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PlayStation 4 is one of the fastest-selling game consoles of all time, but many first-generation consoles have a problem with their Wi-Fi card. The connection speed is typically slower than it should be, which is a problem when many games have download sizes of hundreds of gigabytes.

There are steps you can take to make games download faster on PlayStation 4. If you’re planning on downloading something like Red Dead Redemption 2, you will need the fastest speed possible. 

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How to Make Your PS4 Download Faster

Here’s how you can increase your PS4 download speed.

Use an Ethernet Cable

An Ethernet cable is typically several times faster than Wi-Fi. A hardwired connection is more stable and circumvents the faulty Wi-Fi card in many of the earliest models of the PlayStation 4. 

Move Your PlayStation Closer to The Router

Distance and interference greatly diminish the PlayStation’s Wi-Fi speed. If your PlayStation and router are in different rooms with multiple walls between them, you’ll see low speeds, sometimes less than a megabit per second. 

Place the PlayStation 4 and the router in the same room with a direct line of sight for better results. Even placing the PlayStation 4 inside a cabinet can block the connection, and its download speeds will suffer. 

Don’t Play Games While Downloading

When the PlayStation is downloading a new game or file, avoid playing anything on the console. Both single-player and multiplayer games can slow down the connection. 

Anything involving a connection to the internet or sending large amounts of data will prioritize the download, and your gaming experience might suffer too. 

Update Your PlayStation

Make sure you have the latest version of the PlayStation operating system. Sony routinely releases updates that address problems within the console. The newest version of the operating system will patch any security flaws and can also improve download speeds.

Open your PlayStation 4’s menu and navigate to Settings.

    Scroll down and select System Software Update.

      If an update is available, you can start it from this screen. It will also tell you if your system is already up to date.

      Use Rest Mode to Download While You Aren’t Playing

      Use PlayStation 4’s rest mode to download games when you aren’t actively using the console. It’s the best way to keep content up to date without sacrificing playtime. Although this setting is on by default, you might need to re-enable your PlayStation to remain connected to the Internet while in rest mode so it can continue downloading games.

      Open your PlayStation 4’s menu and navigate to Settings.

        Scroll down to Power Save Settings.

          Select Set Features Available in Rest Mode.

            Select Stay Connected to the Internet.

            Doing this will allow you to continue downloading applications while PlayStation 4 is in rest mode. 

            Change Your DNS Settings

            DNS stands for Domain Name System. Simply, this is a collection of servers. Your PlayStation connects to your DNS automatically, but you can set specific DNS network addresses if your default connection doesn’t work. Many users have reported an increase in their download speeds when swapping to an alternate DNS.

            Open your PlayStation 4’s menu and navigate to Settings.

              Select Network.

                Select Set Up Internet Connection.

                  Choose Use Wi-Fi or Use a LAN Cable. 

                    Select Custom.

                    If you choose Wi-Fi, select the Wi-Fi network you want to use, then select Automatic.

                    Select Do Not Specify for DHCP Host Name.

                    Select Manual for DNS Settings.

                    Enter for Primary DNS and for Secondary DNS.

                    Select Automatic for MTU settings.

                    Select Do Not Use for Proxy Server.

                    After entering these settings, restart your PlayStation 4 and perform an Internet speed test. It should be faster than before, as the primary and secondary DNS listed above are some of the most-used and most-recommended options for PlayStation 4 connections.

                    If you are downloading only a single title at a time and the download begins to slow down or stutter, you can pause the download and then resume it. If your connection weakens or drops, the PlayStation will throttle the download. Even if your connection resumes, your console may continue to use the lower speed. 

                    Select a download and then select Pause. 

                    Select the paused download and then select Resume, which forces the PlayStation to reconnect to the download server and increase the speed of that specific download. 

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                    Ps4 Accessories That Will Make You Love Your Console More!

                    PS4 Accessories that will make you love your console more!

                    So, what are we waiting for let’s read further to know more about PS4 accessories that you should consider buying.

                    PlayStation 4 Accessories you must purchase:

                    Sony provides various gaming PS4 accessories, that you can consider buying. For you, here we list best of them. Use them to enhance your gaming experience:

                    1. PSVR

                    If you are into virtual reality then you should buy PSVR. It allows you to play games in virtual reality. It comes with 5.7 OLED screen which gives clear and immersive 3D experience. Moreover, it comes with 360 degree vision and can deliver 120 frames per second.

                    PSVR is compatible with PS4 pro, PS4 slim, and PS4.  PSVR includes PS4 camera that can be used for Live broadcasting, Facial recognition, Voice commands, and Tracking.

                    2. Extra Dualshock 4

                    PS4 console comes with a single Dualshock 4 controller only. However, if you want to play with your friends, an extra Dualshock 4 controller is required. Therefore, we suggest buying PS4 bundle that comes with an extra controller. It is cost effective, using it you can play current running games without charging the controller. What you need to do is simply charge extra PS4 controller accessories and play with it.

                    3. PS4 vertical stand

                    BUY NOW

                    Are you falling short of space to place your PS4? If yes, try using PS4 stand. This will make your PS4 stand vertically. You can purchase it separately from any online store. Vertical stand helps saving space and gives PS4 a different upright look. You can find different types of vertical stands for your PS4. One that can charge your controllers are the best, as they let you play without worrying about charging your controller.

                    BUY NOW

                    5. Dualshock 4 Controller charging dock

                    BUY NOW

                    If you have multiple Dualshock 4 controllers, charging dock is a must have accessory. Charging dock charges multiple Dualshock 4 controllers at once. So, that you do not have to worry about charging your controller in between the game. Simply swap your current Dualshock 4 controller with the charged one and resume playing.

                    6. PS4 camera:

                    BUY NOW

                    8. Official license products for PS4 by SONY:

                    There are several products available in market that are officially licensed by Sony. Some of the accessories are T80 Racing Wheel, Playseat® Gran Turismo, and Playseat® Evolution, if you are a fan of racing games then these official licensed product will increase your gaming experience.

                    Also Read: Top Free Games You Can Play on Your PS4

                    These are some of the PlayStation 4 accessories that you can purchase and enhance your gaming experience. PS4 alone cannot provide the gaming experience you are looking for. To enjoy your PS4 to the fullest try using these accessories.

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                    How To Launch Apps Faster On Your Iphone And Ipad

                    You’ve got a new iPhone, downloaded a bunch of apps and over time, your iOS device is almost close to being flooded with apps of all sorts. Now comes the hard part, you are struggling to find and launch apps quickly.

                    That’s one of the reasons why people look for ways to launch apps faster. Unlike before, it has become a lot easier to instantly find your favorite apps or the ones you often use. Head over to discover many ways you can improve your multitasking on iOS devices!

                    Tips to Launch Apps Faster on Your iPhone and iPad

                    Customize Dock and Make the Most of App Switcher on your iPad Powered by iOS 11

                    iOS 11 is claimed to be a monumental leap for iPad. And looking at the features like Dock and super handy App Switcher, the assertion does seem to be holding the truth.

                    The dock allows you to not just access apps faster but also shows the three most recently used apps. It works very much in line with Mac’s dock. Even better, you can also customize it to suit your needs better.

                    App Switcher has become really versatile in iOS 11 for iPad. With it, you can switch between apps more smoothly. It shows all of your recently used apps as well as Control Center. Simply double press the Home button to access it and then just tap on the app you wish to launch.

                    Use App Switcher Elegantly on Your iPhone

                    The app switcher enables you to quickly switch between apps. It’s one of my favorite ways to rev up productivity on iPhone. Just double press the Home button to bring up all the opened apps → next swipe left or right to locate the one you want to switch to the app cards and tap on it.

                    Rearrange App Icons in iOS 11 on Your iPhone and iPad

                    iOS 11 allows you to rearrange app icons with ease. You can easily move apps from one screen to the other. Besides, you also have the option to keep multiple apps in one folder. Keep a particular category of apps in one folder to access them a bit easier. For instance, you can put all the social apps in one folder to instantly access them from one place. (How to use drag and drop on iPhone running iOS 11)

                    Use the Dock Smartly on Your iPhone

                    You can keep up to four apps in the dock. Make sure to keep the ones that you often use.

                    To remove any app from the dock: Touch and hold on an app to enter edit mode → now drag the app out of the dock.

                    To rearrange apps: When in edit mode, drag the app to the desired place

                    To add apps: Simply drag an app and put it in the place you want in the dock

                    Make the Best Use of Spotlight Search

                    With the use of Spotlight, you can quickly find the app you want to use. Just swipe down from the top of the Home screen to bring up Spotlight.

                    (Now, check out the four most recently used apps.)

                    Enter the name of the app you want to launch. The moment you begin to enter the name in the Spotlight, it suggests you the apps; thereby making it a lot easier to find them. In many cases, you may not have to enter more than a couple of letters to find an app.

                    Make the best use of Siri Suggestions

                    The lock screen is no longer a barren land. Siri suggests you apps as per when and where you use them. For instance, if you use a news app in the evening at 8 PM, it will suggest it at the same time. If you play an action game in a garden, it will suggest the game app whenever you go to the garden.

                    Just swipe right from left on the Home screen a few times to access Lock screen. Now, check out the suggested apps under Siri App Suggestions.

                    Clean Up the Mess

                    You may have downloaded some apps on your device just to test them out but may have forgotten to delete them. There may also be some apps which you may no longer need. It would be better to clean up the unnecessary apps to not just prevent your device from being cluttered but also make it easier to manage apps.

                    iOS 11 allows you to automatically offload the unused apps. There is also an option to delete them without removing their data. And when you reinstall the apps, you will get the option to recover their documents and data.

                    The logic is pretty straightforward, keep only the apps which you use and remove the ones that are redundant or liability for your smartphone.

                    Signing Off

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                    How To Speed Up, Optimize & Make Chrome Browser Run Faster On Windows 11/10

                    In this article on tips to make the Google Chrome browser run faster, we will show you how to optimize Google Chrome settings for better performance. Plenty of extensions and apps are available for Chrome and hence, is tempting to add many for speeding up different tasks. However, adding too many extensions actually slows down the browser. That does not mean you should not add extensions but you sure can disable them when you don’t need them.

                    Besides the extensions, there are many plugins that are not visible by default. The Settings menu does show you how many pages are running in the background but that is not the overall count of plugins and extensions. Some extensions are loaded per tab thereby slowing down your browsing speed.

                    Note that the performance of other applications on your machine can also slow down Google Chrome. To fully optimize Google Chrome, you may need to identify such apps and either remove them or set their process priority to “Below Normal” or “Low”. You can change the process priority of applications using the Task Manager.

                    It is essential for every browser to have good browsing speed and better data response times, but as time passes it slows down due to multiple reasons. Nevertheless, you can make your Chrome browser run faster and enhance your browsing experience by following these simple tips. In this post, we see the method to speed up Google Chrome browser on Windows PC.

                    Speed up Google Chrome browser & make it faster

                    Go through the entire list and see which of these suggestions you want to try out. You don’t have to try them all out – just do the ones which you feel comfortable implementing.

                    Preload pages for faster browsing

                    Disable Unwanted Extension

                    Remove Chrome apps

                    Use the default Chrome theme

                    Clear Chrome Cache and Data

                    Change Content settings

                    Enable Experimental QUIC protocol

                    Reset Chrome to default.

                    Network action predictions are also known as prefetch can help you to make Google Chrome open web pages faster. The special feature in Google Chrome takes up resources by caching pages you rarely visit. You can modify its setting as desired.

                    It is important to mention here that though the feature makes browsing experience considerably faster, it uses more data.

                    2] Disable Unwanted Extensions and Apps

                    Most extensions secretly run in the background to continue offering their services. However, in doing so they consume a sizable amount of the system’s resources. Here, the only option that seems viable is to disable unwanted extensions. Do the following,

                    Thereafter, chose “Extensions” from the side menu. Instantly, you will be directed to the extensions page where all extensions added to the Chrome browser will be displayed. To disable them, check the box adjacent to extensions. If you wish

                    To disable them, check the box adjacent to extensions. If you wish to completely remove the extension, then hit the Trash can icon next to it.

                    3] Remove Chrome apps

                    To disable Chrome apps, type the following in the address bar and hit Enter:


                    Read: Chrome browser problems with Windows 11/10.

                    4] Use the default Chrome theme

                    If you are using any theme or color for your Chrome browser, we suggest that you use the default Chrome theme.

                    5] Clear Chrome Cache and Data

                    6] Change Content settings

                    You can speed up your browser performance by changing some Content settings.

                    For instance, you could use the Let me choose when to run the plugin content option. under the “Plugins” section. Or you could disable the loading of images, if you feel you don’t need to see them, and so on.

                    Read: Chrome browser freezes or crashes frequently.

                    QUIC is the name for a new experimental protocol, and it stands for Quick UDP Internet Connection. The protocol supports a set multiplexed connections over UDP, and was designed to provide security protection equivalent to TLS/SSL, along with reduced connection and transport latency. In short, the feature prevents multiple trips to the server to create a connection that helps in loading a page.

                    To start, open a new tab and go to chrome://flags/. Search for ‘QUIC’ and use the drop-down menu below Experimental QUIC protocol and enable it. After the change, restart Chrome.

                    8] Reset Chrome to default

                    If you are facing issues, then you may want to consider resetting Chrome to default settings.

                    I hope you find the post useful.

                    How To Make Your Iphone Impossible To Track In 2023

                    Most of us can’t part with our iPhones even for a second. We keep them in our pockets and bags, carrying them everywhere we go. This makes our phones the perfect tracking devices. However, sometimes this could lead to an invasion of privacy. Fortunately, there are ways to limit others from tracking our smartphones.

                    If you own an iPhone, you probably know that Apple products are considered more secure than others. There are not many viruses or malicious programs designed for macOS and iOS, but still, your iPhone may allow others to track you. So, it’s essential to learn how you can make your iPhone impossible to track.

                    What is phone tracking, and why does it exist?

                    The phone’s location can be determined in several ways:

                    By calculating it using the distance to the nearest cell towers,

                    By identifying the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network it is connected to, or

                    By simply checking the GPS data.

                    Some apps, such as Maps, use the iPhone’s location data to function properly, but some do not need it and collect it anyway.

                    The fact that many apps use Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular data is a bit perplexing. While sometimes iPhones are tracked for a better purpose (e.g., by authorities when they suspect the phone owner is engaging in criminal activity), more often than not, it’s about money.

                    5 Best ways to make your iPhone difficult to track

                    Targeted, location-based marketing can seem creepy to many. No one likes to be followed and observed. So, these are the methods you can apply to make your iPhone more secure.

                    1. Check app permissions on iPhone

                    Thanks to Apple’s policy, app developers must tell you what types of data they collect and what they use it for. You can see which apps have access to your location. In addition, when you install a new app, you may be asked to accept a tracking request.

                    Some apps need you to say yes in order to work properly. For example, Maps and parental control apps must use your phone’s location. However, if you suspect an app doesn’t need your location for anything, you don’t have to agree to the tracking.

                    Here’s how you can check which iPhone apps use your location data.

                    Launch the Settings app.

                    If you know you don’t want to share your location with anyone in the near future, you can turn off tracking requests:

                    Launch the Settings app.

                    2. Use third-party security software

                    The built-in features of iPhones may not be enough to stop apps and companies from tracking you. You can turn off GPS and Bluetooth, but if you are connected to the Internet, you can still share your IP address.

                    An IP address is a numerical identifier that allows your device to be recognized by others in the network. IP addresses are used for communication, but they also contain some data. If someone knows your IP address, they can estimate your location and guess what country or even city you are in.

                    3. Prevent cross-site tracking in Safari on iPhone

                    Although online tracking is not location-based, it’s still worth knowing about. Ads that can track you online are quite intrusive. Safari allows you to disable this feature.

                    Go to the Settings app.

                    Scroll down and tap Safari.

                    4. Turn off your location services on iPhone

                    You can completely disable the GPS radio on your phone to prevent tracking.

                    However, remember that this will also disable all location-based features. For example, you won’t be able to plan accurate routes in Map apps.

                    Turning on airplane mode will also temporarily disable location services.

                    5. Avoid connecting to public networks

                    Public Wi-Fi networks (such as those in cafés and restaurants) may seem convenient, but you should only use them if you have no alternatives.

                    Public networks sometimes lack adequate security. This makes them an excellent hunting ground for all sorts of cyber attackers, who can infect your device with malware, steal your data, or track you for future gains.

                    Try to use your own cellular data, and if you don’t have any – connect through a VPN, which will encrypt your information.

                    Stay alert, stay safe…

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                    Jibin Joseph is the Content Editor at iGeeksBlog and has excellent attention to detail. He is a voracious reader, with interests ranging from philosophy and history to geopolitics and tech. When not reading or correcting grammar, you’d find him engaging in discussions about football. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @4ibin.

                    How To Make Your Android Phone Look Like A Windows Phone

                    Windows Phone is dead. It’s been a long time coming, what with Microsoft’s mobile platform being born with the fatal defect of “Not Android or iOS Syndrome.” The Windows Phone had some noble ambitions, trying to fuse itself seamlessly with the PC version of Windows, but in the end it just didn’t get enough support. However, there are some things from the Windows Phone that are worth keeping, and luckily many of them are available in one form or another on Android.

                    Here are the tools and apps that will keep a piece of that Windows Phone magic alive, long after it’s gone to the great mobile market in the sky.

                    Launcher 8 WP Style

                    The name of this app may be all over the place, but don’t let that deter you if you’re looking for a convincing tile-based interface, harkening back to the “glory” days of Windows 8. While the tile stuff didn’t really work out on desktop, it works very nicely on touchscreens, and you get all the joys of changeable tile sizes, Windows theming, and live tiles as well, which dynamically flip over to let you know when someone’s trying to contact you or when you’ve received an email.

                    SquareHome 2


                    If you use voice assistants, then you’ll be aware that they largely define your mobile experience. Google Now (or Google Assistant as it’s come to be known) is Android all over, and if you want to truly get that Windows Phone experience (with the perks of Android’s customizability and Play Store, of course), you need to get Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana. It has much the same functionality as Google Assistant, is regularly updated, and syncs up nicely with Windows, too.

                    Here’s our guide to replacing Google Now with Cortana on Android.

                    A.I. Type Keyboard

                    A.I. Type Keyboard isn’t specifically designed to recreate the Windows Phone feel, but it has so many customization options contained in it that you can do just that. A couple of the free themes in this app are “Windows 8 Tablet Theme” or “Windows Phone 7 Theme,” which accurately mimic the dark look of the keyboards found on Windows Phone devices. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a designer, you can even customize the existing theme to your liking!

                    Microsoft Office

                    The trifecta of Microsoft Office apps – Word, Excel and PowerPoint – came to Android a couple of years ago, and it’s safe to say that they’ve been a great success. The polished look and feel of these apps makes them the very best that you can get on Android, and frankly their wealth of features puts Android’s native office suite – Docs, Sheets and Slides – to shame. A real masterclass of app design, this suite shows that even though Microsoft has bowed out of the hardware game on Android, it has a bright future on the software front.


                    With this lot, you’ll be able to pay fitting tribute to Windows Phone using your Android device. There was a lot to be said for Windows Phone, but it really didn’t cut it in the apps department, so here you get the best of both worlds. Even if you’re not that into Windows Phone (hence you’re on Android), it’s fun to tweak things, right? So do give it a go.

                    Robert Zak

                    Content Manager at Make Tech Easier. Enjoys Android, Windows, and tinkering with retro console emulation to breaking point.

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