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Over the course of the year, almost all of us have gotten acquainted with remote conferences and virtual meetups. With vaccination drive running on all cylinders, we’re expected to attain peace of mind sooner than later. However, that doesn’t mean we’ll go back to the way things were before the pandemic hit. 

Video conferencing and meetings are here to stay, albeit in a less intrusive manner. So, if you’re still struggling to get around in video collaborative platforms, it’s probably best to learn the essentials and be as efficient as possible. 

With that thought in mind, today, we’ll be taking a look at one of the most used video collaborative tools out there — Google Meet — and learn about one of its fundamental features. Today, we’ll tell you how you could use it to present PPT. 

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What is a PPT or PPTX file? 

Microsoft, with its PowerPoint application, revolutionized meeting presentations. From adding enticing images and fonts to stitching pie charts and graphs — PowerPoint opened new avenues and became the industry standard in a short while. 

A PPT or PPTX file is nothing but a native PowerPoint file. You could either create a PPT file straight from Microsoft Powerpoint or you could use other services — such as Google Docs — to create a PowerPoint-compatible presentation file. 

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What does ‘Present’ mean in Google Meet? 

Unlike Zoom and Microsoft Teams, Google Meet doesn’t have a dedicated app for desktops — Windows or Mac. It has a web client, which is fully capable of catering to most of your needs.

During meetings, you might have noticed the ‘Present’ button at the bottom-right corner of your screen. This button allows you to share your entire screen, a window, or a tab with the meeting participants. You can even join a meeting only to present and leave when done. 

Google’s very own presentation application, Google Slides, and Microsoft Office’s Powerpoint are compatible with Google Meet. Below, we’ll check out how you could deliver a riveting presentation using the two most popular applications. 

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How to present present a Google Slide on Google Meet

Now that you know what ‘Present’ means in Google Meet, let’s check out how you could use the feature to present your Google Slides presentation. 

The Slides window would become full-screen, enhancing the experience for the viewers. 

How to present a Powerpoint on Google Meet

If you don’t want to use Google Slides as your go-to presentation application, you can always opt for Microsoft PowerPoint — the one that started it all.

Since Microsoft offers both a web and desktop client, we’ll split the guide into two sections. 

Present with Microsoft PowerPoint online

Select ‘A Tab.’ 

The presentation would go full screen immediately. 

Present with Microsoft PowerPoint desktop

Then, select ‘A Window.’

This section will give you the list of applications that are currently running on your system. Select the PowerPoint window and hit ‘Share.’

Go back to the PowerPoint application and start presenting. That’s it! Meeting attendees would be able to see your presentation in full-screen mode. 

How to stop presenting PPT (stop sharing a tab or window)

Over the last couple of sections, we’ve learned all about sharing a specific window or tab. Now, we’ll check out how you could terminate a sharing session.

Since sharing a window/tab has the potential of taking a toll on your data balance and overall performance, it’s important to stop the transmission as soon as you’re done. Below are a couple of ways to stop transmission immediately.

Stop from Google Meet

The session would be terminated without further confirmation.

Kill the tab/application window

When you share a tab or an application window, Google Meet only gets access to that particular window, nothing else. If the tabs and windows are closed, the transmission would be terminated automatically.

So, if your Google Meet tab isn’t working as it should and you’re not getting the option to stop sharing directly from Meet, all you have to do is close the source window or tab. The transmission would be killed instantly.

Google Meet PPT Presentation FAQs:

Can you present a PPT file directly?

We have already learned how you could share your Google Sheets or Microsoft PowerPoint presentation on Google Meet. However, that doesn’t mean you can directly share a PPT — Microsoft PowerPoint file — file that you have downloaded to your PC. As of now, no video popular conferencing application allows you to run an external file directly, and Google Meet isn’t an exception.

Can you present from your mobile?

Google Meet’s mobile app doesn’t come with the ‘Present’ button like the web client. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot present a PPT file from your smartphone.

As you may already know, the Google Meet app has a screen sharing feature, which allows you to share your entire mobile screen with everyone in the meeting. With its help, you can simply open a PPT file and share it with the class as originally intended. The only drawback is that it might expose some sensitive information or notifications. Here’s how to present a PPT file from your mobile: 

First, launch the Google Meet app and log in with your username and password. Now, either host a meeting or join one. Once in the meeting, hit the vertical ellipsis button at the bottom-right corner.

Tap on ‘Share screen.’ Google would give you a standard warning, which you have to acknowledge and let the application read/broadcast your screen for a while.

Tap on ‘Start sharing’ to confirm.

Next, open a PPT file and start a slideshow if you wish. The meeting participants would be able to see your screen clearly. 

Can you present when someone else is presenting?

If you’re a part of a big organization, chances are, you’ll have to share your limelight with other people. Standing in queue to present your file isn’t the worst inconvenience, of course, but it can get frustrating if your predecessor is taking forever to close their session.

Google Meet remedies it with one simple feature ‘Present Instead.’ It simply allows you to pause someone else’s presentation to make way for your own. This feature also comes in handy when two presenters need to bounce off each other’s material.

Why can’t you present a window or tab?

Sharing a tab, window, or the entire screen is straightforward enough on Google Meet. However, some users could end up having a hard time accessing the feature set. Below, we’ll check out why that is. 

You are not using Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most widely used internet browser on the planet, and Google intends to keep the scales tipped for as long as it can through exclusive features. Meet, which has become the go-to video conferencing solution for many organizations, comes alive only with Google Chrome, giving you access to a bunch of features that no other browser will. And the ability to share a tab or a window is one such exclusive feature. 

So, even if you’re not fond of Google Chrome, you’ll need to download and use it to get the tab or window sharing feature. Else, you could share your entire screen with the class and run Google Slides or Microsoft Powerpoint. 

Chrome doesn’t have permission to share 

Even if you are using Google Chrome, you might not be able to present an application window. This happens predominantly on macOS, but other OSes could also make your life difficult. Usually, Operating Systems take this step to improve your privacy.  So, all you have to do is mark Google Chrome as a trusted application and allow it to record — and share — your screen/application windows. 

When Google Chrome tries and fails to share your application window, it will give you the option to go to ‘System Preferences’ and make the necessary changes.

Now, hit the lock icon at the bottom left corner and authenticate by entering your Mac’s username and password.

Check ‘Google Chrome.’

This would give Google Chrome permission to record and share your screen. Confirm your action by reloading Google Chrome. Hit ‘Quit and Reopen’ to confirm.

That’s it! You should be able to share separate application windows through Google Chrome on macOS. 


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The Best Christmas Present In The World

Chapter Summary

The story “The Best Christmas Present in the World” starts with the author buying a roll-top table from a junk shop in the window of Christmas Eve. Immediately after buying the table, the author starts repairing it and eventually finds a secret space in the last drawer of the table. From the secret space, the author retrieves a tin box and a letter within it written by Captain Jim Macpherson from the English Army. The letter was dedicated to his wife Connie where he narrated how the British Army and the German Army celebrated Christmas Day in 1914 together, forgetting all the rivalry between them at war. The author immediately reaches out to Mrs. Connie Macpherson in the hospital and gives her the best Christmas present in the world.

Letter in the secret drawer

The author found a small black tin box underneath the secret space in the drawer. In the box, he found a sello-taped piece of lined notepaper with something written on it. There was an instruction of burning the last letter from Jim received in 1915, when the time comes, written in shaky handwriting. Out of curiosity, the author opens the black tin box and founds an envelope filled with a letter in it. The piece of paper and the tin box with the letter must have been put there by Mrs. Connie Macpherson, the wife of Jim Macpherson.

Who had written the letter, to whom, and when?

The letter found in the black tin box was written by Captain Jim Macpherson of the English Army. The letter was dedicated to his wife Connie Macpherson when he was away fighting for his country in Germany. The letter was composed by Captain Macpherson on December 26, 1914, when he was on the battlefield.

Wolf and Jim Macpherson and their jobs

Before joining the army for their respective countries, Hans Wolf played Cello in the orchestra when he was living in Dusseldorf. Jim Macpherson, on the other hand, was a school teacher from Dorset, West England. Both shared their respective professions and had a happy life there.

Had Hans Wolf ever been to Dorset?

No, Hand Wolf has never set his foot on Dorset, not even in England. Jim Macpherson also added in the letter that, Wolf speaks nearly perfect English although he has never been to England and only learnt English from school through reading English books. He knew about England by reading English books in his school. He also added that one of his favourite novelists is Thomas Hardy and Far From the Madding Crowd is his favourite novel.

Connie Macpherson’s view about the visitor

After the author paid a visit to the hospital to return the letter to Mrs. Connie Macpherson, he found her in a wheelchair and in an unstable health condition. She thought of the author as her husband, Jim Macpherson. She asked the author to sit beside him and kissed his cheek in joy at the return of the person who she thinks is her husband. Mrs. Machpherson waited long years for her husband to return which made her think the author is no one but her husband returning to her after the war is over.

Why and when do you think the desk was sold?

The desk has been sold after the house caught fire and nearly everything was burnt in the tremendous fire. After asking about the neighbourhood of Mrs. Macpherson, the author found out that she was fond of using candles instead of electricity, as she thought electricity was way too expensive. So, that is how the house caught fire one day and she was rescued and admitted to the Burlington House Nursing Home for recovery.

Games or Sports Good Ways to Resolve Conflicts

Hans and Jim thought that all the conflicts related to war should be resolved with either a football or cricket match as there will be no casualties for soldiers and no collateral damage for the civilians. Hans added that no one dies at a football match so, no wives will be widows and no children have to be orphaned. Hence, resolving these conflicts over a football or a cricket match will be a better choice than fighting to the death with each other. In addition, he also outlined that no one has to get hurt in a game and all the soldiers can hope to see their families again when they go home after the match is over.

Connie’s Christmas Present

After discovering the letter in the black tin box the author decided to give the letter to its rightful owner, to the person it was written to. So, he investigated and found Mrs. Connie Macpherson and decided to pay a visit to her in the hospital for presenting her with the best Christmas gift possible for her. The author thinks the letter carries the love between two awaiting souls who look forward to seeing them after the war is over. According to the author, this is the best present he can give to Mrs. Macpherson as it means a lot to her.

In addition, after waiting for Captain Jim Macpherson’s return for years, this letter could be the best possible way for Connie to connect with her husband and live the moment of Christmas Eve with joy and love. As the letters from Jim meant more than anything else for Connie when he was at war, this is the best Christmas present in the world for her right now at this age.


Q1. Why did Fritz and Tommy call each other?

Ans. The German and British soldiers called each other Fritz and Tommy while wishing each other on the auspicious occasion of ‘Christmas Eve. In German Fritz means soldier and in English Tommy means soldier, so they greeted each other as soldiers by calling each other Fritz and Tommy.

Q2. Why Connie was happy after seeing the visitor?

Ans. Connie thought that the visitor is her husband Jim who has returned after completing his duties on the battlefield. After assuming the visitor as his husband, Connie was happy to see the visitor.

Q3. What message does the story Best Christmas in the World convey?

Ans. The story beautifully depicts the moral lesson regarding the collateral of the war. It also conveys that fight and war only bring destruction and sadness and they should be stopped to bring peace to the world.

Google Meet Vs Zoom: Which Is Better For You?

If 2023 has done anything, it has made the average person much more familiar with video conferencing programs. Google Meet and Zoom have seen a lot of use this year, but there is no clear consensus on which program is the better option. 

Features and Details

Zoom and Google Meet serve the same basic function, but Zoom is a comprehensive and fully-featured platform. Google Meet has simplified features that make it useful for basic functions. This difference becomes even more clear when you look beyond the free versions of each program into the paid tiers. 

Table of Contents


Both Google Meet and Zoom are free to use, with optional paid tiers for users that need more features and functionality. 

Google Meet has two paid options: Google Workplace Essentials and Google Workspace Enterprise. Google Workspace Essentials is priced at $8 per month, while Google Workspace Enterprise is priced on a case-by-case basis—and honestly isn’t something the average user is ever going to need. 

Zoom has four price tiers outside its free plan: Pro, Business, Zoom United Business, and Enterprise. These plans are billed annually, with Zoom Pro starting at $149.90 per year, Zoom Business at $199.90 per year, Zoom United Business at $300 per year, and Zoom Enterprise starting at $199.90 per year. 


The free versions of Google Meet and Zoom allow users to host meetings of up to 100 participants each. The paid versions of each program increase the number of participants in each meeting.

Zoom Pro still allows only 100 participants, but Zoom Business increases the count to 300. Zoom Enterprise allows 500 participants, and Zoom Enterprise+ allows up to 1,000. 

On the other hand, Google Workspace Essentials allows up to 150 participants, while Google Workspace Enterprise allows up to 250. Google does not have an option that allows a huge number of participants in the same way that Zoom does. 

Meeting Length

Zoom is well-known for its 40-minute meetings. They’ve become something of a punchline over the span of the year, but 40 minutes is all the free plan allows. However, the paid versions of Zoom extend the meeting length by quite a bit. 

Zoom Pro allows meetings to go for up to 30 hours. This is the maximum amount of time Zoom allows, regardless of tier. 

Google Meet allows meetings to last for up to an hour on its free plan, and up to 300 hours maximum if you opt for the paid version. On a price-to-length basis, Google Meet is the better value. Meetings can last up to 10 times longer on Google Meet than on Zoom, although it is debatable whether anyone needs a 300 hour long meeting. 

It’s also worth noting that both Zoom and Google Meet allow for an unlimited number of meetings, even on the free plan. This means you can host meeting after meeting if you don’t want to pay, so you can extend your meeting length for as long as you need. 


The free Zoom plan allows users to record meetings to their hard drives, while the premium tiers allow users to save locally or up to 1GB to the cloud. Zoom Enterprise provides unlimited cloud storage.

Google Meet doesn’t allow local recording on its free plan, but Google Workspace Essentials does allow users to save recordings to Google Drive. 

Other Features

Zoom was built as a dedicated video conferencing platform, while Google Meet is part of a larger suite of services. As a result, Zoom has a more comprehensive set of features than Google Meet does. 

Zoom allows users to integrate with other services, including Skype for Business, Facebook Workplace, and Salesforce. It also integrates with Google services like Google Calendar and Google Drive. On the other hand, Google Meet integrates with all Google services and a few others like Skype for Business.

Zoom users can conduct polls, collaborate on a virtual whiteboard, and more. All of these features make it the objectively more powerful platform, but not necessarily the best choice. 


One area that has to be addressed is the security of the two platforms. Zoom came under scrutiny throughout the year for security breaches, such as trolls making their way into meetings and causing massive disruptions. 

Since that time, Zoom has implemented several security features to make the platform safer, such as 256-bit TLS encryption, end-to-end encryption, and more. You can also set it up so that users can only join if they have an email from a specific domain. 

Google Meet also has a number of built-in security protocols. All of these are active by default, and there are also server-side protections that are difficult to bypass. Google Meet allows for 2-step verification for users joining meetings.

Google Meet vs Zoom: Which is Better?

Both video conferencing platforms excel in certain areas. If you are in search of a dedicated, fully-featured video conferencing service with every bell and whistle you can think of, Zoom is the best choice. Its suite of features, customer support team, and expanded platform make it a phenomenal choice for businesses.

While Google Meet may have less features, it is easier to set up. You do not need a dedicated account. Users can join Google Meet calls with a standard Google account, which enables meetings to get started faster with less set-up involved. 

From an objective standpoint, Zoom is the better option. It works, and it works well—and 2023 has seen the platform expand in major ways. However, not everyone needs all of the features that Zoom offers. If you are working on a minor project with friends, or you are a student in search of a way to remotely meet with your classmates, Google Meet can get the job done with less hassle. 

How To Fix: Err_Tunnel_Connection_Failed In Google Chrome.

If you are constantly seeing the following error message when trying to browse the Internet from Google Chrome: ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED. This article will show you several different steps you can take to fix the issue.

How to Change the Date Created Timestamp of a File on Windows 10.

If you are a long time Chrome user, there’s a good chance you have seen your fair share of error message, including ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED. Although this error message usually fixes itself after a router and computer restart, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the error if it refuses to go away.

The main causes of ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED include: incorrect website domain configurations, DNS connection issues, conflicting browser data and of course incorrectly configured proxies and VPNs. Luckily most of these issues can be addressed without any complex steps, so follow along as we go through them.

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How Do You Fix Google Chrome Error ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED?

If a router restart and a computer restart hasn’t fixed ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED try opening a New Incognito window to check if you have normal Internet access. If you have normal access, you may have a problem with one of your extensions.

Note: If you have some extensions enabled for Incognito browsing, disable them and make sure no extensions are enabled.

Once you have checked if Chrome works without extensions, slowly re-enable them one by one checking after each for the error. If a specific extension breaks Chrome, remove it permanently. You should also follow the same method with any proxies or VPNs you may be using.

Clear Chrome’s Cache Data to Fix ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED

As ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED in Google Chrome can sometimes be caused by a caching problem, one of the quickest and easiest fixes is to clear your Chrome cache data. Clearing the cache is super easy and will take less than a minute to do. If you haven’t done it before, check out the article below for a full guide.

How to Clear Chrome Cache and Cookies.


If nothing so far has helped, you should reset your DNS settings, then check to see if the error has been removed. If you aren’t sure how to reset your DNS check out the following guide.

How to Flush Your DNS to Reset Connection on Windows 10 and macOS.


If you’ve come this far without any luck, you can reset Chrome back to default settings. This the next best thing to a fresh installation and doesn’t require you do redownload Chrome. If you haven’t done this before, check out the following Link: How to Reset Google Chrome to Factory Defaults.

What if Nothing So Far Has Worked?

If nothing above has helped fix ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED, you should uninstall and reinstall Chrome. This will ensure you get a completely clean slate to work from, without any corrupted or damaged Chrome files.

How To Use Google Tasks Effectively In Gmail

Google Tasks in an easy-to-use to-do list service baked into Gmail. You can use it to create multiple lists, set reminders, repeat reminders, star tasks, and even create subtasks within a task. This article shows you how to start using Google Tasks in Gmail like a pro.

How to Open Google Tasks in Gmail

You will find the Google Tasks icon along with Google Keep, Google Contacts, and Google Calendar in the panel on the right of the Gmail website. Google Tasks is also available as a separate app on both Android and iOS.

Pro Tip: you can also access Google Tasks from other Google services, including Calendar, Chat, Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

How to Create a Task

There are two ways to add a task in Google Tasks. You can create up to 100,000 tasks.

Method 1: From Side Panel

Give a title to the task. You can add more information about the task in the “Details” section and also add the date and time.  

Method 2: From an Email

Another way to create a task is directly from an email.

Open Google Tasks in the Gmail sidebar.

Drag the email from the email list to Google Tasks. The email will be added as a task.

How to See Completed Tasks and Mark Them Incomplete

The completed tasks will appear in the “Completed” list at the bottom.

How to Delete a Task

Hover the mouse over the task that you want to delete.

How to Delete Completed Tasks

To delete the completed tasks, open the “Completed” section at the bottom.

Hover the mouse over the task, press on the three-dots next to it and select “Delete.”

Choose “Delete all completed tasks” from the menu.

How to Set a Reminder for a Task

If you want to be reminded of a task, just add a date and time. You will get a notification at the scheduled time.

Alternatively, if you only want to be reminded on a particular date, and time is not an issue, just add the date. Google Tasks will send a reminder at 9AM for tasks without a time.

Note: you will see the tasks with a date in Google Calendar as well.  

How to Repeat a Task

If you want a task to be repeated every day, a few days a month, or once a year, you can set the conditions to repeat the task.

Set the repeat conditions for the task. Hit the “OK” button to confirm.

How to Create a Subtask

Sometimes a single task consists of different steps or mini tasks. Thankfully, Google Tasks lets you add subtasks to your task. There are two ways to do so:

Method 1: Create a New Subtask

Name the subtask and add relevant info, such date and time and additional information as you would do with a regular task.

Method 2: Create a Subtask From Existing Task

You can make an existing task a subtask of any task.

How to Change the Order of Tasks

You can reorder the tasks and keep them in any order you would like.

How to Sort Tasks

By default, the tasks show in Google Tasks in the order they were added. You can, however, sort tasks by the due date or show the starred tasks at the top.

How to Create a List

Google Tasks offers the ability to create multiple lists to store different types of tasks. For instance, you can have separate lists for personal and work purposes. The default list in Google Tasks is known as “My tasks.”

Choose “Create new list” from the menu.

Name your list and hit “Done.”

How to Create a Task in a Different List

Note: repeated tasks cannot be moved to a different list.

How to Rename or Delete a List

Tip: check out the useful Google Tasks keyboard shortcuts.

How to Reorder Lists How to Use Starred Lists

You can prioritize certain tasks by adding them to the Starred list.

Note: you cannot reorder tasks in the Starred list.

Frequently Asked Questions Can you assign tasks in Google Tasks in Gmail?

Sadly, you cannot directly assign tasks from Google Tasks in Gmail. You can only assign tasks within a Space or document.

Are all these options available via the mobile apps?

Yes. Google Tasks mobile apps offer all these features. You can create subtasks and lists, add reminders, star tasks, and much more – but not via the Gmail mobile app.

How to view Google Tasks in full screen?

Google Tasks doesn’t have a dedicated website now. You can, however, still access Google Tasks in full screen using a workaround based on the old website. Bookmark this link and open it whenever you want to access Google Tasks in full screen.

All screenshots by Mehvish Mushtaq.

Mehvish Mushtaq

Mehvish is a tech lover from Kashmir. With a degree in computer engineering, she’s always been happy to help anyone who finds technology challenging. She’s been writing about technology for over six years, and her favorite topics include how-to guides, explainers, tips and tricks for Android, iOS/iPadOS, Windows, social media, and web apps.

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Google Bard Ai In India: How To Use

Google Bard AI is an AI chatbot developed by Google that can generate human-like responses. It is based on Google’s Large language model (LLM), LaMDA, similar to how ChatGPT is based on GPT. Bard is separate from Google Search and is meant to be an assistive AI chatbot that can generate text for cover letters, homework, computer code, Excel formulas, question answers, and detailed translations. Bard is now available in India and can be accessed by visiting chúng tôi and logging in using your Google account.

To start using Google Bard AI in India, follow these simple steps:

Get access to use Google AI Bard: After agreeing to the privacy policy, you will gain access to use Google AI Bard and experience its capabilities.

Check More: How to Use Bard in Google Sheets: A Comprehensive Guide

Google Bard AI offers a range of useful features for users. Some of the key features include:

Text generation for various purposes: Google Bard AI can generate text for cover letters, homework assignments, computer code, Excel formulas, question answers, and detailed translations. It is designed to assist users in various tasks that require well-crafted text.

User-friendly interface: Bard AI is optimized to be user-friendly, allowing users to interact with the chatbot easily. The interface is intuitive and straightforward, making it accessible to users with different levels of technical expertise.

Utilizes Google’s search tools: Since Google Bard AI is developed by Google, it leverages the search tools and capabilities of Google. This enables the chatbot to provide accurate and reliable information when answering user queries.

See More: How To Make Money With Google Bard AI

Google has recently announced the addition of new features to Bard AI, further enhancing its capabilities. These new features include:

Enhanced coding capabilities: Bard AI now has improved coding capabilities, allowing users to receive assistance with coding tasks. Whether it’s debugging code, writing algorithms, or exploring programming concepts, Bard AI can help users navigate the world of coding.

These new additions expand the functionality of Google Bard AI, making it an even more powerful tool for users in India.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Google Bard AI:

Yes, Google Bard AI has the ability to generate text in various languages, including English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, and more. It offers comprehensive translation capabilities for a wide range of languages.

 Yes, Google Bard AI is free to use in India. Users can access the chatbot by visiting the official website and logging in with their Google account.

Yes, Google Bard AI can assist with complex research or academic writing tasks. It can help generate well-structured paragraphs, provide information and references, and offer suggestions to improve the quality of the writing.

Yes, Google Bard AI is accessible on mobile devices. You can access the Bard AI website on your smartphone or tablet’s web browser and use it just like you would on a computer.

While Google Bard AI strives to provide accurate and reliable information, it’s important to note that the content generated by the AI is based on patterns and information from the web. It’s always a good practice to verify and cross-check the information provided by any AI tool.

Yes, Google Bard AI can provide assistance with creative writing and storytelling. It can offer suggestions for plot development, character creation, and even generate sample dialogues or descriptions to inspire your writing.

Google takes user privacy and data security seriously. When using Google Bard AI, your interactions and data are subject to Google’s privacy policy, which outlines how your information is handled and protected. It’s recommended to review the privacy policy to understand the details.

It’s important to keep in mind that while Google Bard AI is a powerful tool, it’s always beneficial to critically evaluate and verify the information it provides. The AI can assist you in various tasks, but human judgment and expertise are still essential for ensuring accuracy and reliability.

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