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best upcoming shows on the platform, as well as a guide to getting HBO Max for free. 

HBO Max is available now, and you can sign up on the HBO Max website. For more details on how to access it on your device, read our piece on how to get HBO Max.

What is HBO Max?

HBO Max is a single streaming platform that not only includes all of HBO’s own original content – from shows like Game of Thrones and Westworld to a range of movies – but also new original material and content from owner WarnerMedia’s other services.

You can find content from the likes of the following:

Warner Bros.

New Line Cinema



Studio Ghibli


Looney Tunes




The CW


Turner Classic Movies

Cartoon Network

Adult Swim

Rooster Teeth

How much does it cost?

The service costs $14.99 per month. That’s the same price as the existing HBO Now service, and HBO Max includes all that content and more, so it’s impressive that HBO has kept pricing the same.

A cheaper, ad-supported version of the service, similar to the AT&T’s website. You can find all these offers in our Wonder Woman 1984. 

Is HBO Max coming to the UK?

In all honesty we’d be very surprised if HBO Max came to the UK. Neither of the company’s other streaming services are available in the UK, and instead it has lucrative deals with Sky to make HBO content available on Sky Atlantic and NordVPN, though you should also be able to do it with the likes of ExpressVPN or another one of our recommended VPNs for HBO Max. You can find full instructions in our guide to DC Universe show Doom Patrol would become an HBO Max co-production, with season two airing simultaneously on both streaming services starting on 25 June 2023, and the first season arriving in its entirety from launch. That’s not the only DC content either – the platform also has 40 years of classic DC movies, including all the old Batman and Superman movies.

HBO has also signed a deal with the BBC to get exclusive US streaming rights to a whole range of British shows, including modern Doctor Who (from 2005 onwards), the Office (UK version), Luther, landmark deal, HBO has exclusive US streaming rights to all 20 existing Ghibli movies – including Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and My Neighbor Totoro – along with the upcoming The Wind Rises. This is the first time all the Ghibli’s have been available to stream in one place in the US, making the deal even more remarkable – though the rest of the world gets them all on Netflix.

There’s kids TV too, anchored by iconic brand Sesame Street. This started airing on HBO back in 2023, but from 2023 onwards (well, for five years at least)

Available now:

Love Life – This rom-com anthology series stars Anna Kendrick (who also serves as producer), and follows a different character each episode from their first romance until their last.

On The Record – This documentary film focuses on the allegations of sexual abuse and harassment against hip hop mogul Russell Simmons.

Legendary – This competition focuses all around the art of Voguing, and is judged by a series of celebrities including Law Roach, Jameela Jamil and Megan Thee Stallion.

Craftopia – This kids crafting competition is designed to be a comfort show to wind down to, and is hosted by YouTuber Lauren Riihimaki.

The Not Too Late Show with Elmo – This Sesame Street star has his own talk show in the style of other ‘Late’ shows. 

Looney Tunes Cartoons – All your Looney Tunes faves – Buggs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Roadrunner – are in these shorts episodes, each lasting between one and six minutes. Season one consists of eighty episodes. 

Adventure Time: Distant Lands – HBO Max has commissioned four one-hour specials from the creators of the recently cancelled show, Adventure Time. 

Close Enough – An adult animated series revolving around a millennial couple, their five-year-old daughter, and their divorced friends who live with them in an LA duplex.

Expecting Amy – This three-part docuseries will follow comedian Amy Schuemer whilst she was on tour during her pregnancy. 

The House of Ho – Inspired by the film hit Crazy Rich Asians, this docuseries will follow a wealthy multigenerational Vietnamese-American family in Houston, Texas.

Justice League Snyder Cut – The 2023 film justice league was originally directed by Zack Snyder, but Joss Whedon took over and changed the film substantially. This cut will bring Snyder’s original vision to life. 

Friends Reunion Special – The original main cast of Friends – and the creators – reunite to chat about the show and reminisce about some of the funniest and most iconic moments. 

Originals on the way:

Dune: The Sisterhood – Designed to coincide with the release of the sci-fi feature film Dune, this series explores the story from another perspective – a group of women called the Bene Gesserit. 

Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai – This ten-episode animated series will act as a prequel to both Gremlins films, and is set in 1920’s Shanghai in which a young boy called Sam Wing meets the Mogwai Gizmo. 

Grease: Rydell High – In the mood for a musical? This new series is a continuation of the original film Grease, following the students that are still attending Rydell High School.

Untitled Green Lantern series – Arrowverse co-creator Greg Berlanti will be exclusively producing this brand new show which will span across several decades, focusing on the origins of two Green Lanterns and exploring the villain Sinestro. 

Strange Adventures – Another DC series on the cards, Strange Adventures will be an anthology series telling tales of a number of DC characters – but centered around Adam Strange, an archaeologist who turns into a superhero. 

Justice League Dark – One of three shows being produced by J.J. Abrams, this show focuses on a branch of the Justice League who deal with supernatural matters. 

Overlook – Based on Stephen King’s The Shining, this series will tell more about the setting of the story, The Overlook Hotel, and the ghosts that dwell within. 

Duster – This original series will be a crime show set in the seventies, following a getaway driver who gets into lots of dangerous situations. 

Equal – a four-part docuseries from Scout Productions about the history of the LGBTQ+ movement, with interviews with activists such as Harry Hay, reenactments, never-before seen footage and deep dives into events like the Stonewall Riots.

What devices is HBO Max available on?

Besides the obvious web browser, HBO Max is available to watch on most smart devices, including iOS, Android, Chromecast, smart TVs, Apple TV, YouTube TV, Xbox One, and PS4, PS5, Roku and Amazon Fire TV. 

Find out here whether HBO Max streams in 4K, and how to

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 865: Everything You Need To Know

The Adreno 650 GPU can be updated via the Google Play Store — a first for Android phones.

This last point is particularly interesting. Qualcomm has worked closely with Google to separate its Adreno GPU drivers from the rest of the system, allowing for simple updates over Google Play. New features, performance improvements, and even game optimizations can be delivered quickly, with no more hassle than updating an app. This brings mobile gaming another step closer to PC gaming.

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Although the industry is gradually moving towards integrated 5G modems, the Snapdragon 865, just like its predecessor, still requires an external modem for 5G connectivity. Qualcomm envisions that partners will pair the 865 up with the Snapdragon X55 5G modem. The Kirin 990, Exynos 990, and Snapdragon 765 feature integrated 5G components, although they’re easily half the speed of the X55. The X55 offers all the latest 5G bells and whistles, we’ll just have to wait another year for these to be integrated inside the SoC.

The Snapdragon X55 supports both mmWave and sub-6GHz spectrum, just like its predecessor. Theoretical peak speeds hit 7.6Gbps download and up to 3Gbps upload. However, you’ll need a perfect alignment of network conditions and capabilities to reach such lofty speeds. Other important features include 5G Standalone (SA) and Non-Standalone (NSA) network support, 5G FDD for Europe, 4G/5G spectrum sharing, and 100MHz envelope tracking. In other words, there’s everything you need here to get up and running on global 5G networks.

The Snapdragon 865 still requires an external modem for 5G connectivity.

Requiring an external modem has some drawbacks for power consumption. Integrated modems are simply more efficient, but Qualcomm is targeting maximum performance with the 865. Although given the X55 is Qualcomm’s second-generation 5G modem, the energy efficiency should be improved over the X50 that’s been used with Snapdragon 855 handsets. Qualcomm is also billing this as a complete 5G “modem to antenna” solution for the 865. Packaging radio power, frequency tuning, and antennas together with the modem for a one-stop 5G solution.

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Taking the perfect picture

Photography is a cornerstone of the modern smartphone experience, and a new processor wouldn’t be complete without some imaging improvements. The Snapdragon 865 makes some major changes to the image signal processor (ISP), producing notable new capabilities and features for users. These include support for up to 200MP camera sensors, 720p 960fps slow-motion video recording with no time limit, 8K 30fps video capture, on-device Dolby Vision HDR, and up to 64MP instant snaps while recording video.

Qualcomm has achieved this by changing the inner workings of its Spectra ISP. Rather than processing one pixel per clock cycle, the Spectra ISP now works on four pixels per cycle. As a result, Qualcomm has dropped the clock speed of the ISP to make major power savings, while still pushing performance up by 40% to two gigapixels per second. The power savings also mean a cooler ISP, and thus the ability to record 960fps with no time limits.

The Snapdragon 865 still has all the 855’s computer vision ISP capabilities, speeding up processing of HDR, scene detection, and noise reduction in low light. Combined with the 865’s other machine learning capabilities, 2023’s phones are set to be computational powerhouses. Be sure to check out our interview with Qualcomm’s Judd Heape, Senior Director of Product Management for all the ins and outs of the Snapdragon 865’s camera capabilities.

Snapdragon 865 in 2023 flagship phones

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 doesn’t disappoint performance enthusiasts. From a range of general performance improvements to dedicated AI, photography, and gaming features, the 865 excels at every demand you can throw at it. However, with the affordable flagship-tier Snapdragon 765 also offering excellent performance and 5G capabilities, the 865 is perhaps not the most industry-shifting chipset heading to the market next year.

The Snapdragon 865 will almost certainly power most of 2023’s high profile smartphone releases from Samsung, Google, OnePlus, and others. Expect to see flagship handsets sporting Qualcomm’s latest premium tier chip launch in Q1 2023.

Can You Chat On Clubhouse? Everything You Need To Know

Human interaction has suffered ever since the pandemic hit upon us last year but newcomer social app – Clubhouse appears to be solving that problem. With your voice as its only form of communication, Clubhouse is changing the way you approach ‘people’ rather than sharing stuff with other ‘users’.

But what if you wish to chat with someone you met on Clubhouse? The following post should help you do just that. 

Can you chat on Clubhouse? 

No. Unlike the social media platforms we’ve come to acquaint with, Clubhouse users can only interact with others in the app using their voice. And even that has a limitation because you can only speak with others within a room and there’s no space for a one-on-one conversation like other apps. 

How else can you converse with people on Clubhouse? 

While you’re out of luck if you’re looking for a direct way of conversing with the people you meet on Clubhouse, there’s one way that the app offers to help you connect to others on the platform.

When you sign in to Clubhouse, the app lets you connect your Instagram and Twitter accounts to the service which not only verifies your identity but also lets others in the app connect with you. 

You can link your primary Instagram and Twitter accounts to your Clubhouse profile so that every time someone wants to get in touch with you, then can do it via direct messaging on either of your social media accounts. 

To have a direct conversation with someone on Clubhouse, you first need to get to that person’s Clubhouse profile. You can do that by tapping on their profile picture from within a Clubhouse room. 

Alternatively, you can also get to someone’s Clubhouse profile by using the ‘Explore’ section within the app and then searching for the person’s name or username in the search field.

Once you get to their profile on Clubhouse, check if they have linked it to their Instagram or Twitter accounts. If they have, either Twitter or Instagram logos or both should appear inside their profile page with their username right next to it. 

Simply tap on either of the usernames (if both are available) to contact them on Twitter or Instagram.

You will then be taken to their Twitter or Instagram accounts from where you can easily chat with them using the respective DM function.

How to share photos with people in a room

From what we’ve come to know about Clubhouse in our time using the new social app, we can frankly say that the app defies every way of communication we’ve come to expect from social media.

Since your voice is the only form of communication within the app, Clubhouse doesn’t allow you to share photos with others but there’s one trick that people tend to use in Clubhouse rooms that provides a workaround for this problem.

A common practice that people use to share pictures is to change their profile picture which is the one visual element that can be seen by everyone in a room. 

You can share photos with people on Clubhouse by following the instructions we’re prepared in the post linked below. 

▶ How to Share Photos on Clubhouse

How can you react or show appreciation on the app? 

If you have started using Clubhouse, you will know that there are limited buttons available in the action bar at the bottom of the Rooms screen. If you wish to show your appreciation to speakers in a room, none of these buttons allow you to applaud or react to conversations on Clubhouse.

So, how else can you react to things on Clubhouse? That’s what we’ve explained in the post we’ve linked below. 

▶ How To React or Applaud on Clubhouse

More ways to use Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a whole new platform altogether and we’re still learning new things every day as we go.

Although we try to make sure we provide the most up-to-date takes on how you may use the app, the app’s official team conducts a “Welcome to Clubhouse” session every Wednesday at 6 PM PT.

This session is hosted by Paul, Rohan, and Anu for those of you who are learning the ropes and gives people a tour of the app, best practices across the platform, and answers your doubts about the platform. 

The official team at Clubhouse also hosts the “Clubhouse Town Halls” session every Sunday at 9 AM PT for answering questions of users across the globe. 

That’s all we have to share with you about chatting on Clubhouse. 


Everything You Need To Know About The Iphone 4

Today Apple unveiled the long-awaited and imazing iPhone 4. Despite the fact Gizmodo spoiled the announcement, I’m still more than impressed with what I saw. Enough boring talk, let’s see what this iPhone 4 has to offer.

Features of the iPhone 4

9.3 mm thick (that’s 24% thinner than the iPhone 3GS)

Front-facing camera

Micro SIM

LED flash for the camera

A second microphone for sound cancellation

Integrated antennas

Glass on the front and the back

326 pixels per inch display

Powered by Apple’s A4 chipset

The integrated antennas

If you look at the edge of the iPhone 4, you will see 3 lines that are part of the structure of the device. With the iPhone 4, Apple introduced something new. The stainless steel band around the iPhone is actually part of the antenna system.

In other words, the iPhone 4 has got integrated antennas right in the structure of the phone.

Retina Display makes the iPhone 4 an HD device

In any display, there are pixels. Retina Display dramatically increases the pixel density by 4 in the same amount of chúng tôi result is that you get far more precised display.

Inside iPhone 4

Apple went with a Micro SIM because they needed the place for everything else, especially for the battery, which is the largest component of the iPhone 4.

A bigger battery

Because Apple gave the iPhone 4 a bigger battery and also because the A4 chip is better at power management, the battery life has been considerably improved. A fully charged iPhone 4 battery will get you as far as this

7 hours of 3G talk time

6 hours of 3G browsing

10 hours of wifi browsing

10 hours of videos

40 hours of music

300 hours in standby

Three-axis gyroscope

Don’t know what a 3-axis gyroscope is? Don’t worry, I guess no one knew what it was until Apple introduced it today. I’m still very confused what this is about but I’m sure we’ll learn more in the next few days.

My guess is that this is a much-improved accelerometer that will make your gaming experience better.

A 5MP camera

I was right when I predicted Apple will add a 5MP camera to the iPhone. Like Steve said, megapixels are nice but cellphone cameras are about capturing light. Apple kept the pixel sensors the same size while increasing them to 5MP.

Last but not least, the iPhone 4 also has a 5X digital zoom and a LED flash.

HD video recording

With such a nice camera, a powerful chipset, and a beautiful display like the iPhone 4, HD video recording doesn’t really come as a surprise.

iMovie for iPhone

Ok, now I’m going completely nuts just typing this. I can’t wait to have my hands on the new iPhone 4.

For great videos, you need a great video editor. That’s what Apple created with the iMovie for iPhone app.

With iMovie for iPhone, you will be able to edit your HD videos, add titles, transitions, import music from iTunes. According to Apple (and I believe it), there is nothing remotely comparable to this in terms of mobile video editing.

iMovie for iPhone will be for sale in the App Store for $4.99.

iPhone OS 4 is now iOS4

Apple renamed iphone OS to iOS. Why? I suppose the “phone” wasn’t needed anymore now that the same OS goes into the iPhone, the iPod Touch and the iPad.

iOS4 comes with over 1,500 developer APIs, the biggest of them being multitasking.

iOS4 will come to the iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPod Touch for free on June 21st.

Unified inbox

That’s one simple feature I’ve been waiting for a long time. Now you can get all your emails in one convenient spot.

Bing is not the default search engine

Remember the rumor saying the Bing would replace Google as the default search engine on the iPhone? Well, that was just a rumor. Although Bing will not replaced Google by default, it is an option you can choose in the settings, just like you can choose to make Yahoo your default search engine.

iBooks for iPhone

If you liked iBooks on the iPad, you will love it on the iPhone 4.

FaceTime brings video chat to the iphone 4

This front-facing camera is going to be very useful to make video calling with the iPhone 4.

The downside is that FaceTime is only for iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 and only works over wifi. Apple says they are talking with cellular providers to get things ready for them. AT&T must be shaking right now…

The upside? Apple is going to make FaceTime an open industry standard. I’m not sure but I think this means that devs will be able to work around it to integrate it in their apps (Skype?).

AT&T offering early upgrades

Steve Jobs confirmed that AT&T will be offering generous upgrade offers to anyone whose iPhone contract expires sometimes in 2010. If you’re one of those happy people, you’ll be able to get the new iPhone 4 at the same $199 or $299 as a new AT&T customer.

iPhone 4 for sale on June 24

Forget the crazy rumor saying the iPhone 4 would be on sale the same day as the announcement. That was just silly.

The iPhone 4 will be available for pre-order on June 15 and will be for sale in 5 countries on June 24 (US, France, UK, Germany and Japan). 24 more countries will get it in July, and 88 more in September.

Colors and Pricing

The iPhone 4 will come in black or white, in 16GB ($199) or 32GB ($299). I’m kinda disappointed about the poor storage capacity…


First, I really want to thank Ryan Block and all the Team at GDGT who provided me with all the images and part of the info contained in this article. Thanks GDGT.

I really trashed Apple and the iPhone 3GS last year because this device didn’t bring anything new. This year though, it’s an all new device, much more powerful and packed with features I couldn’t have dreamed of.

This is the Apple I like. This is a product I want to buy. This is something I believe in. The iPhone 4 is more than ever the phone of the future.

I’m not into waiting in line but I will pre-order my iPhone 4 as soon as it is possible.

What do you think of the iPhone 4? Are you impressed? Surprised?

Everything You Need To Know About The Satiating Diet

Reducing calories to lose weight might make you hungry and dissatisfied, and even make you so miserable that you give up eating well. But what if there were a diet that was made particularly to make you feel satisfied and full so that you would follow it? The core of the satiating diet is that.

Vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, whole grains, and certain healthy fats are all included in the satiating diet, along with a fiery pepper ingredient called capsaicin. Here is an explanation of how the diet program functions, if it promotes weight reduction, and what you might consume if you decide to try it.

What can you eat when following the Satiating diet?

The satiating diet takes cues from the Mediterranean diet by urging you to consume plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats in moderation.

The satiating diet emphasizes getting in touch with your body’s hunger cues and making healthy choices to satisfy those demands rather than prescribing set times of day to eat or not eat or solely focusing on calories and macronutrients.

Foods to avoid while following the Satiating diet

On the satiating diet, you will concentrate more on what you can eat and less on what you must avoid. Having said that, there are certain suggested rules to assist you in organizing your meals. Avoid foods that don’t promote general health, such as those that lack fiber, protein, or healthy fats.

Food containing trans fatty acids

Trans-fatty acid-containing foods

Foods containing too many saturated fatty acids

Avoid excess Alcohol consumption

Avoiding excess consumption of caffeinated drinks

Not consuming too much salt

Sustainability and practicality in everyday life: This diet may be simpler to follow since it focuses more on choosing wholesome foods that fill you up. The strategy is also practical and sustainable because it is meant to become a way of life.

Versatility − Since you won’t need to purchase any particular meals, you may find it simpler to follow the rules when eating out, at events, or while you’re on the go.

Charge − Your shopping spending shouldn’t increase as the satiating diet doesn’t call for you to buy any extra foods or supplements.

Safety − The satiating diet is generally safe for the majority of populations. Before implementing this strategy, you must speak with your doctor or dietician if you are on a controlled, low-calorie diet. Likewise, consult your doctor before beginning the satiating diet if you follow a specific diet for diabetes, hypertension, or any other medical condition.

General dietary habits − The satiating diet incorporates evidence-based recommendations for these meal selections and promotes a variety of wholesome, nutritious foods. The most nutrient-dense foods are frequently those that truly satisfy your hunger because they provide the nutrients your body needs for optimum health.

Balanced approach − With the satiating diet, no food is forbidden. Instead of adhering to a “don’t eat” list, you are urged to choose nutritious, satisfying foods that are typically available.

Losing weight sustainably − It is considerably less probable that you would feel starved and give up the diet because the satiating diet emphasizes keeping you full and content between meals. Sustained weight loss results from persistence and long-term lifestyle modifications.

Lack of resources about the plan − The satiating diet’s fundamental tenet was derived from a study. Hence the study is the only source of information regarding the diet. Following the satiating diet may create some difficulties for persons who would rather consult a book, online, or app that outlines the specifics of the diet.

There is no formal plan to follow − The satiating diet does not go into specifics about meal preparation, timing, calorie intake, or diet duration, in contrast to other well-known diet programs. For some people, a diet can be challenging to stick to because there aren’t any sample meals, weekly calendars, or details on specific macronutrients.

Calorie insufficiency − The satiating diet does not set calorie limits. Given that calorie intake is the primary element in weight maintenance, this might be challenging to control. If you have trouble controlling your portions, consult a qualified dietician.


How To Use Google Drive: Everything You Need To Know

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Download the Google Drive desktop tools:

Go to Google Drive’s website.

Select Get Drive for Desktop.

Follow the installation process and sign into your Google account.

Types of supported files

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Storage space is the primary concern for most cloud storage solutions, but file type limitations may also be significant for many users. Thankfully, Google Drive supports many file types, including .jpeg, .png, .gif, mpeg4, .mov, and .avi — see the full list here.

There are also file size limits in place, but they won’t cause problems for most users:

Documents: Up to 1.02 million characters. If you convert a text document to Google Docs format, it can be up to 50 MB.

Presentations: Up to 100MB for presentations converted to Google Slides.

Google Sites: Up to 15,000,000 characters per page, 40,000,000 characters per site, 10,000 pages per site, and 15,000 images per site.

All other files: Up to 5TB.

Additionally, individual users can only upload 750GB a day. If a single file is larger than 750GB, the user won’t be able to upload more that day.

How to upload and download Google Drive files

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

You first need to upload your files via the web, PC, or mobile client to access your files on Google Drive. First, we’ll talk about the web version, where there are two ways to upload files to Drive.

Upload to Google Drive using a browser

Step-by-step instructions:

Using a browser, go to the Google Drive website.

Select File upload or Folder upload.

Choose what you want to upload.

Upload to Google Drive using the desktop client

Also: How to upload files to Google Drive

Upload to Google Drive using your smartphone

Uploading files from your mobile device is equally accessible. Open the Drive app, tap the + icon in the bottom-right corner, then tap Upload and select the file you want to send to the cloud. You can also quickly upload files by opening them, tapping the Share button, then Drive.

Step-by-step instructions:

Open the Drive app on your smartphone.

Hit the + icon.

Select Upload.

Tap on the files you want to upload.

Downloading files using a browser

It can be more convenient on mobile devices to leave the files in the cloud and open them when you need them, but there are some situations where you’ll need to find that Google Drive download button. You need to find your file in the Drive app, tap the three-dot menu button on the right, then Download, and you’re good to go.

Step-by-step instructions:

Open the Drive app on your smartphone.

Find the file you want to download. Tap on the three-dot menu button next to it.

Select Download.

How to organize and delete files on Google Drive

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

You can organize the files in Drive the same way you would on your PC. You can leave them all in one place (My Drive by default) or put them in different folders and subfolders. No matter how you organize your files, you can always search for them from the search bar at the top of the screen.

Creating a new folder on the web Step-by-step instructions:

Go to the Google Drive website on your computer.

Name your folder and hit Create.

Step-by-step instructions:

Go to the Google Drive website on your computer.

Select Move To.

Navigate to the folder you want to move the file to.

Select Move.

Moving files on the mobile app

Dragging and dropping also works on mobile, but in my experience, it’s faster if you tap the More actions icon (three vertical dots) next to a file, select the Move option, and then choose the new location for the file.

Step-by-step instructions:

You can drag and drop files around to move them.

Another method is to open the mobile Drive app.

Find the file you want to move and tap on the three-dot button next to it.

Select Move.

Navigate to the new location.

Hit Move.

How to delete Drive files on the web

To delete a Drive document from your mobile device, tap the More actions icon next to the file (three vertical dots) and select Remove. Then confirm by selecting Move to trash.

Step-by-step instructions:

Open the Google Drive app on your phone.

Find the file you want to delete. Tap on the three-dot menu button next to it.

Hit Remove.

Select Move to trash.

More details: How to delete files from Google Drive

How to share files on Google Drive

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Sharing files on the web

Step-by-step instructions:

Go to the Google Drive website on your computer.

Select Share.

Change the preferences to your liking.

Select Copy link.

Share the link with others.

Sharing files on the mobile app

The process is similar for mobile devices. Tap the More actions icon (three vertical dots) next to a file and select Manage access. You can now manage the sharing settings and hit the chain icon to copy the link. Go and share the link with anyone. Alternatively, you can tap Add people to send the link to an email address.

Step-by-step instructions:

Open the Drive app on your smartphone or tablet.

Find the file or folder you want to share.

Tap the three-dot menu button next to it.

Select Manage access.

Modify the options to your liking.

Tap on the chain link icon to copy the link.

Share the link with others!

Step-by-step instructions:

Go to the Google Drive website or open the mobile app.

Select the New button.

Pick Google Docs, Google Sheets, or Google Slides.

DocHub (signing PDFs)

Pixlr Express (photo editor) (diagrams)

and many more

Using Gmail’s Drive integration

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

One of the best and most useful integrations is between Gmail and Drive. In fact, unofficial support for using Gmail for storage predates Google Drive as a service. Fans created a Gmail Drive program that allowed you to use Gmail as a storage medium. Once Google Drive and Drive for Desktop were released, Gmail Drive was no longer necessary and is no longer supported.

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Inserting Drive file on Gmail for web Step-by-step instructions:

Select Compose.

Write your email and fill in all the required fields.

Select the Google Drive icon. Find the file, and select Insert.

Send your email.

Inserting Drive file on Gmail mobile app

Open the Gmail app.

Hit Compose.

Tap on the paperclip icon.

Select Insert from Drive.

Find the file you want to send and hit Select.

Send your email.

It’s worth noting that files on Gmail count toward the same storage limit as files on Drive (just like photos uploaded to Google Photos), so you aren’t saving any space this way. You are, however, making them easier to search for in the Drive interface on the web, mobile, and desktop clients.

How to use Google Drive offline

Having your files online is excellent for accessing them from multiple devices. It can also mean you won’t be able to see or edit them without an internet connection. Fortunately, Google Drive gets around this limitation with an offline mode. It allows you to access files while not connected to the internet. You can view and edit files, including Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. All the changes synchronize automatically when an internet connection is established again.

Using Google Drive offline on the web Step-by-step instructions:

Go to the Google Drive website.

Select Settings.

Enable Offline mode by check-marking the box next to it.

Also read: How to download files and folders from Google Drive

Using Google Drive offline on the mobile app

Things are a bit different on mobile devices. You must open the Drive app, tap the More actions icon (three vertical dots) next to a file, and select Make available offline. Alternatively, you can long-press on a file and select additional files. Follow the same procedure to enable offline mode for multiple files simultaneously.

Step-by-step instructions:

Open the Drive app.

Find the file you want to make available offline. Hit the three-dot menu button next to it.

Select Make available offline.


Yes, you can add Google Drive to your desktop. This will allow you to sync files from your computer to Google Drive automatically.

Yes, Google Drive is a free service provided you only need the base 15GB of storage. If you surpass that level, you will have to pay a monthly subscription for additional storage.

A 100GB Google Drive subscription will cost you $1.99 per month.

Your Google Drive may stop syncing for a number of reasons. The most common reason is that you are offline. Check your connection settings and restart your Google Drive.

Don’t worry. Google won’t delete all your uploaded files if you cancel your Google One subscription. If you go past the free 15GB, though, you won’t be able to upload anything else. This can be a problem, given that most of us use our Google accounts for daily use. You want to have at least some space in there.

There are plenty of cloud storage solutions out there. You might even like some of them better than Google Drive. Check out our list of the best cloud storage services. And if you want to save money, you can also look into our favorite free cloud storage providers.

Technically, yes. Google Drive might cancel your account or delete your content after two years of inactivity. Granted, it’s very hard to stay inactive for two years, but make sure you go into your Google Drive now and then.

Drive is a safe and secure option for file storage and sharing. That said, no amount of security can overcome human error or recklessness – so you should still be responsible when downloading and sharing files or sensitive information.

If you’ve made it this far, you should have a good idea of how to use Google Drive. To learn more about other Google services, check out our other guides on Google Docs, Sheets, and Photos.

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