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The Epic v. Apple trial has now officially been adjourned, but it brought several documents that revealed sensitive information about both companies. Interestingly, in one of the emails Steve Jobs sent back in 2007, it is confirmed that Apple was working on a 15-inch MacBook Air (which was never officially released), plus some more discussions about the App Store.

15-inch MacBook Air

The first MacBook Air was introduced in January 2008 and was considered a revolution for the laptop industry as it featured a full-size keyboard and a 13-inch LCD display in a super compact body. However, an email sent by the Apple cofounder in August 2007 shows that the company was also working on a larger MacBook Air.

Details about this machine are unknown, but Steve mentions in his briefing for 2008 that the company would discuss a “15-inch MacBook Air” in the first half of 2008. Apple actually released the MacBook Air in a new size in 2010, but it had an 11-inch screen. The only Apple laptop that has ever been available in a 15-inch version is the MacBook Pro (and the PowerBook before that).

You can even see some interesting handwritten notes in the scanned email.

Earlier this year, Bloomberg reported that Apple was exploring the idea of a 15-inch MacBook Air, but it is unclear whether the company still wants to launch a larger version of its most popular laptop.

App Store discussions

The main topic of the Epic v. Apple trial was the App Store, as the Cupertino-based company was accused of monopolistic practices for the way it runs the store on iOS devices.

During the trial, we have already shared several emails from Apple executives arguing over internal decisions regarding the App Store, but there seems to be even more. In the same email from August 2007, months after the iPhone was announced, Steve makes it clear that there was still no decision about creating the App Store at that time.

Jobs wanted to discuss the idea of opening up the iPhone software to developers, as he also mentions EA Games as one of the likely partners to be one of the first to offer third-party apps on the iPhone. The iOS App Store was announced in March 2008 and officially launched in July of the same year.

Earlier this year, Apple’s former SVP of software engineering Scott Forstall revealed that he even asked some developers to create demo apps for the iPhone using jailbroken devices — probably because Jobs was initially against the idea of having third-party apps installed on the iPhone.

Also about the App Store, another email — this one from March 2023 — shows that App Store executives wanted to implement some of the tools used by Google to review apps from Play Store. They argue that Google had better tools to automatically analyze apps without requiring human interaction in most cases.

A document filed with the trial brought more details about Apple’s efforts to improve the App Store review process.

iPad development

It’s well known that Apple was working on a tablet device long before the iPhone, although the company’s smartphone was introduced first. However, the email from Steve Jobs shows that the company was also having discussions about the tablet back in the first half of 2008.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Apple wanted to launch the iPad in 2008, but the company probably revived its plans for a new tablet around this time. For context, the first iPad was announced in January 2010, and it hit the stores in April of the same year.

Shazam on the App Store

Shazam was already quite popular 10 years ago, and the developers behind it decided to release another app called “Shazam Player,” which worked as an alternative music player for iPhone users. However, Apple wasn’t happy about this.

Eddy Cue, who is currently in charge of Apple’s services, said in an email in 2012 that Apple wouldn’t promote the new Shazam app in the App Store because it was “something that puts its goal as replacing our music player.”

It turns out, Apple acquired Shazam in 2023, which is now fully integrated with Siri, iOS, and Apple devices.

There are also other interesting details from these emails, which includes a mention from Jobs about a “super iPod nano” — which you can read here.

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Daily Authority: Once A Year Smartphones 🥇

One new flagship smartphone a year

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Smartphones have become very very good at what they do in their current form factors. For all the effort involved now, it means yearly smartphone releases are enough.

The evidence doesn’t take long to stack up:

OnePlus just announced that there’ll be no OnePlus 9T (or 9T Pro) this year. That comes after there was no 8T Pro either, though it did manage an 8T that was reviewed as good but confusing the lineup.

Apple moved away from its “S” releases in the same year, and has stuck solidly to one new flagship iPhone in September/October.

And Samsung couldn’t properly differentiate its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series enough. In 2023, it went with just the S21 and its Galaxy Fold Z line, and left the storied Note series on the bench.

It’s not hard to see why flagships are sticking with yearly. Just as laptops and TVs only gently evolve each year, smartphones face the same maturity phase.

Each year, phones are continuing to get better and do more, but the technology maturity level doesn’t allow for giant leaps within months.

I saw this doing the rounds on Twitter via a wag and it’s simple but true (and replace with iPhone with any other series):

“What’s next” is the question everyone can ask but few can answer. 

Foldables are the next great form-factor, which you have to believe when you hear owners saying they’ll never go back to anything else. But it may be another few years before they’re mainstream.

Or another form-factor, like a rollable, may emerge as something better.

Otherwise, we’re back to the old arguments of AR/VR, glasses, wearables… which all seemed too limited by current-day batteries.

In any case, it’s something the best minds are working on, and pondering. 

Apple has some $200B in the bank that it can’t spend fast enough on developing what’s next. 

What about now?

In the meantime, the next most obvious thing to ponder is if gaps between flagship smartphone releases will continue to widen, which doesn’t really make sense. Or, if the pace of the release cycle speeds up again.

The latter would take new tech emergence: screens, a computing power breakthrough, a new camera idea, or perhaps more likely, a battery breakthrough.

Otherwise, it’s the value-end that delivers more unexpected ideas.

And it does give you some security when buying a flagship, knowing it won’t be upgraded while you’re still getting used to it…


👉 OnePlus CEO Pete Lau announced “OnePlus 2.0” with a major forum post detailing how, finally, Oppo and OnePlus are going to run the same OS, with OxygenOS’ head, Gary Chen, now set to lead a combined effort which will mean a shared Android 13 experience. What it means is less standalone OnePlus, more sameness across Oppo and OnePlus. It’s hard to say how this might look in 2023, 2023, and beyond. 

📅 OK, evidence is really mounting that October 19th will be the Pixel 6 launch date, as Techtober looks like it’ll apply once again (Android Authority). 

🤔 Speaking of, HMD Global may reveal a Nokia branded tablet on October 6 (Android Authority).

📅 And in almost Techtober news, Amazon has set a date for its 2023 hardware event: September 28. No signs of what new or updated Amazon devices it’ll show off (Android Authority).

📈 US officials might put Honor on the Entity List, which has apparently divided US government bureaucrats (Android Authority).

🍎 iOS 15 is now out for iPhones all the way back to the iPhone 6S, so something that affects a billion people or so means lots of articles and bits and pieces on what it all means. MacStories, as usual, has the most in-depth detail of what’s new with more than 20 pages of screenshots and detail around using new things like Live Text via camera, setting focus modes, scheduling notification summaries, and so on. MacRumors also has nice and helpful detail about how to use these new features, with videos. Here’s The Verge’s review, which includes iPadOS 15 and its more minor changes, too, and suggests the iOS 15 updates are mostly quality-of-life, and the iOS 14 update remains the winner in recent times.

📺 Netflix launches free plan in Kenya to boost growth, with about a quarter of its paid offerings in the free version, which I’d guess is mostly its original content? (Android Authority).

🚗 Tesla drivers become ‘inattentive’ when using Autopilot, MIT study finds. Which is fine when everything works well! (Engadget).

⏩ Sony’s new PS5 firmware can make your games slightly faster (Ars Technica).

🎮 Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a new PC and PlayStation 4 and 5 game getting great reviews (IGN).

💰 It’s definitely 2023 around here: Sorare raises $680 million for its fantasy sports NFT game. Hm. Should we start an NFT game?? Here’s the idea: Buy dates you feel will be significant in tech in 2023. If you’re right, you get a lovely gold NFT star (TechCrunch).

🏍 Whoa: A radical new motorcycle design has hit the track for the first time (Interesting Engineering).

🚰 “ELIi5: Do you get the same benefits from sleep if you’ve had a nightmare?” (r/explainlikeimfive).

Early years are all Counter-Strike and StarCraft, with both still present in the top 15 in 2023, too.

Later years are all Dota 2, and I still remember the arguments(Kotaku) as to why the enormous tournament, The International, was too big for Dota 2 when it offered up $20M. Now it’s at $40M and growing, even after Valve stepped back.

This year’s International 10, by the way, saw all kinds of Covid-19 related delays, and it’s now taking place in Bucharest in Romania, next month, with a live audience once again allowed.


Tristan Rayner, Senior Editor

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The Morning Show Season 2: Everything We Know About The Apple Tv Plus Show

Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus has quickly become a major player in the streaming game since its launch in 2023. Its slate of original programming includes shows like Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, Foundation, and For All Mankind as well as movies like The Banker, Greyhound, and Palmer.

See price at Apple TV Plus

Where we left off

Apple TV Plus

Inspired by Brian Stelter’s Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV, the first season of The Morning Show premiered in the thick of the #MeToo movement in 2023. As a result, the series tackled workplace sexual misconduct head on.

When popular morning television host Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell) faces accusations of sexual misconduct, his co-host Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) scrambles to keep afloat. How deep do Mitch’s misdeeds go? How can she re-establish trust in a toxic workplace? Is her own position safe? Who will co-host with her now that Mitch is suspended?

What is The Morning Show season 2 about?

Season two covers sexual misconduct as well as race in media and COVID-19.

While season one certainly addressed race, The Morning Show season two appears to focus as much on the question of white hosts as the first season did on gender inequality and abuse in the workplace. The Morning Show’s Daniel Hendersen (Desean Terry) is seen in the trailer calling out UBA for its systemic racism as he continues to be passed up for a promotion.

And in keeping with the show’s focus on current events, season two will also address the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, though it’s unclear exactly how.

When and where can you watch it?

Apple TV Plus

The Morning Show season 2 will launch September 17.

The series will be available exclusively on Apple TV Plus.

COVID-19 delays are at the center of a lawsuit with The Morning Show’s insurance company.

Filming delays on The Morning Show season two have in fact become the subject of a lawsuit. Always Smiling Productions has filed suit against Chubb National Insurance Company. The suit claims that while Chubb has paid out $1 million due to the government-mandated shutdown, the company still owes over $100 million in cast coverage — the series’ big names come with hefty paycheques.

Other Apple TV Plus series affected by the production shutdown include See, Foundation, Servant, For All Mankind, Lisey’s Story, and Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet.

What else can you expect?

Apple TV Plus

Apple hasn’t revealed much about The Morning Show season two. The official season trailer does, however, reveal a fair bit. And it also leaves a lot of questions open.

Here are a few hints and open questions from the trailer:

Where is Mitch? He seems to be hiding out somewhere gorgeous and scenic. Is he stranded somewhere because of COVID-19? Is he hiding out to avoid media inquiries following his fall from grace?

Why has Alex left UBA? When we last saw her, Alex was standing up to the culture of abuse that allowed Mitch to thrive in the first place. She and Bradley took a stand on air before being cut off. Did she quit? If she was fired, why wasn’t Bradley? Getting more information about Alex’s departure will help add some much-needed context to Cory’s attempts to win her back.

Who is Julianna Margulies playing? The ER and The Good Wife actress appears to be an exec from a rival show. She’s encouraging Bradley to stand up for herself and demand more. But what are her motives exactly, and why doesn’t Alex like her?

What is Cory up to? The UBA exec seems to have a gift for picking fights with the top brass, and now he’s fighting “a battle for the soul of the universe.” What could that be about?

That’s everything we know, and a few things we don’t, about The Morning Show season two. You can check it out on Apple TV Plus September 17.

15 Best Apple Watch Games You Should Play

To most people, the Apple Watch is a utility that helps them keep a track of their activity levels complete with customised measurement units for activities, notifications, and with the Series 4 and 5, their heart health with the Apple Watch ECG feature. That’s a fair understanding of the device, and with some useful third party apps for the Apple Watch, it can become even more powerful and productive. However, that’s not all that it’s good for. You can also play games on it! There are a lot of fun watchOS 9 games out there, and to make your life easier, I’ve played most of them. So here are the 15 best games for Apple Watch in 2023.

Best Apple Watch Games for You to Play in 2023 1. Pocket Bandit

Pocket Bandit is one of my favourite paid games for Apple Watch purely because of its excellent gameplay and the way it makes such good use of the watch’s taptic-engine and Digital Crown.

In the game you will find yourself breaking into vaults to steal money, jewels, and other valuable items while carefully avoiding the anti-theft devices installed on some of the vaults. This is an excellent game to kill some time on your Apple Watch.

Buy Pocket Bandit from the App Store ($0.99)

2. Tiny Armies

Simple swipe gestures is how you play the game, but the levels add more complexity with the introduction of environmental objects like lakes and mountains. Since this is a turn-based strategy game, you have to plan ahead because every move matters.

Download Tiny Armies from the App Store ($0.99)

3. Rules!

If you’re looking for the best puzzle games on Apple Watch, Rules! is a fun puzzle game for the Apple Watch that helps your brain grow via its stimulating puzzles. Developed by TheCodingMonkeys, this game has been the Editor’s Choice on the App Store as well, which is high praise.

In this game, you basically have to follow rules to clear out levels. However, the rules from previous levels are applicable in new levels as well, and are simply mentioned as “Rule 1” or “Rule 4” etc. So you have to keep a track of all the rules you’ve learned in the previous levels in order to clear out more levels. Needless to say, this game gets pretty difficult, pretty fast.

4. Snappy Word

If you are a fan of the popular word game Wordle, it won’t take much time for Snappy Word to become one of the best Apple Watch games for you. It is a really simple game. You are given a grid of four letters and the task is to make a meaningful word from it. And you’re racing against a timer. You need to swipe the letters to make the chúng tôi highly addictive game has more than 400 challenging levels and the difficulty level rises with each level.

Download Snappy Word from the App Store (Free)

5. Ping Pong for Apple Watch

The game of Pong needs no introduction, and this title brings that fun to your wrist. Ping Pong for Apple Watch, as the name suggests, is a game that allows you to play pong on your wrist. Controls are simple and managed through the digital crown, making for impeccable control that you always need in a game of pong. The game is free, which makes it just that much better!

6. Tube Twister

Tube Twister is an arcade game designed for Apple Watch. In this fun-to-play game, you are a runner who has to cross obstacles across endless tubes to reach his destination. You need to collect orbs on your way to gain power for the speed boost. Tube Twister is one of the best time killers on Apple Watch. There are two playable characters and you can unlock more characters by winning orbs and scoring more. What makes this game a worthy addition to this list is that you can play it at 60 frames per second!

Download Tube Twister from the App Store (Free)

7. Lifeline 2

Another story-based nonlinear game that you can play both on your iPhone/iPad or the Apple Watch. Lifeline 2 is the second instalment in Lifeline series that took the world by storm when it was first released. The game’s style is very similar to Timecrest, but with better graphics, a lot of original content, and no in-app purchases. The downside is that Timecrest was free, and this will set you back a buck.

Download Lifeline 2 from the App Store ($2.99)

8. Jellyfish Tap

Download Jellyfish Tap from the App Store (Free)

9. Dare the Monkey: Go Bananas!

If you love playing platformer games, you should definitely check out Dare the Monkey on your Apple Watch. As the name suggests, you play as a monkey in this game and your aim is to traverse the various traps and enemies to get to the end of the levels.

It’s a surprisingly fun and challenging game, with really adorable graphics and it seems perfect for the Apple Watch’s screen.

Download Dare the Monkey from the App Store (Free)

10. Chess

The game is free to download and will match you against other players. The interface is simple, obviously, but you do get a leaderboard to keep a track of your score and where you stand.

Download Chess from the App Store (Free)

11. Jupiter Attack

Did you love playing Space Invaders as a child? Well then you’d love playing Jupiter Attack on your Apple Watch. In this game, you’re piloting a spaceship and you have to face off against hordes of enemy ships that are hell bent on destroying earth.

The controls are simple and you can use the touch screen and the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch to move your ship around and make sure you defeat the enemies before they defeat you.

12. Octopuz

Octopuz is a memory based game for people who like to exercise their brain cells while gaming. The basics of the game are really simple. You are shown a pattern on the screen of your Apple Watch and you have to replicate it. However, there’s a timer within which you have to finish replicating the pattern shown to you. Basically, the game helps build memory as well as dexterity in your fingers as you try and complete patterns as fast as you can from memory.

Download Octopuz from the App Store (Free)

13. Arcadia – Arcade Watch Games

Do you miss the feeling of going to your local gaming arcade and playing classic games on those big big arcade machines? Well, Arcadia brings those games to your Apple Watch. You will get access to games like Snake, Galaxy Invaders, Pong, and more straight on your watch.

14. Retro Twist

If multiple games in one package is your thing, and you’ve already tired of Arcadia, you should check out Retro Twist for your Apple Watch. Similar to Arcadia, Retro Twist brings a selection of retro games to your Apple Watch, but as the name suggests, these games have a twist.

You can play Super Jump, which is now an endless runner. Contra Pang is a fun game for fans of the classic Contra game, and you can also enjoy games like Moon Snake, Retro Racer, Circle Break, and more. All for a really reasonable price to boot.

Download Retro Twist from the App Store ($0.99)

15. Infinity Loop: Blueprints

Rounding off the list is one of the classic puzzle games — Infinity Loop. I remember playing a variation of this game back in college, and then later as well. It’s nice to see the game still going strong, and available on the Apple Watch.

Download Infinity Loop: Blueprints from the App Store (Free)

Play These Impressive watchOS Games Right Now

Scenes From A Drone Trade Show

Northrop Grumman’s Global Hawk is the highest-flying of the military’s current fleet of UAVs. With its 116-foot wingspan, it can climb to 60,000 feet and has a range of 9,500 nautical miles. Another show-goer gives a sense of scale. Eric Hagerman

When most people think “trade show,” what comes to mind are harsh fluorescent lights and hollow convention halls, all filled with corporate drones (of the human variety) idly wandering through booths hyping the latest in office paper technology, stopping only to hover over bowls of stale candy and cheap swag.

The annual Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) event in Denver, Co. is also a trade show, down to the expansive halls and harsh lights. But instead of the latest in corporate nothingness, its booths are filled with something far more interesting: the state-of-the-art in flying robots.

We were recently on hand to find out what this sort of trade show looks like. Launch the gallery above for our photo tour.

UAV Fuel Cell

Jogjaman Jap of Singapore’s Horizon Energy Systems shows off his company’s new plug-and-play hydrogen fuel cell for small UAVs. Its proprietary chemical hydride hydrogen generator means you just add water. It produces 200W of continuous power for six to seven hours.

Integrator’s “Ikea Fasteners”

The “Ikea Fasteners” on Insitu’s new modular Integrator UAV require just a quarter turn to secure the wings. The Navy plans to buy at least 200 of the small-tactical class aircraft. The gas-powered plane has a 16 foot wingspan, weighs 75 pounds, and can fly 24 hours on its gas-powered engine.

Integrator’s Creative Landing Gear

Clips on both wingtips of the Integrator serve as landing gear: They snag the line of Insitu’s SkyHook crane and snare the plane, whose engine immediately cuts when inertial sensors detect the sudden shift. Then the operators haul the plane down like laundry.

Instead of Booth Babes…

Drone trade shows have their own brand of superfluous booth porn: Wichita, Kansas–based McCauley shows off a carbon-fiber prop used on a… manned Cessna. They make props for unmanned systems, too.

Griffin Guided Missile

Raytheon’s new 33-pound Griffin guided missile fits the trend toward smaller and more accurate munitions, according to a spokesman for the weapon systems manufacturer. It can be directed to explode above a target, on impact, or on a fuse delay.

All-Weather Autonomous Bomb

Raytheon’s new GBU-53/B small diameter bomb is touted as an all-weather seeker, allowing UAV pilots to track and destroy targets regardless of weather conditions. It’s 69 inches long and weighs 204 pounds.

Flexible Circuitry

A web of flexible circuits germinated in the MIT engineering lab of professor Mary Boyce could allow electronics to be built into a wide variety of shapes, squeezing circuitry into tighter and more aerodynamic spaces.

Nano Drones Under Glass

AeroVironment showed off prototypes of its nano air vehicle, a hummingbird–sized flapping-wing UAV that one day could be used as a surveillance tool that blends into the natural environment.

SAMARAI Monocopter

A Lockheed Martin engineer holds the latest prototype of the SAMARAI monocopter drone, a unique vertical take off and landing (VTOL) configuration whose one wing whirls around a central hub like maple tree spinners

This Stalker’s Always Listening

Skeldar Copter Drone

Saab and Swiss UAV teamed up to produce a line of small UAVs including the fully automated Skeldar, which has a 15-foot rotor and a five-hour flight time.

Global Hawk

Northrop Grumman’s Global Hawk is the highest-flying of the military’s current fleet of UAVs. With its 116-foot wingspan, it can climb to 60,000 feet and has a range of 9,500 nautical miles. Another show-goer gives a sense of scale.


Nose-to-nose with Northrop Grumman’s X-47B unmanned combat air vehicle, which is being developed for the Navy as a carrier-based bird.

Lightweight Eyes in the Sky

Apple Store Retail Plan For Watch: 15 Min. Appointments, 10+ Try

Apple will introduce several major initiatives to ready its retail stores for the Apple Watch’s launch in April, according to sources briefed on the upcoming changes. Starting on April 10th, Apple will allocate 15 minutes per customer for in-store try-on appointments, using 10 or more try-on stations to manage what’s expected to be a steady flow of customers interested in having hands-on time with the Watch. While customers will not necessarily be required to have an appointment, they will be time-limited and guided during the hands-on experience. Additionally, they will be given the opportunity to place a reservation at the time of try-on for a particular model, and make a follow-up appointment to pick the watch up during the April 24th launch date. Stores will also have launch day stock for walk-in appointments.

Each Apple Store will be provided with a special-hands on table filled with Apple Watch demo units, as Apple announced at its keynote earlier this month. Most stores will be provided one table with at least 10 surrounding Apple Watch try-on stations, while some Apple Stores will be given more tables to meet demand. Apple Stores will begin setting up the Apple Watch tables on April 9th and 10th during special overnight sessions for employees. Employees will also begin a few hours of more extensive Apple Watch training in the coming days, a follow-up to secretive training some employees received before the Spring Forward event at locations in Cupertino, Los Angeles, Austin, and Atlanta.

To offer more personalized attention for certain Apple Watch customers, Apple will split its retail staff into four “zones” when hands-on trials and sales begin. The first set of retail employees will be stationed at the Apple Watch try-on areas to assist customers in trying on the aluminum Apple Watch Sport or stainless steel Apple Watch. A second zone is for sales, and will include two lines: one for people who know exactly which Apple Watch they want to purchase, and another for those who still are undecided about the right watch casing and band choice. The third group of employees will answer general questions about the Watch’s functionality and explain features.

Finally, a special fourth group of employees will be dedicated to assisting buyers of the gold Apple Watch Edition models. This group of employees will be made up of “Experts,” Apple Store employees who have worked at the company for an extensive period of time and have completed extra customer service training. A pair of “Experts” from each Apple Store in the Apple Watch launch countries were taught additional sales methods and customer service techniques for the Apple Watch Edition at the aforementioned February training sessions. The Apple Watch Edition starts at $10,000 and will be sold in limited quantities at select Apple Store locations.

During the preview sessions beginning on April 10th, between 75% and 90% of store retail staff will be allocated to assisting customers with the Apple Watch. The amount of employees allocated to Apple Watch sales will differ daily based on store Apple Watch inventory numbers, according to the sources. Apple has also considered utilizing the same new text-message based appointments system as its Genius Bar to organize Apple Watch try-on appointments. This would allow a person without a pre-scheduled time to receive a text message as a walk-in appointment when there is time for them to view the Watch. However, it is not yet confirmed if Apple will use this approach from the beginning for the Watch.

With the Apple Watch’s launch approaching, Apple has already begun promoting the device in stores with large banners with images similar to those on Apple’s website and in a recent issue of Vogue magazine. While these details provide insight into how Apple Store Watch sales will be structured, we also previously reported on Apple’s sales pitch for the device. According to sources, Apple will utilize a soft-shell sales approach that focuses on the device’s three key features (Health & Fitness, Communicating, and Timekeeping), bands and accessories, and iPhone hardware upgrades. Apple, as soon as next week, will launch a new trade-in program for Android users to more easily upgrade to iPhones compatible with the Apple Watch.

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