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In this post, we show you how to take a screenshot without the Print Screen button. You can print screen without PrintScreen button by using any one of these alternative methods. There could be times when the PrintScreen button might not be working, and as a result, you would not be able to capture screenshots. In such situations, you can follow these suggestions to print the screen without the PrintScreen button on your keyboard. Here are multiple methods enlisted so that you can follow one of them as per your requirements.

When you press the PrintScreen button, your computer captures your screen. Although it doesn’t save it automatically, you can open any image editing app, including Paint, Paint 3D, etc., to paste the screenshot. However, if the PrintScreen button is not working or freezing frequently, you won’t be able to capture screenshots. In such a moment, you can go through these solutions.

How to print screen without PrintScreen button

To take a screenshot without the Print Screen button on your Windows computer, follow these suggestions:

Use On-Screen Keyboard

Use Win+Shift+S

Use Snipping Tool

Remap PrintScreen key

Use third-party app

To learn more about these steps, continue reading.

1] Use On-Screen Keyboard

It is the handiest solution, and it works smoothly on Windows 11 as well as Windows 10 computers. Your computer comes with an in-built On-Screen Keyboard that helps you type using your mouse. It is a helping hand when your physical keyboard is not working properly.

To use On-Screen Keyboard to capture screenshots in Windows 11/10, follow these steps:

Search for on screen keyboard in the Taskbar search box.

Use your mouse to open Paint and save the screenshot.

For your information, you can edit the image as usual and save it almost anywhere.

2] Use Win+Shift+S

Win+Shift+S is the keyboard shortcut to use the Snipping Tool’s direct option to capture a screenshot. You can use this screenshot to set almost any shape to capture your screen. From choosing the rectangle, specific window, or entire screen, you can select anything and capture it as a screenshot.

To use this method, press Win+Shift+S together. Then, you need to use your mouse to select the area.

However, if you want to capture a window or rectangle screenshot, you can select such an option from the top menu bar.

3] Use Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool has been there in Windows operating system for a long time. You can use Snipping Tool to capture screenshots easily on your Windows PC. It offers several modes, including Rectangle mode, Window mode, Full-screen mode, and Free-form mode.

On the other hand, you can delay the capture as well. For your information, you can enable Snipping Tool using the aforementioned keyboard shortcut as well.

However, you can also open the original Snipping Tool window to find all the above-mentioned options. In that case, you can customize the capture as per your requirements.

4] Remap PrintScreen key

If the PrintScreen key is not working, you can remap the function to another unused key. Although Windows 11/10 doesn’t have an in-built option to remap a key, you can use PowerToys to get the job done.

PowerToys is one of the best apps to enrich or enhance the functionalities of your Windows computers. Whether you need to improve the performance of your mouse or keyboard or manage shortcuts, you can do almost anything with the help of this app.

If you already have it, you can open the app and go to the Keyboard Manager. However, if you do not have the PowerToys installed on your computer, you can follow this guide to download and install PowerToys on Windows 11.

5] Use third-party app

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How do I take a screenshot if I don’t Print Screen?

If you do not want to use the PrintScreen button to capture screenshots, you can use the aforementioned methods. There are multiple alternatives, and you can use any one of them as per your wish. For example, you can use the Win+Shift+S shortcut, remap the PrintScreen key, use Snipping Tool, etc.

How do I Print Screen just my screen?

To print the entire screen, you can use Win+Shift+S and select the entire screen using your mouse. Apart from that, you can open the Snipping Tool on your computer and choose the Full-screen mode option. Following that, you can use your mouse to select the screen.

That’s all! Hope these methods helped.

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How To Print From Your Chromebook

In Windows, you can install the driver for your printer and print document on your PC. What about Chromebook? With a lack of dedicated software for printing, it may seem confusing at first glance. Fortunately, it’s not confusing at all, and in just a few easy steps, Chromebook users will be on their way to printing documents, photos and more. Keep reading for all of the steps you need to know to print from your Chromebook.

Adding a Local Printer

Contrary to popular opinion, Chrome OS does have native printing built in, so adding a printer doesn’t require hacker-level computer knowledge. To add a local printer, follow the steps below.

Using Google Cloud Print

It is easy to set up a printer on ChromeOS. The act of printing is even easier. The first and most critical step is to find a page you want to print.

At this point, using Cloud Print, your printing should start just as it would from any computer.

Using Android Apps

A lesser-used but still viable option for adding printers to a Chromebook is Android apps. With most recent Chromebooks enabling Android app functionality, downloading printer apps from the Play Store is a smart workaround. Apps like Canon, HP, Epson, Samsung, Brother and more are all available in the Play Store. After downloading the app, most will allow you to set up and sync the printer directly from the app itself. While not the most common way, these apps are one of the quickest ways to print directly from a Chromebook.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, it is easy to print from Chromebook. There is no need to install abdriver like in Windows. There are also plenty of things you can do on a Chromebook, like playing games, installing Firefox, or managing zip files.

David Joz

David is a freelance tech writer with over 15 years of experience in the tech industry. He loves all things Nintendo.

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How To Print Double Sided On Mac

Double-sided or duplex printing is a good choice if you’re environmentally conscious or want to economize on paper. Plus, knowing how to print double-sided on your Mac can also elevate the presentation of your documents.

Many inkjet and laser printers have the duplex printing function built in, but the way you access it may differ depending on where you’re printing from. If you’re using a Mac, you can print double-sided whether or not the printer has this feature.

Table of Contents

We’ll walk you through the different methods you can use to print double-sided on Mac whether you’re using a program or browsing online.

How to Print Double-Sided on Mac from an App

You can print double-sided on your Mac when using an application such as Notes, or Microsoft Office apps. 

Microsoft Office apps output their own printing dialog window, which makes the double-sided printing process simpler, with fewer steps. However, this dialog window may confuse you at first if you haven’t printed on Mac before.

How to Print Double-Sided on Mac Using Microsoft Applications

For this guide, we’ll show you how to print double-sided using Microsoft Word. The steps below are the same for other Microsoft apps including Excel and PowerPoint.

In the Two-Sided submenu, you’ll find the Long-Edge binding and Short-Edge binding options. Select Long-Edge binding.

Note: Long-edge binding allows you to print double-sided sheets and its margins are adjusted for binding on the left. This way, you can turn pages sideways as you would with a long-form document or book. On the other hand, short-edge binding margins adjust for binding at the top, and pages are printed such that you can flip them over vertically as you would with a calendar or notepad.

Select Print.

Note: Most Mac apps call out a somewhat standard printing dialog window compared to Microsoft apps, which have a rather custom printing process. To see the difference, here’s how to print a PDF document using the double-sided function on Mac.

How to Print Double-Sided on Mac from Google Docs

If you’re working on a document in Google Docs (or any other web app or web page), you can still print double-sided from there. 

To do this, use the ⌘ + P keyboard shortcut, or go to File in the Google Docs menu and select Print.

Next, check the Two-Sided box and then select Print.

How to Print Double-Sided on Mac Using a Non-Duplex Printer

If your printer doesn’t support duplex printing, you can still print double-sided in a few steps.

The first step is to check whether the duplexing feature is enabled on your printer.

Select your printer from the list and then select Options & Supplies.

Set the value to Odd Only in the Pages to Print section.

Select Print to select Odd Only to print only odd-numbered pages.

Next, flip your printed pages over and put them back into your printer. Open the Print menu again, and select Even Only in the Pages to Print section.

Select Print.

Note: Using a non-duplex printer to print double-sided can involve some trial and error to get it done right. If you have a large document, try it with two or four pages before printing the entire document. Duplex printing may not work well with older laser printers where heat is involved, because you can’t safely put your paper through twice.

Save Paper and Money

Whether your printer has a duplex feature or not, you can easily print double-sided on Mac. It will help you save paper and money, and you don’t have to worry about running out of paper all the time.

How To Prevent Screen Burn

The iPhone X was recently released, boasting an impressive compilation of hardware. Unfortunately one of the biggest draws of the iPhone X, its OLED screen, has one massive flaw! Screen burn-in. If you have recently purchased an iPhone X and want to minimise the risk of screen burn-in, this guide will show you some simple steps you can take to reduce the risk.  

How to Password Protect Notes on iOS 11. 

If you are unfamiliar with ‘Screen Burn’ or ‘Screen Burn-in’ it’s the permanent discolouration of a screen, usually holding a ghost like shadow of an image left on screen too long. Screen burn used to be a very common problem on earlier CRT displays and some LED and Plasma TV screens, it’s also the reason ‘screen savers’ were first invented. Anyone who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s will understand the phenomenon very well. 

Most people probably thought screen burn was a thing of the past and until recently, it was pretty much extinct. However, sometimes when technology takes two steps forward, it also takes one step back. In this case, OLED screens. Thankfully, as screen burn isn’t  an entirely new problem, there are quite a few different ways you can reduce the chance of getting it on your iPhone X to practically 0. 

How to Prevent Screen Burn, Screen Burn-in on iPhone X. (Or Any Other Device With an OLED Screen)

As the new iPhone X OLED is highly sensitive, it’s very important to make sure that you don’t display a static image (an image that doesn’t move) on your screen for too long. A perfect example from earlier screen burn-in days, would be leaving a video game paused whilst going to have dinner. Unfortunately, as there’s no set amount of time screen burn-in can occur in, you should always make sure you do the following, as some screen can burn an image faster than others, even the exact same display types.

Set Auto-Brightness to Prevent iPhone X Screen Burn.

Note: The brighter you have your screen, the quicker screen burn-in can happen.

Set a Sensible Lock Screen Timer on iPhone X To Prevent Screen Burn. (Screen Auto-Off Timer)

The next thing you should make sure you set up on your iPhone X is a screen off timer, generally, this will be set by default, however, if it is more than 2 minutes or if you have changed it to never, you will need to change it back. Anything under 1 minute is a good suggestion.


After you have set both of the above options, the rest is common sense, just try to reduce the chance of a static image being stuck on the screen for too long. And remember some apps and programs will lock your screen on, preventing the lock screen from engaging, even if you have a Lockscreen timer set. These are the instances you will be most likely to get screen burn.

How To Use The Apple Watch Side Button

Although the Digital Crown on the Apple Watch steals the spotlight, the Side button is equally—if not more—important. You can get a lot more out of a watchOS device if you know its capabilities.

Not only is the Side button convenient for everyday actions like switching among recent apps or making purchases over Apple Pay, but it’s also vital when troubleshooting the device or during emergencies. We’ll show you multiple ways to use the Apple Watch’s Side button.

Table of Contents

Open the Apple Watch’s Dock

Your Apple Watch (Amazon, Best Buy) comes with a Dock that displays a list of ten recently-opened apps. Just press the Side button once, and you can invoke it anywhere—from the watch face, the Home Screen, or while inside an app.

You can also customize the Dock by displaying a list of your favorite apps. To do that:

Open the Watch app on your iPhone and tap

My Watch







and add the apps you want.

Restart Your Apple Watch

Every now and again, Apple’s smartwatch will encounter technical glitches preventing it from working correctly. The best way to fix that is to restart the device. The Side button can help you with that.

Press and hold the


button until you see the power and emergency options screen.

Tap the


icon on the top right.

Drag the

Power Off

slider to the right.

Wait 30 seconds.

Hold the


button again until you see the Apple logo.

Note: If your Apple Watch runs watchOS 8 or older, you’ll see the Power Off slider immediately after holding down the Side button.

Force-Restart Your Apple Watch

A force-restart goes beyond a conventional restart by rebooting the Apple Watch at the hardware level. It’s useful when you encounter freezes and crashes preventing your watchOS device from working. Again, the Side button comes in handy, but you must also throw the Digital Crown into the mix.

Press and hold both the


button and the

Digital Crown


Wait until the screen turns off and the Apple logo appears. That could take 15-20 seconds.

Release both buttons.

Force-Quit Apple Watch Apps

Like on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, it’s common to run into instances where Apple Watch apps freeze as you interact with them. When that happens, you don’t always have to force-restart the device.

Instead, forcibly close the app, and it’ll likely work after you relaunch it. You must use the Side button in combination with the Digital Crown for that.

Press and hold the


button until you see your Apple Watch’s power and emergency options screen.

Press and hold the

Digital Crown

until you see the watch face.

Visit the Home Screen and relaunch the app.

Go to the watchOS Home Screen

If the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch fails to work, you can still get to the Home Screen using the Side button. But how?

Press the


button to open the Dock.

Scroll all the way to the bottom.


All apps


Make Purchases Using Apple Pay

Assuming you’ve taken the time to set up Apple Pay on your Apple Watch, you can use the Side button to pay for purchases in a store. Just:

Pick a card or use the default that’s on the screen.

Hold your wrist over the contactless reader.

To use Apple Pay while making a purchase within an app:

Choose the

Apple Pay


Review your billing and shipping information.

View the Time in Power Reserve Mode

If your Apple Watch runs watchOS 8 or earlier, a feature called Power Reserve helps conserve battery life. To invoke it:

Open the Control Center (swipe up from the bottom of the Apple Watch screen).

Tap the

Battery Percentage


Drag the


icon to the right.

Dial Emergency SOS

Emergency SOS is baked right into the Apple Watch in case of an emergency. Just press and hold the Side button until you get to the power and emergency options screen, and keep holding to begin a countdown and dial emergency services.

Emergency responders can also hold the Side button and use the Medical ID option to check your health profile.

By the way, did you know that your Apple Watch can automatically dial emergency services if you have a hard fall? Learn how Fall Detection in watchOS works.

Activate and Use Compass Backtrack

If you use an Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch SE, or Apple Watch Series 6 or later running watchOS 9, you can use a feature called Compass Backtrack to retrace your steps and stop yourself from getting lost.

Before you begin your route:

Press and hold the


button until you see the power and emergency options screen.

Drag the icon next to

Compass Backtrack


Tap the



When you’re ready to return to where you started, revisit the same screen, tap the Pause icon, and select Retrace Steps.

Another Way to Sound Off the Siren

On the Apple Watch Ultra, you don’t have to rely on only the Action button to activate the siren. Instead, press and hold the Side button, and then drag the slider next to Siren.

Take a Screenshot on Your Watch

You can take a screenshot on the Apple Watch whenever you want. Just press the Side button and the Digital Crown simultaneously, and the screenshot should appear within the iPhone’s Photos app. If that does not work:

Open the Watch app on the paired iOS device.




Turn on the switch next to




Resume Your Fitness Workouts

After pausing a workout in the Workout app or in Apple Fitness Plus, you don’t have to tap around the screen to resume it. Press the Digital Crown and the Side button at the same time instead.

Keep in mind that the button combo will also take a screenshot if screenshots are enabled on your watchOS device.

It’s Not Just a Sidekick

How To Fix Xbox One Sync Button Not Working

In most cases, it is only when your Xbox One controller stops syncing that you realize how important it is. Without a controller to interface with it, your gaming console is nothing more than an expensive piece of techno-art.

Sure, you can use Xbox Smartglass or connect a mouse and keyboard to it, but that won’t afford you the full Xbone experience. You may as well play Xbox 360 games on your PC. But you don’t have to do anything that drastic. You can solve Xbox One sync button and controller issues without contacting a Microsoft specialist. The following guide will show you how. 

Unlike Xbox 360 controllers, Xbox One controllers use Bluetooth. This allows them to be compatible with the ever-popular Xbox Series X. However, this also means that you may run into pairing issues. Usually, when the Xbox One controller experiences any connectivity issues, it will start flashing and disconnecting. 

However, there are rare occasions when your Xbox-One controller will simply refuse to sync/pair without any indication of what is causing the issue. This may lead you to believe that there is something wrong with the Xbox’s sync button. 

However, just because your controller seems to be fine, doesn’t mean it is. Thus, in order to ascertain the cause behind your sync problems, we first need to confirm that it’s not actually controller-related.

Thus, essentially, we need to figure out which point in the connection is malfunctioning. Is the issue related to your controller or the actual console sync button? So in this guide, we’ll explore troubleshooting methods that address both issues. 

The Xbox One’s wireless controller range is 6-9 meters (19-28 ft). Make sure you’re not too far from the console when you’re trying to sync your controller to it. Again, the sync button and pairing function may not be the issue here. You may be simply too far for the Xbox to detect your controller.    

As we’ve stated previously, your Xbox and its controller use Bluetooth to interface with each other. As such, they can be susceptible to interference from other devices that emit radio waves in the same range and frequency. 

Thus, if you have any other Bluetooth-enabled devices near your Xbox, you should relocate them before attempting to use the sync button again. To play it safe, we suggest that you move any devices that emit Wi-Fi or cell phone signals too.

If you have any other peripherals such as keyboards or mice connected to your Xbox One, remove them. Even if the said peripheral is connected via USB, it may still interfere with your Xbox One’s sync function.

In the same way rebooting your computer can solve most operating system-related issues, rebooting your Xbox One can solve console sync issues too. Again, software-related errors may be behind your Xbox’s sync button problems. Sometimes, power cycling may also solve some hardware failures.  Nevertheless, to fully reboot your console do the following: 

Once this is done, try resyncing your controller to your Xbox One using the Xbox One’s sync button.

If you have multiple Xboxes in your house, your Xbox One controller may already be synced to one of them. This may also be the case if you’ve previously connected your Xbox controller to a PC. 

Nevertheless, try checking if your controller is not already synced to another device before you attempt to sync. 

Under normal circumstances, the Xbox controller should have a persistent white light to indicate that it is synced. While the Xbox One may allow for eight simultaneous controller connections, the gamepad can only connect to one device at a time. And thus, while it may seem as if your sync button is behind your connectivity issues, it’s actually because your controller is already connected to another device.     

If restarting or power cycling your console didn’t work, maybe applying the same solution to your controller will. To power-cycle your Xbox One controller, do the following:

Once you’re done power cycling your controller, you can try resyncing the Xbox One.

Sometimes your Xbox One controller’s battery pack isn’t connected correctly. If the contacts between the controller and battery pack aren’t interfacing correctly, this may cause the controller to turn on and off. Furthermore, sometimes this ebb and flow are almost imperceptible, and you may not notice it at first.

Nevertheless, first, ensure that your battery pack is connected. If you’re fairly certain that your battery pack is connected, ensure that it has sufficient power. Try charging or replacing the batteries with fresh ones. In doing so, you may find that your battery pack is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Once you sort your battery issues out, you can try connecting your controller again. If this step doesn’t work, it means that the likelihood of your sync button being behind your pairing issues is high. 

As a last resort, until you can find an official Microsoft Xbox One technician, you can temporarily connect your controller to your Xbox One using a micro-USB cable. All you need to do is run the cable from your controller to one of the USB ports on the Xbox One console. This will help you bypass any syncing issues, whether related to your controller or the sync button. 

On rare occasions when some software fault may be behind your Xbox One’s malfunctioning sync button, you can factory reset it to return it to default settings. Since you’re probably incapable of connecting your controller wirelessly, you’ll need to connect it via USB (see the solution above).

Of course, this assumes that your controller is fully functional too. Once you have your controller hooked up, you can factory reset your Xbox one using the following steps:     

The Xbox One will then erase all operating system data and restart. If your sync button still isn’t working after the factory reset, you can try working through the process again. But instead of choosing the Reset and keep my games & apps option, you should choose the Reset and remove everything option this time. 

In Summary

If none of the above solutions worked for you, then the reason your sync button isn’t working may be due to a hardware-related fault. While you can try to fix it yourself, we do not recommend this. It will most likely void your warranty.

Furthermore, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could cause more damage and make things worse. Instead, we suggest that you initiate a service request with Microsoft Device Support. If your warranty has expired, you’ll need to pay for the repairs out-of-pocket. 

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