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Relationship building with a giant, remote, hugely powerful company.  Who really wants to have to do that? Cultivating relationships with real live people is difficult enough. But every business that has a website is in constant relationship building mode with the giant, remote, hugely powerful company called Google. What does that tell you? It’s a pretty lopsided relationship. There’s Google, then there’s the rest of us. Google is not devoted to you. Not at all. So save your relationship building tactics for someone that cares! Break up and move on, right?

What’s the alternative? Bing? Yahoo? C’mon, you don’t want to settle for second best. Or third. Google is IT and you have to work on this relationship building and figure out how to make it work. Relationship building with Google is a necessary part of life for all businesses, large and small.

The thing is, Google has the power to break up with you! And they will if you don’t play by the rules. You do not want that! Once that relationship with Google is damaged, getting back in requires a whole new level of relationship building that is usually beyond the capabilities of an SEO amateur.

What could make Google break up with you? It’s pretty simple!

  • Play games – Google is allowed to play games but you are not. Don’t bother trying to get away with things that can cause a rift between you and Google. Not knowing the rules or saying Google’s rules are too vague…useless. Blaming your SEO provider doesn’t work either. It is incumbent upon you to know what your SEO provider is up to! I cannot say enough about the importance of transparency and accountability when it comes to SEO services. Look for an SEO provider that will write quality content, show you that content and verify publication of that content.

      1. Shun Content Marketing – Google is often vague about what it wants but when it comes to content marketing, it is crystal clear. Content marketing, done well, is one of the best Google relationship building tactics there is! So do it well and do it often. If you aren’t capable of writing great content and following through with content placement, find someone to do it for you. If you have to pay someone to do it for you, it’s money well spent. Content Marketing is a necessary part of having a solid presence on the web.

        Speaking of content marketing: On the agenda at the March 2013 SES conference in NYC: “Screw Link Building, it’s Called Relationship Building”

        At first, I thought the session was about relationship building with Google but the synopsis of this session says nothing about Google. It’s about relationship building for guest blogging:

        Guest blogging is a great way to get both links and content, but bloggers are inundated with emails for pitches. To find and reach prospects before your competitors do, stop focusing on the link and start focusing on the relationship.

        While it’s true that relationship building for guest blogging is important, we must not discount the importance of quality, relevant link building. Link building is still critical for SEO. But what this means is getting a link from a guest blog does not have to be the only goal or even the primary goal. Content marketing can be a means to an end but most of the time, a blogger will give you a link to your website. Maybe not an anchor text link, but a link nevertheless. So work on your relationship building with relevant bloggers and website owners who can post your quality content. And when you do that, Google may give you a little love.

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        How To Start Investing In Cryptocurrency In 3 Easy Steps

        Dogecoin (DOGE) is a peer-to-peer, open-source digital currency and takes inspiration from the famous “doge” meme.

        The number of people involved in cryptocurrency continues to increase. Why stay behind? The market has increased in value dramatically since its inception, you do not want to miss the lifetime opportunity to become a crypto millionaire.

        How To Start Investing

        The world of crypto trading can be scary and choosing your best investment can turn out to be overwhelming. But not necessarily! The good news is that you can follow the tips of successful investors. Like everything else in life, there are golden rules to the art of trading digital currency. The most important ones, according to crypto millionaires, concern choosing the right coin and the right timing. Find below three easy tactics to minimise risk and generate revenue.  

        Choose Your Investment Wisely Profit With Dogecoin (DOGE)’s Popularity

        This cryptocurrency is considered an altcoin, a sarcastic meme coin and a community-driven token as it operates as the governing token of the platform. After launching, the DOGE Token had limited value but as of today, the token has successfully established its place as one of the top ten biggest coins by market cap. But the coin is not just popular because of the mem. Dogecoin is famously supported by Billionaire Elon Musk who continues as a consistent supporter.  

        Invest in Mushe (XMU)’s Presale

        Currently, in its presale stage, Mushe (XMU) has made big headlines and is being coveted by every investor. It is concerned with improving user experience as well as popularising blockchain adoption by increasing accessibility of digital assets for the everyday investor. More so, the creators express concern about educating the average citizen on digital currencies and financial management. The governing token is the XMU coin and is a decentralised token which facilitates peer to peer interaction, rewards and governance. The token possesses a very relevant role in the ecosystem and assures exchange liquidity. The platform has plenty of digital assets you can acquire and invest in. These include a Mushe Wallet, Mushe DeFi, Mushe Chat, Mushe Verse and Mushe NFTs. But Mushe has big plans for the future. It will be joining the fastest growing ecosystem for NFTs, P2E gaming and more.

        You Cannot Go Wrong With Crypto Legend, Ethereum (ETH)

        Ether is currently the second largest currency in the crypto market, just after Bitcoin. It is the utility token of the Ethereum network which is a decentralised open-source blockchain system with smart contract functionality. The platform mainly provides digital money, global payments, and applications but investors are grateful that Ethereum managed to popularise Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and many other innovative features. As such, Ethereum is the market-leading coin for decentralisation and security in the cryptosphere with a highly-anticipated upgrade that will make it even more scalable, secure, and sustainable. Successful from its beginning, its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) sold more than 60 million coins and raised $2.3 million during its presale. The Ethereum (ETH) price today is $2.932,12 with a live market cap of $353.7 Million. As seen, you do not need to be a crypto expert or even a market analyst to predict which coins are set to dominate the crypto sphere in the future. Investing in the right coins will save you the risk and the money, this is why Dogecoin, Mushe and Ethereum are the hottest coins right now for those who want to generate massive profits and double their wallets.  

        Join Mushe’s Presale:


        How To Delete Layers In Procreate (3 Quick Steps)

        I’m Carolyn and I’ve been using Procreate to run my digital illustration business for over three years. This means I am very familiar with the ins and outs of all things Procreate, including how to get rid of mistakes and errors.

        This feature of the Procreate app is probably one of the first things you need to learn in order to be able to effectively manage each of your canvases. This is a quick and easy way to delete a full layer at once instead of erasing and having to undo multiple actions.

        Note: Screenshots are taken from Procreate on iPadOS 15.5.

        Key Takeaways

        You can delete layers individually or multiple layers at once.

        Deleting a layer is faster than manually erasing the contents of a layer.

        You can easily undo the deletion of a layer.

        How to Delete Layers in Procreate in 3 Steps

        This is a very simple process so once you learn it once, you will begin to do it without even thinking. Here’s how:

        Step 2: Using your finger or stylus, swipe your layer to the left. You will now have three different options to choose from: Lock, Duplicate or Delete. Tap on the red Delete option.

        Step 3: Your layer will now be removed from your layers dropdown menu and will no longer be visible.

        How to Delete Multiple Layers at Once

        You can also delete more than one layer at a time and it’s also a quick and easy process. Here’s how:

        Step 1: Open your canvas and select the Layers icon in the top right-hand corner. Swipe right on each layer you want to delete. Swiping right on a layer will select it. You will know a layer is selected when it is highlighted in blue.

        Step 2: Once each of the layers you wish to delete has been selected, tap on the Delete option at the top right-hand corner of your Layers drop-down menu. Procreate will ask you to confirm if you wish to delete the selected layers. Tap on the red Delete option to complete the task.

        How to Undo a Deleted Layer

        Oops, you accidentally swiped the wrong layer and it’s now vanished from your canvas. This can be fixed easily by either double-finger tapping the canvas once or tapping on the backward arrow on your sidebar.

        3 Reasons for Deleting Layers

        There are many reasons why you would need to delete an entire layer. I have outlined a couple of reasons why I personally use this feature:

        1. Space

        Depending on the dimensions and size of your canvas, you will have a maximum limit on the number of layers you can have within one project. So deleting or merging layers is a great way to free up space for new layers within your canvas.

        2. Speed

        Swiping left and tapping the delete option only takes a couple of seconds. However, if you were to go backward or manually erase everything within a layer, this can take a much longer amount of time and isn’t a time-efficient way of removing the contents of a layer.

        3. Duplicates

        I often duplicate layers, especially text layers, when creating shadows or three-dimensional writing in my artwork. So deleting layers really allows me to duplicate and delete layers easily without having to manually erase the contents or run out of layers to work with.


        This is quite a straightforward topic but there can be a lot of components linked to this tool as well. Below I have briefly answered some of the frequently asked questions on this topic.

        How to delete layers in Procreate Pocket?

        You can follow the exact same method above to delete layers in Procreate Pocket. Simply swipe left on a layer and tap on the red delete option. You can also delete multiple layers at once in Procreate Pocket too.

        How to select multiple layers in Procreate?

        To select multiple layers, swipe right on each layer you wish to select. Each layer selected will be highlighted in blue. 

        Where is the Layers menu in Procreate?

        You can find the Layers menu in the top right-hand corner of your canvas. The icon looks like two staggered square boxes and should be located to the left of your active color disc.

        What to do If I reached the maximum number of layers?

        This is a very common challenge if your artwork consists of multiple layers. You will have to search through your layers and try to find ones that are blank, duplicates, or layers that can be merged together in order to free up some space for new layers in your canvas.

        Is there a trash folder to view recently deleted layers?

        No. Procreate does not have a recently deleted or recycle bin location where you can go and view recently deleted layers within the app. So always make sure you are 100% certain before deleting a layer.


        This is one of the basic yet most crucial features of learning how to use Procreate because it is such a commonly used tool. It’s a very simple and time-effective way to quickly remove a layer from your canvas without having to manually delete a layer’s contents. 

        If you are like me and frequently find yourself running out of layers in a project, this tool can be extremely useful to manage the number of layers in each artwork. And once you do it once, it’s like riding a bike. And don’t forget, you can always ‘undo’ if you make a mistake!

        How To Evaluate Guest Blog Post Prospects In Five Easy Steps

        A few days ago, we were asked by one of our clients whether it’s worth his time to write a guest post for a blogger who had recently reached out to him via Twitter. Guest blogging is a great way to engage with new audiences, establish yourself as a thought leader, and hopefully acquire a quality inbound link or two. That said, not all blogs are created equal, and with time being a scarce resource — especially for small business owners — it’s important to ensure that you’re getting a positive return on your investment. To make the decision process a bit easier, I wanted to highlight some of the things to look for in a blog when evaluating whether it’s a high-value prospect for a guest post.

        Reader Engagement Social Shares

        HubSpot Blog Post; Notice Social Sharing Buttons in the Left Sidebar

        Number of Subscribers

        A high number of RSS and email subscribers is generally a good proxy for determining whether the blog contains quality, actionable content. You can check how many subscribers the blog has via Google Reader, just search for the blog’s name in the feed URL text field. Note, however, that this number may be an underestimation, as it does not include the people who use RSS readers other than Google Reader. It’s always a fair game to ask the blog owner to provide you with his subscriber count (if it’s high, he’ll be happy to do so).

        Backlink Profile

        How much are people linking to the main blog homepage, and to individual posts? Again, a high number of inbound links is a good indicator that other people perceive the blog to be a reliable and quality source of information, i.e. exactly the type of blog where you’d want your own content featured. You can check backlink data using SEOmoz’s free Open Site Explorer. The SEOmoz blog, for example, has incoming links from more than 3,500 root domains, i.e. unique websites. Ideally, you should aim to get your post featured on a well-established blog that’s able to attract a high number of natural links. What constitutes “high number” is in the eye of the beholder, but as a point of reference, note that the SEOmoz blog is ranked no. 13 on the Ad Age Power 150 list, a highly authoritative list of marketing blogs.

        Post Quality — Do the posts have compelling, clear, and actionable headlines? Are they free of grammar and spelling mistakes? Do they incorporate images, section subheadings to break down chunks of text, and calls to action? For high-quality posts, these features are an absolute must. For a more comprehensive list of what makes a good blog post, see our most recent article on the topic, 10 Elements of a Highly Effective Blog.

        How To Level Up On Steam Quick And Easy

        Steam has created a great platform for showcasing players’ profiles. Leveling up allows you to personalize your account with various customization such as backdrops, a larger friend list, showcasing rare items, and many more.

        Collect trading cards and craft them into badges or take part in Steam community events that will give you XP to level up your profile. If you want to level up fast, you also need to learn the tools of transactions.

        What item to buy and what item to sell. Learning such tips will lead you ahead in leveling fast. 

        How to Level Up on Steam? What Should I Do to Level Up?

        You should craft badges a lot. Crafting badges will give you 100XP, and now you are 1 level up. 

        You will require 1000 XP to reach level 10, which means ten badges to reach level 10. After that, the requirement of each level changes to 200 XP. 

        Level XPBadges1 – 1010001010 -2024002024 -3030003030 – 4040004040 -50500050

        How Do I Craft Badges?

        To craft badges, you need trading cards. Trading cards are the game cards that are dropped by games. There are a total of five trading cards you need to collect in order to craft a single badge. Follow these guidelines to craft your trading cards. 

        Use Trading Cards to Level Up.

        There are two cards to craft: Regular and Foil. Don’t buy foil cards. They are expensive and can be identified by their silver background frame. Foil cards can only be crafted once, giving you 100 XP, whereas regular cards can be crafted up to five times. Giving you a total of 500 XP. So always keep regular duplicate cards.

        How to Level Up Without Playing Games?

        What If I don’t have any cards and don’t want to spend hours playing games. There are other alternatives to level up. After all, grinding on games to level up is a slow process, so Steam has made other options for you to level up without playing any games.

        Here are some tools of transaction for you to trade, buy and sell items on Steam.

        Steam Marketplace

        You can buy and sell cards at Steam Marketplace. Search for any cards you want to buy but remember that you need to buy five of the same game cards to craft them into badges for 100 XP.  

        If you don’t want to hassle much and want to go straight up buying bundles, is your solution. You can sort cards by their price and buy the cheapest of them all. 

        How to Efficiently Buy and Sell. 

        Below are the tips and tricks to keep in mind before buying and selling. Following these guidelines will effectively level up your steam profile. 

        If you got any foil cards, you can sell them at a higher price and buy a bundle of regular cards.

        Selling unwanted cards on the steam marketplace is also easy. You can mark your price and put them on the marketplace for people to view and buy them. 

        You will receive three random items every time you craft a badge. You can sell those items and buy more cards to craft more badges from that money.

        What Are Booster Packs?

        Booster packs are like mystery chests which, upon opening them, will give you three random cards. Booster packs can be bought on Steam Marketplace or with gems. 

        You can also turn unwanted and unsellable items into gems and use them to buy booster packs. However, it is a long process to collect gems and sometimes not worth it. According to the game’s popularity, booster packs may cost you from 400 to 1200 gems. 

        Are there other Alternatives to Level up?

        In fact, there are many ways you can level up your steam account. Below are the things you can do to level up fast.

        Steam Community to earn XP.

        Complete various tasks and achievements to earn a total of 500 XP.

        Tasks such as buying the first game, crafting badges for the first time, Converting items into gems, and many more.

        Collecting Games.

        Steam also gives XP badges in the form of the number of games you have on your account. You can now earn XP by achieving a certain milestone set by Steam. Just having a game on your account will give you XP rewards. Collect as many free games as you can to collect XP. 

        NameNumber of gamesXPOne-Stop shopper1 to 4100Selected Collector5 to 9125Adept Accumulator 10 to 24150Sharp-Eyed Stockpiler25 to 49200Collection Agent50 to 99250Power Play100 to 249325

        Participating in Events.  

        Events are held with game updates, tournaments, and many more. Participating in such events will give you event badges. Different event badges have different XP, with the lowest of 100XP. Steam sale events will be displayed on the front page of the Steam store. 

        Years of Service.

        Steam will also reward you with 50XP per year. There is a total of 14 badges you can earn. Every next year, you will earn an additional 50 XP.

        Years of serviceXPYear 150Year 2100Year 3150Year 4200Year 5250Year 6300Year 7350Year 8400Year 9450

        The Steam Sales.

        Sales such as summer and winter sales, Halloween events, and Black Friday. Some last two days, such as Black Friday, whereas Summer and winter sales last up to two weeks. You can view steam sales on the Steam store page. There are five different badges, with each giving you 100XP. Complete each required task, and you will receive a total of 500 XP.

        How To Install Git On Mac (3 Easy Methods)

        As an aspiring programmer, you must be acquainted with a version control system. It helps you effectively organize the code collaboratively with other programmers to track and minimize errors. Git is one such open-source version control system.

        In this article, I’ll help you better understand Git and show how to install it on your Mac, along with a few tricks to get you started. For this, you’re obviously going to need a machine that runs macOS and access to the Terminal or command line.

        Let’s get learning!

        What is Git?

        Like I mentioned above, Git is a version control system. It lets coders and developers collaborate on a project more efficiently while also allowing them to work independently without interfering in each other’s code.

        Git helps coders to monitor any changes in a codebase, collaborate with ease, and prevent code-clashing. It also tracks the project’s development, allowing users to see how it evolved. It is super helpful for community projects.

        You can install Git on your system and communicate through it. Let’s see how!

        3 Best ways to install Git on your Mac

        There are plenty of methods to go about this. If you’ve got Xcode installed on your Mac, you should already have a version of Git on your system. However, this version of Git may not be the latest.

        If you’re wondering how to install Git on Mac without Xcode or how to install Git manually, we’ve got you covered.

        Note: To confirm Git’s installation, open Terminal, and type git --version after installing it using any of the methods below.

        Installing Git on macOS with the stand-alone installer

        Tim Harper developed an official stand-alone installer for Mac, available on SourceForge. It is the easiest way to get Git on macOS without getting into technicalities. Follow the steps below.

        That’s it! You have now successfully installed Git on your Mac.

        However, many users reported issues with this installer package, especially for macOS X Snow Leopard. If you, too, are facing issues, check the following method using brew.

        How to install Git on Mac using Homebrew

        Homebrew is a trusted software management system that simplifies installing useful third-party apps on macOS. If you have Homebrew installed on your Mac, follow the below steps. If you don’t, check our guide on how to install Homebrew.

        Note: You can also install Git on M1 Mac using Homebrew, but you should be aware that some packages are still not optimized for the ARM chipset.

        Open Terminal (Press command + spacebar to launch Spotlight → type Terminal → hit Terminal in the search result).

        Next, enter the following command in Terminal to install Git – brew install git

        Once done, verify it.

        Install Git on macOS with GitHub Desktop

        If you want to install Git on macOS without Homebrew, get it from the GitHub Desktop. This is another easy way.

        Many people also asked me, “How to run Git on Mac after installation?” Hence, below are some commands that will help you get Git up and running.

        A few tricks to get you started on Git

        Let’s take a look at some tricks to kickstart Git. Firstly, configure Git with your credentials to submit code and track your projects. Here’s how to do this.

        There you go. You’re now set up to track and commit changes on Github.

        Here’s a list of basic commands that you must know to navigate Git.

        git-helpTo learn more about Git commands and subcommands.git-initTo create a new, empty Git repository or initialize the old one again.git-addTo add file contents to the index.git-rmTo delete files from the index and working tree.git-commitTo make changes in the repo.git-diffTo display changes in commits.git-logTo view commit logs.git-fetchTo view changes from another repo without integrating them into your repo.git-branchTo create, delete, or see all your repo branches.git-switchTo navigate between different branches.git-cloneTo clone the repo.git-describe Name an object for easy differentiation.git-gcTo remove unnecessary files from the chúng tôi pullTo make changes from another repo to your chúng tôi pushTo change and update the repo for others to pull.

        Now that you’ve learned how to install git on your Mac system, and know the basics of starting up, get started on coding, creating branches, managing projects, and more.

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