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This article explains how you can upload your videos to YouTube directly from your iPhone or iPad. This article also includes some basic techniques to edit your videos (adding filters, trimming, etc).

It seems that new iOS versions removed the Share option for YouTube in the Photos app that allowed users to send it directly from the iOS devices. But that option is gone. But still, it is very easy to do so.

Uploading videos to YouTube is free.

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Here is how:

Upload videos to YouTube (iOS)

Before we start, there are two things that we should mention:

You need to download and install the YouTube iOS app on your iPhone or iPad, (download link) and

By using the YouTube app, you can record new videos and upload or you can upload your existing videos that you recorded using the built-in Camera app on your device.

Now you can upload videos to YouTube from your device. Follow the steps below:

1. Download the YouTube app, if you have not already. Go to App Store to do that.

2. Open the YouTube app and sign in by tapping Account (top-right corner).

3. Tap the Camera icon

4. If you are asked, allow YouTube to access your camera and photos.

5. You will see three options to select: Record, Go Live and your existing videos.

6. Select a video (or tap Record), you will be presented with enhancements options that include:

Trim your video: You can trim your video. Trim your video to the perfect length, if you want to. You may especially trim your video if your video is longer than 15 minutes if your account is unverified. Only verified accounts can upload videos longer than 15 minutes. You can also trim your videos in the Photos app.

You can add music to your video by tapping the music icon.

You can apply different filters by tapping the filter/magic icon.

Please note that applying these enhancements is optional. You can upload your video without editing.

When you are done, tap Done.

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7. Now add a title and a description. Your title should be descriptive, accurately reflect the nature of the video. Your title can have max 100 characters. You can also add a description. The description can have max 5,000 characters.

You will also notice that there are some privacy options:

Public: anyone can view the video

Unlisted: the video will not be listed or shown in search results. But anyone can watch it with its URL.

Private: only you can view it.

Select one. When you are done, tap Upload.

Your video will start uploading. Once it is done, the video will appear in your Videos list.

As stated above, you may not upload videos that are longer than 15 minutes unless you verify your account. To verify your account:

On your iPhone, iPad or Mac, open Safari (or any other web browser)

And follow the on-screen instructions.

Once your account is verified, you can now upload videos that are up to 128 GB or 12 hours.

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How To Upload Or Delete Videos On Youtube

YouTube is a social media where Content Creators can share their videos. Viewers can watch their favorite channels and YouTubers, but what if you also want to share your videos with future audiences? In this article, we will discuss how to upload and delete Videos on YouTube.

How to Upload a Video on YouTube

In the Upload Button drop-down menu, you have the option of either to select Live or to Upload the video. We are going to choose Upload.

When your file is uploaded, a Wizard Window will appear for you to customize your video.

In the Wizard Window, in the Detail category, type the Title it is required.

Then type the Description. What your video is about, you can even share your social media.

There is a preview of the Video and a Video Link that can be copied on the right.

You can also choose your Thumbnail. The Thumbnail shows what is in your video. Choose a good thumbnail that attracts viewers.

Where you see Title, add the Title of your Playlist.

You can choose if you want your Playlist to be Public, Private, and Unlisted. Then Create. Your Playlist is created.

In the Audience section, choose an Audience (Required), if it is made for kids or not for Kids.

There is also the Age Restriction, where you can choose for your audience’s age group by restricting your videos for viewers over eighteen or do not restrict your videos over eighteen only.

Paid Promotion (Optional) showcase if your video has Paid Promotion like a product placement sponsorship or endorsement from a third party.

Tags help the viewers to find your videos; for example, Type in the tag section Computer, Machine, Technology. When viewers type any of the above, in the search engine, your video will pop up.

Where you see the Language, subtitles, and closed captions (CC). You can choose to select your video language. Closed Caption (Optional) is only used if your video has been aired on US television after September 30, 2012; this is a requirement from the Federal Communications Commission.

Recording date and Location (optional). You can choose to record your video date and location.

For the section License and Distribution, there is an option to choose between the Standard YouTube License and Creative Commons-Attribution. Standard YouTube grant you the broadcasting rights to YouTube and Creative Commons, grant you someone else permission to use their work.

In the Category, section chooses the category where you want the video.

In the Comments and Rating, section choose your Comment Visibility, for example, Allow all Comments and Disable Comments.

You can choose to add an end screen to your video or Add Cards to your videos; these are optional in the Element window.

In the Visibility window, you can choose to Public, Private, and Unlisted your video. The Public allows the viewers to see your videos publicly. Private is only the content creator can view the video, and Unlisted is anyone with the video link can see your video.

You can also Set an Instant Premier.

You can also set a Schedule date for your video. Then save. Your video is uploaded to your channel.

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How to Delete a YouTube Video

The video will be in YouTube Studio; you will see it after you upload your video.

In the drop-down menu, select Delete Forever.

The video is successfully deleted.

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How To Upload Videos To Tiktok From Your Gallery (3 Steps)

On TikTok, you can upload a video after you’ve recorded yourself on the app.

TikTok has multiple filters and effects that you can use to enhance your video.

You can use effects like the green screen, bling, time warp scan, and more.

Hence, recording yourself on TikTok is the prime choice for making a video.

However, if you’ve recorded an interesting video outside of TikTok, you might want to upload it on the app.

Similarly, if you’ve saved a video in your gallery, you might be wondering if you can upload it.

In this guide, you’ll learn if you can upload videos from TikTok from your gallery, and how to upload videos to TikTok from your gallery.

How to upload videos to TikTok from your gallery

To upload videos to TikTok from your gallery, you first need to tap on the “+” icon.

Then, tap on the “Upload” icon to upload a video from your gallery.

You can also select multiple videos and photos that you want to upload.

After you’ve selected a video, you can edit it by trimming it, adding sounds, effects, texts, and more.

Once you’ve finished editing it, add a caption to the video, and upload it.

You can also change the video’s privacy settings if you want to.

Below is a 3-step guide on how you can upload videos to TikTok from your gallery:

1. Tap on the “+” icon, then tap on “Upload”

Firstly, open TikTok on your mobile device.

You won’t be able to upload TikTok videos on a desktop, so make sure to use the mobile app for this.

Once you’re on TikTok, you’ll see a “+” icon on the bottom navigation bar.

Tap on the “+” icon on the bottom navigation bar.

The “+” icon allows you to record yourself/others or upload a video to TikTok.

Tap on the “Upload” icon to upload a video from your gallery.

After you’ve tapped on the “+” icon, your camera will be opened.

On the camera, you’ll see multiple icons such as “Flip”, “Speed”, “Filters”, and more.

At the bottom of the camera, you’ll see an “Effects” and an “Upload” icon.

You can either record a video or upload a video to TikTok.

The “Effects” icon will open a list of TikTok effects that you can use while you’re recording a video.

As you’re uploading a video to TikTok, you won’t need to open the “Effects” icon.

Instead, you need to open your phone’s gallery so that you can upload a pre-recorded/saved video to TikTok.

To upload a video, tap on the “Upload” icon.

Proceed to the next step to learn how to upload and edit a video to TikTok.

2. Select the video that you want to upload

After you’ve tapped on “Upload”, your video gallery will be opened.

On your video gallery, you’ll see a list of all the videos that are saved on your device.

Browse the list until you find the video that you want to upload to TikTok and tap on it to select it.

You can select more than one video as well as images.

After you’ve selected the video that you want to upload, tap on “Next”.

Then, trim the video (if necessary) by dragging the red rectangle.

The next part of the editing process allows you to add sounds, effects, text, and more.

Make sure that you edit the video such that it’s “native” to TikTok by adding a relevant and trending sound.

Tap on “Next” once you’re done editing the video.

3. Add a caption & post the video

Once you’re done editing the video, you need to add a caption.

On the “Describe your video” field, add a caption to the video.

You can also add relevant hashtags to it to increase its organic reach.

Change the settings of the video if necessary, and tap on “Post” to upload it on TikTok.

You’ve successfully learned how to upload a video from your gallery to TikTok!

Keep in mind that videos from your gallery may not perform as well as a recorded video from TikTok.

TikTok is able to tell whether a video is recorded on the app or recorded elsewhere.

If your video is recorded elsewhere, it may not perform as well because it isn’t “native” content.

To bypass this, you need to edit the video from your gallery on TikTok.

Try not to post the video without editing it on the app.

Try trimming the video, adding sounds, and effects to make it “native” on TikTok.

Otherwise, the video may not get on the “For You” page.

Can I upload videos from TikTok from my gallery?

Yes, you can upload videos from TikTok from your gallery.

However, the video might not perform as well as a recorded video on TikTok.

This is because the video might not be “native” content.

To bypass this, you need to make sure to edit the video with a trending theme.

Otherwise, the video has a low chance of getting on the “For You” page.


Whenever you’re uploading a video to TikTok, you should try to make it as “native” as possible.

Avoid saving a video that you saw from YouTube and uploading it on TikTok without editing it.

The video needs to be edited to fit the current TikTok trends such as “Sugar Crash” and “Now look at this“.

Fundamentally, “native” content is the content that you’ll see on your “For You” page.

At the end of the day, if a video is stolen and directly uploaded to TikTok without any edits, it has a very low chance on getting on the “For You” page.

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How To Merge Videos On Iphone And Ipad Using Imovie

Perhaps you have multiple clips of an event taken in quick succession, or a few beautiful landscape videos that you shot using your iPhone camera. 

For easier sharing or conveniently storing multiple clips as one file, you may like to merge them. iMovie makes it easy to combine several videos together on an iPhone or iPad. And, as a major added bonus, it doesn’t leave a watermark. 

Ready to get started? Here’s how to merge videos on iPhone and iPad.

How to combine videos on iPhone or iPad for free using iMovie

That’s it!

This is how you can combine multiple videos using iMovie. Now, let’s check out some third-party apps to merge videos on iPhone or iPad.

Best iPhone and iPad apps to merge videos

1. KineMaster

KineMaster is a go-to tool for creating edited videos that impress. It lets you combine several videos, images, effects, and more with ease. The app also allows you to export the joined videos in resolutions up to 4K.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $1.99)


2. Video Merger

If you want a specialized app to combine your videos, then Video Merger will serve you well. Video Merger lets you combine several videos quickly from your Photo Library. You can also add music and a custom watermark. Once you have the final video iteration, you can save it to your Photos or share it directly from the Video Merger app.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $1.99)


3. Video Joiner

An easy-to-use app design and a pleasant interface make this app a great choice for combining multiple videos. It saves all your work as a project. This lets you close the app at any time and then resume editing later. You can also add shape overlay, music, trim the video parts, etc.

Price: Free (Pro version – $3.99)


4. Splice

This powerful and customizable video editor goes beyond just merging multiple video clips. You can make professional-grade videos with the help of Splice. It lets you trim the file, adjust transitions, add slow-motion effects, and much more. 

You can choose to add a sound from its extensive library or use one of your own. Overall, Splice is a capable video editing app that you must check out.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $1.99)


5. GoPro

Not only is the GoPro app for clips shot from your GoPro camera, you can also use videos from your Photos library and stitch them together with the iOS app.

It has a clean interface and is easy to use. Besides joining clips together, you can make use of many other effects and edits from this app to create a beautiful final video.

Price: Free (GoPro Plus $4.99)


That’s all, folks!

We hope you learned how to merge two or more videos on your iPhone or iPad. We prefer the iMovie method, but we want to hear from you. Which app are you going to use? Is it Apple’s iMovie or one of the third-party apps?

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How To Hide Apps On Iphone Or Ipad

Once you’ve had your iPhone or iPad for a while, you may start noticing that your screen becomes cluttered with the many apps you’ve downloaded. You might wish you could remove some apps from your home screen to clear it up while still accessing the apps whenever you want. 

1- title

Table of Contents

Thankfully, Apple has created a way you can do exactly that. There are a few different ways you can hide apps on your home screen, depending on how hidden you want them to be. This article will detail multiple ways you can achieve this, and all of them are very easy, and you can do them in a matter of minutes. 

Use the App Library

When iOS 14 came out for iPhones, it introduced the App Library. This new feature allows you to have a place to put all your apps so that they’re always accessible, though they won’t appear on your home screen. 

Instead, you can search for the app you need within this library or use the iPhone’s search feature. Here’s how to add an app to the App Library.

Find the app you want to hide, then tap and hold it. 

When you see a menu come up, tap on the Edit Home Screen option. 

All the apps and widgets on your home screen will start shaking, and you’ll notice a minus sign icon in the corner of apps. Tap on this minus icon for the app you want hidden. 

In the pop-up, tap on Remove from Home Screen. The app will immediately be placed in the App Library. 

After this, you’ll want to find the app you’ve hidden. There are two ways to do this:

Swipe downward on the top of the screen within your home screen. In the search bar, search for the app you want to use. 

Alternatively, swipe to the right of your home screen, and the App Library will appear. In the top search bar, you can search and find any of your hidden apps. You can also look within the categorized sections to find the app. 

If you don’t want to completely remove an app from your home screen, there’s another way you can keep your apps organized and hidden from immediate view. 

Use App Folders

iPhones also allow you to organize your apps into folders, which are separate sections where you can group apps. These will appear right on your home screen, but they can significantly decrease the number of apps visible. 

Using app folders is better if you don’t want an app completely hidden but want your home screen to look more organized. Here’s how to create and use an app folder:

Find two apps you want to hide. Hold down on one of them, and then tap on Edit Home Screen when the menu pops up. 

Now, tap and hold on one of the apps you want hidden and drag it on top of the other app. This will create an app folder. 

Tap on the created folder while still in home screen edit mode to change the title of the folder and the order of the apps inside. You can also drag one of the apps out if you wish, but you need at least one app in a folder. 

When you have organized your folders, go back to your main home screen and tap on the Done button in the top right corner of your screen. 

To give the folder a unique name, tap on the default name and type a custom name in the name field. 

The nice thing about app folders is that you can always edit them, and it provides quick and easy access to apps while still keeping your home screen looking clear. 

Hide Apps From Search

If you want to go a step further and remove an app from your iPhone’s search suggestions without entirely deleting it, this is also possible. Keep in mind that you’ll have to look through the app library or folders yourself to find it or go back into the settings to change them if you want to search for the app again. 

Here’s how to hide the app from any search suggestions:

Open the iPhone Settings app. 

Scroll down to the list of apps on your phone and tap the one you want to hide from search. 

Tap on Siri & Search. 

Underneath the On Home Screens section, tap on the sliders of any options you don’t want for the app. For example, if you don’t want the app to show up in searches, turn the slider for Show App in Search off. 

You can also prevent the app from showing up in suggestions on your lock screen by going to the On Lock Screen section and turning the Show Suggestions from App slider off. 

If you want to search for the app again, you can go back into settings and turn these back on whenever you wish. 

Hide Pre-Installed Apps

While you cannot delete the apps installed on your iPhone by default, you can still hide them if you wish. It just looks a little different than hiding an app you installed from the App Store. 

Find the pre-installed app you want to hide, and tap and hold on it. 

In the menu that appears, tap on Remove App. 

Tap on Remove from Home Screen. 

Hiding Apps on iPhone or iPad

There are many ways to hide apps on your iPhone, making it easy to keep your main screens clutter-free while still keeping your hidden apps accessible. 

How To Track A Lost Or Stolen Iphone Or Ipad With Find My Iphone

This tutorial will show you how you can track your lost or stolen iPhone or iPad using Apple’s Find My service, play an alarm-like sound on it, see how far the lost device is, and get directions to it to hopefully recover your missing device.

In a previous post, we had a look at the first step in securing your iPhone or iPad by enabling Find My iPhone, a feature that lets you track, lock, and even remotely wipe the device in case it has been lost or stolen. Now that you have the feature turned on, we’re going to show you how to use Find My to track an iPhone or iPad that has been lost, stolen, or misplaced.

Tracking an iOS device with Find My iPhone requires that you either have the Find My app installed on another device (it could be your iPad, another iPhone, Mac, or someone else’s iPhone or iPad) or that you use Find My directly from chúng tôi Both methods work equally well, and the steps to track a device are pretty much identical regardless of what you use.

How to track an iPhone or iPad with Find My

1) Open Apple’s Find My app on your other iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac.

Tip: The app doesn’t have to be installed on your own device. For example, you could use a friend’s iPhone or iPad to track your lost iPhone or iPad. As mentioned above, you can also log in to chúng tôi from any computer and use Find My there.

You may not be asked to log in to the Find My app on your devices. But if you’re using your family member’s or friend’s iPhone, make sure to log in using your Apple ID that’s on your lost device.

2) Tap Devices in the Find My app, and it will display a split screen with a map at the top and a list of devices that are linked to your Apple ID at the bottom. Tap the device that has been lost or stolen to locate it. I’m selecting my iPad.

You will see the current location of the device under your iPhone or iPad’s name.

3) Play a sound on a lost device: Once located, tap Play Sound. This is great if you lost your phone around the house and it is on mute. Even if the device is on mute, it will play a sound so you can locate it if it’s nearby. If the device is stolen, playing the sound may deter the petty thief.

4) Get directions to a lost device: If your device is not nearby, you can get directions to its location. The Directions tile shows how far your lost iPhone is and how much time it will take you to get there. Once you tap the Directions button, it will open Apple Maps and give you driving directions to the device. Tap GO to start the navigation.

Note that if you believe your device was stolen (not just lost), we highly recommend putting it in Lost Mode.

Related tips:

Using the Find My app offers a handy way to get directions to the misplaced device. However, if you don’t have another iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, nor can you get one from a friend or family member, you can open chúng tôi in a computer web browser to know the whereabouts of your lost device.

1) Go to chúng tôi in a web browser on your computer and log in using your Apple ID. It should be the one that’s on your lost iPhone or iPad.

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