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If you have the right tools handy, you can easily download videos from twitter on your PC, tablet or phone.

You will be needing some different approach when you need to save the videos and also I am going to show your download twitter DM videos specially.

Now when you are thinking how to save videos on twitter, there are multiple choices what device you are using.

You may directly copy the URL and download the video for your Mac or PC but for your Android or iOS, you need to take help from some third-party app.

Now let us discuss how to save videos on Twitter and DM videos in detail.

You can easily watch or share Twitter videos but saving them is a bit complicated.

There are some alternative techniques to save your favorite Twitter clips.

It is far easier to download Twitter dm videos to your Desktop and you will not be needing any additional software for that. Now, follow the steps mentioned below to accomplish the task.

Step 1: First open the web browser you are using and then visit chúng tôi after that login with your credentials.

Step 4: This web address will get saved to your clipboard now. Next, visit chúng tôi and paste the web address here.

Step 6: After that hit, the Enter button. Now you will be provided with two-button options for downloading the video – MP4 HD and MP4.

If you wish for a higher resolution you may choose the HD version and for the lower resolution choose MP4.

Now, when you are trying to download Twitter DM videos, you need to go through the relatively simple trick that I am going to show you.

Make sure that your web browser should have integrated Developers Tools though all the modern versions have this option.

Here I am going to show you the technique using the Chrome web browser. For Chrome, you can use Ctrl+Shift+I hotkey or F12 hotkey for opening Developer Tools.

You will be needing a VLC media player for downloading and converting the videos from Twitter and other web sources.

Follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Now open your web browser and sign into your Twitter account. Now go to the Direct message video you wish to download.

Step 2: Here you will have to press the F12 hotkey for opening Developer Tools and go to the Network tab.

Step 3: Now go to the Filter box and enter .m3u8. Now if you cannot see your video link just press the Refresh button.

Step 3: Now go to the Filter box and enter .m3u8. Now if you cannot see your video link just press the Refresh button.

Step 5: Now open your VLC media player and go to the Media option. From the displayed menu, choose Open Network Stream and paste the link address here.

Step 7: Chose the profile option and then hit the Browse button and choose a destination to save your file. Name the file and hit the Enter button.

You will successfully download the video from Twitter DM now. Check after the video gets downloaded.

You may also download this using the YouTube-dl cross-platform tool. All you will have to do is download this command-line tool.

Then download FFmpeg. You require to extract the contents of the bin folder for getting the FFmpeg Windows binaries.

Now follow the process mentioned below:

Step 1: First of all, open the Command prompt in the folder where the YouTube-dl is.

Step 2: Then open your web browser and sign in to your Twitter account. Now go to the Twitter video you wish to download.

Step 4: Now return to Command Prompt and type chúng tôi and give a space.

Step 5: Next input the video link address here. Your video will get downloaded now.

In case you find that the video is a part video then you will have to rename the file and check.

As I have mentioned before, downloading video from Twitter dm will require some additional software support. Follow the steps I am mentioning below for that:

Step 1: For your android mobile download the free Snap Tube app. For your offline play, this app is useful for saving Twitter videos.

Step 2: Visit the official Twitter app from your phone and then check the tweet having your video that you wish to save.

You may also copy the video link from the web browser and in this case, you will not be needing the official app.

Step 4: Hit the Allow button in case you require permission to store your video on your device.

This is how you copy video from twitter for your Computer.

For your iPad or iPhone, it will take a little more effort to copy video from twitter.  You will be needing a bit more time to accomplish t downloading task. Follow the exact process I am mentioning below for your convenience.

Step 1: First you will have to download MyMedia App for your iPad or iPhone. Next visit the official Twitter app from your phone and then check the tweet having your video that you wish to save.

You may copy the video link from the web browser and in this case, you will not be needing the official app.

Step 4: Select the Copy link option and this will save the URL on the clipboard.

Step 6: Now enter chúng tôi and hit the Go button. This website will now get opened.

This will show you options for various resolutions and sizes. Choose your preferred option.

Step 9: Now find and select Media and you will find the saved video there.  Choose the file name for your video and you will get a list of options.

Step 10: Next save to camera roll for saving a copy of the video to your device’s camera roll Folder. You can now enjoy your video.

So, I hope you can find the answer to – how to save videos on twitter from the given article.

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How To Save Snapchat Videos On Iphone And Android

Unlike most messaging apps, the process to save a video someone sent you is not as straightforward as you would expect on Snapchat. The photos and videos you share on Snapchat come with a time limit. Therefore, you have only a short window, up to 10 seconds, to view the Snap. But if you wish to extend the life of the content you send or receive, you can save the photo or video within Snapchat or your camera roll. With that said, we have detailed a few methods you can use to download Snapchat videos to your iPhone or Android phone. If that’s something you are interested in, read on to learn how you can save Snapchat videos.

Save Snapchat Videos (2023) How to Save Your Own Snapchat Videos Before Sharing Them

1. Long-press the shutter button to record a video on Snapchat and wait for the preview screen to appear. From the preview screen, tap the “Save” button at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

2. Snapchat will now store your video in the “Snaps” section of Memories within the app. To access Memories, tap the card icon next to the shutter button from the camera interface.

3. Long-press the video you saved and select “Export” from the list of options that show up at the bottom of the screen. Next, when the share sheet appears, tap the “Download” option to save the Snapchat video to your phone’s photo gallery. However, if you want to hide photos and videos from nosy friends or family members, you can set up and use the “My Eyes Only” feature in Snapchat.

How to Save Snapchat Videos from Your Own Story

1. Open your profile page by tapping the Bitmoji icon at the top-left corner of the screen. Then, press the horizontal three dots menu icon next to the “My Story” heading. When the pop-up from the bottom appears, select “Save Story”.

2. You will then see a confirmation prompt informing you that Snapchat will save the entire Story to your Memories. Tap “Yes” to confirm. This method will save all your Stories to the Memories section. You can selectively save individual stories as well.

3. If you wish to save individual stories, tap on the Story you want to save from the profile page and swipe up (or tap on the vertical three-dot menu icon at the top right corner) on the screen. Then, tap the “Save” button at the bottom left corner.

4. As mentioned earlier, you can now long-press the video saved under “Memories” and tap the “Export” button. From the share sheet, tap the “Download” button to bring the Snapchat video to your camera roll.

How to Save Snapchat Videos from Other Users (without Expiration Timer)

1. Long-press a video someone sent you and tap the “Save in Chat” option. You won’t see this option on images and videos set as “play once” before sending them. Once you save the video in chat, Snapchat will notify the recipient about it, and both of you will see the video in the conversation window.

2. Now, long-press the saved video again and select “Save to Camera Roll”. Again, Snapchat will let the other person know that you saved the video to your camera roll. The messaging app greatly values your privacy, and this feature highlights the work it has put in to safeguard your private photos and videos.

How to Save Snapchat Videos from Other Users (with Expiration Timer)

Snapchat rightfully doesn’t let users directly download videos a user has sent them. If you want to save the videos anyway, you will have to record your screen using your phone’s screen recording feature or rely on one of the best screen recording apps. We already have a detailed guide on how to record your screen on iPhone and iPad available on our website for your convenience.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that the user may get notified if you screen record their video or chat window. Hence, we would not recommend you record a video someone sent you.

Frequently Asked Questions Can you save other people’s Snap videos?

Snapchat doesn’t have a native way to download videos of other users. You can, however, ask the sender to send looping videos or choose to take a screen recording of others’ videos. If you receive looping videos, Snapchat gives you the option to save them directly to your camera roll.

Can you save Snapchat videos without them knowing?

Snapchat usually notifies the recipient if you are screen recording the video they sent you. Hence, you will have to proceed at your own risk. We do not recommend recording Snapchat videos someone has sent you to save them.

How to save a Snapchat video someone sent you?

If someone has sent you a video without an expiration timer, long-press on it and select the “Save in Chat” option to make it available in the conversation window. Then, you can long-press the video again and select the “Save to Camera Roll” option.

Can you use Airplane Mode to save Snapchat Videos secretly?

Earlier, as a workaround, you could enable Airplane mode on your iPhone or Android phone and take a screenshot of the chat window. You could also save Snaps without the sender knowing about it. However, Snapchat was quick to recognize this loophole and has since patched it. So, the answer is no. You can no longer use Airplane mode to secretly save videos or screenshot chats. Snapchat will notify the user the moment you reconnect to the internet.

Save Videos on Snapchat with Ease!

Complete Guide On Prepayment Penalty

What is a Prepayment Penalty?

The term “prepayment penalty” refers to a lender’s fee if a borrower pays off the entire or part of the loan before its scheduled maturity. If a borrower is supposed to make a prepayment penalty, they must have agreed to this clause while closing the deal because it is not an inherent feature of any loan.

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How Does the Prepayment Penalty Work?

The prepayment penalty clause is written into a mortgage contract by a lender to cover the risk of early payment by the borrower, especially during difficult economic conditions or circumstances where a borrower is incentivized to refinance at a lower interest rate. Typically, these penalties kick in when a borrower pays off in full or a large portion of the balance in one go.

Therefore, a prepayment penalty clause safeguards a lender from refinancing risk. Also, it can be included in the loan agreement to recoup some profit when the lender losses future interest income due to prepayment by the borrower.

Examples of Prepayment Penalty

Let us look at an example to understand the concept of the prepayment penalty. Two years back, Mr. Tribbiani bought his first house worth $500,000. He took out a 10-year mortgage of $300,000 at 4.4% to afford this purchase, which has an in-built prepayment clause. The clause clearly states that if he makes an early payment of the loan before its 5th year, a prepayment penalty of 2% of the outstanding loan balance will be imposed on him.

Types of Prepayment Penalty

There are two broad categories of prepayment penalties:

Hard Penalties: This type is imposed on a borrower if the prepayment is funded through selling a home or refinancing.

Soft Penalties: This type is levied on a borrower if the prepayment is done using refinancing. It means that if the borrower prepays the mortgage after selling their home, it won’t result in a penalty.

How to Avoid Prepayment Penalty?

The following are some of the few things that borrowers can do to avoid prepayment penalties on loans:

The first thing that borrowers should do is avoid alternative lenders. Typically, these are online-based non-banking lenders that specialize in providing subprime loans at a very fast pace.

The borrowers should avoid frequent refinancing. Lenders usually don’t perceive it positively as they feel the borrower is more likely to refinance the loan as soon as rates fall.

The borrowers can also try to find a co-signer or offer a higher down payment in exchange for a better loan term, including eliminating the prepayment fee.

Lastly, the borrowers can wait for the prepayment penalties to phase out and then pay them off or refinance them. Otherwise, they can consider making the allowable extra payments and ensure that the early payoff fee is not triggered.

Benefits of Prepayment Penalty

Lenders tend to safeguard themselves against refinancing risk. This is because it compensates them for losing future interest income as they have to let it go.

It discourages the borrowers from foreclosing or refinancing their outstanding loans, which is good for the lenders.

In many cases, prepayment penalties are so huge that it eats away the benefits of refinancing the loan at lower interest rates. It is a major deterrent to the borrowers’ interest.

Some borrowers may avoid lenders who inherently include the prepayment penalty clause in their loan agreement, which may not bode well for the concerned lenders.

Key Takeaways

Some of the key takeaways of the article are:

A prepayment penalty is the lender levies fee when the borrowers pay off all or part of the loans before their scheduled maturity.

It’s clause kicks in when a borrower pays off in full or a large portion of the loan balance in a single payment.

Federal law prohibits prepayment penalties in many loans, such as FHA, USDA, and student loans.

It protects the lenders against the risk of losing future interest income due to foreclosure or refinancing of loans by the borrowers.


The borrowers must read the loan terms very carefully to understand the circumstances under which they may have to pay the prepayment penalties. In some cases, the borrowers can ask the lenders for a quote for a similar loan without the prepayment penalty clause and then compare them to determine the total costs of the clause, which can be used in making an informed decision.

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How To Download Videos From Twitter, Facebook & Instagram

Have you ever wanted to save videos from social media websites? Maybe there’s a Twitter video you want to download, or videos from Facebook or Instagram that you’d like to save? There isn’t a download button on these sites, but there are third-party tools that let you save videos from Instagram and other social networks.

Some of the best video downloaders for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are web apps, meaning that you don’t need to download a program to your computer to use them. Just copy the link to the video you want to save, and then paste it into the video downloader website to get the file (some even let you convert the video to an audio file format).

Table of Contents

Note: Downloading a video from these websites means videos that are actually stored on the site, not linked elsewhere. For example, if a Facebook post has a link to a YouTube video, you can’t use a Facebook video downloader to save it; you’d need a YouTube downloader instead.

Important: You should be aware of copyright laws in your country before downloading videos from Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Just because a video can be downloaded for free doesn’t mean that it’s legal for you to take it.

Download Twitter Videos

There are several ways to download videos from Twitter, but we’ll review a method that uses a website called SaveTweetVid.

Select the arrow next to the Tweet and choose Copy link to Tweet. If you’re already viewing the Tweet that has the video, you can copy the URL shown in the navigation bar of your browser.

Paste the URL into the text box at SaveTweetVid, and press Download.

Tip: If SaveTweetVid doesn’t find the Twitter video you want to download, try a similar site like TWSaver, TwitterVideoDownloader, or DownloadTwitterVideo.

Select one of the download options. You should see download links for various video qualities.

Download Facebook Videos

Facebook has a Save video option, but that’s not what you should use if you want to download a Facebook video. Fortunately, there are several free Facebook video downloaders that you can use to the same effect: to save the video from Facebook to your computer, phone, or tablet.

We’ll use Getfvid for this tutorial, but some other sites that work similarly include Fbdownloader, FBDOWN, and BitDownloader. There are even apps that are built specifically for this, like Video Downloader for Facebook for Android.

Copy the link to the Facebook video by selecting the three-dotted menu and choosing Copy link.

Open Getfvid, paste the link into the text box, and select DOWNLOAD.

Step 3: Select a download option. You can download the Facebook video in HD quality or normal quality, or convert the Facebook video to MP3.

Download Instagram Videos

Just like these other social media video downloaders, saving an Instagram video involves copying the link to the post and then pasting it into a web app. We’re using DownloadGram below, but some others that work too, include Instaview, Downloadinstagramvideos, w3toys, and Savefromweb.

Tip: We also have a guide on how to save full-size Instagram images.

Copy the link to the Instagram video. You can do this by opening the video and copying the URL displayed in the web browser. Another option, which is required if you’re using the Instagram app, is to tap the three-dotted menu button on the post and choose Copy Link.

Paste the link into the text box on DownloadGram, and then select Download followed by Download video.

When prompted to download the video from Instagram, name it something you’ll recognize and choose where to save it.

There are also Instagram video downloader apps that might be easier to use if you’re on a mobile device. InstaSave is one example for Android devices that can download videos and images from Instagram pages.

Complete Guide To Jdbc Getconnection

Introduction to JDBC getConnection

The following article provides an outline for JDBC getConnection. Java database connectivity gets connection method is used for establishing the connection between the java application program where you are working and the database that will be used for storing and manipulating the data of your application. There are certain basic steps that you should follow to establish the connection. There are also multiple approaches using which you can establish the connection.

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Connection Establishment in JDBC

Import all the necessary packages: All the java programming packages that will be required in you program should be included and imported right at the beginning of the file by using the import statement.

Registration of JDBC driver: The loading of the required driver inside the memory of the system is done by the Java Virtual Machine for the handling and fulfilling of all the further requests that will be made.

Formation of the uniform resource locator un database: The URL plays an important role and is necessary to build while establishing a connection. This helps in recognizing the appropriate address and the target database which needs to be connected.

Object creation for connection: getConnection() method is given the call in this step which is an object of the driver manager that will, in turn, create an object of the connection establishing the actual connection to the database from our application.

Syntax of JDBC getConnection

Given below is the syntax in detail about each of the steps seen above:

1. Import Package

The syntax of importing is basically writing the import statement followed by the name of the package that you wish to import. This helps the java compiler to identify the classes that should be called and referred. This import statements are always written in the beginning part of the code covering the first few lines. For most of the manipulations related to SQL database operations, we will import the following two packages.

Import java.math. *; Import java.sql.*;

The first package helps in support of big integers and big decimals while the second package is used in the standard programs of JDBC.

2. Driver Registration

The class files of the driver get loaded inside the memory which can be further used further by interfaces of JDBC. The registration of the driver can be done by using either of the two approaches mentioned below.

a. Using Class.forName()

The following example demonstrates the syntax of the same.

try { Class.forName("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"); } catch(ClassNotFoundException sampleException) { System.out.println("Sorry! We cannot load the class for the driver"); System.exit(1); }

b. Using DriverManager.registerDriver()

When we are making the use of the Java Virtual Machine which is non- JDK compliant like Microsoft then we can make the use of this static method called DriverManager.registerDriver() that will help you to register your driver.

try { Driver sampleExampleDriver = new com.mysql.jdbc.Driver(); DriverManager.registerDriver( sampleExampleDriver ); } catch(ClassNotFoundException sampleException) { System.out.println("Sorry! We could not establish the driver registration"); System.exit(1); } Formulation of URL for Database

We can create the connection by using the DriverManager.getConnection() method that is overloaded in three ways.

geConnection(String UniformResourceLocator, String username, String associatedPassword)

geConnection(String UniformResourceLocator)

geConnection(String UniformResourceLocator, Properties associatedProps)

Format of Uniform Resource Locator Name of the JDBC Driver Relational Database Management System

jdbc:oracle:thin:@name of host:number of port:name of database oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver Oracle

jdbc:sybase:Tds:name of host: port Number/name of database com.sybase.jdbc.SybDriver Sybase

jdbc:mysql://name of host/ name of database com.mysql.jdbc.Driver


jdbc:db2:name of host:port Number/name of database DB2

We can specify the information of the connection URL of the user name, associated password and the port address information of the host along with IP address and the TCP/ IP protocol for transportation of the data containing request and response.

The below extract shows the sample of the info that will show this method.

Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection(URL_TO_CONNECT, USERNAME, ASSOCIATED_PASSWORD);

Alternatively, you can also specify just a single url for connection establishment but in this case, the url should contain the information of username and the password in it as shown in the below sample.

Connection sampleConnection = DriverManager.getConnection(educba_URL);

One more method includes the specification of properties username and password same as above.

Closing the Connection

For sample statement consider shown below:

sampleConnectionObject.close(); Example of JDBC getConnection

Given below is the example mentioned:

Let us consider one sample program for setting up the connection by using the getConnection() method.


import java.sql.Connection; import java.sql.DriverManager; public class sampleEducbaPayalConnectionEstablishment{ public static void main(String args[]) throws ClassNotFoundException { String sampleURL; Connection sampleConnection = null; try { Class.forName("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"); sampleURL="jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/educba"; username="root"; associatedpassword=""; sampleConnection = DriverManager.getConnection(sampleURL,username,associatedpassword); System.out.println("Successfully Established the connection!"); sampleConnection.close(); System.out.println("The established connection has been closed!"); } catch (Exception sampleException) { System.out.println(sampleException.toString()); } } }



The creation of the connection to the database from the java application can be done by using the method getConnection by using the methodologies. Note that creating the connection consumes memory. Hence, after you are done with performing all your operations related to the database, you should close the created connection to clear up the resources.

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Complete Guide To Db2 Row_Number

Introduction to DB2 row_number

DB2 ROW_NUMBER is a function provided by IBM for generating a sequential number that can begin from 1 and continuously show an iterating value in the column name specified. Analytical Processing (OLAP) and is itself a window function. It is only possible because of this function that we don’t need to reiterate the data of the table again and again to induce a functionality of getting incremental values. It can be used in many real-time applications. One of the most frequent and popular usages of this function is pagination. In this article, we will see how we can use the ROW_NUMBER function, its syntax, and examples.

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The ROW_NUMBER() function will generate a column that will contain the integer values beginning from the value assigned to the first row. One of the most useful but optional features in this syntax is the usage of partitions which can help us to assign the sequential number based on the groups or partitions of the data.

In the above syntax, the clause for partition is optional in nature. If we use this function, the result set rows are firstly divided into multiple groups based on the partition key and then the ROW_NUMBER function is implemented on each of the grouped data. By default, if we don’t specify the clause for partitions in our query statement then all the rows of the result set are considered as a single partition or group and then the function is implemented for it. The clause for the partition of syntax has the following syntax for specifying the partition key –

PARTITION BY [key1, key2, ….keyn]

Where key1, key2, ….keyn can be the names of the columns or any expression value on the basis of which we want to segregate the result.

The clause for ordering is used to order the data that is generated in the result set based on one or more order keys that are specified. The ORDER BY clause works individually for each partition. We can either specify the ordering to be done in ascending or descending manner depending on our requirement by using ASC or DESC at the end of the ORDER BY clause. By default, if we don’t specify either of them the ordering is done in ascending mode. We can also specify whether we have to display all the NULL values first or last in the result set by using the NULLS FIRST and NULLS LAST statements in the syntax of the clause for the order. The syntax of the order clause is shown below –

ORDER BY sort_exp1 [,sort_exp2, ..., sort_expn]

In the above syntax, the sort_exp1 [,sort_exp2, …, sort_expn] is the list of expressions like columns or collective use it number which is different with respect to each row in the result set. The specification of ASC or DEC is optional in nature to specify the order of the column values and result in ascending or descending order explicitly. By default, it’s done in ascending order. Many times, there is a requirement to display the data in the format where all the NULL values are displayed in the top at first in the result or all the result set is ordered in a way where all the rows with NULL values in it are displayed at the end. This is done by using the NULLS FIRST or NULLS LAST respectively.

Examples of DB2 row_number

Let us take one table named Sales_Customers which is created by using the following query statement –

) ;

The content of the table can be seen by using the following query statement –

SELECT * FROM Sales_Customers;

Which gives the following output –

As it can be seen the table has 14 rows in it and all are sorted based on the primary key customer_id when they are retrieved. We can assign the row number value as a pseudo column to see which row is on which number and how many rows are there by using the window function named ROW_NUMBER and using the following query statement for the same –


The output of the above query statement is as shown below –

If we want to order the data based on the amount of purchase done by that customer. We can do that by using the following query statement and mentioning the column name in the order by clause of the ROW_NUMBER() function –


The output of the above query is as shown below –

row_number <= 15

In big_customers the order by clause made sure that the customers are ordered and sorted based on the amount of bill of customers. Further, the ROW_NUMBER got applicable to all the resulted data having bill amounts arranged in ascending order, hence unique sequential numbers got assigned to each row, and by using the where clause we filtered out all the customers whose row numbers were in the range of 7 to 15 exclusive.

Suppose that we want the top 3 customers from the sales_customers table then we can do that by applying the partition on customer_id and setting the result set in the descending order of the bill amounts of the customer by using the following query statement –


which gives the following output –


We can make use of the ROW_NUMBER function to generate a pseudo column in the result set which is sequential in nature and can be used to assign the unique incremental values to rows.

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