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O-Rings Label

The O-Ring Mod seems to be a popular modification on the Geek Hack forums. Basically, you get a bunch of o-rings at the hardware store and put it under your key caps. The idea is that the rubber o-rings muffles the *Clacking* sound when you bottom out the keys. The plastic caps hitting the plastic base creates a harsh and loud clacking sound. Personally, I like the sound but for the sake of a good sleep, I decided to go through with this mod.

I went to my local hardware store and headed down to the plumbing section. The forum said? to look for size -008 standard o-rings but I could not find them anywhere. The o-rings I found used OD (Outer Diameter) and ID (Inner Diameter) measurements. I settle for 4 little boxed of #36 O-Rings which were 5/16 OD, 3/16 ID, and 1/16 in thickness. These o-rings were rather expensive at $2 per box and it only came with 10 o-rings each. If you can get it cheaper online, I would suggest you do that if you dont mind the wait.

Installation was easy. First, remove your key caps. Either use a special tool or improvise. I used the wire from a pair of cheap headphones and a nail clipper. I pushed the wire under the key cap with the help of the nail clipper. Then I spaced the wires evenly and carefully pulled upwards until the key caps popped out. Pay special care when doing wide keys like the spacebar, shift, enter, and backspace. I then placed one o-ring for each Cherry MX switch. Wider keys have stabilizers which need more o-rings for even distribution. For example, the spacebar has the Cherry MX switch in the center and two stabilizer pylons so I used 3 o-rings. Same goes for the backspace and shift keys. Refer to the picture for an idea of how I do this. Then, repeat. I only had 40 o-rings so I wasnt able to do my complete keyboard. I will probably finish that up in the weekend. For now, I have o-rings under my most used keys omitting the numbers, F-keys, arrow keys, and right-side keys.

Step 1: Get string or wire under key cap Step 2: Center string and pull up carefully Step 3: Get O-Ring Step 4: Slide o-ring deep into key cap Step 5: Firmly reinstall key cap

At first, the results were underwhelming. They only appeared to muffle the sound slightly. Almost as if it was still the same volume, just at another pitch. It was a lower sound. After a few day, I did notice it was noticeably quieter. I suppose, during the daytime, there was a lot white noise in the background which distracted from the performance. At night, the slightest sounds are amplified. At first, I wasnt too sure if the mod was worth the effort and cost. Now, I can say for sure that they’re worth it. The keys bottom out sooner. About 1/16th of an inch sooner but it is barely noticeable. This mod does not change the switch activation point, just the bottoming point. The keys do feel slightly different. The unmodded keys feel lighter while the silenced keys feels a bit mushy. Its not bad. I think the audible *clack* had a psychological impact on the feeling. Overall, I think this was a good mod. If you dont want to wake up a college roommate or want to be more discreet while typing, then this mod is worth the time and effort. If you can, order or buy in bulk. It should save you more money. I also noticed that I typed a bit faster. Maybe I was getting used to the keyboard but when taking a typing test, I scored higher than average. This mod is fairly easy to do. If you want to make your mechanical keyboard quieter, give this mod a chance. You will like the results.

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Why Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Typing And Gaming?

Mechanical keyboards have become more popular recently, and for a good reason: they offer many benefits over traditional keyboards. These features include better tactile feedback, faster typing speeds, and longer lifespans.

For gamers, mechanical keyboards offer faster response times and customizable backlighting options. Plus, they offer greater tactile feedback, which can give you an edge in competitive games.

Read on to understand the features that make mechanical keyboards better for typing and gaming than traditional keyboards.

A mechanical keyboard uses individual switches underneath each key to register input. These switches are made from various materials, including metal and plastic, with different characteristics that affect their responsiveness, durability, and more.

Their keys have shorter travel distances, allowing quicker key presses, and their more responsive action provides improved tactile feedback and precision. Additionally, mechanical keyboards can withstand more wear and tear than traditional ones, making them an ideal choice for heavy-duty typing or gaming sessions.

Below are some reasons why a mechanical keyboard is better for typing and gaming.

One of the most outstanding features of mechanical keyboards is their programmable keys. You can program these keys to do different things when you press them, such as opening an app or website.

Some keyboards even come with extra software to customize these functions further by letting you define macros, key combos, commands, and more.

Programmable keys can help you streamline your workflow, for example, letting you switch between different apps and websites without having to move your hands from the keyboard.

They can also be helpful if you want certain functions not natively available on keyboards, such as controlling background music playback or using a specific key for a different language’s characters.

The tactile and auditory feedback you get from pressing a mechanical key is typically more satisfying than that of a traditional membrane keyboard. This can help improve your gameplay by increasing focus and agility.

Some keyboards also allow you to save different profiles in their onboard memory so you can use them on different PCs without reconfiguring everything for each device. Overall, a programmable mechanical keyboard can be a great addition to your hardware setup if you play games or do a lot of typing.

Mechanical keyboards are built to be durable and long-lasting. Unlike traditional membrane keyboards, mechanical keyboards feature individual switches for each key that you can replace when they wear out. This allows you to keep your keyboard functioning well for many years – unlike a membrane keyboard that you must throw away once the keys start sticking or typing becomes difficult.

Another benefit of mechanical keyboards is that they have greater resistance to dust and dirt, which can interfere with the performance of a membrane keyboard. Mechanical keyboards also offer better tactile feedback, allowing you to type faster and more accurately than on a membrane keyboard.

The switches on mechanical keyboards offer a high number of keystrokes. Some keyboards offer 50 million keystrokes, while others offer up to 100 million. The high number of keystrokes means the keyboard will serve you for a long time before noticing any wear and tear.

N-key Rollover (or NKRO) refers to the ability of a keyboard to register multiple key presses at once. Typical computer keyboards are limited to only six keys pressed at any given time, but some high-end mechanical keyboards can detect any number of simultaneous keys pressed. The feature is called NKRO, and it can be a helpful way to ensure quick responses in games or other situations where multiple inputs need to be registered at once.

The N-Key rollover feature comes in handy while gaming. You want to ensure that all the keystrokes register, especially when gaming. Registering more than one keystroke at a time gives you control, thus enhancing your experience. The roll-over feature is a lifesaver, especially if you are a touch-typist. The feature lets you press more than one key simultaneously, and you are assured your input will register.

To test your keyboard’s n-key rollover, simply press several keys and see how many are correctly recorded. Most keyboards will only register the first few keys, but some will register them all. The number of simultaneous key presses that can be detected varies depending on the keyboard.

A mechanical keyboard uses an array of levers to facilitate the pressing and releasing of buttons. These keyboards have a better response time than traditional membrane keyboards, which means they can register your keystrokes more quickly and accurately. A mechanical keyboard may be the right choice if you’re looking for a high-quality keyboard for gaming or other intensive computing tasks.

Response time is the time it takes your system to register a keystroke. The switch’s design offers an unparalleled response time on mechanical keyboards. Many of them offer response times up to 10 times faster. A mechanical keyboard’s quick response time can be crucial for victory in gaming or other intensive computing tasks.

Mechanical keyboards have different types of switches. Optical switches, for example, offer a very low actuation force and eliminate the need to press down on the key. These switches also feature an LED that transmits light through a lens directly onto the switch. This results in a more accurate reading of your keystrokes by your system, which can improve performance while reducing response time.

Another type of switch is called a buckling spring switch. This type of switch uses a spring to activate the keypress and has been widely used in typewriters, adding machines, and mechanical keyboards for decades. Although this design isn’t quite as popular or well-known as other types of switches, it is considered one of the most reliable and accurate.

Whether you’re a serious gamer or simply someone who values performance, a mechanical keyboard can improve your computing experience. With its quick response time and variety of switch types, it’s the ideal choice for anyone looking to get the most out of their computer system.

The type of switches you choose depends on your use of the keyboard. A tactile switch is perfect if you want feedback from your keyboard. Linear switches are best if you want a smooth typing or gaming experience. You should go for heavy switches if you type or game hard since heavy switches can withstand the pressure.

When choosing a mechanical keyboard for gaming, consider how much resistance or feedback you want from your keys. Feedback is essential if you’re looking for a typing or gaming experience that closely resembles that of a mechanical typewriter.

Still, some people may prefer the smooth feel of linear switches. Regardless of which type you choose, ensure the keyboard feels comfortable and responsive under your fingers when gaming or typing.

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Mechanical keyboards are known for their superior comfort and ergonomics compared to regular keyboards. They often have higher key travel distances, which makes them easier and more pleasant to use over long periods.

Additionally, many mechanical keyboards have Cherry MX switches that provide distinct tactile feedback when depressing a key, which helps you get into the groove of typing and gaming more quickly. Most mechanical keyboards use more durable key switches than their membrane counterparts and can survive for years of heavy typing without a sign of wear.

Some mechanical keyboards also come with a wrist rest, ensuring your wrist does not tire even after long periods of typing or gaming. You can also buy a wrist rest separately if the keyboard does not have the feature. Thanks to the ability to customize a mechanical keyboard, you can make it as comfortable as possible.

You can also choose silent switches if the noise is distracting when typing or gaming. Loud switches are often distracting if you share the same office with co-workers.

However, you can reduce the sound of the keystrokes by installing O-rings that act as dampeners. You should also be careful with the keyboard assembly. If the keyboard has poor assembly, it may rattle, thus increasing the noise while typing or gaming.

Silent switches have also gained popularity recently, but the most popular options are Cherry MX switches. These come in various styles, including Reds, Blues, Blacks, and Browns. These switches are best if you prefer a quiet gaming or typing environment.

If you drink water, coffee, or soda while playing, chances are high that you will spill something on the keyboard. Remember, the keyboards are splash and water-resistant but not waterproof. Therefore, the keyboard will stop working if you immerse it in water.

A splash-proof keyboard is a lifesaver since you will not have to buy a new one each time you spill a drink on the device.

You can also customize the backlight and combine different shades and lights to give your keyboard a personal touch. The backlight also protects your eyes from straining, especially in a dark room.

Remember, not all mechanical keyboards have RGB backlighting. It is, therefore, critical to check if the keyboard you select has this feature.

Mechanical keyboards offer superior comfort and ergonomics compared to regular keyboards. They often have higher key travel distances, which makes them easier and more pleasant to use over long periods.

Additionally, many mechanical keyboards have Cherry MX switches that provide distinct tactile feedback when depressing a key, which helps you get into the groove of typing and gaming more quickly. 

Most mechanical keyboards also use more durable key switches than their membrane counterparts and can survive years of heavy typing without a sign of wear.

RGB lighting, durability, N-Key rollover, fast response times, and many other features make mechanical keyboards better for typing and gaming. For this reason, grab one today to enhance your gaming and typing experience!

How To Make Reels On Instagram: Best Trends, Tips, And Tricks To Use

Instagram has now made available its widely anticipated ‘Reels‘ feature in over 50 countries, including the U.S. Reels is set to capture the market created by TikTok, a social media app for creating and sharing short videos. In this article, we will cover how to make your very first Reel video as well as tips to make you a master Reeler (no that is not a word).

What is Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a new feature that Instagram has launched that will allow users to create short videos of themselves from right within the app. With its far-reaching grip on the social media market, Instagram hopes that the new feature will be able to monopolize the gap left by TikTok.

Instagram Reels has been incorporated into the Instagram app itself. It lets users create short 15 second videos of themselves. The new feature has also brought about cosmetic changes to the app. There is now a new ‘Reels’ tab added to the profile beside the profile grid. By default, Reels videos are added to the dedicated Reels tab on the profile.

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How to make an Instagram Reels video

Reels comes with a host of customization options in the way of stickers, filters, music, and more. You can either record your own video or upload a video from your Gallery to create a Reel. The new Reels function is accessible as a camera mode within Instagram, similar to Boomerang, and Superzoom. To make a video on Reels, follow this simple guide below.

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Launch the Reels function

First, you need to locate the function. Launch the Instagram app, and swipe right to reach your camera screen. Alternatively, you could tap the Story button in the top left corner.  Now select the ‘Reels’ tab from the bottom panel.

Adjust the playback speed

If you want to create some interesting content, you can play around with the playback speed of your video. This setting lets you either speed up or slow down the playback. You can only adjust this setting before you record your video, so you cannot use it on videos uploaded from your gallery.

To adjust the speed of your playback, tap the speed button in the left panel and select the speed you would like; .5 and .3 will slow down your video while 2x and 3x will speed it up.

To record at normal speed simply leave the setting at 1x.

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Use timer

You can set a timer for how long you would like your Reels video to be. This lets you automatically stop the video without having to tap the record button. Reels lets you record for a maximum of 15 seconds.

To set the duration of your video, tap the Timer button in the left panel, and use the sliders to adjust the cut off time.

Note: Adding a timer automatically adds a 3-second countdown timer to your video.

Add music

Reels has its own library of music to choose from to add to your video. Of course, you could always just use your original sound instead. You can add music before recording a video or after. If you are recording a dance sequence, it makes more sense to add music before you record your clip.

To add music to your Reels video, tap the music icon in the left panel. This will bring up the Instagram music library. You can use the search bar at the top to find your favorite song.

Tap the song to enter the editor. You can now adjust which portion of the song you would like to use. Move the slider around till the lyrics line up perfectly with what you want. Tap ‘Done’ to add the audio.

Note: If you have used the speed setting while recording with audio, you will notice a change in the song’s playback speed. If you speed up the video, you will notice that the music slows down during recording. But don’t worry. During playback your music will be at normal (1x) speed, while your video will be sped up.

Add an Effect

This is the best part. Instagram has a ton of filters and effects to choose from. Additionally, since it opened its doors to user-created effects, the list is literally endless.

To add an effect to your Reels video, tap the effect button in the left panel, and scroll to your favorite one.

You can browse through all the user-created effects by scrolling to the end and selecting ‘Browse Effects’.

Create your content

Reels lets you record your own video or upload a video from your gallery. You also have the option to mix and match between recorded videos and videos from your Gallery.

To upload a video from your Gallery, swipe up and select the video. You can also tap the Gallery button in the bottom left corner.

To record a fresh video, just hit the record button at the bottom. You can record multiple clips, as long as they don’t exceed the 15-second limit.

Note: If you have used the speed setting while recording, simply record your video normally. The app will automatically slow it down after.

What is the Align feature for Instagram Reels?

Align is a brilliant add-on to Instagram Reels, that really sets it apart from the competition. Since Reels lets you record multiple small burst videos, it isn’t always easy to figure out exactly where you were positioned in the video.

Align brings up a translucent image of your last frame of the previous video. So you can now reposition yourself to exactly where you were, and start recording again! The Align function only works if you have already recorded at least one video.

Tap the Align button in the left panel to bring up a layer of the last frame.

Once you have aligned your camera with the last shot, hit the record button at the bottom.

How to share your Reels video on Instagram

Once you have recorded your Reel and are satisfied with it, you can easily post it to your profile. This is the same as posting an image or video. Tap the arrow button in the bottom right to bring up the sharing page.

You can also send it out as a Direct Message (DM) to a person or even add it to your Instagram Story! Check out the link below to learn how.

► How To Share Instagram Reels As A Story Or DM

You can also share your Reel video right to your profile grid for better visibility. This will create a new post on your profile grid along with your previous posts. To do so, check out our link below.

► How To Add A Reel To Your Profile Grid Instead Of Reels Tab

Tips to make your Reels videos pop

Here are some tips to help you on your way to creating some masterpieces using the new Reels function on Instagram.

Play with time: The speed function is really cool once you master it. It slows down your audio while recording to help you hit the right beats at the right time. This can be used to create some fun slow-motion effects on your videos.

Filters filters filters: Instagram now allows individual users to not just create their own filters and effects but also publish them for others to use. This means there is a huge archive of filters just waiting to be used in your Reels video. Keep experimenting to find your favorite filters.

Record multiple clips: If you want your Reels video to stand out, you have to make it more than just a simple single take video. Try stitching multiple takes together to create a dynamic video.

Add stickers: Like your Instagram Stories, Reels like you access the huge store of Instagram’s stickers. Some stickers are animated while some are emojis. Decorate your Reels videos with stickers, by tapping the Sticker button the top panel before sharing.

Lighting is key: It is so important to have a well-lit video when creating a Reels video. This helps with effects, green screens, and other customizations that you may add to your video. There is no substitute for natural light.

Keep up with trends: Like fashion, Reels videos have trends that flow through the social media app. The only way to keep up with current trends is to follow other influencers. Keeping your Reels relevant with help with visibility on the app.

Cool filters for your Instagram Reels videos

There are simply too many filters available on Instagram to keep trying out. So we decided to shortlist a few cool filters that are trending on the app.

Blue Valley

This is a really cool effect. It is a type of color filter that changes the color of all green objects and makes them blue. You get the best effects when used outdoors on vegetation. Imagine turning the grass blue!

Use: Blue Valley by ottis.ots


This brilliant effect creates the illusion of sitting right at the edge of a lake. It can be used on your secondary camera as well as primary. The effect adds ripples to the reflection of the water to give it a very real feel.

Use: UnderWater by korobov_denis

Perfect eyes

If you have ever wanted to change the color of your eyes, this effect is for you. Perfect eyes offers you the ability to choose from seven unique eye colors. Simply tap the screen to change the color of your eyes. This effect works on the primary and secondary camera.

Use: Perfect eyes by pierpetruz


Inferno bathes your body in flames for a very cool look. But the best part of this effect is the animation of the flames. Try moving your hand around and watch the flames dance!

Use: Inferno by iamcraiglewis2

Green screen

This effect lets you superimpose yourself over a virtual background of your choice. So you could be sitting on your couch, but make it look like you are soaring through the air over Kilimanjaro. Check out our article on how you can use the Green screen effect on Reels.

Use: Green screen by Instagram

► How To Use Green Screen On Instagram Reels

How to keep up with Trends for Instagram Reels

While it is not easy to define trends since they are constantly changing, you can always stay abreast of the latest popular videos on the app. Instagram showcases its popular Reels in a Featured section in the Discover tab. This is the best place to keep an eye on what is trending.

Make sure you follow influencers to stay ahead of the curve. With such massive followings. they can change the tide of trends.

Instagram Reels is quite similar to TikTok, there is no doubt about that. So if you too want to capture that huge market, you need to emulate trends from TikTok too. Whether you like it or not, cringey content sells, and that is apparent when you look at TikTok. So keep an eye on trending hashtags on TikTok too if you want to widen your audience.


The Best Mechanical Pencils Of 2023

We may earn revenue from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs. Learn more ›

Written By Sandra Gutierrez G.

Updated Apr 6, 2023 1:43 PM

If you’re an artist, an architect, or a person who prefers much more analog note-taking, chances are you have at least one mechanical pencil in your arsenal. These tools are versatile little pieces of engineering that come in a wide range—from the most basic plastic designs to more sophisticated, metallic models. Not all writing tools are created equal, and diving into a market as varied as this one can certainly be overwhelming. Worry not—even though the best pencil for you will ultimately depend on what you particularly like, there are certain specs you need to look out for. In the meantime, here are our picks for the best mechanical pencils.

How we chose the best mechanical pencils

Newcomers to the pencil world might get their senses saturated with the sheer amount of mechanical pencils available in the market right now. After all, a pencil is a pencil. Except that it’s not. That’s why we scoured the internet, including office-supply stores and specialized sites, to see what’s out there, read dozens of user reviews, and tried product after product to find the best one in each category. To make decisions easier, we broke down the winners based on different factors—best overall, best value, precision, best for art and drawing, best comfort, etc. Whatever your favorite notebook, there’s a mechanical pencil to match.

The best mechanical pencils: Reviews & Recommendations

We considered design and comfort, paying special attention to how these tools feel in your hand and if their weight and girth make it easy to write and draw. We also considered precision, durability, extras such as erasers and rubber grips, and price points. One of our choices should be a perfect match for you.

Best overall: Pentel GraphGear 500

Why it made the cut: Yes, Pentel already launched the GraphGear 1000, an allegedly better and improved version of this classic mechanical pencil. But the original GraphGear 500 is really all you need—it’s more affordable, reliable, and unlike its successor, still looks like a classic mechanical pencil. There’s a reason why Japanese retailer Muji made their gravity mechanical pencil line look (and feel) exactly like it.


Body material: Plastic

Built-in hardness indicator: Yes

Sleeve size: 4 mm

Lead size: 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, and 0.9mm sizes


Incredibly durable


Built-in lead hardness indicator


Body made of light-duty plastic

The metallic tip is one piece, so it’s not the easiest to clean

The metallic mesh grip in the GraphGear 500 allows for great control and embeds the pencil with added weight towards the tip, providing a low center of gravity. This feature is super pleasant to the touch and stays cleaner for longer, unlike those gunk-gathering rubber grips. The metal tip also allows for great precision and incredible durability—I’ve been writing and drawing with my GraphGear 500 for over five years, and it still feels like it did on the first day. 

The GraphGear 500 releases the lead through a 4mm lead sleeve, which provides greater paper visibility, making it perfect for working on small details or using rulers. This mechanical pencil comes in four different sizes (0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, and 0.9mm), and the writing on the barrels is color-coded to reflect that, making it easier to find the exact tool you need for the job. To help with this, the GraphGear 500 also has Pentel’s signature lead grade indicator built into the eraser cap, so you can know exactly what you’ve loaded your pencil with at all times. 

No matter how many iterations of this pencil are out there, the original GraphGear 500 is a true classic. If you don’t lose it first, you’ll be putting your ideas on paper for a long time.

Best for precision: rOtring 600 Black-Barrel Mechanical Pencil

Why it made the cut: In 1989, rOtring established a new benchmark of precision with the launch of the 600-series pencils. These writing tools were designed specifically for technical drawing and durability, a standard that continues today.


Body material: Metal

Built-in hardness indicator: Yes

Sleeve size: 4 mm

Lead size: 0.5mm and 0.7mm


Extremely durable

Lead hardness indicator

Gnarled grip




Non-retractable lead sleeve

The rOtring mechanical pencil can easily last you a lifetime. It’s designed with a full metal body that gives it its 0.8-ounce weight heft. This provides a clear center of gravity, which results in cleaner, more precise lines. Still, this mechanical pencil is more than twice as heavy as the Pentel GraphGear 500, so if you’re not used to this weight, it may take you a bit longer to get used to it. 

Best for drawing: Koh-i-Noor Mechanical Hardtmuth Lead Holder

Why it made the cut: OK, technically, a lead holder is not a mechanical pen, but it shares enough characteristics that it can pass as one. The Koh-i-Noor Mechanical Hardtmuth Lead Holder is a must-have if you don’t want to get your hands dirty while you sketch.


Body material: Metal

Built-in hardness indicator: Unknown

Sleeve size: Unknown



Thick and steady

Full metal body




The full metal body of the Hardtmuth gives it an impressive 1.48-ounce weight—this can be a problem if you’re not used to such a chunky tool, but it’ll be right up your alley if you need a lower center of gravity for your sketching and shading. And the metal clip on the Koh-i-Noor Mechanical Hardtmuth Lead Holder is also sturdy, so you can take it anywhere you want without fear of losing it.

Why it made the cut: Pilot’s Dr. Grip line was created to reduce fatigue and enhance comfort while writing. The ergonomic design behind the Dr. Grip G-Spec mechanical pencil makes writing for hours a breeze.


Body material: Plastic

Built-in hardness indicator: Unknown

Sleeve size: Unknown

Lead size: 0.5mm and 0.7mm


Designed for comfort


Shaker mechanism


All plastic body



If you take a lot of notes every day, then you can’t go wrong with the Pilot Dr. Grip G-Spec Shaker mechanical pencil. Its ergonomic design consists of a thick body and a rubber grip with a soft inner layer and harder outer layer that provides stability and comfort even after hours and hours of writing. 

The Dr. Grip comes in various cool colors, including frost red and frost blue. It comes with an eraser at the top that’s refillable. The body is entirely made out of plastic, so it may not be the most durable mechanical pen, but the forgiving design of this pencil makes it very much worth it if you suffer from pain in your wrists and joints.

Best budget: Tombow MONO Graph

Why it made the cut: The Tombow MONO graph mechanical pencil is a durable, affordable writing tool full of features you won’t have to splurge on. 


Body material: Plastic body, metallic tip

Built-in hardness indicator: Unknown

Sleeve size: Unknown

Lead size: 0.5mm and 0.7mm


Lead lock

Shaker mechanism

Twist eraser



Full plastic body

No grip

Weak clip

Non-retractable lead sleeve

Tombow is well-known among artists and stationery enthusiasts for its brush pens and markers, and the Japanese company has also developed its own line of mechanical pencils and erasers under the brand MONO. Their signature MONO graph is a comprehensive writing and drawing tool that will give you a lot of bang for your buck. 

It’s designed with a shaker mechanism that pushes the lead out when you move the pencil rapidly up and down. This feature is very convenient, as it doesn’t require changing your grip on the pencil. If you’re too used to using your thumb to push the lead, you can use the clip as a push button. To avoid mishaps, you can also push the clip up to block the mechanism altogether. This is perfect for storage, as you won’t have to worry about lead breakage. 

Another great feature of the MONO graph is its eraser, which you can twist in and out easily. The eraser is over an inch long, and you can buy eraser refills, so you’ll always be able to fix your mistakes. 

The body of the Tombow MONO graph is almost entirely made out of plastic, which is something some people don’t like. Still, the material is durable, and the body is on the thicker side, so the pencil has a certain heft that provides control and comfort. The tip is made from a light metallic alloy, and the lead sleeve is not retractable, which may be a bother if you carry the MONO graph in your pocket.

What to consider when buying the best mechanical pencils

Not all mechanical pencils will fit your needs. Although we can’t help you become a better writer, we can help you point out what makes a great mechanical pencil. Here’s what to know when shopping for the best mechanical pencils:

Size of lead

The first and most important thing to consider before buying a mechanical pencil is the lead size. This will determine the type of lead you can load into the pencil—the lower the number, the finer the lead. Most pencils come in at least two sizes: 0.5 is the most common, followed by 0.7. The size you get will depend on what you’ll be using your pencil for. 


Next, you’ll need to consider the material the pencil is made of. Full metal-bodied pencils are much more durable than ones made totally or partially out of plastic, but they tend to be more high-end, making them heavier and pricier. But that doesn’t mean you’ll compromise quality for a full plastic body. Some of these polymers are thick and durable, while others are cheap and easily breakable. Most of the time, the price point is a great sign of what you’re dealing with, but reading reviews will also help you avoid splurging on a low-quality tool.


Finally, think about where your pencil will live. If you plan to keep it on your computer desk, then you’ll prefer a hexagonal-shaped body to prevent your pencil from rolling off and falling to the floor—possibly to its death or that of the lead within it. If you’ll be folding up your portable desk and carrying around your mechanical pencil in your pocket or in a pencil case, you’re better off with a tool with a retractable lead sleeve. This will avoid lead breakage and the threat of constantly getting stabbed in the thigh or your ribs or poking holes in your pencil case.


It may not seem like it, but the writing or drawing tools you choose to use are our very personal decisions. They don’t necessarily have to be pricey, highly specialized mechanical pens. Depending on what kind of work you do, if you’re on the move a lot, and whether you prefer heavier or lighter tools, your perfect mechanical pencil may not even be among our picks. Still, if you’re new to the wide and varied world of writing instruments, you definitely will not go wrong by choosing any of the items on this list. 

And whenever you find something you truly like, stick with it. We recommend purchasing a couple of extra pencils to have in storage, just in case yours gets misplaced, discontinued, or you use it so much it falls apart in your hands—not a bad way to go.  

Why trust us

Popular Science started writing about technology more than 150 years ago. There was no such thing as “gadget writing” when we published our first issue in 1872, but if there was, our mission to demystify the world of innovation for everyday readers means we would have been all over it. Here in the present, PopSci is fully committed to helping readers navigate the increasingly intimidating array of devices on the market right now.

Our writers and editors have combined decades of experience covering and reviewing consumer electronics. We each have our own obsessive specialties—from high-end audio to video games to cameras and beyond—but when we’re reviewing devices outside of our immediate wheelhouses, we do our best to seek out trustworthy voices and opinions to help guide people to the very best recommendations. We know we don’t know everything, but we’re excited to live through the analysis paralysis that internet shopping can spur so readers don’t have to.

How To Make Ai Content Undetectable?

Are you tired of your AI-generated content being flagged and rejected by plagiarism detection tools? Do you want to learn how to make AI content undetectable? In this article, we will discuss how to make AI content undetectable and ensure that it is of high quality and ethical.

The rise of AI technology has led to the emergence of automated content creation tools that can produce high-quality text in a matter of minutes. However, as AI-generated content becomes more prevalent, the issue of ethics in content creation has become more critical. AI-generated content can be difficult to detect, which raises concerns about the authenticity and credibility of the content. In this article, we will explore how to make AI content undetectable and ensure that it meets ethical standards.

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Before we dive into how to make AI content undetectable, let’s first understand how AI content detection works. AI content detection tools use machine learning algorithms to analyze and compare text from different sources. They look for similarities and patterns to determine whether a piece of content is original or plagiarized.

These tools are becoming more sophisticated every day, making it challenging to create AI-generated content that passes their tests. However, with some tricks up your sleeve, you can fool these detection tools and create content that is unique and undetectable.

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Before we delve into the topic of making AI content undetectable, it’s essential to understand how AI-generated content works. AI content creation tools use machine learning algorithms to analyze vast amounts of data and learn how to generate content that mimics human writing. The algorithms use natural language processing (NLP) techniques to identify patterns and structures in human-generated content and apply them to generate new content. The result is text that is coherent, readable, and grammatically correct.

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The use of AI in content creation raises concerns about the ethics of the practice. The primary concern is that AI-generated content can be difficult to distinguish from human-generated content, which can lead to issues of authenticity and credibility. If readers cannot tell the difference between AI-generated content and human-generated content, it can lead to a loss of trust in the content and the brand associated with it. Additionally, AI-generated content can be used to spread misinformation, propaganda, and hate speech, which can have serious consequences.

Now, let’s explore some tips and tricks on how to make AI content undetectable:

One way to make your AI-generated content undetectable is to mix and match different sources. Use a combination of different articles, blogs, and websites to create a unique piece of content. You can also use synonyms and paraphrasing tools to replace words and phrases in your text.

Inverted pyramid style is a writing technique commonly used in journalism. It involves presenting the most important information first, followed by supporting details. This style is perfect for AI-generated content, as it helps to create a unique and original piece that is less likely to be flagged by detection tools.

Personalization is an effective way to make your AI-generated content undetectable. Adding personal details and anecdotes to your text can make it unique and less likely to be flagged by detection tools. Try to include specific details that are relevant to your audience and add a personal touch to your writing.

Using quotes and citations is an excellent way to add credibility and originality to your AI-generated content. Include quotes from experts and relevant sources to support your ideas and arguments. Be sure to cite your sources correctly to avoid plagiarism issues.

Grammarly is a useful tool that can help you create AI-generated content that is free from grammatical errors and typos. It can also help you identify plagiarism issues and suggest ways to rephrase your text. This tool is a must-have for anyone looking to create high-quality content that is undetectable by AI detection tools.

Before submitting your AI-generated content, be sure to check it using AI detection tools. This will give you an idea of whether your content is original and free from plagiarism issues. You can use tools like Copyscape and Turnitin to check your content and make any necessary changes.

There are several ways to make AI content undetectable and ensure that it meets ethical standards. Some of these tips include:

Most AI content creation tools allow users to customize the AI model to meet their specific needs. Customizing the AI model can help ensure that the generated content matches your brand’s tone, style, and messaging.

AI content creation tools can generate content by pulling information from existing sources. However, this can lead to issues of plagiarism. To make AI content undetectable, ensure that it is original and does not infringe on copyright laws.

While there are concerns about the ethics of using AI in content creation, there are also several benefits to using AI content creation tools. Some of these benefits include:

AI content creation tools can generate high-quality content in a matter of minutes, saving time and resources compared to human-generated content.

Using AI content creation tools can be cost-effective, as it eliminates the need to hire a team of writers.

AI content creation tools can generate content that is consistent in tone, style, and messaging, ensuring that the brand voice remains consistent across all channels.

AI content creation tools can generate a high volume of content in a short amount of time, making it easier for brands to scale their content creation efforts.

Is it legal to use AI-generated content?

Yes, it is legal to use AI-generated content as long as you create original content that is not plagiarized.

Can AI-generated content pass plagiarism detection tools?

Yes, it is possible to create AI-generated content that passes plagiarism detection tools. By using the tips and tricks outlined in this article, you can create content that is unique and undetectable.

Is it ethical to use AI-generated content?

The ethical considerations of using AI-generated content are still being debated. However, as long as the content is original and not plagiarized, it can be considered ethical.

Can AI-generated content replace human writers?

AI-generated content can be useful in certain situations, such as generating product descriptions or news articles. However, it cannot replace human writers entirely, as human creativity and emotion cannot be replicated by machines.

Are there any risks associated with using AI-generated content?

There is a risk of creating low-quality content that is not engaging or informative. Additionally, if the content is plagiarized, it can harm your reputation and result in legal consequences.

How can I ensure my AI-generated content is of high quality?

By following the tips and tricks outlined in this article, you can ensure your AI-generated content is of high quality and undetectable. Additionally, you should always proofread and edit your content to ensure it is error-free and engaging.

Creating AI-generated content that is undetectable by plagiarism detection tools requires a combination of creativity and strategy. By mixing and matching sources, using the inverted pyramid style, adding personalization, using quotes and citations, using Grammarly, and checking your content using AI detection tools, you can create content that is unique and original.

However, it is important to remember that AI-generated content cannot replace human creativity and emotion entirely. Therefore, it is essential to use AI-generated content in moderation and only in situations where it is appropriate.

In conclusion, by following the tips and tricks outlined in this article, you can create AI-generated content that is undetectable by detection tools and of high quality.

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How To Make A Discord Bot

If you are a Discord user, you must have seen multiple Discord bots on popular servers. Whether it is a music bot or a server moderation bot, there is a bot for almost everything. But in case you are interested to create a Discord bot yourself, follow our guide to make a simple Discord bot in 2023 and beyond.

Create a Discord Bot (2023) Prerequisites to Make a Discord Bot

chúng tôi

We were initially planning to use the popular chúng tôi Python bot for this guide. However, considering the future of the library, we have decided to use the chúng tôi Node library instead. Hence, make sure you have installed chúng tôi on your PC. You can download the latest version of chúng tôi from the official website (visit). You can run the following commands to make sure that you’ve properly installed chúng tôi and npm on your PC:

node -v npm -v

Code editor

To efficiently view, write, and modify code, you can use any of these best text editors for coding. If we were to pick one, we would go with Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code (download), which also has a variety of VSCode themes.

Set Up Discord Bot Account and Add to Discord Server

6. Now, expand the “OAuth2” tab from the left sidebar and switch to the “URL Generator” section. Here, choose “bot” as the scope and allow appropriate permissions for the bot. For this demonstration, we are giving admin permissions to the bot.

Create and Host Discord Bot Locally on Your PC

Now that you have added the bot to your Discord server, it’s time to configure the bot. Just follow the steps below to locally host a Discord bot on your PC.

1. Create a new folder anywhere on your PC. You should then create two files in this folder — .env, chúng tôi In the .env file, paste the bot’s token you copied earlier in the following format:

DISCORD_TOKEN= Paste your token here without quotes

2. Up next, add the following code to your chúng tôi file. With this code, the bot will reply “pong” whenever a user sends “ping”.

require('dotenv').config(); const Discord = require("discord.js"); const client = new Discord.Client({intents: ["GUILDS", "GUILD_MESSAGES"]}); console.log(`Logged in as ${client.user.tag}!`) }) if (msg.content === "ping") { msg.reply("pong"); } }) client.login(process.env.DISCORD_TOKEN); npm install --save chúng tôi dotenv

5. Up next, you should create a chúng tôi file using the command “npm init -y”.

6. You can finally use the command “node bot.js” to run your Discord bot.

7. As you can see below, the bot works as intended and has replied to my test message.

Create and Host Discord Bot in the Cloud

If you would rather host your Discord bot online, we recommend using Replit. For those who don’t know, Replit is an online IDE, where you can run and host over 50 programming languages. In addition, the process to set up Replit is fairly straightforward too. So let’s get right into it.

5. Paste the following code and press the green “Run” button at the top to run the project. You can now use your bot even after shutting down your PC.

const mySecret = process.env[`TOKEN`] const Discord = require("discord.js"); const client = new Discord.Client({intents: ["GUILDS", "GUILD_MESSAGES"]}); console.log(`Logged in as ${client.user.tag}!`) }) if (msg.content === "ping") { msg.reply("pong"); } }) client.login(process.env.TOKEN); Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I create a Discord bot for free?

Yes, you can create a Discord bot for free and host it locally on your PC or in the cloud.

Q: How to make a Discord bot without coding?

If you have to create a Discord bot without coding, you will have to look for sample Discord bot projects others have done and modify the bot based on your needs. If that proves to be a hassle, you can always use one of the available best Discord bots to improve your server’s capabilities.

The developer of the popular Discord Python library “” is not happy with Discord’s mandatory transition to slash commands for verified bots from April 2023 and has decided to deprecate the library. The library is no longer under development, and the GitHub page of chúng tôi is now in read-only mode. While unverified bots are not affected at the moment, that could potentially change in the future.

Create Your Own Discord Bot

So, that’s how you can create a bot on Discord. While we have shown a simple bot that responds to a text, the possibilities of customizing a bot’s capabilities are endless. If you want inspiration or ideas for your new Discord bot, go through our article on the best Discord bots and try implementing the features you like the most.

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