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If your computer recently installed the Windows 10 April 2023 update (Windows 10 update KB5000842). There’s a good chance you’ll be having major game performance issues moving forward. Something in the April 2023 Windows update is destroying gaming performance so follow along as we show you how to revert back to a previous version of Windows 10 to fix the issue.

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Twice a year Microsoft releases a major update for Windows 10, one in April and one in October. So far every single one of these updates over the years has seen major issues affect the operating system and the April 2023 update is exactly the same. If you haven’t already updated to the latest version of Windows 10, April 2023, I suggest waiting a while.

Windows 10 update KB5000842, the April 2023 major update is causing a lot of problems for gamers on just about every hardware configuration, AMD, Intel, and Nvidia-based systems are suffering from random stuttering in games, instability with V-sync enabled, reduced FPS, and random lag spikes across the entire Windows OS. The issue is so bad Nvidia is suggesting users roll back to the previous version of Windows 10 and wait for Microsoft to address the problem. If you haven’t rolled back a Windows 10 update before, you’ll find everything you need to know below.

Fix major game performance issues after installing the Windows 10 April 2023 update.

Note: As I had already removed KB5000842 I had to use an older update as a reference for this guide. Make sure you remove KB5000842, not the update shown in the image.

Even if you have already removed the update using the steps shown above, you’ll probably want to pause updates as Windows will just download the same update in a few days time so make sure you follow the steps shown below as well.

How do you stop Windows 10 downloading and installing the April 2023 game performance killing update?

If you haven’t yet got the April 2023 update that kills game performance, you can ask Windows not to download it for a while by doing the following. Sadly there is no longer a way to stop all updates for a longer period of time. Windows is strict on updating its OS.

Annoyingly, you will have to remember to do this for the next few weeks as Microsoft will probably take a little while to fix this issue.

Even if you have already removed the update using the steps shown above, you’ll probably want to pause updates as Windows will just download the same update in a few days time.

Wrapping things up.

Now that you have removed the April update from your computer, you will have fixed the major fps drops in games like Forza, Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone, and just about every other game on your system. If you notice the issue has returned and you are getting game performance issues again, check to see if Windows has sneakily installed KB5000842 again. Don’t forget to share this guide with all your friends!

You're reading How To Fix Windows Update Kb5000842 Killing Game Performance.

How To Fix Performance Issues In Windows 11/10

If you are facing performance-related issues like Non-responding programs, freezing, system crashes, sluggishness, etc., on your Windows PC quite often, then you can try a few of these suggested tips. They may help you resolve such issues by tuning-up Windows.

How to fix Performance issues in Windows 11/10

Here are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot Windows 11/10 Performance issues:

Run Selective Startup

Update Drivers

System Maintenance

Windows Update

Cleaning Junk Files

Virus Scanning

System Integrity Check

Hardware Diagnostic

Windows Boot Performance Diagnostics

Disk usage issues.

1] Selective Startup

Most of the time a Startup service may cause issues that affect the performance of the System. A Clean Boot can resolve and pinpoint which Service is causing the problem. To identify this, we can use the System Configuration Utility to find it.

Go to Start and under search type in MSCONFIG and hit Enter.

First, in the General Tab uncheck “Load Startup Items” then go to Services Tab.

Once the computer restarts, see if you have your issue resolved. If so, go back to MSCONFIG and first go to Startup Tab and enable the first Startup item and reboot the System. You have to do the same procedure until you find which service or startup item is causing the System to crash.

Trust me, most of the performance-related issues can be resolved by this step!

2] Update Drivers

An outdated driver can cause the System to crash and go to non-responding at times. So it’s a good step to keep the device drivers up to date. You find the exact model of your device drivers and check the version and driver date you could use the MSINFO32 file.

Go to Start and under search type in MSINFO32 and Hit Enter.

This is how the MSINFO32 looks like then select each non-Microsoft device, and on the Right side panel, you’ll find the model of your device, driver date version, etc.

Once you find the driver name, date, and version go to the manufacture’s website go to the appropriate section and download the driver and install it.

Don’t use Windows Update or any lesser-known third-party application to auto-update the drivers because in my opinion most of the time Windows Update or any of these third-party applications won’t find the best drivers, which may, in turn, cause the system to crash with a Blue Screen.

TIP: I have seen a lot of cases where a Display driver is a cause for lagging or performance-related issues it’s best to update or reinstall the Display related drivers.

3] System Maintenance

System Maintenance is a crucial system while troubleshooting performance-related problems.

Open an elevated Command Prompt, type the following and hit Enter to run the Performance Troubleshooter.

msdt.exe /id PerformanceDiagnostic

This troubleshooter helps the user adjust settings to improve operating system speed and performance.

Run it and see if it helps.

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4] Windows Update

It is important to update your Windows Operating System on a regular basis, as there will be some updates that could resolve performance issues and increase system security.

5] Cleaning Junk Files

It may not look like a great step to resolve such issues but trust me there are lots of situations where this step used to do the trick. There is a built-in cleanup tool in Windows that would help you in removing the Temp files etc., but I would recommend a freeware called CCleaner.

This will remove unused files from your system – allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history.

You may or may not want to use the Registry cleaner portion of it or any registry cleaners. The decision is, of course, yours to take!  Check out one of our posts for more information Do Registry Cleaners & Defragmenters really help?

6] Virus Scanning

Most of the times Malware or Trojan infection can cause an unstable behavior to your operating system. Run a complete virus scan to make sure your computer is clean. There are a lot of freeware out there. I would recommend Windows Defender – it has a very low footprint and less false positive. Then download the free versions of Malwarebytes or Emsisoft Anti-malware and run a complete scan in Safe Mode.

7] System Integrity Check

 SFC /SCANNOW command (System File Checker) scans the integrity of all protected Windows system files and replaces corrupted, changed, or damaged versions with the correct versions if possible.

Then type in SFC /SCANNOW

This article will help you analyze the SFC logs.

8] Hardware Diagnostic

The next step I would recommend is to run Hardware scans to see if some hardware failure is causing the system to crash.  First, check your RAM follow our thread that would explain to you the process Advanced Memory Diagnostic on Windows with Memtest86+ then run a Hard Drive Diagnostic. Each manufacturer would have its own diagnostic tools check this thread for the list HD Tools.

9] Windows Boot Performance Diagnostics

Use Windows Boot Performance Diagnostics to troubleshoot long boot times.

10] Disk usage issues

See this post if you frequently receive a 100% Disk Usage message. This post will help you if you see Random Disk Usage Spikes.

Last but not least use a legit version of Windows. An illegal copy may look convenient, but you’re putting your data security at risk, and this may cause a lot of issues to your operating system.

How can I improve my Windows 11 performance?

You should disable the background apps that run unnecessarily as such apps and programs can affect the Windows 11 performance quite a bit. In addition to that, disable game mode if it is turned on when you aren’t playing a game. Also, use disk cleanup and storage sense to get rid of junk items, temporary files, etc., to free up disk space and improve Windows 11 performance. Uninstalling unwanted programs, disabling VBS, etc., can also be helpful.

Why is Windows 11 so laggy?

If you find that Windows 11 is laggy or slow, then make sure the disk space is free. Running Windows 11 on low storage can also make your system hang or freeze. Sometimes, running a program that uses a lot of system resources can also make it slow. Also, if you are using too many apps and programs together, then this could be the reason for it. You should also perform an antivirus scan as malicious programs can also slow down your computer.

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Fix Windows Update Error 0X80244019

There are a number of things that can go wrong with the Windows Update module of Windows 11/10. Out of a number of fixable errors, error 0x80244019 is one of the errors whose cause is dependent on a number of factors. The people who encounter this error are not able to get the download of the requested update started on to their computers. This can be due to both first party and third party factors on a computer. This includes software by the third party or the overall internal components that help in the functioning of the Windows Update module. Today, we will be helping you to fix this issue no matter what the cause for the error is.

There were some problems installing updates, but we’ll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help: (0x80244019).

Windows Update Error 0x80244019

We will be taking a look at the following fixes to get rid of Error Code 0x80244019 for Windows Updates on Windows 11/10,

Reboot your computer.

Use Windows Update troubleshooter.

Configure Windows Update related Services status.

Run Windows Update in the Clean Boot state.

Configure Proxy Settings machine-wide.

Reset Windows Update Components.

Delete the contents of the Software Distribution folder.

1] Reboot your computer

The first workaround for you must be rebooting your computer and checking if that fixes the error for Windows Updates.

2] Use Windows Update troubleshooter

Run Windows Update Troubleshooter. You can also try to run Microsoft’s Online Windows Update Troubleshooter and check if that is any help in fixing any of your issues.

3] Configure Windows Update related Services status

Open the Windows Services Manager and locate the following services:

Windows Update Service – Manual (Triggered)

Background Intelligent Transfer Service – Manual.

Cryptographic Services – Automatic

Workstation Service – Automatic.

4] Run Windows Update in the Clean Boot state

A Clean Boot starts a system with minimal drivers and startup programs. When you start the computer in clean boot, the computer starts by using a pre-selected minimal set of drivers and startup programs, and because the computer starts with a minimal set of drivers, some programs may not work as you expected.

You can run Windows Update after booting into the Clean Boot State and check if that makes the error go away.

Run CMD as Administrator and execute the following command:

Wait for the process to complete and then try to install your App or Windows Update again.

6] Reset Windows Update Components

Corrupted Windows Update Components are among the most common causes of Windows Update errors. Hence, if the above fixes did not help you, resetting the Windows Update Components will help fix this issue.

7] Delete the contents of the Software Distribution folder

The Software Distribution folder temporarily store the files required to install Windows Update. Sometimes these files get corrupted due to which Windows Update errors occur. Hence, clearing the content of the Software Distribution folder can fix this issue.

How do I fix error 0x80246019?

You may see the error code 0x80246019 in Microsoft Store or while installing the Windows Update. The first thing that you should do to fix this error is to run Windows Update Troubleshooter. You can launch it via Windows 11/10 Settings. Windows Update errors can also occur due to corrupted system image files. Hence, run SFC and DISM scans to repair the corrupted system files.

How do I fix a corrupted Windows 10 update?

If a Windows Update is corrupted, you should run Windows Update Troubleshooter to fix the problem. If the troubleshooter does not help, you can use the built-in DISM tool to fix the corrupted Windows Update system files. DISM stands for Deployment Image Servicing and Management. It is a command line utility that is used to service Windows images.

Did this help?

How To Fix Windows 11 22H2 Update Fails Error 0X8007001F

If you are using Windows 11 and are trying to update to version 22H2, the latest major version. But can’t because you keep getting update failed error 0x8007001F-0x3000D. This article will show you a ton of different things you can and will probably have to try to fix the problem.

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As is tradition the latest major Windows 11 update has a range of installation problems that are catching a lot of people off guard. While these kinds of issues aren’t anything new and have been around for a long time they are still super annoying and require a lot of work to solve (most of the time). Thankfully, there are plenty of options available that you can use to solve Windows 11 update errors.

Fixing Windows 11 update 22H2 failed error 0x8007001F-0x3000D is a rather frustrating error message as it prevents you from getting a lot of quality of life and appears updates in the latest version. As this is a major update the first thing you need to do is make sure that you have the latest BIOS version installed on your computer. The process for this will vary for each computer so its best to check YouTube for specific instructions. Otherwise, you can find everything on your computer or motherboard manufacturers page.

Once you have updated your BIOS, check to see if the problem goes away. If it doesn’t, work your way through the steps shown below.

How do you fix Windows 11 22H2 update error 0x8007001F-0x3000D.

A quick and easy solution update error 0x8007001F-0x3000D is to run the Windows 11 Update Troubleshooter.

Open the Settings app by pressing Windows Key + I.

Here you will see a long list of troubleshooting options, however, the one you are looking for is near the top called Windows Update.

After the tool completes its checks and fixes, you should be able to update your device.

Clear Delivery Optimization Files on Windows 11 to fix update error 22H2 update error 0x8007001F-0x3000D.

If the Update Troubleshooter didn’t fix update error 0x8007001F-0x3000D try clearing Delivery Optimization Files.

Uninstall the last Windows 11 update that was installed to fix update error 0x8007001F-0x3000D.

If you still have the option to uninstall the latest Windows 11 update that was installed on your computer do that. If you aren’t sure how to check out the article linked below.

How to uninstall a bad Windows 11 update. Rollback a Windows 11 update.

Download and install the latest update for Windows 11 to fix update error 0x8007001F-0x3000D.

Fix Microsoft Store error 0x8007001F-0x3000D on Windows 11 using the SFC Scannow command.

Another good fix for this problem is to run the SFC tool.

When you have Command Prompt open type the following command into Command Prompt and press Enter.

sfc /scannow

It may take some time to complete so be patient. If any errors are found they should be repaired automatically. If it doesn’t complete properly Restart your computer in Safe Mode and repeat the process.

Fix Microsoft Store error 0x8007001F-0x3000D on Windows 11 using the DISM tool.

If the SFC tool returned an error message, open Command Prompt as Administrator, then enter the following commands in order.

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

After a system Restart, everything should be back in working order.

Try to manually update Windows 11 using the Microsoft Update Catalogue to fix update error 0x8007001F-0x3000D.

If the Windows Troubleshooting tool doesn’t solve this problem the next best option is to manually update Windows 11 to KB5614697 (or whatever you need). Simply visit the Microsoft Update Catalogue website and download the update you are currently having problems with. Just make sure you get the update that’s being problematic for you, or a newer one. Don’t worry if you pick the wrong one, Windows won’t let you install it anyway.

5 Asus Gaming Mouse To Improve Your Performance In Game

5 Asus Gaming Mouse to Improve Your Performance in Game Pick the best Asus mouse for maximum gaming performance




When looking for a mouse, it is important to consider the connectivity, ergonomics, and mouse design.

Programmable buttons, long battery life, and swappable switches are a few additional factors that make a better gaming mouse.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

If you’re a gamer, you need a proper mouse, and to help you with that, today we’re going to show you the best Asus gaming mouse.

Before we start, you also might want to check our list of best Razer keyboards to equip yourself with the right gaming peripherals.

How to pick an Asus gaming mouse?

When buying a mouse, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

What is the best Asus gaming mouse?

Ergonomic design for a better fit

Detachable cord with different textures 

Excellent performance with Optical Sensor 

Good RGB lighting 

Glitch configuration software 

Only three configuration profile 

Check price

ASUS ROG Gladius II Origin is a popular gaming mouse by the company. The mouse was relaunched with new internals that wasn’t received positively; however, the improvement has made it an excellent gaming mouse for hardcore and casual gamers alike.

The mouse features the typical Asus hardware design elements such as the RGB Asus logo, lights on the scroll wheel, and the base of the mouse. Apart from this, the design is minimalistic. 

It comes with two detachable cables with different textures. Helpful if you carry around your mouse and use it with two different setups. ROG Armoury software lets you customize the settings to suit your style. You can customize lighting effects, and performance, create profiles and even map buttons.

On the flip side, you may find the mouse to be a little slippery, and the limit on three profile configurations can be a deal-breaker for some users.

36,000 DPI ROG AimPoint sensor

8000Hz polling rate

Built-in programmable joystick

Can connect up to 3 devices

The joystick is only 4-directional

Pooling rate is not supported by most titles

Check price

This is a Bluetooth mouse, and it uses 2.4GHz frequency. It supports tri-mode connectivity, meaning that you can connect it to up to three devices.

You can also find a joystick on its left side and you can assign 4 buttons to it.  The device comes with changeable tips, allowing you to find the best for your needs.

Speaking of buttons, we have to mention that there are additional seven buttons that you can easily program as you please.

It’s also worth mentioning that this model has Push-Fit Switch Socket II that allows you to hot-swap switches easily.

As for the sensitivity, this model has a 36,000 DPI ROG AimPoint sensor, and an 8000Hz polling rate for maximum accuracy. Regarding the DPI, you can adjust it easily simply by scrolling your mouse.

Expert tip:

Lightweight build

Push-fit swappable switches

RGB light lights and compatible with Aura Sync

Limited profile support 

Not the best design ergonomically 

Check price

If you want an Asus wireless gaming mouse that is a little light on your pocket while offering more battery life, the ROG Strix Impact II is an excellent choice. It is a well-built wireless gaming mouse that can also be used in wired mode using the included USB cable.

With the dedicated DPI button, you can reach a maximum of 16,000 DPI for unerring precision. In addition, ROG Strix Impact II weighs just 93 grams and offers maximum acceleration of up to 40 G. The PTFE mouse feet and rubberized grip on the side offer good grip and works well on even smooth surfaces.

Ambidextrous design 

Three connectivity modes

Swappable buttons

RGB lighting 

DPI button not usable during use

Small side buttons

Check price

ASUS ROG Pugio II is another sleek, RGB-lit wireless high-performance optical mouse from the company. Equipped with a high-end optical gaming sensor of 16,000 DPI, you can choose your performance using the dedicated DPI button.

ASUS ROG Pugio II comes with three-mode connectivity. You can connect it using the traditional USB wired mode, use a wireless 2.4GHz dongle or Bluetooth for LE for uninterrupted connectivity. An inbuilt battery offers over 100 hours of playtime over Bluetooth LE and 69 hours of 2.4GHz RF.

It features an ambidextrous design offering an ergonomic hold complimented by the magnetic swappable buttons to reduce fatigue. You can adjust the buttons through the Push-bit mechanism as per your requirement. 

Additionally, it features a radio switch at the bottom to instantly switch between the cleanest mode available. Finally, with Aura Sync, you can customize the RGB to match your gaming RIG’s theme.

Swappable push-fit switches 

Ergonomic and lightweight 

Wired and wireless connectivity 

Excellent value for money 

Surface calibration option not available 

Check price

ASUS ROG Keris is the company’s attempt at cracking the elite gaming mouse market, and for the price, it is among the best in the segment. It is a wireless mouse, and similar to other high-end Asus gaming mouse it comes with a USB-C cable for wired connectivity.

It features a 16,000 DPI, 400 IPS optical sensor, and 1000Hz polling rate offering exceptional performance in FPS games. In addition, Rog Keris’s ergonomic design of the mouse makes it ideal for long hours of gaming sessions and prevents fatigue.

So these are the best Asus gaming mice that you can buy on every budget. If you need a regular, non-gaming mouse, then our best mouse for multitasking guide might come in handy.

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How Craigslist Is Killing Your Business

Back in 1995 Craig Newmark had a revolutionary idea. Why not use this new thing called the internet to launch an email distribution list? Inspired by friendly social sites like WELL, MindVox and Usene, Newman used his email list to inform people in the San Francisco Bay area about upcoming local events. Word of mouth quickly spread and the number of subscribers grew unexpectedly. Eventually, people began using the list for non-event postings. By 1996, chúng tôi went live.

Within its first 5 years, Craigslist expanded to 14 cities in North America. As more categories and cities were added, Newmark left his job as a software engineer to work at the site full-time. Today, Craigslist is in over 700 “cities” in 70 countries with over 50 billion page views per month, putting it in 37th place overall among web sites worldwide and 10th overall among web sites in the United States.

Throughout the years, people have found ridiculous bargains, employment, and a great way to get rid of items taking up space in their homes.

But, for all of its potential and good, is the site actually killing your business? Here’s how that may be the case.


The internet is no stranger to scams. It happens on a daily basis. For most of us, internet scams have become so frequent that we’re usually cautious when something sounds to good to be true. Unfortunately, when you visit a well-known site, you expect it to be scam-free. That’s not the case with Craigslist.

This type of scam can really damage your brand’s reputation. Instead of focusing on actual sales and improving you business, you could be forced to do damage control for months to repair your brand.


Despite its appearance of being a “do-gooder” Craigslist has a nasty history of suing or issuing cease-and-desist letters to a number of startups. As noted on the New York Times technology blog in 2012, Craigslist “has dug an effective moat by cultivating an exaggerated image of ‘doing good’ that keeps its customers loyal, while behind the scenes, it bullies any rivals that come near and it stifles innovation”.

This means that any company wanting to improve on the Craigslist concept probably won’t have the opportunity. It seems that Newmark and company don’t want any competition. This doesn’t just harm innovating start-ups, it could also prevent future sales for your business.


Image Credit: Samantha Marx

It’s no big secret that Craigslist has harmed local chúng tôi is because local newspapers have lost about $5 billion dollars in potential revenue from classifieds, according to a study in August 2013. Since newspapers can’t compete with the free postings on Craigslist, there was a 20 percent drop in ad rates. There are two reasons why this could be detrimental to your business.

In many cities, Craigslist doesn’t allow you to customize an ad that uses third-party HTML tags in listings. This means your ad will no longer stand out because it won’t have have brand recognition (no logos, for example), instead showing only low resolution images.

Why Buy Something New?

Yes, there has always been a way for people to save money by purchasing a used product. However, the popularity of Craigslist has made it much easier. Users have been able to find  all sorts of items and services via Craigslist for years. They don’t have to go anywhere else to find an apartment, new kitchen table, working grill, or whatever else they may want or need. With an almost endless supply of listings, why purchase something new?

Obviously, Craigslist hasn’t closed the doors on every shop on ‘Main Street’, but it’s helped create a new type of economy: one where trades, barters, and selling used items to bargain hunters are the norm. This must have had an impact on local businesses who were profiting from good American throw-away mentality. It’s a brave new world of reselling, and that could weaken your sales.

Are there any other reasons that you can think of on how Craigslist is killing you business? If so, tell us how! Or, have you found Craigslist has helped your business?

Featured Image Credit: Wikipedia

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