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There are probably almost as many ways to organize your iPhone apps as there are iPhone users, and most of us have probably experimented with a bunch of them. But more than eight years later, I’m still using a method I first tried back in 2013 (that screen size! those icons!).

Instead of organizing my apps by what they do, I organize them by where I am when I use them ….

For quite a while, I thought I had the most logical way to organize my apps: by category. For example, I had a bunch of chat apps in a folder called, imaginatively enough, Chat. Camera and other photography-related apps were in a folder called Photography. And so on.

But as the number of apps grew, there came a point where the cracks in that approach started to show themselves. First, there was the question of remembering how I’d categorized an app. When I first started using Dropbox, for example, it was almost exclusively for business use, so it went into a Business folder. Later, however, it became a much more general tool.

Second, although a bunch of apps might belong in the same category, that might lump together apps I used all the time with apps I hardly ever used. For example, I went through a phase of using GarageBand a lot (to kind of pretend I could play an instrument… ), and that was in the same Entertainment folder as Kindle, which I used only if I’d forgotten to take my physical Kindle on a trip.

To be clear, I do still use categorized folders – but only for apps I hardly ever use. The apps I use frequently are organized by usage occasion.

Organize your iPhone apps by context/place

For example, I have apps I use all the time at home. While my Mac is my primary device when I’m sitting at my desk, in the evening I’m more likely to use my iPhone to simply check email or play some music.

There are other apps I use almost exclusively while I’m out and about. BBC News and The Guardian, for example, are news apps that I use to quickly catch up on the world while I’m on the move, while at home I’ll use the website on my Mac. WordPress on my phone is another example of an app I only ever use while mobile – used when I come up with an idea for a piece I want to write, and I just create a new post to jot down a few notes I can use as a prompt when I’m sitting at my desk.

The third major category for me is travel. When I’m in another country, I make extensive use of apps like Google Translate and Revolut (used because the card gives the best exchange rate, and I use the app to freeze the card between uses). There are also apps I use only when in a specific country, like the Western Union app to send myself cash in Buenos Aires – so I have a subfolder for that, given I’ve now taken to spending one month a year there.

So effectively I have three Home screens:

At home



Each of these has the main apps I use in each of these situations, with the Dock used for the key apps I use everywhere.

Of course, one can argue that there’s little need to organize apps at all: just stick your most-used ones on the Home screen, then use search for everything else.

I do tend to use search for apps that are either used out-of-context (for example, to access a travel app while I’m at home), or an app used so infrequently that it’s in one of my categorized folders. But I still find it a smoother experience to have instant access to the apps I’m most likely to use in any given circumstance.

Photo: Marten Bjork/Unsplash

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How To Launch Apps Faster On Your Iphone And Ipad

You’ve got a new iPhone, downloaded a bunch of apps and over time, your iOS device is almost close to being flooded with apps of all sorts. Now comes the hard part, you are struggling to find and launch apps quickly.

That’s one of the reasons why people look for ways to launch apps faster. Unlike before, it has become a lot easier to instantly find your favorite apps or the ones you often use. Head over to discover many ways you can improve your multitasking on iOS devices!

Tips to Launch Apps Faster on Your iPhone and iPad

Customize Dock and Make the Most of App Switcher on your iPad Powered by iOS 11

iOS 11 is claimed to be a monumental leap for iPad. And looking at the features like Dock and super handy App Switcher, the assertion does seem to be holding the truth.

The dock allows you to not just access apps faster but also shows the three most recently used apps. It works very much in line with Mac’s dock. Even better, you can also customize it to suit your needs better.

App Switcher has become really versatile in iOS 11 for iPad. With it, you can switch between apps more smoothly. It shows all of your recently used apps as well as Control Center. Simply double press the Home button to access it and then just tap on the app you wish to launch.

Use App Switcher Elegantly on Your iPhone

The app switcher enables you to quickly switch between apps. It’s one of my favorite ways to rev up productivity on iPhone. Just double press the Home button to bring up all the opened apps → next swipe left or right to locate the one you want to switch to the app cards and tap on it.

Rearrange App Icons in iOS 11 on Your iPhone and iPad

iOS 11 allows you to rearrange app icons with ease. You can easily move apps from one screen to the other. Besides, you also have the option to keep multiple apps in one folder. Keep a particular category of apps in one folder to access them a bit easier. For instance, you can put all the social apps in one folder to instantly access them from one place. (How to use drag and drop on iPhone running iOS 11)

Use the Dock Smartly on Your iPhone

You can keep up to four apps in the dock. Make sure to keep the ones that you often use.

To remove any app from the dock: Touch and hold on an app to enter edit mode → now drag the app out of the dock.

To rearrange apps: When in edit mode, drag the app to the desired place

To add apps: Simply drag an app and put it in the place you want in the dock

Make the Best Use of Spotlight Search

With the use of Spotlight, you can quickly find the app you want to use. Just swipe down from the top of the Home screen to bring up Spotlight.

(Now, check out the four most recently used apps.)

Enter the name of the app you want to launch. The moment you begin to enter the name in the Spotlight, it suggests you the apps; thereby making it a lot easier to find them. In many cases, you may not have to enter more than a couple of letters to find an app.

Make the best use of Siri Suggestions

The lock screen is no longer a barren land. Siri suggests you apps as per when and where you use them. For instance, if you use a news app in the evening at 8 PM, it will suggest it at the same time. If you play an action game in a garden, it will suggest the game app whenever you go to the garden.

Just swipe right from left on the Home screen a few times to access Lock screen. Now, check out the suggested apps under Siri App Suggestions.

Clean Up the Mess

You may have downloaded some apps on your device just to test them out but may have forgotten to delete them. There may also be some apps which you may no longer need. It would be better to clean up the unnecessary apps to not just prevent your device from being cluttered but also make it easier to manage apps.

iOS 11 allows you to automatically offload the unused apps. There is also an option to delete them without removing their data. And when you reinstall the apps, you will get the option to recover their documents and data.

The logic is pretty straightforward, keep only the apps which you use and remove the ones that are redundant or liability for your smartphone.

Signing Off

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Tweetdeck For Iphone Gets A Huge Makeover With New Features

The popular Twitter client for the iPhone, Tweetdeck, has significantly upgraded to version 2.0. As one of the original third party Twitter apps, Tweetdeck has been a fan favorite client in the App Store for a long time.

The develepors behind Tweetdeck have completely redesigned the iPhone app from the ground up. Tweetdeck 2.0 offers a whole new set of features and looks quite different from its previous version.

More info after the break…

All major Twitter features are supported: Sending updates, retweeting (native and old-style), favourites, mentions, direct messages and searching

Posting to multiple Twitter accounts is a breeze

Configurable, combined Home, Me and Inbox columns are standard, bringing all your feeds and notifications together

Fully flexible custom columns allow the combination of any number of different feeds, from all services and all accounts. You decide what you want to see, just pinch a column and start configuring.

Innovative navigation of Twitter profiles helps you discover new feeds that can all be added as columns at the touch of a button

See the conversation in context with tweets above and below in detail view.

Easily send long posts thanks to full chúng tôi support

Clean & clear compose window features image uploading, geo-tagging and username autocomplete for @mentions. Press and hold a link to auto-shorten using

Login with your TweetDeck account to speed through the setup process, or just provide a Twitter or Facebook account and get started.

Jump to the top of a column with a quick tap of the iPhone status bar.

Tweetdeck 2.0 is a very refreshing revamp of the column-based Twitter client. The app handles multiple accounts very well, and the overall design is definitely geared towards a “mission control” style of viewing Twitter.

Columns are Tweetdeck’s strong suit. If you’re unfamiliar with Tweetdeck, the app presents different sets of information (Mentions, DMs, etc) with a card-like column view that you rotate through horizontally. A particularly appealing feature of Tweetdeck is the ability to add a Facebook feed into its own column.

Tweetdeck has most of the features you would expect from a Twitter client, and version 2.0 introduces some interesting new gestures for moving through the interface. You can pinch inward on a column to view its settings, pull to refresh, and swipe through your different columns with ease. is a huge part of Tweetdeck. The service allows you to post tweets that exceed the 140 character limit. It’s nice to see a Twitter client with this type of built-in feature.

I like Tweetdeck 2.0, but it still lacks of a lot of features that other Twitter clients had had for a long time. In my opinion, Tweetbot is still leading the race for best third party Twitter app. Tweetdeck lacks many customization options (services, translations, etc.), and many actions seem a tad bit cumbersome when compared to even the official Twitter client.

However, if you’re already a fan of Tweetdeck, you should love the new version.

Tweetdeck 2.0 is a totally new app, so you’ll need to re-download it if you previously purchased. The app is available for free in the App Store.

What do you think of Tweetdeck’s redesign? Do you prefer the old version? What Twitter app do you use?

Here’s How Iphone Se 3 Compares To Se 2, Iphone 11, And More

While the new iPhone SE 3 gets the same A15 chip as the more expensive iPhone 13 and upgrades like 5G, improved battery life, camera enhancements, and more, there are naturally trade-offs with Apple’s most affordable iPhone. Let’s dive into the iPhone SE 3 vs. SE 2, iPhone 11, and more.

As expected, the iPhone SE 3 is the latest iteration of Apple prioritizing a low price while upgrading performance and offering favorite features. But with Apple still officially selling the iPhone 11 for just $70 more than the SE 3 and the iPhone 12/13 in the mix too, there’s a lot to consider.

iPhone SE 3 vs. SE 2, iPhone 11, 12, and 13 Performance

In another move that sets iPhone apart from Android smartphones, Apple has put its current and most powerful smartphone chip in its most affordable iPhone.

With the iPhone SE 3 getting the A15 Bionic, it leapfrogs the iPhone 11 and 12 in performance and matches the iPhone 13 lineup. That’s impressive for a $429 iPhone to have the same processor as the $700–$1,100 models.

iPhone SE 3iPhone SE 2iPhone 11/12iPhone 13ChipA15A13A13/14A15CPU cores6-core6-core6-core6-coreGPU cores4-core4-core4-core4-coreNeural engine16-core8-core8/16-core16-coreStorage64-256GB64 or 128GB64-128GB/64-256GB64-512GB

As far as what to expect with the A15-equipped iPhone SE 3, Apple says it offers 1.2x faster graphics performance than the iPhone SE 2 and has 1.8 times faster CPU performance over the iPhone 8 (A11 chip).

In real-world use, having the A15 inside the iPhone SE 3 means apps will load fast and run smoothly. And, as we’ll cover more below, the new chip enables features like Apple’s computational photography and improved battery life.

Design and display

The iPhone SE 3 keeps the same 4.7-inch design of the SE 2 and iPhone 8, which Apple calls “pocket friendly” and “made to last.”

That includes glass on the front and back – not the extra-durable Ceramic Shield found on the face of the iPhone 12 and 13 – but what Apple says is still “the toughest glass in a smartphone.”

DesigniPhone SE 3iPhone SE 2iPhone 11/12iPhone 13Aluminum chassis✅✅✅✅Glass front and back✅✅✅✅Ceramic Shield front❌❌❌/✅✅All-screen design❌❌✅✅Home button✅✅❌❌Water resistanceUp to 1 meterUp to 1 meterUp to 2/6 metersUp to 6 meters

As far as the overall dimensions, the iPhone SE 3 is the same as the SE 2:

5.45 inches tall (138.4 mm)

2.65 inches wide (67.3 mm)

0.29 inches thick (7.3 mm)

5.09 ounces (144 grams) – actually 4 grams lighter than SE 2

Of course, one of the big cost-saving measures with the iPhone SE 3 is that it uses the same LCD display design as the SE 2 and iPhone 8. That means large top and bottom bezels instead of the modern all-screen design + OLED display of the iPhone 11, 12, and 13.

DisplayiPhone SE 3iPhone SE 2iPhone 11/12iPhone 13Display size4.7″4.7″6.1″6.1″Display typeLCDLCDLCD/OLEDOLEDResolution1334 x 7501334 x 7501792 x 828/2532 x 11702532 x 1170PPI326326326/460460True Tone✅✅✅✅P3 wide color✅✅✅✅Haptic touch✅✅✅✅Brightness (nits)625625625/625-1200800-1200

Other display differences include a bit lower pixels per inch (PPI) and brightness than the iPhone 12 and 13. However, the iPhone SE 3 matches the iPhone 11 with both of those specs.

Battery life

With iPhone SE 3, you get two hours more for video playback and 10 hours more for audio than the SE 2. Apple says that’s thanks to the A15 chip, its latest battery chemistry, and internal design changes.

That puts SE 3 battery life on par with the iPhone 12 mini but still below the other modern iPhones.

Note: Battery estimates from Apple feature the “up to” qualifier on all of its specs pages.

Battery lifeiPhone SE 3iPhone SE 2iPhone 11/12iPhone 13Video playback15 hours13 hours17 hours19 hoursStreaming video10 hours8 hours10/11 hours15 hoursAudio playback50 hours40 hours65 hours75 hours

Like other iPhones, the SE 3 offers fast charging, so a 20W+ power adapter will give you a 50% charge in 30 minutes.


This is where more of the trade-offs become clear with the new iPhone SE. You’re giving up MagSafe that’s available on iPhone 12 and 13 as well as Face ID and ultra wideband support that comes on iPhone 11 and later.

One more limitation is that the 5G connectivity on the iPhone SE 3 doesn’t include support for mmWave (the fastest, but most rare flavor) and instead sticks with Sub-6GHz 5G. That’s not likely an issue in real-world use since Sub-6GHz 5G is the most common, but it’s a good thing to be aware of.

ConnectivityiPhone SE 3iPhone SE 2iPhone 11/12iPhone 13Touch ID✅✅❌❌Face ID❌❌✅✅Lightning port✅✅✅✅MagSafe❌❌❌/✅✅Wireless charging✅✅✅✅5G✅ (but no mmWave)❌❌/✅✅Ultra wideband❌❌✅✅WiFi 6 (802.11ax)✅✅✅✅Dual SIM✅✅✅✅


iPhone SE 3 gets some nice upgrades for the main rear camera including Deep Fusion (first arrived with iPhone 11), Smart HDR 4 for photos, and Photographic Styles (launched with iPhone 13).

However, you’re still missing out on features like 2x optical zoom out and Night mode available with the iPhone 11 and later.

Rear camera(s)iPhone SE 3iPhone SE 2iPhone 11/12iPhone 13Wide 12MP camera✅ (f/1.8 aperture)✅ (f/1.8 aperture)✅ (f/1.8/f/1.6)✅ (f/1.6)Ultra wide 12MP camera❌❌✅✅Night mode❌❌✅✅Deep Fusion✅❌✅✅Optical image stabilization (OIS)✅✅✅–Sensor-shift OIS❌❌❌✅2x optical zoom out❌❌✅✅True Tone flash✅✅✅✅Portrait mode✅✅✅✅Portrait Lighting✅✅✅✅Smart HDR 4 for photos✅❌❌✅Photographic Styles✅❌❌✅

When it comes to video recording, here’s how features compare:

Rear camera(s) videoiPhone SE 3iPhone SE 2iPhone 11/12iPhone 134K recording✅✅✅✅1080p recording✅✅✅✅Cinematic mode❌❌❌✅HDR video recording❌❌❌/✅✅OIS for video✅✅✅–Sensor-shift OIS for video❌❌❌✅Audio zoom❌❌✅✅Slo-mo✅✅✅✅Time-lapse✅✅✅✅Night mode Time-lapse❌❌❌✅Stereo recording✅✅✅✅

For the front camera, the iPhone SE 3 sticks with a 7MP FaceTime HD camera that offers:

Smart HDR 4

f/2.2 aperture

Retina flash

Photographic Styles

Portrait mode and Portrait Lighting

1080p video recording with cinematic stabilization

Deep Fusion

A few features you miss out on with the SE 3 front camera compared to iPhone 11 and newer are 4K video recording, Animoji and Memoji support, and a 12MP lens.

SE 3 colors, storage, and price

With a minor tweak to the SE 2 colors, the SE 3 comes in midnight, starlight, and (PRODUCT)RED. And the starting price increased by $30 over the SE 2 with the SE 3 starting from $429 (orders start March 11).


What’s in the box?

Keep in mind the only thing you get in the box is the iPhone SE 3 and a USB-C to Lightning cable.

If you need one, Apple sells its 20W USB-C power adapter for $19 but you can pick up more compact options like Anker’s PowerPort III for less.

iPhone SE 3 vs. SE 2, iPhone 11 wrap-up

If you’re looking to spend $500 or less on a new iPhone that will last for years to come, the SE 3 is a compelling option with the latest processor from Apple, improved battery life, a compact design, and some nice camera improvements.

iPhone SE 3 goes up for pre-order on March 11 with deliveries starting from March 18.

For comparisons on iPhone 12, 13, and 13 Pro, check out our detailed guides:

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The Best Dating Apps For Iphone

Dating is a very important social event that practically every human being experiences, or at least hopes to experience, at least once in his or her lifetime. It is also incredibly difficult to meet people after the age of 18 when your social circles are blown away with your graduation caps. Those in their early 20s can still survive the dating game, but it doesn’t take long for our social options to dwindle.

Luckily, in the age of technology, it is easier than it was a decade ago to find that special someone. Whether you are looking for your life partner, want to send sweet nothings to your current love interest, or just want to hook up, we’ve got a list of what we think are the best dating apps for iPhone…

Tinder may be the most popular dating service in the App Store right now. It took off like wildfire shortly after it launched and now boasts millions of users across the world. Users find dating matches by location instead of interests. It started out as a great way to meet up for a quick romp in the sheets, but has quickly gained a reputation for being a way to connect with people in real life that you may already know through friends via Facebook. It’s still a great way to hook up, but it can also lead to long lasting relationships. This app is available for free.

This dating service is huge, probably the largest in the country. You will almost definitely find someone for you with the many millions of users on chúng tôi This site builds possible connections by matching you with others who have similar interests. Once you find someone that fits the bill, you can send a “wink” to begin a correspondence. You can chat with potential dates, look at photos of matches, and even find people nearby that you might want to meet. This app is available for free.

HowAboutWe Dating

Sometimes, you just want to do something specific and wish you knew someone else who wanted to do the same. With this app, you can find that person by posting a date idea. Maybe you want a companion to see the latest rom-com. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try ice-skating and want a friendly tutor to show you how. Post your idea, “How about we…” and see who else is interested. This app is available for free.

For those who are looking for a serious relationship that will potentially lead to marriage, this is the service for you. My mom met her second husband using this service and she has been married for 10 years now. Similar to chúng tôi users are connected to others based on compatible interests. Finding your soul mate could be as easy as entering a list of your favorite movies. Once you’ve filled out an in-depth questionnaire, the wedding bells will be ringing. This app is available for free.

From my personal experience, OKCupid was the first dating service that made dating services cool. I have many 20-something and 30-something friends who have successfully found all manner of dating companions from this service. After building your profile, send your face and personality out into the world and see who likes you. If you see someone with a cool profile, like them back. After that, it’s up to you how far you take things. You can chat in-app, filter match options, and see what people think of you without getting caught. This app is available for free.

Let’s Date: Fun & Easy Social Dating

This iOS dating service takes a page or two from Tinder by allowing users to approve or remove potential dates with just a swipe. It also requires that you have a Facebook account with at least 50 friends for a year. So, it is quite a bit harder to make up your online persona just to be a jerk on a date. Once two people approve of each other anonymously, Let’s Date will notify both parties involved and even suggest a safe place to meet for the upcoming rendezvous. This app is available for free.

I can’t count the number of times my single friends have asked me if I have any other single friends that they would be interested in. When on the spot, I can never think of anyone. This app makes it possible for my single friends to dig through my contacts in order to meet up. That is, users log in through Facebook and the app lists friends of friends that also use the service. If your old high school buddy is an acquaintance of a pretty single woman he forgot he knew, you’ll be able to ask her on a date and your mutual friend can be the conversation starter. This app is available for free.

This is one of those dating services that seem to be dedicated to the great hook-up. In today’s world, a one-night stand is more common than it used to be and services like Pure help facilitate that kind of meeting. If you want to meet up with someone in your area, post your request. The request will be visible to other users for one hour. If someone in the area likes where you are headed, you will be connected via chat and be able to arrange the location with no fuss or muss. This app is available for free.


Most dating services allow you to remain anonymous until you find someone you are interested in. This service allows you to remain anonymous while you are getting to know someone and you are the one who chooses whether to reveal your identity to your suitor. The app also makes conversation starting easier with the “ICE Breaker” feature, which suggests topics that it recognizes as a common interest between two parties. This app is available for free.

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How To Hide Apps On Iphone Or Ipad

Once you’ve had your iPhone or iPad for a while, you may start noticing that your screen becomes cluttered with the many apps you’ve downloaded. You might wish you could remove some apps from your home screen to clear it up while still accessing the apps whenever you want. 

1- title

Table of Contents

Thankfully, Apple has created a way you can do exactly that. There are a few different ways you can hide apps on your home screen, depending on how hidden you want them to be. This article will detail multiple ways you can achieve this, and all of them are very easy, and you can do them in a matter of minutes. 

Use the App Library

When iOS 14 came out for iPhones, it introduced the App Library. This new feature allows you to have a place to put all your apps so that they’re always accessible, though they won’t appear on your home screen. 

Instead, you can search for the app you need within this library or use the iPhone’s search feature. Here’s how to add an app to the App Library.

Find the app you want to hide, then tap and hold it. 

When you see a menu come up, tap on the Edit Home Screen option. 

All the apps and widgets on your home screen will start shaking, and you’ll notice a minus sign icon in the corner of apps. Tap on this minus icon for the app you want hidden. 

In the pop-up, tap on Remove from Home Screen. The app will immediately be placed in the App Library. 

After this, you’ll want to find the app you’ve hidden. There are two ways to do this:

Swipe downward on the top of the screen within your home screen. In the search bar, search for the app you want to use. 

Alternatively, swipe to the right of your home screen, and the App Library will appear. In the top search bar, you can search and find any of your hidden apps. You can also look within the categorized sections to find the app. 

If you don’t want to completely remove an app from your home screen, there’s another way you can keep your apps organized and hidden from immediate view. 

Use App Folders

iPhones also allow you to organize your apps into folders, which are separate sections where you can group apps. These will appear right on your home screen, but they can significantly decrease the number of apps visible. 

Using app folders is better if you don’t want an app completely hidden but want your home screen to look more organized. Here’s how to create and use an app folder:

Find two apps you want to hide. Hold down on one of them, and then tap on Edit Home Screen when the menu pops up. 

Now, tap and hold on one of the apps you want hidden and drag it on top of the other app. This will create an app folder. 

Tap on the created folder while still in home screen edit mode to change the title of the folder and the order of the apps inside. You can also drag one of the apps out if you wish, but you need at least one app in a folder. 

When you have organized your folders, go back to your main home screen and tap on the Done button in the top right corner of your screen. 

To give the folder a unique name, tap on the default name and type a custom name in the name field. 

The nice thing about app folders is that you can always edit them, and it provides quick and easy access to apps while still keeping your home screen looking clear. 

Hide Apps From Search

If you want to go a step further and remove an app from your iPhone’s search suggestions without entirely deleting it, this is also possible. Keep in mind that you’ll have to look through the app library or folders yourself to find it or go back into the settings to change them if you want to search for the app again. 

Here’s how to hide the app from any search suggestions:

Open the iPhone Settings app. 

Scroll down to the list of apps on your phone and tap the one you want to hide from search. 

Tap on Siri & Search. 

Underneath the On Home Screens section, tap on the sliders of any options you don’t want for the app. For example, if you don’t want the app to show up in searches, turn the slider for Show App in Search off. 

You can also prevent the app from showing up in suggestions on your lock screen by going to the On Lock Screen section and turning the Show Suggestions from App slider off. 

If you want to search for the app again, you can go back into settings and turn these back on whenever you wish. 

Hide Pre-Installed Apps

While you cannot delete the apps installed on your iPhone by default, you can still hide them if you wish. It just looks a little different than hiding an app you installed from the App Store. 

Find the pre-installed app you want to hide, and tap and hold on it. 

In the menu that appears, tap on Remove App. 

Tap on Remove from Home Screen. 

Hiding Apps on iPhone or iPad

There are many ways to hide apps on your iPhone, making it easy to keep your main screens clutter-free while still keeping your hidden apps accessible. 

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