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Many who are new to iPhone may want to have a user manual. Back in the day, everything came with a user manual, and some products still do; however, these days, Apple devices and most other computer and mobile devices do not come with a physical guide. There are some options for those wanting a guide for their new device:

You can look at the official iPhone user guide from Apple, which is available online.

You can download a copy of the official user guide onto your iPhone (or other Apple device). With this option, you can view the guide offline.

There are also numerous other websites and books available to help you learn about your new device.

In this article, we will outline how to use each of these options so that you can have the iPhone user guide you want, in the form you want it.

The official Apple iPhone User Guide available online

If you select the Table of Contents link, you will see a variety of topics you can browse. Here is what you will find in a few of these options that are most relevant for new iPhone users:

Your iPhone: Look here if you need to know the basics about your iPhone model. You will find info on the location of the various buttons, the camera features, the SIM tray and the charging port.

Set up and get started: The information in this section will tell you everything you need to know to get your iPhone up and running. You will learn how to turn on your phone, set up cell service, connect to the internet, set up your Apple ID and iCloud and how to set up your email accounts and your contacts.

Basics: There is a variety of information in this section. It would be worth browsing if you are new to iPhone. You may not want or need everything from this section, despite it being titled “Basics.”

Personalize your iPhone: This is where you want to go for information on how to change any of the settings to something you find more suitable. You can find information on how to change sounds, wallpaper and on how to arrange your Home screen.

How to download a copy of Apple’s iPhone User Guide

The one way that Apple gives you to download the iPhone user guide is through Apple Books.

You can follow the link above to the iPhone User Guide webpage, then scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the link, or use this link: download the guide.

If you don’t have Apple Books installed, you will see a message about first installing Apple Books. Tap on Show in App Store, then tap on the download icon for Apple Books from the App Store. Once it is installed, go back and tap on the download link again.

You will see a link to download the user guide in Apple Books. Tap on Get, then use the appropriate authentication method to confirm (Face/Touch ID, etc.).

Now the user guide will be in your Apple Books library (on all your devices).

There is a note next to the download link on the user guide page. It says “where available.” If you have trouble accessing the guide through Apple Books, it’s possible that it isn’t available in your area.

Other ways to find information about using your iPhone Web searches

There is so much information out there on the web (as I am sure you know). If you know exactly what you are searching for, this can be great; just open up your favorite browser and search for your topic. However, it may not be so helpful if your question sounds like, “How do I use this (iPhone) thing?”


There are many books out there. Some are better than others. If you go to Amazon, you can take a look at the ratings to get an idea of whether that book is a good choice. With books, there are a few things to keep in mind:

You don’t want to get an outdated book. Most of the basics remain the same from year to year; however, some things may change.

Some books are written for a specific iPhone model. Most of the information will be relevant to any current model; however, there are some differences. Right now, most of the differences are found between models that have a Home button (iPhone SE models and those prior to iPhone X) and all other iPhone models (such as iPhone 11, 12 or 13).

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Apple Iphone 12 Buyer’S Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Apple iPhone 12 series at a glance

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

The iPhone now comes in four models. In order from least expensive to most expensive, they are the iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Screen sizes vary across models, as do colors, camera configurations, and storage allotments.

All the phones offer 5G connectivity and are available from more than 100 carriers across 30 regions. The company made a big deal about the possibilities of 5G during the launch event.

The iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max are the way to go if you want the best experience, as David found when he reviewed these phones. The iPhone 12 Pro is $150 more than the iPhone 12, but features like the extra 2GB of RAM, 4K 60fps Dolby Vision video, extra camera sensor, LIDAR sensor, and better build quality are worth the surcharge.

On the other hand, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is for anyone who wants a huge display and fantastic battery life. It also has a different camera set up than the 12 Pro, with a much bigger primary camera sensor. However, Android Authority’s Rob Triggs didn’t find a significant quality difference between the two in his camera shootout. The display and battery life are undoubtedly the bigger attractions here.

What other reviewers are saying about the iPhone 12 series

We also summarize what reviewers from other publications say about the iPhone 12 series to give you a complete overview of the phones.

Anand Tech’s Andrei Frumusanu says that in terms of design, “the new iPhone 12 series are definitely a breath of fresh air for Apple’s device lineup.” In his review of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, he also mentions that the iPhone 12 offers a lot more value than its Pro sibling. “You’re still getting an excellent screen, the same performance, almost identical battery life, and otherwise identical everyday camera experience for $200 less,” he says.

On the other hand, Tech Crunch’s Matthew Panzarino says that the iPhone 12 Mini is the most attractive choice in the lineup and isn’t just for those that want a small phone. He says that the “iPhone 12 Mini has no appreciable compromises in feature set from the iPhone 12,” and offers a lot more bang for your buck. You might want the Pro iterations for camera performance, but the Mini is definitely up to the task for everything else.

Video quality on all these iPhones is stellar, but the iPhone 12 Pro Max is nothing short of amazing. 4k 60p video looks super clean from the large main sensor. It is incredibly stable, with true-to-life colors.

The iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max can also shoot Dolby Vision HDR video. HDR video can get much brighter while retaining detail in the highlights. Videos will also look much more similar to what our eyes see in real life as the color range is wider. Unfortunately, there aren’t many monitors that playback Dolby Vision HDR, but you’ll definitely notice the difference if you can compare it with a standard recording.

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Apple iPhone 13 Mini

The small boi gets a second edition.

The smallest of the iPhone 13 models delivers all the basic power of the vanilla iPhone 13 but in a very compact form factor.

See price at Best Buy

See price at Verizon

See price at AT&T

Apple iPhone 13

The vanilla model with all the basics.

The standard iPhone 13 features a similar camera array as last year’s iPhone 12 but has some new design elements, such as a reduced notch.

See price at Best Buy



See price at Apple



See price at Verizon



Apple iPhone 13 Pro

An extra camera lens and other perks up the ante for this model.

If you need something more capable than the vanilla iPhone 13, but don’t want an increase in size, this is the model for you.

See price at Best Buy

See price at Verizon

See price at AT&T

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

The largest of the 2023 models with all the features in tow.

The biggest and best iPhone 13 brings all the bells and whistles. Not only does it have the largest display, but it also has the longest battery life, and every new iPhone feature Apple has up its sleeve.

See price at Best Buy

See price at Verizon

See price at AT&T

Where to buy the Apple iPhone 12

Apple iPhones are generally widely available from a range of retailers. First and foremost, you can order directly from chúng tôi Apple is offering the phones from carriers and unlocked and will ship directly to your house if you wish. Alternatively, you can order for in-store pickup.

Apple also offers the phone via other retailers, including Best Buy. Ordering from Best Buy requires a carrier activation when you checkout, so keep that in mind before placing your order. Pricing depends on your carrier of choice.

If you’d rather buy directly from a carrier, you have that option. AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless all offer the iPhone 12 family with various deals in place.

Top Apple iPhone 12 questions and answers

David Imel / Android Authority

Yes, the entire iPhone 12 series supports 5G. That means different things for different carriers and countries, though. In the United States, all models will support both mmWave and Sub-6 5G connections.

Sadly, no. Apple has carried forward its proprietary Lightning port yet another year.

No, none of the Apple iPhone 12 phones include a headphone jack. Apple hasn’t supported headphone jacks on its phones for years, and that’s not about to change.

Yes! They all include the new MagSafe feature with up to 15W wireless charging. They also can be wirelessly charged with normal methods. It will be a slower charge than you’d see with the MagSafe, though.

Sort of. The new iPhones support one physical SIM card and one eSIM card. However, eSIM support is still spotty across carriers.

No, the Apple iPhone 12 does not have a memory card slot. No iPhone has ever had one.

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini come with 4GB of RAM. You also get the option of either 64, 128, or 256GB of internal storage. The Pro-level iPhones come with 6GB of RAM and the option of 128, 256, or 512GB of internal storage.

Yes, the iPhone 12 has two speakers (earpiece/bottom-firing) that generate high-quality stereo sound.

This depends on the model. The iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 will come in: black, white, red, green, and blue. The iPhone 12 Pro and the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max will come in: silver, gold, Graphite, and Pacific Blue.

Help other readers out by answering these questions about the Apple iPhone 12 series!

Download “The Beginner’s Guide To Os X Mountain Lion”

It doesn’t matter if you are a new user or a seasoned user of Apple’s latest operating system – Mac OS X Mountain Lion. In this ebook, “The Beginner’s Guide to OS X Mountain Lion“, you will learn all you need to know about OS X Mountain Lion. Grab it now!

Written by Charnita Fance, this 79-page ebook contains tips from getting around your Mac, to mastering the keyboard and trackpad, managing your apps, getting social in your Mac, and many more tips and tricks for you to get the most out of OS X Mountain Lion.

Specifically, you will find information on:

Setting up your Mac

Getting Around Your Mac

Mastering the Keyboard and Trackpad

Managing Your Apps

Notable Features in Mountain Lion

Getting Social


Getting the Most Out of Mountain Lion


Damien Oh started writing tech articles since 2007 and has over 10 years of experience in the tech industry. He is proficient in Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS, and worked as a part time WordPress Developer. He is currently the owner and Editor-in-Chief of Make Tech Easier.

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How To Use Boto3 To Download An Object From S3 Using Aws Resource?

Problem Statement − Use boto3 library in Python to download an object from S3 at a given local path/default path with overwrite existing file as true. For example, download chúng tôi from Bucket_1/testfolder of S3.

Approach/Algorithm to solve this problem

Step 1 − Import boto3 and botocore exceptions to handle exceptions.

Step 2 − From pathlib, import Path to check filename

Step 3 − s3_path, localpath and overwrite_existing_file are the three parameters in the function download_object_from_s3

Step 4 − Validate the s3_path is passed in AWS format as s3://bucket_name/key. By default, localpath = None and overwrite_existing_file = True. User can pass these values as well to download in a given local path

Step 5 − Create an AWS session using boto3 library.

Step 6 − Create an AWS resource for S3.

Step 7 − Split the S3 path and perform operations to separate the root bucket name and the object path to download.

Step 8 − Check whether overwrite_existing_file set as False and the file already exists in a given local path; in that case don’t do any operation.

Step 9 − Else (if any of these conditions are not true), download the object. If localpath is given, download there; else download into default path.

Step 10 − Handle the exception based on response code to validate whether the file is downloaded or not.

Step 11 − Handle the generic exception if something went wrong while downloading the file.


Use the following code to download a file from AWS S3 −

import boto3 from botocore.exceptions import ClientError from pathlib import Path def download_object_from_s3(s3path, localPath=None, overwrite_existing_file=True):    if 's3://' not in s3path:       print('Given path is not a valid s3 path.')       raise Exception('Given path is not a valid s3 path.')    session = boto3.session.Session()    s3_resource = session.resource('s3')    s3_tokens = s3path.split('/')    bucket_name = s3_tokens[2]    object_path = ""    filename = s3_tokens[len(s3_tokens) - 1]    print('Filename: ' + filename)       for tokn in range(3, len(s3_tokens) - 1):          object_path += s3_tokens[tokn] + "/"       object_path += filename    else:       object_path += filename    print('object: ' + object_path)    try:       if not overwrite_existing_file and Path.is_file(filename):          pass       else:          if localPath is None:             s3_resource.meta.client.download_file(bucket_name, object_path, filename)          else:             s3_resource.meta.client.download_file(bucket_name, object_path, localPath + '/' + filename)       print('Filename: ' + filename)       return filename    except ClientError as error:       if error.response['Error']['Code'] == '404':          print(s3path + " File not found: ")          raise Exception(s3path + " File not found: ")    except Exception as error:       print("Unexpected error in download_object function of s3 helper: " + error.__str__())       raise Exception("Unexpected error in download_object function of s3 helper: " + error.__str__()) #Download into default localpath print(download_object_from_s3("s3://Bucket_1/testfolder/")) #Download into given path print(download_object_from_s3("s3://Bucket_1/testfolder/","C://AWS")) #File doesn’t exist in S3 print(download_object_from_s3("s3://Bucket_1/testfolder/")) Output #Download into default localpath Filename: object: testfolder/ Filename: #Download into given path Filename: object: testfolder/ Filename: #File doesn’t exist in S3 Filename: object: testfolder/ s3://Bucket_1/testfolder/ File not found: botocore.exceptions.ClientError: An error occurred (404) when calling the HeadObject operation: Not Found

Note: The default path to download is the directory where this function is written. In the same directory, file will be downloaded if local path is not provided.

For example, if this function is written into S3_class and this class is present at C://AWS/src/S3_class, then file chúng tôi will be downloaded into C://AWS/src/

How To Download And Install Ios 17 Developer Beta On Iphone

Apple has finally announced iOS 17 at the WWDC23. Though the latest update has been announced, it will start rolling out to users after the iPhone 15 launch event that will be held in September or October. Just like us, if you can’t wait to get your hands on the latest iOS 17 then you can install iOS 17 beta on your iPhone. 

Apple has released the developer beta of iOS 17, whereas the public beta and the public stable update of iOS 17 will be released later this fall. You can download and install the iOS 17 developer beta version on your iPhone and try all of its new features. Here’s how you can do it. 

Download and Install iOS 17 Beta on iPhone

First and foremost, make sure to check off the important requirement.

iOS 17 Compatible Devices

You need to ensure that you have an iPhone that is compatible with iOS 17. Given below is the list of all the iPhones that will get the iOS 17 update-

iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max

iPhone 11, iPhone 11Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max

iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max

iPhone SE 2, and iPhone SE 3

Sadly, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X have been left out of iOS 17.

How To Download And Install iOS 17 Beta?

If you have a compatible iPhone that will be getting the iOS 17 update then you can install iOS 17 Beta on it. Apple has made installing beta updates easier than before. Users can directly download and install the iOS beta updates from the Software Update section.

Fully Back Up Your iPhone for an Extra Layer of Protection

Before going to install iOS 17 Beta, you must back up your iPhone. This will help you restore your device if any issue occurs when installing the update.

Use a certified USB cable to connect your iPhone and your Mac or Windows PC.

Open the Finder/iTunes and then select your iPhone. 

If you want to encrypt the data, be sure to check the box for Encrypt local backup before hitting the Back Up option.

Download And Install iOS 17 Beta

Once you have the backed up your device, you can start installing iOS 17 by following the steps mentioned below-

Head into the Settings on your iPhone.

Scroll down to find General and select it.

Next, tap on Software Update. 

Next up, tap on Beta Updates. 

On the next screen, select iOS 17 Developer Beta. 

Head back to the Software Update screen and you will now see iOS 17 Developer Beta update on your screen. 

Tap on Download and Install to start installing the iOS 17 beta update. 

Signing off…

The above steps should help you download and install iOS 17 beta update on your iPhone. Do note that if you have an unsupported iPhone then you won’t see the iOS 17 beta update in the software update section. Having given a thorough look at what iOS 17 has to offer, I must say that it’s a step in the right direction. Feel free to share your thoughts about it as well.

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How To Get Into Fintech: An Ultimate Career Guide For 2023

blog / Finance How to Get Into the Fintech Space: Here’s What You Need to Know

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In the last couple of years, we have heard of plenty of new terms like edtech and fintech doing the rounds on the internet. However, if you dig deeper, fintech, which expands to financial technology, is not exactly a new concept. Its history dates back to the 1880s. It started with cross-border funds transfer, followed by ATMs and online banking. New-age technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence have disrupted the financial sector. They have led to the rise of high-end financial technology that we now know as Fintech 3.0, which includes cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). With the rapid growth of this industry, an increasing number of people want to make a career in this space. The common question that arises is how to get into fintech. 

Words like blockchain, digital banking, cryptocurrency, decentralized banking, and other jargon can sound alien without proper context. However, the financial technology industry is not as daunting as it might seem to an outsider. All you need is relevant skills and in-depth knowledge of the space to make room for yourself in this industry. And this blog is going to be your comprehensive guide on how to get into fintech and navigate your way to a successful career in this field.

What are the Most In-Demand Fintech Roles?

Financial technology professionals come from a wide variety of educational and professional backgrounds. Also, there are many different kinds of roles you can apply for based on your education, past experience, and quantum of transferable skills. You can also get into the legal and regulatory side of this industry by becoming a fintech lawyer or fraud officer. 

According to the Global Fintech Talent Report published by the Robert Walters Group in 2023, the following are the top five in-demand fintech roles:

Product Manager

Software Engineer

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Designer or Developer

Customer Success Professional

Business Analyst

In addition to these core roles, these are the other areas you can explore: 

Data Scientists/Data Analyst/Data Engineer

Fintech Lawyer

Business Operations Manager

Risk and Compliance Manager

Cyber Fraud Investigator


How to Get Into Fintech Roles?

Getting into this industry is not rocket science. But, at the same time, there is no shortcut or secret sauce to breaking into this sector. Instead, one must design a workable plan or strategy to move ahead. Here is your step-by-step guide on how to get into fintech:

Step 1: Acquire In-Demand Fintech Skills

Having an in-demand skill set can give you the initial impetus you need to get into the financial technology space. The most popular skills that are good to have include: 

Machine learning 

Artificial intelligence





Data analytics



Data mining 

Customer experience

In addition to these technical skills, you must also acquire relevant soft skills like interpersonal skills, strong communication skills, leadership skills, flexibility to adapt to a dynamic environment, negotiation, time management, problem-solving skills, and the ability to work well in a team. After all, most companies in this industry are startups and require teamwork as well as an innovative mindset. Please note that the skills you need to acquire will be dictated by the role you aspire to take up. 

Step 2: Stay Updated With Latest Fintech Trends

This industry is a rapidly evolving one. Therefore, it is crucial to keep yourself acquainted with the latest digital trends and innovations in the industry. In addition, knowledge of the latest trends can help you ace fintech job interviews. According to Forbes, the most prominent fintech trends in 2023 you must know are:

Embedded Finance

: A digital technology for non-financial organizations to seamlessly integrate financial technologies.


Web3 is being widely considered the internet of the future. It decentralizes finance using blockchain technology with the coming-of-age digital tokens known as cryptocurrencies.

Super App:

Another trend to revolutionize this industry is a set of apps that will offer various fintech services like making cashless payments, managing investments, transferring funds, and buying insurance.

Step 3: Network With People in the Fintech Industry

Networking is the key to making progress in your career. A resourceful and vast network can do wonders for you, irrespective of the sector. In addition, networking with industry experts helps create an avenue for new growth opportunities. Some of the best ways you can network with professionals in the fintech industry include connecting with people on LinkedIn, attending fintech events or conferences, attending job fairs, and reaching out to people in your college alum clubs.

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Step 4: Create a Stellar Resume

Now, here comes the most crucial part of getting into the fintech sector. Drafting an impressive resume is the key to getting fintech jobs. You must highlight your experience and knowledge of fintech in your resume. Another essential thing to remember is to create a resume that’s compliant with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). You must add any particular educational qualification, diplomas, or online certificate courses in fintech you have to your resume.

Step 5: Make a List of the Top Fintech Companies

Once you have gained knowledge and skills, you are ready to set foot in the fintech space. The best way to start is to research and create a list of top fintech startups and fintech companies. According to Robert Walters’ Report, New York City and San Francisco Bay Area have the highest number of fintech job opportunities in the US. There are over 1,100 active fintech firms in New York City and over 700 firms in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Some popular fintech companies where you can apply are Coinbase, Stripe, iCapital Network, Capchase, and Ethos. You can also look for opportunities in financial institutions like Bank of America, Citi Group, JP Morgan Chase and Co., and more.

Step 6: Do Internships in the Finance Space

If you are a fresher or a student wondering how to get into fintech, consider looking for internships in the fintech sector. You can apply for internships at fintech startups. It will help you gain practical experience about how things function in the industry. The plus point is that you can add all such internship experiences to your CV.

Step 7: Send Cold Emails for Jobs

Cold emailing for jobs and internships is highly underrated. It is one of the most effective strategies to secure a career in this evolving space. Start by shortlisting the fintech companies or startups where you want to work. The next step is to research the company and its work and tell them how you can be a good fit for the organization. Cold emailing often takes time to show results. However, persistence is the virtue required here. Make sure to send follow-up emails to let people know how much you are interested in working at the organization.

Step 8: Write Blogs, Create a YouTube Channel, or Start a Podcast

You need to step out of your comfort zone to achieve something extraordinary. The same goes for a career in this upcoming industry. It would help if you considered going the extra mile to get into fintech. Try working on a blog, create a fintech podcast, or a YouTube channel that talks of related topics. It will help you stay updated with the latest fintech trends and add value to your CV. Moreover, out-of-the-box ideas will offer you a competitive edge and boost your chances of landing a fintech job. 

Step 9: Gain Specialization in Fintech

A key step to kickstarting your career is getting a degree in finance or technology. Most fintech companies prefer a computer science degree for technical roles like software engineer and UI/UX management. However, for non-technical roles, companies prefer a degree in management or finance. You can explore online courses in fintech from the world’s best universities at Emeritus

According to Global Fintech Index City Rankings 2023, the US has consistently been reported as the top country with the highest number of fintech innovations and fintech jobs in the past couple of years. However, despite the vast number of jobs in the US fintech industry, there is a significant shortage of talented fintech resources. As a result, fintech companies and startups are actively looking for skilled professionals. So now is the best time to give your fintech career a head start. However, if you have no experience in finance or tech and are wondering how to get into fintech, or if you want to enhance your knowledge and learn new skills, check out the wide range of fintech courses offered by Emeritus. 

By Sneha Chugh 

Write to us at [email protected]

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