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Download a free printable whole house cleaning checklist to make your spring cleaning easier. You might also be interested in a KonMari checklist to help you declutter your home.

When I was young, I hated spring cleaning. But when I moved out, I started to love the process. The older I get, the more I like it.

I used to look up these complicated checklists from Martha Stewart with things like clean my silver. Um…. I’d rather spend my time on stuff that actually counts and I can see. My silver is kept in a box and I never use it or even look at it!

This cleaning checklist is more practical and includes stuff that matters. Like baseboards. I’ve also included some practical tasks for spring, plus room to add your own items, since all homes are different.

For instance, we have a pond that needs to be cleaned every spring, but not everyone has a pond. Same for opening the pool or closing the pool.

You might want to add maintenance items on there as well, like filling your water softener if you have one, or rotating your compost. 

You might like this fall maintenance checklist or spring maintenance checklist.

Whole House Cleaning Checklist

This post contains affiliate links. By purchasing an item through an affiliate link, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

The cleaning checklist download link is at the bottom of this post. 

My Favorite Cleaning Products

If you’re going to spend time cleaning, you might as well make it as pleasant as possible by using good products. Although I like natural products, I’m not super vigilant about using them because this house just isn’t right for them (hard water sucks.) And I use full out chemicals on my toilet. I’m not sorry. 

Here’s some of my favorite products, with some cleaning tips thrown in. 

Shark Navigator Vacuum

This vacuum has been a game changer since getting a dog. I have to vacuum about twice a week to keep on top of it, so it’s important that my vacuum is lightweight and easy to use. I love the bagless canister because we would be going through a million bags with as much as I vacuum. 

It works great on hardwoods, tile and carpet. It even comes apart to be smaller so you can use it on the stairs. I use the wand constantly to clean the baseboards and hard to reach spots. It kind of makes vacuuming enjoyable. Who am I?

Microfiber Cloth

I feel like I’m constantly talking about microfiber cloths. They work great for dusting because they hold the dust and dog hair. I use them when painting a room, floors or baseboards.

Folex Instant Carpet Spot Remover

I like this spray for cleaning carpet and upholstery. Hubby gets a bit spill-sy with the wine, if you know what I’m saying and this stuff even cleans red wine out of carpet (or the couch.)


It’s great for stains and white linens. But did you know that it’s also amazing on solid surface sinks that have lost their luster. I have a 20 year old white, solid surface sink and let’s just say those things don’t age well. OxiClean is the only thing I have found that works on it. Just fill it with hot water and a scoop of oxi-clean and let it sit for an hour.

Bar Keeper’s Friend

I love this gentle scrubbing powder for the bathroom sink and tub. It won’t damage your sink, but it works well. 


I use water and vinegar for cleaning a lot. It’s great to mop with because it doesn’t damage anything. I also like to clean greasy cabinets with it. We don’t fry a lot of foods, so it’s perfect for the grease that does accumulate. 

Pumice Stone

We have hard water and the stains are awful. I use this stone to scrub away the residue. The noise is awful, so I put on headphones and music. It even works on toilet stains from hard water. 

Baking Soda

My kitchen island is honed marble, which stains and etches easily. Lemon juice is my nemesis. Luckily, it’s easy to remove the marks by making a paste of water and baking soda. Let it sit for a few hours and then rinse it off. 

Howard Feed-N-Wax

I have an unfinished wood table and countertop in my home. To keep it looking nice, I use Howard Feed-N-Wax. Just rub it on, let it sit and soak in for 15 minutes, then wipe away the excess. This stuff is magical. It moisturizes the wood, but it also disguises any scratches. 

Mrs. Stewart’s Liquid Bluing

Hard water means dingy whites. Adding a bit of this to the washer makes my white towels white again. 

Method Cleaning Products

These cleaners are natural, but even more importantly, they smell amazing. You have to clean anyways, so you might as well make it pleasant. Besides, there’s something about these products that make cleaning feel like a treat. 

Here’s my favorites:

Wood Floor Cleaner

This wood cleaner works so great on laminate floors. It removes the awful streaks from mopping. Just squirt it on and mop. The almond smell is amazing. 

All Purpose Cleaning Spray

I love cleaning with this spray. It’s even gentle enough to use on painted furniture or cabinets. I use this spray to clean most things in my home. The grapefruit smells amazing!

Glass and Window Cleaner

This one also smells amazing. 

Laundry Soap

I use the laundry soap as well. I was hesitant because the bottle looks so small, but it’s concentrated, so it lasts forever. And once again, the smell is amazing and doesn’t bother my sensitive skin. 

Download The Whole House Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Hotel Housekeeping – Cleaning Equipment

Hotel Housekeeping – Cleaning Equipment

My father was a general manager with Hyatt, so we lived in the hotel so he would be close by if there were any problems. My mum was always adamant about us not abusing it. So I still had to clean my room. Housekeeping would never come and do it.

− Dianna Agron, American Actress, Singer, and Dancer.

The housekeeping staff needs to clean various guest rooms, guest bathrooms, and a number of public areas in the hotel. The staff needs to take the help of various cleaning equipment while trying to keep the hotel premises to the highest standard of appearance.

Today, there is a wide range of cleaning products available in the market.

Advantages of Cleaning Equipment

Equally effective for general as well as tougher cleaning tasks.

High cleaning capability.

Reduce work fatigue and increaseproductivity.

Save the time of hotel housekeeping staff.

High maneuverability.They can reach any corner or height of the room, which is otherwise difficult to reach.

Eco-friendly, widely available, and easy to operate.

They give protection from injuries occurring while cleaning when they are handled by using proper instructions.

Classification of Cleaning Equipment

There are broadly categorized as follows −

Manual Cleaning Equipment

As the name suggests, they are used manually to keep the surfaces clean. Some commonly used manual equipment are −

Abrasives − They are the sharpening stones or grit papers used to polish metal or wooden surfaces. There are various abrasives depending upon the size of grit and adhesion of grit particles on the paper.

Brushes − They are handheld flat brushes with bristles to dust the plain surfaces as well as the corners. They come with non-slip handles and stiff scratch-free bristles. They help removing stubborn dust.

Chambermaid’s Trolley/Housekeeping Trolley − This trolley is large enough to keep all the guest room and guest bathroom supplies in an organized manner. It makes the housekeeping staff to move it around and carry large number of items in one go while keeping and cleaning the guest rooms.

Dustbins − They are used to collect daily garbage produced in the hotel.

Dusting Cloths − They are soft cloths used for wiping the surface dust.

Dustpans − They are used to collect dust and garbage from the floor and putting it into the dustbin.

Janitor’s trolley − It is a trolley that stores cleaning supplies such as detergents, spray bottles, dustbin, mop, and dusting cloths, all in a compact manner. It can be moved around easily. It fulfills the challenge of modern day housekeeping in hotels.

Mops − There are various types of mops such as string mops, flat mops, dust mops, and synthetic mops. Mops are generally made of flat cotton strings or heavy-duty sponges fixed on the metal frames. The cotton mops have high absorbing ability but need more care unlike the synthetic mops that offer almost zero absorbing ability and very less maintenance.

Mop Wringer trolley − A mop bucket cart (or mop trolley) is a wheeled bucket that allows its user to wring out a wet mop without getting the hands dirty. The mops are squeezed between two surfaces to remove dirty water from it.

Scarifying machine − It is used for keeping gardens, golf courts, and lawn in the hotel premises. It cuts through the turf, and removes moss and dead grass. It helps grow spongy lawn. Scarifiers have fixed knife blades attached to the rotary cylinder. They cut through the grass by which the offshoots are separated into lots of individual plants. This helps to thicken up the turf and improve its health.

Spray Bottles − They are used to spray water or chemical solutions on the surface that needs cleaning. They are also used to spray water on the delicate flowers or leaves of flower arrangement.

Electric Cleaning Equipment

As the name depicts, these equipment require electrical power to operate. They are operated either on AC power or on the battery. Some important electric equipment are −

Box Sweeper − It is electric sweeper that consists of a friction brush. The brush often is fit to revolve vertically or horizontally, when the equipment moves on the surface. It can clean floors as well as carpets. The wider the better is the box sweeper brush.

Vacuum Cleaner − It is again a majorly used equipment in hotel housekeeping. It comes with a suction motor fit in a case, a hose, and various attachment for delicate as well as tough cleaning requirements.

Polishing Machine − They are used to add a shine to the floors of most frequented areas of the hotel.

Scrubber − It is a floor care accessory that comes with handheld electrically operated scrubber. It is used where only mopping doesn’t suffice. It can scrub stubborn and sticky stains on the floors of cafeterias, restaurants, lobbies, and fitness areas where people can take food and beverages.

Vapor Cleaning Machine − They are used where the chemical odors are not desired. They are equipped for continuous operation. They heat up quickly and work with low amount of moisture. They kill the beg bugs and their eggs, the yielding a completely clean environment.

Cleaning Agents or Chemicals

Apart from water and regular detergents, the housekeeping staff also uses cleaning chemicals, which are often available in the form of liquids, blocks, and powders.

Water − It is the most commonly used medium for cleaning and rinsing. The housekeeping staff needs to use only soft water because hard water cannot dilute detergents properly. Non-oily and non-greasy stains such as ink stains can be removed using water.

Vinegar − It is used in removing light stains in the bath.

Bathroom Cleaners − They come in liquid form for easy cleaning. They clean, descale, and disinfect the bathroom walls, bathtubs, bathroom flooring, sinks, and showers. They often contain phosphoric acid.

Clean Air Sprays − They are best for freshening the hotel corridors, washrooms, bathrooms, and reception areas. These sprays remove the pungent smell of tobacco, smoke, and organic wastes.

Degreaser − This is mainly used in bars to remove the marks of grease and lipstick that cannot be removed by traditional washing of glasses and cups. Degreaser restores the surface shine and transparency of the glasses and bowls.

Floor Cleaners and Sealers − One of the important tasks of hotel housekeeping is cleaning the floor periodically and keeping it sealed with the help of sealer of the right consistency for optimum maintenance. Some areas in the hotel are busy and bear heavy traffic such as lobby, corridors, parking areas, restaurants, and dining halls. Their floorings loses smoothness and shine. In such a case, the floor cleaners and sealers are used for restoring their look and shine.

Laundry Cleaners − They are liquid concentrates with variable amount of peroxide that removes tough stains, bleaches the linen, and enhances its whiteness.

A number of chemicals are used in dry-cleaning. They are camphor oil, turpentine spirits, benzene, kerosene and white gasoline, petroleum solvents such as naphtha blends, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, and liquid carbon dioxide. They remove the stains from silk tapestry without damaging the fibers.

Surface Sanitizers − They often come in the form of liquid concentrate. They are water-based and sanitize the surfaces without damaging their appearance. The sanitizers reduce the presence of bacteria to a great extent. They come with different concentrations and fragrances.

Toilet Blocks − They deodorize the toilets and leave them with a fresh smell. They come with two variants: continuous action and instant action. They contain oxidizing agents such as ozone, hydrogen peroxide, or chlorine that removes unpleasant organic odor from the surface of a material.

Toilet Cleaners − They are available in liquid form containing strong hydrochloric acid. They remove stains and plumbing scales easily, and restore the shine of their surface.

Carpet Cleaning Agents − Cleaning and maintaining the carpets are important tasks of hotel housekeeping. As suggested by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), carpet cleaning is complete when the following issues are tackled −

Soil containment



Interim cleaning

Restorative cleaning

Carpet cleaning chemicals are often low-moisture, fast-drying cleaners that take care of the above said issues effectively

Swimming Pool Cleaners − They are used for cleaning the swimming pool water. Some of them are TCCA-90 granules or tablets, SDIC, hydrochloric acid (HCL), liquid chlorine, and alum. The pool cleaning chemicals kill the bacterial and algae growth in the water.

The chemicals like Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (SDIC) has 60% of chlorine content and is used worldwide for disinfecting water. The pool cleaning chemicals dissolve fast in water and provide quick cleaning results. The housekeeping staff needs to take extra care while cleaning baby pools using these cleaners.


White House Blocking Search Engines?

Is the White House blocking search engine indexing of government web pages which feature information on the Iraq War?


As the war in Iraq continues, is the White House intentionally preventing search engines from preserving a record of its statements on the conflict? Or, did their staff simply make a technical mistake?

When search engines “spider” the web in search of documents for their indices, web site owners sometimes put a file called chúng tôi which instructs the “spiders” not to index certain files. This can be for policy reasons, if an author does not want his or her pages to appear in search listings, or it can be for technical reasons, for example if a web site is dynamically generated and can not or should not be downloaded in its entirety.

According to reports, though, the White House is requesting that search engines not index certain pages related to Iraq. In addition to stopping searches, this prevents archives like Google’s cache and the Internet Archive from storing copies of pages that may later change. 2600 called the White House to investigate the matter.

According to White House spokesman Jimmy Orr, the blocking of search engines is not an attempt to ensure future revisions will remain undetected. Rather, he explained, they “have an Iraq section [of the website] with a different template than the main site.” Thus, for example, a press release on a meeting between President Bush and “Special Envoy” Bremer is available in the Iraq template (blocked from being indexed by search engines) or the normal White House template (available for indexing by search engines). The attempt, Mr. Orr said, was that when people search, they should not get multiple copies of the same information. Most of the “suspicious” entries in the chúng tôi file do, indeed, appear to have only this effect.

Fashion Nerd: A Whole New Kind Of Diy

In only four short years since graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, fashion designer and self-proclaimed nerd Diana Eng has appeared on the hit game show Project Runway, co-founded the Brooklyn-based hacker collective NYC Resistor, and studied biomimetics at the University of Bath in the UK. Now Eng has released her first book, a DIY style manual called Fashion Geek. chúng tôi sat down with Eng to talk about the intersection of fashion and technology, the future of interactive clothing, and the difference between “nerds” and “geeks.”

Diana Eng: Originally, I wanted to be a mathematician. I was a huge science nerd, I did international science competitions, and I was sure I was going that way. But I found myself drawing in calculus class more than I was paying attention; so I figured I should probably go into art instead. Besides, there’s a lot of math in fashion. Trends are just statistics. Style is just proportion.

DE: I used to make a lot of knitting patterns based on math. I guess I still do. I did some stuff with the Fibonacci sequence, and I thought it might work with random numbers. But the random numbers just looked ugly. It was the Fibonacci sequence that made it look good, which I thought was really cool. And there was a lot of engineering when I worked Victoria’s Secret.

DE: We were creating new technology for bras. Bras are very complicated. Sportswear has maybe 15 different components, and a bra has maybe 30. It has to perform all the time. Breasts can weigh as much as 20 pounds, and a bra has to hold its shape and survive in the washer. We were looking at new materials, and structural changes.

DE: Conductive thread. That’s made a huge difference. Before, it was “Oh, where do I hide the wire?” And with wires, sometimes the voltage gets too high to do what you want to do. That’s tough; it’s bad to electrocute the model. Conductive thread lets you do what you want. Also, button switches, so electronics can be turned on or off by opening and closing a jacket.

DE: I’d really like to experiment with different chemicals. I guess conductive ink is a chemical, but there’s so much more. In Japan, they have these vitamin shirts. Rather than taking a pill, you wear this shirt that is fortified with vitamins that you absorb through your skin.

DE: I’m really going after the young girl demographic. One of the things that got me out of wanting to go into math was when my dad took me to a math conference, and I didn’t see anyone like me. Girls don’t see that you don’t have to be a stereotypical nerd if you major in computer science. Makeup companies always need chemists. A lot of girls I knew growing up really liked makeup. If they knew that they could design makeup all day, they would have paid more attention in chemistry class.

DE: I actually tried to persuade them to call the book “Fashion Nerd”, but the publishers told me that “geek” is cool, but “nerd” isn’t. Being a geek is definitely cool now, though. The big thing was the iPod. Apple made the Shuffle an accessory, and now its fashionable to have an iPhone. I used to not be able to dress myself, and I had several big makeovers in college. But I still used to go to fashion events and be the only person there with glasses. Now I have hipster friends who wear glasses as accessories. I’m like “Why are you wearing those? You can see fine!” [laughs]

DE: I’m not a hipster. I’m not wearing the right boots! [laughs]

DE: Buy a voltmeter. A lot of times electronics don’t work, and you want to be able to measure them. Things go wrong all the time, and you need to know why.

Diana Eng’s new book is Fashion Geek, is available from North Light Books.

The Checklist: How To Write And Format Web Content

Writing for the Web is not like writing a college paper (thank goodness), which means you probably don’t have a lot of practice at ideal formatting. Unlike the world of academia where literally millennia have gone into developing forms and formats, webpages have only had a couple brief decades to find their bearings. To help those still in the early phases of writing web content (a.k.a. the phase of confusion and panic), here is a basic checklist to go through before publishing work.

Are My Sentences Too Long?

Every sentence will express a very different thought, so variation is natural and even good in writing. However, sentences that extend too long will simply confuse and infuriate readers. Try to keep your sentences no longer than about 40 words, which equates to about two lines in average web publications.

Are My Paragraphs Too Long?

Advice varies on how long paragraphs should be, but the general consensus is they should be “edible.” What this means for the standard user is typically somewhere around three to five lines of text, or roughly 50 to 100 words. Variation is certainly acceptable, but it shouldn’t extend too far beyond the crunch three to five lines.

Are My Sentences Too Complex?

Are you using several independent clauses, all joined together, one after another, in a series of commas that seems to never end, running on forever like it’s being chased, kind of like I’m doing now; perhaps it doesn’t even end with a typical period but instead continues, frivolously, self-interjecting, whisking around – like it’s beating brownie batter! – and, in the end, doing nothing more than confusing all your readers. There can be something elegant and beautiful about complex sentences, but they diminish reader comprehension and patience.

As a general standard, try not to have more than two independent clauses in a sentence (that will usually mean no more than one comma) and use abnormal punctuation sparingly. Sentences that are currently too complex can easily be re-cast into multiple sentences or slightly new phrasing.

Are My Headlines Active? Is My Headline Too Long?

The headline should only take up one line of text, which means that it shouldn’t exceed about 50 characters (assuming you’re using a standard H1 tag size). That’s roughly six to eight words of content, varying pretty broadly dependent on how long the words you use are.

Do I Have an Introduction?

Even with the best headline in the world, you will want to introduce the content to come. This can be anything from a two line summary of what you’re about to say to a five line background on how the industry was started. The point is that you should prepare readers so that your direction and organization are both clear before you present your data, arguments, or other content.

Have I Proofread This Piece?

Nothing says “I don’t care” quite like a blatant tiepoh in the middle of your piece. Most people require at least a couple proofings before they catch all the errors, and even then some are bound to slip through. Make sure you’re taking the necessary precautions by doing your due diligence even after the final paragraph is written; just because you’ve finished writing doesn’t mean the article is complete.

Am I Inviting Feedback?

Keep in mind, as a rule, that rules should regularly be broken. What about you? Which of the above rules is it nearly impossible for you to prevent yourself from bending in each article?

Gtech Multi Mk2 Review: A Mean, Lean Cleaning Machine

– Lightweight and easy to handle – Multiple attachments available – Attached light helps in dark spaces – Designed to deal with pet hair

Pros: – Lightweight and easy to handle – Multiple attachments available – Attached light helps in dark spaces – Designed to deal with pet hair

I don’t have a pet shedding all over my house, or kids dropping food in unexpected places, but what I do have is a major tendency to spill things. With my daily habit of making a mess, I have become accustomed to the arduous task of wheeling out a vacuum cleaner and plugging it in to clean up after myself.


The answer to this problem is simple. Yes, I could stop spilling things, but who has time to fix their flaws? More realistically, I have had my mind on handheld vacuums for a while now, giving me the ability to quickly and easily sort a mess, and deal with those awkward spots (looking at you, stairs).

With this in mind, I spent a month using the Gtech Multi Mk2, a handheld vacuum that promises to make clean-ups easy without sacrificing any of the features and tools that are needed in a vacuum.


While this is a relatively small cleaner, even with one of its attachments in place, the Gtech Multi Mk2 packs on the weight at 1.5kg. It’s not heavy enough to cause issues while using it, but it is certainly noticeable.

Despite its mostly plastic design, the device feels sturdy and well-built with a premium finish. Thanks to its flat bottom, it can be stood up easily without having to precariously balance it.

Battery life

Like almost all wireless vacuums, the battery life isn’t exactly optimal. You get up to 20 minutes of runtime from a four-hour charge.

If the plan is to simply use this for quick spills and the occasional clean of the car, this won’t be the end of the world, but for regular use, you’ll need to have a plug dedicated to keeping this charged.

Four LED lights on the side of the cleaner alert you to the remaining charge to easily see when a top-up is needed. For the pre-planners, a backup battery can be bought from Gtech for £69.99 to switch back and forth when one dies, but this is a pricey solution.

While disappointing, this battery life isn’t a surprise. It is, even by the standards of handheld vacuums, a small device. There isn’t space for a giant battery and unless you’re trying to clean a huge house in one go, 20 minutes should be enough time.


It’s not uncommon with these smaller handheld vacuums to find yourself limited to just one attachment, but the Multi Mk2 gives you a few choices.

There’s the ‘small power head’ which is the typical rolling style of device, there is a long tube attachment for crevices and small gaps, and an extension option for the harder-to-reach spots.

Between these three options, the cleaner works for most situations, including car boots, stairs, gaps between appliances and awkward parts of the ceiling.

For those who are planning on keeping the device in the car, Gtech offers a car accessory kit to go along with the Multi Mk2 (priced at £50). This includes 3 more attachments, but realistically the kit that it comes with will do just fine.

Another feature is the included scented cartridges. We repeat: scented cartridges. These slot into the middle of the cleaner and release a flowery scent around the room while you are cleaning.


In my time using the vacuum, I found it useful on multiple occasions. All of the random debris and dirt that seems to magically appear on a kitchen floor were easily dealt with – even the bits down the side of the fridge and in small gaps with the extension attached.

A hefty pile of soil was pulled up out of my carpet with surprising ease, which, I of course dropped on purpose for this test and not further proof of my clumsiness. And I found it had more than enough suction power to give the sofa a good clean, removing any hair, dirt and random bits that had attached themselves.

It performed in awkward cleaning spots, like up the stairs, in small gaps and those annoying cobwebs in corners and across the ceiling. Realistically, this is when it was best, for the quick cleans and awkward nooks.

The real test is cleaning out a car. The Gtech is perfectly suited here, light and small enough to carry around the vehicle, armed with the combination of the long attachment and the rolling vacuum part, all of the nooks and crannies of a vehicle were surprisingly easy to clean out.

Cleaning out a car showed one of the vacuum’s big selling points, offering enough suction power to pull out dirt that was deeply trodden in. It equally shows how annoying the battery life is, only getting halfway through a clean before needing a break to charge.

Throughout all of my uses of the vacuum, whether in a car, up the stairs, in the kitchen or outdoors, I did not once get a whiff of the scented cartridges that Gtech claims fill your home with heavenly smells.

Maybe I got unlucky here, or maybe my nose isn’t accustomed to these light scents, but I tried multiple cartridges and had no luck.


It’s hard to find criticism in the Gtech Multi Mk2. Of course, there are more powerful vacuum cleaners out there, and ones that will better clean your whole house with better accuracy and a longer battery life.

But that doesn’t feel like what this is aimed at. Random spills, cleans of awkward spots, the car, cupboards and drawers were where this really thrived.

If you live in a small flat with not much space that needs cleaning, need a vacuum that can be grabbed in a dirt emergency – or just want something to deal with the sofas, cars and stray cobwebs in your life – the relatively affordable Gtech Multi Mk2 fits the bill.

Alternatives Shark Samba

A similar size to the Gtech Multi Mk2, this vacuum cleaner from Shark is perfect for quick clean-ups and hard-to-reach places.

It comes with its own charging dock to keep it fully charged and neatly out of the way.

While it offers plenty of power for most small cleans, it does lack on the battery side, only running for 8 minutes at a time.

Miele Triflex HX2

The Miele Triflex HX2 is a serious bit of kit with a price to match.

Miele claims it is their most powerful vacuum to date, offering 3 in 1 flexibility with multiple forms.

This allows you to use it as a full-length vacuum with a long arm, a compact mode for small clean-ups and a more flexible mode to get under sofas and in tight gaps.

With a 60-minute run time, you shouldn’t have to charge too often, and the 99.99 per cent filtration captures fine dust, allergens and viruses.

Bosch Unlimited 7

The Bosch Unlimited 7 blends the best of both worlds, offering a powerful vacuum that is also flexible and portable.

With its array of attachments, you can easily get under chairs, sofas and tables, without having to get down to that level.

Equally, there are attachments for small gaps, or awkward spaces.

It has a 40 minute run-time, and automatically detects the kind of flooring you are on, matching the power and battery to this surface.

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