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R is a popular programming language for data analysis, and it’s often used to create and manipulate data objects. RDS (R Data Serialization) files are a common format for saving R objects in RStudio, and they allow you to preserve the state of an object between R sessions. Saving your R object as an RDS file in R can be useful for sharing your work with others, replicating your analysis, or simply storing your work for later use.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to save and load objects from an RDS file in R. This blog will also cover how to import objects from R to Power BI.

We will cover the basics of saving and loading RDS files in R. We will explain what RDS files are and how they work, and we will walk you through the process of saving an R object as an RDS file, and then loading that file back into R. We’ll also provide some tips and tricks to help you work with RDS files more efficiently.

For this demonstration, we’ll be using the Lahman package which contains baseball data. We’ll also be using the tidyverse package for basic analysis.

The Lahman package contains a dataset called Salaries. The goal is to create a table containing information on the year, player name, and their individual and cumulative salaries.

First, let’s assign the Salaries dataset to earnings. Then, filter out unnecessary information from the dataset using the select ( ) function. Next, organize the data by arranging it according to playerID and yearID. The data is further grouped according to playerID.

To create a new column containing the cumulative salaries of the players, we need to use the mutate ( ) function along with the cumsum ( ) function. When you run the code, you’ll get a table with information on the year, player, salary, and cumulative salary.

However, it’s difficult to identity players based on ID number alone. We need to add columns that show the player name. Do this by using the select ( ) function. In the code below, the left_join ( ) function is used to join the two tables together.

To view the new table, run the object. The head ( ) function is used to return the first rows in a table.

If you want to check the accuracy of the result, you can use the equality operator which is denoted by two equal signs ( == ).

Saving an object as an RDS file in R allows you to work on it later, unlike a file with a CSV extension.

To save a file with an RDS extension, use the write_rds ( ) function. You can see that it belongs to the readr package within Lahman.

In the argument, write the R object’s name and the location where you want to save the file.

If you open a new RStudio session, you can view the object again using the read_rds ( ) function.

An RDS file is a convenient and efficient way to save and share R objects such as data frames, models, and lists. They can be easily read and written, and they are a great alternative to other file formats such as CSV or Excel.

Additionally, RDS files maintain the integrity and structure of R objects, making them ideal for data analysis and modeling projects. They are an essential tool for any R user and can greatly simplify the process of working with data in R.

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How To Save Mobile Tv

How to Save Mobile TV

Honestly, it might be too late to save mobile TV, at least in the U.S., where the broadcast network for mobile devices has yet to catch on like it has in Asian countries such as Japan and South Korea. The competition is fierce, and growing almost daily, and mobile broadcast TV service offers few benefits over its competitors.

The first question you might ask is: what is mobile TV? Right now, most mobile TV devices sold are cell phones, and the carriers have shot themselves, and Qualcomm, in the foot over this option. Carriers have for years been pushing their concept of mobile TV, which until recently was really streaming video clips, not true broadcast TV. By the time Qualcomm finally decided to bring its own personal television device to market, the market was so confused about what to expect that nobody bought one. It’s a portable device with a rate plan and a subsidy, but it doesn’t make phone calls? Carriers had been pushing their lousy on-demand streaming clip service so hard, by the time a real broadcast device hit the street consumers wouldn’t trust the mobile TV promise.

The second question you might ask is who needs mobile TV? Obviously it’s not something you’d use in your house, not while the big TV is sitting right in front of you. Mobile TV has caught on among commuters. If you’re in a country where people take long train rides and wait in line to get on the bus, you’re probably going to find mobile TV. In the U.S., many of us drive to work, and plenty of subway commuters find themselves underground more than above it, where reception is weaker. We use planes, not bullet trains, to get from state to state. So, mobile TV already faces some hurdles in simply finding an audience, but these are not insurmountable.

The final question you might ask is why someone would pick mobile TV as their entertainment of choice. Here’s the biggest problem mobile TV faces. Chances are, if you have TV reception, you also have cellular network reception. Why watch video on a dedicated mobile TV device when you can simply use a device you already have? I’m not even limiting this argument to cell phones, either. Tablet computers, laptops and portable media players all have plenty of options for streaming video. Between Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and the many network-supported apps hitting the market, it’s easy to find television shows to watch. Even last night’s TV is available today on the right app or Web site.

Furthermore, pre-recorded videos are even easier. If you can load videos onto your iPad or laptop, why watch mobile TV? If you can bring along a portable DVD player, why bother bringing a mobile TV device, as well?

Mobile TV could use an on-demand service, but it absolutely needs DVR capabilities. The lack of DVR features is the main reason I would never watch mobile TV. There are commercials. The shows don’t start when I want them to start. If I miss something, it’s gone, I can’t rewind, start over or pause the show. Mobile TV is an anachronism because of all these issues. It’s a new (in the U.S. at least) video service, but it behaves like a 60 year old TV.

It would be easy to add real DVR features to a mobile TV device. Just add a few gigabytes of storage and a solid DVR interface, and I’d be much more likely to carry a mobile TV in my pocket. This is an opportunity that TiVo has sorely missed. You can transfer TiVo programs to a mobile device or portable computer, but the process is long, slow and difficult. It’s not automatic, it requires separate apps, a powerful computer to encode the video for a mobile and a huge amount of storage space. If I want to watch last night’s Jimmy Kimmel or the finale of Lost that I’ve been saving, there should be an easy way to sit on the train on my morning commute and watch my shows. A mobile TV device with a built in video recorder would be a fine option, offering my saved shows and fresh programming if I get bored of my saved choices. If TiVo offered a portable device with their own interface and features that worked on today’s mobile TV networks, then I might consider buying one.

The best way to save mobile TV would be to make customers feel like they need one. There is a limited program selection on mobile TV. It’s not simply a rebroadcast of what the networks are showing, it’s usually a different lineup. Sometimes it’s intelligent, like when the networks rerun last night’s late night talk shows in the morning. Often, it’s kind of dull.

Mobile TV needs appointment television. If there were one or two fantastic shows that were only available on mobile TV, it would be a real coup for the technology. I’m talking about a water cooler show. Something that makes you feel like you’ve missed out if you haven’t seen it.

I subscribe to HBO not for the movies, but for the couple of original shows that I love. The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Bill Maher’s show; these are shows worth paying an extra few bucks a month. Mobile TV needs that kind of programming. A few original shows to get people talking would broaden awareness of the technology, and more importantly, get the TV press talking more about it.

Mobile TV also needs to improve quality dramatically. While it’s already better than the streaming services, that’s a low bar to set. The video quality needs to be as good as, preferably better than, pre-recorded movies. High definition quality would obviously be a bonus. If I can stream Netflix in high-def on my laptop, I certainly wouldn’t want to watch a smaller, mobile TV device that wasn’t even DVD quality.

I don’t think mobile TV is dead in America, but I don’t think it’s taking the competition seriously. People will not simply adopt mobile TV because the technology is there, but that’s been the attitude of mobile TV broadcasters so far. There has been no real argument for mobile TV against the myriad forms of video content already available. The recent Hulu Plus announcement should only light a bigger fire under the mobile TV movement, because Hulu is now bringing real, network television to mobile devices. If mobile TV can’t offer a service that is better than what we already have, there’s no reason for it to exist.

How To Save Videos On Twitter – Complete Guide

If you have the right tools handy, you can easily download videos from twitter on your PC, tablet or phone.

You will be needing some different approach when you need to save the videos and also I am going to show your download twitter DM videos specially.

Now when you are thinking how to save videos on twitter, there are multiple choices what device you are using.

You may directly copy the URL and download the video for your Mac or PC but for your Android or iOS, you need to take help from some third-party app.

Now let us discuss how to save videos on Twitter and DM videos in detail.

You can easily watch or share Twitter videos but saving them is a bit complicated.

There are some alternative techniques to save your favorite Twitter clips.

It is far easier to download Twitter dm videos to your Desktop and you will not be needing any additional software for that. Now, follow the steps mentioned below to accomplish the task.

Step 1: First open the web browser you are using and then visit chúng tôi after that login with your credentials.

Step 4: This web address will get saved to your clipboard now. Next, visit chúng tôi and paste the web address here.

Step 6: After that hit, the Enter button. Now you will be provided with two-button options for downloading the video – MP4 HD and MP4.

If you wish for a higher resolution you may choose the HD version and for the lower resolution choose MP4.

Now, when you are trying to download Twitter DM videos, you need to go through the relatively simple trick that I am going to show you.

Make sure that your web browser should have integrated Developers Tools though all the modern versions have this option.

Here I am going to show you the technique using the Chrome web browser. For Chrome, you can use Ctrl+Shift+I hotkey or F12 hotkey for opening Developer Tools.

You will be needing a VLC media player for downloading and converting the videos from Twitter and other web sources.

Follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Now open your web browser and sign into your Twitter account. Now go to the Direct message video you wish to download.

Step 2: Here you will have to press the F12 hotkey for opening Developer Tools and go to the Network tab.

Step 3: Now go to the Filter box and enter .m3u8. Now if you cannot see your video link just press the Refresh button.

Step 3: Now go to the Filter box and enter .m3u8. Now if you cannot see your video link just press the Refresh button.

Step 5: Now open your VLC media player and go to the Media option. From the displayed menu, choose Open Network Stream and paste the link address here.

Step 7: Chose the profile option and then hit the Browse button and choose a destination to save your file. Name the file and hit the Enter button.

You will successfully download the video from Twitter DM now. Check after the video gets downloaded.

You may also download this using the YouTube-dl cross-platform tool. All you will have to do is download this command-line tool.

Then download FFmpeg. You require to extract the contents of the bin folder for getting the FFmpeg Windows binaries.

Now follow the process mentioned below:

Step 1: First of all, open the Command prompt in the folder where the YouTube-dl is.

Step 2: Then open your web browser and sign in to your Twitter account. Now go to the Twitter video you wish to download.

Step 4: Now return to Command Prompt and type chúng tôi and give a space.

Step 5: Next input the video link address here. Your video will get downloaded now.

In case you find that the video is a part video then you will have to rename the file and check.

As I have mentioned before, downloading video from Twitter dm will require some additional software support. Follow the steps I am mentioning below for that:

Step 1: For your android mobile download the free Snap Tube app. For your offline play, this app is useful for saving Twitter videos.

Step 2: Visit the official Twitter app from your phone and then check the tweet having your video that you wish to save.

You may also copy the video link from the web browser and in this case, you will not be needing the official app.

Step 4: Hit the Allow button in case you require permission to store your video on your device.

This is how you copy video from twitter for your Computer.

For your iPad or iPhone, it will take a little more effort to copy video from twitter.  You will be needing a bit more time to accomplish t downloading task. Follow the exact process I am mentioning below for your convenience.

Step 1: First you will have to download MyMedia App for your iPad or iPhone. Next visit the official Twitter app from your phone and then check the tweet having your video that you wish to save.

You may copy the video link from the web browser and in this case, you will not be needing the official app.

Step 4: Select the Copy link option and this will save the URL on the clipboard.

Step 6: Now enter chúng tôi and hit the Go button. This website will now get opened.

This will show you options for various resolutions and sizes. Choose your preferred option.

Step 9: Now find and select Media and you will find the saved video there.  Choose the file name for your video and you will get a list of options.

Step 10: Next save to camera roll for saving a copy of the video to your device’s camera roll Folder. You can now enjoy your video.

So, I hope you can find the answer to – how to save videos on twitter from the given article.

How To Fix The Powerpoint Can’t Save File Error

Here is a guide for you to fix PowerPoint can’t save file error on Windows 10. Multiple users have experienced an error that prevents them from saving a presentation in PowerPoint. There can be various causes due to which this error arises. One of the primary reasons can be that the file is corrupted or some content in the slides needs to be reviewed and fixed. Other reasons that may cause this error can be some bug in the Office application, the filename is in use, etc. The error messages you see could be:

An error occurred while PowerPoint was saving the file

We cant save the PPTX file because the file is Read-only

If you are also facing the same error, look no further. In this post, we are going to discuss various methods using which you can fix PowerPoint can’t save file errors. Let’s check these out!

Fix PowerPoint can’t save file

Here are the methods that you should try if you find that PowerPoint can’t save your files:

Save file to a new PowerPoint Presentation

Fix corrupted presentation file

Check if the file is opened elsewhere

Remove UserForm Name

Repair Microsoft PowerPoint

Reinstall PowerPoint application

An error occurred while PowerPoint was saving the file 1] Save file to a new PowerPoint Presentation

If you are unable to save the current PowerPoint presentation, you can try saving it as a new presentation file. First, create a blank presentation. Now, copy the slide content from the old presentation, paste it into a new presentation, and use Save As feature to save a new presentation file.

Try changing the file extensions; if PPTX is not working, save the file in PPT format and see if it fixes the error for you.

2] Fix corrupted presentation file

As we mentioned above that you might be unable to save the presentation if the file corrupted. Hence, try repairing the PowerPoint presentation and then check if the issue is gone.

You can also check for corrupted slide content, like some font, graphic, etc. In case some font is causing the issue, replace the font with standard ones.

See: Repair corrupted Excel workbook or Word files.

3] Check if the file is opened elsewhere

See if the file is opened in some other program. If yes, close all the programs using the file and then try saving the presentation in PowerPoint.

You can also try disabling Preview Pane by opening the File Explorer and going to the View tab. Some users have reported that Preview Pane causes the file to open in read-only mode.

You should know that if the file is Read-only, you will not be able to save it. You will then have to make it editable and then save it.

See: Identify which Process is holding or locking a File

4] Remove ActiveMovie Control from Microsoft Visual Basic

Now try saving your PowerPoint presentation and see if the error is gone or not.

5] Repair Microsoft PowerPoint

The next thing you can do is repair the Microsoft PowerPoint application. If there are some bugs within the app or the installation was corrupted, this will work. Follow the below steps for that:

Navigate to Apps & features tab.

Scroll down to Office 355/ Microsoft 365 program and select it.

Now, either choose Online Repair or Quick Repair option.

Finally, hit the Repair button to start repairing PowerPoint and other Office applications.

6] Reinstall PowerPoint application

If nothing works, you can start afresh by reinstalling PowerPoint. Simply uninstall Microsoft office completely and then reinstall Microsoft Office on your PC. After reinstalling, you should be able to save your presentations.

That’s it!

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How To Save A Word Document As A Pdf

Last Updated on September 2, 2023

Knowing how to save your Word documents as PDFs is very useful as PDF files are easier to share with others, and don’t require special software to open. 

They are also a better file option if you ever want to print something high-quality. Converting your Word documents to PDFs is very simple, and you don’t need to worry about using any fancy software, the converting can be done on Word itself! 

This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how you can do this. 

What Are PDFs? 

PDF is short for ‘Portable Document Format’ and they are documents that are ‘read-only’ and can be accessed on all kinds of devices without having to install any special software to view them. 

There are an array of benefits to these files. They are completely secure and known as one of the most trusted document formats. As they are recognized in court, they are used by professionals in legal departments. 

This is because any changes made to these files can be traced very easily, so legal professionals and courts will definitely know about it. 

They are also consistent documents, meaning they will show the exact same display no matter where you are accessing them from, unlike other files that change their formatting depending on what device you are accessing them from.


How To Convert A Word Document To A PDF

The first thing you need to do is locate the Word document you would like to convert.





Choose Where To Save Your PDF

From this screen, you can choose where you prefer to save your PDF, (documents, desktop, etc.)





Select PDF

From here, you can select ‘PDF’ from the menu.



Converting your Word document to PDFs is very simple, and if you ever need to make changes to your file, you can just make these changes in the original Word document and repeat the process! 

It is important to always keep a copy of your Word document in case the need for change arises.


What If I Don’t Have Microsoft Word?

If your computer or laptop doesn’t have Microsoft Word, then you can still convert documents people send you to PDFs!

A very simple way to do this is through Google Drive. You can upload, or open a Word document in Google Drive as a Google Document, and then change it to a PDF file.



Open Your Google Document

Begin by opening your Google Document.



Select File

Select ‘file’ in the top left corner, and place your cursor over ‘download’ from the drop-down menu.



Select PDF Document

While your cursor is hovering over ‘download’ a drop-down menu will appear. From here, select ‘PDF document’.




Once this is done, your new PDF will be located at the bottom of your screen.

Final Thoughts

PDF files are secure and very accessible, so knowing how to convert your Word documents to PDFs is very useful. 

This is beneficial if you ever need to send someone a document and aren’t sure what software or device they have, as PDFs never change their format, and are accessible on most, if not all, devices. 

They are also very safe and secure, so if you ever need to send any official documents to anyone, PDFs are the way to go!

Linkedin: How To Save And Locate Your Saved Articles

When you think of LinkedIn, you think of a social network that’ll help you find the perfect job for you. That’s obviously true, but LinkedIn is also a great social media platform where you can read up on exciting information. You can read interesting articles others write about all sorts of subjects. Since there is such great content out there, sooner or later, you will come across an article you want to save. The good news is that the saving and finding process is easy. It doesn’t matter if you’re on your computer or your Android device.

How to Save an Article on LinkedIn

Even if you usually use LinkedIn for job hunting, you’ll see an article that you find interesting. Maybe you don’t have time to read it carefully now and want to save it for later. You can save that article for later on your computer or your Android device. But there is no point in saving an article if you can find it to read it. See how you can do both and enjoy LinkedIn’s content and the different paths to find your saved article.

In the My Items section, you’ll see different options, such as:

My Jobs

My learning

My Projects

Saved posts


Send in a private message

Copy link to post

Embed this post

Report this post

How to Save Posts on LinkedIn – Android

Since you probably do most of your job searching from your Android device, you can also save any interesting information from it as well. Once you have the LinkedIn app open and the post you want to save as well. You should see dots to the right of the article, and the option to save it will be the first on the list.

That’s all you need to do to save any article. You’ll need to repeat the process to save future articles. If you think you saved the wrong article, tap on the dots again and the option to unsave the article.

How to Find Your Saved LinkedIn Articles – Android

There is no point in saving your articles if you can find them to read them later. You can access your saved article on your Android device by tapping on your profile picture at the top left of your display, followed by the profile option.

Swipe down a little until you see the option that says Show all five resources. You’ll find your saved LinkedIn articles in the My Items section, and you’ll find that option at the bottom of the list. You’ll see four options on the next page, but your saved articles will be in the Saved Posts section.

Unless you want a long list of articles that will only clutter your Saved Article section, make sure you only save articles that you’re confident you’re going back to read. If you start saving articles that you might go back to read, that one you love will get lost in the sea of articles you’re beginning to regret you saved.

Further Reading

Are you new to LinkedIn, or are you unfamiliar with what you can do? Maybe you might want to read up on how you can block sponsored messages if they are getting annoying. There is also a way you can prevent others from knowing you viewed their profile.

Since it’s always a good idea to take security precautions on any social media platform, see what security tips you can follow to stay safe on LinkedIn. But, even if you take all the precautions you can think of, if someone is not playing nice, here are the tips to follow to block someone on LinkedIn.

Conclusion on Saving Posts for Later on LinkedIn

How To Save Snapchat Videos On Iphone And Android

Unlike most messaging apps, the process to save a video someone sent you is not as straightforward as you would expect on Snapchat. The photos and videos you share on Snapchat come with a time limit. Therefore, you have only a short window, up to 10 seconds, to view the Snap. But if you wish to extend the life of the content you send or receive, you can save the photo or video within Snapchat or your camera roll. With that said, we have detailed a few methods you can use to download Snapchat videos to your iPhone or Android phone. If that’s something you are interested in, read on to learn how you can save Snapchat videos.

Save Snapchat Videos (2024) How to Save Your Own Snapchat Videos Before Sharing Them

1. Long-press the shutter button to record a video on Snapchat and wait for the preview screen to appear. From the preview screen, tap the “Save” button at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

2. Snapchat will now store your video in the “Snaps” section of Memories within the app. To access Memories, tap the card icon next to the shutter button from the camera interface.

3. Long-press the video you saved and select “Export” from the list of options that show up at the bottom of the screen. Next, when the share sheet appears, tap the “Download” option to save the Snapchat video to your phone’s photo gallery. However, if you want to hide photos and videos from nosy friends or family members, you can set up and use the “My Eyes Only” feature in Snapchat.

How to Save Snapchat Videos from Your Own Story

1. Open your profile page by tapping the Bitmoji icon at the top-left corner of the screen. Then, press the horizontal three dots menu icon next to the “My Story” heading. When the pop-up from the bottom appears, select “Save Story”.

2. You will then see a confirmation prompt informing you that Snapchat will save the entire Story to your Memories. Tap “Yes” to confirm. This method will save all your Stories to the Memories section. You can selectively save individual stories as well.

3. If you wish to save individual stories, tap on the Story you want to save from the profile page and swipe up (or tap on the vertical three-dot menu icon at the top right corner) on the screen. Then, tap the “Save” button at the bottom left corner.

4. As mentioned earlier, you can now long-press the video saved under “Memories” and tap the “Export” button. From the share sheet, tap the “Download” button to bring the Snapchat video to your camera roll.

How to Save Snapchat Videos from Other Users (without Expiration Timer)

1. Long-press a video someone sent you and tap the “Save in Chat” option. You won’t see this option on images and videos set as “play once” before sending them. Once you save the video in chat, Snapchat will notify the recipient about it, and both of you will see the video in the conversation window.

2. Now, long-press the saved video again and select “Save to Camera Roll”. Again, Snapchat will let the other person know that you saved the video to your camera roll. The messaging app greatly values your privacy, and this feature highlights the work it has put in to safeguard your private photos and videos.

How to Save Snapchat Videos from Other Users (with Expiration Timer)

Snapchat rightfully doesn’t let users directly download videos a user has sent them. If you want to save the videos anyway, you will have to record your screen using your phone’s screen recording feature or rely on one of the best screen recording apps. We already have a detailed guide on how to record your screen on iPhone and iPad available on our website for your convenience.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that the user may get notified if you screen record their video or chat window. Hence, we would not recommend you record a video someone sent you.

Frequently Asked Questions Can you save other people’s Snap videos?

Snapchat doesn’t have a native way to download videos of other users. You can, however, ask the sender to send looping videos or choose to take a screen recording of others’ videos. If you receive looping videos, Snapchat gives you the option to save them directly to your camera roll.

Can you save Snapchat videos without them knowing?

Snapchat usually notifies the recipient if you are screen recording the video they sent you. Hence, you will have to proceed at your own risk. We do not recommend recording Snapchat videos someone has sent you to save them.

How to save a Snapchat video someone sent you?

If someone has sent you a video without an expiration timer, long-press on it and select the “Save in Chat” option to make it available in the conversation window. Then, you can long-press the video again and select the “Save to Camera Roll” option.

Can you use Airplane Mode to save Snapchat Videos secretly?

Earlier, as a workaround, you could enable Airplane mode on your iPhone or Android phone and take a screenshot of the chat window. You could also save Snaps without the sender knowing about it. However, Snapchat was quick to recognize this loophole and has since patched it. So, the answer is no. You can no longer use Airplane mode to secretly save videos or screenshot chats. Snapchat will notify the user the moment you reconnect to the internet.

Save Videos on Snapchat with Ease!

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