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In this tutorial, you will learn –

Installing NLTK in Windows

In this part, we will learn that how to make setup NLTK via terminal (Command prompt in windows).

The instruction given below are based on the assumption that you don’t have python installed. So, first step is to install python.

Installing Python in Windows:

Note: If you don’t want to download the latest version, you can visit the download tab and see all releases.

Step 3)Select Customize Installation

Step 5) In next screen

Give a Custom install location. In my case, a folder on C drive is chosen for ease in operation

Step 7) Copy the path of your Scripts folder.

Step 8) In windows command prompt

Navigate to the location of the pip folder

Enter command to install NLTK pip3 install nltk

Installation should be done successfully

NOTE: For Python2 use the commandpip2 install nltk

Step 9) In Windows Start Menu, search and open PythonShell

Step 10) You can verify whether the installation is accurate supplying the below command

import nltk

If you see no error, Installation is complete.

Installing NLTK in Mac/Linux

Installing NLTK in Mac/Unix requires python package manager pip to install nltk. If pip is not installed, please follow the below instructions to complete the process

Step1) Update the package index by typing the below command

sudo apt update

Step2) Installing pip for Python 3:

sudo apt install python3-pip

You can also install pip using easy_install.

sudo apt-get install python-setuptools python-dev build-essential

Now easy_install is installed. Run the below command to install pip

sudo easy_install pip

Step3)Use following command to install NLTK

sudo pip install -U nltk sudo pip3 install -U nltk Installing NLTK through Anaconda

Note: Refer to this tutorial for detailed steps to install anaconda

Step 2)In the Anaconda prompt,

Enter command conda install -c anaconda nltk

Review the package upgrade, downgrade, install information and enter yes

NLTK is downloaded and installed

NLTK Dataset

NLTK module has many datasets available that you need to download to use. More technically it is called corpus. Some of the examples are stopwords, gutenberg, framenet_v15, large_grammarsand so on.

How to Download all packages of NLTK

Step 1)Run the Python interpreter in Windows or Linux

Step 2)

Enter the commands

import nltk ()

    Step 3) To test the installed data use the following code


    [‘The’, ‘Fulton’, ‘County’, ‘Grand’, ‘Jury’, ‘said’, …]

    Running the NLP Script

    We are going to discuss how NLP script will be executed on our local PC. There are many libraries for Natural Language Processing present in the market. So choosing a library depends on fitting your requirements. Here is the list of NLP libraries.

    How to Run NLTK Script

    Step1) In your favorite code editor, copy the code and save the file as “ “

    from nltk.tokenize import RegexpTokenizer tokenizer = RegexpTokenizer(r'w+') filterdText=tokenizer.tokenize('Hello Guru99, You have build a very good site and I love visiting your site.') print(filterdText)

    Code Explanation:

    In this program, the objective was to remove all type of punctuations from given text. We imported “RegexpTokenizer” which is a module of NLTK. It removes all the expression, symbol, character, numeric or any things whatever you want.

    You just have passed the regular Expression to the “RegexpTokenizer” module.

    Further, we tokenized the word using “tokenize” module. The output is stored in the “filterdText” variable.

    And printed them using “print().”

    Step2)In the command prompt

    Navigate to the location where you have saved the file

    Run the command Python

    This will show output as :

    [‘Hello’, ‘Guru99’, ‘You’, ‘have’, ‘build’, ‘a’, ‘very’, ‘good’, ‘site’, ‘and’, ‘I’, ‘love’, ‘visiting’, ‘your’, ‘site’]

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    How To Increase Download Speed Windows 10

    Your internet connectivity isn’t always to blame for slow download speeds. There are a variety of reasons why you may not be getting the most out of your internet connection. But we are here to fix that. From turning off apps that hog data to digging deep into Windows policies. Here’s a bunch of fixes you can apply to shave off those precious milliseconds and ensure your download speeds are at their peak.

    Top 9 ways to increase download Speed on Windows 10:

    Here are our best tips to increase the download speed on your Windows PC or laptop and make sure you are getting full speeds as enabled by your internet service provider.

    1. Free up 20% bandwidth Windows keeps for itself

    Windows 10 also keeps 20% of your internet’s bandwidth for its own purposes. That means you’re only ever operating with 80% of whatever your ISP told you your internet speed would be. That is a lot of bandwidth which, when freed up, can do wonders to your download speeds. Here’s how you can do so:

    Method 1.1 – For Windows 10 Pro Users

    Press Start, type Run, and open the app.

    Type gpedit.msc and hit Enter.

    This will free up that precious 20% of your Internet Bandwidth that Windows had been keeping from you till now.

    Method 1.2 – For Windows 10 Home Edition Users

    Windows Home users don’t have access to Group Policy Editor. But the same can be downloaded and set up with ease.

    Download: gpedit-enabler.bat

    The installation will begin in the Command prompt and may take a while. Once it is all done, press any key to finish.

    From here on, you can follow the same steps given for Windows 10 Pro users to get the additional 20% bandwidth from inside Group Policy Editor.

    2. Change DNS Server

    Being the internet’s main address book, you are interacting with DNS all the time. Every time you open a program, link, or an image that is not on a part of a website’s main page, it requires a DNS lookup.

    So, it is only right that if you increase the speed of these DNS lookups, everything gets faster. DNS providers can vary in speed, and no, your ISP doesn’t prioritize DNS speeds. But there are several open DNS servers that can bump up your download speed. Here’s how you can change your DNS.

    On the Status page, choose Change adapter options.

    Now, you will have to key in the Preferred DNS Server and Alternate DNS Server. Here are four of the most trusted, high-speed DNS providers:

    We have chosen the Google Public DNS which is what most users tend to opt for. This should do the trick of (indirectly) improving your internet and download speeds.

    3. Turn Off Data Hogging Apps

    There are some apps that constantly use the Internet to download files, upload, and sync them. This can shift the bandwidth away from what you actually want to do. In order to wrest back control of your Internet consumption, it is time to disable or close these apps for good, especially if you’re looking to download big files.

    Your apps will be listed in descending order of their data usage.

    Find the ones that you think are hogging a lot of data and… well, let them go.

    4. Disabled Metered Connection

    While we’re in the Network & Settings area, let’s fix another thing – metered connections. A metered connection places a limit on data usage and download speeds. If this feature is enabled on your connection, disable it.

    Find Metered connection. If this option is On, set it to Off.

    5. Change Bandwidth Limit

    The unfortunate thing about Windows 10 is that it uses a certain amount of your bandwidth to download updates and apps. If you think it is using too much bandwidth, it’s time to set it right. Here’s how you can do it:

    Select Delivery Optimization

    Select Advanced options

    In this next window, you can set a cap on the bandwidth that Windows can use for its tasks by checking the boxes and shifting the Download settings slider.

    While we’re inside Delivery Optimization, we can also turn off P2P updates so that others in your household or strangers in the vicinity don’t use up your internet resources.

    7. Turn Off Background Apps

    Many of your apps have the annoying habit of running in the background and sucking up your Internet connection. The result? Slower internet and download speeds. Disabling them is necessary to unlock that extra bit of speed. Here’s how to do it:

    Scroll down the left sidebar and find Background Apps. On the right, turn off Let apps run in the background.

    Alternatively, you can individually select the apps that aren’t terribly important to you and stop them from running in the background.

    8. Delete Temporary Files

    Your computer also holds up a lot of temporary files and cache that may be taking up some of your internet speed. This can clog up your bandwidth resulting in poor download speeds. Although this option doesn’t lead to a significant bump in speeds, every bit counts. Here’s how you can delete temporary files:

    We don’t recommend disabling the Windows Updates service, per se. Keeping Windows updated is crucial to keep all kinds of bugs and issues at bay and get the best experience that Microsoft wants you to have.

    But if you find that your internet speed is on its last legs and you wish to have higher download speeds for some time, then disabling the Windows Updates service may work in the short-term. You can always revert them back.

    Under the General tab, change Startup type from manual to Disabled.

    That’s about it. This should turn off the Windows update for good and disable it from starting when you boot your computer.

    Why I can’t increase the download speed on my Windows 10?

    If all the aforementioned methods don’t lead to a palpable jump in download speeds for you, then you may be severely limited by your internet provider/plan. It helps to know what your maximum speed is on your current plan before you decide to make a shift.

    How to know what is the maximum speed for you

    It all depends on your internet plan. But don’t just take your ISP’s word for it; do the tests and find out what your internet connection’s maximum speed can be. There are a bunch of internet speed tests that you can take on the internet.

    Some of them include chúng tôi Internet Health Test, chúng tôi and many more. Take your pick and find out the maximum download speed that you can get. Do note that the maximum download speed that will be indicated in the tests is actually discerned by the slowest performing part of the complete data transfer test.

    How to know you are getting really good speed already

    Your connection’s download speed is actually based on the 1:8 connection ratio. This means that your download speed will be 1/8th of your internet speed. For instance, if you have a 100mbps connection, you can expect somewhere around 12mbps download speed. Even then, if you are getting only 10mbps, that may be the maximum that your ISP has set.

    How To Download Audio Messages From Instagram.

    If you use Instagram quite a lot and would like to make a backup/download all your audio messages. This article will show you how to make a backup of audio/voice messages sent to you using the service. The only catch is that you’ll need to have access to a computer and chromium-based web browser. 

    How to recover deleted files on Windows 10 using Windows File Recovery.

    Having the ability and knowledge to download content from social media platforms and messaging clients can be a very handy skill to have in 2023. With most people around with world using at least one platform for personal or business reasons. Although most services now offer you the option to download your entire data pack, it can be a lengthy and data-intensive process/download. 

    This is where the ability to download selected portions of content can be a lot more user friendly and time-efficient. In the past, we’ve put together detailed guides on how to do this in Discord, Instagram, and Facebook, which have proven to be extremely popular. So to continue this tradition follow along as we guide you through the process on for downloading Instagram audio content. 

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    How do you download audio files from Instagram? Download audio/voice files from Instagram DMs using the web version of Instagram.

    Seeing as messages that come through Instagram aren’t downloadable by default like WhatsApp, you’ll need to follow a slightly different process which requires a unique browser extension. Thankfully, now that Instagram messages can now be accessed and viewed from the web version of the platform, downloading audio messages is quick and easy.

    On a side note…

    As we mentioned in the introduction to this guide, it’s also possible to find a copy of saved WIFI passwords on Windows 10 using system tools. (no third-party tools required). Using this method, you’ll be able to view the passwords for any and all WIFI connections you have connected to using WIFI on your computer. It should be noted, that if the password used for the connection has changed in the router, the password saved in Windows will not match.

    How to Find the WiFi Password For a Network You Have Connected to.

    How To Make Your Ps4 Download Faster

    PlayStation 4 is one of the fastest-selling game consoles of all time, but many first-generation consoles have a problem with their Wi-Fi card. The connection speed is typically slower than it should be, which is a problem when many games have download sizes of hundreds of gigabytes.

    There are steps you can take to make games download faster on PlayStation 4. If you’re planning on downloading something like Red Dead Redemption 2, you will need the fastest speed possible. 

    Table of Contents

    How to Make Your PS4 Download Faster

    Here’s how you can increase your PS4 download speed.

    Use an Ethernet Cable

    An Ethernet cable is typically several times faster than Wi-Fi. A hardwired connection is more stable and circumvents the faulty Wi-Fi card in many of the earliest models of the PlayStation 4. 

    Move Your PlayStation Closer to The Router

    Distance and interference greatly diminish the PlayStation’s Wi-Fi speed. If your PlayStation and router are in different rooms with multiple walls between them, you’ll see low speeds, sometimes less than a megabit per second. 

    Place the PlayStation 4 and the router in the same room with a direct line of sight for better results. Even placing the PlayStation 4 inside a cabinet can block the connection, and its download speeds will suffer. 

    Don’t Play Games While Downloading

    When the PlayStation is downloading a new game or file, avoid playing anything on the console. Both single-player and multiplayer games can slow down the connection. 

    Anything involving a connection to the internet or sending large amounts of data will prioritize the download, and your gaming experience might suffer too. 

    Update Your PlayStation

    Make sure you have the latest version of the PlayStation operating system. Sony routinely releases updates that address problems within the console. The newest version of the operating system will patch any security flaws and can also improve download speeds.

    Open your PlayStation 4’s menu and navigate to Settings.

    Scroll down and select System Software Update.

    If an update is available, you can start it from this screen. It will also tell you if your system is already up to date.

    Use Rest Mode to Download While You Aren’t Playing

    Use PlayStation 4’s rest mode to download games when you aren’t actively using the console. It’s the best way to keep content up to date without sacrificing playtime. Although this setting is on by default, you might need to re-enable your PlayStation to remain connected to the Internet while in rest mode so it can continue downloading games.

    Open your PlayStation 4’s menu and navigate to Settings.

    Scroll down to Power Save Settings.

    Select Set Features Available in Rest Mode.

    Select Stay Connected to the Internet.

    Doing this will allow you to continue downloading applications while PlayStation 4 is in rest mode. 

    Change Your DNS Settings

    DNS stands for Domain Name System. Simply, this is a collection of servers. Your PlayStation connects to your DNS automatically, but you can set specific DNS network addresses if your default connection doesn’t work. Many users have reported an increase in their download speeds when swapping to an alternate DNS.

    Open your PlayStation 4’s menu and navigate to Settings.

    Select Network.

    Select Set Up Internet Connection.

    Choose Use Wi-Fi or Use a LAN Cable. 

    Select Custom.

    If you choose Wi-Fi, select the Wi-Fi network you want to use, then select Automatic.

    Select Do Not Specify for DHCP Host Name.

    Select Manual for DNS Settings.

    Enter for Primary DNS and for Secondary DNS.

    Select Automatic for MTU settings.

    Select Do Not Use for Proxy Server.

    After entering these settings, restart your PlayStation 4 and perform an Internet speed test. It should be faster than before, as the primary and secondary DNS listed above are some of the most-used and most-recommended options for PlayStation 4 connections.

    If you are downloading only a single title at a time and the download begins to slow down or stutter, you can pause the download and then resume it. If your connection weakens or drops, the PlayStation will throttle the download. Even if your connection resumes, your console may continue to use the lower speed. 

    Select a download and then select Pause. 

    Select the paused download and then select Resume, which forces the PlayStation to reconnect to the download server and increase the speed of that specific download. 

    How To Download An Apple Iphone User Guide

    Many who are new to iPhone may want to have a user manual. Back in the day, everything came with a user manual, and some products still do; however, these days, Apple devices and most other computer and mobile devices do not come with a physical guide. There are some options for those wanting a guide for their new device:

    You can look at the official iPhone user guide from Apple, which is available online.

    You can download a copy of the official user guide onto your iPhone (or other Apple device). With this option, you can view the guide offline.

    There are also numerous other websites and books available to help you learn about your new device.

    In this article, we will outline how to use each of these options so that you can have the iPhone user guide you want, in the form you want it.

    The official Apple iPhone User Guide available online

    If you select the Table of Contents link, you will see a variety of topics you can browse. Here is what you will find in a few of these options that are most relevant for new iPhone users:

    Your iPhone: Look here if you need to know the basics about your iPhone model. You will find info on the location of the various buttons, the camera features, the SIM tray and the charging port.

    Set up and get started: The information in this section will tell you everything you need to know to get your iPhone up and running. You will learn how to turn on your phone, set up cell service, connect to the internet, set up your Apple ID and iCloud and how to set up your email accounts and your contacts.

    Basics: There is a variety of information in this section. It would be worth browsing if you are new to iPhone. You may not want or need everything from this section, despite it being titled “Basics.”

    Personalize your iPhone: This is where you want to go for information on how to change any of the settings to something you find more suitable. You can find information on how to change sounds, wallpaper and on how to arrange your Home screen.

    How to download a copy of Apple’s iPhone User Guide

    The one way that Apple gives you to download the iPhone user guide is through Apple Books.

    You can follow the link above to the iPhone User Guide webpage, then scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the link, or use this link: download the guide.

    If you don’t have Apple Books installed, you will see a message about first installing Apple Books. Tap on Show in App Store, then tap on the download icon for Apple Books from the App Store. Once it is installed, go back and tap on the download link again.

    You will see a link to download the user guide in Apple Books. Tap on Get, then use the appropriate authentication method to confirm (Face/Touch ID, etc.).

    Now the user guide will be in your Apple Books library (on all your devices).

    There is a note next to the download link on the user guide page. It says “where available.” If you have trouble accessing the guide through Apple Books, it’s possible that it isn’t available in your area.

    Other ways to find information about using your iPhone Web searches

    There is so much information out there on the web (as I am sure you know). If you know exactly what you are searching for, this can be great; just open up your favorite browser and search for your topic. However, it may not be so helpful if your question sounds like, “How do I use this (iPhone) thing?”


    There are many books out there. Some are better than others. If you go to Amazon, you can take a look at the ratings to get an idea of whether that book is a good choice. With books, there are a few things to keep in mind:

    You don’t want to get an outdated book. Most of the basics remain the same from year to year; however, some things may change.

    Some books are written for a specific iPhone model. Most of the information will be relevant to any current model; however, there are some differences. Right now, most of the differences are found between models that have a Home button (iPhone SE models and those prior to iPhone X) and all other iPhone models (such as iPhone 11, 12 or 13).

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    How To Increase Download Speed In Microsoft Store

    For Windows users, Microsoft Store is the go-to place to download and update Windows 11/10 apps and games. Microsoft Store runs on Azure, an online cloud service platform, due to which, if the Azure cloud server faces high traffic, you will experience high downloading time. However, some users reported that, even when the server is up and running fine, they experience slow download speed. In this article, we will discuss the factors that affect the speed and how we can increase download speed in Microsoft Store.

    Increase Download Speed in the Microsoft Store

    If you want to increase your download speed in the Microsoft Store, follow the solutions mentioned below to do the same.

    Check the network bandwidth

    Close network extensive apps

    Disable metered connection

    Increase the background download bandwidth

    Flush Microsoft Store cache data

    Switch your DNS

    Re-Register your Microsoft Store

    Use Network Reset feature.

    Let’s talk about the troubleshooting guide in detail.

    1] Check the network bandwidth

    It’s far better to start with easy solutions, such as ensuring that there are no issues with the Internet speed and that it’s working fine. You can run speed tests and find out if it is working at its usual speed. If the internet connection is slow, you must fix the internet problems to get full download speeds.

    2] Close network expensive apps 3] Disable metered connection

    Select your WiFi connection or go to the properties of connection WiFi and then disable the toggle key of Metered connection button.

    Hopefully, this will do the job for you.

    Fix: Slow Internet speed on Windows computer

    4] Increase the background download bandwidth

    In Windows, users can limit their background download bandwidth, and this can be one of the reasons among many others leading to the error in question. Therefore, we recommend you increase the Microsoft Store’s download bandwidth, and here’s how you can do the same:

    Select Advanced options, and in Additional options, select Delivery optimization option.

    Tick and drag the slider of both Limit how much bandwidth is used for downloading updates in the background and Limit how much bandwidth is used for downloading updates in the foreground to 100%.

    Note: You don’t have to drag it to 100%; make adjustments based on your need or the speed of download you are experiencing.

    Now, see if there’s any improvement in the speed or not.

    5] Flush Microsoft Store cache data

    You may want to clear the Microsoft Store cache. Maybe its cache got corrupted. In such cases, resetting and clearing the cache is the smart choice.

    You can use the built-in command-line tool known as chúng tôi . Go to the Start search box, type chúng tôi  and hit Enter.

    Once done, see if downloading is still slow or if the issue is resolved.

    6] Switch your DNS

    If you can’t resolve your said error through the above methods, changing your DNS server to a different server is what you need.  We are changing the default DNS to a reliable public DNS server, since Google is one of the most recommended DNS servers by users, we are using the same. Follow the steps prescribed below to change to Google DNS Server.

    Type ncpa.cpl and then press Enter button to launch the Network Connections window.

    Preferred DNS server: Alternate DNS server:

    Choose the Use the following DNS server addresses option and enter the below addresses in the given fields: Preferred DNS server: 2001:4860:4860::8888 Alternate DNS server: 2001:4860:4860::8844

    Hopefully, this will do the job for you. Do keep in mind, this is not just going to help you in increasing the download speed of most apps.

    7] Re-Register your Microsoft Store

    If you are facing issues when downloading an app from the MS Store, it is very likely that there is something wrong with the Store itself. In that case, we have to re-register the store. To do this, launch PowerShell with administrative privileges. Copy and paste the following text into the PowerShell screen and hit the ENTER button.

    PowerShell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Command “& {$manifest = (Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.WindowsStore).InstallLocation + ‘AppxManifest.xml’ ; Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $manifest}

    After it runs, close the command-line interpreter and restart your computer to finalize the re-registering operation.

    8] Use Network Reset feature

    Last but not least, if the Internet condition remains the same even after doing the above-mentioned solutions, then there can be issues within your network settings, and we will recommend you reset it. Here’s how to do the same:

    Finally, select the Reset now button.

    Hopefully, this will do the job for you.

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    Minecraft 1.20: How To Download And Install Optifine

    The Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales update has been released and it has introduced various awesome additions and helpful changes. New building blocks such as bamboo wood set and cherry wood in Minecraft give you more opportunities to create amazing custom structures. On the other hand, new mobs like camels and Sniffer mob in Minecraft encourage you to explore and experience your world in different ways. However, if you’re struggling with your FPS while playing Minecraft or would like extra video settings, this article is for you. In this article, we have covered one of the best optimization mods out there, explaining how to download and install OptiFine in Minecraft 1.20.

    Requirements to Install OptiFine in Minecraft 1.20

    OptiFine doesn’t require insane hardware components, since it helps your computer run Minecraft better, but it does require a couple of programs to be installed. Let’s go over those right here.

    Minecraft Java Edition: You cannot use OptiFine on the Bedrock Edition.

    Java 17: You need to install Java 17 in order to run OptiFine. This is a separate software from the Java used in Minecraft itself. The installation process is shown in the step 7 below.

    Jarfix: You need to install Jarfix in order to run OptiFine. The installation process is shown in the step 20.

    This mod is regularly updated to work with the newest Minecraft releases. Follow the guide below to download and install OptiFine in Minecraft 1.20.

    How to Get OptiFine Mod in Minecraft 1.20 1. Download OptiFine

    Follow the link to the official OptiFine download page.

    Wait for about 5 seconds.

    If you don’t have Java 17 installed, you will need to do that next to install OptiFine in Minecraft 1.20. If you do, skip directly to step 20.

    2. Download and Install Java 17

    Follow the link to the official Java website.

    Wait for the download to finish.

    Select JDK 17, Windows (if you are using Windows) and download the x64 Installer.

    Wait for it to download, and open the installer.

    Wait for it to install.

    3. Install Jarfix

    Follow the link to the Jarfix download page.

    There we go. You have successfully installed Java and Jarfix. Now, let’s focus on the OptiFine installation again.

    4. Install OptiFine

    5. Use OptiFine in Minecraft 1.20

    So, you have successfully downloaded and installed OptiFine, now it’s time to tweak the video settings using it! Follow these steps to see all the possibilities you have with this awesome mod.

    Once you are in your Minecraft 1.20 seed, pause the game.

    As you can see, there are far more options available. Feel free to play around with these and choose the ones that suit you most.

    What Is OptiFine? Explained in Brief

    OptiFine is an optimization mod that helps Minecraft 1.20 and other versions run faster, look better and provides the players with several configuration settings. This is the most popular mod in the Minecraft community and for good reasons. Not only does it help with FPS and performance issues, but it completely enhances your gameplay experience.

    You keep seeing Minecraft players zoom in YouTube videos or images of beautiful terrain generations and builds with shaders, and now, it’s possible for you to experience all of that too.

    Update the detailed information about How To Download & Install Nltk On Windows/Mac on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!