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Last Updated on September 2, 2023

Knowing how to save your Word documents as PDFs is very useful as PDF files are easier to share with others, and don’t require special software to open. 

They are also a better file option if you ever want to print something high-quality. Converting your Word documents to PDFs is very simple, and you don’t need to worry about using any fancy software, the converting can be done on Word itself! 

This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how you can do this. 

What Are PDFs? 

PDF is short for ‘Portable Document Format’ and they are documents that are ‘read-only’ and can be accessed on all kinds of devices without having to install any special software to view them. 

There are an array of benefits to these files. They are completely secure and known as one of the most trusted document formats. As they are recognized in court, they are used by professionals in legal departments. 

This is because any changes made to these files can be traced very easily, so legal professionals and courts will definitely know about it. 

They are also consistent documents, meaning they will show the exact same display no matter where you are accessing them from, unlike other files that change their formatting depending on what device you are accessing them from.


How To Convert A Word Document To A PDF

The first thing you need to do is locate the Word document you would like to convert.





Choose Where To Save Your PDF

From this screen, you can choose where you prefer to save your PDF, (documents, desktop, etc.)





Select PDF

From here, you can select ‘PDF’ from the menu.



Converting your Word document to PDFs is very simple, and if you ever need to make changes to your file, you can just make these changes in the original Word document and repeat the process! 

It is important to always keep a copy of your Word document in case the need for change arises.


What If I Don’t Have Microsoft Word?

If your computer or laptop doesn’t have Microsoft Word, then you can still convert documents people send you to PDFs!

A very simple way to do this is through Google Drive. You can upload, or open a Word document in Google Drive as a Google Document, and then change it to a PDF file.



Open Your Google Document

Begin by opening your Google Document.



Select File

Select ‘file’ in the top left corner, and place your cursor over ‘download’ from the drop-down menu.



Select PDF Document

While your cursor is hovering over ‘download’ a drop-down menu will appear. From here, select ‘PDF document’.




Once this is done, your new PDF will be located at the bottom of your screen.

Final Thoughts

PDF files are secure and very accessible, so knowing how to convert your Word documents to PDFs is very useful. 

This is beneficial if you ever need to send someone a document and aren’t sure what software or device they have, as PDFs never change their format, and are accessible on most, if not all, devices. 

They are also very safe and secure, so if you ever need to send any official documents to anyone, PDFs are the way to go!

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How To Save A Word Document As A Jpeg In Windows?

Are you looking for a suitable method to save a Microsoft Word document as a JPEG image on Windows? In this guide, we will show you different methods to save DOC/DOCX document files in JPEG image format.

How to save Word document as JPEG in Windows

If you want to save a Word document as a JPEG image on your Windows PC, you can use the following four methods:

Use Windows Snipping Tool to save Word as JPEG.

Save Word as PDF and convert PDF to JPEG.

Convert Word to JPEG using a free online tool.

Download a free desktop application to convert Word to JPEG.

1] Use Windows Snipping Tool to save Word as JPEG

You can use Windows Snipping Tool to save your Word document as a JPEG image file. As Microsoft Word doesn’t provide a direct option to save documents as images, you can use a screenshot tool to capture your Word document as a JPEG image. Snipping Tool is Windows inbuilt screenshot tool that helps you capture screenshots on your PC. You can use it to save Word as JPEG. Here are the steps to do that:

Open your Word document.

Launch Snipping Tool.

Draw a rectangle around opened Word document.

Save the captured screenshot as a JPEG image.

Repeat the above steps for the remaining sections.

First, launch Microsoft Word and then open the document that you want to save as a JPEG image. You can also use the Zoom feature to enlarge the page view for a clear output image.

After that, open the Snipping Tool using Windows Search and press the New button.

You can now use the rectangle select tool to draw a rectangle around the Word document. As you select the region, the document screenshot will be captured and opened in Snipping Tool.

Now, go to the Snipping Tool window and press the Save as button. Next, set the Save as file type to JPEG, enter the filename, and press the Save button. This will save the current Word document to a JPEG image.

You will have to repeat the above steps to save the remaining parts or pages of your Word document as JPEG images.

You can also open your document in Print Preview mode using Ctrl+P and then use Snipping Tool to screenshot the document as JPEG images.

If you don’t want to do manual work, this method is not for you as you will have to keep repeating the same steps to save all pages of a Word document as JPEG images. So, move on to the next method to save Word as JPEG without putting in much effort.

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2] Save Word as PDF and convert PDF to JPEG

Another method to save a Microsoft Word document to JPEG image format is to first save Word as a PDF file. After that, you can convert PDF to JPEG using online PDF to JPG converter tools or free software like PDFMate PDF Converter, Advanced PDF Utilities, PDFShaper, etc. There are a lot more free tools and web extensions available that let you convert PDFs to images. So, you don’t have to search much.

TIP: Free PDF converter add-ons for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

3] Convert Word to JPEG using a free online tool

The next method to save Word documents as JPEG images is to use an online conversion tool. There are several Word to JPEG converter websites available and thankfully, plenty of them are free. So, you can convert Word to JPEG online without any hassle and without paying a penny. Also, these converters do all the work automatically and save all pages of a Word document to JPEG images at once.

Here are some free online Word to JPEG converter tools that you can use:

To use it, open its website in a web browser and then select one or more source Word documents. After that, select a conversion Mode from Merge files or Convert files separately. Now, set up compression options like Quality of images, Resolution of images, and Color or black and white. Once done, press the Convert button and it will start converting Word to JPEG. The output images will be downloaded automatically once the conversion is finished.

You can try it here.

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Open its chúng tôi website in a web browser and upload the source Word documents. Then, set the output as JPG and hit the Convert button to perform the conversion.

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4] Download a free desktop application to convert Word to JPEG

You can also use a free desktop application in order to convert your DOC, DOCX, or other Word documents to JPEG images. This free software called Word to JPG enables you to quickly convert a Microsoft Word document to a JPEG image. You can convert DOC and DOCX files to JPEG images through this free application.

To get started, download and install Word to JPG, and then open the app. After that, browse and select the source Word file, and then choose the output folder where you want to store the resulting images. You can then adjust the image quality and hit the Convert button to initiate the conversion process.

You can download it from here. Do remember that you must have Microsoft Word installed on your computer to use this application.

Apart from Word to JPG, you can also use Batch Word to JPG Converter to convert your Word documents to JPEG images.

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How do I save a Word document as a JPEG online?

To save a Word document as a JPEG image online, you can use an online converter tool. There are multiple free ones available on the internet. You can use chúng tôi chúng tôi chúng tôi and some more online tools to convert DOC or DOCX Word documents to JPEG images.

How do I convert a Word document to PNG or JPG?

To convert a Microsoft Word document to PNG, JPG, and other images, you can use a third-party online tool or software. Fortunately, there are various free options to select from. Online tools like Aspose, Online2PDF, Zamzar, and CloudConvert. If you want to use free desktop software, then Batch Word to JPG Converter is a nice one.

Pdf To Word: Quickly Convert Pdf Files To Word Files On Your Mac

Not so long ago, we told you all about an app for iOS that allowed you to convert PDF files to Microsoft Word files, but did you know you can accomplish the same process on your Mac too?

In this tutorial, we’ll be showing you how to convert PDF files to Microsoft Word files using an app from the Mac App Store called PDF to Word.

Why convert a PDF to a Word file?

This process is useful for when you want to be able to actually edit the contents of the file without having to purchase expensive software from Adobe to do so. Buying Adobe Acrobat for your computer can cost up to $450, but if you own Microsoft Word already, and you don’t mind paying a few extra bucks for an app from the Mac App Store, you’ll be nowhere near that kind of outrageous price tag.

PDF to Word is available in the Mac App Store as a free download, but you’ll also notice there is a paid version of the app in the Mac App Store for $29.99. The free version can convert up to two pages of a PDF file to a Word file, but the pro version gives you the ability to convert an unlimited amount of pages of a PDF file to a Word file.

Still, the trade-off seems obvious; buying Microsoft Office and PDF to Word by Feiphone is three times cheaper than buying Adobe Acrobat to edit your PDF files.

How to convert files from PDF to Word on Mac

To convert PDF files to Word files with PDF to Word by Feiphone, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and install the app from the Mac App Store (free trial) or (pro version $29.99).

Step 2: Locate a PDF file on your Mac that you wish to convert to a Word file. We’ll be using a 2024 IRS tax form that we had available at the time for this tutorial.

Step 7: The app will do its thing, and should be done with the conversion process pretty quickly. You’ll see a little green check mark and “All Pages, DOCX, Success!” by the file name if all went well.

Step 8: Verify the DOCX file you just created is in the output folder you designated.

Step 9: In this case it is, so now verify that the DOCX file opens in Microsoft Word without any problems.

Step 10: You’ve just converted a PDF file to a Word file – make edits and changes as needed!

Details about PDF to Word

As you have seen, PDF to Word by Feiphone moves all of the formatting, tables, and more from the PDF document to the Word document that you’re creating. For what it is, it does a decent job. It’s not as high of quality as Adobe’s software is, but for what it is – aftermarket software trying to solve a problem in the market – it’ll get the job done.

Once the file is created, you can share it with anyone and as long as they have Microsoft Word or another compatible word processor, they will be able to open the DOCX file you created and make edits to it.

Who should get this app?

Someone who gets a lot of PDF files to deal with on a regular basis, such as by email, and needs a way to electronically input information or edit the contents of the PDF file will find this app very useful. If you don’t deal with many PDF files, you’re probably not going to need a PDF to Word converter.


Mac apps are just about always pricier than iOS apps, and by a significant amount. At $29.99 in the Mac App Store, PDF to Word by Feiphone does the same thing that a $4.99 app for iOS would do, but if you’re serious about your PDF to DOCX conversions, that’s probably not going to matter much to you because you’re going to be more worried about workflow and reliability long term.

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How To Edit Pdf Files In Microsoft Word

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a common format for sharing final versions of files. The format is most used for viewing and not editing. But if you need to edit PDF files, Microsoft Word 2023/2024/2013 brings a multitude of features to the word-processing table, one being the capability to edit PDFs.

Office 2010 provided the option to save a document as PDF, but Microsoft Word 2013 even allows editing of the content before sending it to the final recipient, as a PDF file. Although the full version of Adobe Acrobat allows users to modify PDFs, it’s more cumbersome than editing the original document in MS Office. Why so? PDF is technically an image file, converting this image file back to text needs sophisticated OCR like Adobe Acrobat X Pro or other tools. Adobe Free Reader, therefore, does not allow you to modify the content in a PDF. With Word 2013, however, you can convert a PDF into a Word document and edit the content.

In this post, we will see how to edit PDF files in Word.

Edit PDF Files in Word

When you install Office, you will notice that the context menu for any PDF file, has an option to open a PDF file in Microsoft Word, along with your other PDF Readers like Adobe Reader or Foxit and Windows Reader, if you are on Windows 10/8.

Microsoft PDF Reflow will convert all the files contents, including its formatting like paragraphs, lists, headers, columns, footnotes, tables, etc, into Word content. You will be able to edit even the tables. I tried with various smaller PDF documents and it kept all its formatting, even after the conversion. Then I also tried bigger-sized PDF’s like e-books (sized ~30MB). It took a bit of time to convert – but it did its job. So, you can try large files too if you have some newer systems with more memory.

Anyway, next, a dialog box with a message “Word will convert your PDF to an editable Word document. The resulting Word document will be optimized to allow you to edit the text, so it might not look exactly like the original PDF, especially if the original file contained lots of graphics.” should appear on your computer screen.

To maintain your changes, it is essential you save the document with a new name or to a different location.

So, if you get a pop bearing the same message do not be surprised. Try saving the PDF with a different name or save the file in Word or PDF format.

Depending on the situation, one option may work better than the other:

PDF: If you don’t want to make any more changes to the document, save the edited document as a PDF file.

Word document: If you want to continue making changes to the document (or if you need a second pair of eyes for approving the changes), save it as a Word document. You can always save it as a PDF file later on.

This is a great feature in Microsoft Word, among many other cool features of Microsoft Office.

Hope you find this tutorial useful.

TIP: You can convert, compress, sign PDF documents using free Acrobat Online tools.

How To Add Pages To A Google Docs Document

In this blog post, we will explore how easy it is to add additional pages to a Google Docs document in simple steps. We will also give you tips on removing page breaks, inserting page numbers, and adding a table of contents to give you all the tools you need to work on your project. Also, if you plan on becoming a Google Docs power user, check out our guide on Google Docs keyboard shortcuts.

Table of Contents

How to Add a Page in Google Docs on Desktop PC

Google Docs decides when you’ve reached the end of the page, and it’ll automatically start a new blank page as you type. However, if you want to create a new page at a custom spot instead of letting Google Docs decide, all you have to do is insert a page break. Here’s how to do it:

Open your document.

Go to


in the toolbar menu.



from the drop-down menu, and then

Page break

from the side menu.

Alternatively, you can use keyboard shortcuts to insert a page break. Just press Ctrl + Enter on your keyboard.

You’ll notice more options in a side menu than just a Page break. You can also select Section break (next page) to add a page. However, a Section break (continuous) is not a good option as it’ll only start a new section on the same page instead of adding a new one.

Page Break is an excellent option if your document has a heading or if you are close to the bottom of the page but need to start a new paragraph. You can also use it to divide your documents into topics or categories and have each one of them start on a new page.

How to Add a Page in Google Docs on a Mobile Device

Adding a Page break in Google Docs on a mobile device is just as simple as doing it on a desktop. However, the steps are slightly different:

Open the Google Docs file on your Android or iOS device.

Go to the little

pencil icon in the lower left corner of the screen.

Tap the screen on the document where you’ll insert a page break. This’ll place a cursor on that spot.

Tap the plus button at the top of the screen.



menu will pop up. Scroll down and select

Page break


Congrats, you added a new page to your Google Docs document on your smartphone! As you can see, the process is straightforward. Now you can manage the layout of your documents on the go.

How to Remove Page Breaks

So you decided that you need to remove the page break. Place your cursor below the break and press Backspace on your keyboard to delete the page break. That’s it!

Organize Your Ideas in Google Docs

Working in Google Docs can be a great way to organize multiple ideas into one shared document. By taking the time to add pages during the document creation process, you can use it as a digital hub for even more content. This will make it much easier for you to format and organize your thoughts and make collaborations with others simpler and quicker. Although using multiple pages adds complexity to a Doc, they are an invaluable asset if you’re working on extensive projects or writing long-form pieces of any kind. Also, don’t forget you can insert page numbers as well to keep everything better organized.

Top 5 Pdf To Word Converter Tools – Webnots

PDF or Portable Document Format is the best option when you want to share documents with others. It not only prevents people from editing your document but also helps to retain the formatting across any device including smartphones. However, Word documents are easy to edit especially for preparing system manuals with screenshots. You can easily use the in-built screenshot function to capture the screen and insert user in your document. If you received PDF document, here are some of the easy ways to convert it into a Word document.

Converting PDF to Word Document

Here are some of the reasons converting PDF to Word will help you:

You can edit the text content with Word and then convert the Word document back into PDF if required.

Word is an easy option for formatting and inserting screenshots.

It is difficult to extract images from PDF files. You can convert to Word and then save the images to your computer.

Whatsoever is the reason, here are the options for you to convert PDF to Word document.

1. Microsoft Word

Open PDF with Word

You will see a pop-up showing the conversion of PDF to Word document.

Converted Word Document from PDF

2. Convert PDF to Word with Adobe Acrobat Online

Many users do not know that Adobe offers official online tool for converting your PDF to Word document. This is completely a free tool with no limitations.

Download Converted Word Document from Adobe Site

You need to create an account for editing the document with online Word editor and getting the download file link for sharing with others. After editing Word document, you can also use the Word to PDF tool from Adobe to generate a PDF file. Adobe also offers an extension for Chrome to use the free tools with Chrome browser.  

3. Convertio

Convertio is another all in one converter tool which you can use for almost any type of file conversion. For example, you can convert PDF to Word, PowerPoint, eBook or HTML file. The tool allows you to upload PDF file from local computer, Google Drive or Dropbox. The free plan has a restrictions of file size up to 100 MB and you can convert 10 files per day. If you want to have unlimited conversions, then you need to go for premium plan which starts from $9.99 per month.

Your files will be kept on their or 24 hours before being permanently deleted.

4. Zamar

Zamar is a professional ad free online service for converting your PDF documents to Word format. You can also convert to BMP, PPT, XLSX or PNG format. However, the free plan restricts the file size to 50 MB and allows only 2 conversions per day. Otherwise, you need to go for $9 premium plan  to get 200 MB upload size with 50 conversions per day.

Download Word File from Zamar

Note: Zamar also offers a desktop app for Windows and Mac which allows 25 free file conversions.

5. Smallpdf Converter

Smallpdf is an online collection of various PDF processing tools including free PDF to Word converter.

Convert PDF to Word in Smallpdf

The conversion process will start and you will see a download button to get your Word file once the conversion is completed. You can also download the file to Dropbox to Google Drive if required.

Download Word Document from Smallpdf Tool

Smallpdf also offers a Chrome extension which you can use for file conversion purposes. However, the free version restricts to single file conversion per day and there are no size limit.


The quality and formatting of converted Word file is good when we tested all the above tools. Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat online are two reliable services to convert your PDF to Word document. However, you need to convert one by one when using these options and there are no bulk conversions available. If you are choosing for other online tools, make sure to consider the following things:

When you have scanned PDF document, it needs an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to extract the content and then convert to Word document. Most online tools offer OCR as a separate service, for example, this is a premium service with Smallpdf.

You have to upload the file to cloud servers and converted files will be stored at least on their server. Therefore, do not upload confidential files related to your organization.

Most online tools offer limited service in terms of size and number of conversions. If you want to frequently use bulk conversion, then premium option is suitable for your need.    

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