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While RivaTuner Statistics Server (RTSS) is most well-known for being bundled with MSI Afterburner and used for monitoring and overclocking GPUs, RTSS actually has some use separate from Afterburner. Here, we discuss those functions and teach you how to use them to cap your FPS (frame per second) or enable Scanline Sync.

What is RivaTuner?

RivaTuner Statistics Server (usually shortened to RTSS) is an application most known for being shipped with MSI Afterburner. The purpose it serves with MSI Afterburner is enabling an on-screen display of framerate and other performance metrics, including GPU utilization and temperatures.

With or without Afterburner, however, RivaTuner is capable of applying FPS caps and enabling Scanline Sync on any monitor.

What is an FPS cap?

Using an FPS cap, you can set your in-game framerate to just at or just under your screen refresh rate. If the game you’re playing offers an FPS cap, chances are high that you’ll want to use that cap instead of RivaTuner’s, but if you want to learn how to use RivaTuner’s for universal application, keep reading.

What is Scanline Sync?

Scanline Sync, like FreeSync and G-Sync, is another technology that looks to replace the V-Sync standard. FreeSync and G-Sync are both hardware-enabled features, though, whereas Scanline Sync is used in software to achieve a similar effect. Scanline Sync is particularly ideal for displays that don’t have FreeSync or G-Sync (e.g. your living room TV, should you want to game on it without horrific screen tearing or input lag).

Where Scanline Sync differs from other V-Sync alternatives is actually hinted at in its name. Unlike other techniques, which work with complete frames as much as possible, Scanline Sync actually allows you to choose a specific scanline, one where screen tearing is near-guaranteed but contained. With the right adjustments, this scanline can be moved nearly offscreen and provide a tear-free, lag-free alternative to V-Sync.

Should I use an FPS cap or Scanline Sync?

While RivaTuner offers both FPS capping and Scanline Sync, you can’t actually use both simultaneously.

The main way to decide between the two features is to take a look at your existing hardware.

FPS caps will work on the most systems with the fewest issues and is preferred to Scanline Sync if you already have a FreeSync or G-Sync monitor. In this case, Scanline Sync’s job is already being done by the monitor (and compatible GPU), so it’s unneeded.

Scanline Sync is best used to compensate for the lack of FreeSync and G-Sync, but it comes with a catch, too: high GPU utilization (~80%+) under Scanline Sync can introduce major screen tearing to an image. If you’re looking to run games on a 60 Hz display with Scanline Sync and have plenty of GPU power to spare, this shouldn’t be an issue. But if you experience any, we highly recommend turning down settings or using an FPS cap instead.

How to set an FPS cap in RivaTuner

Make sure “Application detection level” is set to Low or higher, and you’re good to go: you’ve set a global FPS cap. Should you ever want to remove it, simply turning off RivaTuner will do the job.

How to set up Scanline Sync in RivaTuner

In order to use Scanline Sync in RivaTuner, the framerate limit must first be set to 0, since the two functions are mutually exclusive. Don’t worry, as this won’t literally set your frames to 0 – it just disables the FPS capping function so Scanline Sync can be used.

Now that the Framerate limit is set to 0, it’s time to set the Scanline Sync. The number that you’ll be setting in this field is not a framerate limit but rather coordinates for the tearline. Your exact results will vary depending on the size and resolution of your display, and you will need to manually adjust this value in increments of 10 since there is no one-size-fits-all option.

The best place to start is to take your vertical resolution (for instance, 1080 pixels on a 1080p screen or 1440 pixels on a 1440p screen), and subtract that number by 150 to 200. For a standard 1080p display, we recommend starting at 930 as a baseline and reducing as needed until you’ve achieved the desired result.

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I’m a longtime gamer, computer nerd, and general tech enthusiast.

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How To Increase Fps On Windows 11

How to Increase FPS on Windows 11 [Best Settings]




Frames per second or FPS is the pace at which back-to-back images known as frames appear in a display to generate moving imagery.

FPS is a defining factor for gamers because it influences gameplay quality and can be enhanced by tweaking Windows 11 settings.

Enable Game mode, set a GPU priority, and enable High-performance mode to increase FPS.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

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readers this month.

Many gamers argue that the FPS settings in Windows 11 haven’t changed, and in some cases, it performs worse than Windows 10.

However, according to Microsoft, recent gaming technologies like Auto HDR and DirectsStorage have been integrated into this newly launched OS.

That being said, some of the settings in Windows 11 can be tweaked so that gamers can achieve better frame rates and have a better gaming experience.

This article goes through a few solutions for enhancing the FPS and performance in Windows 11 for a lag-free gameplay experience. So, let’s dive in.

First, you could consider installing a driver updater that will automatically take care of all of your drivers without any complicated methods or steps.

⇒ Outbyte Driver Updater

What are the best FPS settings for a better gaming experience on Windows 11? 1. Enable Game mode

Press Windows + I keys to open the Settings app.

Select Gaming from the left sidebar then go to the Game mode.

Now, enable the toggle from the following menu.

When you enable Game Mode, Windows will prioritize the gaming experience on PC and disable background tasks, Windows update services, driver installation, etc.

It is worth noting that the Game mode wasn’t effective before, but Microsoft has improved this feature significantly. This option will help to stabilize the frame rate.

2. Set a GPU priority for a specific game

Using the Windows 11 Settings app, you can assign a specific application to a certain graphics card.

Expert tip:

3. Disable restartable apps 4. Turn on High-Performance mode

The difference between Power Saving and High-Performance modes is noticeable, as the latter will burn through your laptop’s battery at speeds you may never expect.

However, it’s always the recommended option if you want to achieve higher FPS numbers.


This setting is mainly for laptops, as PCs won’t need internal batteries to run.

5. Enable Auto HDR

Even if you don’t compare them side by side, the difference between SDR and HDR is noticeable.

This option improves your gaming experience, but as previously stated, it requires an HDR-supported monitor, which is highly recommended for gamers.

Remember many factors determine the FPS rate, such as computer hardware (graphics card, motherboard, CPU, memory), graphics and resolution settings within the game, and how well the game code is optimized and developed for graphics performance.

Therefore, make sure that you have all the right equipment and other settings, such as in-game settings, checked for optimum performance.

Even though all of the methods listed above work on laptops, you might want to read our dedicated article on laptop FPS.

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How To Sync An Xbox One Controller

Last Updated on May 19, 2023

Knowing how to sync an Xbox One controller – indeed any Xbox controller – is essential to kicking off your gaming journey.

With the Xbox One you can turn on the console without one, but to do anything beyond that you do need a certified and official Xbox One controller. If you don’t have one, you can’t even move through the menu.

So here’s a short and simple-to-follow guide on how to sync your Xbox One controller, as well as a few things to keep in mind about the handheld device.


How To Sync An Xbox One Controller Wirelessly

This is the standard and easiest method to connect an Xbox One controller to the console. Once you have done this method once, it’s likely you’ll remember how to do it from that point on.



Turn On Your Console

First, turn on your console. This can be done on the body of the console. There should be a big button on the front panel next to the disk drive. Press it and it should turn on.



Grab Your Controller

Once the console is on, grab your controller. On the front of the controller, there’s a big button with the Xbox logo on it – in the middle of the controller above the joysticks. Push and hold this button until it begins to flash. When this flashes, it means the controller is turning on.




On the console, there is a ‘Pair’ button. Pressing this button allows the controller to sync with the console. In most cases, this is a small button either next to the disk drive or the on button of the console.



Pair Button

Once the Pair button has been pressed on the console, you need to find the pair button on the controller. This is on the top of the controller, in between the LB and RB triggers.

Press and hold this button. It will flash and then turn a solid color. Once it has turned a solid color, the controller is synced and connected.

Once this process has been completed, then you are free to control and play the games on the console as you like.

Xbox One controllers have a pair button near the middle of the back of the controller


Using A Cable To Sync A Controller

You may also use a cable to sync a controller to the Xbox One console. This method is slightly easier, but it does require the hassle of getting and using a cable.



Turn On Your Console

Turn on your console by pressing the main power button.



Get Your Controller

Grab your controller and connect the cable to the outlet in the top of the controller. Once done, put the other end of the cable into the USB port on the Xbox. This will be near the disk drive or power button.



Sync Your Controller

Press the Xbox button and hold it until the controller syncs with the Xbox.

Once the controller is synced, you actually don’t need the cable anymore, and you can disconnect it from both the controller and the Xbox. The controller will stay synced, and you can play to your heart’s content.

Things to keep in mind

People sometimes have problems connecting their Xbox Ones and their controllers, but these issues are often the result of factors outside the electronics themselves.

As such, here are some things to keep in mind before assuming your controller or console is broken. 

Controllers need batteries or charging, both of which can run out. If your controller doesn’t turn on, check the batteries on the back of it. If you use disposable batteries, try replacing them. If you use a single rechargeable battery, possibly check whether it has run out of charge. 

Syncing is only effective for a limited range. Most wireless products, like Wi-Fi, have an effective limited range of about 20 to 30 feet. This is also true of wireless syncing. Therefore, keep the controller close to your console when trying to sync otherwise it may not work. 

Wireless devices interfere with one another. If you have a lot of wireless devices on at once in a room, it can interfere when you introduce a new one, like when syncing a controller. Make sure that other potentially conflicting devices are off and not transmitting when you try to sync the controller. 


Connecting a wireless controller to your Xbox One should not be too hard, and it definitely shouldn’t be a hassle. It is one of those things that is really easy to do once you have done it once.

Finally, don’t forget, you can also use Xbox One controller on PC if you have games that would benefit from a controller over mouse and keyboard.

How To Sync Firefox Bookmarks, Tabs, History, And Passwords Across Devices

What Is Firefox Sync?

Firefox Sync is a user account set up with Mozilla (the company behind Firefox). It allows you to sync your Firefox browsing session online and with other devices. With Firefox sync, you can view your mobile browsing history on your PC, for instance.

You can also use your saved password to sign in to online accounts without having to manually enter your login credentials each time.

What Information Can You Sync?

Before we explain how to sync Firefox across your devices, the data that you can sync is listed below:



Open tabs

Logins and passwords




How to Sync Firefox on Desktop Connect Another Device to Sync

To connect another device to your synced account, tap the three-dots menu button on the open Firefox page, then tap “Sign in to synchronize.”

On your desktop, open Firefox and go to chúng tôi

If you don’t want to use the scan option, you can also tap “Use email instead,” then sign in to your Firefox account to synchronize.

How to Manage What You Sync on Firefox (Desktop)

You can tweak your Firefox Accounts settings from this page. Scroll down to view your Connected Services showing everything you’re using and signed into and when they were synced last.

The “Choose What to Sync” dialog box will appear. Use the checkboxes to select which information you want to sync across your devices.

How to Sync Firefox on Android

Here’s how to sync Firefox on your Android device through pairing via QR code and email. The process is similar to how you connect another device to sync.

Sync Firefox on Android by Pairing Using QR Code

Open Firefox and tap on the three-dots menu button. Tap “Settings,” then “Turn on Sync.”

Open Firefox on your desktop and navigate to chúng tôi On the Turn on Sync screen within the app, tap the “Ready to Scan” button.

Sync Firefox on Android by Logging in to Your Account

Open Firefox and tap the three-dots menu button. Scroll down and tap Settings, then “Turn on Sync.”

Tap the “Use email instead” button on the Turn on Sync screen within the app and enter your Firefox Account details.

How to Manage What You Sync on Firefox (Android)

Tap the checkboxes next to each to unselect what you don’t want to sync. Exit when you’re done.

Frequently Asked Questions What happens after you sync your Firefox account? How to secure my Firefox sync account?

In the Sync settings page, there are options for you to add a secondary email and enable two-step authentication. It is strongly recommended that you do both to secure your Firefox sync account. In addition, you can also add a recovery key to restore your information when you forget the password.

Does it sync my add-on settings?

By default, Firefox will only sync add-ons that you have installed. For their settings, it depends on whether the add-on developers have added support for syncing settings.

Can I have different add-ons in an enabled state on different devices?

Yes, but you need to go to the about:config page and change the services.sync.addons.ignoreUserEnabledChanges flag to true. If the flag doesn’t exist, you will have to create it manually. With this flag enabled, Firefox Sync will not process changes to the add-ons of current device with the enabled state of add-on records from the Sync server. However, local changes on the device will be synced to the server and will propagate to other devices that don’t have this flag enabled. Check out this guide for more about:config tips.

Lastly, note that Firefox Sync is not an online backup tool. You still need to do all you can to protect your online privacy.

Joy Okumoko

Joy derives joy from learning, exploring, and teaching the latest tech tips and trends. When not writing, you can find her knitting, crocheting, or creating other amazing handcrafts.

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How To Create And Use Group In Sketchup?

Introduction to SketchUp Group

SketchUp Group is a very important step during creating or designing any 3D object of the 3D model, and in this step, we group edges or parts of any 3D object for separating them from another object of the model as per the requirement of that object. If you will not group any edges as well as surfaces of any object in this software, then it may create difficulties for you during doing parametrical changes in that object, and it will also affect the geometry of other objects. So let us find how we can use group and handle its other features in SketchUp software.

How to create and use Group in SketchUp?

3D animation, modelling, simulation, game development & others

Let us first take a Rectangle tool from the tool panel or press the R button of the keyboard for it. I will draw a freehand rectangle with this tool.

Now by using the Push/Pull tool of the tool panel, I will add some height to this rectangle.

You can see we can select edges as well as their faces separately this time.

I will again draw a rectangle with a rectangle tool like this and extrude it with a Push/Pull tool like this.

Now I want to move this top 3D object a little bit on the left side so that I will select it, but you can see it also selects edges of another object. So it is difficult to select one object this time.

But if I deselect edges of another object one by one and I try to move the upper object, then you can see it disturb another object edge; also that means the common edge or face of the adjustment object will disturb each other if we did not group them separately.

Now, if you want to move this upper object, it will only select this upper object because I have grouped them separately.

And you can see I will easily move it in any direction without affecting another object.

Now it is the ungrouped object, and you can select each surface separately.

Let me tell you what the difference between grouped objects and Component is. So I will make a copy of this object. Hold the Ctrl button of the keyboard during moving an object for making a copy of it.

Once you choose the Make Component option from the list, it will ask you to define the name of this component. You can name it according to you, and it will help you to identify the particular object in a very large project model. I am just explaining to you how the grouped object is different from the component object, so I will leave its name as it is.

Then I will use the Push/Pull tool for subtracting the inner surface of this object. You can see other copied grouped object is not affected by the changes I have done in the first grouped object.

Now let us do the offset in the Component object also. So I will repeat all the steps as I did for the grouped object in the previous. So you can edit components in the same way as we edit grouped objects.

You can notice that whatever change I am doing in this object, the same will perform in the copied object of this component object.

And when I will subtract this inner surface with Push/Pull tool, then it will also subtract from the copied component object. So making a group of any object or component of any object depends on what type of work that object will perform in the creation of your 3D model.

This way, you can use the group option for making groups of edges as well as the surface of any 3D object in this software.


After going through this article now, you have a good understanding of the group option through which you can create a group of the 3D objects, and you also have knowledge about the importance of making a group and how it makes our work easy during working on 3d modeling. For example, just group all the surfaces and edges of any object after making it to become easily editable without affecting other objects.

Recommended Articles

This is a guide to the SketchUp group. Here we discuss How to create and use Group in SketchUp, the importance of making a group, and how it makes our work easy while working on 3d modeling. You may also look at the following articles to learn more –

Fix: Low Fps In Cyberpunk 2077

FIX: Low FPS in Cyberpunk 2077




Cyberpunk 2077 is the biggest RPG in recent years, and it comes with high system requirements.

Players have been complaining about performance issues, and we will be covering them below.

Like reading more about Cyberpunk 2077? Check out our

dedicated Gaming section.

Do your have any other PC components that need fixing? Visit our

website’s Fix section.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a Sci-Fi RPG created by CD Projekt Red, the same developers that brought the Witcher to the gaming world.

The game is an amazing display of how far technology has come, but it did get off to a rocky start at launch, being plagued by issues like crashes, not being able to launch and more.

Unfortunately, a lot of the players that did make the game work are complaining about performance issues, such as FPS drops, performance spikes, long loading times, and more.

Because the game is so popular, we’ve decided to look into several solutions that can se used to fix the problem, and we will be listing them to you in a step-by-step manner in the guide below.

How do I fix performance issues in Cyberpunk 2077? 1. Check your PC’s system requirements

Your go-to solution whenever you are facing performance issues in games is to check out whether your PC meets the minimum system requirements or not.

In fact, most of the times not having a powerful PC can prevent you from launching the game entirely.

That being said, check out the official system requirements of Cyberpunk 2077.

2. Lower your video settings

If your PC does meet the minimum system requirements but still has low FPS, then your next best solution is to simply play the game at lower video settings.

While the game will indeed no longer look as appealing, at least it will be able to play it.

If your PC is powerful enough to run Cyberpunk 2077, it amounts to nothing if the drivers running it are outdated, especially the GPU‘s drivers.

That being the case, a good third-party software utility can come in handy to repair, update, and find all the missing drivers that your PC needs, and one such tool is Outbyte Driver Updater.

Not only will it completely bring your PC up to date driver-wise, it is also incredibly easy-to-use, and lightweight.

Cyberpunk 2077 will run faster and better with updated drivers. Use Outbyte Driver Updater to boost your PC now!

Check priceVisit website

4. Verify the integrity of your game’s cache 4.1. GOG players 4.2. Steam players 4.3. Epic Games players

Press Start

Type in update and select Check for updates

In the Windows Update menu, select Check for updates

Download and install any updates if any are found

Restart your PC

6. Upgrade your PC

This is arguably the most costly solution, yet it is a surefire way to ensure that performance issues in Cyberpunk 2023 will be a thing of the past.

If you don’ have the budget to replace the entire PC, here are some of the key components that can make a difference in terms of gaming performance:




⇒ SSD 

Note: replacing your PC’s HDD with an SSD will greatly decrease loading times if Cyberpunk 2077 is installed on it

If you do have the budget to replace your entire PC, there are several PCs out there that will run Cyberpunk 2077 like it were nothing.

For those that like gaming on the go, a gaming laptop is also a viable option.

By following these steps, you should be able to have a smooth experience playing Cyberpunk 2077.

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