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If you haven’t enabled Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) protection for your Apple account yet, you’re wholeheartedly recommended to do so at your earliest convenience.

Just to be clear right from the start, Two-Factor Authentication is different from Two-Step Verification, which is the older, less secure method built directly into iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan.

Without 2FA active, a nefarious party that manages to get hold of your Apple ID password can access your contacts, calendars, notes, emails and other private information, see your synced photos, browse your iCloud files and so forth.

And believe me, those Apple ID security questions are not bullet-proof: a rogue user might be able to figure out your Apple ID password relatively easily through social engineering and by other means.

TUTORIAL: How to turn on and use 2FA

With 2FA, your Apple ID user name and password (something you know) are not enough to access Apple services: every login from a new device must be authorized further with the ephemeral six-digit code that gets automatically pushed and displayed on your trusted devices (something you own).

With 2FA enabled, your Apple ID account, iCloud data and other Apple services can only be accessed on devices you own and trust, like your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and so forth.

Because your password alone is no longer enough to access your account, 2FA dramatically improves the security of your Apple ID and all the personal information you store with Apple.

You can turn on 2FA on iOS 10.3 or later in Settings → [your name] → Password & Security → Turn On Two-Factor Authentication or in Settings → iCloud → your Apple ID → Password & Security → Turn On Two-Factor Authentication If you’re using iOS 10.2 or earlier.

To turn on 2FA on your Mac, go to System Preferences → iCloud → Account Details → Security → Turn on Two-Factor Authentication.

You might be asked to answer your Apple ID security questions.

2FA gives your Apple ID an extra layer of security

2FA requires that you provide your Apple ID user name, password and a verification code every time you log in to iCloud and other Apple services like iMessage on a new device or browser.

But what if  you no longer have access to any of your trusted devices and/or your 2FA Recovery Key? Wouldn’t that lock you out of your Apple ID forever? Not quite because 2FA can also authorize your identity with a verification code sent to a trusted phone number.

TROUBLESHOOTER: Unable to sign in or reset your Apple ID password when using 2FA

Using a trusted number, 2FA can verify your identity with a test message or phone call.

When setting up 2FA for the first time, you’ll need to verify at least one phone number to enroll in it. If you already use 2FA, you can easily verify additional phone numbers for 2FA.

Having a trusted phone number on your Apple ID gives you a fallback for those situations when all of your trusted devices might be temporarily offline (or, worse, stolen or destroyed).

How to add a trusted phone number for 2FA

You can easily manage your trusted phone numbers, as well as trusted devices for 2FA and other account information, right from the Apple ID account page.

To add a trusted phone number to your Apple ID for 2FA verification, do the following:

2) Sign in with your Apple ID user name and password.

5) Choose your country from a popup menu.

6) Type in the mobile phone number you’d like to use with 2FA.

Avoid prefixing your phone number with a country code because you already chose your country in the previous step. As an example, if your US phone number is (408) 974-2042, just type it in as-is without using the international variant +1 (408) 974-2042.

7) Choose how you’d like to be verified.

To avoid complications, you’re wholeheartedly recommended to avoid registering your Skype number or your Google number (as part of the Google Voice service) with 2FA.

2FA and SMS security

“SMS is just not the best way to do this,” warns security researcher and forensics expert Jonathan Zdziarski. “It’s depending on your mobile phone as a means of authentication in a way that can be socially engineered out of your control.”

— iDownloadBlog (@iDownloadBlog) April 26, 2023

SMS is the weakest link in two-step logins. For instance, a rogue party might call up your carrier and impersonate you to convince support to redirect your text messages to their SIM card.

Zdziarski explains:

SMS has turned that ‘something you have’ into ‘something they sent you. If that transaction is happening, it can be intercepted. And that means you’re potentially at some level of risk.

Besides, various authoritarian governments might be tempted to hijack the SMS messages that a political dissident might need to verify their identity with Apple’s 2FA system.

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How To Enable Trusted Contacts Feature On Facebook

No matter how strong your password is or how many security measures you take, there is still a chance of getting your account compromised. Facebook recently introduced a new feature known as the Trusted Contacts that will help users recover their account data.

Facebook now allows users to select three to five people as Trusted Contacts who can help the user get access to his/her Facebook account through a set of security codes. All they have to do is visit a secure link after logging in to their account and they will be asked if it’s really you who is trying to access the account.

After confirmation, the contact will be shown a security code to be shared with you. Simply enter the codes from all the contacts you added to your Trusted Contacts list and add them into the recovery page option.

How to Enable Trusted Contacts on Facebook

You will be asked to enter your password as confirmation.

The people you will add to the Trusted Contacts list will be sent an email as well as a notification on Facebook that you have added them as a trusted contact. There is no option for the recipient to accept or reject this.

Later, if you decide to change the list of people you added to the Trusted Contacts, you can do so from the same security settings mentioned above.

It should be noted that this feature is not yet available for every Facebook user and is still new. Hopefully, you will be able one of the users to receive the Trusted Contacts recovery option in case your account becomes compromised.

Is it Really Useful?

There are a lot of arguments both for and against this feature. Most importantly, how can you be one-hundred percent sure that the person you added to your Trusted Contacts list will not try to access your account? This may not be the most convenient method to recover your account. But personally, I think if you have Two-Factor Authentication on your Facebook account, it will be safe. In the end it’s up to you to decide whether it can be helpful to you or not.


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How To Insert Page Numbers In Excel Worksheets

If your work involves printing your excel worksheets, it’s a good idea to insert page numbers in it.

Inserting page numbers in Excel takes a little more work as compared with other Microsoft applications such as Word or PowerPoint.

Watch Video – How to Insert Page Numbers in Excel

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to insert page numbers in Excel worksheets.

How to Insert Page Numbers in Excel using the using the Page Layout View.

Insert Page Numbers in Excel Using the Page Setup Dialogue Box.

Start Page Numbering with the Desired Number.

Change the Order in which pages are numbered.

Remove Page Numbers from the Excel Worksheets.

If you want to insert page numbers in all the pages of a worksheet, using the page layout view is the fastest way to do it.

Here is how to do this:

This will insert a code


in the box.

Note that these page numbers are visible only in the Page Layout view. You would not see it when you go back to the normal view. If you print the worksheet, the page numbers also get printed.

Have a Different First Page Footer

You may want to have a different text in the footer on the first page, and regular page numbers of other pages. For example, on the first page, you may want to have Company’s name/website or copyright info along with the page number.

Here is how to do this:

While in the Page Layout view, select the footer box in the first page where you want to insert the text.

Enter the text that you want to display on the first page only. Let’s say, I want to show my website name in this case.

Now, whatever you have entered in the first page would only be visible on the first page and rest all the pages would show page numbers.

Have Different Odd and Even Pages Footer

If you want to have different page numbers for odd and even pages, you can easily do this using the inbuilt settings.

For example, you may not want to show page numbers on even pages.

Here is how to do this:

Go to View and select Page Layout view.

Scroll down and select the footer where you want to insert the page numbers in Excel.

You can also insert page numbers in Excel using the page setup dialogue box.

Here is how to do this:

This will open the Page Set dialogue box.

In the Page Setup dialogue box, select the Header/Footer tab.

In the Footer drop-down, select Page 1 of ? option. You will see the output format right below the drop-down.

This will instantly insert page numbers in Excel. If you want to insert page numbers in on the active worksheet only, follow the above steps. If you want to insert page numbers in multiple worksheets, select all the worksheets (hold the SHIFT key and select the worksheet tabs) and then follow the above steps.

If you are printing a report which is a continuation of some other report, or which is a part of some the overall report, you may want to begin page numbers with a different number (instead of 1).

To do this:

This will open the Page Set dialogue box.

In the Page Setup dialogue box, within the Page tab, change the First Page Number field from Auto to the number that you want to show/print.

If you have a large data set, by default, Excel would first insert page numbers to the all the sheets going down, and then move to the right and then number those sheets.

If you want to change the order, you can do this by following the below steps:

This will open the Page Set dialogue box.

In the Page Setup dialogue box, select the Sheet tab and change the page order from Down, then over to Over, the down.

To remove page numbers:

Go to View and select the Page Layout view.

Scroll down and select the footer where you see the page numbers.

You may also like the following Excel tutorials:

How To Add Youtube Hashtags?

Hashtags increase viewership on social media as keywords rank you on Google. Typically, hashtags belonged to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook but nowadays using hashtags in the You Tube videos can be the ticket to increased viewership and subscriber growth.

This post gives you deep insight into what are hashtags and how to use them, etc.

Hashtags act as hyperlinks.

People search You Tube using hashtags as their keywords.

Hashtags help You Tube to better understand your video content.

Besides SEO benefits, hashtags are a convenient and neat way to tie all your channel videos without a playlist for example #brightside, #triggeredinsaan etc.

Tips and strategies for using hashtags

Use Limited hashtags − You Tube permits 15 hashtags so don’t go crazy in adding unlimited, above 15 hashtags are ignored by You Tube.

Use relevant hashtags − Hashtags should relate to your videos otherwise you can get caught by You Tube’s “misleading metadata policy”. Trending hashtags can be tempting but keep in mind that it needs to be closely related to the content of your video.

Try hashtag tools − If you want hashtag ideas some tools like chúng tôi RiteTag, chúng tôi etc help, just type the content of your video, and a list of hashtags will appear to use.

Use best hashtag for You Tube views − The best hashtag for You Tube is a company brand, popular topic and location. Location is entered into a video setting when uploaded from mobile. Location hashtag over rules all other hashtags that have been entered in the description.

Obey You Tube hashtag rules There are several policies to be careful with while writing hashtags some of them are over tagging, misleading content, harassment, sexual content vulgar language etc. These are just a few, for more is the best to review You Tube community guidelines try to follow them otherwise you will end up being penalised or banned.

Research trending You Tube hashtags − as per Creator Academy hashtags works well with trending topics. If you have relevant content for trending topics, and people in news then use them to earn extra visibility for your channel through hashtag search.

Monitor You Tube analytics and modify your hashtags.

How are hashtags added in You Tube videos?

Here is in-depth step by step guide to add hashtags to your videos. Let’s start it −


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Select the video path from your computer by browsing and upload it.

Step 4

Add details screen will open. On this page all title and description hashtags will be added.

Step 5

Add title, description and location. Simply add up to 15 hashtags to the video description, after uploading the first three hashtags will be shown above the video title. When the hashtag is added to the video title, the top three hashtags from the description won’t get displayed above the title. The title hashtag over rules it. Title and description hashtags are hyperlinked.

Step 6

Step 7

Select all your settings for your video, You Tube will perform check for all issues that may restrict visibility and it will check copyright also. Lick Next.

Step 8

Finally publish your video.

Step 9

You are all set to go and rocket up your channel views.

The final You Tube video with title and description hashtag will be −

I hope this step-by-step video and visual shots guide will help you to add hashtags and increase your video views.


Adding hashtags thus increases viewership. If you are not using it, you are losing views. So start adding, it’s an easy and timeless effort to increase your returns.

How To Add Google Analytics To WordPress

Google Analytics is a free comprehensive tool that allows you to track your web traffic and data.

Google Analytics will show you how many people visit your site, individual pages, conversions, and how people interact with your content. This data is critical for the optimization of your website.

There are two types of Google Analytics code.

You may be accustomed to the Google Universal Analytics (UA) code. This is being sunsetted and replaced with Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

GA4 is much more customizable and applies to websites or apps, whereas Google UA can only be applied to websites.

Setting Up Google Analytics On Your Website

The first thing you will want to do is set up your free Google Analytics account.

You will be prompted to sign in with a Gmail account. Once you do that, you will be logged in.

Select the button that says Start Measuring.

The next screen will have you create an account name. You can track more than one site under one account, so you might want to use something broad, such as the name of your business.

Next, you will want to set up properties. This should include the name of your website, the time zone, and the currency used for this business’s location.

The next screen will ask a little bit about your business and how you intend to use Google Analytics.

Next, you will want to set up the data stream.

When adding Google Analytics to a WordPress site, you will want to select “web stream.”

You will next add your site’s URL and the site’s name.

Once you hit the Create Stream button, you will see the stream name, stream URL, stream id, and measurement id.

The measurement id is what you will use to add to your website.

Adding Google Analytics To Your WordPress Website

There are three different ways to add Google Analytics to any WordPress site.

The best option for you will depend on your comfort level with making changes to your website code.

The first option uses a WordPress plugin to add Google Analytics to your website without requiring coding.

The second option uses a WordPress plugin with a small amount of code required to be copied and pasted.

The third option requires you to edit the code in the theme files of your website.

1. Using The Google Analytics Plugin

The easiest way to add your Google Analytics tag code to WordPress is with a plugin.

Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights is the most popular and makes it simple to add your Google Analytics code to your site.

Step 1: Install and activate the MonsterInsights plugin.

Step 2: Launch the Wizard to fill in information about your site and hit the Connect MonsterInsights button. This will take you through a few pages of settings that should be pre-selected for your setup.

Step 3: Next, you will be prompted to sign into your Gmail account, asking for permission to access your Google account.

Step 5: Hit Complete Connection to connect to your Google Analytics account. It will finish up by offering an upgrade to Pro, but you can select the link at the bottom to finish the installation without upgrading.

You are all set up now, and you will now see Insights in your WordPress dashboard. Reports, Settings, and any other selected tools are now visible in the WordPress dashboard.

2. Using The Header/Footer Script Plugin

The second way to install your Google Analytics tag is with a header/footer plugin.

This method is especially helpful if you want to track different metrics for different pages, as it can be used on specific pages and the entire site.

WPCode Insert Headers and Footers + Custom Code Snippets – WordPress Code Manager is the most popular plugin to insert header and footer code with over 1 million users.

Step 1: Install the Headers and Footers plugin on your WordPress site.

Step 3: Copy the Google Tag code.

Step 4: In your WordPress dashboard, you will see the Code Snippets plugin on the left-hand navigation menu.

Step 5: Select Header & Footer under the drop-down and then paste your code into the Header section.

Step 6: Hit Save Changes.

Optional Step: To add code to a specific page or post, select the page or post and scroll to the bottom. Add the appropriate Google Analytics code in the header section of that page. Hit Update to save your changes.

3. Add Google Analytics Code Snippet Directly To The chúng tôi File

If you are comfortable working directly in your theme code, this is another option for adding your Google Analytics code. Keep in mind that you are directly changing the theme files, so if you change or update your theme, you will lose your Google Analytics code and will need to re-add it every time you update or change the theme.

Step 2: Select the parent theme and the header.php.

WordPress theme files, August 2023 Verifying Your Google Analytics Tags

Once you have your Google Analytics tag installed on your website, you can use the Tag Assistant (Legacy) by Google Chrome Extension to check that your Google Analytics tag is installed and working correctly.

Simply install the Chome extension on your browser, navigate to the WordPress site that you installed Google Analytics on, and it will tell you which tags are present on the site and if there are any errors.

Once Google Analytics Is Installed On Your WordPress Site

Once your Google Analytics tag is installed, you can view the dashboard through the Google Analytics site.

Alternatively, if you selected the MonsterInsight plugin method of installing Google Analytics on your WordPress site, you can view the reports and data from right within your WordPress dashboard.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool to help you understand how visitors are getting to and using your website, how well pages are converting, how many users are visiting your website, and so much more.

Adding the Google Analytics tag to a WordPress site is simple, using one of these three methods:

Google Analytics plugin (such as MonsterInsights).

Header/Footer plugin (such as WPCode).

Add directly to theme chúng tôi file.

You can use the data from Google Analytics to gain valuable insights into your website traffic which will allow you to make improvements.

It’s worth noting that Google Analytics cannot collect data retrospectively, so it’s important to add Google Analytics to your website sooner rather than later to avoid missing any data.

More resources:

Featured Image:Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock

How To Add Watermarks To Pdf Documents

Adding Watermarks to PDF

While the PDF is a reliable file type for presenting and preserving the look and feel of your documents on any device, ascertaining the proper use of your PDF documents is not that simple and requires specific security measures. As easy as it is to create PDF files, it can be difficult to ensure they won’t be altered or distorted once they are sent out and distributed to others.

The major concern for PDFs is security against alteration and misuse.

PDF Security and Watermarks: Things to Consider

As the PDF format is widely used at high levels of authority, it can contain material that is classified as confidential. Yet, the PDF is also used at a much more general and commercial level for online viewing and public access. Thus, PDF security measures exist in a wide range of options. Some users may set maximum security settings while others may only prohibit copying and pasting.

But what about the actual viewing of the PDF content and distinguishing between one highly sensitive document from another one that isn’t?

More importantly, how do you retain that distinction within hard copies? Once those documents get printed, you need some way of classifying the security and distinction which that document contains.

In all cases, adding a watermark to the PDF document can resolve the issue and act as a good control measure for categorization.

Branding a PDF with a Watermark

Branding your PDFs with watermarks also provides a good first step in protecting your intellectual property. Of course, you can set your PDF settings to restrict things such as printing and altering, but watermarking will help prevent the electronic abuse of your documents as well.

For online e-commerce purposes, the watermark can signify a number of things on a document: the kind of copy, whether a reprint or an original, the company authorizing the form, or the nature of the document (whether it’s a receipt, invoice, etc). Watermarks can play an ideal role in controlling forms that are printed up directly from a website.

Most notably, a watermark is hard to miss once it’s stamped onto the actual page. Whether printed or not, it leaves the classification of your entire file visibly taken care of.

How to Watermark PDF Using Able2Extract Professional

Able2Extract Professional allows its users to add watermarks to PDFs and customize the colour, font, angle, size and position of the watermark so that it appears on the document page with a professional look. Users can also determine the translucency or opacity of the watermark in order to control its specific appearance for either printing or viewing purposes, adding a bold or subtle effect.

Apart from basic PDF creation services, Able2Extract Professional offers the ability to stamp watermarks on already existing PDFs. Here’s how you can add watermarks to your important PDF documents with Able2Extract Professional:

Step 1

Run Able2Extract Professional and open the PDF file using the Open icon on the main toolbar.

Step 2

Import an image or input your own custom text as a watermark

Adjust the opacity, margin, and position of the watermark

Modify the page range to which your watermark will apply

Save and load custom watermark templates and more.

If you’re sharing sensitive documentation and need some guarantee that your PDF files won’t be altered, distributed for commercial purposes or misused in any other way, you should use a reliable software like Able2Extract Professional for adding watermarks to your documents.

It comes with a free 7 day trial! Start testing out and tailoring your document security just the way you need it.

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