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Slack is a fantastic help for school, business, and workplace communication. Instead of endless emails and CCs, you and your team or class can all have an easier time communicating and getting work done. The business communication platform has revolutionized big group chats.

On top of that, Slack workspaces enable you to organize communications by channels if you are having group discussions and also allows for private messaging to share private files. It’s one of the best communication apps available.

Muting Your Slack Contacts

There are times on Slack, like any other times in real life, when you just want a break from the noise or certain groups without having to delete your account entirely.

Maybe you have that one workmate who keeps pinging you with articles you don’t want to read. Or you have a workspace with fellow classmates in a course, but you really don’t want to hear all about their political views. Perhaps you’ve simply got to focus on your current project, and the constant notifications are driving you nuts.

If you belong to one of those families that are so large that you need a workspace chat room or that works together, then maybe you just need to mute that one – or five – relative(s) that you simply do not get along with. Well, there are several ways to reduce all that noise on slack.

1. Leave the Channel

You can leave channels that are no longer to your benefit. Whether the project concluded, you finished the course or you simply don’t agree with the given group, Slack offers you a simple way out.

On Desktop:

Go to the specific channel.

On Mobile:

Go to the channel

Tap Details on the top right.

 Finally, tap Leave Channel.

2. Archive the channel

Another simple step towards a quiet experience on Slack is to archive a channel. Archiving removes it from your list of active conversations in your Slack workspace. The channel will not be open for new activity, but the history will be preserved in case you need to view it.

A note here is that the Workspace Owners can restrict you from archiving the channel, so you may have to contact the owner.

On your desktop:

Go to the specific channel.

Select Additional options.

Confirm that Yes, archive the channel.

On iOS:

From the specific channel, tap Details on the top right.

Then tap Additional Options.

You will tap Archive Channel.

And finally, confirm Archive to complete.

On Android:

Go to the specific channel and tap Details on the top right.

Tap Archive.

Confirm to Archive.

3. Pausing notifications with Do Not Disturb

This is for the times you simply want a break. Members will see a Do Not Disturb icon next to your name and know that you have paused your notifications for a while.

On a PC:

You’ll need to pick a time frame from the menu or make a custom time frame of your own.

You can also hover over Pause notifications and then select Do Not Disturb schedule.

Check the box to disable notifications automatically

Pick a beginning and end time for your schedule.

On IoS:

Tap the You tab

Tap on Do not disturb.

Enter in your time frame from the menu or tap Custom to create a new one.

If you would like to schedule a DnD routine then simply tap Preferences after you tap on the You tab

Tap Do Not Disturb

Finally tap on the toggle next to Schedule to pick a start and end time.

On Android:

You will also tap the You tab

Tap Do not disturb.

Then tap Snooze notifications.

Select a specified timeframe from the list, or tap Custom to create your own.

Alternatively, if you will have regular offline sessions then tap the toggle next to Scheduled and set a start and end time

In general, Slack has some amazing shortcuts, and you can use a couple to set a DnD. Use these slash commands to turn DND on or off:

/dnd [time description like for 20 mins] to pause notifications

/dnd off to resume notifications

4. Muting

Slack does not allow for users to mute others but you can mute entire channels or direct messages.

To mute a channel on desktop:

Open the channel.

Finally, select Mute #channel name

To mute a channel on Mobile:

Open the channel.

Tap on Details.

Then tap the toggle next to Mute Channel.

To mute direct messages on desktop:

Open the DM

Select Mute conversation to mute

To mute direct messages on Mobile:

Open the DM

Tap Details

Finally tap the toggle next to Mute Conversation

See? As easy as having a cheat day. Basically, Slack is better than your office or classroom because you can cancel the noise whenever you wish. Feel free to do so for your own mental health.

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How To Mute Someone In Facetime On Iphone, Ipad, And Mac

When you FaceTime someone, you don’t want them to hear unwanted noise from your end. If you are talking to someone or get a call that you don’t want anyone to hear on FaceTime, then you can mute them.

When you mute someone on Facetime, they won’t be able to listen to what you are saying, so you can carry on your conversation in peace without worrying about them listening to whatever you are saying. 

But how do you mute someone in FaceTime on iPhone, iPad, and Mac? If this question has gripped you as well, you have arrived at the right post to sort out the question.

Mute Someone in FaceTime on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Though there is no dearth of video-calling apps, FaceTime remains the most loved app. Especially among the iDevice users. What separates it from the rest is the deep integration with the Apple ecosystem and a bunch of neat features including voice isolation and portrait video effect.

Though there is no dedicated muting switch, there is a workaround that gets the job done without any pain.

Mute Someone in FaceTime on iPhone and iPad

Launch the FaceTime app on your iPhone or iPad and call your friend as usual.  

After you have connected to the person, tap on the screen. 

Now, tap on the Mic icon. 

This will mute your audio, and the other person won’t hear what you are saying. 

To unmute, tap on the Mic icon again. 

Yeah, that’s how you can prevent anyone on FaceTime from hearing what’s happening on your side. Ideally, it would have been better had there been a dedicated toggle to mute a specific person. Hopefully, Apple adds it to the video-calling app sooner than later.

Mute Someone in FaceTime on Mac

Open the Spotlight Search on your Mac by pressing Command + Spacebar key combo. 

Search for FaceTime and then press Enter to open it. 

When you mute the person, they won’t be able to hear what you are saying. This way, you can attend your calls or talk to someone even if you are on a FaceTime call. 

How to Pause FaceTime Video on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

If you want to pause the video while on a FaceTime call so that the person cannot see what you are doing, there is a straightforward way to do that as well.

Pause FaceTime Video on iOS and iPadOS

Call any of your contact on FaceTime. 

Now, tap on the screen and then on the Video icon. This will pause the video on FaceTime. 

To resume the video, tap on the Video icon again. 

Pause FaceTime Video on macOS

Open FaceTime on your Mac and call someone. 

Wrapping up…

That’s pretty much it! So, yeah, that’s how you can mute someone in FaceTime. While it would be nice if the stock video-calling app offers a separate muting switch, I think this workaround does a decent job. Hence, use it to fill up the void. Hopefully, Apple ticks it off sooner than later.

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How To Search Facebook For People, Posts, Businesses, And More

How to Perform a Facebook Search on PC

How to Perform a Facebook Search on Android and iPhone

Open the Facebook mobile app.

Tap on the search button at the top, type your query and hit the Search icon.

You will be greeted by relevant search results. Filter the results by Posts, People, Groups, Photos, etc., using the tabs at the top. Swipe left to view all of the available filters.

Inside each filter, tap on the Options icon at the top-right corner to apply more filters based on each category.

How to Search for Old Facebook Posts Using Filters

You can use Facebook search to find your own previous posts, your friends’ posts, or posts of non-friends without scrolling.

How to Search within Your Profile, Someone Else’s Profile, a Page, or Group

Besides the above method, you can search for a post directly from your own profile, someone else’s profile, or within a group or page. This feature is available on both mobile and PC.

How to Search for People on Facebook

Different people will have the same name on Facebook, and it becomes difficult to find the person you are looking for. To make things easy, Facebook lets you find people based on their city, education, and work.

How to Search for Photos and Videos on Facebook How to Search for Items within Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a great place to buy things, especially when you know how to search correctly.

How to Find Facebook Pages, Groups, and Places

Similarly, if you are looking for a specific page, group, or place, you can narrow the search results using various available filters as shown below:

Pages can be found by their location, verified badge, and category.

Groups can be found by their city and type of group.

Places filters are based on functionality, such as delivery, takeaway, location, price, status, visited by friends, etc.

You can search for events based on their type, such as online or paid events, location, event date, family friendly, categories, and popularity with friends.

How to Find Jobs on Facebook

Sadly, Meta, who owns Facebook, has removed the native feature of finding job listings on Facebook. Only users based in the U.S. and Canada can create new job postings.

How to Search Facebook for Events

Events are quite popular on Facebook. You can easily find events in two ways.

Method 1: Find Events Near Me

In Facebook’s search, type “events near me.”

The Events card will show up. Tap on it to view upcoming events.

Use the filters and categories on the left and at the top to find the desired event.

Method 2: Find an Event Using Its Name How to Manage and Clear Facebook Search History

Facebook offers an easy way to clear the entire search history or even individual search queries.

Clear Facebook Search History on PC Clear Facebook Search History on Android and iPhone

On the mobile app, tap on the Search icon on Facebook’s home page.

When the search screen appears, tap on the “X” icon to delete a recent search or press “See All” to view all of the search history records.

Tap on “Clear All” to clear the entire history or remove individual items by using the “X” icon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Other ways to search Facebook include dedicated search engines for social media sites and social searcher.

Can someone tell if you look at their Facebook profile or search for them?

Luckily, no. Facebook will not inform the other person even if you search for them or look at their profile a thousand times. However, be cautious not to like a post accidentally on their profile.

If you don’t want others to find your profile in their Facebook search, you can either lock it or make Facebook private. You can even deactivate your account if you want to stop using Facebook temporarily.

Mehvish Mushtaq

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Over 80 Percent Of People On Earth Live Under Light

If tonight is a clear night in your area of the world, head outside and look up at the stars. What do you see?

If you can see the vast trail of our Milky Way Galaxy arching across the sky, congratulations: you have a view available to only one-third of the entire world’s population.

In a study published today in Science Advances, researchers released a new atlas of light pollution, mapping out areas of the world where the night sky is far from dark. They found that 83 percent of people globally and 99 percent of people in Europe and the United States live in areas where the night skies are polluted with light.

Night Skies

Part of the atlas. Colored areas indicated light pollution.

Light pollution is a problem for astronomers–the ‘luminous fog’ obscures their view of the skies. But that fog has other impacts on our planet as well.

Bright lights at night can change the behavior of animals like moths, which can be distracted from other behaviors like pollinating plants. And doctors are looking into the human health effects of light at night.

Light Pollution

Light pollution in Joshua Tree National Park.

Of course, there are a few bright spots in this fairly dim news. Earlier this week, Grand Canyon National Park received a provisional designation as an International Dark-Sky Park, which means it will protect its views of the night sky.

In the paper, the authors write: “It is possible to imagine two scenarios for the future. Perhaps the current generation will be the final generation to experience such a light-polluted world, as light pollution is successfully controlled. Alternatively, perhaps the world will continue to brighten, with nearly the entire population never experiencing a view of the stars…”

We’ll hope for the first scenario.

Fix: Slack Got Stuck While Processing The Uploaded File

Slack got stuck while processing the uploaded file [Fix]




Even if Slack is great, it seems like it sometimes gets stuck while processing the uploaded file, giving headaches to workers when sharing messages.

You should first restart your PC and router, then check if the network connection is stable.

As some users claimed, clearing specific browser data easily solved this annoying issue on Slack.

If Slack got stuck while processing uploaded files, you’ll probably need to temporarily disable your antivirus software.

Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera One can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

⇒ Get Opera One

A few Slack users have had a hard time uploading files to the shared channel or via direct messages. Allegedly, the upload was stuck and Slack was processing the file without any signs of success.

Slack, the team collaboration service, is one of the most used services in the niche. There’s a large array of available features, and it covers everything an organization needs.

Now, if you’re facing the same issue, firstly, make sure that the file isn’t corrupted. Secondly, there’s a size limit, so uploading files over a few dozens of megabytes won’t work all that well.

In case you encounter this problem, you should definitely check first if Slack servers are down. To easily do it, just access the Slack status official page.

On the other hand, if you’ve covered those two and the issue persists, check the alternative steps we enlisted below.

What files can I upload on Slack?

To improve your work efficiency with your team, you can add files to your Slack workspace. Files are searchable and shareable across Slack, so it’s handy for everyone to find the information they need and work together.

Keep in mind that you can share just about any file type up to 1GB in size in Slack from your device, or add them from a file management app like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

Posts let you collaborate and share fully-formatted documents with your teammates directly in the app. Do not forget that even if you’re allowed to view posts on Slack’s mobile apps, you’ll need to use the desktop client to create and edit them.

Now, let’s see what you can do if Slack got stuck while processing the uploaded file.

What can I do if Slack is stuck while processing uploaded file? 1. Check your Internet connection

First things first. A mere glance at this issue is enough to concur something’s wrong with your connection. Uploading files should be an integral part of the application, both for desktop and in the browser.

Here are some steps you should follow:

Update Slack.

Restart your PC and router.

Update router’s firmware.

Use a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi.

2. Use an alternative browser

Sometimes, the best way to get rid of Slack issues is by switching to a specialized browser and accessing the app from its main context menu. In this matter, we strongly recommend trying Opera.

When you switch Internet browsers to Opera, you will automatically be prompted to import whatever data you want from your old web browser.

For those of you who are already using Opera, keep in mind that you can import everything by following the steps below. Lose nothing, gain everything when you switch Internet browsers.

Thus, you’ll always be able to add Slack to Opera Sidebar and use it in no time.

If you choose Opera, you can easily customize it to meet your needs, find thousands of extensions in the Opera add-ons store, and use Chrome extensions as well.

Expert tip:

Check out Opera’s best features:

Built-in VPN

Easy to use and fully customizable

Sidebar where you can add your workspaces

Integrated Ad Blocker


If Slack got stuck while processing the uploaded file, try Opera and never worry about this kind of issue.

Free Visit website

3. Clear browsing data (for browser version) 3.1 Google Chrome 3.2 Mozilla Firefox

Hit the Windows key, type Firefox, then open the first result.

Press simultaneously on Ctrl, Shift and Delete on your keyboard to open the Clear All History window.

In the Time range to clear section, make sure you choose Everything.

Then, checkmark the Cookies and Cache boxes, then select the OK button.

Restart your browser and check if the issue persists.

3.3 Microsoft Edge

In the long run, this can affect the performance of the browser: slow down the loading and prevent traffic on the individual pages.

It can, as well, inflict the issue at hand. You can discover above how to clear browsing data on the 3 most-used browsers for Windows 10 or 11.

If Slack is still stuck while processing the uploaded file, make sure you also verify the other listed solutions.

3. Disable antivirus temporarily

Hit the


key, type

Control Panel

, then navigate to the first result.

Navigate to System and security.

From the left window pane, choose to Allow an app through Windows Firewall.

Now, in the right side of the window, select Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off.

Make sure you turn of both sections shown below.

Some users in distress addressed the issue by disabling the antivirus temporarily. Namely, the best Windows 10/11 antivirus software may slow down or even block Slack’s execution.

This mostly concerns the desktop application, but the web-based app can be blocked by the protective solutions, too.

Even though this mostly doesn’t apply to Windows Defender, you can try disabling the web-based protection for the time being and look for improvements.

4. Allow Slack in Windows Firewall

For free team communication, which includes files sharing, Slack needs to works freely. The common limitation which affects Slack’s performance is Windows Firewall.

Namely, even though it should be allowed by default, we encourage you to check the related settings and confirm it.

If Slack still seems to be stuck while processing the uploaded file, we have one more option you can try, but you should use it only in the last instance.

5. Reinstall the app

Finally, if Slack got stuck while processing the uploaded file and you’re using the desktop client for Slack, reinstalling it should be a good idea. Even though it’s unlikely, the corruption of installation files can happen.

And if that’s indeed the case, the best way to fix it is to completely reinstall the app. In addition, Slack comes in various versions.

So, if you’re having a hard time with the desktop client, the UWP version from Microsoft Store might do you good.

How do I stop processing upload in Slack?

Slack stuck on the upload screen is a temporary error that was reported frequently and you can quickly stop the processing loop with a Reload from the Menu (or using the shortcut: Ctrl + R).

In conclusion, this is what you can do if Slack got stuck while processing the uploaded file. We ensured to deliver only the best options, so you’ll surely manage to fix today’s annoying issue.

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How To Choose A Computer For Older People: Laptop, Pc Or Tablet

Chances are, you’re reading this because your parents, in-laws or someone else in the family needs a new computer and it has fallen to you to sort it out.

You could opt for a laptop or PC, but even if they’re familiar with Windows, they still need to be savvy enough to keep it up to date, including its anti-virus protection.

The good news is that there are more options than ever these days, and here we’ll explain all of them so you spend your money wisely.

First, though, consider what your parents, friend or relative actually wants to do on their computer. The temptation is to replace their old / broken computer like for like. But that may not be the best approach.

If it’s relatively undemanding tasks such as web browsing, shopping, email, Facebook, photos, videos (YouTube) and music, you might find a tablet is a better option. However, if they’re keen to use Word and print documents, an iPad, Android or Amazon tablet may not be ideal. If you also need to choose a phone, check out our list of the best phones for the elderly.

Is Windows the best choice of older computer users? Pros

Familiar interface

Widest choice of apps

Works with all printers


Biggest target for viruses and ransomware

Still requires up-to-date anti-virus

Little to no protection from phishing attacks

Windows 10 is the latest version, but the interface has changed a fair bit since the days of Windows XP and Windows 7. It should still be familiar enough, and it comes with built-in anti-virus protection these days, though this isn’t an all-encompassing solution for the myriad of threats that users face today.

Now that operating systems are harder to hack, criminals are increasingly going after the easier target: the user.

How is this relevant to buying a computer for a pensioner? Well, some will say the best choice is a Chromebook (see below) but in order to avoid getting caught out by phishing emails and other scams, it’s vital to explain to whoever will use the computer what to look out for and to be aware of what can go wrong.

Ultimately, then, Windows is still a decent choice – especially if they’re already familiar with it.

Here are the best laptops to buy.

Is a Chromebook better than a Windows laptop? Pros


Always up to date

Little to no risk of viruses or ransomware

Works seamlessly with all Google services


Most are laptops with small screens and keyboards

Can be tricky to print from

Not compatible with all software, such as iTunes

Chromebooks don’t require anti-virus software either, and they’re safer than Windows from ransomware but users still need to avoid scams which might trick them into handing over their bank details or other information.

Some people prefer the bigger screen and keyboard of a desktop PC, but Chromebooks are laptops and even the largest has a much smaller screen than most PCs.

You can get Chrome OS on the desktop, however. Asus produces two products, the £100/US$100 Chromebit and £240/US$250 Chromebox, which are both relatively affordable and allow you to use a big screen and a PC mouse and keyboard.

Here are the best Chromebooks to buy.

Should I buy my parents an iPad instead? Pros

Portable, lightweight

Little to no risk of viruses or ransomware

Easy sharing / communication if you too have an iPad


Learning curve if first tablet / touchscreen

Can be tricky to print from

12.9-inch model is expensive

As we mentioned, a tablet can be an ideal PC replacement these days. Tablets tend to be very easy to use, so long as the person using it can adapt from exclusively using a keyboard and mouse to operating a touchscreen.

Some people love them instantly, while others simply cannot cope with a touchscreen, or having to hold the tablet in one hand and operating it with the other. That’s why we recommend you do a trial first with a borrowed tablet to see whether they like it.

If they do and if you already have an iPad, buying your parents one can make your life easier as well. You can use FaceTime to video chat, share photos, have text conversations in iMessage and more. Tech support also tends to be easier than with Windows.

If you want a bigger screen and a bigger keyboard, there’s always the iPad Pro 12.9. But this is expensive and the keyboard isn’t included (and is also expensive).

You don’t have to buy a tablet from Apple, of course. Android tablets can be cheaper, but the apps aren’t universally polished, and there aren’t too many models with specific keyboards, so you’d have to go down the universal Bluetooth route.

Amazon tablets are the cheapest option, but are really only for entertainment.

Here are the best tablets to buy.

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