Badge Guidelines

Required properties are:

publication (date of live stream)




Home Activities Rich Results

Google is currently showing these rich results for fitness related activities only. The examples of search queries that trigger these rich results on a mobile device are “online exercise” and “yoga at home.”

Where these results are shown depends on the time zone indicated in the structured data.

Google did not indicate if they were going to expand this to other kinds of home activities beyond fitness.

This may be helpful for local gyms, martial arts schools, yoga studios, dance classes and any other fitness related online activities.


Read the official announcement here: Home Activities

Events Structured Data Requirements

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