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Are you on Fedora 22 and puzzled by the fact that after you install you just can’t log in or do anything? Don’t worry! This is just a simple issue with Wayland (the next generation display server for Fedora).

Not everyone will encounter this issue inside GDM. This problem mostly appears with certain types of MacBooks. This problem isn’t just limited to MacBooks though. Other types of machines may run into this bug this as well.

If you do encounter a problem with the login screen, it can be quickly fixed. All that is required is a bit of poking around in a file. So how do you do it?

Enter TTY2 mode

Note: you may need to add nomodeset to your grub boot parameters to get to TTY2 mode.

Before Wayland can be disabled for GDM, you’ll need to open a shell. Since the desktop manager isn’t working, we’ll need to gain access to the command line to fix the issue. You can enter this mode (TTY2) by pressing “Ctrl + Alt + F2” on your keyboard.

Once you’ve pressed the right keyboard combination, you’ll see a message printed on the screen. This message will ask you for a username and password.

Enter your username and password, and then press the Enter key. Alternatively, you could use the root user and password. It really makes no difference.

With the user information entered, you will be dropped down to a basic command line terminal.

Disable Wayland for GDM

Gain root in the command line if you’ve decided to log in using your username.


From here we’ll need to open a text editor along with the file that needs to be edited. Use whatever terminal text editor you feel most comfortable with. For this guide we’ll be using Nano.









Only one thing needs to be changed in this file for GDM to start working again. In the file you’ve opened with Nano, find WaylandEnable=false.

After editing “custom.conf,” Wayland should be disabled. Just press “Ctrl + O” on your keyboard followed by pressing the Enter key to confirm and save the edits that you’ve made.

With the edits saved, exit nano and reboot the computer. By the next boot, the Wayland issue will be completely fixed in GDM, and you’ll be able to use Fedora 22.


Fedora is a great distribution where a lot of innovation happens in the Linux space. Fedora is often the first to try out and implement new things. This is usually a great thing as it allows Fedora fans the ability to try out new stuff before anyone else in the Linux community gets their hands on it.

Sometimes, though, this can be a painful thing. There’s a reason why the Fedora operating system is often referred to as “beta software.” Obviously Wayland is still a new thing, and that’s why issues like this graphics bug might come up.

Luckily, Fedora is Linux; we can tear it apart and fix things on our own. I hope that this simple guide has helped you bypass a small, but annoying, issue.

Derrik Diener

Derrik Diener is a freelance technology blogger.

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How To Fix Microsoft Teams ‘Status Unknown’ Issue

No tool available online is without its own issues and Microsoft Teams is no exception. The collaboration tool has garnered a lot of audience amid the COVID-19 pandemic and with such extensive usage, comes some issues that could hamper your daily work routine. Today, we’re looking at one such issue inside Microsoft Teams and providing a way to fix it yourself.

What’s the ‘Status Unknown’ issue inside Microsoft Teams

The issue revolves around the presence status inside a user’s profile which indicates the member’s current availability and status to other members of the group or organization. Ideally, anyone in your organization will be able to see whether you’re online or not, in real-time.

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A large number of users are now reporting that the Teams app now shows other users in an organization as ‘Status unknown’, even when those users are logged in and online. The problem persists even when users are actively engaged in a conversation.

Wonderful, another @MicrosoftTeams failure, as if it wasn’t shitty enough already… no status messages for any team member. 😡😡😡

— Eduardo Reyes (@EduardoReyesT) May 5, 2023

Although users receive messages and calls in all presence states (barring Do not Disturb), the fact that their availability is unknown to others, meaning you cannot know for sure whether they’re online for work, unless you’re conversing with them. The problem appears to have originated in large numbers earlier last month and currently remains unsolved as is evident from this Teams UserVoice.

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How can you fix it

At the moment, the only way to fix the ‘Status Unknown’ issue on Microsoft Teams is to change the Coexistence mode for your organization from ‘Islands’ to ‘Teams only’.

Note: In order to change this setting, you need to be the administrator for your organization on Microsoft Teams. In case, you’re not a Teams admin, you can request the admin to make the following changes to the organization to get user presence to work.

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You can do so by following the steps below:

Step 1: Open Microsoft Teams admin center on your browser and sign in to your account.

Step 3: Inside the Teams upgrade page, open the drop-down menu adjacent to ‘Coexistence mode’ and select the ‘Teams only’ option.

Once you select this option, all users in your organization will be restricted to use only Teams for communication and collaboration.

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What else can you do

In case your organization doesn’t favor switching to ‘Teams only’ mode, your only option is to wait for Microsoft to fix the issue. In response to a tweet, the company confirmed that the ‘Status Unknown’ issue is a “known problem” and its development team is currently working towards a fix.

Hi Mike, thanks for reaching out. This is a known problem and the development team is working on a fix.

We appreciate your patience.

— Microsoft Teams (@MicrosoftTeams) May 5, 2023

To get this solved as quickly as possible, you can vote for a fix inside this UserVoice by registering your email address. When you do, you will be notified about the status of the solution when there is one.


How To Fix Icloud Restore Stuck Issue On Iphone And Ipad

The excitement to try your new iPhone or iPad comes to a halt when iCloud restore gets stuck. Now it’s all about worrying about what to do and how you can fix this issue. I have gone through the common reasons that are causing this issue and how you can solve it. Let’s get to them!

1. Check iCloud System Status

Sometimes it may not be an issue from your side, and perhaps it could be a server-side issue from Apple that’s preventing the iCloud data restoration. If you feel the process is stuck, the first thing to do is visit Apple’s System Status page. 

Here, check if you can see a green dot next to services such as iCloud Backup, Apple ID, iCloud Account & Sign In. If not, those services are having some issues or may be under maintenance. Hence, all you can do is wait until Apple solves them and brings the service back online.

2. Use a strong Wi-Fi connection

Since you are restoring data from the iCloud, it’s always best to use a fast Wi-Fi connection that doesn’t fluctuate. If the Wi-Fi is not fast enough, the entire restoration progress can take hours. If you have multiple Wi-Fi connections, you can change Wi-Fi in Control Center.

Turn off Wi-Fi Assist

It is also best to turn off Wi-Fi Assist since if your Wi-Fi connection is not strong, it will switch from Wi-Fi to cellular data. As one can guess, this will affect the data restoration; hence, the process will either get stuck or canceled. To turn off Wi-Fi Assist:

If these measures didn’t save your iPhone stuck on restoring from iCloud, check the next method.

Usually, if your iPhone gets stuck on restore from iCloud or while doing any other activity, it is best to check if it is updated to the latest version. When you update your iPhone, it removes all the present bugs and fixes any issues in the system.

4. Stop iCloud restore and try again

Since updating your iPhone still hasn’t solved the issue, it’s time to stop the restoration process and restart it again. To stop iCloud restoration process:

And thus, the backup process will be canceled. You can restart the process and see if you still face the issue. If not, you can again stop the process, restart your iPhone, and then try restoring the iCloud data.

5. Restart the iPhone

Restart is a magical spell that almost always helps fix some issues with your iPhone. If the iCloud restore progress is stuck, and restart your iPhone. Now, try restoring iCloud data.

6. Erase your iPhone

If none of the methods mentioned so far helped you recover from iCloud, we need to take it the hard way. Most of the time, if you factory reset your iPhone, many software issues may get solved. Remember to backup your iPhone since resetting will remove all the data.

7. Restore using another backup

If you are a person who makes multiple backups, you may be in a good place since these backups can come in handy. Other than that, whenever you take a backup, it is best to also store them offline, such as on a USB drive or hard drive other than iCloud or online drives.


Q. How long should it take to restore iPhone from iCloud? 

Depending on the file size and internet speed, the time taken to restore iCloud data on your iPhone will vary accordingly.

Q. What happens if I stop restoring iPhone from iCloud? 

If you stop the restoration process, you will have to restart the process again to access the file. If you stop the process midway, you won’t be able to access the restored files.

That’s it!

Here are some more tips and tricks for iCloud:

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Anoop loves to find solutions for all your doubts on Tech. When he’s not on his quest, you can find him on Twitter talking about what’s in his mind.

Fix: Oops, We Have Detected An Issue On Skype

FIX: Oops, we have detected an issue on Skype




Skype is one of the best instant messaging apps on the market.

Many Skype users reported Oops, we have detected an issue error while using Skype.

To fix this problem, reset Skype settings or reinstall Skype.

Read on for other tricks including changing up access settings for the camera and microphone and temporarily disabling your antivirus.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Skype for Windows 10 is far from a good app. Lots of users were glad that the old win32 Skype version was getting a modern look. However, it seems that the app trades the functionality and stability for the contemporary instant messenger looks.

One of the common errors is as follows: Oops, we have detected an issue. Please exit and restart Skype. Of course, after the restart, the affected users weren’t able to resolve the issues.

Hopefully, one of these steps will. Check our troubleshooting list and we just might get in the clear with Skype for Windows 10.

How can I fix Oops, we have detected an issue error in Skype? 1. Run app troubleshooter 2. Update display and camera drivers

Now, once we confirm that the software is up to the task, let’s confirm that the hardware is closely following. Lots of users reported black screen flashing which led to the error at hand.

Thus, it will keep your system safe from permanent damage by downloading the wrong driver version.

More so, with an online database that contains over 18 million drivers, the program will manage obsolete drivers efficiently and optimize your devices.

Finally, you can definitely improve your driver devices and the overall system by choosing this driver automated support.

⇒ Get Outbyte Driver Updater

3. Reset Skype and Photos settings 4. Reinstall the app

If the previous step fell short, let’s give reinstallation a try. Even though this is a far-fetched solution (reset is basically a reinstall), we should give it a try. At least, until we deplete our options.

5. Grant Skype access to camera and microphone

Open Settings.

Choose Apps.

Under the Apps & features, search for Skype, expand it and open Advanced options.

Under Permissions, toggle on Camera and Microphone.

Expert tip:

That’s why it’s important to confirm all the required permissions are granted to two associated devices: camera and microphone.

Even though those should be granted by default, some third-party software (or Windows Security) might have revoked them.

6. Disable antivirus temporarily

There’s no third-party tool that has a larger impact on the system than an antivirus. Some antivirus solutions come with privacy protection tools that will completely block access to a camera.

We’re aware that disabling these isn’t exactly preferable. However, for the time being, try disabling your antivirus temporarily and look for changes.

Also, disable all background apps which might take control of the camera. This might cause Skype crashes, as well.

If even this won’t help and you’re still unable to use Skype without being interfered by the “Oops, we have detected an issue. Please exit and restart Skype” error, the final step is the only viable solution we know of.

7. Try Skype Classic

Finally, the solution which should deal with all your issues. If you’re not particularly fond of the new design and looking for a reliable option, the classic version of Skype for desktop is still available.

We’re not exactly attached to enforced novelties that fail to work and the Skype classic is just fitting right. Skype never was an instant messenger but rather a VoIP service and that’s what users mostly need.

Are you having additional problems with Skype? If so, be sure to check our Skype hub for more in-depth guides.

Still experiencing issues?

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How To Solve Steam Folder Access Denied Issue?

Steam being one of the most popular gaming distribution platforms on PC provides you an excellent gaming experience.

But sometimes this platform may also confront some malware or bugs and you get Steam access denied messages.

Often you face trouble validating the Steam files and get a game crash.

Sometimes when you restart the app or simply refresh the page, the issue may get addressed.

Sometimes your antivirus program may also interfere and generate such issues.

You may try changing the DNS or checking the integrity of the files to get a proper solution. Now here in this article, I am going to discuss some viable solutions to address the issue.

Sometimes Steam may prevent access temporarily from some IP addresses and some users have reported that they found their ISP somehow blocks the website they wish to reach.

This can lead to a great problem and to resolve the issue, I suggest you try a VPN.

This way you will be able to hide the IP address from your ISP and easily access the site.

It will be also beneficial for any Geoblocked content. This way hiding your identity online will provide you some additional privacy also.

You can search for a suitable VPN for you and get it as soon as possible to provide safety to your data and maintain your privacy as well.

After that launch Steam and check if the problem has got an answer.

It is especially important to flush DNS as they keep the IP addresses of the servers that you have recently visited.

So, flushing the DNS cache is an effective solution as these files may be somewhat corrupted and cause problems with your internet connection.

The cache build-ups may give you headaches and after you clear them it will help you flush out these types of problems.

Follow the steps mentioned below to accomplish the task:

Step 1: Go to your Windows Start option and enter CMD there to open Command Prompt.

Step 2: When you get into the Command prompt window, enter:

ipconfig /flushdns in the given window.

Step 3: Then hit the enter key Press Enter. Now you will get a message that the flushing procedure has been completed as I have shown in the picture below.

After you have done so, run the following commands one at a time:

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew

netsh int ip reset

Remember to press the Enter key after you enter each command.

After you have finished the procedure check whether this has solved the Steam folder access denied issue for you.

You may get to meet this Steam access denied 0x5 as your third-party antivirus firewalls may cause the problem.

You must use a proper firewall. In this case, you can check your antivirus and make a few alterations to the settings.

Sometimes, to get a steady recovery to maintain the utility of the firewalls, you may need to disable it.

If this does not solve the problem, you may need to uninstall your firewall protection and then install it afresh. You can also choose to install a completely new one instead. 

Sometimes your limited DNS server may create problems with your Steam. So, you may choose a DNS alternative apart from your assigned ISP.

A variety of DNS servers are available and here is the way to configure that properly:

Step 1: Go to the Start Menu and type Control to open your Control Panel.

Step 2: Now choose the Network and Internet section from the provided options.

Step 5: Now find out the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) option and get into its Properties option.

Step 6: Make sure you choose the below-mentioned DNS server addresses.

Enter these values in proper fields:

Preferred DNS server:

Alternate DNS server:

Hit the OK button for saving the changes. 

You may face Computer that says not connected to the internet, but I am issue if your antivirus is somehow creating a problem with the operating system. This restricts the features and apps to work properly.

The antivirus may interfere with your internet connection and generate the issue. Because of this, I recommend you check the configuration of your antivirus and turn of the problematic feature.

But in some cases, if this still doesn’t solve your problem, you may need to disable the antivirus and choose another one.

If the issue still persists, you might have to uninstall your antivirus and switch to a different antivirus solution.

In case you are encountering a can’t end steam process access denied error message when trying to access a particular game, check whether they have been properly installed by verifying their integrity. Here is a built-in fix to do it. Follow the steps:

Step 1: Launch your Steam client and log in with your credentials.

Step 2: Now go to the Library and from here to the Games section. Now open its Properties.

Step 3: Choose the particular game creating problems and then go to its properties.

Step 4: Now open the Local Files tab and hit the Verify Integrity of Game Files button.

Step 5: Validate the Steam Files and wait till the process gets finished.

Step 6: Now Steam is going to scan the files and validate the same.

When you receive the success message, check that the problem is solved.

Also refer to: What To Do When Steam Says Files Failed To Validate And Will Be Reacquired? 

Hope this article has helped you to seek the best solution when you encounter the Steam access denied issue.

If you have any more ideas or suggestions related to this topic, please feel free to use the dedicated section below.

You can also shoot us a mail if you have any further queries. We always look forward to hearing from you.

How To Report Bug, Issue Or Vulnerability To Microsoft

Any software can have issues even though they pass through rigorous testing by professionals. The same happens with Windows and any other products developed by Microsoft. The good thing is that Microsoft is open if somebody wants to share their feedback for their software. In this post, we will share how you can report a bug, issue or vulnerability to Microsoft.

Just before we start, let’s understand the basic difference between bug, issue, or vulnerability.

A bug is when there is a glitch. Sometimes that should not have happened, but happens under some circumstances. You can also call it a flaw in the software which is because of a coding problem.

An issue is where there is no fault of the developer all the time. Sometimes the requirement of the final screen or product did not pass through correctly.

A vulnerability means that someone can gain access to your computer or server without permission. This is a high-level issue, and any company will take this seriously, and resolve this at the earliest.

Report Bug, Issue or Vulnerability to Microsoft

Now that we are clear about the terminology, it is wise that these are reported directly to Microsoft. The primary reason that you should always report them to the company is that no one wants a flaw to get used incorrectly. Specially vulnerability.

Report Security Vulnerability

The reporting also includes attaching some details which can help Microsoft understand the problem better. Here is the list:

Type of issue (buffer overflow, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, etc.)

Product and version that contains the bug, or URL if for an online service

Service packs, security updates, or other updates for the product you have installed

Any special configuration required to reproduce the issue

Step-by-step instructions to reproduce the issue on a fresh install

Proof-of-concept or exploit code

Impact of the issue, including how an attacker could exploit the issue

Microsoft Bug Bounty program

That said, if you are a tech person who does this often, you can always take part in the Bug Bounty program. You can find more details about the Microsoft Bug Bounty page here. To make sure the effort is worth it, you also get rewarded. Make sure to keep checking on the list of Active Bounty Programs.

When reporting, you will have to use the Microsoft Security Response Center PGP Key. A response is sent back from the team. Once Microsoft receives the report, they will follow these processes for all vulnerability reports:

Triage your report and determine if they should open a case for a more in-depth investigation.

Investigate and take action according to the published servicing criteria.

Publicly acknowledge your contribution to protecting the ecosystem when they release a fix.

Report Bugs and Issues

Apart from MVPs, Microsoft has its own Engineers who keep a tab on the issues. If they find something which is reported by many people, the company may acknowledge, and check on it.

Feedback HUB

After Microsoft started the Windows Insiders Program, they rolled out an inbuilt reporting option. Named as Feedback HUB. It’s pre-installed on your computer.

Launch it and you will see two major options. Report an issue, and Suggest a feature. You can use this to keep a tab on a popular issue, find issues that you have faced, and so on.

The Feedback HUB is so well done, that you do not need to go to any public forum to report issues and bugs. You can search for related issues in the hub, upvote it, and share your solution as well. Many a time a feature is requested so many times, that Microsoft has to think about it. They even make it into the next feature update or major upgrade.

It also includes Announcements from Microsoft for new features and major rollouts. You can also use this tool to send out diagnostic data from your computer to Microsoft. This tool will capture your actions on your computer which simulates that problem and then send it to Microsoft.

Read: How to send Feedback or Complain about Windows 11 to Microsoft.

Report Windows Activation errors

If your Windows 11/10 is genuine, but you still receive errors relating to a non-genuine software, you can follow up by using the steps below.

Open Administrator command prompt then paste the code below and hit Enter

Licensingdiag.exe -report %userprofile%desktopreport.txt -log

Copy the result and upload to One Drive, then locate the txt file Windows created on your desktop then upload both to One Drive

Go to the Microsoft Product Activation Call Center and lay your report.

Apart from these, if you have anything to report, issues around your products where you cannot log in issues with a security update. If you need more information take a look at this Microsoft page.

Microsoft does hard work to bring the best experience to Windows, and we will strongly suggest you also report bugs, issues or vulnerabilities to Microsoft when you find them.

Update the detailed information about How To Fix Wayland Gdm Issue In Fedora 22 on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!